October 20

eBay Canada: Paw Patrol Toddler Bedding Was $70 | Now $56 & Free Shipping!

Posted by on October 20, 2015 at 11:00 AM

eBay Canada: Paw Patrol Toddler Bedding Was $70 | Now $56 & Free Shipping!

Paw Patrol is so popular right now and I often hear my youngest singing the theme song. I’m considering giving my kids a no-toy Christmas as they have so much and one of my ideas in doing that but still giving them something fun, is new bedding. My youngest would absolutely love a Paw Patrol toddler bedding set and eBay has one on sale right now, regularly $69.99, on sale for $55.97 and it includes free shipping.

I was curious about this bedding set, as it sells in eBay’s official Toys R Us store, but they don’t sell it at Toys R Us. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 20

Walmart Canada: 56% Off Great Value LED Frosted Flame Tip Deco 2Pk – On Clearance $12

Posted by on September 20, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Walmart Canada: 56% Off Great Value LED Frosted Flame Tip Deco 2Pk   On Clearance $12

Bulbs can sure be pricey, especially energy efficient ones, but at Walmart, you can grab the Great Value LED Deco frosted flame tip ones on clearance for just $12. They were originally $27.38.

There are only limited quantities available and since they’re on clearance, there is a strong chance that they will sell out fast. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 13

Awesome Light Bulb & Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Set @ eBay.ca (Just $12 + Shipping)

Posted by on September 13, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Awesome Light Bulb & Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Set @ eBay.ca (Just $12 + Shipping)

Oh my goodness. This might just be the best thing since sliced bread. How many times do you pull the chain on your ceiling fan to turn the light on, just to find that you have actually switched the fan’s direction or speed? It is sooo frustrating, but I have discovered the solution. Check out this adorable Light Bulb & Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Set from eBay.ca for just $11.97 plus shipping.

This seller on eBay Canada is a Top-Rated Seller which means they consistently receive high ratings, ship their items quickly, and customers are happy with their products. In the long run that means you won’t be disappointed with your purchase. This item will definitely be a conversation piece in your home. I was not able to find this Light Bulb & Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Set anywhere else in Canada online, but originally it looks like it was made and sold by a company called Harbor Breeze in the US. They sell for about $9 USD at American retailers, so our Canadian price is not far off. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 1

Do It Yourself: Make A Secret Safe For Under $3

Posted by on August 1, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Do It Yourself: Make A Secret Safe For Under $3

If you have been looking for a great way to keep some small things safe within your home without spending hundreds of dollars on a locking safe, then keep reading. If you are a little handy, you can make a secret safe in your home for under $3, with a little effort. The great thing about this little safe is that people won’t know it is storing your most precious belongings, even if they are staring right at it. You can use this safe to store computer passwords, money, collectibles, jewellery or whatever else you want to keep safe. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 30

(60% off) Foscam Wireless Security Camera now $65 & Free Shipping @ Shop.ca!

Posted by on July 30, 2015 at 9:00 AM

 (60% off) Foscam Wireless Security Camera now $65 & Free Shipping @ Shop.ca!

Here is a handy little camera to use for security or as a baby monitor. Check out the Foscam FI9821P Wireless Security Camera. This handy little plug and play camera was $160 and is on sale for $104.99. Use our coupon code MOOSE40OFF100JULY and receive an extra $40 off your purchase! That brings your total to $64.99. Shop.ca also offers completely free shipping with no minimum.

