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May 6

Oliver’s Labels: $5 Gift Card & Free Shipping with Purchase

Posted by on May 6, 2015 at 8:30 AM

Olivers Labels: $5 Gift Card & Free Shipping with Purchase

Oliver’s Labels is offering a free $5 gift card with any purchase! This is a special Mother’s Day promotion so do your Mom a favour and stick some labels on your clothes to reduce clothing attrition.

Products start at just $4.99, which is once cent under the value of the gift card you will receive. If you are being rather thrifty, then pick up the Room-eez Holiday Decals for just $5. Each sheet of decals has six bunnies on them. These decals are wall friendly! You can see how my demo cart looks:

Olivers Labels: $5 Gift Card & Free Shipping with Purchase

It is almost as if you are getting the wall decals for free!

This Large Bag Tag is perfect for your child’s luggage. Stick it on their gym bag, camp bag, or backpack to make sure nothing is lost. The tags are about the size of a credit card and highly durable. The plastic used is waterproof, weatherproof, and scuff-proof. One tag is only $4.99.  These tags would work well for adults. I like the idea of having a personalized tag on my luggage. When it comes off the carousel, it will help be establish which bag is mine. For people who own black or blue luggage – this can be the difference between you walking home with your luggage and someone else walking home with your luggage.

Mini Bag Tags work well for smaller backpacks, pencil cases, keys, and more. You will receive three tags (instead of one) made of durable plastic. A pack of three mini bag tags costs $7.99. I would stick one of these on my backpack and on my camera case in case I accidentally walk off without them.

There are plenty of other items you can purchase as well. I love the idea of these Safety Wristbands. Whether you are walking with your child through a large mall, going to the park, or going to a theme-park… this is an excellent way to ensure the safety and quick return of your child should you be separated. This also works well for elderly individuals who suffer from dementia, as my grandma did. A set of 17 labels costs just $11.99 and comes with that $5 gift card.

With each order, no minimum required, you will receive that $5 gift card and free shipping. I think this is a very good deal.

(Expiry: 10th May 2015)

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May 6

Trade Secrets: 2 Free Gifts ($25 Value) with $55 Purchase

Posted by on May 6, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Trade Secrets: 2 Free Gifts ($25 Value) with $55 Purchase

Trade Secrets is giving away two free gifts with purchases of $55 or more. All orders at Trade Secrets Canada also qualify for free shipping.

Trade Secrets is a great place to pick up cosmetics, lotions, personal appliances (hair curlers, bow driers) and more. Currently, they are offering two free gifts with a retail value of $25 (together), when you purchase $55 or more on their website. You will receive:

  • ColorMe (Pink Stocking) temporary hair colour
  • Cosmoholic (Promiscuous Pink) Liquid Lipstick

This combo will automatically be added to your cart – do not add it yourself. These freebies cannot be combined with other gifts on the website. I tried that and failed. This offer is while quantities last. If the gifts are still available when you place your order, then the gift pack will show up like this in your cart.

Trade Secrets: 2 Free Gifts ($25 Value) with $55 Purchase

I picked out a couple items that equalled mere cents over the $55 minimum. First, I chose the Juice Beauty Organics To Clear Skin Kit. Juice Beauty is one of the medium to higher end organic beauty companies. They have created an entire kit designed to rid your skin of acne. I have longed offer this kit for a while, as I still have acne (I thought that was supposed to end once you were no longer a teenager). This kit costs $51.40 and includes:

  • Blemish Clearing Cleanser (120ml)
  • Green Apple Blemish Clearing Peel (7ml)
  • Blemish Clearing Serum (30ml)
  • Oil Free Moisturizer (30ml)

To top up my cart, I added the Mr Pumice Pumice Contour stick for $3.99. I am excited about Mr Pumice in all his pink goodness. Pumice stones are excellent for taking dry skin off your hands and feet. I like to soak my feet in an Epson salt bath (you can add vinegar to kill any fungus), and then use a pumice stone to remove the rough edges and dried bits. Pumice stones always work better on wet skin and your skin will give up it’s dead better when wet.

The two freebies are cool. My favourite is the ColourMe temporary hair colour. You can see how it works in the video below. One tube should give you 15 to 20 streaks on medium length hair. This is perfect for your next party and will look fabulous with liquid lipstick.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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April 29

Best Buy Canada: $10 Savings Card with $100 Reserve & In-Store Pickup (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 29, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Best Buy Canada: $10 Savings Card with $100 Reserve & In Store Pickup (EXPIRED)

Best Buy Canada is giving away $10 savings certificates when you spend $100 or more online, reserve, and then pick up your order in store.

