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October 28

Petsmart Canada: Spend $35, Receive $5 Coupon

Posted by on October 28, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Petsmart Canada: Spend $35, Receive $5 Coupon

Spend $35 or more on cat and dog food, treats, rawhide, and cat litter to receive a $5 coupon valid on your next in-store purchase of the same items.

Either your $35 purchase can be in-store or it can be online with the ‘ship to local store’ feature selected. This great feature allows you to browse everything that Petsmart has to offer from the comfort of your own home. You can see what is on sale, and you can stock up on your regular purchases. You never have to worry again about making the trip to your local Petsmart to find your pet’s food or your cat’s litter out of stock.

This promotion is all about the basics in your pet’s life: food and treats (and litter). These are expensive expenditures anyway, so a little kickback like a $5 coupon to use on your next order of food and treats is nice. I will be changing up my boy’s food very soon. Not because they do not like their current food, rather because they like it too much and Ghost seriously needs to lose weight.

I am considering the Hill’s Science Diet Oral Care Adult Cat Food as I cannot go on a diet food or his coat really gets rough. However, this would help with his plaque and the larger kibbles might make him eat slower instead of gobbling his food down. I buy in bulk so the 15.5lb bag would cost me $44.99, originally $49.99. If anyone currently uses this food for their cats, then please let me know what you think. I want to get my big boys on a good food.

Good quality food is not cheap, so that bulk bag alone will reach and exceed the minimum required to get my $5 coupon for a future purchase. As I will be purchasing cat food and litter again, I am happy with this offer. In addition, with two large husky male cats, I am a big fan of any pet supply promotions. My boys go through a fair bit of litter and a decent amount of cat food on a regular basis.

Treats are included in this offer so I will be buying my boys Hill’s Science Diet Crunchy Creations Cat Treats for $1.99, was $2.99. I have tried many different treats and find my boys appreciate the variety. They have not tried this brand yet.

That picture is of my new cat Gaiman. He has been with us about five weeks now. Gaiman is actually a long-haired beauty but he was a stray that had severe matting issues so they had to shave him. His fur is growing back in nicely.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 27

Royal Canadian Mint: 30% Off First Coin & 12th Coin Free with Subscription

Posted by on October 27, 2014 at 6:00 PM

Royal Canadian Mint: 30% Off First Coin & 12th Coin Free with Subscription

The Royal Canadian Mint wants to put gold coin collections into the hands of more collectors. Thus, they have come out with an offer on a 12-series of gold coins they have ironically called: The Most Affordable Gold Coin Collection. Receive 30% off your first coin and receive your last coin in the 12-coin set for free.

Here is now this whole thing works:

  • First Coin: Your first coin is Joan of Arc and you will receive the coin for 30% off the regular retail price. Originally $119.95, you will pay just $89.95 for this gold coin.
  • Coins 2 through 11: These will be sent out on a monthly basis and will cost you the regular price of $119.95 each.
  • Coin 12: Once you have purchased coins, one through 11, your 12th coin is free.

There are also bonuses! You will receive a free wooden collector’s case (valued at $40) and a free magnifying glass (valued at $25) with your subscription. You will receive the collector’s case with your third coin and the magnifying glass with your fifth coin.

You save over $200 throughout the subscription. That is no small amount of money when you consider coin subscriptions. Check out this table:

Royal Canadian Mint: 30% Off First Coin & 12th Coin Free with Subscription

Now, say you receive your first coin or even your fifth coin and you do not want to continue the subscription. That is not a problem. As The Royal Canadian Mint says:

Subscription agreement may be cancelled at your request at any time with a phone call or written notice to the Royal Canadian Mint. Guaranteed right of return for each coin within 14 calendar days of date of invoice.

There are only 10,000 subscriptions available. While you may (should) order now, your subscription will not start shipping until July. I assume you have to pay shipping on your first coin if you buy only it, and then shipping will be free on the others if The Mint has their free shipping over $100 offer still on.

For anyone who has seen the gleam of gold and felt like a pirate, or Gollum, this is your chance to get the most affordable gold coin collection currently available. Looking at the pictures of the first few coins on the website, I cannot say that the set has much of a theme. However, if you figure out what the theme is let me know.

