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May 1

HP Store: HP K2500 Wireless Keyboard Only $11.89 & Free Shipping *HOT*

Posted by on May 1, 2015 at 12:00 PM

HP Store: HP K2500 Wireless Keyboard Only $11.89 & Free Shipping *HOT*

This is officially the cheapest I have ever seen a wireless keyboard. The HP K2500 Wireless Keyboard was $29.99 and is now on sale for $16.99. Use coupon code BMAPRAC30 to take an extra 30% off all home accessories including this keyboard. Your final price for the keyboard is only $11.89 with free shipping.

 As I mentioned before, this is the cheapest I have ever seen a wireless keyboard – including the no-name brands. However, this is HP – a good name in computers and accessories. I price compared this keyboard with other online retailers. I found the keyboard at Staples Canada for $29.99. A marketplace seller on Amazon Canada is also selling the keyboard for $19.33 plus nearly $14 shipping. Shipping is not included in Staple Canada’s deal either.

HP Store: HP K2500 Wireless Keyboard Only $11.89 & Free Shipping *HOT*

Finding this keyboard in Canada was difficult, therefore I checked out some US prices as well. Amazon.com sells the keyboard for $15.40 USD and Walmart.com matches that price as well. Given that our dollar is worth approximately 80% of their dollar – this price equals $18.74 CA before shipping. The HP Store’s deal is far superior.

This is a basic wireless keyboard. it features full-sized keys with a full number pad. It is Windows 8 compatible and has dedicated function keys that I assume you can customize. Essentially, it is a perfect basic keyboard for your computing needs. They keyboard uses a USB 2.0 receiver. Your keyboard should have reception up to 30 feet away from the receiver with a 2.4GHz wireless connection.

The HP keyboard has a spill resistant design and quiet key strokes. One reviewer on Walmart.com said:

We love it. We are very happy with it. We can move it to where it’s most comfortable to use and even move it out of the way to do something else. Also, no more wires to mess with. It was so easy to hook up. The only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t have the light to show when your cap locks is on and it doesn’t have the sleep key. We are pleased otherwise!

 The keyboard includes a one-year warranty that covers parts and labour should something go wrong. The HP warranty is generous in that you also receive 24/7 HP technical phone support during the warranty period.

 Now, the coupon code BMAPRAC30 is valid on all PC home accessories. Take an extra 30% off everything through this link using the coupon. They keyboard is one of the hottest deals I could find, but there are also very good deals on mice, notebook sleeves, and more.

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April 21

HP Store Coupon Code: Extra 30% Off PC Accessories

Posted by on April 21, 2015 at 4:00 PM

HP Store Coupon Code: Extra 30% Off PC Accessories

The HP Store Canada is offering an extra 30% off accessories for the next 72 hours. This coupon code can be combined with sale items to make for some very nice deals. All items also receive free shipping.

Click here to shop accessories @ HP Store Canada

  • Coupon Code: 72HRACCCP
  • Discount: 30% off
  • Expiry: 23rd April 2015

This coupon appears to work on top of any accessories in the section above – including sale items. I tried the coupon out on the HP H2800 Orange Headset, which is on sale from $34.99 down to $19.99. In my cart, the headset came down to $13.99, which is the cheapest I have seen it. The HP H2800 White Headset will cost the same amount after coupon.

There are a bunch of HP Stream 8 and 7 cases on sale, in varying colours. Originally $34.99, the HP Stream 8 Blue Case is on sale for $19.99. It comes down to $13.99 in your cart. Likewise, the HP Stream 7 White Case was $34.99, is on sale for $19.99, and will only cost you $13.99 after this coupon code. If you have an HP tablet, this is a good price for a new cover.

While the HP Ultra Thin Wireless Keyboard is not currently on sale, it is priced quite competitively for a wireless keyboard. At only $20, it would naturally be a good purchase. However, after coupon code the keyboard comes down to just $14. At that price, it is a steal. The same keyboard is $21.49 at Tiger Direct Canada.

My favourite deal is actually on an item I have posted about before. Just a few days ago I noticed these sweet little HP Z3200 Wireless Mice on sale from $21.99 down to $8.74. The sale price has increased to $8.99 each, but the coupon code applies on top of that price. After coupon, pay just $6.29 per mouse!