Whether you want to keep an eye on your back door or just want to stream your baby monitor through your mobile device, this sleek Foscam wireless security camera can save the day. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 21

8 Ways To Upcycle Old Chairs

Posted by on July 21, 2015 at 8:00 PM

8 Ways To Upcycle Old Chairs

I have been eyeing my dining room set lately and am not thrilled at its current condition. My once modern looking set is looking like it could use a facelift. I am not sure if I am quite ready to part with this table set yet, but I know it is time for a new set soon. Whether you are ready to change up your dining room or happened to score some neat chairs at a garage sale, these upcycle projects are cool ways to change those chairs into something pretty for your home. You could also check out your local thrift shop or the dent and scratch section of your local  IKEA to find  dented or scratched chairs that are perfect to create these projects with.  Check out some of the amazing upcycling projects I found below. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 15

Hudson’s Bay Coupon Code: $20 Off $150 & Free Shipping (last day) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on July 15, 2015 at 1:21 PM

Hudsons Bay Coupon Code: $20 Off $150 & Free Shipping (last day) (EXPIRED)

While you are enjoying the amazing Amazon Prime deals today, consider getting in on the last day of free shipping with no minimum at Hudson’s bay Canada. To sweeten the deal, we have a lovely $20 off $150 coupon code for you to use with your purchase.

Click here to shop @ Hudson’s Bay Canada now

  • Coupon Code: SAVE
  • Discount: $20 off $150
  • Expiry: 15th July 2015

The Hudson’s Bay free for all deal has been one of my favourites of this year.

Read the rest of this entry »

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July 9

Abby Storage Ottoman Was $199 | Now $79 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Shop.ca

Posted by on July 9, 2015 at 9:22 AM

Abby Storage Ottoman Was $199 | Now $79 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Shop.ca

Need a place to hide your stuff and make your living room look tidy again? Check out the Abby Storage Ottoman that was $199 and is on sale for $129. Use our coupon code MOOSE50OFF125JULY to drop the price down to only $79. Shop.ca also offers completely free shipping with no minimum.

I try to keep my house clean, really I do. Somehow, items just collect around my living room. If you run into the same problem, you should check out this Abby Storage Ottoman that I found today. This bench has a deep storage area in the centre, perfect for throwing in loose kids toys or books. What I really love about an ottoman like this is the functionality. You can use it as a coffee table, and when you have a party, it can double as extra seating. You could also place this near your entryway along a longer wall so you have a place to sit down to take your boots on and off. This ottoman clocks in at 35” long by 14.24” and is 16.5” in height. You can also choose from a variety of colours including:

  • Grey
  • White
  • Black
  • Orange (more of an orange tan leather look to me!)

At Home Depot Canada, the same ottoman is for sale for $129. Over at Walmart.ca, the Adele storage ottoman looks very suspiciously similar, and it is made by the same Worldwide Homefurnishings Company. This ottoman is available for $129. Over at Best Buy Canada, I found a similar storage ottoman on sale for $111.99.  You could also pick up this similar ottoman at Staples Canada for $135. Grab this one at Shop.ca, storage ottomans of this size rarely go under $100.

There is a review on Shop.ca’s page and several at Walmart.ca. Most people seem to think this purchase is a good value for your money. Here is one reviewer’s response:

Black ottoman, multi-purpose as bench, footrest, coffee table with storage elegant in black and white decors, does not clutter rooms at a totally awesome price; wish I had one for every room in the house, perhaps in all available colors. A keeper for Keepsakes too! For those with simple but excellent taste only.

I think this ottoman is a solid buy. I have priced out an ottoman for my living room before, and it is rare to see a longer version drop this low. My husband has been whining for a place to put his feet up as my ottoman is in my entryway. Perhaps I will indulge him and pick up one of these ottomans today!

(Expiry: unknown)

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June 30

4 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Move

Posted by on June 30, 2015 at 8:00 PM

4 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Move

I am no stranger to moving. In the last ten years, I have moved five times. Just typing that is exhausting, but I have moved on average every two years with several of those moves being cross-country moves. One in five Canadians moves for work according to the Canada Post. The number of Canadians using the change of address service with Canada Post was 850,000 in 2012 alone. Our family is part of that number, and we have moved several times because of jobs. The number of movers also doubles in the summer compared to wintertime throughout Canada. If you are in Quebec, the number of people moving quadruples in July due to the longstanding July 1st moving day tradition.

