May 23

Simple Sleep Double Folding Box Spring Frame Was $170 | Now $60 & Free Shipping @ Best Buy Canada

Posted by on May 23, 2015 at 9:30 AM

Simple Sleep Double Folding Box Spring Frame Was $170 | Now $60 & Free Shipping @ Best Buy Canada

A bed frame and box spring in one, this durable folding box spring frame will help you sleep like a baby. This frame was $169.99 but is currently on sale for $59.99. This deal also meets the minimum for completely free shipping.

My husband and I have moved more times than I can count due to his work. The last time I moved, it was from a high-rise apartment to a condo. The elevator ended up backed up and our box spring and mattress ended up carried down eight stories. This put some significant stress on both our movers and on our box spring. Moving season is coming up this summer, and I am happy to say we are staying put this year.

If you move frequently or need a quick and easy bed solution, you should consider this double folding box spring frame today. This metal frame folds for easy storage, but when extended is a frame for a full sized bed. You will not need a box spring for this frame, simply slide your mattress on top and you have replaced both your box springs and bed frame. This frame is a durable steel frame that can hold up to 750 pounds. Included is a washable cover to hide the metal frame and give your bed a less industrial look. I bet you could also throw a bed skirt over top of that cover. Included also is brackets so you can attach your own headboard to the frame. This is ideal for those of you who like DIY projects and are interested in making your own headboard. If you need some inspiration, here are 40 headboards you can make by bedtime over at DIY & Crafts.

Walmart.ca had this exact frame, but it is currently out of stock. The listed price for this exact frame is $178. A very similar model created by the brand Structures by Malouf is available for $149.99 at Amazon.ca. You could also buy a similar folding frame in a full size made by KB Furniture at Lowes.ca for $316. This price at Best Buy is ideal.

There are no current reviews for this frame. The only complaints I have seen with this style of frame is that sometimes they squeak, but no one has made that comment about this brand and model. Most people seem thrilled how quickly and easily this style of bed sets up when looking at the reviews written for other brands.

This price is a steal for this durable frame, so I would suggest grabbing this deal while you can. I did have a few issues with the checkout where it told me the item was not available for delivery. After fussing with my zip code and address the order processed with free shipping for both a Toronto and Montreal address all the way up the final payment stage. This is bed is ideal for students, those who move often, a kid’s bed or even a spare bedroom.

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May 18

Chapters Indigo Canada: 50% Off Monogram Cheeseboards – Now Just $9.75

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Chapters Indigo Canada: 50% Off Monogram Cheeseboards   Now Just $9.75Never did I think that I would write about monogram cheeseboards and yet here it goes… there’s a really awesome deal at Chapters Indigo on monogram cheeseboards right now as you can get one for 50% off! Originally priced at $19.50, they’re now down to just $9.75 apiece.

With wedding season already upon us, if you know someone who loves cheese and is getting married, you can bet your butt off that they’ll enjoy this gift. Even better is that it’s a great to give for any occasion, even its from you to… well, you!

Not all letters are left, but here’s a quick rundown of the ones that are sold out and those that are out of stock:

  • In stock: B, C, E, H, J, K, M, N, O, Q, R, S, U, X, Y, Z
  • Sold out: A, D, F, G, I, L, P, T, V, W

It’s a good thing I know the alphabet song! Chapters Indigo Canada: 50% Off Monogram Cheeseboards   Now Just $9.75

These cheeseboards are actually quite fancy for a $20 usual price tag as they’re made from rubber wood and comes with a coordinating cheese spreader that is monogrammed as well! In case you’re wondering, the knife is made from zinc alloy and should only be hand-washed. The ribbon in the picture isn’t just for show either as the knife is tied with a lovely green ribbon!

I checked out the B monogram cheeseboard and actually found 17 reviews with a total rating of 4.7/5 stars, which is actually pretty fantastic! Here’s one such review:

This is the most lovely cheeseboard and a fantastic gift. It’s beautifully made and I love the cursive writing. And the added bonus of the monogram on the spreader too is great, not to mention the incredible value for your money. I purchased five of them! I thoroughly recommend this to any and everyone! Chapters Indigo Canada: 50% Off Monogram Cheeseboards   Now Just $9.75

To give you an idea of how great this deal really is, I had a look around and found monogrammed cheeseboards priced at $37.90 at Williams-Sonoma.It’s a US store that doesn’t ship to Canada but it’s great to know in terms of price comparison anyways!

Shipping is only free on orders over $25, so you could either take inspiration from the above review and get more than one cheeseboard at a time as they make for lovely gifts or you could always check out Chapters Indigo’s Deals of the Week section. You can currently get cursive mugs for just $5 instead of their regular price of $8.