This deal lasts only three days and is designed to encourage people to become familiar with and use the reserve system on Best Buy’s website. It is in the company’s best interest to show people how easy it is to pick up in store as this can save best Buy millions of dollars per year in shipping costs (with their free shipping on $25 offer). In addition, it is a good way for consumers to become familiar with this system for future orders under the free shipping minimum. Unfortunately, you really need to live close to a Best Buy in order for you to take advantage of this deal.

There is a limit of one savings card per order and per customer. The savings card will be emailed within 14 days of your business days of your order to the email address associated with your account. There is no minimum purchase required to use the savings certificate, so you could just use it to get a $10 item free (and then have it sent to the store).

The savings card expires on the 14th of June 2015.

Your order can be practically anything that totals $100 or more (and is available in store). I ran across a fair number of deals that were online only – and those will just not work. Check out the Beats Solo 2 On-Ear Headphones on sale from $229.99 and now only $189.99. The headset is available in six different colours – the blue and the black headsets are my favourite. I like how they combine red with the black.

There are always interesting deals at Best Buy Canada. This Samsung SHAPE 3 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is on sale from $249.99 down to $149.99. The ‘shape’ is designed to fit perfectly in a corner. Thus, it is out of sight but never out of mind as it blasts your awesome tunes. It can also stand on end with a kickstand. This speaker is not available at my local store for pickup, but it should be in larger cities.

Best Buy Canada does not often have deals like this, so I like to blog them when they do.

(Expiry: 30th April 2015)

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April 28

Cineplex Canada: Buy $30 in Gift Cards & Get Free Gifts

Posted by on April 28, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Cineplex Canada: Buy $30 in Gift Cards & Get Free Gifts

Does Mom love going to the  movies? Why not give her some gift cards and you’ll be rewarded with free gifts for yourself (or to give mom too). Spend $30 or more on gift cards at Cineplex and you’ll get a free buy one, get one free movie admission, free regular popcorn, a free ticket upgrade and 100 bonus Scene points.

I try only going to the movies when I have a discount. It gets so expensive otherwise. When you add up your admission and your snacks, plus a babysitter, you are looking at about $100 for a date night that doesn’t even involve dinner. Gift packs like this definitely make it easier to go to the movies. Since I am mom, I can buy this gift for myself, or I could save it and reward my kids for a good job done this year at school. I could give them each $30 in movie gift cards, plus the free popcorn, the buy one, get one so they can take a friend and the upgrade so they can watch their movie in 3D.

The Scene points I’ll keep for myself (to give to them later!). It looks like all of the rewards are good from now until September 30th, so this really would make a great graduation gift. The kids will have something to do on the rainy days this summer.

It also looks like the rewards are only good from Sunday to Thursday, so be aware of this when you purchase. The gift cards will be valid on any date. You can also only get one free gift pack per purchase, so if you have three kids like me, you’ll want to do separate orders to get the most out of this deal.

The gift cards also have to be physical gift cards that will be mailed to you and you’ll need to spend $55 to get free shipping. You can’t buy the e-gift cards with this deal, unfortunately.

Photo credit: When i was a bird

(Expiry: Unknown)

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April 23

Swarovski Canada: Free Picture Frame with $170 Purchase

Posted by on April 23, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Swarovski Canada: Free Picture Frame with $170 Purchase

Swarovski Canada is back with a new gift with purchase for Mother’s Day. Purchase $170 worth of lovely Swarovski ornaments or jewellery in order to receive this lovely Swarovski picture frame for free.

As I have mentioned previously, I like to blog about the Swarovski free gift with purchase deals because Swarovski Canada never has online sales. These are the only way to get a deal on Swarovski jewellery and more from the makers themselves.

There is not much information about the photo frame (or really any at all) but it looks pretty and I am guessing it fits a 5″ x 7″ photo – but do not quote me on that. These offers usually last about two weeks, but supplies are limited. You will only receive the picture frame if you see it added to your cart at checkout, like this:

Swarovski Canada: Free Picture Frame with $170 Purchase

If the frame does not add to your cart, then your cart total is not high enough or the promotion has ended.

Swarovski is celebrating 10 years of Mo – the crystal cow. This year they have released a special edition Love Mo on top of the usual yearly Mo. This adorable little crystal cow has horns and a bell of pink crystal, a body of white crystal, and little heart flower prints on her side. The cost for this little sprite is $80.

Love Mo is not the only Mo that is on limited edition. There are some gorgeous Mimi Mo statues being sold in various colours. My favourite Mo is the Mini Mo – Vibrant Yellow, Limited Edition 2015. The crystal moves between red, orange, and yellow to produce a vibrant Mo that will dance in the sunlight. This Mini Mo reminds me of a sunset. It costs $45.

