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April 10

Home Depot Canada: Stanley 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Was $160 | Now $100 & Free Shipping

Posted by on April 10, 2015 at 10:01 AM

Home Depot Canada: Stanley 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer Was $160 | Now $100 & Free Shipping

Home Depot’s got a “Black Friday” sale going on this week, with discounts on a whole lot of items. One item I found in particular as a good, practical deal is the Stanley 1600 PSI 1.4 GPM electric pressure washer, regularly $159.99, now $99.99, plus free shipping.

This is something I know my husband is going to want. I think men just love washing things outdoors. I have to admit, when I wash something with a pressure washer or hose and I visually see the dirt coming off, it gives me a very satisfied feeling. Weird? Maybe. We just bought a trailer, and this will definitely come in handy in keeping it looking new.

This Stanley pressure washer is not the strongest on the market, but it does have good reviews and is a very affordable price. It is good for light to medium jobs like washing boats, motorcycles, decks, barbeques, patios, decks and all your other outdoor items. It is also lightweight so you can take it with you to the cottage or boat.

It has some pretty cool features like a unique tool belt clip, so it really stays with you. It also has a soap dispenser, turbo nozzle wand, quick connect and a straight brush, along with the high pressure hose. Auto shut off ensures your pump has a long life and conserves energy.

This review really summed it up for me:

This pressure washer did all the things I needed it for. The price was great and it works like a champ. I paid $50.00 to have my patio and porch cleaned by a pro last year. If this machine lasts another year I will have saved money.

Comparing prices around the net, I found this exact pressure washer at Staples where it is $150. Walmart sells a lower model of Stanley pressure washer with only 1450 PSI for $138. This deal at Home Depot is your best bet for this practical tool.

Photo credit: Patrick Shusta

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April 9

Home Depot Spring Black Friday: Shawson Lighting 32 Inch Track in Brushed Nickel Was $112 | Now $45 + Free Shipping

Posted by on April 9, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Home Depot Spring Black Friday: Shawson Lighting 32 Inch Track in Brushed Nickel Was $112 | Now $45 + Free Shipping

Home Depot Canada has launched their Spring Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales. These promotions are bound to get the discounts you crave on tools and other items for around your home. Take a look through the Spring Black Friday offers available at Home Depot, but I thought I would tell you about the Shawson Lighting 32 Inch Track in Brushed Nickel Finish. During this Home Depot promotion, you will pay just $45 for this elegant lighting piece as opposed to the regular price of $112. Shipping is even included.

During my big spring cleaning phases in my home, I have noticed that I am not entirely content with the lighting choices in both my kitchen and bathroom. I would love to have a strip of lights, or track lighting that I could change the focal point, so I could have light towards the stove, sink and working counter top. For the bathroom, focal lighting points are great for doing makeup and hair too. This Shawson Lighting 32 Inch Track is available in a Brushed Nickel Finish, so it would look great with any other decor. This particular lighting would cost you $112 normally, but during the Home Depot Spring Black Friday & Cyber Monday event, you will be left paying just $45 including shipping.

It looks like there is only one other Canadian retailer that carries this product. If you were to grab this Shawson Lighting Track from Michaels.ca,  you would be looking at paying a whopping $104.38 once shipping costs are considered. Home Depot’s price is much better. This product also comes with a one year warranty.

Here is a look at some similar products and their prices:

  • Allan + Roth 4 Light Brushed Pewter Track Light for $74.99 + shipping @ Lowes.ca
  • Hampton Bay Rockland 4 Light Track Bar for $84.98 @ Home Depot
  • Eden 4 Light Track Light for $69.99 @ Rona.ca

This track lighting requires four 50W GU10 bulbs that are unfortunately not included. The lighting track itself measures about 32 inches wide x 6 inches high if you want to make sure it fits in the space you need before purchasing. This is a great buy if you are looking to set the tone of a certain room or even create a more artistic presence.

Not only is this Shawson Lighting 32 Inch Track discounted by $67, but you even get free shipping. This is a fabulous addition to the deal considering Home Depot shipping costs can be quite pricey. I remember trying to purchase a roll up hose from Home Depot and the shipping costs were going to be the same price as the hose. This item is also only available online, so luckily you don’t have to worry about the shipping costs.

