June 29

Soprano Handbags: Up to 70% off Handbags Canada Day Sale (FS @ $50)

Posted by on June 29, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Soprano Handbags: Up to 70% off Handbags Canada Day Sale (FS @ $50)

I am always delighted to see steep discounts on fashion essentials like handbags! Soprano Handbags is offering up to 70% off gorgeous leather handbags for Canada Day.

There are several bags bearing the full 70% off discount. SOPRANO Python Print Tote caught my attention. I am not that big on animal prints but the sale bag does not actually have a snake print on it. This beautiful tote comes in a neutral beige leather. It is made of 100% real leather and features light golden tone hardware. It closes at the top via a zipper, thus you can accidently turn your purse over without spilling everything. There are plenty of pockets with a front slip pocket and three interior pockets. Originally $260, the purse is on sale for $78.

Next, I marvelled over the SOPRANO Perforated Leather Bowler Bag. While the blue is sold out, you can still purchase this bag in green or orange. I have to say, the orange is really out there! I love how structured this bag is and the perforated features really make it an eye-catcher. It has a real retro feeling to the bag. Originally $220, the bag is on sale for $68. This makes an excellent everyday mid-size purse.

The SOPRANO Pebble Leather Braided Strap Hobo comes in the most lavender colour. The braided strap easily fits over your shoulder for an effortless chic look. This hobo bag features matching lining, a top zip closure, polished silver hardware, and plenty of pockets. There is a removable key fob and a dust bag as well. I just love dust bags as they are a great way to keep your purse in good condition when not in use. Originally $180, this purse is on sale for $54.

A girl should have at least three handbags in her life: the large ‘carry all but the kitchen sink’ tote for those days where you need to bring everything. Second, the everyday purse that is big enough for the essentials and a few extra things but does not cause arm fatigue carrying. Third, an evening clutch is essential for nights out on the town. The purses above will certainly fulfil two of these three hand bag needs.

There are a myriad of other amazing bags in this sale for substantial discounts! Shop the entire sale through the main link above. Shipping is free on $50+.

(Expiry: 4th July 2014)

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June 29

Cartoon Cat Wallet Only $4.97 & Free Canadian Shipping @ Born Pretty (US)

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Cartoon Cat Wallet Only $4.97 & Free Canadian Shipping @ Born Pretty (US)

If you are looking for the perfect birthday party favour, or just want a funny wallet to make you smile, then check out this Cartoon Cat Wallet over on Born Pretty for only $4.97 USD. This wallet also ships completely free worldwide.

These cartoon cat wallets are adorable. The cats remind me so much of the cat on the Talking Tom app except for the grumpy face. That one looks more like the infamous Grumpy Cat. Right now, you can score these wallets at a cool price that is perfect for a funny gift or if you just have a sense of humour. You could also pick these funny wallets up for birthday party favours, and the price even goes down if you buy multiples! I can see a group of kids really enjoying finding this funny cat faced wallet in their goody bags.

This wallet is available in four different cartoon cat designs. Choose between three smiling faces and one adorable grumpy cat face.  I like that the site will allow you to pick which design you want. I find that with inexpensive items, you get whatever design the retailer happens to grab to fulfil your order. I have my eye on that grumpy face!

Price Comparison

I found these exact kitty wallets available on a website called jollychic.com. This website also ships to Canada from the states and is charging $2.45 for the wallet, but tacks on $8.62 in shipping fees. That brings the total of this wallet to $11.07 CAD. I found a cute hinged wallet with a printed cat at Ardene for $9.50 and shipping will cost an extra $7. That brings the total to $16.50 CAD for this wallet. Zazzle.ca has many options for fun cat wallets but the lowest price is $16.95 CAD.

Shipping and Duties

These wallets ship completely free worldwide, which is awesome news for us. The prices are all in USD so it will cost slightly more in Canadian dollars. If you are just picking up one of these wallets, you will not have to worry about duty fees shipping from the states as the price is under $20. If you are picking up a handful of these wallets and your order is over $20 you may experience some duties at the door. I suggest buying these in multiple orders if you want several so you do not have to worry about duties as the shipping is free anyways. The small difference you would save ordering in bulk would not outweigh potential duty costs at the door if your order is over $20 though the rate can change daily.

