December 3

Rivalus Canada: QWK KIT Only $30 ($180 Value) & Free Shipping

Posted by on December 3, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Rivalus Canada: QWK KIT Only $30 ($180 Value) & Free Shipping

Rivalus Canada has a really sweet deal on their QWK Kit for athletes – receive two kits (a double kit) for just $30 with free shipping. The kits are worth $89.99 each, so this bundle has a total value of $179.98.

As athletes know, true performance supplements and drinks can be incredibly expensive that is why this deal that Rivalus put on for Black Friday (and that is still on) is so amazing. The QWK Kit is designed to bring out the fullest potential in an athlete before any big event. Here is how it works.

There are four bottles:

  • Size
  • Strenght
  • Stamina
  • Speed

In each bottle are enough tablets for a week’s worth of servings. Not all serving sizes are the same, so the number of tablets in each bottle differs. Starting four weeks before your big event, you take one supplement for a week, and then start on the next supplement once the first one is finished. You start with size, then strength, then stamina, and then finish with speed. This kit is designed as a ‘peaking kit’ – to help athletes reach their peak performance. You can read an entire list of ingredients on their website.

Now, for $30 you are going to get two of these kits and free shipping. That is a pretty awesome deal right there. If my calculations are correct, you receive 119 tablets in just one kit, so you will be getting nearly 240 tablets for $30. For performance supplements, I think that is unheard of.

The only small downsize of this deal is that the pills do expire in March 2015 so you should only buy if your event(s) are between now and then. While your pills will not magically go from powerful to not working in one day, they will be less potent as they age.

I have no idea when this deal expires, so pick it up soon. There are some other great deals at Rivalus’s website too if this does not catch your fancy. Check out the Pre – Intra – Post Deal where you receive $174.97 worth of product for just $102.93.

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November 28

HealthSnap Canada Black Friday Promo Code: $10 off $25

Posted by on November 28, 2014 at 4:30 PM

HealthSnap Canada Black Friday Promo Code: $10 off $25

HealthSnap has a hot coupon on right now for all your pharma store needs this Black Friday. Get $10 off your $25 order and that includes sale and regular priced items.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: BFCM14
  • Discount: $10 off $25
  • Expiry: 1st December 2014

While shopping at HealthSnap may not be as fun as shopping clothing or toy deals, it is probably more necessary. Why not stock up on all the things you need for your cabinets, like vitamins, soap, health aids and even beauty products? I also noticed that some products are already cheaper at HealthSnap, than they are at other stores like and Walmart. You’ll of course want to price compare, but once you add the $10 off, you’ll want to factor in your total price.

For example, condoms are a fact of life for many people, and since its Black Friday, why not save on this important part of life! These Trojan Supra BareSkin non-latex condoms sound like the type of condom you might want to wear if you wore condoms. They are $10.49 for six, which sounds expensive, but considering what they are used for, I’m going to hope they are worth it! At Walmart, these same condoms are $12.98. Lets say you get three boxes because you have a fun week ahead of you. At Walmart, you’d pay $38.94. Right now with this deal, you’ll pay $21.47. That’s only $1.75 a shag.

And, if you haven’t been using the items above, you might be shopping the baby and kid section instead (or both). Materna vitamins were what I used and they sell 100 tablets for $20.99. sells the same box for $23.99. Add some Palmer’s cocoa butter massage lotion for those stretch marks to-be for $6.39. You’ll get both for a total of $17.38, which is a steal!

The only thing that gets me down with this coupon is that free shipping is available on a $50 order, so to save that money, you’ll have to spend that much, but you might be anyway if the prices are better than the other stores anyway. You could also ship your items free to your local pharmacy.

Stop by the HealthSnap coupon page before you shop to pick up all your coupons!

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November 19

Amazon Canada: Pack of 6 Band-Aids Only $8/ Was $24 (Expired)

Posted by on November 19, 2014 at 8:15 AM

Amazon Canada: Pack of 6 Band Aids Only $8/ Was $24 (Expired)

Amazon has a great deal on Band-Aids if you want to stock up! Get a pack of six boxes of 20 Band-Aids each in the Cars style for only $8.30, with a regular price of $23.94.