Price Compare Professional Movers Versus DIY

When I was in university, I moved even more often than I do now. Often I would gather a few friends, a friend’s truck and shell out money for pizza and beer. Those days it was much easier to throw my stuff in my friend’s truck as my moves were much more compact.

Now that I have three people to consider in this move, it starts to make more sense economically to bring movers into the picture. According to The Star, on average movers can cost $1000 for a one bedroom move and $2000 for a three-bedroom house. When you are looking for movers, get recommendations from friends and family. When looking over online reviews, look for reviews that specifically mention how quick the movers were. Many movers charge by the hour and one tactic to wring more cash out of you can be dragging their feet. Make sure you get more than one quote to compare as it gives you the ability to haggle a little. Once you have settled on an estimate, getting everything in writing can help ensure that you are protected.

I have personally had a few great experiences with movers. I have tried hiring a friend’s well-intentioned teenager and ended up with a mattress dragged on the ground and multiple broken items. When we hired movers, we had much less breakage and the move went much quicker overall. Weigh your costs for DIY versus movers depending on the amount of stuff you have and how far you are moving.


4 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Move

Moving is an optimal time to cleanse your space. I start by trying to sell anything I do not want and think will sell. I now use Varagesale for these types of sales, but Craigslist is another option. You can also post to garage sale groups on Facebook. I have had great luck selling kids gear to others moms. Just check to make sure you know the rules of your group, and use common sense such as bringing someone with you for the sale.

At some point, I start giving and donating items that I do not want to move. It may seem counterproductive to give things away free, but many of these items would cost me more to move them then to rebuy or do without. Cheap holiday decorations, broken furniture, half-used bottles of cosmetics or lotions, clothes that are worn out, unused gift sets and many temporary fix items I have bought at the dollar store fall into this category. Do not pay to move these items that are cluttering your space.

One of the biggest projects I did before my last move was to digitize my book collection. Any book that I had both in an electronic format and paper, I donated or gifted the paper copy. I also traded paper copies with some friends for electronic format versions. Books are heavy to move, and changing to electronic versions cut out quite a few boxes I did not have to pay to move.

Scavenge For Boxes

4 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Move

Moving supplies costs add up. The tape, the sharpies, the bubble wrap and the round of beers you inevitably need after the fact. Cut your costs by scavenging for moving boxes ahead of time. U-Haul charges $186.85 for a one to two bedroom kit of boxes. For a three to four bedroom kit, you will shell out $354.70. That does not include when you discover you have twelve more boxes of books that need to be boxed up. If you start scavenging early, you can usually gather plenty of free boxes in advance. Here are some suggestions of places to look.

  • Check the local wine or beer store. These boxes are generally exceptionally sturdy and usually are clean.
  • Ask friends and family
  • Tap into your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Watch for free boxes on Freecycle
  • Bring home printer paper boxes from your work.
  • Ask the manager at your local grocery store. I find if you ask ahead, they will sometimes save them or tell you what day their shipment is so you can swing by for boxes they were getting rid of.

You can use coffee filters as cheap packaging materials for glass. They are cheap and a nice substitute for newspapers which leaves ink on your glassware. I do recommend using extra sheets, blankets or towels as packing materials in boxes, but make sure you leave a set out for each bed in your house. I like to use them in boxes that are within the same room. For example, I use kitchen towels to help pack glassware and blankets to help pack bedroom items. This makes it easier to find everything once I am unpacking boxes.

Move Next Year Or Renovate

4 Tips To Save Money On Your Next Move

I know this point may seem counterproductive, but the reality is that moving costs add up. Being a person who has moved mostly for jobs, I was surprised to read in the Financial Post that 16% of repeat home buyers move because they are bored with their house and that the average Canadian will own 4.5 to 5.5 houses. That does not even include rental units where people commonly move in an out of units as if there is a revolving door.

If you are bored with your space, you can save much more money by staying put. Change up your space by painting, moving the furniture around and making other smaller changes to freshen up your place. If you need a little more space, you may want to consider renovating your place. If your kitchen or bathroom is not modern, these are both great places to add value to your home through renovations. Consider adding a deck or sunroom to expand the amount of living space you have. If you still want to move, take the time to consider your options, needs and wants before making the leap to a new home.

