October 27

Amazon Canada: Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphones | Was $76 Now $25

Posted by on October 27, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Amazon Canada: Monoprice Premium Hi Fi DJ Style Over the Ear Pro Headphones | Was $76 Now $25

Good morning, my fellow deal hunters! Amazon currently has a decent deal on their Monoprice Premium 108323 Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphones, which look to be a high quality product. They normally cost $75.59, but you can now get these premium headphones for $25.05! You’ll also qualify for free shipping, which is definitely a nice bonus.

These Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphones come with a 3.5mm to 1/4 inch adapter and two headphone cables (a 50-inch cable and an 11.5 feet cable), and have some handy features, including a detachable headphone cable, 50mm drivers, and a 3.5mm stereo plug that’s gold-plated.

If you’ve been looking for some high quality over-the-ear headphones that won’t break the bank, then you should consider checking out this deal. You can learn more about these Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphones by clicking on the link above.

I’ve always been a fan of using over-the-ear headphones, especially when I needed to edit videos. I found that they helped me listen more attentively when I had to work on audio-sensitive work, including conferences that I had to edit. These may not be manufactured by a vastly recognized brand like Sony or Panasonic, but these Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphones seem like they’re a reliable set of headphones.

If you were to purchase these Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphones from Amazon’s American website, they would cost $32.95 US. I’ve included a brief review of these headphones from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

The reviewers really weren’t kidding. These are the best sounding headphones that I’ve ever owned and they are probably the least expensive. I don’t listen to music on headphones often, so I refuse to pay the premium prices that Beats, Bose, or Sennheiser command.

Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

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October 26

NCIX Canada: Sony MDRJ10L Lightweight Clip-On Headphones | Was $20 Now $7

Posted by on October 26, 2014 at 9:00 AM

NCIX Canada: Sony MDRJ10L Lightweight Clip On Headphones | Was $20 Now $7

If you’re looking for some affordable Sony clip-on headphones, then you’ve come to the right place! Until October 29th, NCIX will have their Sony MDRJ10L Lightweight Clip-On Headphones on sale for only $6.99! These Sony headphones normally sell for $19.99, so you’re saving $13 off the retail price! Best of all, you’ll also qualify for free shipping! You just can’t go wrong with this deal.

These Sony MDRJ10L Lightweight Clip-On Headphones are perfect for those that want their ear buds to be a little more snug. I would personally love to use clip-on headphones for the times that I’m listening to music or podcasts when I’m on-the-go. I wouldn’t have to worry about constantly readjusting my headphones if they were clip-on, so that’s another great bonus. Best of all, they’re Sony clip-on headphones, not some generic brand.

If you’re looking for the perfect stocking stuffer, then these Sony MDRJ10L Lightweight Clip-On Headphones would be a great item to get! They aren’t expensive, you’ll get free shipping with your purchase, and they’re made by Sony! It’s just a winning combination, folks!

If you wanted to purchase these Sony MDRJ10L Lightweight Clip-On Headphones from Amazon’s American website, they would cost you $19.99 US. They’re currently on sale at Best Buy (limited quantities are available) for $6.99, but you’d also have to pay for shipping. I’ve included a snippet of a review of these Sony MDRJ10L Lightweight Clip-On Headphones from a satisfied NCIX customer below:

Secure fit. Sound is clear. I would buy these for my nieces or nephew as a gift which they could use or destroy with hurting my pocket book.

These lightweight clip-on headphones may not remain in-stock for long, so if you want some affordable Sony headphones, you should check out this deal at NCIX. I hope you’re all having a great Sunday!

(Expiry: 29th October 2014)

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October 23

NCIX Canada: Beyerdynamic Dtx 102 IE Premium In-Ear Stereo Headphones | Was $150 Now $60

Posted by on October 23, 2014 at 9:00 AM

NCIX Canada: Beyerdynamic Dtx 102 IE Premium In Ear Stereo Headphones | Was $150 Now $60

Hey there, my fellow deal hunters! NCIX Canada is currently having a great deal on their Beyerdynamic Dtx 102 IE Premium In-Ear Stereo Headphones. They normally cost $149.99, but you can now purchase these premium in-ear stereo headphones for just $59.99. You’re saving $90 on this deal! A nice bonus is that you’ll also get free shipping with your order.