Grab your favourite cat now, Bargainmoosers. You will smile every time you look in your bag and see that adorable kitty face. This is also the perfect little gag gift to hide away.

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June 24

60% to 70% Off Handbags @ Zara Canada

Posted by on June 24, 2015 at 5:00 PM

60% to 70% Off Handbags @ Zara Canada

Maybe I already own one too many, but who can resist a great deal on a new handbag? Right now, Zara Canada is having a big sale on clothing, accessories, handbags, and more. I picked out the best handbag deals to present you with a selection of 60% to 70% off purses and totes.

Let us start with the two least expensive bags as I am rather budget minded lately. The Leather Messenger Bag is my personal favourite as it is made of white leather with metal studding. Originally $139, this bag is now on sale for $49.99. Like black leather, white leather matches with everything and it makes a very good alternative for summer.

Next, the Fringed Fabric Shopper Bag is on sale from $129 down to $49.99. If bohemian, gypsy, or hippie is part of your style then this bag might be just what you are after. The bottom appears to be reinforced with leather for increased durability.

You can ship the above bags to your local store for free. Standard delivery to your home costs $4.95 unless you reach the free shipping minimum.

We are now up to the more expensive bags but there is a bonus: as these bags costs over $50, they all qualify for free shipping. The Embossed Leather Messenger Bag (red) is a glorious bag in an ostrich leather design (made of cow leather). This bag is an absolute beauty, thus I understand the original price tag. Originally retailing for $279, this bag is now on sale for $89.99.

For more of the bohemian style, this Leather Messenger Bag With Fringes is on sale from $269 down to $89.99. This is an all-black leather bag with long sweeping fringes. This totally reminds me of chicks with cut-off shorts riding on the back of motorcycles!

This Croc-embossed Leather Bucket Bag does not have fringes but it is finished off with tassels. The leather is high-gloss for a truly sweet statement purse in cherry red. The bucket bag is one of my favourite designs as it literally carries everything! Originally $269, this bag is on sale for $89.99.

Lastly, the Buckled Leather Messenger Bag makes an excellent everyday bag that is appropriate in any season. Black never goes out of style. Originally $269, this bag is also on sale for $89.99.

With nearly 70% off most of these bags, you really are getting an excellent deal at Zara Canada.

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June 22

Hunter Canada: Original Silicone Tote Bag Was $95 | Now $69 & Free Shipping

Posted by on June 22, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Hunter Canada: Original Silicone Tote Bag Was $95 | Now $69 & Free Shipping

I use reusable bags all the time. I use them for carrying books, electronics, groceries, and more. Some items, like groceries, I don’t mind if they get wet (unless they are in cardboard boxes). But I really do care if my books and electronics get wet. If you care too, then pick up a women’s Original Silicone Tote bag from Hunter Canada. Originally $95, this bag is on sale for $69 with free shipping.

I adore these bags so much! They come in such cute colours: bright watermelon, dusty lavender, and tourmaline green. This bag is practical, colourful, and useful!

Some people might like to fold their bags down so small that they can fit in their pocket. If you like to do that with all of your bags, then this is not the bag for you. The Hunter bag is a structured tote bag. It is a molded two-part silicone bag. The material has been molded to form the shape of a Hunter moustache, that iconic Hunter symbol that is seen on all their boots.

It is hard to find this bag in Canada, but i compared to a few websites that offer free international shipping and any place I could find the bag in Canada. Here is what I found:

  • $81.90 @ Coggles.com
  • $81.90 @ All Sole Footwear
  • $81.90 @ MyBag.com
  • $95 @ Lyst Canada
  • $95 @ BKS Brand Name Clothing Canada

As you can see, this bag is best when bought directly from Hunter Canada.

I have only purchased once from the Hunter website, but it was an excellent experience. My product shipped very quickly and the shipping time only too a few days. In fact, my product arrived several days before the estimated delivery time given. I was quite impressed with Hunter Canada’s service. With their free shipping on no minimum, I will be purchasing from them again.