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May 4

Best Buy Canada: $80 Off Cuisinart 15pc Knife Block Set – Now $70 *BUMP* (EXPIRED)

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Best Buy Canada: $80 Off Cuisinart 15pc Knife Block Set – Now $70 *BUMP* (EXPIRED)

*Bumping this post from January as the price is now another $20 cheaper! Get it before it sells out Moosers!*

Mmmmm general tao… why go to a restaurant when you can make your own? But you’re going to need a good knife and if you don’t already have one, then I found a great deal on the Cuisinart 15-pc knife block set at Best Buy. Originally priced at $149.99, you can now save $60 $80 and get it for just $89.99 $69.99.

Using a picture of delicious-looking General Tao when talking about a knife block set may seem like an odd choice but fact of the matter is that you need a good knife when handling meat. I’m not the one who handle the deboning and slicing chore or meat handling in my household, but every time my hubby does it, he makes sure to sharpen his knife beforehand!

The Cuisinart 15-pc knife block set comes with:

  • 8″ chef’s knife
  • 8″ bread knife
  • 5.5″ serrated utility knife
  • 5″ Santoku knife
  • 3.5″ pairing knife
  • Six 4.5″ steak knives
  • Sharpening steel
  • Shears (scissors)
  • Knife block

Just writing about this knife block set is making me want to get it for myself because the blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel and the handle is ergonomically designed. My hubby is a leftie, while I’m a rightie, so it would definitely make things easier for him.

Personally, I would ditch the knife block, however. I have heard it being mentioned numerous times on television daytime shows like The Doctors and Dr. Oz that these are the perfect habitat for bacteria. Perhaps it would be okay to use at first but it should definitely be discontinued after a couple of months.

Price comparing, I found this same knife block set retailing for its full price of $189.99 at Sears.

To get back to the topic of General Tao, if you have never made it yourself, it’s super easy and I definitely recommend General Tsao’s chicken recipe available on All Recipes. If you like cooking completely from scratch, then it’s the perfect recipe to follow or you could just do what I do and buy a bottle of General Tao sauce. Once your chicken is cooked, you simply douse it in the sauce and voila — restaurant quality General Tao! Best Buy Canada: $80 Off Cuisinart 15pc Knife Block Set – Now $70 *BUMP* (EXPIRED)

Shipping Best ships orders over $25 for free, you’re sure to get this knife block set shipped to you at no extra cost.

(Image Credit: All Recipes)

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April 30

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

Posted by on April 30, 2015 at 8:00 PM

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

I love looking at all the beautiful DIY projects various blogs have put together. Even more, I enjoy working on my own projects for my home. Sometimes you just want a project to be quick, simple and effective without a 25 picture tutorial. Included below are all items you can spray paint to make a big impact in your home both for outside and inside your home. These projects should not take tons of technique to complete, just a little elbow grease and time.

The average can of spray paint at Lowe’s Canada costs between $6 and $15, making these projects super cheap to upgrade. If you are new to spray painting, you may want to check out the basics at Live Love DIY  or read more tips over at In My Own Style before you get started on your project.

Patio Chair Cushions

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

This weekend it was so nice, we broke out the patio set. I was so vigilant about our outside cushions last year that they spent half the summer in the closet. I managed to get my set of four cushions on sale and I still spent $100 in new cushions. If you were less crazy restrictive and have stains, mildew or fading you can update the cushions with spray paint. Check out this post from The Frugal Homemaker as she details how she did it. The cushions look fab!

Patio Furniture

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

As you are clearing out your spring items, you may find your patio set may also need a spring makeover. Spray paint can take care of all of that weather damage and make your patio set look fresh and new.  Over at H2O Bungalow, they spray painted a pretty outside cafe table and it now looks picture perfect. Need more inspiration? Check out the metal set at Bright Bold Beautifulwhich cleaned these chairs up fast. Honey of California remade her wood patio set in a beautiful distressed red.

Patio Umbrella

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

The fabric on patio umbrellas fades even more so than the patio cushions do. Last year I had a hard time finding a decent umbrella for under $50, and that does not include the stand to keep the umbrella from falling over. I am not willing to repurchase another umbrella just because the sun faded it. Upgrade yours with spray paint using the inspiration at Creatively Living. You can do these in any colour you like, but a red patio set sure pops against the green grass.

