September 2

Bioshock Infinite Only $1 @ Greenman Gaming ($33 Value) *HOT*

Posted by on September 2, 2015 at 1:28 PM

Bioshock Infinite Only $1 @ Greenman Gaming ($33 Value) *HOT*

I ran across an adult gaming deal that I just cannot resist sharing with you! Greenman Gaming is offering Bioshock Infinite for just $1 when you vote in the Golden Joystick Awards. Anyone can vote, so anyone can take advantage of this sweet gaming deal.

The process is simple:

  1. Vote
  2. Redeem your game for $1
  3. Play the game
  4. Earn your $1 back!

That is right; you can actually earn back the $1 you pay for the game by playing the game. In the end, your copy of Bioshock Infinite will be free. If you were to purchase Bioshock Infinite at Steam, it would cost you $32.99. Greenman Gaming currently has the same game on sale for $20. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 14

Greenman Gaming Coupon Code: 25% Off GTA V For PC – Now Just $45 US

Posted by on June 14, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Greenman Gaming Coupon Code: 25% Off GTA V For PC   Now Just $45 US

Have you been meaning to give Grand Theft Auto V a try? Here’s your chance to while saving money: you can use the code below to get a 25% discount on this super popular game but only during the next couple of days. Originally selling for $59.99 US ($73.90 CDN), you can get it for just $45 US, which comes up to about $55.43 in Canadian.

Click here to get Grand Theft Auto V on PC @ now

  • Coupon Code: GRAB25-PERCNT-OFFNOW
  • Discount: 25% off
  • Expiry: 19th June 2015 @ 1pm EST

I had the opportunity of playing this game when it first came out on PS3 (and subsequently on the PS4) and I must tell you that it’s definitely worth playing! It’s very well made and the missions will keep you on your toes as you navigate through the vast cities. The story lines of the three characters, Michael, Trevor and Franklin, are also intriguing as the game makes you wonder how these characters, from very different backgrounds, will come together in the end.

Reviews for this game have been pretty spectacular across the board. Here’s one that gave it a 100 score on Greenman Gaming’s site:

GTA V is one of the first games of 2015, this is one of the best games to come out so far its graphics are fantastic and excellent gameplay recommend it 100% because it is a game for fun and it is not history, terror, etc, this game can be played with friends and making different kinds of missions I hope you buy and enjoy this wonderful game.

Everywhere else, the PC version of this page is $69.99 such as at Best Buy or EB Games. has it for $69.95. Admittedly, these come in DVD form, which means that you would receive an actual CD but since these are quickly becoming obsolete, you might as well get the truly PC version with Greenman Gaming. Not only will you save money but you will also immediately receive your activation key via e-mail, which means that you can play right away as well instead of waiting for your game to arrive in the mail.

For more Greenman Gaming coupon codes, be sure to keep an eye on the Bargainmoose forum. The one above can actually be used on other games as well but keep in mind that it may not work on all. It’s worth a try though if there’s another game that you have been eyeing for a while.

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April 3

Holiday Madness 7 Games for $1 USD @ Greenman Gaming

Posted by on April 3, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Holiday Madness 7 Games for $1 USD @ Greenman Gaming

This long weekend you might find yourself with a lot of spare time. If you could use some games to take up your time, then check out the Greenman Gaming Holiday Madness offer. Greenman Gaming has a few different game bundles for just $1 USD each. Each bundle has seven games for your enjoyment. These games are downloads, so no worries about any shipping costs either.

There are so many bundles and games to choose from, where do you start? You could purchase all of the bundles if you wish, they are only $1 USD each after all. Some of the games repeat throughout the bundles. I notice a few like Skara, Tidalis and Orborun throughout many of the bundles. There are lots of interesting games as well as games I have never heard of. Make sure to read up and be sure you will enjoy them before making your purchase.