Limited quantities are available.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 26

Weekly Beauty Deals Roundup

Posted by on October 26, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Weekly Beauty Deals Roundup

Happy Sunday Moosers I hope you are all having a great weekend so far.  We have rounded up some great beauty deals that will hopefully make your weekend an even better one.  This time round, we have deals for free gifts, free shipping and some great discounts both online and in stores.

Here is a look at some of the great beauty deals you will find right now: - Save up to 50% on beauty and skin care clearance items for a limited time only.

Shu Uemura - Spend $50 and you will get a free Shupette Cosmetic Pouch with the coupon SHUPETTE for a limited time only.

Pangea Organics - Use one of two coupons to save either $10 or $20 on your orders for a limited time only.

The Body Shop Canada - Both in stores and online, get 50% off body butters for a limited time only.

Beauty Mark - Use the coupon londnsets to get a free polish & free nail art stickers with purchase of any Butter London set for a limited time only.

E.L.F - BOGO free on 60 different items when you enter the coupon FALL until October 30th.

Kiehls - Use the coupon HOLIDAY to get a His & Her 6pc Deluxe sample set with the purchase of any holiday gift set until November 3rd.

MAC Cosmetics - Enter the coupon MACEXP to get free shipping on all orders with no minimum charges for a limited time only.

Lancome Canada - Enjoy free shipping with no minimums for a limited time only.

L’Occitane Canada - Use the coupon SOFT until October 27th to get a free Nourishing Shea Collection for $20 ($40 value) with any $45 purchase.

These are just a few of the awesome beauty deals you will find this coming week.  All of the deals that are coupons, will be posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum. This is the perfect time of year to start shopping for Christmas gifts for your friends and family.  These deals will help you keep a little extra money in your pockets!

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October 26

Bulk Barn Canada: Free Reusable Bag with $10 Purchase

Posted by on October 26, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Bulk Barn Canada: Free Reusable Bag with $10 Purchase

Receive a free reusable bag when you make a $10 purchase (before taxes) in store at Bulk Barn Canada.

While this promotion is not quite as good as their previous $3 off $10 offer that we have blogged about here, it is very close as reusable bags often retail for several dollars. I have not been inside a Bulk Barn in some time so I am unsure how much they sell their bags for. This offer is occurring up until Halloween.

I think the inspiration for the deal comes from trick-or-treat bags. Rather than just use any old bag you can get your hands on, Bulk Barn is hoping you will shop with them and then give your child the reusable bag for their candy hunt. If the promotional images for this offer are any indication, the bag is candy themed making it a perfect companion to go find some goodies.

While at your local Bulk Barn, consider stocking up on dried fruits without a sugary coating. As fall turns into winter, fresh fruit varieties will become limited. Dried fruit is a great way still to pack in some much-needed nutrients from seasonal fruits like mango, kiwi, papaya, apricots, and more. My personal favourite is mango; I could eat bags of that stuff. Sooooo good!

Dried fruit also makes an excellent addition to your children’s lunch bags. Try adding raisins (high in iron), apricots (high in fibre), and other dried fruits. They will last a long time and taste very good in their dried form. Rather than buying those sugar filled ‘fruit leathers’ go for nature’s fruit leathers: dried fruit. Fruit has natural sugar so it really needs no help in that department.

Bulk Barn Canada is also the perfect place to go to get other snacks like nut mixtures as well as fruit and nut mixtures. I have sent my husband their on the odd occasion to pick up some spices for me that I needed, but not in great quantity. If I am only going to be using a spice for one recipe, then I do not need an entire container of it.

There is a limit of one bag per customer per store visit. This offer is valid while quantities last or until the offer officially expires.

(Expiry: 31st October 2014)

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October 25

Hudson’s Bay Canada: Clarins Hot Deal With Freebie Stacking!

Posted by on October 25, 2014 at 11:48 AM

Hudsons Bay Canada: Clarins Hot Deal With Freebie Stacking!

Hudson’s Bay has another awesome free beauty gift with your purchase and this time you get to choose your free gifts.  When you purchase two Clarins products, one which is skin care, you will get to choose from three gift collections. In addition to this freebie, you will get free samples, a free savings card and a free mascara!