HP Store Coupon Code: Extra 30% Off PC Accessories

You can still choose from three designs:

If you bought before the coupon code, you may be able to ask HP to refund the difference. Many companies offer price protection for seven to 14 days after a product is purchased.

At this price, you can pick up a groovy mouse and a new keyboard for just under $21 with free shipping.

Check out the rest of the accessories section. There are bags, keyboards, mice, cables, and more you can buy with this HP Store coupon code.

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April 19

HP Canada: HP Z3200 Wireless Mice Were $22 | Now $8.74 & Free Shipping

Posted by on April 19, 2015 at 12:33 PM

HP Canada: HP Z3200 Wireless Mice Were $22 | Now $8.74 & Free Shipping

HP Canada has discounted the HP Z3200 Wireless Mouse from $21.99 down to $8.74! All orders at HP Canada currently qualify for free shipping with no minimum.

I have linked to the generic sale above, as there are three different mice designs to choose from in the sale. I have linked individually to each style before. Pick up one, two, or three of the following mice designs:

I think this may be the cheapest mouse I have ever posted about on Bargainmoose. It is certainly the cheapest mouse I have seen in recent memory, as the other deals over the last few months have been $10 and $9.97 respectively.

As you can imagine, this is a basic mouse with a designer flare. The HP Wireless Mouse Z3200 uses Blue LED optical tracking for reliable use. The Blue LED optical tracking can track your mouse’s movements over marble, granite, carpet and more. I am not sure how it would handle a clear glass table, but you can always try it. Frosted glass might be better. The ambidextrous shape is perfect for left-hand and right-hand people, and can be easily switched between hands. I like ambidextrous mice as I mouse with my right but my partner mouses with his left hand.

This is a basic two-button mouse with a scroll wheel. The size is compact – so it is best for smaller hands. A large male or female may find this mouse uncomfortable for prolonged use. However, it is the ideal size to drop in your travel pack when you need a mouse on the go.

Now, I did try price comparing at Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, and The Source – but none of these companies has this mouse in stock. Thus, I just checked out the cheapest wireless mice I could find. Staples has their own brand for $9.97 and best Buy has a Dynex for $14.95. Amazon Canada’s cheapest mouse is $10.99. Granted that this mouse is cheaper than the cheapest mice at these places, I figured this was a very good deal.

All three mice are still in stock – and my vote is for the cute little whale print.

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March 21

NEW HP Stream Mini PC Only $179 & Free Shipping @ Microsoft Store! (Free $25 Windows Gift Card, Free 2 Years OneDrive) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 21, 2015 at 10:11 AM

NEW HP Stream Mini PC Only $179 & Free Shipping @ Microsoft Store! (Free $25 Windows Gift Card, Free 2 Years OneDrive) (EXPIRED)

When we write deals here on Bargainmoose, we always try to price compare with similar stores in Canada to make sure you are getting the best bargain. But in this case – I cannot! This deal is for the HP Stream Mini 200-010 Signature Edition Desktop and the Microsoft Store is the online retailer to sell this item online in Canada. You can buy this cute little mini PC for only $179 with free shipping. Read on and I will tell you why this is a deal…

This is a fairly new item and it is not for sale anywhere else online in Canada. If you’re buying this item from the US, you’re looking at paying at least $179US (plus Canadian shipping, duties, taxes) for it. So with the weak Canadian dollar, it actually works out to be an excellent deal to buy it for $179CA with free shipping from the Canadian Microsoft Store. It’s rare to see Canadian prices matched with US prices on electronics like this, so that’s what makes this a deal worth writing home about.

Free $25 Windows Store Gift Card

On top of that, you will also get a free Windows store gift card worth $25. This is really handy too, meaning you can buy a few apps (etc) if you need to.

What Is It!?

The HP Stream Mini 200-010 Signature Edition Desktop is a cute little PC. Ten years ago, it would have been incredibly hard to imagine that a computer could be sized and styled like this! While it’s a small device, it obviously isn’t hugely powerful. Here’s a brief idea of the spec:

  • Intel Celeron 2957U Processor
  • 2GB memory
  • 32GB SSD

Please note that this price is just for the PC, there’s no monitor included.