Here is a little breakdown of the Holiday Madness bundles available from Greenman Gaming for just $1 USD:

Grey Pack

  • Skara – Starter Pack
  • Tower Wars
  • Tidalis
  • A Valley Without Wind 1 & 1 Dual Pack
  • Zack Zero
  • Battlepaths
  • Steel Storm

Blue Pack

  • Rush Bros.
  • Gun Monkeys
  • Rooms
  • Clickr
  • Rabbit Hole 3D: Steam Edition
  • Orborun
  • Tower Wars

Green Pack:

  • PID
  • Orborun
  • Tower Wars
  • Ocean City Racing
  • Tidalis
  • A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 Dual Pack
  • Shattered Haven

Yellow Pack:

  • Victim Of Xen
  • Speedball 2
  • Sanctum
  • Postal
  • Pixel Junk Monsters
  • Numba Deluxe
  • Gun Monkeys

Orange Pack:

  • Clickr
  • Rabbit Hole 3D: Steam Edition
  • Skara – Starter Pack
  • Orborun
  • Tower Wars
  • A Valley WIthout Wind 1 & 2 Dual Pack
  • Shattered Haven

Red Pack:

  • Rush Bros.
  • Clickr
  • PID
  • Skara – Starter Pack
  • Ocean City Racing
  • Tidalis
  • A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 Dual Pack

Purple Pack:

  • Rooms
  • Skara – Starter Pack
  • Orborun
  • Tower Wars
  • Ocean City Racing
  • Tidalis
  • A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 Dual Pack

Pink Pack:

  • Orborun
  • Pid
  • Shattered Haven
  • Battlepaths
  • Zack Zero
  • Steel Storm
  • QuestRun

Quest Run has been a game that I have wanted to try, and a few of the other games in the Pink Pack catch my interest too. I might go ahead and invest in that Holiday Madness Bundle. Which bundles interest you as a gamer?

Just a side note that many of these games will require Steam to be played. Also, while there is no expiry date listed, this is a Holiday Madness promotion so I am sure it will only remain valid this weekend, or while supplies last. Snag this offer while you can if any of the games interest you.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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February 24

24h Only: 25% Off Resident Evil Revelations 2 @ Greenman Gaming With Promo Code – Now $30 (Expired)

Posted by on February 24, 2015 at 2:00 PM

24h Only: 25% Off Resident Evil Revelations 2 @ Greenman Gaming With Promo Code   Now $30 (Expired)

Are you excited about the new Resident Evil Revelations 2 game? Until tomorrow, you can use the Greenman Gaming coupon code below to get a 25% discount on this game. Featuring a retail price of $39.99, it can be yours for just $30 instead.

Click here to get Resident Evil Revelations 2 @ now

  • Coupon Code: 25OFFR-ESEVIL-REVEL2
  • Discount: 25% off Resident Evil Revelations 2
  • Expires: 25th February 2015 @ 5pm

Set to be released on February 25th, this single player game continues the story of Claire Redfield, a survivor of the Raccoon City incident, who now works for Terra Save, an anti-bioterrorism organization. She gets kidnapped and imprisoned in the very first episode and it will be your job to manoeuvre around the story line to get her out.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 comes with:

  • Episodes 1-4
  • Extra episodes for 1 & 2
  • Character costume pack
  • Raid mode character (Hunk & Wesker)
  • Raid mode throwback map pack

Unlike the previous Resident Evil Revelations 2 game, assistive co-op play is a key feature of the 2nd instalment. Here’s what IGN’s Lucy O’Brien had to say about it in her review of the first episode:

You can – and will likely want to – switch between characters on the fly. Although I would have liked more co-op puzzle solving, split-screen combat dynamics are particularly fun; as one character in each pair is significantly under-powered against enemies, you must learn to communicate with your partner in order to stay alive.

Other key features include but are not limited to weekly episodes, the return of Barry, new enemy types and much more.

Keep in mind that since Greenman Gaming specializes in the sale of PC games, you will only get a PC download of this a game. If you would prefer to get it on a console, then it’s 5% off at and can be yours for $37.99 for play on an Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4. It’s set to be released on March 10th.