Bargainmoosers, how do you save money when you are moving?

(Image Credit: Eddy Van 3000, Thomas Galvez, Matt Cornock, Vida Dimovska)

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June 11

8 Cheap Pool Noodle Hacks Adults Will Love

Posted by on June 11, 2015 at 8:00 PM

8 Cheap Pool Noodle Hacks Adults Will Love

Pool noodles, sometimes also called water noodles, are a piece of large foam available in a multitude of colours. They are so much fun to use in the pool as they float, bend and are easy to climb on top of for any age. These long pieces of foam can be found cheaply, anywhere from $1-$3 a piece at places like the dollar store or Canadian Tire. These foam toys are fun for the pool, but you can also use this inexpensive foam as the base for a whole bunch of other things. Check out the list below for some of the innovative uses I have found for these colourful pool noodles.

Pool Noodle Floating Cooler

8 Cheap Pool Noodle Hacks Adults Will Love

You know the struggle, you are in the pool and your beer runs out. There is no need to get out of the pool to grab an ice-cold beer or coke. Instead, create this awesome floating cooler with pool noodles for your next party. You can check out the full DIY instructions over at Instructables. Not only does this make your drinks accessible, but also it should help keep those drinks icy cool. You can always throw in a little ice to ensure your drinks are at optimum temperature.

Faux Stone Column

8 Cheap Pool Noodle Hacks Adults Will Love

Wait, what? A faux stone column generally starts at several hundred dollars, and the prices only go up! Check out this amazing tutorial at EPBOT where they crafted a faux column using cardboard, pool noodles and some scrap wood. If you are handy with some tools and spray paint, this is an awesome hack. I like the plant urn they placed on top of this column to finish the look.

Pool Noodle Luminaries

8 Cheap Pool Noodle Hacks Adults Will Love

Here is a sweet little idea to give your backyard an oasis feeling. Make these Pool Noodle Luminaries to use in your backyard all summer thanks to the instructions from Create Craft Love. This is a great way to line a walk or light up a table for those fun summer evenings. You can even float these little lights in the pool, how cool!

Pool Noodle Wreath

8 Cheap Pool Noodle Hacks Adults Will Love

Over at Tattered & Inked, they created a cute vintage inspired wreath using a pool noodle as the form. I have not priced a wreath form lately, but the cheapest one I found on Amazon Canada is $6.99 plus the shipping is a minimum of $25. Instead, tape together a pool noodle to your desired size, and add faux flowers, yarn or fabric for a simple and easy wreath.

Camping Porta Potty

8 Cheap Pool Noodle Hacks Adults Will Love

Are there any camping enthusiasts ready to take on summer camping trips? You may have been to a campsite or two where the only place to relieve yourself was a bush. Take minimalistic camping up a notch and make this comfortable camping porta potty from Puget Sound Preppers. This was originally made for camping at the beach, but this portable potty could be taken anywhere.

Boot Saver

8 Cheap Pool Noodle Hacks Adults Will Love

I thought I had a solution figured out for my boots. I had slid a water bottle into each boot and it was doing a great job of keeping them upright and helping to keep their shape. The problem now is I need my water bottles for summer. In the winter, I can get away only using one water bottle but in the summer, I end up rotating my water bottles more. Check out this ingenious solution from My Baby Didn’t Read My Resume using a pool noodle to help boots keep their form. Keep your boots in good condition for only a few bucks. This is on my list for my next trip to the dollar store to make!

Pool Noodle Water Exercises

8 Cheap Pool Noodle Hacks Adults Will Love

Pool noodles can be fun in the pool, but did you know you could use pool noodle to get fit? Over at Victoria Lavender In Sunny Tuscan, there is a list of 16 different exercises you can try in the pool to get fit. Use these movements to tone, build your aerobic endurance or simply improve your balance.