I added the larger Mo and two Mini Mo statues to my cart for a perfect total of $170. Then, the picture frame was added to my cart. As you are spending $170 or more in order to receive the free frame, you will also receive a few other benefits:

  • Free Shipping
  • Free Gift Bag
  • Free Greeting Card

The first benefit is automatic: all orders of $120 or more ship free. The free gift bag and the free greeting card you will select in your cart page. Just check the boxes that say, “I would like a free…” to receive these freebies as well. That way, your statue or jewellery or whatever else you choose will be ready to gift when you receive it.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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April 22

Canada Post Coupon: Free $10 Tim’s Card with Three Stamp Coils

Posted by on April 22, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Canada Post Coupon: Free $10 Tims Card with Three Stamp Coils

Canada Post is offering a free $10 Tim Horton’s gift card when you purchase three or more coils of stamps. Use the Canada Post coupon code below to add the free gift card to your cart at checkout.

Click here to shop stamp coils @ Canada Post now

  • Coupon Code: COFFEECOILS
  • Discount: free $10 Tim’s gift card
  • Expiry: 24th April 2015

Coils of stamps start at 50 stamps for a price of $42.50. As you need to buy three stamp coils for this offer, you are best just to buy the smallest coils available. Out of all the stamp coil sizes, I picked out my three favourite designs:

You can buy other stamps as well. There are coils of $1 stamps, coils of permanent oversized domestic stamps, international, USA, and more.

In order to get the $10 free Tim Horton’s card, you will need to spend $127.50 minimum on three coils of stamps. This may seem a bit high, but there are several other reasons why you should consider investing in permanent stamps right now.

First, if you just go to the post office and buy a single stamp, that stamp will cost you $1.00 plus tax. However, stamps themselves are only 85¢. The post office now charges a premium for you wasting their time with a single stamp purchase. I believe, if you purchase four or more, then you just pay ‘face-value’ plus tax. With coils, you are only paying face value for all your stamps plus tax.

Secondly, stamps are going to go up again in price. There is no denying it. I remember when a stamp cost 47¢. The smartest people would have purchased a vault full of permanent stamps the first time they became available – but we just are not that smart sometimes. With permanent stamps, your stamps have ‘current retail stamp value’ no matter when you use them. Buy now and use them in four years from now. You are essentially locking in the price of stamps now instead of having to pay the price for postage in a couple year’s time. If you send much mail, this is a very good idea.

Canada Post offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more. Thus, your stamps will ship free of charge.

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April 19

SexToysCanada Coupon: 21% off & 2 Free Toys ($86 Value) with $59 Purchase NSFW

Posted by on April 19, 2015 at 1:58 PM

SexToysCanada Coupon: 21% off & 2 Free Toys ($86 Value) with $59 Purchase NSFW

Sex Toys Canada has four excellent deals that, when combined, save you a lot of money on some great new toys. The main attraction is their 21% off coupon code that is redeemable on anything (excluding a few limited items). On top of that, you will receive a free Namaste Serenity toy, worth $62, with any purchase of $59 or more. Also, make sure to add on the Adam & Eve Butt Beads valued at $24. That is a grand total of two freebies!

Click here to shop @ SexToysCanada now (18+)

  • Coupon Code: PLAYOFFS (submit the coupon twice)
  • Discount: 21% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

Now, let me break down the ‘deal’ that I have in my mind. First of all, Sex Toys Canada has introduced a brand new toy: the Evolved Novelties Silicone Thruster. They toy has a suggested retail price of $159.95 but, as an introductory offer, Sex Toys Canada is selling the Silicone Thruster for just $99. I was skeptical, but I tried the coupon out on this toy and it worked! You will actually only pay $78.21 (plus tax) for this lovely new toy. The Silicone Thruster is like the ultimate rabbit. It features real thrusting action with three speeds. The other tip, for external use, has a seven-function stimulator as well. This toy is a dream!

Now, you are saving nearly $86 on the Silicone Thruster alone. Add in to your cart the Namaste Serenity – valued at $62 – and the toy becomes free.

Then, you add on the Adam & Eve Butt Beads Silicone Waterproof Black to your cart as well. They are a value of $24 and will be free!

SexToysCanada Coupon: 21% off & 2 Free Toys ($86 Value) with $59 Purchase NSFW

We are now up to $172 savings between the introductory toy offer, the coupon, and the two free toys. The fourth part of this deal is free shipping on orders of $69 or more. Your entire order will discreetly ship for free to your home. The only ‘additional charge’ you pay is tax.

Now, there is no picture of the Silicone Thruster through the product link, but there is a picture of it on the scrolling banners on the front page. Check it out there if you must know what it looks like (I would need to see it first too).

I think this is an incredible deal given that you receive two free toys, free shipping, and an extra 21% off the introductory offer on a new and powerful toy!