For those of you with a PlayStation, it has been said that following the official release of this game, it will be available on cross-buy, albeit with some prerequisites. This means that if you get it for the PS3, then you will also be able to play it on the PS4 and vice versa. However, this feature is only available to those to pre-order the game and it also won’t be available immediately upon launch. Read more about it on Capcom’s blog.

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October 30

Green Man Gaming Canada Coupon Code: Wolfenstein The New Order For PC | Was $60 Now $24

Posted by on October 30, 2014 at 7:35 AM

Green Man Gaming Canada Coupon Code: Wolfenstein The New Order For PC | Was $60 Now $24

Good morning, my fellow gamers! Green Man Gaming is currently having a 50% off sale on Wolfenstein: The New Order for the PC/Steam, and with the coupon code I’ve included in this article, you can save even more! Normally selling for $59.99, you can now purchase this fun first-person shooter for $24 when you use the coupon code below. This is for a download of the game, so you can play Wolfenstein: The New Order soon after purchasing it – no shipping required! Save time, and save money!

Click here to check out this deal @ now

  • Coupon Code: SPOOKY-TREATS-GMG20X
  • Discount: Extra $6 off
  • Expiry: Unknown

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a game that was released amidst plenty of hype, hope, and promises. It has thankfully lived up to its high expectations, and I still find it remarkable that the Wolfenstein series still manages to be successful in 2014. The first popular game of this series (there were 2-dimensional Wolfenstein games for the Commodore 64, Apple II, and other older computers around 1985, but it wasn’t very popular, nor was it as original as Wolfenstein 3D) was originally introduced to PC owners in 1992, mainly through Shareware disks where you could try out a few levels of the game that enticed users to purchase the full game from the publisher, ID Software. This strategy worked, and Wolfenstein 3D was a runaway hit!

Wolfenstein 3D ended up appearing on the Super Nintendo, Atari Jaguar, and Panasonic 3DO video game systems. After an expansion pack (named Spear Of Destiny) was released soon after the resounding success of Wolfenstein 3D, ID Software ended up creating another game that ended up taking over the world for the next few years: DOOM. Wolfenstein was mainly forgotten for a while, until the series received a successful reboot in the early 2000’s, which has led us all to enjoying the latest chapter in the series, Wolfenstein: The New Order.

If you wanted to purchase Wolfenstein: The New Order from Steam, it would cost you $59.99 US, and it’s $69.99 at Best Buy. I’ve included a brief review of this game from a satisfied Best Buy customer below:

I thoroughly enjoyed playing through this game. Got a good 18 hours of fun out of it and there will be some replay for hidden items. They managed to keep and maintain my favourite aspect of the last Wolfenstein game, amazing weapon feel. 

Get this while the deal is still valid. Happy gaming, everyone!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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September 24

GreenMan Gaming: Free Welcome Pack (4 Games + 4 Eve Add-On Packs + 23% Voucher)

Posted by on September 24, 2014 at 3:30 PM

GreenMan Gaming: Free Welcome Pack (4 Games + 4 Eve Add On Packs + 23% Voucher)

Free is great isn’t it? With GreenMan Gaming’s welcome pack, you can get 4 free games, 4 add-on packs for Eve Online and a voucher for 25% off! Keep reading to find out how you can score one for yourself now.

Usually priced at $42.89 and with an actual value of $63.88, the welcome pack includes:

If you’re not already a member of GreenMan Gaming, then simply create an account and subscribe to their newsletter. A unique GreenMan Gaming coupon code will then be e-mailed to you within 72 hours. Once you receive the code, you need to add the welcome pack to your shopping basket and use the code at checkout to get the freebies along with the voucher.

If you are a member, then you can only get the welcome pack with pre-purchase of any one of the following games:

Don’t quote me on this but you could also just use an alternative e-mail to subscribe to GreenMan Gaming’s newsletter as if you’re a new member and get your welcome pack for free without the purchase of the games above.