Hang Laundry Without Creases

8 Cheap Pool Noodle Hacks Adults Will Love

I hate ironing or doing more laundry than I have to. Here is the perfect hack for those pants or shirts that always seem to wrinkle no matter how you store them. Carefully place pieces of a pool noodle over a hanger just as they did at Family Home & Life, and your pants and shirts will be crease free. I could see this helping to save the ironing step if you hang clothes on these modified hangers straight from the hot dryer. There are also a few other hacks for pool noodles at this site.

Bargainmoosers, what have you made out of pool noodles?

(Image Credit: ashleigh290)

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June 9

5 Frugal Ways To Secure Your Home From Theft

Posted by on June 9, 2015 at 8:00 PM

5 Frugal Ways To Secure Your Home From Theft

Recently in my community, there has been a rash of break-ins to homes. It always seems to pick up in the spring and summer when we throw open our windows and doors to welcome the nice weather. Climbing into your balcony or slipping into your backyard is much easier now that the snow and ice have disappeared.

It is not just in my head, according to The Star burglaries increase and insurance companies see many more claims in the summer months. August is the highest month for burglaries, followed closely by July and September. Friday is the most popular day for a break-in as you are likely to be away for the weekend, and Sunday being the least likely day for a break-in. In the same article, the insurance company Aviva Canada was quoted saying the average cost of burglary claim has increased 27 percent in the past five years, a cost on average of $7,243 to insurance companies per claim. Break-ins are currently happening every 90 seconds on average in Canada.

So how can you protect your home and family? I have scoured the internet for frugal ideas you can implement now. Start putting some of these ideas into practice now, and your home should be much more secure once we head into prime burglary season and when you head on your summer vacation plans.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

5 Frugal Ways To Secure Your Home From Theft

This means lock all of your doors and windows! In the summer months when the weather is warm, we travel much more in and out of our house. Thieves watch closely before they decide to enter, and will watch if you regularly leave the front door unlocked while you are in the backyard. Locking your doors and windows regularly can ensure that you do not make it easy on criminals. Modern day criminals are often in and out quickly, so securing these points can help you avoid being a target. Ensure your door is strong as kicking in the door is often a technique used for entry.

It is also a good idea to make sure that your locks both appear sturdy and are sturdy. A deadbolt on every major door can help to ensure your home is protected. If you install window air conditioners, make sure the window cannot be opened further from the outside. A simple seal such as this foam sealant from Home Depot Canada can help to ensure your unit is secure and snug in the window. You can also add a stopper to the window with an air conditioning unit or any window by securing a large pin or nail to keep the window from opening all the way according to protectedhome.com. Older sliding glass doors can be secured with a dowel or other stick placed in the track to keep it from opening at unwanted times.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

A light outside can be an easy way to deter people from your property. Strategically place lights near entrances and garages. You may also want to consider placing one near a basement window to reduce the chances that a thief will attempt to enter through this common point. Over at Amazon.ca, I found LED battery powered lights for only $20.99 or a three-pack for $46.99. These lights have over 133 positive reviews. Not only will you have a little extra light when you come home late at night, this simple installation also deters thieves from an easy break-in.

Keep Your Travel Plans Off Social Media

5 Frugal Ways To Secure Your Home From Theft

You are so excited to take that well-deserved vacation. Before you leave, you shoot a message off to 100 of your closest friends telling them just how excited you are. Maybe you were wise enough not to tell people where you were going, but you excitedly Instagram a shot from your fabulous hotel or a shot of you and your sweetie making funny faces on an airplane.

Social media can be fun, but when you are traveling is not the time to broadcast that you are away from home. This is an open invitation to thieves, acquaintances and those friends you added so you could unlock level 29 of your game. Wait to post your trip and your pictures until you are back. Facebook and other social media sites are constantly changing the privacy policies, so your information may not be as secure as you hope.