These pairs of Beyerdynamic Dtx 102 IE Premium In-Ear Stereo Headphones have an HD Neodymium acoustic transducer, which helps it produce high quality and crystal-clear sound. It also includes a soft case and 3 silicone ear tips, so you can conveniently wear these Beyerdynamic Dtx 102 IE Premium In-Ear Stereo Headphones. You can learn more about these premium in-ear stereo headphones by clicking on the link above.

If you’re looking for some premium high-quality headphones that look classy, then your hunt should be over when you check out these Beyerdynamic Dtx 102 IE Premium In-Ear Stereo Headphones. They’re compact, they’re lightweight, and best of all, they can produce some great sound! When you’re wearing in-ear headphones while you’re listening to your favourite tunes, you’ll be surprised at the difference between a cheap $15 pair of headphones and a $150 pair, like these Beyerdynamic Dtx 102 IE Premium In-Ear Stereo Headphones. Thankfully, you’ll only be paying $59.99 for these premium headphones!

If you purchased these Beyerdynamic Dtx 102 IE Premium In-Ear Stereo Headphones from Amazon’s American website, they would have been $99 US, and they’re $142.07 on Beyer’s website. I’ve included a snippet of a review of these headphones from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

As promised in several reviews on the Internet, these are very comfortable headphones with relatively small default earbuds. Sound quality is impressive.

Here’s to another great Thursday – happy hunting, my fellow Bargainmoosers!

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October 4

Future Shop Canada: Monster Inspiration In-Ear Headphones | Was $150 Now $60 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on October 4, 2014 at 7:30 AM

Future Shop Canada: Monster Inspiration In Ear Headphones | Was $150 Now $60 (EXPIRED)

Until Sunday October the 5th, Future Shop is having a pretty great sale on their Monster Inspiration In-Ear Headphones. The Monster brand is well known for usually being pretty pricey, but this is a sweet deal – you’ll be able to get these popular in-ear headphones for $59.99! They typically cost $149.99, so you’re saving $90! You’ll also qualify for free shipping, which is always a nice bonus.

Some of the features of these Monster Inspiration In-Ear Headphones include crisp sound quality, a tangle-free cable that has a control/talk function for universal hands free control of your music and phone calls, and it can accommodate multiple ear tip sizes. You can learn more about these Monster Inspiration In-Ear Headphones by clicking here.

Whenever I go for a jog, it’s important for me to wear a decent pair of headphones. Having struggled with some pairs that just don’t sit well in your ears, I know how convenient in-ear headphones can be! Without in-ear headphones, it can be a real pain to try and listen to music while exercising, since I end up wrestling with headphones that keep falling out of my ear during my run.

These Monster Inspiration In-Ear Headphones look like they’d fit snugly in my ears. This is a tempting deal, so we’ll see if I end up purchasing these by the time I’m done writing this article!

If you were to buy these in-ear headphones on Amazon’s American website, you’d be paying $132.76 US. Listed below is a snippet of a review of these Monster Inspiration In-Ear Headphones from a satisfied Amazon customer:

The packaging is impressive. The array of ear buds to choose from to get your correct size is impressive. These aren’t items that should contribute to price though. So how the headphones perform? Very well. The in-line mic for use with iPhone works as expected and is a convenient feature to have on quality headphones.

