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Golf Ball Planet Coupon Code: 15% Off Used Golf Balls

Posted by on February 11, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Golf Ball Planet Coupon Code: 15% Off Used Golf Balls

Summer is coming and the season of Game of Golf is about to start! Get your 15% discount at

Click here to gear up for golf @

  • Coupon Code: SUMMER15
  • Discount: 25% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

I was going for a Winter is Coming, Game of Thrones thing there in that intro line buuuut I’ve never read the books or watched the show so my ability to riff on it is pretty limited. Regardless Summer is actually coming and the new season of the game of golf is about to start. Don’t believe me? Check out The Weather Network’s 14 day forecast for wherever you are. I’m willing to be a good chunk of you will see at least one day above 0. Where I live we have three and two days where it will go up to 0. That means golfers are busting out there clubs and loading up on the stuff they need.

The stuff they need like golf balls. And it you’re going to get golf balls, you might as well get them cheap. Golf Ball Planet sells used golf balls. That sounds sketchy but they grade them. You can pay next to nothing for something that has a smiley on it and has been sitting in a bog for four years. You can also get stuff that is new in pretty much every aspect other than it’s been hit and isn’t shrink wrapped in a box. My father-in-law has bought these and we even got him some for Christmas. He says they are great and you really cannot tell the difference between a new one and the top-of-the-line used one.

Shipping is $11.50 in Canada and the lower 48. It’s free is you spend $100 after the coupon code is applied. The coupon will get you 15% off your order.

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January 18 Used Balls Starting At $4/Dozen

Posted by on January 18, 2014 at 3:00 PM Used Balls Starting At $4/Dozen

Get a dozen name brand golf balls for as little as $4/dozen at

I don’t golf, but my father-in-law does, and he’s a serious golfer. He golfs twice a day if he can. Up early, missing family events, etc… So, when I heard about him ordering three crates of used golf balls, I know they have to be good. We even bought him some used golf balls for Christmas and he loved them.

Right now you will pay as little as $4/dozen balls. Now of course, you aren’t getting a set of mint condition Titelist Pro V1’s for $4, but you can get some respectable balls for that price. The better the grade the more you will pay, so some of them are a bit more money, but you’re getting a better ball. Unfortunately they don’t have the before prices, but I’ve looked at the site before and they definitely didn’t have any $4 dozens.

As far as shipping, it is $9.99 unless you order over $100 worth of balls, then it’ll be free. They are located in BC and I believe they ship from there, so no duties for us. I looked around and found a few people in Canada saying that hey didn’t have to pay duties.

(Expires: 27th January 2014)

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