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April 8

Home Depot Canada: Husky Magnetic Pick Up Tool (8lb) Only $3.49 & Free Shipping

Posted by on April 8, 2015 at 6:35 PM

Home Depot Canada: Husky Magnetic Pick Up Tool (8lb) Only $3.49 & Free Shipping

Home Depot currently has the Husky Magnetic Pick Up Tool for only $3.49 with free shipping to your home.

I have seen this deal on before, but Home Depot was out of stock at the time. Thankfully, the stock has been replenished so you can pick up the Husky Magnetic Pick Up Tool for a few dollars with free shipping. I could not find this tool anywhere else in Canada, but similar tools retailed for $5 US or more. For similar tools, Canadian Tire has the Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool for $13.99 but it only handles 1.5 lbs. The Hillman Group Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool is $7.99 at Lowes.ca. the cheapest tool like this sold by Amazon Canada is the Master Magnetics 07228 Magnetic Pick-Up Tool – certified for 3 pounds – that costs $5.02.

It is important to recognize this is not your standard magnetic pick up too. This tool extends to over 24″ to pick up objects in rather hard to reach places. The heavy-duty magnetic tip can lift up to 8 pounds. Your average magnetic pick up tool you might purchase at the dollar store cannot handle that kind of weight.

The little tool also has a cushioned grip for comfort while you are working. Now, not everyone one of these – but they do come in very handy. If you drop a screw or bold somewhere you cannot easily reach, then just use the magnetic tool to retrieve it.

When I was disassembling and reassembling my PS3, I dropped a screw into a very tight corner. Using two screwdrivers I finally managed to retrieve the screw – with some difficulty. A tool like this would have made that job a whole lot easier.

I have also dropped nails behind the headboard of my bed while hanging pictures, dropped tweezers down air vents, and lost paperclips in the abyss of my drawers. A tool like this could be quite useful for retrieving small metal items.

The device also has a little pen clip for hooking on your belt while you work. That way you never have to find the tool that is going to help you find your lost screw.

I figured that for $3.49 with free shipping, this is a handy little tool.

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February 24

Home Depot Canada: Black & Decker 7.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw Now Only $30 & Other Hot Tool Deals (Expired)

Posted by on February 24, 2015 at 8:16 AM

Home Depot Canada: Black & Decker 7.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw Now Only $30 & Other Hot Tool Deals (Expired)

It seems Home Depot has a few pretty hot tool deals today, but it would be hard to know if you didn’t already know prices or you did a ton of research. This is where we come in, doing the research for you and pointing out the hot deals.

The first deal I see is on the Black & Decker 7.5 amp reciprocating saw, which is now priced at $30, with no regular price in site. But, I price compared at other stores and found this is a steal of a deal. Shop.ca sells this saw for $97.99. Amazon has a saw that looks exactly the same but says 8.5 amp, selling by a secondary seller for $82.06.

While this saw isn’t carried at many Canadian stores, I see it at U.S. stores selling around the $100 mark. The U.S. NewEgg sells it for $83.40. Of course you wouldn’t get it from there, but I’m just giving you a fair comparison of what this saw sells for all over.

Before Christmas I heard my husband mention reciprocating saw at least 20 times. I’ve of course sent him this deal and he is all over it.

Another hot deal that you’ll want to check out at Home Depot says it is on backorder, so cross your fingers for delivery. Get the Dewalt 1/2 inch 2 speed pistol hammerdrill for $24.99. Again, no regular price is mentioned so I had to rely on the powers of research to find what this tool normally sells for. Amazon is selling this drill for $179.82. Lowes has got it for $199. As you can see, this is a fantastic price.

I wouldn’t wait to order either tool as I can see them selling out quickly, especially the one on backorder. You may be asking yourself what you need these tools for, but one day you could be in a situation where you might need a hammer drill or a reciprocating saw and wish that you’d spend less than 1/4 of the price of one.

Both items will ship for free from Home Depot.

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February 23

Hot! DeWalt 18V 1/4 Inch Impact Driver Now $62 & Free Shipping @ Home Depot.ca (Expired)

Posted by on February 23, 2015 at 8:45 AM

Hot! DeWalt 18V 1/4 Inch Impact Driver Now $62 & Free Shipping @ Home Depot.ca (Expired)

Home Depot just discounted a great Dewalt Impact Driver. While they do not include the original price, similar Dewalt Impact drivers start at $129 and only go up from there. You can steal this impact driver for only $61.96. Free shipping is also included with this item as it exceeds the $49 minimum.