I think this is a good deal because it is a quality tote bag made by the legendary Hunter Canada. In addition, this is one of the few bags they have priced under $100. When you are looking at designer goods, they just are not cheap. The next cheapest bag is the Original Clear Mini Tote Bag on sale from $225 down to $158. I do like this one because it closes at the top but that price is out of my range unlike the silicone tote above.

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June 18

Jet Set Travel Large Leather Phone Wristlet Was $98 | Now $58 & Free Shipping @ Michael Kors Canada (EXPIRED)

Posted by on June 18, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Jet Set Travel Large Leather Phone Wristlet Was $98 | Now $58 & Free Shipping @ Michael Kors Canada (EXPIRED)

I love the look of a sleek leather designer case. Check out the Jet Set Travel Large Leather phone case. This compact wristlet was $98 but you can grab it now for only $58. Grab that sleek look now in a bright colour that is perfect for your summer vacation.

Stylish and sleek, this leather wristlet is chic. This wristlet is made from soft and supple Saffiano leather. This wristlet will fit your phone plus a few other small important items such as a credit card, some cash, your ID and your lipstick. This wristlet is compact enough you can easily carry it on its own when you need just the essentials, or throw it in your handbag to keep your essentials easily accessible. Make sure you click over to the colour mandarin to see the best deal. The default-featured colour when you click the link is a blue and navy version, but it is was $98 and is now $73.

Michael Kors wristlets are not sold everywhere, but I did manage to find a few other places where you could purchase a similar wristlet. Beyond the Rack has the exact same wristlet in mandarin for $94.99. Over at Shop.ca, I found leather Michael Kors wristlet designed to hold your phone in red for $125.64. Amazon.ca carries a similar leather wristlet in a peanut colour for $135 that is fulfilled by Amazon and qualifies for super saver shipping.

Shipping is now completely free at Michael Kors Canada with no minimum. This is fairly new and exciting that now Michael Kors is shipping directly to Canada free. You will not have to worry about any duties, this product ships from within Canada.

If you like options, you may want to check out the great deal on the Jet Set Travel Large Phone Wristlet for IPhone and Samsung. This wristlet is available in a bright yellow colour called Sun was $98 but is now $58.80. There are some other colour options available, most at full price. The cheery yellow is by far the best deal, but you could also snag the same wristlet in a tan colour called peanut for $73. The Jet Set Travel Colour-Block Leather Phone Case in a mandarin and white colour scheme with a brown luggage accent was $108 but is on sale for $64.80. This large wristlet with a bold colour block pattern that resembles wide stripes is also available in navy or a nude motif. These additional colours were $108 but are on sale for $81.

Grab your favourites now. These wristlets are perfect for everyday use for a look that is stylish and chic. I also love that a wristlet in a larger handbag can help to keep you organized. I need all the help I can get to stay organized, and with this wristlet I can look sleek at the same time!

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June 6

Surplus Clothing: Fred Perry Classic Canvas Rucksack Was $200 | Now $60 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on June 6, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Surplus Clothing: Fred Perry Classic Canvas Rucksack Was $200 | Now $60 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Surplus Canada has an amazing deal on this sample Men’s Fred Perry Classic Canvas Rubber Rucksack. originally $200, this brand name backpack is on sale for only $60. Score free shipping (an additional $9.99 savings) with coupon code FREEWEEKEND.

This is an authentic Fred Perry rucksack. The backpack is made of heavy-duty cotton canvas with a PVC base and trim. The PVC base can handle rough surfaces and anything you throw this bag onto (except a fire… don’t do that).

The style is influenced by utilitarian and military style with magnetic fasteners at the main compartment and a zip front pocket. To make you feel rich and famous, the bag comes debossed with a Laurel Wreath badge.

The Fred Perry bag is a good size as well. Measuring 44 cm high and 31.5 cm wide, it is suitable for a man’s back. It can store all your essentials: books, cameras, tablets, cell phones, socks, spare underwear, and more.