The total value of these gifts is up to $205 each depending on which one you choose.  In total, there are three different gifts to choose from. Each gift set has three items in it and a specialty Clarins beauty bag. If your skin is feeling dry, you may want to choose the Hydration Experts gift pack.  If you are wanting to minimize those pores and wrinkles, the Wrinkle Preventers gift set is the one you should be looking at. Lastly, you can choose the Firming Specialist gift set.  This is the one I would choose because it has creams and lotions that will help firm and hydrate your skin so to me, it is a little combination f the other two free gift sets.

In addition to these gift sets, it does look like you will be getting a free mascara as well. Not only that, I was allowed to choose up to 6 free samples, and I got a free $20 savings card added to my cart when I spent $75 or more!  In total, I ended up getting nine free gifts and free shipping just for choosing two skin care products!  It was a very pleasant surprise. This is freebie stacking at it’s best!

Here is a screen shot of my test cart and all of the freebies:

Hudsons Bay Canada: Clarins Hot Deal With Freebie Stacking!

I am not sure why they don’t actually advertise these amazing deals on their website because I actually had to fiddle around with my cart to get all of these freebies.  This is the perfect example of why you should do that as well, you never know what extra you can get. The website has been a little finicky when getting the freebies but you will get them with a little patience.  If you are having issues, just clear your cookies and start again.  This amount of freebies is worth the wait!

You will be able to get free shipping for your orders of $99 or more. Since you need to buy two skin care products anyways to get the free Clarins gift, chances are you will be meeting the $99 minimum requirement to get the free shipping. If you want to spend less, you can spend just $29 on your clarins purchases and as long as you pay with your HBC credit card you will still get free shipping.

(Expiry: 9th November 2014)

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October 25

Shoe Company Canada: Free Movie Ticket With Kid’s Boot Purchase

Posted by on October 25, 2014 at 8:30 AM

Shoe Company Canada: Free Movie Ticket With Kids Boot Purchase

Do you know what drains my wallet? Kids shoes and boots! I dread the time from September – December because the amount of money I put down on footwear is enormous. So, any deal or perk I can get is welcome when I’m handing over my credit card once again to ensure my children have proper footwear. The Shoe Company obviously knows this and right they are offering a free ticket to see the movie Big Hero 6 for every pair of kid’s boots you purchase.

I pretty much always buy my kid’s shoes and boots and even my own, from The Shoe Company. I find their selection the best and usually their sales staff is very helpful. I do say usually as I recently moved and the sales staff and my local store aren’t all that great. It is actually one person in particular that I found not helpful, but this only spurs me on to buy online.

What will happen with this deal is that you’ll buy your kid’s boots and you’ll get a promo code to use on Cineplex‘s site once tickets are available, which happens to be November 7th.

If you are a mom, you know boots are expensive and so are movies, so the savings could be quite large here. Since I have three boys, with three pairs of boots, I can already get three free movie tickets. I know my kids will be excited about this one.

On top of getting your boots, you’ll get free shipping if you sign up for a free Shoe Lovers membership. Not only do you get free shipping, you’ll get rewards points to get free money off of your purchase. In fact, I just used my points to get $10 off new boots I bought for myself and already earned enough for another $10 off next time. I know it will get spent.

You also don’t have to buy just winter boots, rain boots count too, so your spend here could be very little just to get your free admission ticket to the movie.

(expiry: 27th November 2014)

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October 22

Naturalizer: Dana Boots $80 (Was $140) with Free Blanket

Posted by on October 22, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Naturalizer: Dana Boots $80 (Was $140) with Free Blanket

Naturalizer Canada has a few deals going on that you can combine into a very good deal. In the end you will be able to purchase a pair of Dana Boots for just $79.99 after coupon code (was $140) and receive a free blanket with your order.

Click here to purchase a pair of Dana Boots @ Naturalizer Canada now

  • Coupon Code: 14WINTER20
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expiry: 1st December 2014

This is how the deal goes. The Dana boots are currently on sale from $140 down to $99.99. Use the above coupon code to bring the boots down to a beautiful $79.99. You are saving $60 on a pair of boots that you can easily wear to the office, dress up with a swinging dress, or dress down with a pair of jeans.