Giant Planters

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

Over at The Spotted Lamb, I spotted a great spray paint project for your garden or the front of your house. This blogger took inexpensive plastic garbage cans and spray painted them to make awesome looking planters for the front of her house. Most larger and taller planters cost around $50 to $150 such as this one @ Lowe’s Canada. Make a set at a fraction of the cost following this tutorial.


7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

Doorknobs typically run between $10 and $40 for an inside door.  I know we have at least eight inside doors in our house and that cost can add up quick. One way to update your doorknobs on the cheap is to pick up a can of high-quality spray paint and get to work. Over at Handle The Heat they have updated their doorknobs with a dark oil based bronze paint that would instantly give the look of your house a lift for about $10, the cost of one door knob.

Custom Curtain Rods

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

If you have large windows to cover, or just want to cut your cost of purchasing curtain rods you will want to see this next post. Check out this great DIY hack from Our Vintage Home LoveShe used PVC pipe and spray paint to create these super cheap yet effective curtain rods.

Light Fixture

7 Ways To Update Your Home With Spray Paint

Light fixtures are also not a cheap item to replace. If you have been putting off updating, upgrading or changing your light fixtures you may want to consider updating them with spray paint. Check out how The Country Chic Cottage took an older gold fixture and updated it with an antique brass colour.

Bargainmoosers, what would you update with spray paint?

(Image Credit: Auntie P)

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April 26

Lowe’s Canada: 70% Off Bissell 48K2C CleanAlong Vacuum – Was $229 | Now Just $69 (& Free Shipping!)

Posted by on April 26, 2015 at 9:06 PM

Lowes Canada: 70% Off Bissell 48K2C CleanAlong Vacuum   Was $229 | Now Just $69 (& Free Shipping!)

Need a new vacuum? Here’s a hot deal on the Bissell 48K2C CleanAlong vacuum. At Lowe’s, you can currently get it for just $69, which is $160 off its original price of $229 — that’s a whopping 70% off! Shipping is free as well.

The Bissell 48K2C vacuum is the kind that simply follows you around or more specifically: “cleans along”. Lowes Canada: 70% Off Bissell 48K2C CleanAlong Vacuum   Was $229 | Now Just $69 (& Free Shipping!)

Personally, I much prefer those kind of vacuums as opposed to the upright ones as there is no risk of it falling on you when you’re on your hands and knees trying to vacuum a tight corner. I have an upright one that is due for an upgrade and it constantly falls over whenever I’m trying to use one of the attachments to vacuum tricky spots — very annoying!

For those of you who are tall or have tall significant others who typically do all of the vacuuming, the Bissel is also really cool in that its height can be adjusted. It also has plenty of other very neat features like:

  • full bag indicator
  • tools may be easily stored on the on board wand
  • comes with crevice tool for tights spots
  • includes upholstery tool for fabric, drapes & cushions
  • comes with dusting brush

Great on both bare floors and carpets, this vacuum also has a variable suction control! I’m not entirely sure in what kind of situations this would be most useful for considering that personally, I like having the most suction possible but it could perhaps be used on a delicate carpet that could easily be ruined by too much suction.

It also has an automatic cord rewind, which is always a major plus. Having to constantly unwind and wind the cord back up is never fun.

There are no reviews for this handy vacuum on the Lowe’s site but on Amazon, where it’s currently on sale for $130.84 (reg. $199.99), it has a total rating for 4/5 stars with 8 customer reviews. Nearly all of the reviewers praised this Bissell vacuum for its strong suction and its many functions. Plus, many of those also stated that they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends and family!

Rona, on the other hand, has this same vacuum for as much as $189!

(Image Credit: Meme Center)

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April 13

Costco Canada: $40 Off Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner – Now $100

Posted by on April 13, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Costco Canada: $40 Off Bissell SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner   Now $100

Cleaning after pets is serious business, especially if yours shed a lot. Costco has just discounted the Bissell SpotBot pet deep cleaner by $40. Originally priced at $139.99, it’s now on sale for just $99.99. Shipping is free as well.

According to its description, the Bissell SpotBot pet deep cleaner “cleans deeper, better and faster due to its innovative new “needle” technology”, an attribute that I’m particularly curious about because with two long-haired cats, my place is in need of a good vacuuming every couple of days. With a one year old baby crawling around everywhere, it’s hard to keep up with all of the cleaning and even then, it feels as though the vacuum I have just doesn’t do as good of a job on carpets as perhaps this Bissell one might.

Do keep in mind that this cleaner is best used on rugs or even material couches. In fact, I’m even tempted to get it for those times that something gets spilled on the carpet. There’s nothing worse than having to get on your hand and knees to scrub the stain away, so if a hand-held cleaner can do the job, than that’s even better!