If you’re looking for an ideal set of in-ear headphones that can keep you satisfied, you should consider checking out this deal at Future Shop. I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

(Expiry: 5th October 2014)

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September 27

The Source Canada: Sennheiser Open Wireless Headphones | Was $140 Now $80

Posted by on September 27, 2014 at 12:00 PM

The Source Canada: Sennheiser Open Wireless Headphones | Was $140 Now $80

If you’re a fan of high quality name brand headphones, it seems like now is the time to take advantage of some great sales! Right now, you can get some Sennheiser RS116 Wireless Headphones for $79.99! The regular price of these wireless headphones is $139.99, so you’re saving $60! This order also qualifies for free shipping.

If you’re looking for the ultimate pair of headphones that can suit all of your audio related needs, these Sennheiser RS116 Wireless Headphones  should easily keep you satisfied. With these high end headphones, you can have a range of up to 91 metres from the transmitter. To learn all about the specifications of these Sennheiser RS116 Wireless Headphones , just click here.

Though I don’t own a pair of wireless headphones, I have tried out some Bose earbuds while going for a few jogs outdoors. Especially when compared to the stock headphones from Apple that came with my iPod, I noticed a huge difference between them. The Bose earbuds definitely made some of the songs I listened to sound even louder, while keeping the quality clean without any kind of distortion.

While the novelty of wireless headphones isn’t so fresh nowadays, it’s still exceptionally convenient to wear around the house – especially when you’re working out. You won’t have to worry about wrangling with a cord when you’re on the treadmill anymore, or if you’re trying to prepare some dinner. These Sennheiser RS116 Wireless Headphones can really be quite useful!

At Future Shop and Best Buy, these wireless headphones currently cost $119.99. I’ve included a snippet of a review of these Sennheiser RS116 Wireless Headphones from a satisfied customer of The Source below:

The headphones are comfortable, the ear pcs could be slightly larger but the still fit well. The sound quality is excellent. At low volumes the bass is still vibrant and clear. The true distance you can go before sound breaks up appears to happen around the 60 – 80 ft mark which is more than what I need. Overall these are worth the investment!

Check out this deal before these headphones revert back to the regular price. I hope you all have a great weekend, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 1st October 2014)

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September 23

Future Shop Canada: Monster NCredible NTune Headphones $74.99 (Save $50)

Posted by on September 23, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Future Shop Canada: Monster NCredible NTune Headphones $74.99 (Save $50)

Future Shop Canada is selling these stylish Monster NCredible NTune Headphones (version three) for just $74.99, originally $124.99. You save $50 and receive free shipping as the headset costs over $25 (the free shipping minimum).

Of course, I had to do some price comparing to make sure this was the absolute best deal for you. Without further ado, here is what the competitors are charging for the same headset. Keep in mind that Future Shop is selling version three, whereas the version for most of these headsets is unknown:

  • $119.37 @ Amazon Canada (V2)
  • $149.95 @ Staples Canada
  • $139.95 @ Newegg Canada
  • $129.99 @ The Source Canada
  • $79.88 @ Walmart Canada (black only)

Walmart comes very close to the price that Future Shop is offering, but they only have the black in stock and they are still $5 more expensive. The other retails are pretty much blown out of the water. As to be expected, Best Buy matches the price of Future Shop because they are sister stores. Therefore, if the headphones sell out at Future Shop, you can also score this deal at Best Buy.

In these headphones, seriously, do not buy black. They have some really sexy colours out there including green, blue, and the most perfect red ever made. You could call it ‘Hell Red’ because it looks like hot lava or fire. The green and blue are so deeply saturated that they look like candy – ear candy!

The headphones have powerful bass, comfortable earpieces, and you can use ControlTalk to control your music and calls all from your headset. Your package will include a manual, carrying pouch, cleaning cloth, the 3.5mm Controltalk cable, and the headset itself.

One reviewer says:

I unfortunately bought a pair of over the ear BOSE headphones and lost them and really it wasn’t a loss to me CONSIDERING… I just bought these Monster Headphones to replace them and I couldn’t be happier! Huge sound and strong base, the best headphones I’ve ever had!

Ouch! What a harsh criticism on the BOSE headset but major kudos to these Monster headphones. I have owned Monster before and found they delivered strong base. However, I have previously found Monster headphones to be rather heavy so I am interested in these as they are advertised as lightweight.