Now, right now Naturalizer Canada has another sweet little promotion on. When you purchase any College or AquaCollege boots, you will receive a free fleece blanket.  As the website so helpfully tells us, “the Dana dress boots from College” would then qualify for this offer as that company makes them. I usually try to do nicer banners but I included the banner for that offer above so you can see it for yourself. There are limited quantities (though I just received this promo today) so purchase sooner rather than later.

I think that a pair of boots for $80 plus a free fleece blanket is a great deal. The boot is still in stock in four different colours with a plethora of sizes to choose from. While black leather is a good standard, the burgundy adds a nice pop of colour for fall. Dana boots come in both wide and medium sizes for different widths of feet as well.

There is not a lot of information on the free blanket. All I know is that it is fleece and the offer on the blanket expires on the 1st of December or when they run out of blankets – whichever comes first.

Shipping is just $5 for the first item, then $2 for each additional item in your order. Check out the sales section for other great deals and the 20% off handbags sale going on as well. The coupon code above works on all items on the website including sale items, so it might be worth buying a couple pairs of shoes. I am not sure if you can get more than one fleece blanket if you buy more than one pair of College brand shoes.

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October 20

Sears Canada: Choose a 7 Piece Clinique Gift Set with $31 Purchase

Posted by on October 20, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Sears Canada: Choose a 7 Piece Clinique Gift Set with $31 Purchase

Sears Canada has a really great beauty offer that just started and it will be both online and in stores. You will be able to choose a free seven piece gift set from Clinique with your order of just $31 or more.

Each seven piece Clinique set has the exact same items, but the difference is you will be able to choose your colours. One of the sets is focused on pinks and the other one is all about violets. This includes the cosmetic bag as well.

Here is a look at what you will get with this free gift:

  • Exclusive Clinique cosmetics bag (pink or violet)
  • Clinique Happy perfume (4ml)
  • All about shadow trios (pink or violet)
  • Different Lipstick (in Different Grape or Raspberry Glace)
  • High Impact mascara in black
  • Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion (30ml)
  • Repair Uplifting Firming Cream (15ml)

Each of these gifts is valued at $85 so this is a really great free gift with purchase to take advantage of.

Clinique is one of my favourite beauty lines for skincare, makeup and perfume.  I have been using the Clinique Happy perfume for many years now as well as their three step cleansing items. Since you already get a few of those items for free anyways with this free gift, I will suggest a a couple of other items that I have tried and loved.

I have used their Redness Solutions and just loved it.  It is priced at $33 which means, if you get just this one item, you will get the free gift automatically. I also really like their exfoliating scrub which is priced at $23. I have used it on both my face and neck and it has left my skin feeling very smooth and refreshed.

A deal like this is perfect for a Christmas gift.  You can buy someone their favourite Clinique items and give them the free gift as well.  I know I would love to get this for Christmas this year.

There is a limit of one gift per person and it will be until supplies run out.  I have found in the past that certain busy Sears locations may run out but they usually have them until the expiry date listed when you shop online.

You will get free shipping when you spend $99 or more.

(Expiry: 4th November 2014)

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October 17

Starbucks Canada: Free Sample of Starbucks Christmas Blend With Coffee Purchase

Posted by on October 17, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Starbucks Canada: Free Sample of Starbucks Christmas Blend With Coffee Purchase

If you are a coffee lover, you will want to check out the latest deal being offered at Starbucks Canada.  Enjoy a free sample of the delicious Starbucks Christmas blend when you purchase any whole bean or ground coffee.

The new Starbucks Christmas bend will not even be available until November sometime so you will be able to try it out before it even hits the stores which is kind of fun.  The free sample will be the 50ml size and you will be able to get it with the purchase any whole bean or ground coffee.

My husband is a die-hard coffee drinker and he just loves to try new flavours.  On his Christmas list is always some fun new coffees so I am always on the lookout for great deals like this one.

If you are looking for some suggestions, I know that the Thanksgiving blend is very popular right now. The 1lb bag goes for $18.95. The Starbucks breakfast blend is also a very popular coffee and it is priced at just $15.95 for a 1lb bag.