If you have a major home improvement project in the works, this is the deal for you. The price on the Dewalt 18V ¼ Inch Impact Driver just dropped to $61.96. A very similar Dewalt 18V ¼ Inch without the battery or charger is selling currently for $129 at Home Depot right now. That is a savings of 48% before you add the additional cost of an 18 volt battery. Upon going into my cart for a split second, an original price of $249 was shown on this driver before it quickly changed to the new price. I would grab this driver fast, as it is already showing to be on back order at Home Depot. You can still purchase it as this great sale price, but it may take a few extra days before you receive it.

This is an impact drill from Dewalt is a kit that includes a case and two batteries. An extra battery is a nice feature so you will not have to stop your project to recharge. Dewalt is one of the top competitors on the tool market. You know with this premium brand you are getting a quality tool that will stand up to home repair abuse. If you are skeptical, Dewalt has a 3-year warranty on this driver to ensure it will take you the extra mile. Drive screws with no pilot holes easily with the 1,330 in-lbs of torque in this driver to help you get the job done.

If you are a tool novice, you might be wondering why you need an impact driver. A regular electronic screwdriver functions on many jobs. If you are installing cabinets, hanging gutters or any other project where you need to drive many screws into the woodwork, an impact driver is much more efficient. Check out this article from Popular Mechanics about the differences between a traditional power screwdriver and an impact driver for a more detailed description.

Looking at the competitors, this exact impact driver including the battery and charger is currently being sold on Amazon.ca for $171.99. Lowes.ca has this same impact driver available without the battery or charger for $129. Canadian Tire is selling this Dewalt impact driver, but only as part of a set with a power drill for $289.99. This is a much hotter deal at Home Depot.

Reviewers seem happy with this impact driver and thrilled that it stands up to home repairs and projects. Here is one happy review:

Hot! DeWalt 18V 1/4 Inch Impact Driver Now $62 & Free Shipping @ Home Depot.ca (Expired)

I would grab this one fast. With the driver already in backorder, it probably will not be long before the deal is gone. Free shipping is also included to sweeten this deal further.

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January 26

Home Depot: Makita Cordless Screwdriver w/ 80-pc Bit Set Only $40 & Free Shipping

Posted by on January 26, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Home Depot: Makita Cordless Screwdriver w/ 80 pc Bit Set Only $40 & Free Shipping

Hurry over to Home Depot Canada to pick up this Makita 4.8 Cordless Screwdriver with 80 Piece Bit Set for just $39.97 with free shipping.

While Home Depot does not list the original price of this set, I have done some research. Here is what this set sells for at other retailers:

  • $58.99 @ Shop.ca (OOS)
  • $44.99 + $7.99 shipping @ Elite Tools Canada
  • $50.99 + $20.74 shipping + $4.95 handling @ Black Rock Tools Canada

Elite Tools lists the original price of this set as $89.99 while Black Rock Tools lists the original retail price as $80.99. No matter where I looked, this set was cheapest at Home Depot and the free shipping offer really makes the entire deal shine.

This tool is listed as professional grade and made for serious do it yourself-ers. The screwdriver has a LED job light and an independent on/off switch with forward and reverse modes as well. There is an adjustable hinged handle for getting into hard to reach places or placing screws close to a 90-degree angle. The soft grip handle is comfortable to hold for longer periods of time.

The battery comes built in. One customer wanted to know if the battery is lithium, and he received this response from another customer:

No, it is a built-in Ni-Cad battery that is expensive to replace. I have had mine for close to five years and the battery is pretty well done. Once the battery goes, you throw it out and buy a new one. At that price you can’t go wrong. Good little screwdriver for the money.

That is a pretty good battery to last for five years. I also think you are getting incredible value for your money as you not only get the screwdriver, but also an 80-piece bit set with your purchase. For $39.97 and free shipping, you cannot go wrong.

According to Makita, the set also comes with a charger for the battery. I expected this, but sometimes sets just do not come with everything you need. The handy plastic case will keep the charger, buts, and screwdriver organized and together at all times.

This set is sold online only, and currently ships in five to nine days. I took my cart all the way to where I need to enter my credit card info, and the set is still showing as in stock for me as of this time. However, it could sell out at any time.