Free OneDrive – 2TB (?), 2 Years

Along with this item, you will also get a free two year subscription to OneDrive, the cloud storage system. This gives you 2TB of online storage to use. Regular users only get 15GB for free when signing up. I am not entirely sure of the value of this service, but looking online just now – it would actually cost $168 for 2 years for a 1TB service on OneDrive! Getting two years for free for 2TB, is excellent.

NEW HP Stream Mini PC Only $179 & Free Shipping @ Microsoft Store! (Free $25 Windows Gift Card, Free 2 Years OneDrive) (EXPIRED)

UPDATE – upon reading the comments below, Jack pointed out that he thinks it’s only 200GB – this is stated elsewhere on the page. But as you can see from the screenshot above, it states 2TB of OneDrive – there’s an error somewhere on the Microsoft end.

Extra 10% Educational Discount

If you are a student or work at a university, it’s also possible to get the extra 10% educational discount on this item, bringing it down to around $161. If you don’t see this applied at checkout when logged in through your account with the educational discount, then just give their customer services a call and they will arrange it for you. There have been reports that this didn’t work as it is too new a product, but also successful reports of the educational discount being applied on this item, so give it a try if you are eligible.

My partner works in a university so I recently took advantage of the educational discount from the Microsoft Store myself. We ordered a new Microsoft Surface Pro and nabbed the 10% discount when doing so.

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March 6

HP Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive $10 off $75

Posted by on March 6, 2015 at 1:30 PM

HP Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive $10 off $75

HP Canada has given us an exclusive coupon code for $10 off any $75 or more purchase. This is the time to raid the clearance section for sale accessories, printers, and more.

Click here to shop @ Hp.com now

  • Coupon Code: 10BMOOSE75
  • Discount: $10 off $75
  • Expiry: 31st May 2015

I love coupons that you can stack on top of sale items. My first choice from the sale section is a brand new printer. The HP Officejet 4630 e-All-in-One Printer was $129.99 and is on sale for $69.99. This printer will print, scan, copy, fax, and print photos as well. Connect to your computer via USB or via wireless signal. Thirty-five pages can be loaded into the document feeder at the same time. Now, I price compared this printer a bit and found it for $149.99 at Tiger Direct Canada and on sale for $79.99 at Best Buy Canada. Only Staples Canada matches HP’s price, but our exclusive coupon will save you some extra money.

To use the coupon, you will need to up your cart by $5. Try throwing in this simple HP USB 3 Button Optical Mouse for $12.99. After coupon, you would essentially get the mouse for $3, with the printer above. That is a good combo deal.

Now, you also have the option of just loading up on sale items and having a ball. I picked out this HP Full Featured Backpack that was $44.99 and is now $24.99. Next, I added on the HP K2500 Wireless Keyboard that was $29.99, and is now $19.99. I just adore this cute little HP S6000 Purple Wireless Mini Speaker-Canada on sale from $49.99 down to $24.99. I also kept the HP USB 3 Button Mouse ($12.99) in my cart just to top it off. Adding up all four of these items, my total came to $82.96. After coupon code, that total came down to $72.96. I have to say, that is a fair price for a new mouse, keyboard, Bluetooth speaker, and a backpack.

There are plenty of ways to take advantage of this exclusive coupon code. Whether you need new accessories, tablet, computer, or ink cartridges, a $10 off $75 coupon can be quite useful. If you want a good quality but inexpensive tablet, check out the HP models. The HP Stream 7 5701ca tablet retails for $119.99 everywhere (Future Shop, Walmart, and Best Buy). With our exclusive coupon, you can purchase this tablet for just $109.99.

Receive free shipping on orders of $75 or more. For this and any future HP Store Canada coupon codes, visit our forum.

HP Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive $10 off $75

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February 27

Free Bag of Premium Coffee from HP Digital Print Technology

Posted by on February 27, 2015 at 9:30 AM

Free Bag of Premium Coffee from HP Digital Print Technology

Need a pick me up? HP Digital Print Technology is offering a free bag of premium coffee. Simply register and your free coffee will be on its way soon.