While you are shopping for some whole bean coffees, you might want to check out some of the sale items as well.  I would love to try the mocha powder that was originally priced at $8.95, and is now on sale for just $6.95.  If you are a fan of the pumpkin flavour items, you may be interested in their pumpkin sauce that was $25.50 and is now marked down to just $21.50. It sounds absolutely delicious and would make every day feel like Thanksgiving.

If this will be your first time ordering from Starbucks Canada, you can use the Starbucks coupon STNPWEKD to save 10% on your first order. This coupon will also apply to all of the sale items that I mentioned above so you have the potential to save quite a bit.

As for the cost of shipping, you will be able to get free shipping when you spend $75 or more on your order.

(Expiry: 31st October 2014)

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October 17

Great Discounts on Beauty Deals Roundup

Posted by on October 17, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Great Discounts on Beauty Deals Roundup

It has been a few weeks now since we have done a roundup of great beauty deals so I figured we were due for one.  There are some awesome deals online, in stores, and coupons that will save you money on beauty products as well. You may want to think about any birthdays that are coming up or even some early Christmas gifts.

Here is a look at some of the great deals you will see this week:

Shu Uemura- Get a 4-piece sample set with all orders over $50 when you use the coupon CHICH until October 19th. Save up to 20% on hair care products until October 19th.

Shoppers Drug Mart- Get a $20 discount when you spend over $75 with this printable coupon on Oct. 17 only.

The Body Shop- Buy 3 items and get 2 items for free on almost everything site wide for a limited time only.

MAC Cosmetics- Get free shipping with this coupon MACSHIP until October 18th.

Flat Iron Experts- Get 20% off all orders of $100 or more with the coupon HALLO2014 for a limited time only.

Kerastase- Use the coupon CREME to get free shipping & 3 free samples with your order of $85 or more for a limited time only.

Jane Iredale- Use the coupon PUREMATTE15 to save 15% on all matte products until October 19th.

Nail Polish Canada- Get 15% off foot care products with the coupon FOOT15 until October 23rd.

Bath & Body Works- All fall fragrances are on sale for buy 3 get 3 free for a limited time only in stores.

As you can see, there is a fairly good variety of coupon codes for online shopping as well as printable coupons and in store deals.  All of the coupons will be posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum. I am going to be taking advantage of the Bath & Body Works sale in stores for sure.  I just love their fragrances so their deal is the perfect time for me to stock up.

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October 15

Chapters Indigo Canada: $10 Bonus Card with $50 Purchase In-Store

Posted by on October 15, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: $10 Bonus Card with $50 Purchase In Store

Once in a while in-store deals are so good we just have to blog about them. Chapters Canada just so happens to be offering a free $10 bonus card when you spend $50 or more in store.

This offer is valid when you purchase $50 worth of eligible products between October 15 – 25, 2014, or while quantities last. The offer excludes the purchase of usual things like memberships and gift cards, but it does not appear to exclude electronics – that is different.

If you just meet the $50 requirement, you are getting about 20% worth of your purchase price back in the form of a gift card. That is not a bad deal. The $10 bonus card comes with a bunch of rules that you should know before acquiring one. The bonus card is valid in store only (not online at not at kiosks). It has to be used on regular-priced items and cannot used to buy:

red and white stickered SALE items, LEGO products, American Girl products, gift cards, loyalty memberships, Love of Reading foundation products and donations

In addition, the bonus card is only valid from right after this promotion ends until the end of October. Therefore, you have from October 26 to 31 to redeem your bonus card.

When shopping in store I recommend buying soft covers, large kids toys, heavy housewares, and consumable goods. Hardcovers receive an extra discount online, but soft covers are the same price whether you buy online or in store. Large children’s toys like the Casdon Electronic Sink Unit for $49.95 do not ship for free because they are too big so buying them online means paying extra for shipping.

Bookends frequently fall into the category of really pretty items I would like to buy but are too heavy to qualify for free shipping. The Ampersand Bookends in white or black for $39.50 are too heavy to shop for free. In addition, Chapters Indigo tends to have a larger stash of consumable goods in their physical stores than ever shows up online.

Last week I gave my friend Kala her birthday gift when I was visiting Victoria. We both agreed that for many women, it would be pretty near the perfect gift. I gave her a new book and three pairs of fancy underwear. Feel free to borrow this gift idea and use it for your girlfriends!