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December 31

Update Your Home In The New Year With Free Workshops @ Home Depot Canada

Posted by on December 31, 2014 at 2:43 PM

Update Your Home In The New Year With Free Workshops @ Home Depot Canada

My New Years resolution was to repair some things in my home. I have a broken tile in my kitchen and my bathroom could use some updates. Fortunate enough, the Home Depot Canada free workshops involve both of these little home renovations. For the month of January, you can visit your local Home Depot store and take part in some free do-it-yourself workshops. There is even a workshop for the kiddos, which is a great way to spend some quality time together.

Build a Sled – 10th January @ 10 AM

  • This Home Depot Canada free workshop is an excellent opportunity to get out there and spend some bonding time with your kids. This workshop will take 2 hours to complete. The Build a Sled demo is best suited for children ages 4 – 12, and their parents of course. You and your child will learn how to build a simple sled using glue and a hammer.

Quick Bathroom Updates – 17th January @ 10 AM

  • My bathroom could use an update. If your bathroom needs some finishing touches too, this 1 hour do it yourself workshop will be perfect. During this free Home Depot demo, you will learn how to choose a faucet, replace grout and ceramic wall tiles, select lighting, accessories and more.

Tile a Kitchen Backsplash – 21st January @ 7 PM (women)

  • This Home Depot Canada free workshop is one hour in length. This particular workshop is “Do-it-Herself” and is geared towards women. Ladies, you can learn what tools you will need to complete a kitchen backsplash. You will also learn about basic safety and the steps required to do this job properly. A few locations are exempt from this workshop including: Trois Rivieres, Victoriaville, Sherbrooke, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Granby stores.

Install Ceramic Tile – 25th January @ 1 PM

  • I have one kitchen tile in front of my fridge that is broken. Honestly, it drives me crazy but I have no idea how to fix it. I, for one, should take advantage of the free workshop from Home Depot so that I can learn how to install ceramic tile. This workshop will only take one hour of your time. You will learn how to properly lay out your floor design as well as how to lay and cut tile.

If you’re looking for inexpensive ways to get out and do something, these Home Depot free workshops are great. Maybe you can even make some new friends. I would book your spot early though, spots can run out quickly – especially for the kid demos.

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December 25

Night Glow Toilet Seat Only $35 @ Home Depot Boxing Day Sale

Posted by on December 25, 2014 at 4:51 PM

Night Glow Toilet Seat Only $35 @ Home Depot Boxing Day Sale

Okay ladies, I know I am not the only one who gets a slight temptation to injure my significant other for missing the toilet seat at night. There is a solution though. During the Home Depot Canada Boxing Day sale, you can save $15 off the Night Glow 200 Round Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat. That leaves you paying just $34.99 with free shipping!

This particular Home Depot item is going to save you from causing harm to the man in your life, trust me. Do you ever wake up in the morning to find he has missed and is nowhere to be found to deal with it? It happens to me. The $15 savings is just the base of this offer.

The Night Glow toilet seats collect day light during the day, and then emit a blue or green glow during the night. They were invented by a man who simply went to sit on the toilet at night and fell off – I am sure many of us have experienced this when we celebrate New Years Night Glow Toilet Seat Only $35 @ Home Depot Boxing Day Sale I personally think these toilet seats would be great for kids who are toilet training.

If you have a guest room, that would be another great purpose for the glow in the dark toilet seat. Guests are already unfamiliar with how to get to the bathroom. This toilet seat will guide them to the proper facilities I am sure. Here is one of the  reviews:

I used this seat cover for my guest bathroom. Everyone seems to enjoy it. It glows pretty bright.

I did not imagine that the price would vary so greatly on this item. When I did my price comparison, I found this Night Glow toilet seat for $71 @ Amazon.ca and for $38.49 @ Lowes.ca. Here is a little video I found on YouTube. This video is an interview with the man who invented the product. As you can see, the product is high quality and is not the typical “cheap” feeling, glow in the dark material. Your glow in the dark toilet seat should glow for over 8 hours after charging in any light source.

You will even get free shipping on this offer from HomeDepot.ca.

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December 18

Home Depot: Himalayan Salt Lamp $20 & Free Shipping

Posted by on December 18, 2014 at 2:09 PM

Home Depot: Himalayan Salt Lamp $20 & Free Shipping

Purchase a Himalayan Ionic Natural Salt Lamp (11-15 lbs) for only $19.99 plus free shipping. This lamp originally cost $27.50 at Home Depot.