I love a good cup of coffee and I bet you or someone you know does too. I will never pass on a free cup of coffee. This offer is intended to show of HP’s wonderful print quality. The packaging on the coffee is printed using HP Digital Print technology. These look similar to me to the bags of coffee that you find in a hotel next to the coffee maker. I suspect they are similar in size but HP does not specify.

Now this offer does not come without its stipulations. The offer is eligible for individuals in the print industry in Canada. HP specifically mentions graphic designers, anyone who provides print services or print brokers. This offer is not limited to these specific roles, but they intend the offer to be for those in the print industry. When you fill out the form, it does ask for your business name. I wrote independent contractor in both the company and job title line. The form went through right away with no issues.

The form also gives you options so HP can contact you, with options that include by e-mail, phone or by mail. I suggested they could contact me by mail only but they also give you a do not contact me option. On the front page HP also mentioned that if you sit down with one of their reps, they will hand deliver a cookie to you. They do not give an option to sign up for said cookie presentation. I assume by checking that they can contact you, one of their representatives will be in touch trying to set up a meeting that would include the cookie. Once you finish filling out the form, the page will then redirect you to see all the different printing options HP has available for commercial uses.

Enjoy the coffee and admire the printed bag. Maybe you need some commercial printing done. HP could be your next solution.

Image Credit Anssi Saviluoto

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February 14

The Microsoft Store: HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet With Office 365 | $188 Value Now $99 & Free $25 Gift Card!

Posted by on February 14, 2015 at 1:00 PM

The Microsoft Store: HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet With Office 365 | $188 Value Now $99 & Free $25 Gift Card!

*** BUMP – this item has now dropped to only $99 from the Microsoft Store PLUS You get a FREE $25 windows store gift card to spend! ***

Hey there, my fellow deal hunters! Today’s deal at the Microsoft Store is for the popular HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet with Office 365. This bundle is a $188 value, but until November 23rd you can buy this for just $119 but right now, you can pick it up for only $99, as well as a free $25 windows store gift card! You’ll also get free shipping with your order! This is a great tablet to have, and would make a wonderful gift – especially since it comes with 1 year of Office 365, so it would be wonderful for students!

The HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet with Office 365 has some appealing features, including a 7-inch HD touch screen, 1GB of memory, 32GB of storage, and much more that you can learn about by clicking here. What makes this a great tablet to have is the fact that it has some great battery life – it can last up to 8 hours without a charge! You can check out all of the features of this HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet by clicking on the link above.

I personally think that a Windows tablet at this price would be a fantastic present! It’s only $119 $99, you’ll get free shipping, and as I mentioned previously, you’ll also get 1 year of Office 365 with it (a $69 value). You can work on assignments using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, watch videos online, keep up with the latest news by browsing the web, check your emails, and even keep up with your social media profiles, like Facebook or Twitter. You can also download a wide variety of free apps!

If you wanted to buy this HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet from Amazon’s American website, it would cost you $99.99 US (plus shipping and import fees). I’ve included a brief review of this Windows tablet from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

Really impressed with how well made and quick it is. The kids love it. The camera isn’t the best but don’t expect that will matter to most users.

Elsewhere in Canada, this tablet is currently priced at $119 from Walmart, Best Buy and Future Shop too.

I hope you all have a great day today, my fellow deal hunters!

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January 23

HP Store: $10 Mice, $20 Bluetooth Speakers & $10 Computer Speakers with Free Shipping

Posted by on January 23, 2015 at 1:00 PM

HP Store: $10 Mice, $20 Bluetooth Speakers & $10 Computer Speakers with Free Shipping

The HP Store has a fantastic little clearance sale on right now for computers and accessories. I favour the accessories, as the deals seem to be better. Enjoy computer mice for only $9.99 each, Bluetooth speakers on sale from $49.99 down to $19.99, and a pair of compact speakers from $19.99 down to $9.99. Best of all, everything in the clearance section ships for free.