What colour are you going to buy Moosers? I think I would go red as it matches my favourite rain jacket!

(Expiry: 25th September 2014)

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September 17

Best Buy Canada: Sennheiser In-Ear Headphones MM30i $34.99 (Save $45)

Posted by on September 17, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Best Buy Canada: Sennheiser In Ear Headphones MM30i $34.99 (Save $45)

Pick up an inexpensive set of Sennheiser In-Ear MM 30i Headphones for just $34.99 at Best Buy Canada. Save $45 and receive free shipping on the earbuds.

I price compared these earbuds with a few places. They cost $64.63 @ Amazon Canada, $79.99 @ The Source Canada, and $39.99 (sale) @ Future Shop Canada, which is Best Buy’s sister store.

Okay, so something is pretty interesting about this set of Sennheiser headphones. I looked at them on four websites and only Future Shop and Best Buy average a mediocre rating on these earbuds. The Source and Amazon Canada average about a 3.5 – 4.5 star rating for the headset whereas Future Shop and Best Buy are averaging 2.5 – 2.7. I find that pretty curious. Either way, this headset has lovers and haters. For every bad review there is also a good review. For example, this person cannot say anything nice about them:

These headphone have much worse low end than the standard apple ones and in general rather poor sound quality. I would have expected better. If earphones could be returned I would!

Whereas this person thinks they are the best thing ever:

If you can get these on sale it’s a no brainer. But even at whole price It would be hard to beat. The detail and dynamics of these are amazing. Nice deep tight bass with sparkling highs. The noise cancelling on these is very impressive aswell. I work with loud equipment and once the music is on it goes away and you can hear only what your listening to with no sound degradation at all. The mic is a very nice feature to have aswell , it almost works to good. Picks up small details around you and I find I like to use 1 eat bud or it’s like u can’t hear your own voice while talking.

Therefore, it is hard for me to advise you one way or another. What I can say is that Sennheiser is a well-known brand in headphones and that this is a very good price for a pair of their earbuds. You will also receive free shipping on this headset as it reaches the minimum required from Best Buy Canada.

Quantities are limited; there are currently only 14 sets available in my own area. I am sure these will sell out way before the deal expires. If you buy them, let us know what you think!

(Expiry: 4th October 2014)

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September 11

The Source Canada: Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones (refurb.) $240

Posted by on September 11, 2014 at 11:30 AM

The Source Canada: Parrot Zik Wireless Headphones (refurb.) $240

I am currently having a heart attack over this deal. The Source is having a refurbished sale with my dream headset in it. Pick up the Parrot Zik by Starck Stark Wireless Headphones – refurbished – for just $239.98 with free shipping. These headphones usually retail for $429.99.

Massive fan girl moments occurring right now. If there was one headset in the world I could get my hands on, it would be the Parrot Zik by Starck (if the Sennheiser HD800s were not available). First and foremost: this is a wireless headset that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The cups are touch sensitive and respond, much like a tablet screen, to swipe motions you make with your fingers. Swipe forward to play jump forward a track. Swipe up to increase the volume and swipe downwards to decrease the volume. When you remove the headset from your ears, it will pause automatically.

The Parrot Zik has a run time of approximately eight hours. Unlike many other headsets, it can still be used once the battery has run out. Just plug in the 3.5mm jack and you are good to listen to your tunes for countless more hours. You must know about so many other features! Like pairing: pairing your Parrot Zik with your simple when you just touch your phone to your left ear cup (for NFC devices). The headset also has active noise cancellation as well as four microphones and a jawbone sensor for call clarity. The Parrot App will allow you to adjust the acoustics and sound-space right from your phone.

Here is what a reviewer at The Source had to say:

I got a refurbished set of Parrot Zik headphones so I can only speak about the gently used pair I got and I have to say, they are awesome! The sound quality is good, the frequent firmware / software updates are apreciated and the touch controls work great. I’m also really impressed by the active noice cancellation. The battery is also giving me 8 hours of playback with the features like noice cancellation and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for bluetooh headphones with noise cancellation.