Although Costco has reduced this cleaner by $40, it’s actually more expensive at other stores. While Amazon has it on sale for $149 (Reg. $223.99), Sears is selling it for $169.99. Since Costco’s site doesn’t have any reviews for it, here’s one I found at Sears:

This is the best upholstery cleaner I’ve ever owned. I have 2 pugs and clean my couch weekly as a result. The Bissell SpotBot makes this job quick and painless and does a fantastic job deep cleaning the fabric.

At Sears, this pet deep cleaner actually has 12 reviews with a total rating of 4.2/5 stars — that’s pretty good in my book! Another reviewer also mentioned how great this cleaner is on fur balls or even little gifts that pets sometimes leave on carpets. I have had to throw away a carpet in the past because there was just no salvaging the mess of fur balls, spills and gifts but I’m sure that if I had used the Bissell cleaner to spot clean, then it would still be in perfect condition!

(Image Credit: Adam Gerard)

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April 12

9 LEGO Hacks For Your Home You Need To Try

Posted by on April 12, 2015 at 8:00 PM

9 LEGO Hacks For Your Home You Need To Try

If you have a LEGO fan at all in your house, you may find you have a few extra LEGO bricks around. LEGO bricks and accessories can be used for endless fun kid projects, but you can also use them to make functional items for your home. These hacks are just the right amount of fun and function to give your space a twist on the cheap. Try some of these hacks and soon everything in your home will be awesome.

LEGO Minifigure Cord Holders

9 LEGO Hacks For Your Home You Need To Try

I just learned that the hand of a Minifigure is the perfect size to hold many different electronic cords including the Apple lightning cord. I got this idea from the blog Modernistic Design. Use a Minifigure to organize your cords and easily find your cell phone cord. It is so fun having those little guys waiting for you when you go to charge your phone. In addition, if you have more than one person’s cord into the same charger you can assign each person his or her own fun Minifigure and keep the cords organized.

LEGO Ping Pong Table

9 LEGO Hacks For Your Home You Need To Try

This is an awesome way to turn an old kitchen table or card table into a quick ping-pong table, as demonstrated over on Mod Frugal. Build your net using LEGO and there will be no question which side of the table the ball hit on. Whether you build this project for inside or outside, this will be the centre of your next casual party.  This hack is much cheaper than purchasing most ping pong sets. Buying a real ping pong table costs around $200 bucks and up, while a portable kit can cost anywhere from $25 to $50.  Two paddles and a few ping-pong balls should run you less than $15.

LEGO Key Holder

9 LEGO Hacks For Your Home You Need To Try

If you are always losing your keys, this is the hack for you from Man Made. With only a few simple LEGO pieces you can quickly create a key holder that will help you keep everyone’s keys in the house organized. I have seen several LEGO key holders around the web, but I like this one the best because the LEGO pieces you attach to your key ring are slim and does not weigh down your keys. Use this to keep other keys in check also such as your mail key or bicycle lock.


9 LEGO Hacks For Your Home You Need To Try

This is a neat lamp from Recyclart that looks simple enough to make. This post does not have instructions but the pictures should give you plenty of inspiration. The shade is a simple box shape with some intentional holes to let light through. The most difficult part will be cutting a hole in the baseplate. I recommend using two smaller baseplates and cutting a half circle out of each of them using a hot wire. Once your hole is cut, you can glue the two plates together. Cutting the hole in two pieces should be simpler than attempting to cut a round hole out of the plastic baseplate.

LEGO Clock

9 LEGO Hacks For Your Home You Need To Try

Give your clock a makeover with this fun and inexpensive LEGO clock. This one is perfect from Our Nerd Home. You can easily change out the minifigures or LEGO bricks to match your mood. This project should be a quick to make, and will surely catch your eye. Clock kits run around $10 to $15, or you could try to use the parts from a thrifted clock for much less.

LEGO Bird Feeder

9 LEGO Hacks For Your Home You Need To Try

Over at Fun Craft Kids I love this awesome LEGO bird feeder. Build your own version and welcome all the migratory birds back. What a great way to connect a LEGO loving kid with nature. This project can be as simple or elaborate as you want, so start stacking those bricks.

LEGO Napkin Holder

9 LEGO Hacks For Your Home You Need To Try

Over on I Dig Pinterest they created a really neat napkin holder. This napkin holder was originally designed for a kids’ birthday party, but would look equally cool holding your napkins in your kitchen. Make it a race and see who in your family can build a napkin holder the fastest.