Keep Your Hedges Trimmed

This is a smart tip from a list over at doityourself.com. Thieves often need somewhere to hide before they attack. By letting your yard get out of hand and your hedges get scraggly, you provide the perfect hiding point. Keep those bushes neatly trimmed and it is much more difficult to enter the house both in the daytime and at night. Put trimming your hedges on your to-do list before you leave for vacation also.

Report Strange Visitors

5 Frugal Ways To Secure Your Home From Theft

Just a few weeks ago, a person wearing an Energy Star jacket was inquiring in our neighborhood about the heating and cooling systems various neighbours used.  Reading about this person on several Facebook groups, I found out about this behaviour and never answered the door when they came to my house. These neighbour watch groups are invaluable. In our community, it is a Moms group on Facebook that spreads this information. Find the group sharing this information in your community. Tap into a couple local groups so you too are aware of what is going on in your neighbourhood.

If someone shows up at your door and does not have anything reliable to prove who they are, turn them away. If they ask to enter your house, do not let them. Request that they send you more information through a flyer and then report them to the police. Criminals will sometimes scope out your home and your belongings using these tactics before they strike.

Follows these simple steps, and you will make your home less attractive to criminals. For a somewhat unsettling quote list, check out this Reader’s Digest list of quotes from various convicted burglars.

Bargainmoosers, what steps do you take to protect your home?

(Image Credits: Stefano A., Jeremy Brooks, Matthew Hurst, Nicole Mays)

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May 23

Simple Sleep Double Folding Box Spring Frame Was $170 | Now $60 & Free Shipping @ Best Buy Canada

Posted by on May 23, 2015 at 9:30 AM

Simple Sleep Double Folding Box Spring Frame Was $170 | Now $60 & Free Shipping @ Best Buy Canada

A bed frame and box spring in one, this durable folding box spring frame will help you sleep like a baby. This frame was $169.99 but is currently on sale for $59.99. This deal also meets the minimum for completely free shipping.

My husband and I have moved more times than I can count due to his work. The last time I moved, it was from a high-rise apartment to a condo. The elevator ended up backed up and our box spring and mattress ended up carried down eight stories. This put some significant stress on both our movers and on our box spring. Moving season is coming up this summer, and I am happy to say we are staying put this year.

If you move frequently or need a quick and easy bed solution, you should consider this double folding box spring frame today. This metal frame folds for easy storage, but when extended is a frame for a full sized bed. You will not need a box spring for this frame, simply slide your mattress on top and you have replaced both your box springs and bed frame. This frame is a durable steel frame that can hold up to 750 pounds. Included is a washable cover to hide the metal frame and give your bed a less industrial look. I bet you could also throw a bed skirt over top of that cover. Included also is brackets so you can attach your own headboard to the frame. This is ideal for those of you who like DIY projects and are interested in making your own headboard. If you need some inspiration, here are 40 headboards you can make by bedtime over at DIY & Crafts.

Walmart.ca had this exact frame, but it is currently out of stock. The listed price for this exact frame is $178. A very similar model created by the brand Structures by Malouf is available for $149.99 at Amazon.ca. You could also buy a similar folding frame in a full size made by KB Furniture at Lowes.ca for $316. This price at Best Buy is ideal.

There are no current reviews for this frame. The only complaints I have seen with this style of frame is that sometimes they squeak, but no one has made that comment about this brand and model. Most people seem thrilled how quickly and easily this style of bed sets up when looking at the reviews written for other brands.

This price is a steal for this durable frame, so I would suggest grabbing this deal while you can. I did have a few issues with the checkout where it told me the item was not available for delivery. After fussing with my zip code and address the order processed with free shipping for both a Toronto and Montreal address all the way up the final payment stage. This is bed is ideal for students, those who move often, a kid’s bed or even a spare bedroom.