Image credit: Sw Swann

(Expiry: 25th October 2014)

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October 15

Lego Canada: Free Exclusive Toy Workshop with $99+ Purchase ($12 Value)

Posted by on October 15, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Lego Canada: Free Exclusive Toy Workshop with $99+ Purchase ($12 Value)

Lego Canada is offering a free exclusive toy workshop with any purchase of $99 or more. The free gift will be added to your cart, no coupon is necessary.

This is a sweet little bonus with your Lego purchase. It includes two elves, a few toys (soldier, train, bulldozer), and a little workshop loaded with tools (wrench, screwdriver, power drill, hammer, oilcan, and more) for making the toys. It is a great Christmas themed Lego set. The set is exclusive to Lego online and Lego stores.

This is the first set of two exclusive sets that will be released. The other limited edition set will be offered around Black Friday in November. If you want to collect both of them, it will require two purchases.

This is a limited edition set and limited quantities are available. Thankfully, Lego offers free shipping on orders of $75 or more, so your order will also ship free.

I was browsing the sale section to see what deals I could find. For a large set, this Nindroid MechDragon  is pretty awesome. It comes with a dragon, a car, and the character Nya – 691 pieces of Lego. Originally $109.99, it is now on sale for $87.98. The set comes highly recommended by reviewers including this enthusiastic teen:

This is just awesome! The dragon reminds me of a robot dragon in The Heroes of Olympus book series named Festus. I always loved dragons and this was just awesome. I like how we have good Garmadon and evil Sensei Wu so you can have Sensei Wu and Evil Wu fight and same deal with both Garmadon minifigures. This set is a must have for your Lego collection. It may be pricey, but it’s worth the purchase! GET THIS SET!!!

I also added the LEGO® Friends Towel 2014 into my cart to test out this offer. The towel is not exactly for playing with Lego, but it has Lego designs on it and it would make your little Lego fan a happy camper at the pool. Originally $24.99, the towel is on sale for $12.48.

Once my cart hit the required minimum, the free Lego set was added. The Toy Workshop consists of 107 pieces and is appropriate for ages 7+. It is worth $11.99, so not a bad little freebie from Lego. I have a friend that just loves Lego, maybe I should get him something very special for Christmas.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 13

Julep (US): Free Halloween Welcome Box (Just Pay $3 Shipping)

Posted by on October 13, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Julep (US): Free Halloween Welcome Box (Just Pay $3 Shipping)

Halloween is right around the corner and to celebrate, Julep is giving away a Halloween welcome box for free. It’s a 4-piece set that would have otherwise cost $24.99. All you need to do is pay the shipping costs of $2.99.

Click here to get the Halloween Welcome Box for free @ now

  • Coupon Code: FREETREATS
  • Discount: free Halloween welcome box
  • Expiry: Unknown

Krista actually blogged a similar freebie to this one back in July but since the welcome box and the promotional code are different this time around, I figured I would let you Moosers know about it. Free stuff is always fun, especially if you haven’t already taken advantage of it.

Without the Julep discount code, this Halloween welcome box would have otherwise cost you $24.99 but in fact, it actually boasts a $58 value. These aren’t samples either as if you pay the $2.99 shipping fee, you will get them all in their regular sizes. Although the promotional details don’t outline the included products, my guess based on the promotional picture would be that the welcome box comes with the following:

However, don’t hold me to it as my guess is as good as yours! In fact, the gel eye glider is my biggest guess because there are several other very similar looking crayons on Julep’s site. If you have already claimed this freebie or if you will be getting it, then make sure to post in the comments what you get!

A Word Of Warning

By claiming this freebie, you will be automatically enrolled into Julep subscription-based service. Every month, you can log in between the 20th and 24th of each month to preview and customize your box of products and your credit card will be charged each time automatically.

So if you only want to get this freebie and are not interested in fully subscribing to Julep’s services, then just make sure to cancel the service once you receive your Halloween welcome box to avoid getting charged the full price each month. There are, however, plenty of perks of joining Julep’s service, which is called the Maven as on top of getting a couple of products at a huge discount, you can also benefit from a 20% discount on Julep’s site.