If there is one thing you need to stock up on in a house full of boys, it is Band-Aids. My kids are always getting hurt. I swear there is so much blood on the sidewalk in front of my house, we could start a blood bank. My boys are always tripping over their own feet, tripping each other and tripping over all the toys they leave everywhere. On an average week, we have about 4 skinned knees in this house. This doesn’t include my husband or I, who also trip on the kids and their toys, but we just break things (like toes), as my husband did last week tripping on a toy.

While I’m all about simpleness, the Cars bandages would go over well in my house as my kids like to have pictures on their Band-Aids. Something about Mater that makes their tears turn into a smile. You don’t just have to use these as cut covers either. Band-Aids are great for crafts too. In fact, when I was a kid, I had Band-Aids in my sticker book.

I found a 20-pack of Cars bandages at for $4.99 and at Walmart for $3.82. Basically, the price you’d pay for two boxes at this store, you’ll get six from Amazon.

If you need a review:

These bandaids are thick and are a great quality. My kids want to put them on every little scratch though so going through them rather quickly.

This might just motivate you to know that you need a package of 120 Band-Aids. In fact, with free shipping over $25, you might want to buy three or four packages to get those fees dropped. What could you do with 360 Band-Aids? I’m sure your kids would know!

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November 4

HydraSense Canada Printable Coupon: $5 Off NetiRinse

Posted by on November 4, 2014 at 9:30 PM

HydraSense Canada Printable Coupon: $5 Off NetiRinse

Moosers, you are hereby called to go on a quest for boogers and to help you with this task, I have found a printable coupon for a $5 discount on the HydraSense NetiRinse!

Some of you may have already began the quest for boogers using a bulb syringe but now the time has come to graduate onto more powerful methods. Be warned though that this one may only be used on kids starting from 6 years of age. Adults can of course use it as well. HydraSense Canada Printable Coupon: $5 Off NetiRinse

Although I have yet to use this particular one, I have used the HydraSense Nasal Aspirator on my baby in her first months and it worked wonderfully. We have since discontinued using it but at the time, it was a tremendous help, so I’m confident that the NetiRinse would be just as good.

According to HydraSense’s site, the NetiRinse is a 2-in-1 nasal and sinus irrigation kit that helps to cleanse the nose from excessive mucus. With the flu season currently in full season, I’m sure it could be of great help to many, though it can also be used by those suffering from allergies. The kit comes with one 240 ml (8oz) bottle, one NetiRinse ComfortSeal soft nozzle and 60 per-measured salt packets.

Similarly to a NetiPot, the way the NetiRinse works is that after mixing the salt solution with water, you need to tilt your head back and squeeze the liquid into one nostril. The liquid should then come out of your other nostril and provide much needed relief from congestion. Sounds kind of icky, but I doubt any of you will be complaining when it actually works as advertised! You also need to use it anywhere from 4 to 6 times a day when experiencing symptoms of flu or allergies. Here’s a useful review I found on Amazon:

Works as advertised. A bonus feature is the no need to twist neck to use. Great for seniors. Salt packs leave an after taste.

Having never bought the NetiRinse, I searched around online for it and found it on Amazon for $33.35. London Drugs, however, has it for a more reasonable price of $19.99, which means that the chances are good that you might find it for the same price at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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November 3

Costco Canada: $20 Off HappyLight Liberty Energy Lamp Now $80

Posted by on November 3, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Costco Canada: $20 Off HappyLight Liberty Energy Lamp Now $80

Daylight is getting shorter each evening as it gets later into the season. Fight the winter blues with a HappyLight Liberty Energy Lamp from Costco Canada for just $79.99, originally $99.99. That price includes shipping and handling as well as a replacement bulb.

I price compared this lamp with a few other places to make sure you are getting the best deal. Here is what I found at the competitors:

  • $99.95 @ Amazon Canada (OOS)
  • $119.96 @ SAD Therapy Lamps Canada
  • $129.99 @ Bed Bath & Beyond Canada

Costco’s offer is even better as the other offers do not mention a replacement bulb included in the offer. Bulbs of this size and specialty can be rather expensive, so you are certainly getting a good deal.