I’m definitely pretty excited to give Eve Online a try as it’s an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) set in space thousands of years in the future. Although it resembles World of Warcraft in that players can interact with others around the world, it’s also very different because on top of requiring no grinding through levels, Eve also offers extensive freedom in how you play and what you do. Forget about running around low-level zone killing mobs and levelling up, in Eve, the goal is to acquire power, whether militarily, politically, etc. Unlike WoW, everyone also plays on the same server, which is certainly a neat feature as well.

The 23% discount is also pretty cool, though you can also try using the GreenMan coupon code that is currently on our forum to save 25% off instead. It’s only valid on select games, so you’re going to have to try it at checkout to see if its works.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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September 6

GreenMan Gaming: 75% Off LEGO Titles

Posted by on September 6, 2014 at 4:30 PM

GreenMan Gaming: 75% Off LEGO Titles

LEGO has been around for many years, but it has recently become a huge hit again with the new generation partly because of the LEGO movie that came out last year.  This weekend over at GreenMan Gaming, you can save 75% off select LEGO titles for PC downloads.

Both of my kids love LEGO so it is pretty wildly popular in my house.  All of the LEGO games that are on sale for 75% off the regular prices right now, are based on action heroes or popular movies.

If you are a huge Marvel fan, you might like this LEGO Marvel Superheroes game that was $19.99 and is now on sale for just $4.99. It features an original story crossing the entire Marvel Universe including Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine and many more Marvel characters.

I know a lot of Lord of the Rings fans would love this The Hobbit game that was $29.99 and is now on sale for just $7.49. It gets some awesome reviews. Here is a look at one of them.

I have played a lot of Lego video games, but this is the best of all. I mean, is the story of the Hobbit, with the extra scenes of the film (and book obviously) and with that characteristic humor of Lego franchise.

The graphics are awesome, the game play too. So… BUY IT!-  Johan’s Dr.

One of the really great deals that will give you a variety of games at once is this LEGO Complete Pack.  It is normally priced at $99.95 and it is now 75% off making it just $24.98.

It includes the following games:

  • LEGO Batman
  • LEGO Batman 2
  • LEGO Harry Potter 1-4
  • LEGO Harry Potter 5-7
  • LEGO Lord of the Rings

At the low sale price of just $24.98, you will be paying less than $5 a game which is pretty incredible.

There are 10 different reviews in total for this collection of games and overall, it gets a 90% rating from its users.  The fact that it got a few 100% scores really tells you a lot about how great this collection of games is. At 75% off the regular prices, you really can’t lose.

What kind of PC games do you like to play Moosers?

(Expiry: 7th September 2014)

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August 27

Green Man Gaming: 2K Multibuy Deal – Get Up To 5 PC Games For $30 (Expired)

Posted by on August 27, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Green Man Gaming: 2K Multibuy Deal – Get Up To 5 PC Games For $30 (Expired)

Looking to save big on some hot video game titles? I know I am, now that I’m looking for a new virtual challenge to sink my teeth into – after all, 2K Games makes some of the most popular sports, strategy, and action titles out there! 2K Games is also responsible for established franchises such as Borderlands, Bioshock, and Civilization (you may remember playing the original on your mom’s old 386 computer). Well 2K Games fans, today’s deal from Green Man Gaming will certainly put a smile on your face – their current promotion is for a 2K multibuy deal, where you can choose from a selection of games and save some of your hard earned cash!

Here’s how the 2K multibuy deal works:

• Choose three selected PC titles for $24
• Choose four selected PC titles for $28
• Choose five selected PC titles for $30

With this 2K multibuy deal that’s being offered, you can choose from a decent selection of popular titles, such as Borderlands 2 (normally $19.99 on Gamefly), Civilization V: Gods & Kings (regular price is $29.99 on Gamefly), and Mafia II (normally $29.99 on Steam). To check out the full list of games available, click here.