This headset is currently $399.99 at Future Shop and $429.99 at Best Buy Canada.

This set of headphones includes a USB charging cable and a case.

(Expiry: 17th September 2014 – may sell out sooner)

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August 29

Shop.ca: Denon Globe Cruiser Headphones only $129.99

Posted by on August 29, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Shop.ca: Denon Globe Cruiser Headphones only $129.99

Edit: I am bumping this thread as the deal is back on, and it is such a good sale price too! Use our exclusive coupon code SHOPMOOSE1050 to take an extra $10 off the headset, bringing the cost down to just $119.99.

If you are into headphones that give you amazing sound, check out the deal on these Denon AH-NCW500BK Globe Cruiser On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Originally $449, they are now on sale for $129.99 with free shipping from Shop.ca.

These headphones originally retailed for over $400, but that was when they first came out. They are most certainly not going for that price now. However, this deal from Shop.ca is still quite good given the price at competitors. Hookbag.ca is selling the Denon headset for $292.95.

Denon, oh you must not get me started on Denon. I own three sets of headphones currently, and I have owned several others over the years. Easily – bar none – my Denon headphones are my favourite. The sound is rich and deep with a well-balanced bass. I can easily locate where different sounds are coming from in the headphones, as the clarity is incredible. The ear pieces are also the most comfortable I have ever worn. While I may drool over other headsets, I think that Denon has won my heart.

These headphones are one-step above mine: they are wireless. I have dreamed of wireless headphones so I am totally ogling these ones. I even just told my husband I want to buy another headset. They are also noise cancelling, which makes them perfect for early morning commuters who use public transit. Block out the sounds of the city and enjoy your own precious noise. The headset also has a control wheel so you can keep your phone in your pocket and just change your music right from the headset. When wireless use is not allowed, there is an included wire for connection. The headphones also feature microphones for talking right in the ear cup.

The Denon headphones fold flat and there is a leather carrying / storage case included that is about the size of an iPad. It also includes the following accessories:

  • detachable audio cable
  • USB micro charging cable
  • airline adapter

You totally read that right; the headphones feature a 10-hour rechargeable battery. There is no need to keep a good stash of AA or AAA batteries on hand. I am so stoked about the headset I am vibrating. Momma want!

As with all purchases at Shop.ca, you will receive free shipping on the Denon Global Cruiser Headphones.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 23

Newegg Canada: Turtle Beach Ear Force X42 Now $80 + $10 GC

Posted by on July 23, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Newegg Canada: Turtle Beach Ear Force X42 Now $80 + $10 GC

Newegg Canada is selling the Turtle Beach Ear Force X42 Series Headset for just $79.99 with free shipping. That is 50% off the original retail value of $159.99. You will also receive a free $10 promotional gift card for Newegg.ca with your purchase.

Amazon Canada has this headset on sale for $99.99 with free shipping, which is $20 more and does not include a free gift card. Walmart.ca is selling the headset for $159.83 and The Source is selling the headset for $159.99. Newegg Canada’s price is not only the best, but the freebie makes it a sweet offer.

This headset features Dolby Surround Sound Speakers for a mind-blowing auditory experience. The earpieces are adjustable so you can get a good fit on your ears and enjoy the most incredible sound filtered into your ears from 360 degrees. The headset is wireless, no accidentally tripping on your headset wire or pulling your headset off when you gesture emphatically at the screen. The Turtle Beach headset also has ‘dynamic chat boost,’ making sure you can always hear your team mates while you play games. You can also monitor your own voice with the microphone monitor so you are not screaming at your mates when you get excited. There is no need to break any eardrums.

The headset is designed specifically for the Xbox 360, but would pair well with any console. It does require a digital optical cable hookup to either your Xbox or TV according to reviewers so make sure you have that input available.