Anna observed:

Even though this bag is in the men’s section, there’s absolutely nothing that makes it a “male” bag, in my opinion. The colour is pretty generic, it’s quite a cute rucksack, and I’d even use it myself. Fred Perry is a well-respected brand too so I would also expect it to be good quality and durable.

I would certainly get this sack for myself. In fact, I have a backpack that is the exact same colour and about the same size. It is also made of cotton-canvas, which is my favourite material for backpacks. cotton-canvas is lightweight and extremely durable. Nylon is also lightweight, but the durability is only so-so. The nice, dense weave of a cotton-canvas bag really makes it quite durable. These are bags you will have in 20 years rather than throw out in two.

The shoulder straps actually look comfortable on this bag – bonus!

I price compared this bag with other online retailers. Amazon.com has the bag on sale for $99.99 USD. I found similar bags, from the same line, priced around $125 up to $150 on various other websites. Given the prices for Fred Perry bags to begin with, coupled with the price on Amazon, I think this is a great deal. The free shipping coupon is just a cherry on top of this good deal.

The free shipping ends on the 7th of June 2015.

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June 5

Browns Canada: 70% Off Browns Handbags & Free Shipping

Posted by on June 5, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Browns Canada: 70% Off Browns Handbags & Free Shipping

I found a selection of three handbags on sale for 70% off their original prices! Combine this with Browns Canada free shipping on all orders with no minimum. Usually, they require a $198 minimum or you would pay $5.

I was really hoping to find a nice handbag at a good sale price and I found three! The following three Browns handbags are all 70% off their original price and will come with free shipping.

Browns 5951318 Suede Tote

This is my favourite bag of the three I am talking about today. This large tote is made of gorgeous suede and comes in three different colours: green, burgundy, and brown suede. I rarely see any handbags in green, let alone green suede, thus this bag quickly won my heart. This is quite a large tote, as you can see on the model silhouette that browns provides for size ratio. Originally $225, the bag is now on sale for $66.98 with free shipping.

Browns 5753514 Suede Box Tote

Next, you will not want to miss this box-shaped suede tote from Browns. This tote comes in your choice of burgundy, grey, or brown suede. I am assuming the suede side is facing inward as the outward portion looks more like glossed leather to my eyes. It also has a crocodile like pattern to the outside. I remember when Roots Canada made a bag like this a few years ago; everyone had to have one! Originally $150, this boxy suede tote is now $44.98 with free shipping.

Browns 5242536 Leather Purse

This Browns blue denim leather purse is about the perfect size for everyday use. It comes with plenty of compartments sealed with large chunky zippers. The metal hardware on denim blue leather provides a nice accent. The blue denim would look great with cut off denim shorts, blue jeans, and even summer dresses. Originally $130, this leather purse is now on sale for $39.98 with free shipping.

If you need a new handbag, then I recommend checking out these three deals at Browns Canada. Seventy percent off leather and suede products is a very lucrative sale. Even I would take advantage if I did not already have one purse too many.

Hey Moosers, which of these handbags do you like best?

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June 4

SHOEme Canada: 20% Off Herschel & Extra 20% Off Coupon Code

Posted by on June 4, 2015 at 3:00 PM

SHOEme Canada: 20% Off Herschel & Extra 20% Off Coupon Code

Herschel Supply is an amazingly popular brand right now. ShoeMe Canada has various bags, wallets, and more on sale for 20% off. On top of that, ShoeMe Canada is offering an extra 20% off all outlet items including these sales Herschel Supply bags.

Click here to shop Herschel @ ShoeMe Canada now

  • Coupon Code: EXTRA20
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expiry: 30th June 2015

The first bag I spotted was the Herschel Survey: the only bag on sale for 25% off. Originally $59.99, the Survey is on sale for $44.99. After coupon code, pay just $35.99. Herschel sells the bag for $54.99 and HBC sells the bag for $55. Make sure you check your dimensions when price comparing as there are two different Survey bags with this one being the larger.