What this lamp does:

Essentially, the lamp gives 10,000 LUX of light output at 14” from the lamp. You have the ability to control the intensity and to change lenses for high intensity or low glare. The Liberty Energy lamp provides light therapy.

Light therapy can be used for many purposes. Frequent travelers who suffer from jet lag can use it to readjust their body to a new time zone faster. People who work shift-work often find light therapy allows them to adjust to coming off and going on different shifts – making the transition less stressful on the body. A friend of mine just started working night shift, she found forcing her body to stay away at night and sleep during the day was quite difficult. A lamp like this during the night and blackout curtains during the day could help her body adjust easier.

Perhaps the most well known use for these lamps is to treat seasonal affective disorder – SAD for short. It is the body’s reaction to reduced light intake during the winter. Often the body becomes horribly short on vitamin D (so take a good supplement) and people who suffer from the disorder feel lethargic, extremely sad, and have difficulty being productive or living a normal life during the winter months. Lamps like these treat the disorder by mimicking sunlight unlike normal bulbs.
A friend of mine suffers from SAD and one of these lamps has really helped her survive living on the West Coast. I have considered buying one since moving here as well.

With the replacement bulb, and all shipping and handling charges included, you will be set up for quite a long time. I think this is a good offer.

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October 7

Vitarock Canada: New Nordic Kilo Trim Just $14.85 & Free Shipping

Posted by on October 7, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Vitarock Canada: New Nordic Kilo Trim Just $14.85 & Free Shipping

Purchase the New Nordic Kilo Trim at Vitarock Canada for 50% off the original retail price. A bottle of 45 tablets will cost you just $14.85 with free shipping across Canada.

I price compared this dietary supplement with a few places that I could find it. The manufacturer, New Nordic Shop, has it on sale from $29.95 down to $19.95. Best Buy Canada is also selling a bottle for $19.95. Both companies are charging $5 more per bottle and you do not get free shipping from either of them. With Vitarock Canada, you save money on the product and save money on shipping costs as well.

I am not a big fan of dietary supplements but the New Nordic Kilo Trim I may be willing to try. Unlike most other ‘diet pills,’ this one is approved by Health Canada. The active ingredient, Glucomannan, is also the only European Union approved weight loss ingredient. The EU is much more stringent with their health claims and regulations than North America. Thus, I put a lot more weight in their ratings.

Nordic Kilo Trim is to be used along with a diet and exercise regime. The pills are designed to reduce appetite. When you are not as hungry then you will eat less and have better success at losing weight. According to Vitarock:

Glucomannan is a natural dietary fiber that forms a viscous, gel-like mass in the stomach that delays gastric emptying and makes you feel full and less hungry.

The product is all-natural as well as vegetarian and vegan friendly. The medicinal ingredients include Glucomannan (Amorphophallus konjac (Tuber)): 1.000 mg and Silver birch (Leaf)) [5:1]: 50 mg. With the pill, you need to drink about two glasses of water to maintain proper hydration levels. According to the instructions, you are to take three pills a day. That means a bottle of Kilo Trim will last 15 days. At this price, you are paying about $1 a day for help losing weight. Most people’s coffee habit costs over $1 a day, so the price is good in my books.

While I am all for natural weight loss with healthy food and exercise, I know that it can be difficult to control your appetite and stick to your plans. I seem to have an endless appetite some days and anything that could shut that off would be awesome. This is certainly a tempting product to try.

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September 22

Chapters Indigo Canada: Buy a Fitbit Flex & Get The Body Reset Diet Free

Posted by on September 22, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Buy a Fitbit Flex & Get The Body Reset Diet Free

This week at Chapters Indigo if you buy a Fitbit Flex, you’ll get Harley Pasternak’s The Body Reset Diet: Power Your Metabolism, Blast Fat & Shed Pounds in Just 15 Days free!