LEGO Hand Soap

9 LEGO Hacks For Your Home You Need To Try

Stop paying extra for hand soap in your bathroom or kitchen the looks fun and check out this LEGO hand soap from Rockin Boys. Grab a cheap bottle of clear soap at the dollar store and add LEGO for a bottle of soap that looks like you spent three times as much. Plus once the soap is gone, the LEGO could still be played with in this quick and easy hack.

LEGO Kitchen Counter

9 LEGO Hacks For Your Home You Need To Try

Over on the blog Geeky Gadgets there is an amazing IKEA counter featured that is covered from top to bottom with LEGO. This amazing design hack may not save you any money, unless you have a true LEGO fanatic in your house and have over 20.000 lego pieces laying around. This IKEA covered kitchen counter was just too cool not to include. Perhaps if you have a lot of LEGO, you could cover your end table with this same concept for a cheap but fun look.

Bargainmoosers, what would you make out of LEGO for your home?

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April 12

Amazon Canada: $50 Off Cuisinart PerfectTemp Programmable Kettle (Tea or Coffee) – Was $130 | Now $80

Posted by on April 12, 2015 at 10:30 AM

Amazon Canada: $50 Off Cuisinart PerfectTemp Programmable Kettle (Tea or Coffee)   Was $130 | Now $80

Love to have a lot of options at your disposal? The Cuisinart PerfectTemp CPK-17C programmable kettle is currently $50 off at Amazon. Originally priced at $129.99, it’s now down to $79.99.

Not only does the PerfectTemp kettle look amazing but the great part about it as that it has a myriad of different options. It has the following preset temperature controls, along with the appropriate indicators:

  • Delicate (160°F)
  • Green (175°F)
  • White (185°F)
  • Oolong (190°F)
  • Herbal (200°F)
  • Black (Boil – 212°F)
  • French Press (200°F)

With the last preset, you can impress guests by making them a French Press coffee with your tea kettle… or you could just use it for yourself of course. This is actually a pretty neat feature because instead of cluttering your counters with plenty different tools to for coffee or tea-making, you could just have the one.

Powered with 1500 watts of power for faster heating, this kettle has a total hold capacity of 1.7 liters, has a 30-minute keep warm function, has a 360 degree swivel cordless connector and a blue backlit water window. It also boils dry and automatically shuts off when ready or when there is no more water. If you happen to lift it off the base before it’s done brewing, then it also has a 2-minute memory feature that will keep it from shutting off and losing the brewing time.

With all its bells and whistles, this kettle certainly looks great, especially with positive reviews like this one that I found on Best Buy‘s site, where it’s priced at $89.99:

I was struggling to find the perfect kettle for various types of teas, until I came across this one. It is easy to use, small footprint, and has no BPAs.

Other reviewers knocked this kettle for having “too much of a good thing” and that all of the options are overkill. The way I see it though is that if you don’t want all of these options, then don’t get it in the first place! Personally, I love having different options at my disposable, so to me, this is actually a perk!

At Kitchen Stuff Plus, PerfectTemp kettle is currently on sale for $99.99 (reg. $124.99), which is still significantly higher than at Amazon.

By getting it at Amazon, you’re also set to get free shipping as all orders over $25 automatically ship for free.

(Expiry: 20th April 2015)

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April 12

Striped Stoneware Pitcher Was $35 | Now $14.50 (FS @ $25) @ Chapters Indigo

Posted by on April 12, 2015 at 9:44 AM

Striped Stoneware Pitcher Was $35 | Now $14.50 (FS @ $25) @ Chapters Indigo

The striped pitcher is on sale with 58% off right now @ Chapters Indigo Canada. This cheery pitcher was $35, but is now on sale for only $14.50.

I love the colourful look of this stoneware pitcher. The bright colours remind me of sunshine, flowers and lemonade on the patio. This compact pitcher would be perfect for your first backyard BBQ of the season, or would be a beautiful addition when you plan to invite me over for homemade brunch. Stoneware is versatile, durable and looks so much prettier than a cheapie plastic pitcher on your table. I also appreciate that you can put this pitcher in the dishwasher.

This pitcher is on the smaller side. It is 7.8 inches tall and holds 32 ounces. A pitcher of this size is perfect for juice or stronger cocktails. Chapters Indigo also suggests that you could put flowers in this pitcher. This would look simply darling full of daisies or with a mixed bouquet on your kitchen counter. I think this would be a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day, though I would add flowers to complete the gift.

