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75% off Guild Wars 2 (PC) This Weekend: Now Only $10 to $15 (US) *BUMP* (EXPIRED)

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75% off Guild Wars 2 (PC) This Weekend: Now Only $10 to $15 (US) *BUMP* (EXPIRED)

*BUMP. This deal is back on!* Here’s a little deal for the PC gamers! This weekend, you can buy Guild Wars 2 for a 75% discount on the original price! There are two editions on offer; the Digital Heroic Edition was $39.99 and it’s now only $10 and the Digital Deluxe Edition was $59.99 and it’s now only $15.

The above prices are in US dollars, so with the exchange rate, you’re paying slightly more in CA.

When Margarita last wrote a deal about Guild Wars 2, it was here, back in April 2014 when the game was on offer at 50% off, so 75% is obviously a sweeter deal. For the price you pay above, you’re getting the digital edition of the full game, and there are a few extras too, depending on which pack you choose. E.g. You get a Chalice of Glory in the Digital Deluxe Edition… obviously a few things to help you out when you are actually in and playing the MMO.

Here are some words from my partner – he used to be a big player of the first Guild Wars game, but he hasn’t got any experience of this second edition.

Geez, it’s been going a long time – it’s over two years since this game came out. There’s a new expansion pack coming (Heart of Thorns), it was actually announced yesterday. So this deal could allow you to get in and run through the initial game which should be bug free, by now! It’s very pretty… I want it.

I promptly said nope, he’s not getting it! There are so many unplayed games sitting on his Steam account, that he’s purchased when they were on special offer but hasn’t yet played. I’ve vetoed the purchase of Guild Wars 2!

I remember in the olden days, there was a World of Warcraft vs Guild Wars argument. World of Warcraft is by far the most popular nowadays, but Guild Wars still has a pretty big worldwide following.

Have you ever heard of the web TV series, The Guild? It’s a brilliant little show which came out a few years ago, when MMOs were getting extremely popular. Here’s the first episode:

There are now six seasons available to view, and it’s a great watch. If you’ve ever played any type of MMO, then the references in it will tickle your funny bone. But even if you’re not a player, you should still find the show pretty funny.

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April 6 50% Off Digital Heroic & Digital Deluxe Editions

Posted by on April 6, 2014 at 4:30 PM 50% Off Digital Heroic & Digital Deluxe Editions

Guild Wars 2 may have been out for almost two years now (it was released in August 2012) but it’s still as fun as ever, if not better considering the frequent updates it receives, and for a limited time only, you can save 50% on the purchase of either the digital Heroic edition or the digital Deluxe edition.

For any of you moosers who have played or still play World of Warcraft, then Guild Wars 2 will definitely be right up your alley with its MMORPG style.

Usually priced as high as $49.99, the heroic edition of the game can be had for just $24.99 and also includes the following bonuses: Suit of Legacy armor, Mithril box to make your inventory bigger and 10 experience boosters, which increase XP from kills by 50% for an hour.

For $10 more, you can get the digital deluxe edition instead at just $34.99 (reg. $69.99) and on top of including everything heroic edition offers, it will also give you perks like a temporary pet (Mistfire Wolf), a minituare Rytlock, your very own golem banker to summon anywhere you want, a Chalice of Glocy for extra Rank points and a Tome of Influence to be used for your guild.

Admittedly, I have never played Guild Wars but I have, however, played WoW and this game definitely sounds very similar to it, especially since you progress by killing mobs, earning achievements, etc. On the plus side, there is also no monthly subscription fee to pay, which means that you only have to buy the game once and then you can enjoy it nearly forever (or for as long as updates are being rolled out).

Prices are in USD but from my experience in purchasing games in US currency, the charge on your credit card will automatically be converted into Canadian dollars depending on the value of the dollar.

Have you ever played Guild Wars or have you been wanting to?

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