Sometimes when you see gift with purchase deals, they sound like a great deal, but either the regular price is inflated or sells for more than other stores. It is sort of just a lure because people love to get free stuff. In the case of this deal, there is no lure, this is a great deal.

First of all, the Fitbit Flex sells for $99.95 at Chapters Indigo. This is what it sells for everywhere else. I didn’t see it on sale at one store. Second, the book at regular price is $24, but on sale for $17.33. No matter what the price of the book, you are getting it free while paying the price for the Fitbit that you’d pay anywhere. If you were considering a Fitbit, now might be the time.

I’ve really heard great things about this book and I actually really want to get it. I just feel like my body needs a reset. I am not one for fad diets, but they say that doing something over and over again makes it a habit so I could see resetting my body and staying on a maintenance type plan being a lifestyle for me once I’ve forced myself to do it for the 15 days.

As for the Fitbit, I’d love one of these too. With my birthday coming up, this would make a fabulous gift for me (hint, hint). I have just started working out again and trying to eat clean every single day. I also walk my kids to and from school each day, which is actually quite a trek when you are doing it four times over (1.25 km each way), and I’d love to see what the results of how much I actually do in a day will amount to. Never mind being a mom of three who really never stops!

It has some great reviews and this one looks very honest:

I am really enjoying my fitbit flex. I had seen it other reviews it was difficult to set up, so I was somewhat nervous about that part.  As completely un-techy as I am I found the set up quite simple.  You just have to remember to recharge every ~ 5 days or the count will be off.  Had I heard about it before, I probably would have bought the fitbit force instead: it counts stairs climbed as well.  Overall, great product and it syncs easily with many other fitness apps.  May give you that extra push you need to stay active.

Chapters Indigo offers free shipping when you spend over $25, which you are undoubtedly doing here, so you’ll get that little perk with this offer.

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August 10

Wagjag Canada: $39 For 6pk OxygenPlus ($75 value)

Posted by on August 10, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Wagjag Canada: $39 For 6pk OxygenPlus ($75 value)

Pick up a six-pack of O+ Skinni Canadian Sport – Natural at Wagjag Canada for $39 with shipping included. This package has a $75 value; therefore, you are saving 48% on the original retail value (including shipping).

OxygenPlus (the manufacturer) sells the six-pack of O+ Skinni for $69.99, which means that the shipping is valued at $5. You have heard of oxygen bars, where people go to get a shot of oxygen to stimulate their lungs, relieve headaches, and energize their body. Consider this your oxygen bar to go. These transportable canisters each contain over 50 breaths of 95% enriched oxygen.

The can is about eight inches tall, so you can easily transport it in most winter jackets, backpacks, or gym bags. I did a little digging and found out that the canisters are not approved for air travel (on board), but you can check them in your luggage underneath. That is unfortunate, because in the middle of a twelve hour flight, with air that has been recycled by a couple hundred mouths, is exactly when I would like a shot of pure oxygen.

I am not sure how many of the claims about pure oxygen are true and how much is hype, but I do believe this would have benefits during winter sports that involve higher elevations. Skiing and snowboarding come to mind in particular, because the pros often go to high elevations where the oxygen level is much lower than it is down here. With a canister of pure oxygen, it could help them breath better and have a better run because oxygen feeds the blood (and the blood feeds the muscles).

I did a little price comparing, but no one came close to the Wagjag Canada deal. has a three-pack of the Oxygen Plus 3-Pack O+ Skinni Natural for $35.97 US. They do not ship to Canada. Also, here you have half the amount of product for almost the same price as the Wagjag Canada deal. sells the six-pack for $69.99 with free shipping, which was the best other deal I could find.

The product will arrive within four to six weeks of deal closing date. There is a limit of ten per person. Taxes and shipping are both included, so there are no additional charges.

Have you ever tried pure oxygen before? If so, then I would love to get your feedback on how it tastes and how it made you feel!