I am restricting myself to a tighter budget over the next few months as I have had some care troubles that required some unplanned spending (engine light anyone?). Thus, I was looking for the cheapest Herschel backpack to fit within my budget. The Herschel City in Grey or Navy The City is only slightly smaller than the Survey. I just like how simple this bag is. It has such a clean front on a coated cotton-poly fabric. The single magnetic strap closure is understated, as is the zippered sleeve front pocket. I really like the bright and colourful lining on the inside. Originally $49.99, the bags are on sale for $39.99. After coupon code, pay just $31.99 for the City.

A good wallet will cost you around the same price. The Herschel Raven wallet comes in three different colour combinations:

Each Raven is a nice little card holder with several card slots, a side-sleeve pocket, and a money clip. This is a utilitarian wallet: it provides the bare essentials for keeping all your money (plastic and paper) together. Each card older is fully lined and made of Herschel’s signature coated cotton-poly fabric. Originally $44.99, the card holder is on sale for $35.99. After coupon code, pay just $28.79.

There are many other backpacks and wallets to choose from at ShoeMe Canada. There is something for nearly ever budget as some bags cost more than others. You can also use this coupon code on other brands in the Shoe Me Outlet.

All orders at ShoeMe Canada ship for free with no minimum. For this and future ShoeMe coupon codes, please visit our forum.

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May 26

Hudson’s Bay Canada: 60% Off Anne Klein Bar It All Satchel – Was $120 | Now $48

Posted by on May 26, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Hudsons Bay Canada: 60% Off Anne Klein Bar It All Satchel   Was $120 | Now $48

A woman can never have too many handbags, so if you’re looking for a new one to add to your collection, Hudson’s Bay has currently dropped the price on plenty of designer handbags, such as this Anne Klein Bar It All satchel, which has been slashed in price by 60% and can be had for just $48 instead of its original retail price of $120.

Anne Klein handbags are designed with a timeless look in mind and this satchel is definitely no exception. It looks like it could easily be worn to just about any occasion and even during the day or night.

You can choose between these four colours: black, mauve, navy or raisin. I have been particularly obsessed with all things pink lately (I even bought light pink jeans from Gap Canada recently) and so, I would totally go for the mauve one, which as you can see on the picture above, does appear to have more of a pink hue to it.

In terms of material, it’s made from a faux leather and features the following dimensions: 12″W x 8″H x 5″D.

According to the description on Hudson’s Bay’s site, this satchel is convertible and usually what that means is that it comes with an additional strap that you can use to wear the purse as either at waist length or closer to your chest. This additional strap isn’t visible on the picture though, so I may be wrong!

In fact, it’s not currently available for purchase, but at Macy’s, this same satchel is actually on sale for $80.34 (reg. $115.35), which is nearly double the Hudson’s Bay’s price.

Originally, I was going to blog about the Coach Bleecker large preston satchel, which was priced at $440 and is now down to $264. Even the sale price is a little high for what I would normally pay for a handbag but the fact that it’s a Coach bag and that it’s 40% off essentially is a very tempting deal to take advantage of. This purse features a striped coated canvas with a leather trip, multiple pockets on the inside, a zip-top closure and handles with a 7.5″ drop. Personally, I love this purse’s design as it looks absolutely perfect for summer.

Make sure to click the link above to check out all of the rest of the handbags on sale right now as there are more than 400 designer ones to choose from! Shipping is free on orders over $99.

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April 29

LeSportsac Classic Hobo Bag Was $85 | Now $40 & Free Shipping @ Best Buy Canada

Posted by on April 29, 2015 at 11:11 AM

LeSportsac Classic Hobo Bag Was $85 | Now $40 & Free Shipping @ Best Buy Canada

Check out this cute bag for spring! The Classic Hobo by LeSportsac was $84.99, but is now on sale for $39.99. This bag will take you through all of your spring and summer outings and will match everything in this bright and cheery striped pattern. This item also meets the minimum to ship for free.

I love this cheery hobo bag on sale at Best Buy Canada. A bag like this just screams “welcome warm weather”. I currently have a red leather bag I have been sporting lately that I love, but I went out on a limb with a bright pink spring coat and now they clash. This hobo bag would match my coat and any other casual spring outfits without having to change bags continually. I am not a change my bag everyday kind of girl. I prefer to have one main command station, and then change it up when I go out somewhere special.