I like the fact that the games in this sale are direct downloads. Just remember that rather than waiting for your item to ship, you’ll be able to enjoy your games within hours! The five games for $30 is the best value that you can get for this sale – even if you end up selecting the critically panned and massively disappointing Duke Nukem Forever (the game was in development limbo for nearly a decade, and it probably should have stayed there). All joking aside, there are some great games here that you should definitely try out at least once.

For example, here are some short reviews about Borderlands 2:

“Prepare to level. Prepare to loot. Prepare to get lost in the hilarious, bizarre and wonderful world of Pandora.”
9/10 – IGN

“Borderlands 2 stands out as Gearbox’s magnum opus, and one of the most memorable and fun gaming rides I’ve ever been on.”
4.5/5 – GameSpy

If you’re a fan of 2K Games and love your PC, then I’d highly recommend that you download these games before the promotion pulls a Houdini and disappears! Happy gaming, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry Date: Unknown)

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August 22

Weekly Coupon Codes Roundup For Up To 30% Off

Posted by on August 22, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Weekly Coupon Codes Roundup For Up To 30% Off

There have been so many great coupon codes coming out recently that there are just too many to do individual blog posts about. We don’t want you to miss out on any of the great deals you can take advantage of, so we have rounded up a bunch of them all in one spot for you to check out. Keep in mind, the coupons below are just a very small fraction of the thousands that are posted up on the coupon forum right now.

Here is a look at some of the coupons you will see this weekend:

Lands’ End- Use the promo code SAVINGTIME and the PIN 1480 to save 30% on any one regularly priced item.  It will be valid until August 25th. There are currently four different coupons codes to use that will save you up to $50 on your next booking.  They are all valid until August 31st.

GreenMan Gaming- Use the coupon 01S6ZC-JVSB28-JRW7X4 to get 25% off select titles.  This coupon will be valid until August 29th. The coupon code TWENTYFIVE will save you 25% on all print books (up to $25). It will be valid until August 25th.

eSkincarestore- Enter the coupon code 2COOL to save yourself 15% on your entire order for a limited time only.

Aeropostale- The coupon code 25OFF will save you $25 on all purchases of $100 or more until August 24th.

Jag Jeans- You will be able to get $20 off orders of $250 with the coupon code TWENTYOFF until December 31st.

Buffalo Jeans- You can use the coupon code JEANS15 to save yourself 15% on all jeans.  This coupon will be valid until September 15th.

Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.)- The coupon CLUTCH will get you the Studio Luxe brush collection for just $5 ($45 value) on orders $30 or more.  You can use this coupon until August 25th.

All of these coupons will be posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum for you to access and use to shop online. We add new coupons daily, so make sure to check back often.

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August 12

GreenMan Gaming Coupon: Up to 80% Off Top 50 Games & an Extra 20% off

Posted by on August 12, 2014 at 9:30 AM

GreenMan Gaming Coupon: Up to 80% Off Top 50 Games & an Extra 20% off

Not only is there a great new coupon code out for GreenMan Gaming right now, there is also a huge sale that will save you a ton of money.  Save up to 80% on games right now and then save an additional 20% at the checkout with this coupon code.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: O7CNAE-Z1Y29P-QZAJ1I
  • Discount: 20% Off $10+
  • Expiry: 15th August 2014

Saving an additional 20% off the lowest price as long as you spend just $10 or more, is a pretty great deal since some titles are discounted a lot already. This coupon code will work on almost everything site wide with a few exceptions. They don’t actually list the exclusions but it will be obvious at the checkout.  Regardless, there are some great deals that you can get even if this coupon doesn’t work on some of them.

What deals are there?

Currently, there are two different sales to take advantage of with titles up to 80% off the regular prices. You will be able to shop  the Top 50 Games for up to 80% off and you can also shop the Top 30 Indie Games for up to 80% off as well.  Every few days, they will release 10 games that will be included in this selection. In total, there will be 80 different games that you can get for a fraction of the regular prices.