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February 25

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada Printable Coupon: BOGO Free Vitamins & Supplements

Posted by on February 25, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Shoppers Drug Mart Canada Printable Coupon: BOGO Free Vitamins & Supplements

Now is the time to stock up on all your vitamins and supplements, with Shoppers Drug Mart’s printable coupon for buy one, get one free. This coupon is valid from 5 – 8 pm tomorrow (Wednesday, February 26th).

Aren’t printable coupons fun? Buy one, get one is one of my favourite types of deals. Even though 50% off is actually a better deal because you only need to spend half the money, getting something free sounds much better. Either way if you have a vitamin or supplement that you take regularly or are thinking about taking on a regular basis, now is the time to get two bottles, or to try a new one as well.

Experts say that fish oil is important for good health, so my family takes this everyday. I also take calcium and a multivitamin. Vitamin D is also so important in our sun-lacking climate.

This coupon has all the regular exemptions and restrictions, so check them out before you get up to the cash and are disappointed. I find Shoppers Drug Mart to have really slow lines for some reason, so you wouldn’t want to have to wait back in the line again, or worse, make others wait for you to sort out what isn’t included on the coupon.

We have a bunch of printable coupons in our forum, just like this fantastic one from Shoppers Drug Mart.

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February 17

Shop Somalife Canada Promo Code: Exclusive Free Shipping

Posted by on February 17, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Shop Somalife Canada Promo Code: Exclusive Free Shipping

Get free shipping with our exclusive Bargainmoose coupon for Shop Somalife. This promo code saves you an astounding $11 in shipping fees!

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon code: MOOSE10
  • Discount: free shipping
  • Expiry: 31st May 2014

Shop Somalife has all the latest cutting edge natural health and performance nutraceuticals – everything for age management, athletic performance, brain health, pet health and vitamins and supplements.

Like any good Mooser who has an exclusive coupon for free shipping, I like to get a discount on a discount and shop the sale or promotions section. Shop Somalife’s promotions section has a number of “packs” put together that will save you a huge discount on your products.

If you are looking for the fountain of youth and believe nutraceuticals could be your answer, check out the youth formula super pack. It contains a 30-day supply of Youth Formula, ProVit Xcell (3in1) and IQ150 and which saves you $80 when you purchase this pack together instead of all products separately. $149.95

Photo credit: International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

Check for more Shop Somalife coupons in the Bargainmoose forum.

Shop Somalife Canada Promo Code: Exclusive Free Shipping

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February 1

Vegan Cuts Canada: Up To 60% Off Vegan Products

Posted by on February 1, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Vegan Cuts Canada: Up To 60% Off Vegan Products

If you are a vegan, or trying to become one, check out this new to Bargainmoose store called Vegan Cuts. Self-proclaimed tempeh lovers, the owners of this store wanted people to have choices for vegan foods, clothing and more, so they started this really cool store. They are also having a sale on right now with up to 60% off select items, so check it out.

On top of selling items like foods and housewares, Vegan Cuts has a snack box subscription and a beauty box subscription too. In the shop section, be sure to modify your search to “ships to Canada” to find the items that ship to Canada.

If you are thinking of doing a complete detox, you should check out the 4-week RawJuvenate complete organic detox. It includes a super green drink mix, pea protein powder, aloe, a daily probiotic and fiber. It was selling for $210 and is now only $89.

This wood fox necklace is very cute and stands for so much. Check out why you should buy this necklace and how you can donate to two great charities with your purchase. It is now only $15, was $20.

Shipping costs are listed on each individual product, with some being reasonable, some being what I’d call high. If it is an item you can’t easily get, then the shipping may well be worth it.

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January 27

Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Posted by on January 27, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Inexpensive Ways to Boost Your Immune System

This feels like the winter that will never end. In Ontario, we have been blasted with lots of snow, extreme cold and even a huge ice storm. I know this is Canada, but a few mild days would be nice. Along with this cold, January brings illness. For whatever reason, January means flus, colds and general malaise. Especially if you have kids, you know many productive days are lost to sick days – both yours and theirs. If you are desperate, or if you are preventative, read this article to realize a few ways you can boost your immune system and not spend too much money in the process.