Price Comparison

A comparable stoneware pitcher might be the Maxwell & Williams Sprinkle Collection Pitcher And Tray Set @ Bed Bath and Beyond for $33.99. If you prefer name brand, another version of this pitcher might be this blue stoneware Le Creuset Stoneware Pitcher that is on sale for $53.83 @ Amazon.ca. It is difficult to find items that compare online. I do not see many pitchers on the internet that are made of stoneware but have often seen them on a shelf in higher end home stores.


Shipping is free is you spend a minimum of $25 @ Chapters Indigo. You can also ship this item to a store near you for pickup for free shipping. If you choose to order only this item, shipping is only $5 when I add the item to my cart and checkout.

If you are thinking about a few items to top off your cart, there are several other pitchers on sale also. Perhaps you can pick one out for yourself and one for your mom. The Pink Leaf pitcher was $29, but is now only $14.50. This pitcher is also made of stoneware and holds 54 ounces. If you wanted an alternative that holds more lemonade, this would be a good buy.

Another great option is the Concentric Pitcher that was $35, but is now $14.50. This pitcher is also made of stoneware and is available in black. I like the textured ribbed design. Some bright coloured flowers would look beautiful in this pitcher. This one is even bigger holding 63.2 ounces, and I like the tall and slim design.

I would grab one or several of these pitchers now. The good items in the Chapters Indigo sale section never seem to last long with their great shipping rates. Now I just need to figure out the perfect place for my new cheery pitcher.

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April 3

NCIX Canada: 70% Off Simple Audio LISTEN Stereo Speakers with Bluetooth – Was $500 | Now $129 (& Free Shipping) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 3, 2015 at 12:44 PM

NCIX Canada: 70% Off Simple Audio LISTEN Stereo Speakers with Bluetooth   Was $500 | Now $129 (& Free Shipping) (EXPIRED)* BUMP – a further $20 discount since this was first posted – they’re now down to only $129 with free shipping! *

NCIX Canada has a hot deal on the Simple Audio LISTEN stereo speakers with bluetooth. Originally priced as high as $499, they’re now 70% off and can be yours for just $149 $129. This includes free shipping and a 298 bonus NCIX Rewards points.

The fact that these speakers were originally priced as high as $499 is really quite impressive, although at Amazon.ca, they are currently on sale from $349.77 from an original list price of $549.99.

In any case, this is a fantastic deal, especially since shipping is included. There is no word on when this deal might expire but my guess is that it’s probably “while supplies last”.

I’m not the most savvy when it comes to speakers and so I tend to judge the quality of these from reviews. Out of 18 reviews, the Simple Audio LISTEN speakers actually have a recommendation rate of 94%. That’s really quite awesome, especially since some reviewers labels these speakers as being some of the best ones, especially for the sale price. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about them:

These are a good buy when on (huge) sale, but there are other comparable systems around the $200 mark. They sound very nice with enough bass by themselves if you’re just sitting at a desk. I use them for my TV & PS4.

According to another reviewer, these are comparable to $200 speakers on the market and yet other reviewers claim that these also stand up very nicely to BOSE ones, which are considered to be some of the very best ones that you can get (these do however come with a pretty hefty price tag as well).

If you have been looking for quality speakers but haven’t been wanting to shell out more than a couple of hundreds of dollars on them, then these ones are a hot must-buys. They offer a 40W per channel class-d amplifier, along with a fully integrated DPS and digital signal path.

The interface is also a touch-enabled one, which is definitely a handy feature to show off to guests. NCIX Canada: 70% Off Simple Audio LISTEN Stereo Speakers with Bluetooth   Was $500 | Now $129 (& Free Shipping) (EXPIRED)

(Expiry: Unknown)

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April 3

Canadian Freebie: Free Durahook Coat Hook

Posted by on April 3, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Canadian Freebie: Free Durahook Coat Hook

Here is a great little freebie to grab. Durahook is offering a free coat hook sample now. You can pick your colour and ship your free hook to your house for no cost, including free shipping.

This is a nice offer from Durahook Coat Hook. Simply give them your address and they will ship you a free coat hook that attached to the wall. You are limited to only one freebie per household. This free metal coat hook is available in a wide range of colours including:

  • White
  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Claret
  • Baby Blue
  • Yellow
  • Spearmint
  • Green
  • Ocean Blue

These hooks attach to the wall using screws, so you may want to get out your drill. They are made of strong metal designed to be hold the weight of a book bag. I have broken more than one hook with the weight of my heavy purse so maybe this hook would be the perfect place to stash my bag. These durable hooks are originally designed for schools and nurseries. With the wide range of colours, they would be perfect for a kid’s room.