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October 10

Pink Cherry Canada Coupon: 25% Discount for Thanksgiving (NSFW)

Posted by on October 10, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Pink Cherry Canada Coupon: 25% Discount for Thanksgiving (NSFW)

Pink Cherry is one of those fantastic stores you can usually find a coupon for if you want one. However, those coupons usually only go up to 20% off from all of my observations. Right now, enjoy an extra-large coupon for 25% off site wide.

Click here to shop @ Pink Cherry Canada now (18+)

  • Coupon Code: BLACK25
  • Discount: 25% off
  • Expiry: unknown

Pink Cherry’s coupons usually last for a few days – even their ‘one-day’ coupons are usually extended in my experience. However, no guarantees Moosers! The expiry is unknown for a reason my lovelies.

This coupon excludes the following brands: Fleshlight We-Vibe, Shunga, Magic Wand, Jopen, Eroscillato, and Bathmate. I am so happy to see that Lelo is not excluded but am a wee bit disappointed about Magic Wand. I have been wanting one of those for a bit.

There are some great sales on at Pink Cherry. Earlier this month, I blogged about the huge Dona sale at Pink Cherry. All Dona products are just $0.99. That sale is STILL going on so you can save an extra 25% on all those products. Pick up bath salts, lingerie wash, flower petals, and more for just $0.74!

Pink Cherry also has 83% off this 7 Speed Rabbit Massager by Chicamour in blossom. Originally $119.99, the rabbit is on sale for $19.99. After coupon code it comes down to just $14.99. That is an amazing price for a rabbit type massager. It is an awesome machine with seven different speeds, a rotating head, beads, and more.

While there is a separate Lelo coupon code (for 20%) advertised, this coupon works on Lelo as well. I tried it out on one of my favourite Lelo toys that I need to replace, the Nea Vibe in White. The Nea is currently priced at $84.55 but comes down to $63.41. I hate that Lelo products are so expensive but you are really paying for quality and I know it! Their products are fantastic and last forever. There is a better chance you will lose it or your child will dump it down an air vent before you ever wear out a Lelo.

When you place an order of $69 or more after coupon, you will receive this Rechargeable Silicone Curiosity Massager valued at $99.99 for free. It will be automatically added to your cart when you qualify.

Receive free shipping on orders of $49 or more.

For this and any future Pink Cherry coupon codes, visit our coupon forum.

Image credit: Daiana

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October 10

Sportchek Canada Winter Outerwear Event: Spend More & Get More

Posted by on October 10, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Sportchek Canada Winter Outerwear Event: Spend More & Get More

Sportchek is having a spend more, get more event right now on winter outerwear. This means that if you spend more than $249, you’ll get a $50 gift card for your next purchase. If you spend $499 or more, you’ll get $100 back in gift cards for your next purchase.

You’ll get your gift card in the form of a code if you shop online or a card if you shop in-store. You have until January 31st, 2015 to redeem your gift card, which means it will be perfect for getting even more discounts on your Boxing Day deals!

While $500 might seem like a lot to spend on outerwear, you can shop for men, women and kids and if you have three boys who are rough on their winter clothing like mine, $500 might just be a start. The purchase has to be on pants or jackets, but not just winter coats and pants, there are also rain coats that you might need to get now that the wet and windy weather has begun.

I like that Sportchek carries the best brands and if I had a baby, I know he’d be nice and snuggled this winter in this The North Face Toasty Toes bunty infant suit for $119.99.

She would be the sweetest looking girl on the slopes, or at recess in these Roxy Tonic insulated girls pants for $109.99.

My husband desperately needs a warm winter coat. Last year he bought this thin flimsy thing that really is not going to keep him warm on the 1.5km trek to take the kids to school. If he wanted to go all out, he could get this The North Face Himalayan parka, which sells for $749.99. With the discounts available, if he bought this jacket, he’d get a $100 gift card, which he could use to spend on me Sportchek Canada Winter Outerwear Event: Spend More & Get More

Normally, you’d need to spend $99 to get free shipping, which if you are taking part in this deal, you obviously are. If you looked around and decided you didn’t want to spend that much, but are spending more than $49, you might want to use the coupon code in our forum to get that.

(expiry: 3rd November 2014)

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