There are two different mice on sale at HP. The best deal is on this HP Z3600 Black Wireless Mouse, which was $24.99 and is now on sale for $9.99. A friend of mine just had to buy a mouse recently, and I was asking him if it was ‘urgent’ or if he could wait until I ordered one in for him. Unfortunately, it was urgent. Therefore, he ended up paying $20 for a mouse in store (still saved $10). You just rarely see good quality mice for $10 in store. The second sale mouse is the ever cute HP Z3600 Wireless Pink Mouse – same model number but in pink. This mouse was $14.99, and is now $9.99. We saw the white Z3600 drop down to this price for Black Friday, but this is a first for these colours.

Bluetooth Speakers

The sale on these colour-popping HP S6000 Bluetooth Speakers is my favourite deal of the HP clearance sale. The speaker comes in orange (see previous link), Purple, or black. Originally $49.99 each, these mini portable Bluetooth speakers are now on sale for $19.99. The speakers will wirelessly pair with your android or Apple device reliably up to 30 feet away. I need one in orange and one in purple because those colours are just beautiful! In addition, they are a lot harder to misplace accidentally than a black one would be.

Wired Speakers

Last but not least. There is a pair of HP Compact 2.0 Speakers perfect for improving the sound on your laptop or desktop computer. They fit in the balm of your hand, so they will not take up much room on your desk. The small size also makes them perfect for travel – take these speakers with you when you go. They may be small, but they sound much better than the average built-in laptop speakers do. Originally $19.99, they are now on sale for $9.99.

No matter what you purchase, enjoy free shipping on your entire order.

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December 8

HP Canada: 50% Off Bluetooth Mouse – Now $29.99 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 8, 2014 at 7:25 PM

HP Canada: 50% Off Bluetooth Mouse   Now $29.99 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

I just cannot resist a good mouse deal. HP Canada has the HP Z8000 Bluetooth Mouse on sale from $59.99 down to $29.99 right now with free shipping.

Okay, so I just posted a mouse deal so you are wondering which of these to buy. Well, these mice really are completely two different units. The Dell TactX mouse is designed for gaming and other things that require heavy use. Thus, it is a corded or ‘tethered’ mouse and does not rely upon a wireless signal like Bluetooth to communicate with your computer. It also means you are, at all times, physically connected to the computer.

The HP Z8000 Bluetooth Mouse gives you the convenience of portability with no strings attached. This mouse also has a vastly different interface. Enjoy the modern convenience of the smooth innovative capacitive surface on this 18mm thick mouse – only 0.7 inches! The “Innovative capacitive surface provides 4-way touch scrolling and 2-button control” for unparalleled range of motion on a mouse.

Also, enjoy reception up to 33 feet away from your computer. Put on presentations and have full control with your wireless mouse without having to stand right beside your computer the entire time. Walk around, point out interesting features, or run the entire presentation from the back of the room like a disembodied voice.

Now it is time for a little price comparing. I found this same unit at other retails for the following prices:

  • $59.92 @ Staples Canada
  • $52.94 @ Tiger Direct Canada

I also found the mouse at Walmart (US) for $59.99 and at Best Buy (US) for $39.99. That was the cheapest I could find it anywhere else.

There are other good sales going on at HP right now as well. I was satisfied with the sale price on this HP Wireless Elite v2 Desktop Keyboard with Mouse – originally $89.99 it is now on sale for $49.99. I have wanted a wireless keyboard for a while now.

You also need to check out these HP Compact 2.0 Speakers for just $9.99, originally $19.99. These cute little speakers will give you better sound quality than your laptop’s speakers have and yet are compact enough to fit into most laptop bags. These would make great stocking-stuffers as they are cheap, useful, and great for anyone who loves technology!

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November 24

HP Canada Pre-Black Friday Sale: HP Z3600 Wireless Mouse | Was $15 Now $10 + Free Shipping

Posted by on November 24, 2014 at 11:42 AM

HP Canada Pre Black Friday Sale: HP Z3600 Wireless Mouse | Was $15 Now $10 + Free Shipping

Hey there, Bargainmoosers! HP Canada is currently having a pre-Black Friday sale on their HP Z3600 Wireless Mouse, which normally sells for $14.99. Now, you can get this wireless mouse for just $9.99 and you’ll also get free shipping with your order! Not a bad deal for a wireless HP mouse, am I right? You can always find a use for an extra wireless mouse, so I highly recommend this deal – check it out before it disappears!