The curved design of these hooks minimizes coat hook injuries according to Durahook. I was not aware there were many coat hook injuries per year but I could use this as a hook for my kid’s coat and be on the safer side. My daughter is more likely to jab herself in the eye with a coat hook than I! My daughter is always bouncing around.  I am happy to test this hook myself when the free sample shows up at my house.

One of the best parts about this deal is that even though there is a billing address and a shipping address, there is no credit card information needed to score this deal. Simply pick your colour, add your contact information and you are set to receive your free hook. I received an e-mail confirmation almost immediately in my e-mail. This freebie is not limited to Canada, so pass it along to your friends and family in the USA, UK or Australia who also qualify to receive a free coat hook sample. This company is in the UK which is why you see prices listed in pounds. I suspect shipping may take a little longer, but that is OK by me because it is free.

Bargainmoosers, where will you hang your free coat hook?

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March 23

Best Buy Canada: King Koil Gel & Memory Foam Pillow Was $90 | Now $40 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 23, 2015 at 9:18 AM

Best Buy Canada: King Koil Gel & Memory Foam Pillow Was $90 | Now $40 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

If you are in the market for your next great sleep, start at your pillow. This Smart Gel pillow is on sale from $89.99, now to $39.99, and you’ll also get free shipping thrown in as well.

I recently bought a pillow just like this and paid quite a bit of money for it. I truly believe your pillow is the gateway to a good sleep. I take my pillow with me anywhere I go that I need to sleep in a different bed when I can. In fact, a few weeks ago I was away at a conference and forgot my pillow. I feel like I got zero sleep that night.

What’s awesome about this pillow besides that it is $50 off, is that has memory foam to conform to your head and neck, but its not like those ones that you sink right into and get suffocated by the pillow cradling around your face. What’s also great is that it has smart gel, which keeps you cool. If you are menopausal, post-partum or too hot when you sleep, this pillow is a godsend. I remember one of the worst problems I went through after having a baby is that I couldn’t stop sweating. This pillow would have really helped with that.

There are four reviews on Best Buy’s website and they all give this pillow a five-star rating:

This is a very comfortable pillow. Hugs your head but gives support. I sleep on my side and my neck does not kink at all. I highly recommend it.

Shopping around, I found this pillow selling at Walmart for $49. While that is not the regular price posted on Best Buy’s site, Best Buy still beats this price by $10 and Walmart is also out of stock. Future Shop has it on sale, but for $53.99.

I wouldn’t wait to ask around if anyone has this pillow, as I know it is going to sell out quickly. It is also a today only deal.

(Expiry: 23rd March 2015)

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February 18

Sears Canada: Today Only Bath Sheets Were $25 | Now $15 (FS @ $99)

Posted by on February 18, 2015 at 12:08 PM

Sears Canada: Today Only Bath Sheets Were $25 | Now $15 (FS @ $99)

Stock up on the basics today only at Sears Canada. They’ve got their wholeHome Oxygen bath towels, sheets and face cloths on sale for 40% off.

If there is one thing that every family needs, it is towels. As I realized when the towels I was given on my wedding grew old and smelly, towels can be expensive! Unfortunately, they are also not something you want handed down to you. Well, I’ve had towels handed down to us from our in-laws, but they are probably the only people I’d like them from as they keep everything in their home immaculate. Their hand-me-down towels were in better condition than the ones I had bought new!

Either way, it looks like it might be time to get more new ones as I’m finding they are losing that softness, that some have a weird smell I can’t get rid of and they are somewhat frayed. Plus, I have no idea where all the hand towels went. I bet if I looked in the garage, I might find them near my husband’s tools, so those won’t be making their way into the main bathroom again.

These towels at Sears look very plus, with 400 grams per square metre of weight and extra-long staple cotton. No idea what those terms mean? It just means they are very soft and lightweight. You can even get them monogrammed for an extra charge.

There are eight colour choices available, and all are a light colour. Bath sheets, which are the larger version of a bath towel, meant to stay around you after your shower were $24.99 and are now $14.99. Bath towels were $15.99 and are now $8.99. Facecloths were $7.99 and now $3.99. Hand towels were $9.99 and now $5.99.

Because shipping is free at $99, you’ll want to get the entire set. If you spend less than $99, you’ll be charged a $7.95 fee for shipping, so buying one facecloth and paying shipping really isn’t a smart move.

Consider that you can get yourself two bath sheets, four bath towels, two hand towels and six face cloths for a grand total of $102 including shipping. Regularly that would come to $180. I think this would make a fantastic wedding gift, but I may be bias.