While this may not seem like a large discount on the lamp, this is a very good deal for several reasons. First, the lamp retails for much higher elsewhere. I found the exact same lamp for $34.28 at Amazon Canada. I also found other Himalayan Salt Lamps of the same size (11 – 15 lbs) at places like Well.ca for $34.49. The average price for an 11 to 15 lb (5 to 6.8 kg) seems to be the mid-$35 range, so scoring a lamp for only $20 is sweet. The free shipping is also very nice as this lamp weighs quite a bit.

Now, what is a Himalayan Salt Lamp all about anyway? Activated Himalayan salt is believed to aid in the reduction of electromagnetic pollution (like from electronics), by the release of negative ions. This is supposed to have numerous health benefits including relaxation, improved focus, and more. The question always comes down to – is this all hype or is it truly healthy? According to numerous experts – it is mostly just hype. As one article puts it:

Suggesting that a Himalayan Salt Lamp can generate enough negative ions to benefit your health is like suggesting that a farmer could water thirty acres of farmland with a hand-held spray bottle.

You get the point. However, the salt lamp has other benefits. The lamp creates a warm glow that can be very relaxing and help you reduce stress. Stress is like a toxin to your body so anything that reduces stress is very good for your body and your mind. The lamp is also soothing, sets the mood, is comforting, and can be downright enjoyable. As this reviewer says:

The warm golden glow of that light shining through the salt crystal is amazingly comforting. To me, it looks like the sun at sunset. I use it for a night light. The adjustable brightness control is ideal for the nights when I prefer a darker bedroom. Though, It would be beautiful and soothing in any room.

The Himalayan Salt Lamp also works through a placebo effect. That is when people believe that something works and thus they exhibit symptoms of improvement that align with their belief of how the thing should be helping them. It is cool how strong the power of belief is – it can heal your body and help you on the path to wellness.

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December 18

Home Depot Pre Boxing Day Flyer Starts Now Until December 24th

Posted by on December 18, 2014 at 11:14 AM

Home Depot Pre Boxing Day Flyer Starts Now Until December 24th

Home Depot has released their Pre Boxing Week Blowout flyer. The deals start today and will run through the 24th of December. That means it is time to stop procrastinating and get the tools and appliances you need.

This is an excellent event to shop if you need to freshen up your home with some new appliances or other household items. You will get fantastic Boxing Week prices and then get another 10% off the last ticketed price on major appliances.

The Amana Laundry pair is exclusive to Home Depot and looks like a wonderful deal. This pair consists of a 3.6 Cu. Ft. washer as well as a 6.5 Cu. Ft. dryer. This team is sure to tackle all of your laundry missions. I couldn’t find this on site, so this is an in-store only deal. This Amana washer and dryer would normally cost you $696 but during this Pre Boxing Week Blowout at Home Depot, you will pay just $575.10.

If you were looking for some last minute Christmas ideas rather than large appliances, you won’t be let down. The 5 piece Husky 3/8″ Drive Mechanic Tool Set was $55 and now just $24.88. If you are tired of your man leaving the garage as a tornado of clustered tools, then you might also appreciate the Husky 52″ 18 Drawer Tool Chest and Cabinet Set for $599. Other brands can compare at $699-$899 for similar products, although this particular Husky tool chest is exclusive to Home Depot. Of course if you were looking for something a little smaller, you could always go for the Husky 46″ 9 Drawer Mobile Workbench, which is now $299 while quantities last. All of these tools are available in-store only.

If you were actually in the market for furniture rather than appliances, there are lots of deals on home organization, chairs and other items for your home. In fact you could organize your main entry for only $159.94 when you purchase the Entryway Wall Storage along with the Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage as advertised in the flyer. These particular items are available in stores only.

There are also clearance items available at a great discount, while quantities last. You will save up to 50% off select:

  • interior lighting
  • Christmas lights
  • yard decor and inflatables

You can also save up to 30% off select:

  • artificial Christmas trees
  • wreaths
  • ornaments

I know some families like to set up their Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, which would make this an excellent chance to save on your Christmas tree and decor and still be able to get it up on Christmas Eve. Personally, I bought my tree last year at the Target clearance sale after Christmas and had it set up late November this year in my home.

You can see this Home Depot flyer in our forum.

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November 27

Home Depot Canada Black Friday Sale Starts Now!

Posted by on November 27, 2014 at 1:51 PM

Home Depot Canada Black Friday Sale Starts Now!

Home Depot’s Black Friday sale has started and while there are a few hot deals, many of them are in-store. I also don’t see any regular prices, so you would do your best to price match anything before heading out to shop or buying online. I will, of course, save you the trouble on a few key sales!