This HP Z3600 Wireless Mouse would be a great stocking stuffer! It’s something that everyone can use, too! I mean, who doesn’t use a computer nowadays? A computer mouse can only last so long, so it always helps to have a backup ready in case your mouse starts to malfunction. I’ve been in that predicament before – it’s especially brutal when you’re relying on your mouse to do work online, and you realize that they’re all selling for regular price at the retail stores that are around you!

Are you prepared for the holidays? Did you do all your shopping yet? I know I’ve done all my Christmas shopping already, but when I discover these deals online, it can be tough to ignore these enticing bargains! I’ve already ordered some extra gifts, due to the deals I’ve seen here on Bargainmoose, and they were such great deals that I have no problem with spending that extra money. I just might pick up this HP Z3600 Wireless Mouse as an extra gift, as well!

If you wanted to buy this HP Z3600 Wireless Mouse from Newegg, it would cost you $25.99. I’ve included a snippet of a review of this wireless mouse from a satisfied HP customer below:

 I use this product everyday for almost 12 hours a day. Good service by HP! Keep it up to give such good deals.

You can check out some of the other Black Friday deals that are available by visiting our Black Friday Dashboard. Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

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October 22

HP Canada: HP H2800 Orange Headset $15 (Was $35)

Posted by on October 22, 2014 at 1:30 PM

HP Canada: HP H2800 Orange Headset $15 (Was $35)

HP Canada is in the middle of four days of Flash Deals. Today they are offering a sweet HP H2800 Orange Headset for just $14.99 and free shipping, originally $34.99.

You save $20 and score a comfortable set of basic headphones to pair with your iPod, iPhone, or android device. The headset has an in-line microphone, headset controls for ease of communication, and is compatible with almost anything. The flat cord is tangle resistant. This headset comes with a two-year warranty so if anything goes wrong you can get it fixed or trade it in for a new pair.

I like the orange and white colour scheme. White always reminds me of Apple products because of those ads from several years ago that highlighted the white ear buds on brightly coloured backgrounds with blacked out people. The orange gives a nice pop of colour and is just fun.

The HP flash sale has some other nice deals as well. Today they are also offering an HP S9500 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for just $69.99, originally $129.99. The speaker is all angles with a futuristic design that requires minimal space. At first glance, it looks like an open book standing on the long side of its pages. I assume the designers were going for a different look.

The wireless speaker is Bluetooth 2.1 enabled for connectivity of up to 10 m (33ft). Connect to Bluetooth enabled computers, tablets, Android devices, iPhones, and MP3 players like the Touch.

For sound output, enjoy the power of 40mm drivers with 80-decibel signal-to-noise ratio, with 6W and 20Hz power output. A rechargeable lithium-ion battery will give you up to eight hours of consecutive playtime at moderate volume before needing to recharge. The website does not mention how long it will take the device to fully charge. For a good size wireless Bluetooth speaker from a reputable brand this is one of the cheapest I have seen.

There are a couple of desktop computers on sale in this flash sale as well. Keep in mind that all these deals will expire at the end of today and new ones will pop up tomorrow. I suggest checking back tomorrow for the new deals as well, you may find something awesome.

HP Canada is currently offering free shipping and free returns across Canada. Depending upon what you buy, you can always try and combine one of these active HP coupons with your order.

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September 26

HP Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive $10 off $60

Posted by on September 26, 2014 at 4:00 PM

HP Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive $10 off $60

HP Canada has given Bargainmoose an exclusive coupon code for $10 off any order of $60 or more. This applies to ink, paper, accessories, and more

Click here to shop @ HP Canada now

  • Coupon Code: MOOSE1060
  • Discount: $10 off $60
  • Expiry: 28th September 2014

This coupon can be used on regular priced and sale items so combine your discounts for the best deals. Here are a few deals for you to sink your teeth into.