I keep imagining this bag on the side of the pool or the edge of a tennis court. This bag also looks like it would hold up well to throwing it on the grass or to the wear and tear kids do to your bag. While I tend to prefer a bag with lots of structure, I can make an exception for this colourful striped hobo. The strap on this bag is adjustable, and it looks like you could wear it over your shoulder or as a cross-body. The main enclosure and pockets all have a zipper, keeping your stuff altogether. This also comes with a separate small matching zippered pouch. That can be handy for grabbing just a few small essentials on the go.

Over at Hudson’s Bay, a few versions of this bag are available including a solid black or flower pattern for $71.20. Amazon Canada has a similar striped version of this hobo bag in slightly different colours for $64.53. I am not finding this particular brand many other places in Canada.

I was not able to find any reviews of this bag at Best Buy. It says it is a new item right on the title so that is probably why there are no reviews. Over at Hudson’s Bay two people have reviewed the same bag in black and both seem very happy with it. Here is one review:

Bought this to replace one that I had for years and finally wore out! It is THE most practical bag I have found. Love it.

There are several other LeSportsac Bags on sale at Best Buy if you want a little different style or pattern. I am also eyeing the LeSportsac Deluxe Everyday Bag in the same stripe pattern. This bag is a little bigger which may suit my hold all of my stuff better.  It was $96.99, but you can grab the deluxe bag on sale for $47.99.

Grab your favourite bag quick. Best Buy Canada says right now there are only a few left and the sale price on all of these bags expires tomorrow.

(Expiry: 30th April 2015)

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March 29

Little Burgundy: Darth Vader Darkside 3D Clutch Was $25 | Now $15 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 29, 2015 at 6:29 PM

Little Burgundy: Darth Vader Darkside 3D Clutch Was $25 | Now $15 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Do you like to put your geek on display? Pick up this Star Wars Darth Vader Darkside Black 3D Coin/Clutch Bag on sale from $25 to $14.98 with free shipping.

This cute little clutch can also fit inside a larger purse. When inside another purse, it works well as a coin purse or a bag for smaller electronics. The clutch is a pretty cool 3D rendition of Darth Vader’s head. Stroke that prominent brow when you unzip his head to make a deposit.

While the bag says it is a clutch/coin purse, I think of this as more of a clutch. 5″ x 5″ is rather large for a coin purse. Heck, I could easily fit my cell phone, keys, credit cards, and even a tube of lip-gloss inside for a night out on the town. There is a detachable wrist strap so you will not lose dear Darth when you are out for a night on the town.

Darth is a 2D molded silicone bag so he will not lose shape. I think he would look amazing with a goth themed outfit for sure. However, I would totally not be adverse to going black-tie and carrying Darth Vader as my clutch. I like throwing a bit of humour into my outfits.

I check out the website for the brand: Lounge Fly. They sell the clutch for $22 US, which equals $27.73 with today’s currency exchange. The bag is out of stock on their website.

I think this is a fantastic little clutch at a great price. Use the wrist strap for evenings out or remove it just to drop this smaller purse inside a larger purse. The free shipping with no minimum offer really makes this deal. Usually, Little Burgundy requires a $75 minimum for free shipping – or else you pay around $5. That really eats into your savings in a hurry. Thus, the free shipping and the $10 off make for a perfect deal together.

I recently acquired the ‘true’ Star Wars trilogy and started re-watching the films. It has been ages since I had seen the films… and there are a couple scenes in there I do not remember. I think i got one of Lucas’ later versions where he had tampered with stuff. It is so hard to know these days.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 17

Chapters Indigo Canada: 63% off Select Totes

Posted by on March 17, 2015 at 7:51 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: 63% off Select Totes

Chapters Canada is offering 63% off select tote bags. These totes are perfect for shopping expeditions, trips the beach, weekend getaways, and more.

There are plenty of different tote designs in this sale.

