September 11

71% Off HP Z4000 Wireless Mouse Was $35 | Now $10 @ Best Buy Canada

Posted by on September 11, 2015 at 5:00 PM

71% Off HP Z4000 Wireless Mouse Was $35 | Now $10 @ Best Buy Canada

**Bump: this hot deal on a wireless mouse is back on at Best Buy**

The HP Z4000 Wireless mouse is on sale from $35 down to just $9.99 at Best Buy Canada during this two-day sale to celebrate the release of Windows 10. While Best Buy Canada’s shipping minimum is $25, you can easily reserve this mouse for in store pick-up (free of charge) like my co-worker Brooke just did!

While the laptop track pad can get you buy when you are computing on the go, a mouse really makes tasks much easier. With a ‘real mouse’, drag and drop tasks, scrolling, and many other functions are far easier. Read the rest of this entry »

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May 16

(75% Off) Cheetah or Whale Wireless Mouse: $5.39 & Free Shipping @ HP Canada!

Posted by on May 16, 2015 at 4:00 PM

(75% Off) Cheetah or Whale Wireless Mouse: $5.39 & Free Shipping @ HP Canada!

I was browsing round the HP store, looking for deals. They offer free shipping on absolutely everything there, so it’s quite a nice place to search for techie bargains. I stumbled on the promotions and special offers page, and I was glancing at the accessories tab when a couple of mice jumped out at me (not in real life, that would be scary). The whale and the cheetah patterned mice were 59% off, down from $21.99 to only $8.99. I was happy to see this offer and I was thinking about blogging it up, when I glanced in our coupon section here on Bargainmoose, only to see that there was a coupon code for an additional 40% off HP accessories! This means that you can pick up the above cute mice for only $5.39 each!

The HP coupon code AFMYACC40 must be used to get these mice for the above price. Just pop the mouse of your choice in to your shopping cart, apply the coupon code there and proceed through checkout. Enter your details, and you will also see that it is free shipping to your home.

Avigayil previously wrote about these mice in her post about a HP coupon code, here. At that time, these mice were $6.29 each, but they’re even lower now with this new coupon code. Whoop! For around five bucks for a brand-name wireless mouse, you can’t say fairer than that.

If any of you carry around a laptop and use it for work or business, I would really recommend buying one of these mice. For me, I have a Sony Vaio which I use from time to time. It’s got a little touchpad for a mouse, but I find it infuriatingly awkward to operate as I am so used to the excellent mouse on my desktop computer. I bought a little Logitech mouse which is very similar to the above, and I just throw it in my laptop bag when I am travelling. It’s incredibly useful. Once, I forgot to bring spare batteries for it and it died while I was away working… but I was able to re-home a couple of batteries from the hotel room TV control!

Which do you prefer? The cheetah or the whale? Cheetah is my preference.

(Code expires: 20th May 2015)

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November 20

The Source Canada: HP 7 Plus 7″ Google-Certified Quad Core 8GB Android Tablet | Was $150 Now $90

Posted by on November 20, 2014 at 11:10 AM

The Source Canada: HP 7 Plus 7 Google Certified Quad Core 8GB Android Tablet | Was $150 Now $90

What do you know – it looks like The Source has yet another hot deal available today! This one won’t be in-stock for very long, so take advantage of this sale as soon as you can! At this time, you can buy an HP 7 Plus 7″ Google-Certified Quad Core 8GB Android Tablet for only $89.99! Now that’s a smoking-hot price for this HP 7 Plus tablet! This tablet normally retails for $149.99, so you’re getting $60 off the regular price. Best of all, you’ll also qualify for free shipping! Check out this deal now before it’s gone, folks!

This HP 7 Plus 7″ Google-Certified Quad Core 8GB Android Tablet is silver, sleek, and a really cool device! It has 8GB of memory, which you can expand up to 32GB, and runs on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean system. If you don’t already have a tablet, I highly recommend that you get one – especially when you can find one for $89.99, like this HP 7 Plus 7″ Google-Certified Quad Core 8GB Android Tablet!

This would also be a great gift for the Christmas season. It’s affordable, you’ll be saving $60 on this deal (since it normally costs $149.99), and it’s an electronic device that many people would love to use! Even my Italian parents that aren’t exactly tech-savvy enjoy using the tablet that they have! At first, they didn’t think they’d use it, but my father would eventually end up reading about the latest soccer scores on his device, and even check out YouTube videos!

If you wanted to buy a similar HP 7 Plus 7″ Android Tablet  from  WalMart today, it would cost you $168. I’ve included a snippet of a review of this similar HP 7 tablet from a satisfied WalMart customer below:

I bought this over 6 month ago and expected an OK kind of tablet. What I got was a excellent performing compact tablet that easily runs all my favourite apps.