(Expiry: 18th February 2015)

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February 2

Sears Outlet Coupon Codes: Extra 20 – 25% Discount

Posted by on February 2, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Sears Outlet Coupon Codes: Extra 20   25% Discount

Take advantage of these Sears coupon codes to save more on items in the Sears Outlet. Receive an extra 20% off your purchase when you pay with any currency or receive an extra 25% off your purchase when you pay with your Sears Financial Credit Card.

Click here to shop @ Sears Outlet Canada now

  • Coupon Code: 941612186
  • Discount: 25% off with Sears card
  • Coupon Code: 941612190
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expiry: 5th February 2015

The coupons are valid in many departments like clothing, luggage, handbags, electronics, toys, shoes, and more.

In the electronics section, I found this Alphaline Medium Low-Profile Mount for TVs already on sale for 70% off. The mount fits 24″ to 32″ televisions and can handle up to 50 lbs worth of weight. Originally $59.99, the mount is now on sale for $17.94. Depending on what coupon you use, this mount comes down to either $14.36 or $13.46.

One reviewer said:

Bon produit, prix acceptable (en solde) facile à installer. Les spécifications correspondent bien au produit.

(Good product, acceptable prices (on sale) easy to install. The specifications correspond to the product.)

Honestly, to get a TV mount for under $15 is pretty amazing.

While a small thing, I think this Angry Birds Piglet Plush Embroidered Backpack would be a rather cool gift to your child. The plush green backpack looks like a rectangle pig from the popular Angry Birds game. I hope that your kids will not use their new backpack for target practice. The piglet plush backpack is on clearance for just $6.94. After coupon code, you will either pay $5.56 or $5.20 for this backpack for ages six or up.

I could not help but look at the Monster High toys on clearance. This Monster High ”13 Wishes” Desert Frights Oasis & Cleo De Nile Play Set is on sale from $44.99 down to $31.94. After the coupon for any currency, the set comes down to $25.56. If I had a Sears Financial Credit Card then I would only need to pay $23.96. It includes one of the most popular Monster High Dolls, Cleo De Nile. I always find her one of the more expensive dolls to purchase separately. The same set is reselling for nearly double from secondary sellers on Amazon Canada.

These coupons make for extraordinary savings. Shipping to store costs $3.95, while shipping to your home starts at $7.95. For this and future Sears Canada coupon codes, visit our forum.

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January 14

Today Only: Up To 60% Off Hotel Collection’s Pillows, Bedding, Towels, & More @ Hudson’s Bay Canada (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 14, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Today Only: Up To 60% Off Hotel Collections Pillows, Bedding, Towels, & More @ Hudsons Bay Canada (EXPIRED)

Today only, Hudson’s Bay is having a flash sale during which you can save up to 60% on bed and bath products by Hotel Collection. Pillow, duvets, towels and select bed collections have all been reduced.

In the pillows & duvets section, you can save on the following 6 products:

  • Primaloft down alternative lightweight duvet: reg. $360-$440/ now $144-$176
  • Primaloft down alternative density pillow: reg. $120-$140/ now $60-$70
  • Medium weight down comforter: reg. $1000-$1200/ now $500-$600
  • Mattress pad: reg. $200-$280/ now $130-$182
  • Firm down pillow: reg. $400-$500/ now $200-$250
  • Siberian medium support pillow: reg. $340-$420/ now $170-$210

There are a total of 68 items to pick from in the Bed Collections category, like:

I also spotted the chevron quilted throw on sale for just $120. It was originally priced at $200 and looks like it could be amazing to use during the winter to stay warm. Technically, it’s a decorative throw but there’s nothing stopping you from actually using it as it features a plush textured feel.

In the towel department, you can get the Hotel Collection microcotton bath towel on sale for just $15.99 instead of its regular price of $27.99 (43% off). Made from 100% ringspun microcotton, it’s available in a total of 17 colours like: aegan, cassis, cloud, espresso, horizon, ivory, mercury, etc. It also features a rubbed detailing. In terms of reviews, there are only 6 of them but 5/6 have given these towels a perfect review. The only reviewer that didn’t give it a perfect rating stated that they didn’t know how it was as it was a gift. Here’s what another reviewer had to say:

Bought these towels for our new motorhome and I was so impressed I ordered another set for our ensuite.

My household has been due for new towels for some time now, so I’ll definitely be picking up a couple of these towels in either ivory, carbon or primrose. I’m particularly excited by the fact that according to the description, they’re soft to the touch and have a luxurious feel. Just make sure to not wash them with any products containing benzoil peroxide to avoid spotting or bleaching.

Shipping is free on orders over $99.

(Image Credit: gizzypooh)

(Expiry: 14th January 2015)

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