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February 21

Hertz Canada: Up to $50 Off Car Rentals

Posted by on February 21, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Hertz Canada: Up to $50 Off Car Rentals

Hertz Canada has a number of really great coupon codes out there right now that make renting a car that much cheaper.

Check the Bargainmoose forum here for all of the awesome coupon codes available right now for Hertz, available until the end of 2013.

Considering you can book a flight and a hotel online, why not make the rest of your trip easy and book your vehicle online as well? Hertz Canada makes that super easy. Simply enter your city (with locations all around the world), date for pickup and drop-off, plus the type of vehicle you want to rent and they will provide you with all the details. You can choose from small, great on gas vehicles, luxury vehicles including convertibles or gas-guzzling large SUVs.

If you are doing a weekend rental, there is a coupon code that will save you $5 a day, up to $15.

If you are renting for a three-day weekend, use a coupon code for the first day free.

If you need to rent for a month or more, use the coupon code to get $50 a rental of 28 days or more.

Finally, if you are doing a weekly rental of five days or more, use the coupon code to get $35 off. This rental has to occur between March 1st and April 30th.

(Expiry: 31st December 2013)

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November 12

Hertz Canada Promo Code: Save Up To $25 A Day If You’re 20 – 24 Years Old

Posted by on November 12, 2012 at 12:00 PM

Hertz Canada Promo Code: Save Up To $25 A Day If You’re 20 – 24 Years Old

Hertz Canada is offering a savings of up to $25 for drivers that are age 20 to 24.  This excludes car classes, Adrenaline, Prestige collection rentals, Corvettes and other classes restricted from younger renters.  Just include the code in your reservation and pick up your car before or on January 31st 2013.

Promo Code details:

  • Code: PC#144314
  • Discount: $15 to $25
  • Expiry: 31st January 2013

This is a great one for all you college students going home for the holidays.  Finally, someone is giving you a break on the cost of younger driving.  It’s a good time to think about booking that vehicle so you’re sure it’s there when you need it.

Just go to reservation page, enter your car preference, area of pick up, dates wanted and any accessories you may need and make sure the Promo Code is entered under PC#.  An email confirmation will be sent to you and you can check in anytime.  You are asked for all your personal information, like name, address, drivers license and so on.  The quote for your insurance will be given to you at that time and depending on your choices, will be $15 to $25 off.

Be sure to check out all the discounted deals, as there is a savings opportunity for everyone. For more Hertz Coupon Codes, check out the Bargainmoose Coupon forums!

(Expiry: 31st January 2013)

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July 29

Hertz Coupon Code For $5 Daily Discount

Posted by on July 29, 2010 at 5:00 PM

Hertz Coupon Code For $5 Daily Discount

There’s a little deal from Hertz car rentals, in conjunction with Expedia, which you can use if you want to book a rental car for a few days. You can get a $5 discount each day, if you use the coupon code below (up to a total discount of $35, so you can use it for a week).

Click here to book your Hertz car @ Expedia

  • Coupon Code: 142564
  • Discount: $5 off per day
  • Expires: 15th August 2010
  • Terms and Conditions; This offer is redeemable at participating Hertz airport and off airport locations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. May not be used with Pre-pay Rates, Tour Rates or Insurance Replacement Rates. Modifying your reservation may result in a change in your rate and/or invalidate this offer. Taxes, tax reimbursement, age differential charges, fees and optional service charges, such as refueling, are not included. Discounts in local currency on redemption.

If I was booking a car in this way, I’d compare the price on the above link, and then see what the prize would be like directly from Hertz.com to make sure that you are getting a good deal for your chosen dates.

(Ends 15th August 2010 for pickup through September 30, 2010)

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May 14

Hertz Canada Promotional Coupon: $20 Off With Visa

Posted by on May 14, 2010 at 4:00 PM

Hertz Canada Promotional Coupon: $20 Off With Visa

There’s a decent little coupon on the Visaperks website right now, which offers you a $20 discount on your Hertz Canada car rental.

Click here to use the Hertz Canada promotional coupon online

  • Promotional Coupon: 131121
  • Discount: $20 off 4 nights or more
  • Expires: 31st May 2010

Now, the site does state that it will only be available at certain locations, and it is for mid-size car class or higher. I was trying to test it out at my local Hertz, but I was getting an error code, so it mist no apply there. But if you’re booking from Hertz anyway, it’s worth trying the coupon and seeing if your discount appears.

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