Diet & Exercise

These really go without saying, as a good diet and exercise keeps you healthy, boosting your immune system and hopefully staving off sickness. The great thing is that eating healthy and exercising can be done for free. I’ve seen a few articles just on Bargainmoose about how to exercise for free or cheaply and how to reduce your grocery budget, even eating healthily. But, there is a caveat. When I take a break from the gym and start back again, I always, always get sick after the first few weeks back. My boot camp trainer that this is a common occurrence, as your body is trying to process all the toxins. This article from RMAX International explains why. What you can do is to not take breaks from exercise by trying to fit it in whenever you can, even over the busy holidays. As well, use your own towel at the gym and wipe down the equipment before you use it, as the person before you may have added some germs to your workout.


Again, this one seems like a no-brainer. Get the adequate amount of rest to keep your body running as smoothly as possible. Shut down all electronics an hour before you go to sleep, don’t eat after dinner and write down everything that is troubling you in a notebook so you get it out of your brain. Sleep is completely free, so you really have no excuse. Check out the Help Guide for tips on how to get a better night’s sleep.

Oregano Oil

This year my family and I started taking oregano oil when we start to feel under the weather. Huffington Post tells you what you need to know about oregano oil’s anti-sickness properties. The cheapest place I found oregano oil is VitaShop for only $9.99, but it really lasts for a long time since you only need a few drops at a time.


Remember being sick as a child and having your mom bring you a cup of homemade chicken soup and you suddenly felt so much better? That wasn’t a placebo, soup really can help build your immune system and make you feel better when you are sick. Doctor Oz has three recipes for soups that boost immune systems, detoxify and give you warming energy.


I’m not talking about that sugar-laden ginger ale you think you should drink when you are sick. Steep a tea of ginger to relieve a huge litany of ailments and to boost your immune system. Ginger has been found to help with killing bacteria, being a natural antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory, congestion eliminator, inhibit cancer cells and so much more. Ginger is no longer just for nausea and you’d be hard-pressed not to use it everyday with what it can do. Boost Immune System Naturally lists everything this wonder ingredient can do. Ginger is so cheap too, with one little knob being less than $1.

Vitamin D

In our northern climate, we don’t get adequate vitamin D in the winter, and this can really wreak havoc on our bodies. A simple supplement of vitamin D can help and Science Daily says they are an effective and cheap way to boost your immune system. An easy solution is to buy foods already supplemented with the vitamin, which may be the same price as those that are not. I’ve seen milk and orange juice both with added vitamin D. If you can’t find these or don’t like the taste, try a supplement, which are sold at Supplements Canada for only $8.99 for 120 tablets.

Hot & Cold showers

Every season, I try to get to my favourite spa, the Scandinave spa at Blue Mountain. Here I sit on a hot pool, steam room or sauna until I’m cooking, then do a very frigid dip in the cold pool, then relax for 15-20 minutes to get my body back to the right temperature. This process is amazing for the immune system and you don’t need to spend $100 at WaySpa (but you can if you like!) to get the benefits. Simply have a hot shower, then for the last few seconds (up to a minute, but as long as you can last), turn the water on cold and rinse. It might be a little unbearable, but I always get this “I’m alive!” feeling afterwards. Health Communities has the full explanation of why hydrotherapy works and the other ailments it improves.

Bargainmoosers, what tactics do you try to boost your immune system during these long, dreary winter months?

Photo credit for banner: NIAID

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January 25

Vitarock Canada: 50% Off New Nordic Diet Pack

Posted by on January 25, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Vitarock Canada: 50% Off New Nordic Diet Pack

I found this great store online called Vitarock, which is a Canadian store that boasts purity, efficacy and quality in all its products. I also found a great deal on the New Nordic Diet Pack, now 50% off and only $40.94. I couldn’t find this pack put together at any other store, but I did find the individual products, and each on its own sold for at least $25 – $35 or more from stores like and FitShop. You are basically getting three products for a little over the cost of one.