(Expiry: 11th June 2015)

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May 18

Chapters Indigo Canada: 50% Off Monogram Cheeseboards – Now Just $9.75

Posted by on May 18, 2015 at 8:30 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: 50% Off Monogram Cheeseboards   Now Just $9.75Never did I think that I would write about monogram cheeseboards and yet here it goes… there’s a really awesome deal at Chapters Indigo on monogram cheeseboards right now as you can get one for 50% off! Originally priced at $19.50, they’re now down to just $9.75 apiece.

With wedding season already upon us, if you know someone who loves cheese and is getting married, you can bet your butt off that they’ll enjoy this gift. Even better is that it’s a great to give for any occasion, even its from you to… well, you!

Not all letters are left, but here’s a quick rundown of the ones that are sold out and those that are out of stock:

  • In stock: B, C, E, H, J, K, M, N, O, Q, R, S, U, X, Y, Z
  • Sold out: A, D, F, G, I, L, P, T, V, W

It’s a good thing I know the alphabet song! Chapters Indigo Canada: 50% Off Monogram Cheeseboards   Now Just $9.75

These cheeseboards are actually quite fancy for a $20 usual price tag as they’re made from rubber wood and comes with a coordinating cheese spreader that is monogrammed as well! In case you’re wondering, the knife is made from zinc alloy and should only be hand-washed. The ribbon in the picture isn’t just for show either as the knife is tied with a lovely green ribbon!

I checked out the B monogram cheeseboard and actually found 17 reviews with a total rating of 4.7/5 stars, which is actually pretty fantastic! Here’s one such review:

This is the most lovely cheeseboard and a fantastic gift. It’s beautifully made and I love the cursive writing. And the added bonus of the monogram on the spreader too is great, not to mention the incredible value for your money. I purchased five of them! I thoroughly recommend this to any and everyone! Chapters Indigo Canada: 50% Off Monogram Cheeseboards   Now Just $9.75

To give you an idea of how great this deal really is, I had a look around and found monogrammed cheeseboards priced at $37.90 at Williams-Sonoma.It’s a US store that doesn’t ship to Canada but it’s great to know in terms of price comparison anyways!

Shipping is only free on orders over $25, so you could either take inspiration from the above review and get more than one cheeseboard at a time as they make for lovely gifts or you could always check out Chapters Indigo’s Deals of the Week section. You can currently get cursive mugs for just $5 instead of their regular price of $8.

(Expiry: 20th May 2015)

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May 4

Best Buy Canada: $80 Off Cuisinart 15pc Knife Block Set – Now $70 *BUMP* (EXPIRED)

Posted by on May 4, 2015 at 7:15 AM

Best Buy Canada: $80 Off Cuisinart 15pc Knife Block Set – Now $70 *BUMP* (EXPIRED)

*Bumping this post from January as the price is now another $20 cheaper! Get it before it sells out Moosers!*

Mmmmm general tao… why go to a restaurant when you can make your own? But you’re going to need a good knife and if you don’t already have one, then I found a great deal on the Cuisinart 15-pc knife block set at Best Buy. Originally priced at $149.99, you can now save $60 $80 and get it for just $89.99 $69.99.

Using a picture of delicious-looking General Tao when talking about a knife block set may seem like an odd choice but fact of the matter is that you need a good knife when handling meat. I’m not the one who handle the deboning and slicing chore or meat handling in my household, but every time my hubby does it, he makes sure to sharpen his knife beforehand!

The Cuisinart 15-pc knife block set comes with:

  • 8″ chef’s knife
  • 8″ bread knife
  • 5.5″ serrated utility knife
  • 5″ Santoku knife
  • 3.5″ pairing knife
  • Six 4.5″ steak knives
  • Sharpening steel
  • Shears (scissors)
  • Knife block

Just writing about this knife block set is making me want to get it for myself because the blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel and the handle is ergonomically designed. My hubby is a leftie, while I’m a rightie, so it would definitely make things easier for him.

Personally, I would ditch the knife block, however. I have heard it being mentioned numerous times on television daytime shows like The Doctors and Dr. Oz that these are the perfect habitat for bacteria. Perhaps it would be okay to use at first but it should definitely be discontinued after a couple of months.