The HP Pavilion 22xi 21.5-inch IPS Monitor is on sale from $159.99 to $129.99. You save $30 up front and then can use our exclusive coupon code for an extra $10 off, bringing the monitor down to just $119.99.

The HP USB External DVDRW Drive does not qualify for the coupon by itself, but pair it with a few other deals to save more. This USB external DVD drive was $54.99, but is now on sale for $39.99.

Do you want a larger than life deal? This HP Officejet Pro X451dw Printer was $499.99 and is now on sale for $299.99. Now, Staples has the same sale on right now, but they do not have a coupon code you can put on top of this deal for an extra $10 off. After you use our exclusive coupon code, your heavyweight printer comes down to $289.99. Sure it is not a huge difference, but every little bit helps.

If you need to top up your cart to reach the minimum threshold for this coupon, then look no further than 50% off this HP LV290AA Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo. Seriously, you are getting a wireless keyboard and mouse for just $19.99 (was $39.99)! I am tempted to buy this for my laptop. That sounds silly, but when I hook my laptop up to the TV to game, a wireless mouse is pretty handy instead of a six foot trip-cord (my current gaming mouse). Also, a wireless keyboard would allow me to enter any numerical values I need to while gaming instead of getting off the couch and going to the laptop again.

Owners of HP tablets, pick up this HP 18W Tablet PC AC Adapter for just $9.99, originally $39.99. While the adapter is ideally designed for the HP Omni 10 tablet, it is compatible with all 18W GP tablets. At this price, it is an absolute steal and I wish it was compatible with Dell tablets.

Receive free shipping on all HP Store Canada orders currently (remote locations excluded).

For this and any future HP Store coupon codes, visit our forum.

HP Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive $10 off $60

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September 8

Amazon Canada: $100 Off HP 11″ Chromebook Just $220 (HOT!) – EXPIRED

Posted by on September 8, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Amazon Canada: $100 Off HP 11 Chromebook Just $220 (HOT!)   EXPIRED

Amazon Canada has a very hot deal on the HP 11″ Chromebook 11-1101us (2GB RAM, 16GB, Chrome OS) this week. Purchase this awesome little laptop for just $219.94 with free shipping, which is $100 off the original price of $319.99.

This computer runs the Chrome OS with a Samsung Exynos 5250 processor, 2GB RAM, and a 16GB solid-state hard drive. The full size keyboard is maintained for comfortable typing without running into the wrong letters. The Chromebook also features two USB ports, a webcam, WLAN, and Bluetooth. The battery lasts for up to six hours before needing recharging. It also has an 11.6″ IPS (Integrated Prenatal Screening) display with 1366 x 768 resolution that offers wider color gamut and contrast ratio packed into this small little unit. I do not know much about laptop screen technology, but word on the street says that this is a very good deal for a laptop featuring an IPS screen.

The Chromebook is not a regular laptop. It runs web-based apps from Google instead of traditional PC applications. However, that does not limit you from seeing or editing documents that have been created through Adobe or Word. You will just do so via a Google app instead of those PC programs.

The Chromebook differs in another way. Your information is not stored on the computer. Rather, you store your documents, photos, and more to Google Drive (Google’s Cloud-based storage service). They do not take up space on your computer so your device never becomes bogged down. I am not so sure I like the idea of giving over my information and valuable data to someone else to store without having my own copy of it, but the number of times I have lost a hard drive and all the information stored on it is countless. Maybe this is a better way.

I also made sure to do a little price comparing in case you doubted the awesomeness of this deal. The same computer is $279.99 @ BestBuy, $339.59 @ NCIX.com, $318 @ Walmart.ca, $323.03 @ Canadian Computers & Electronics, and $287.26 @ Hookbag.ca. Most of these companies charge shipping as well, so you are getting an even better deal at Amazon.ca because the HP Chromebook will ship free as it costs over $25.

Do any of our Moosers own one of these? If you do, please comment and let us know what you think of the HP Chromebook.

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August 27

HP Canada Coupon Codes: Up To $100 Off Computers

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HP Canada Coupon Codes: Up To $100 Off Computers

HP Canada has brought back their up to $100 off coupon codes. We saw most of these values (though different codes) at the beginning of this month, but if you missed them you now have a second chance. Are you shopping for a new computer? Try out these coupon codes for up to $100 off your purchase from HP Canada to bring down the cost of your next purchase.