This deal won’t be around for very long! Happy hunting, my fellow Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 30th November 2014)

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September 2

Staples Canada: HP Multipurpose Paper 20LB Case $49.90 (Save $16)

Posted by on September 2, 2014 at 2:23 PM

Staples Canada: HP Multipurpose Paper 20LB Case $49.90 (Save $16)
Staples Canada has discounted this case of HP FSC-Certified Multipurpose Paper, 20 lb. 8 1/2″ x 11″ to $49.90, originally $65.85. This sale price is even slightly better than a case of the cheapest Staples brand copy paper.

This paper is 96 bright and acid-free. It is manufactured with ColorLok Technology, which:

produces colours up to 30% more vivid and blacks up to 60% bolder than ordinary papers and dries up to three times faster for fewer smears

You can use this paper in a two-sided printer or copier with its extra smooth surface. I did not know this, but HP donates 20% off the proceeds from each case of paper to the Canadian Cancer Society for breast cancer research. That is pretty cool.

I couldn’t find these cases of paper very many places, but I did find the same HP case at Office Depot for $64.99. For small businesses and for families with many children in school, you will find yourself going through paper at an exceedingly high rate. This box includes 5000 pages. As a university student, I went through around 400 – 500 pages per year just by myself. I hated wasting that much paper, but between rough drafts, printing out articles for research, and then printing out papers to submit I went through so much paper per year. My parents run their own business and between invoices, quotes, contracts, and all the other paperwork necessary to run a small business in Canada, a case-lot of paper was purchased every couple of years.

I currently run HP paper in my HP printer with HP ink (wow, they match!), and for the most part the paper is cooperative. My husband was actually impressed with the quality of the combination when I photocopied our licenses recently for some banking stuff. The photocopies were incredible replicas of the original, which I credit to the quality of the HP combo above. I have had horrible copy paper before (the kind your printer eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and HP’s paper is a step above in my opinion.

This product has 37 reviews for 4/5 stars. As this reviewer comments:

I need to print a lot of sheet music at home no matter in color or black/white, these papers never fail me.

The only downside of this deal is that it ends today. On the upside, this case of paper ships to you for free because it costs over $45.

(Expiry: 9th September 2014)

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July 31

Staples.ca: HP Deskjet 1513 Colour All-in-One Inkjet Printer $19.98 (Reg. $60)

Posted by on July 31, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Staples.ca: HP Deskjet 1513 Colour All in One Inkjet Printer $19.98 (Reg. $60)

If you are anything like me, you are starting to prepare for the craziness that is back to school season.  Here’s a great deal to get you started (if you haven’t already): get the HP Deskjet 1513 Colour Inkjet All-in-One Printer for only $19.98 (reg. $59.98) from Staples.ca!

Have you ever been without a printer when you really needed one?  I have. It’s awful. Asking around to get someone to print that one important document you absolutely require is pretty stressful, so take the stress away by getting this printer for under $20.  My kids are getting to the age where they really like to use the computer themselves. We have the option of having some homework emailed home, so I’m thinking that this would be an inexpensive way to get a second printer for them, making sure that they aren’t eating up the ink in my printer when I need it.

The HP Deskjet 1513 Colour Inkjet All-in-One Printer really does it all: printing, scanning, and copying easily at the push of a button. It has a quick set up and simple operation with high capacity ink cartridges that help you print more for less.  It’s also got a compact design to fit into the tightest office spaces.

The technical stuff:

Here are some of the features of the HP Deskjet 1513:

  • Manual Duplex Printing (two-sided printing)
  • HP Thermal Inkjet
  • Print Quality (best): up to 600 x 1200 black; up to 4800 x 1200 colour
  • 60-sheet input tray and 25-sheet output tray
  • Copy resolution of up to 600 x 300 dpi black and up to 600 x 300 dpi colour
  • Dimensions: 6.17″ H. x 16.74″ W. x 12.04″ D.
  • One year manufacturer’s limited warranty (details with product)

Something else to note is that this printer includes a 1.8m USB cable which you don’t always find with value-priced printers.

Price comparison:

As usual I did some homework for you.  This really is a great deal considering the same printer is selling at TheSource.ca for $59.99 and at CanadaComputers.com for $29.99.


Staples offers free in-store pick up and free shipping on orders over $45. Orders under $45 are shipped at $15.  Applicable Provincial electronic handling fees (EHF) and taxes are extra.

(Expiry:  6th August 2014)

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October 29

HP Canada: $50 off any Home PC Purchase of $650+ with Exclusive Coupon Code!

Posted by on October 29, 2013 at 10:00 PM

HP Canada: $50 off any Home PC Purchase of $650+ with Exclusive Coupon Code!

Get an HP PC for your home and save $50 with this exclusive coupon code!