This Dewalt 20V Max lithium ion drill driver/impact driver combo kit is seriously an amazing price! Only $179.99, I price compared it at other stores like Lowes, Canadian Tire and Amazon and they all sold it for more than $300! Great for the handymen on your list.

Similarly, the Ryobi One+ cordless drill and impact driver kit with lithium battery is a hot deal. I price compared at only a couple stores and Home Depot’s price of $139 is low!

I’m also going to take a leap and say that this Husky 27-inch four drawer cabinet is a nice price and a great gift for the man who loves to hold parties in his garage (alone or with friends). It is only $109, which is the cheapest I’ve seen of cabinets like these, but I couldn’t find a similar product online to price compare.

Other items of note from the flyer that look only available in store:

  • 25% off LED multi-colour lights
  • $300 off Whirlpool self-clean electric range
  • $249 for a John Deere children’s ride on tractor with trailer
  • $39 Werner 5″ fibreglass step ladder
  • 30% off Bounty paper tower
  • $129 for a bonded leather club chair
  • over 40% off Rubbermaid custom closet kits
  • 30×40 plush dog bed only $24.74
  • giant plush teddy bear only $39.88
  • Snow Mix only $79.88 – that looks cool!
  • 25% off fresh cut urn inserts – now only $14.98

I’m going to let you take a look at the flyer yourself, because it has some really cool features. You can find all of your deals and click add them to shopping list. Then, you email or print your list and take it to the store so you can easily find the item you are looking for. Instead of stammering when they ask you any information about your wanted item, you can show them the actual flyer, without having to carry around a full flyer and flip through it!

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November 24

Home Depot Canada Pre-Cyber Monday Sale: Ridgid 18V Hyper Lithium Drill Kit | Was $99 Now $50 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on November 24, 2014 at 10:56 AM

Home Depot Canada Pre Cyber Monday Sale: Ridgid 18V Hyper Lithium Drill Kit | Was $99 Now $50 (EXPIRED)

Good morning, my fellow Moosers! Today’s deal at Home Depot is for their Ridgid 18V Hyper Lithium Drill Kit, and it’s a part of their pre-Cyber Monday promotion! This high quality drill kit normally sells for $99, but you can now get this for $49.99. You’ll also qualify for free shipping, which is always a nice bonus! This deal will expire before midnight, so get it now before it’s too late!

This Ridgid 18V Hyper Lithium Drill Kit would be a great gift for any handyman or handywoman that you know. Due to its hyper lithium battery technology, you can get up to a 50% longer run time with this drill, along with up to a 50% of a longer lifespan, and it also operates in extreme weather conditions. Now that’s a drill that you can rely on! You can learn more about this Ridgid 18V Hyper Lithium Drill Kit by clicking on the link above.

I currently have a mediocre drill kit (I got it for $35 at Canadian Tire last year), and it gets the job done, but it’s just not very powerful. You get what you pay for, I guess. However, this Ridgid 18V Hyper Lithium Drill Kit has some power that can help me work much more efficiently, especially if I’m fixing up an old arcade machine. I just might consider picking up this drill kit for myself – after all, this is a $99 drill kit!

If you wanted to pick up a similar factory reconditioned Ridgid Impact Driver Kit at CPO Pro Tools, it would cost you $109.99. I’ve included a snippet of a review of this Ridgid 18V Hyper Lithium Drill Kit from a satisfied Home Depot customer below:

I purchased this drill for light duty operation and to take with me on trips when I visit customer sites. The drill is very nice and the hand activated chuck works great. 

Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 24th November 2014)

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October 27

Home Depot Canada: Ryobi 18V Cordless Blower Tool | Was $90 Now $50

Posted by on October 27, 2014 at 10:08 AM

Home Depot Canada: Ryobi 18V Cordless Blower Tool | Was $90 Now $50

Now that we’re still dealing with the fall season, you just might find this deal especially intriguing! At Home Depot, you can now purchase a Ryobi 18V Cordless Blower for only $49.99! This tool currently sells for $89.97 US on Home Depot’s American website, so this is one sweet deal! You can purchase a factory reconditioned version of this Ryobi cordless blower on Amazon’s American website for $59.99 US, but you’d also have to pay for shipping. This deal is only valid online, so you won’t be able to get this deal at any Home Depot locations. However, you’ll also qualify for free shipping when you purchase this Ryobi 18V Cordless Blower, so that’s even better! This is for the tool only – no battery is included.