First we have the Studio Asters Tote – a floral bag with orange accents. Originally $39.50, the bag is on sale for $14.50. The bag is made out of 100% cotton and his long enough handles that you can hook it on your shoulder. One reviewer said:

I bought this Tote just a few days ago, got it at a great price too! Love it! Very nice on the outside and so much room to carry stuff on the inside. Good quality. Makes me feel like Spring is finally here! Very sturdy, it will last. Handy zipper pocket on the inside.

Next on the list, the Gallery Antlers Tote bag features orange/white stripes and an antlers with flowers motif in the middle. Blue straps offset the bag’s pattern and match the blue flowers upon the bag itself. The interior pocket gives you room for small essentials.

Next, the Studio Tote — Black & Gold is a real beauty. This classic tote is large enough to carry nearly the kitchen sink! The classic horizontal stripes of black, white, and gold feel modern and sophisticated. Like the two totes above it, this bag is also on sale from $39.50 down to $14.50.

For those on a tighter budget, the Love Is All You Need Tote is 62% off right now. Originally $25, the tote is now $9. While this is a nice enough tote, I would spring for one of the totes above, as they just look sturdier.

These are the totes on sale for a great price right now. I would like to include an honourable mentions section of other handbags that are over 50% off. At 59% off, this Large Double Snap Pouch — Black & White will keep your phone, keys, lipstick, and more altogether. Transfer it from one tote to another. Originally $29.50, this pouch is now $12.

Here are a few other bags to look at:

There are plenty of other great bag deals. Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 2

Chapters Indigo: 40% Off Emily Tote & Free Shipping – Now $27

Posted by on March 2, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Chapters Indigo: 40% Off Emily Tote & Free Shipping   Now $27

As women, we can never have enough handbags, right? Especially not when there are sales! The Emily Tote is currently on sale for 40% off at Chapters Indigo and can be yours for just $27 (reg. $45). It comes in either black or nude. As Chapters Indigo ships all orders over $25 for free, you’re sure to get this tote shipped at no extra charge.

The Emily tote is 100% polyurethane and boasts a full cotton lining. It snaps closed with a lobster-claw and a flap.

Oddly enough, there are two Emily totes in black on Chapters’ website but it looks to be the exact same purse, in the exam same colour. The only difference is that one has zero reviews and the other has 4 reviews. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about it:

I took this bag with me on a recent trip and stuffed it to the limit. I thought it will break with the amount of weight I was carrying in it but it is fine. I like the clasp, it helps to keep things from falling out.

Other reviewers weren’t so happy with it, citing poorly made straps. To me, this looks like a great handbag for running errands or anything else of the sort. It would perhaps even be a great lunch tote but I wouldn’t use it for anything heavier given the reviews on the straps, especially since they are quite narrow to begin with.

As it’s touted to be the perfect “work-to-weekend bag”, it could also be used to store a change of clothes for going from work to a couple of drinks with friends after work.

You can also save on the following other totes:

It’s more than double the price of the Emily tote, but the Park Avenue tote, especially the one in navy & grey is actually worth considering as well as it has a 4.8/5 rating with reviewers gushing over how much they love it!

By the way, if you haven’t already, make sure to read Brooke’s post from this weekend about a 20% discount on LEGO Classic or LEGO City, a promotion that is set to expire this Sunday. It’s a discount not to be missed if you have kids or are shopping for one!

(Expiry: 9th March 2015)

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February 11

Alice Court Kaiya Handbag Was $398 | Now $149 + Shipping @ Kate Spade New York (US)

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Alice Court Kaiya Handbag Was $398 | Now $149 + Shipping @ Kate Spade New York (US)

Surprise! Kate Spade New York is having a sale today with up to 75% off select items. Included in the sale is the fab Alice Court Kaiya Handbag. This bag was $398 but now is only $149. Shipping is $10 to Canada with no minimum.

Kate Spade New York is having a fantastic surprise sale today with up to 75% off select items. I am a big fan of Kate Spade handbags. I have owned several and I find them to have both chic and timeless styles. I like the slim lines the bags always seem to have without substituting style or functionality. These are my go to bags for splurging on myself, but not feeling too guilty about it.