They are counting back down for the games so right now, they have revealed down the list of the Top 50 games to number 31.  For the Indie game deals, they have revealed down to number 21. Every few days, they will reveal 10 more until they are all revealed.  It is actually kind of neat when you think about it. Since you download them and there is no cost for shipping, you can get the deals whenever they come out without worrying about that extra charge!

You will notice most of the games offered at GreenMan Gaming are action packed but there really is something for everyone.  They also have some fun puzzle games, educations games, fantasy games and much more for a variety of interests.

With a lot of games to choose from, it will be easy to meet the $10 minimum spend to use this coupon code.

We add GreenMan Gaming coupons pretty often to our coupon forum so make sure to check there first before shopping online.

What games are you excited to get?

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July 26

GreenMan Gaming: 92% Off CodeMasters Bundle

Posted by on July 26, 2014 at 6:30 PM

GreenMan Gaming: 92% Off CodeMasters Bundle

Occupy your time this weekend with six different PC games. Greenman Gaming has reduced the Codemasters Bundle by 92% all the way down to just $4.99 (reg. $64.93).

The Codemasters Bundle comes with the following six PC games:

  • Overlord
  • Overlord 2
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
  • Maelstrom: The Battle For Earth Begins
  • Hospital Tycoon
  • Damnation

Although these may not be the most popular games out there right now, they’re still a great way to pass the time, especially since on their own, each game runs for about $5 to $10.  At a total price of $4.99, each games comes down to just $0.83!

Both Overlord games would be the ones I would try first, especially since the first one features the following review:

A very small number of games makes me want to play them until i finish them. Overlord is one of those. You have 2 paths to complete the game: Be very evil (my favorite) or just. What would you prefer? Be feared? Or loved?

That’s enough to get me hooked, especially since the graphics look pretty good as well.  Both  revolve around the main character known as “The Overlord”, whose goal is to either conquer or destroy the surrounded lands with the help of his many minions. Don’t get too excited though, as these aren’t the same minions as the ones in Despicable Me.

If you like these two, then you’ll be happy to know that there is also a third one in the series available for play: Overlord – Raising Hell. It’s $9.99 and the description starts with the tag line: “how evil can you get?” GreenMan Gaming: 92% Off CodeMasters Bundle

As you can perhaps guess, the game featured on the banner above is Hospital Tycoon, which allows you to create your very own ER-styled drama, all the while curing patients and managing an expanding hospital.

Did you know that Greenman Gaming coupon codes and discounts are released on a frequent basis, and all of these can always be found on the Bargaimoose forum? In fact, the popular Thief game is currently on sale for just $10.19 (reg. $29.99) or $11.21 for the Master Thief edition.

You’re going to need a Steam account to play, but it’s absolutely free to sign up and have one.

(Expiry: 29th July 2014 @ 4pm UTC)

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June 4

Green Man Gaming Coupon Code: 20% Off Watch Dogs & Other Titles

Posted by on June 4, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Green Man Gaming Coupon Code: 20% Off Watch Dogs & Other Titles

Just the other day, I wrote about Watch Dogs being available for just $58 (reg. $69.99) on the PS4 and Xbox versions of Watch Dogs at Dell Canada, but since Watch Dogs is currently the talk of the town –the gaming town, that is–, it looks like Green Man Gaming has decided to jump on the discounts bandwagon as well. For a limited time, you can use the code below to save 20% on the PC download of this cool new game. You can get the regular version for just $48 (reg. $59.99), the deluxe edition for $56 (reg. $69.99) or the season pass for $16 (reg. $19.99).

Click here to get Watch Dogs for PC @ now

Click here to get Watch Dogs Deluxe Edition for PC @ now

Click here to get Watch Dogs Season Pass for PC @ now

  • Coupon code: UK3A0U-YOVK88-88EMC8
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expiry: 6th June 2014

A game that just came out, Watch Dogs follows the story of Aiden Pearce as he manoevers around the city of Chicago seeking to avenge the death of his niece. As a hacking specialist, he is able to gain banking information and most notably control grid lines. Although I haven’t played the game as I haven’t invested in a PlayStation 4 yet, I’m nevertheless excited to try it out for myself because of the anticipation behind this game prior to its release.