Price comparing, I found this same knife block set retailing for its full price of $189.99 at Sears.

To get back to the topic of General Tao, if you have never made it yourself, it’s super easy and I definitely recommend General Tsao’s chicken recipe available on All Recipes. If you like cooking completely from scratch, then it’s the perfect recipe to follow or you could just do what I do and buy a bottle of General Tao sauce. Once your chicken is cooked, you simply douse it in the sauce and voila — restaurant quality General Tao! Best Buy Canada: $80 Off Cuisinart 15pc Knife Block Set – Now $70 *BUMP* (EXPIRED)

Shipping Best ships orders over $25 for free, you’re sure to get this knife block set shipped to you at no extra cost.

(Image Credit: All Recipes)

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April 30

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

Posted by on April 30, 2015 at 8:00 PM

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

I love looking at all the beautiful DIY projects various blogs have put together. Even more, I enjoy working on my own projects for my home. Sometimes you just want a project to be quick, simple and effective without a 25 picture tutorial. Included below are all items you can spray paint to make a big impact in your home both for outside and inside your home. These projects should not take tons of technique to complete, just a little elbow grease and time.

The average can of spray paint at Lowe’s Canada costs between $6 and $15, making these projects super cheap to upgrade. If you are new to spray painting, you may want to check out the basics at Live Love DIY  or read more tips over at In My Own Style before you get started on your project.

Patio Chair Cushions

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

This weekend it was so nice, we broke out the patio set. I was so vigilant about our outside cushions last year that they spent half the summer in the closet. I managed to get my set of four cushions on sale and I still spent $100 in new cushions. If you were less crazy restrictive and have stains, mildew or fading you can update the cushions with spray paint. Check out this post from The Frugal Homemaker as she details how she did it. The cushions look fab!

Patio Furniture

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

As you are clearing out your spring items, you may find your patio set may also need a spring makeover. Spray paint can take care of all of that weather damage and make your patio set look fresh and new.  Over at H2O Bungalow, they spray painted a pretty outside cafe table and it now looks picture perfect. Need more inspiration? Check out the metal set at Bright Bold Beautifulwhich cleaned these chairs up fast. Honey of California remade her wood patio set in a beautiful distressed red.

Patio Umbrella

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

The fabric on patio umbrellas fades even more so than the patio cushions do. Last year I had a hard time finding a decent umbrella for under $50, and that does not include the stand to keep the umbrella from falling over. I am not willing to repurchase another umbrella just because the sun faded it. Upgrade yours with spray paint using the inspiration at Creatively Living. You can do these in any colour you like, but a red patio set sure pops against the green grass.

Giant Planters

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

Over at The Spotted Lamb, I spotted a great spray paint project for your garden or the front of your house. This blogger took inexpensive plastic garbage cans and spray painted them to make awesome looking planters for the front of her house. Most larger and taller planters cost around $50 to $150 such as this one @ Lowe’s Canada. Make a set at a fraction of the cost following this tutorial.


7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

Doorknobs typically run between $10 and $40 for an inside door.  I know we have at least eight inside doors in our house and that cost can add up quick. One way to update your doorknobs on the cheap is to pick up a can of high-quality spray paint and get to work. Over at Handle The Heat they have updated their doorknobs with a dark oil based bronze paint that would instantly give the look of your house a lift for about $10, the cost of one door knob.

Custom Curtain Rods

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

If you have large windows to cover, or just want to cut your cost of purchasing curtain rods you will want to see this next post. Check out this great DIY hack from Our Vintage Home LoveShe used PVC pipe and spray paint to create these super cheap yet effective curtain rods.

Light Fixture

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

Light fixtures are also not a cheap item to replace. If you have been putting off updating, upgrading or changing your light fixtures you may want to consider updating them with spray paint. Check out how The Country Chic Cottage took an older gold fixture and updated it with an antique brass colour.

Bargainmoosers, what would you update with spray paint?

(Image Credit: Auntie P)

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