Oddly enough, there is only one review for this headset on Newegg and it is negative. I checked over at Amazon because they have a larger pool of reviewers, and the reviews were quite positive over there. On Amazon Canada the Turtle Beach X42 has four 5-star reviews and three 4-star reviews.

Your promotional gift card will be issued four days after you are invoiced for your purchase. Promotional gift cards can only be redeemed online through Newegg.ca and they expire one year after being issued. You do not need to use the entire value all in one purchase, left over credit can be used for another purchase.

I own a Turtle Beach headset and it is very good. The microphone is far superior to many I have tried before and the sound quality is good for the price I paid. For a gaming headset, I have been happy with this brand.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 10

BestBuy Canada: Free Gift with Dyson Fan Purchase (Value $120)

Posted by on July 10, 2014 at 11:30 PM

BestBuy Canada: Free Gift with Dyson Fan Purchase (Value $120)

When you buy any Dyson Air Multiplier at Best Buy Canada, you will receive a pair of Sennheiser Open Wireless Headphones valued at $119.99 for free.

We have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, but I have not yet been able to justify the expense of a fan. However, if I needed another set of headphones (which I sadly do not), then I would readily jump at this offer. Pick any Dyson fan and get a free set of Sennheiser Open Wireless headphones automatically added to your cart. Fans range in price from $329.99 up to $499.99.

The headset communicates wirelessly with your device and is supposed to have reception through walls and ceilings. Enjoy up to 100 metres of range with no strings – or cords – attached. The headphones are lightweight and comfortable to wear according to Best Buy Canada, and they come with three AAA batteries. However, I suggest picking up some rechargeable batteries for the headset if you do not already have. You can read more details on the free headset here.

Personally, I would the Dyson 12″ Desk Fan for $349.99. Usually I would advocate going for the cheapest fan as your freebie is then worth a greater percentage of your product; however, the 12″ fan is only $20 more than the 10″ fan. I think the larger size is certainly worth the extra green bill. The iron/blue colour combination is certainly my favourite. It would look fabulous on top my new vintage dark blue steamer trunk that I picked up for a steal. I always have a fan going in my room, and the Dyson would just replace the one currently sitting on the trunk at the end of my bed.

Yet, it might be worth going with one of the more expensive models for some of the additional features. I would love to own the Dyson Hot + Cool Fan as it would serve well both summer and winter. We bought two space heaters this last winter, as space board heaters are incredibly inefficient. We cut our heating bill by at least 1/3rd with the space heaters. The Dyson hot and cold fan would be the perfect year around fan with the ability to generate heat or just throw cool air. However, it costs $499.99. At least the free headset is valued at just over 20% the value of this fan.

Receive free shipping on all orders of $20 or more. Headset is automatically added to your cart.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 9

Dell Canada: Sony Active Sport Headphones Now $29.99

Posted by on July 9, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Dell Canada: Sony Active Sport Headphones Now $29.99

Dell Canada is selling the Sony Active Sport Headphones in black for $29.99, which is half off the original price of $59.99.

I did some price checking at both Sony Canada itself and at other retailers. I found the same headphones for $54.99 at Sony Canada, $34.99 on sale at Best Buy Canada, $39.99 at Canada Computers, and $59.99 at NCIX Canada. Bestbuy.ca was the closest competitor but Dell.ca still had the better price.

The ear loop is adjustable for a perfect fit. Just hoop it around your ear and pull firmly into place. Once adjusted, the earbuds will stay in place with no more fiddling required. The headphones also come with four sizes of hybrid silicone earbuds so you can find the most comfortable fit for your shape and depth of ears. You might also prefer different earbud ends for different activities. While the headphones are water resistant, preventing water and sweat from leaking into the ear canal while working out, they should not be kept in continuous contact with water. These are not designed for swimming or for any sort of water sports.