Click here to shop @ HP.com

  • Coupon Code: BMOOSE50
  • Discount: $50 off
  • Expiry: 31th October 2013

This is a great deal on some good computers. You generally don’t see coupon codes like this for HP so take advantage of it while it lasts. On top of the $50 off you also get free shipping. It’s a great time too. Christmas is right around the corner and if your kids are anything like I was when I was a kid, they’d lose their mind for a new computer.

Of course you could get your kids a rubber ball and get yourself a laptop. That’s never a bad thing. And HP has been doing some really cool form factors things. They have touch PCs and laptops, laptops that flip and bend around and even some whose monitors pull right off to act as a tablet.

You cant use this on business PCs and it isn’t valid with any other deals.

Check out our HP Coupon Codes for more deals

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July 8

HP Canada Coupon Code: 25% Off Select Monitors with PC Purchase

Posted by on July 8, 2013 at 8:30 PM

HP Canada Coupon Code: 25% Off Select Monitors with PC Purchase

If you’re having trouble reading this, you need a new monitor. If you’re on BargainMoose, you’ll probably want it for 25% off when you buy a new computer!

Click here to get your new monitor @ HP.ca now

  • Coupon Code: MONITOR25
  • Discount: 25% off select monitors with PC purchase
  • Expiry: Unknown

I feel like writing about monitors is a weird thing. I think it’s just because since the year before I went to college (in… 2003? I’m old.), for the past decade or so, I’ve had a laptop. I have a server in my basement and that’s about it for desktop computers. I’ve just ordered my seventh laptop, so I’m pretty much beyond the need for a monitor.

That being said, if I was in the market, HP would not be a bad choice. The monitor on my server is a Compaq (yeah, it’s that old) branded HP monitor and it’s held up. And I don’t mean that it’s sat on a desk for a decade and still works. This thing is sitting in my unfinished basement, on the floor, surrounded by piles of stuff. I have had a plumber haul equipment out past this monitor, I had a contractor cutting tile near this monitor, I’ve kept this monitor down there in freezing cold temperatures. I can’t imagine that being smacked by plumbing equipment, layered in about an inch of ceramic dust and being frozen can be good for it. This little guy has been through the ringer and it’s still running like a champ.

This particular sale has a great range, which I always want to see in a good sale. You can go from the $99.99 entry level 20″ monitor to the $499.99 27″ why-don’t-I-just-buy-a-TV monsters. And of course, there is a monitor at all points in between to suit whatever your needs and budget are. Best part about it? You get 25% off the monitor when you purchase an HP PC with our magic coupon!

Click here for more HP coupons!

(Image credit: Sean MacEntee)

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June 4

Microsoft Store Canada: Up to $300 Off Windows 8 Computers

Posted by on June 4, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Microsoft Store Canada: Up to $300 Off Windows 8 Computers

HP. Asus, Lenovo, Samsung. Whatever you want, Microsoft has it and they have it for less!

There are some awesome computers at awesome prices here. There aren’t really any that I wouldn’t recommend so pick the one that you feel fits you the best!

The elephant in the room with this deal is the Windows 8 part so I’m going to address that up front. These are great computers and Windows 8 should not turn you off from buying them. I’ll explain why. There are a few things that people don’t like about Windows 8 but let’s tackle the big one: the start menu/button.

Instead of the start menu we now have the start screen which contains all of your programs. So the main difference is that before you had a menu that popped up and now it’s a whole screen. This is quite literally the stupidest complaint about Windows 8. I can’t even think of an argument that makes sense for why this is bad. Instead of opening a menu in the corner and launching programs, you open a new screen. That’s it. You can leave the screen with the click of a mouse or the push of a button just like you did with the old menu. It is functionally unchanged except you can’t see what’s on you’re screen while you’re looking in the start menu. I would submit to you that it is a very limited case for having to have your start menu open at the same time you are reading a website or watching a video. If you’ve opened your start menu, your focus will be there until you are done with it.

As far as the start button, you can just push the start key on your keyboard and, because you whined so much, Microsoft is releasing an update to put the start button back. If you are really so enraged about the change, you can get a program Classic Shell to return your previous menu. People even complain that Windows 8 books in to the start screen. Waitaminute, you’re saying that the operating system immediately brings me to the place where I can launch programs?! That’s horrible! Or maybe it’s an awesome design choice so that you can choose which program to launch immediately on boot instead of having to open a menu and claw through stuff.

This is a deals site, not a tech blog, so I didn’t go into detail or hit all the points I would have had I been writing a tech article but I just wanted to show you that Windows 8 isn’t some terrible demon. I’m not even a Windows guy. I traditionally use Linux and I’m fine with Windows 8. So if you’re looking for a new laptop don’t let Windows 8 scare you away from these awesome deals. Also, they all ship for FREE!

What do you think about Windows 8? Let me know in the comments below!

(Expires: 17th June 2013)

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