This being diet season and all, I thought this was a great deal to blog, and I think I may even have to take advantage of it. January is notorious for pants no longer fitting. All those Halloween candies, followed by a huge turkey dinner, Christmas chocolates and another huge turkey dinner, plus on top of all that, booze and October – January is putting-on-the-pounds-city. I also found it really hard to find time to go to the gym in December, and now I’m looking at myself at the gym and not happy with what I see. I may be taking a trip somewhere soon where I’ll need a bathing suit and I’d like to slim down a bit.

The products on sale here from New Nordic support a healthy metabolism and are vegan, cruelty free, GMO free, gluten free, dairy free and contain no added salt, sugar, artificial colours or sweeteners. What you get:

Apple Cider 600 – which is a digestive tonic and stimulant known to support weight loss and detoxification

Chili Burn Strong – amps up metabolism and burns stored fat

Mulberry/Zuccarin Japanese Mulberry extract – helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels

The three products together can probably help your body to lose the fat you already have. It is sort of like a kick-start.

Free shipping comes with a spend of $50 or more, so take a look in the sale section for something else for $10 to save you the shipping.

(Photo Credit: Urbane Women Mag)

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January 21 15% Off Ameda Breastfeeding Supplies

Posted by on January 21, 2014 at 2:15 PM 15% Off Ameda Breastfeeding Supplies

If you are pregnant or looking for a gift for someone who is, you might want to consider breastfeeding supplies. They are 15% off at this week.

I would have to say I’m a bit of a breastfeeding “expert”, having nursed three children for a total of almost eight years. I never realized how much I would love it and how important it would be to me before I started. I knew I wanted to do it but I really persevered through a lot of pain and difficulty and then it was smooth sailing. You really don’t need too much to breastfeed, and that is the amazing perk of it – you mostly have what you need. But, you might want to pump or have issues and there are certain supplies you’ll want on hand when baby is born.

Ameda is a great name in nursing supplies and it is the type of pump I used. Pumping was not my favourite to be honest, so I wanted something very easy and fast. I know some women who are pumping champs and can let down 4oz of milk in five minutes. I wasn’t so lucky, but I did like that my pump was easy to use, was electric and easy to clean.

I used exactly this Ameda Purely Yours double electric breast pump. I loved that you could pump both at the same time and how hygienic it is. It also has three types of power adapters so you can pump literally anywhere, including your vehicle! Was $199.99, now $169.99.

If you want the best pump you can find, take a look at the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra double electric breast pump. The reviews are amazing and it comes with a faux leather tote bag, which is very handy. Was $329.99, now $280.49.

If your nipples are getting sore and cracked, Lanolin is the answer. Not only do you get a 1oz tube, you also get a bonus .25oz tube, which is great for storing in the diaper bag. Was $14.99, now $12.74.

Shipping is free once you spend over $25.

Photo credit: Sandy Kirchlechner

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January 16

Walmart Canada: Up To 30% Off Exercise & Fitness Equipment

Posted by on January 16, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Walmart Canada: Up To 30% Off Exercise & Fitness Equipment

Quit procrastinating and actually fulfill that new year’s resolution to get fit with Walmart’s rollback on exercise and fitness products with reductions of up to 30% off.

Quit focusing so much on the current you and instead, divert your attention to the you that you would like to become: whether a toner, leaner, healthier, or a combination all of these. No gym membership is needed to achieve this new you but you can, however, take advantage of Walmart’s sale to secure some of the following discounts:

Gym memberships have never worked for me. Well that’s a lie, they would get me off the comfy couch for maybe two weeks, then I would find myself coming up with excuses and next thing I knew, I had basically lost all of my invested money. A great business model for gyms but certainly not for those with a busy or perhaps even television-filled lifestyle, which is exactly where the power of free can have a strong motivating factor.

From Eva’s “7 Workout You Can Do For Free“, to investing in some of the products from Walmart’s sale (because essentially, they are yours to keep forever and not give up within a month of splurging), make it your goal to focus on the new you this year and don’t forget to keep us posted on your achievements!

Need more motivation to get fit? Walmart offers absolutely free shipping on their products, with no required minimum! So, get to shopping now before it’s too late.

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