These headphones feature an in-line remote with volume and track controls play, stop, next, and previous, which is compatible with Apple products. They also come with a built in microphone to make it simple to take calls while out on a run. The headphones come with a few accessories as well: a clip, a cord adjuster, and a mesh-carrying pouch to keep your headset from being tangled or snagged on things in your bag.

These headphones are lightweight, comfortable, water resistant, and designed for an active lifestyle. Whether running, cycling, or hiking; these headphones would make a good companion for your iPod, phone, or other MP3 player. Listen to your favourite music, podcasts, or ebooks as you enjoy yourself in the great outdoors or work out in your local gym. I always listen to music when I work out; it provides motivation when I usually have none. It also makes me work harder if I am listening to a strong beat like rock or metal. However, sweat tends to be an issue with earbuds and my headphones are too heavy. These would be a better option for the next time I take up going to the gym.

Dell Canada offers free shipping on all orders so these will ship for free.

(Expiry: 10th July 2014)

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April 19

NCIX: Sennheiser Headphones As Low As $35

Posted by on April 19, 2014 at 10:30 AM

NCIX: Sennheiser Headphones As Low As $35

NCIX is having a kick-butt sale on Sennheiser headphones, with up to 60% off a number of styles of headphones.

I know very little about headphones because if I wore them, I couldn’t hear my kids, which some days could be a good things, but on others, who knows what could happen! But, as an audio lover, had I a need for wearing headphones, I’d want really great quality ones. I do wear them to the gym, so this sale is of interest. What I’d really like is some headphones for my kids. I’m tired of listening to the incredibly dull commentary on the YouTube videos they watch of people playing video games. I think I’d rather listen to Don Cherry.

I did check out Sennheiser’s site and found that they are in the pursuit perfect sound and that many artists like P!nk, who I am listening to right now, use their technologies. That says something.

I’ll let you choose the type of headphones you’d like, but check out just a few that are on sale like:

As you can see, these are substantial savings. Shipping depends on which items you choose, because some also offer free express shipping. That gives you an incentive to get one item over another.

(Expiry: 20th April 2014)

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October 28

Walmart Canada: Monster Ncredible Headphones Only $99

Posted by on October 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Walmart Canada: Monster Ncredible Headphones Only $99

Walmart Canada has the Monster Ncredible Ntune headphones on for only $99.95. I price compared and all the other stores had them for $120 or more.

I love how things always come back around. When I was a kid, this size of headphones was the norm. Then, technology took over to give us the smallest headphones possible. But, kids these days are kicking it old school with the giant headphones again. I’m sure they do provide superior sound to the teeny ones I use for my iPod.

Reviewers stated these are great headphones for the money, although they truly aren’t sound cancelling (so you’ll still be able to hear your mother calling you for dinner). But, if you wanted true sound-cancelling headphones, you’ll need to pay three times the price.

You can get these in red, black, blue or white and it doesn’t look like there are many options to get these in-stores. Shipping is free, so why not do that?

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 12

The Source Canada Coupon Code: Up To Extra 30% Discount

Posted by on October 12, 2013 at 3:00 PM

The Source Canada Coupon Code: Up To Extra 30% Discount

Use this The Source Canada coupon code to save up to an extra 30% off electronics including sale items!

Click here to shop @ The Source Canada now

  • Coupon Code: 039362
  • Discount: up to 30% off
  • Expiry: 13th October 2013

Here is how the upper tiers stack up. Get an extra 30% off:

Get an extra 25% off the following categories:

You can see the lower tiers through the first link.

I am this weird little audiophile that would collect more headsets than there are ears in my household. I have my heart set on a pair of Sennheiser Headphones for one day soon, and I ran across this MM 450-X Travel Bluetooth set on sale from $569.99 down to $399.99. After coupon, they come down to a beautiful $279.99! Still a bit out of my budget, as I rarely spend more than $200 on a headset, but I am seriously drooling over these babies. These cost at least $470 elsewhere!

Shipping is around $4.99, or you can pick your order up in store for free.

For this and all future The Source coupon codes visit the forum.

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