This is one great deal for those that need this reliable tool. The Ryobi brand is a reliable name for high quality tools, and this 18V Cordless Blower is no exception. It has plenty of great features, including angled nozzle aids that can help you sweep those hard-t0-reach areas. This Ryobi 18V Cordless Blower is also lightweight, so it’s easy to carry and convenient to use.

I’m actually going to send this article to my brother once this is published. Since he has several trees in his backyard, he usually has plenty of leaves to pick up, and there are plenty of hard-to-reach areas behind his tool shed, so this Ryobi 18V Cordless Blower can make his life a little bit easier!

I’ve included a brief review of this Ryobi 18V Cordless Blower from a satisfied Home Depot customer below:

I selected this blower because I have more Ryobi tools and didn’t need a battery or charger. It is a powerful unit. I don’t use it for long periods because my yard is not that large, so battery life is perfect for my use.

This may not be in stock for very long, so check out this deal while it’s still valid. Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

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September 29

Home Depot Canada: Free October Workshops

Posted by on September 29, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Home Depot Canada: Free October Workshops

October is just two days away and with a new month, comes new free events at Home Depot.  In October, there are four different workshops to choose from, including one for kids.  All of these workshops are free to attend and participate in, and they are a great learning activity and fun social time to meet other people with the same interests. The kids workshop is a great bonding time for child and parent as well as being fun and educational.

Build an EMS Truck October 4th

  • This workshop for kids starts at 10am and will run for two hours. It is an activity for children ages 4-12 years old and will be a lot of fun for any child that likes to play with trucks or cars. With your help, your child will learn how to build their very own EMS truck using a hammer and glue.

Install Insulation October 15th (women)

  • This workshop is the only one this month that is not on a weekend.  You can head in after dinner at 7pm and it will only last an hour.  You will learn how to seal interior and exterior air leaks, learn how to install a broom sweep on an exterior door, and many other useful things. This workshop is a little different because it is actually a Do It Herself workshop meaning it is for women.

Install Laminate Flooring October 18th

  • You can attend this one hour workshop that starts at 10am for free as well. In this workshop, you will learn to cut and lay laminate flooring and to undercut door jambs. Installation is very expensive when you have to hire out help so learning how to do it yourself could save you a lot of money.

Install a Vanity October 26th

  • This workshop starts at 1pm and will last for one hour.  You will learn everything you need to know about installing a new vanity in your house, including some plumbing tips.  This is the perfect free workshop for the DIY home owner that may want to update  a bathroom.

All of these workshops are a great opportunity to build up those home improvement and DIY skills.  Some of them fill up pretty fast, so the best thing to do is book your spot ahead of time.

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September 29

Printable Coupons Roundup for La Vie En Rose, Home Depot, Giant Tiger & More

Posted by on September 29, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Printable Coupons Roundup for La Vie En Rose, Home Depot, Giant Tiger & More

It is the start of a new week and the start of a new season as well.  You may be heading to the grocery stores, the clothing stores or the hardware stores to do some shopping this week and we can help you save a little extra money.  The Bargainmoose coupon forum is chalk full of printable coupons that you can print off and pop in your wallet.

This week, we are sharing with you a good cross section of coupons that you can take advantage of for your in store shopping.

Here is a look at some of the printable coupons this week:

La Vie En Rose- Get $10 off $50 or more and $30 off $100 or more until October 5th.

Home Depot- Get $2 off SCOTTS or VIGORO fertilizer until October 1st.

Advil- You will be able to get a $3 discount on select Advil products for a limited time only.

Home Hardware- Get a pair of home 5-blade shredding herb scissors for just $3.77 (reg. $7.99) until October 4th.

Bouclair- Use this coupon to get $15 off orders of $75 or more until September 30th.

Giant Tiger- You will save $1 on a 905g Aunt Jemima pancake mix box until October 2nd.

Sears Portrait- Use this coupon to get six free enhanced portraits until October 31st.

Bizou- Save $10 on all orders in store of $30 or more until October 25th.

Save.ca- Get $1 to $2 off Lipton products with these coupons until December 31st.

Putting Edge- Get $25 off a birthday party with the purchase of a Funtrastic or Ultimate Birthday Party package until December 31st.

All of these printable coupons plus many more are posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum. Make sure to check out the forum before you head into your local stores. You never know what coupons you will find to save you a little bit of extra money.

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