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  • Coupon Code: LabourD25
  • Discount: $25 off $150+
  • Coupon Code: 40SEPT799
  • Discount: $40 off PCs priced $799.99+
  • Coupon Code: 75SEPT999
  • Discount: $75 off PCs priced $999.99+
  • Coupon Code: 100SEP1199
  • Discount: $100 off PCs priced $1199.99+
  • Expiry: 1st September 2014

While these are not substantial coupon codes, the percentage off does go up for higher priced computers. The other good thing is that you can team these coupons up with the current Labour Day Sale.

There is currently $100 off this HP Pavilion 23-h119 TouchSmart All-in-One Desktop PC bringing the cost from $899.99 down to $799.99. This is everything you need all in one computer. Featuring the ease of a touch screen tablet with the screen size of a monitor and the convenience of an all-in-one unit such as a laptop, this desktop is the perfect home computer. It also has a massive hard drive and large memory. The computer specs are here:

  • Windows 8.1 64
  • AMD Quad-Core A10-6700T
  • AMD Radeon HD 8650D Graphics
  • 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3L (1 x 8 GB)
  • 2 TB 7200 rpm SATA

Using the $40 off $799.99 coupon code, your total for this computer comes down to $759.99.

The lower value coupon is also pretty sweet for smaller purchases. I found this excellent sale on a bundle package for back to school. The HP Pavilion 15-p067ca + HP Z3000 Wireless Mouse + HP Premier3 Backpack + 2 Year Warranty Upgrade New is a good bundle valued at $759.97, and is on sale for $599.97 during this sale. The laptop boasts specs of:

  • Windows 8.1 64
  • AMD Quad-Core A6-6310
  • 15.6″ diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit touch screen (1366 x 768)
  • 6 GB 1600 MHz DDR3L SDRAM (1 x 2 GB, 1 x 4 GB)
  • 750 GB 5400 rpm SATA

I used the Labour Day coupon code to take an extra $25 off that price. Your total for this bundle comes down to $574.97. There are many other deals in this sale, so do not miss out!

HP offers free shipping on all orders, so there is no need to worry about extra shipping fees.

For more HP Store coupon codes and any future codes from the company, be sure to visit our flourishing coupon forum.

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August 16

HP Photosmart Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer Only $40 & Free Shipping @ BestBuy / FutureShop

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HP Photosmart Wireless All In One Inkjet Printer Only $40 & Free Shipping @ BestBuy / FutureShop

If you are in need of a new inexpensive printer, this HP model from either FutureShop or BestBuy might fit the bill. It’s a deal on the HP PS6520 Photosmart Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer. The regular price is $149.99 but you can pick it up right now for only $39.99 with free shipping, from either store.

Price comparison wise, this particular model of printer doesn’t seem to be available from any other retailers, it seems to be an exclusive to the BestBuy and Futureshop stores. The price speaks for itself really.

Now, even though this is a great price on an HP printer, I will say that it’s probably not going to last you a lifetime. It’s an entry-level HP printer, and quite a basic model. There are a number of reviews on Futureshop from various people and they’re a little mixed, with the printer only receiving a score of just over two out of five. You can read the full reviews on the Futureshop link above, but there are big variations.


Photos come out amazing!


The black head no longer prints even though the ink level is full.

That latter comment seemed to be a concern from a few people. The HP PS6520 Photosmart Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer gets a slightly higher score on BestBuy, with comments such as, “Great all-around printer.” However, one customer stated:

For the cost of this ink, you could buy a brand new printer every time your cartridges run out.

This is definitely something to consider… and really a worrying trend to be honest. Electronics like this seem to be so disposable nowadays that people consider just buying a new printer instead of replacement ink!

Obviously you’ve got a full year’s warranty on the HP printer so if anything happens in that time, you’d be covered. But remember, you’re not paying a fortune for this item, so if anything goes wrong a couple of years down the line, you’re not too much out of pocket. It’s a great price to start with.

(Expiry 21st August 2014)

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