Included in this sale is the Alice Court Kaiya Handbag that was $398, but now is only $149. This beautiful little bag with a leather bow detail comes in red, black and grey with a white bow. The colour on the linings really pops also, and is a fuchsia or red depending on the bag you choose. This bag also has both a cross body strap and a set of handles, allowing you to carry it several different ways. Though I like this bag in all three colours, I am pining over the grey with the white leather bow. It reminds me of a bag I would throw down on a blanket as we have some kind of picturesque picnic. Pass the cheese and grapes, let the kids run in the grass and I will rummage through my fab little bag here for a lipstick touch up.

Kate Spade is not easy to find in Canada. Costco has a selection of Kate Spade bags, but none are quite as fab as the bag directly from Kate Spade New York. A comparable bag at Costco would be the Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise Handbag, which sells for $299. Even on Ebay most of the medium sized Kate Spade handbags go for $200 plus and that is assuming you win the auction at the lower end of the price range.

There are a few other great accessories if you are looking for a smaller splurge. I like the whimsy of the Eiffle Tower Pendant. This fab necklace was $179 but is now only $49. This handcrafted pendant is featured in gold and includes a 32 inch chain. It also has a lobster claw closure, which I always prefer on a necklace so it is more secure. This necklace is also  12 karat gold plated with an enamel coating.

Shipping is only $10 to Canada all the time. Duties are unfortunately not included so you may be charged duty at the door. The border does not always insist a duty fee every time, but it is possible you could be picked. I would say it is a small price to pay for this fab deal.

(Expiry: 12th February 2015)

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February 6

Today Only! Anne Klein Trinity Satchel Was $120 Now $47 @ Hudson’s Bay + Shipping (EXPIRED)

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Today Only! Anne Klein Trinity Satchel Was $120 Now $47 @ Hudson’s Bay + Shipping (EXPIRED)

Check out the beautiful Anne Klein Trinity Satchel. This fab bag was $120 but is now only $46.80. Hudson’s Bay is having a one-day deal on selected handbags, discounting them up to 70%. Other designers in this sale include names such as Calvin Klein, Fossil, Nine West, Ralph Lauren and more.

This chic Anne Klein Trinity Pleated Satchel is beautiful to use as an everyday bag. This bag was $120 but is now only $46.80. I have been a silver hardware girl for a long time but have recently been coming around to gold hardware. I love how the gold hardware looks with the “earth” colour of the bag. This bag looks almond to me, but either way the gold looks great. This handbag also comes with dual handles and a cross body strap so you can wear it a few different ways. It has a flat bottom and several zip pockets to help keep you organized. I always appreciate a bag with a flat bottom so it stays put when I set it on a table or chair.

I looked around the web and you will not beat the price on this bag elsewhere. Michaels.ca is carrying the Anne Klein Trinity Satchel online for $159.60. A similar size and style bag, the Bordeaux Croco Satchel is available at Town Shoes and is currently on sale for $96.  Amazon.ca has the Anne Klein Madrid Tote Bag that has the same vibe and colour as the satchel, but the price at $71.55. I would grab the satchel at Hudson’s Bay instead.

Two people have reviewed this bag and they both seemed happy. One reviewer just said it was lovely. The other said:

I bought this bag for my mother in law and I am positive that she will love it. Going to the bay to buy a scarf and gloves to put in it and she will be all set for a day/night on the town.

Sounds like a great little bag. Maybe I should pick one up for my mom for her birthday.

Hudson’s Bay has a couple other great bags on sale up to 70% off today only. Another great bag to check out is the Calvin Klein Monogrammed Zip Wristlet. This slim little bag was $78 but is now only $35. A friend of mine has a tote bag in the same print as this wristlet. I have been eyeing it at the library and at our playdates lately. The pattern’s colour is gorgeous in the almond colour, though it also comes in a brown also. I like keeping around a wristlet or two, it helps keep all of my essentials together. You can easily grab and go with into a shop with just the essentials while still keeping your money close.

Free shipping is available if you spend a minimum of $99. I personally could drop that easily on one of the larger totes or by grabbing more than one bag. If you do not hit the minimum of $99, shipping seems reasonable at around $6 per item for most items.

(Expiry: 6th February 2015)

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