For those of you who have never heard of Green Man Gaming before, it’s a a site that has been offering thousands upon thousands of PC games since 2010. Although the vast majority of their titles fall into the the action category, they also have plenty of other types of games such as shooter, strategy, adventure, puzzle, RPGs and even educational.

The above code can also be used to save 20% on the following games:

Although it’s only the third one and was actually released as far back as 1990, Final Fantasy is totally a game that I would want to play as well. A couple of years ago, I played the seventh instalment of this iconic franchise and since it was a game that I really enjoyed, it would be interesting to see how previous versions were designed and to find out more about the story.

Will you be playing Watch Dogs?

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March 3

GreenMan Gaming Coupon Code: Up To 80% Off Select SEGA Games

Posted by on March 3, 2014 at 8:00 PM

GreenMan Gaming Coupon Code: Up To 80% Off Select SEGA Games

All systems, full power! For a couple of days only, dash over to GreenMan Gaming where you can save up to 80% on select SEGA titles for PC download.

Click here to fulfill all your gaming needs @ now!

  • Coupon Code: OQE4LG-WEQPSE-SMCME1
  • Discount: up to 80% off select games
  • Expiry: 7th March 2014, 4:00 PM ET

To begin with, there are only two ways to save and it’s on the following games:

Then, as of March 4th 2014, you can also save 75% off:

Although I have no shortage of games that have yet to be played, let alone opened for my PS3, I have actually been wanting to play a PC game for a while now and the Tuesday deal on Sonic is pretty enticing since it comes with as many as 19 games! Most notably there is Sonic the Hedgehog but the pack also includes Sonic Generations, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed and many others, all equally as fun.

If you happen to miss the chance to save on these games or if a different title intrigues you, then keep in mind that GreenMan Gaming coupons are frequently released and we add them all to our forums pronto!

Will you be getting any of these games either for yourself or someone else?

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February 3

GreenMan Gaming Coupon Code: 20% Off Digital Download PC Games

Posted by on February 3, 2014 at 4:00 PM

GreenMan Gaming Coupon Code: 20% Off Digital Download PC Games

Pick up almost any PC Digital Download for 20% off from GreenMan Gaming.

Click here to fulfill all your gaming needs @ now!

  • Coupon Code: PH4V4F-33PTVI-5HXNWG
  • Discount: 20% Off
  • Expiry: 6th February 2014, 10:00AM ET

Green Man Gaming does deals like this all the time and I love them. Normally I don’t write them up because, like I said, they do them all the time. Every once in a while I like to make mention of one just to keep it in our readers’ minds. I wrote it up a couple of times in December because of all the people getting new computers after Black Friday and Christmas but before that it had been a few months. So consider this you bi/tri/quarter monthly reminder!

GreenMan has pretty much any game you could buy anywhere else and they have competitive pricing. Some of the sale items aren’t available but then again some of them are so you’ll want to check on that before you commit to a game. I’d suggest checking out some of the independent games, personally. They are usually cheaper than non-indy games, just as good and you’re supporting competition in the market which is always a great thing. Of course you can always pick up the latest big name games out there.

More video game deals on our GreenMan Gaming Coupon Code page!

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January 25

Weekly Coupon Code Roundup: 60% Off Hosiery, $10 Off @ Crocs, 15% Off Air Canada & More

Posted by on January 25, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Weekly Coupon Code Roundup: 60% Off Hosiery, $10 Off @ Crocs, 15% Off Air Canada & More

We are already into the weekend now and the coupon forum is getting loaded up with some great coupons.  Save on air fare for travel, footwear, beauty items and much more with these coupon codes.

Here are some of the great coupons you will find:

As you can see, some of the coupons have the expiry dates listed as unknown.  If you are interested in using those ones, it is best to do it sooner rather than later so you know they will still be active. All of these coupons plus many more will be listed up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

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