Image credit: Anthony Easton

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April 13

The Body Shop Canada Promo Code: Buy 3, Get 3, 5 Free Samples & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 13, 2015 at 9:10 AM

The Body Shop Canada Promo Code: Buy 3, Get 3, 5 Free Samples & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

The Body Shop has a really great coupon code and some hot deals out that will get you so many perks! First, buy three items and you’ll get not one, not two, but three free! You don’t need the coupon code for this one. Then, right now they have free shipping on orders over $50 to all of Canada, but free shipping to Ontario with no minimum purchase! Third, use the coupon code below to get five free skin care samples with your $75 purchase.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: TRYFIVE
  • Discount: 5 free samples
  • Expiry: 13th April 2015

I always love buy one, get one promotions, but this one gets you either buy two get one free or buy three and get three free. I like six products for the cost of three. I also like that I can spend what I want and get free shipping because I live in Ontario. But, spending $50 is not a hard task either, especially if you are doing the buy three, get three free. Not everything on the site is included, but many of the favourites you love from The Body Shop are.

Their new absinthe line sounds very intriguing and a little bit psychedelic. If you need a gift idea for someone, why not get them six products from the same line? They’ll love the large gift and won’t know you got it basically at 50% off. Because the lesser items will be discounted in your cart, you might want to keep your items to the same price. For example, you wouldn’t want to buy three of the purifying hand creams for $20 each and then just get three of the hand cleanse gels free, as that’s only saving you $12 total.

If you live in Ontario and you want to get a huge amount of stuff, you might be better to do separate orders to make the most out of your savings.

If you do plan on spending $75 and want your free samples, you’ll get:

  • aloe day cream sample
  • drops of youth mask sample
  • vitamin E day cream sample
  • tea tree oil sample
  • nutriganics drops of youth sample

I have to tell you, I tried the Drops of Youth mask and its pretty amazing. Typically, you’d use it at night, but I also put it on when I’m home all day. The texture is sort of like putty and feels really cool and fun to put on your face. It doesn’t tighten like some masks do and just feels ultimately like moisturizer. The size of the container is quite large, so this mask is going to last me a while too.

Normally, you’d have to spend $75 to get free shipping, or pay $5 on $50, so all of the deals here are very nice to combine.

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April 10

Shoppers Drug Mart: Free $10 Chapters Indigo Card with $50 Purchase (in store)

Posted by on April 10, 2015 at 6:32 PM

Shoppers Drug Mart: Free $10 Chapters Indigo Card with $50 Purchase (in store)

This weekend (starting tomorrow), Shoppers Drug Mart is giving away $10 Chapters Indigo Gift Cards when you spend $50 or more. The promotion runs the 11th April to the 12th of April – two days only.

The promotional card can be redeemed in Coles, Indigo, and Chapters locations or online. As there is an online option, I assume there is a promo code on the voucher itself. You need to use your $10 voucher by the 3rd of May 2015 so I hope you have a chapters purchase in mind already. I just received my Chapters order of three new books – I am quite pleased!

Quantities are limited, that is why I am blogging this deal a day early. This is the first time I have seen Shoppers Drug Mart team up with beloved Chapters – so I am pretty stoked about this deal. I plan to raid the leftover Easter chocolate, pick up some milk, and buy some Neo Citron as we seem to be taking turns getting sick in my household. Boxes are around $7 – $8, so two boxes will easily add around $15 towards that $50 minimum.

Now, most things you buy at Shoppers Drug Mart will act as part of the $50 minimum. However, there are a few exclusions:

Excludes prescription purchases, products with codeine, tobacco products (where applicable), stamps, passport photos, lottery tickets, event tickets, transit tickets and passes, gift cards, prepaid phone cards, prepaid card products and Shoppers Home Health Care locations

it appears that you can use this voucher at Chapters Indigo on almost anything you want. I would suggest raiding their sale section for some great deals. Of course, you always want to make sure your order is $25 or more so you will receive free shipping. i am not sure if that minimum is before or after coupon code. If you find out, then please let us know!

Hey Moosers, do you do a lot of your shopping at Shopper’s Drug Mart? If so, drop us a line to let us know what you usually buy from there. I would love to know what things are the best price at Shoppers Drug Mart.

(Expiry: 12th April 2015)

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April 7

Cineplex Canada: Free Ticket with Visa Checkout Ticket Purchase

Posted by on April 7, 2015 at 5:07 PM

Cineplex Canada: Free Ticket with Visa Checkout Ticket Purchase

Cineplex Canada has teamed up with Visa to offer you a great deal. Purchase a movie ticket via Visa Checkout and you will receive a voucher for one free general admission ticket.

This is how it works my movie loving Moosers:

  • Pick a movie you wish to see and select the ticket(s)
  • Choose Visa Checkout as your checkout option (and pay with Visa)
  • Sign up via the ‘create account’ button
  • Complete your purchase

After you have completed your movie ticket purchase, you will be emailed a voucher code valid towards a Free General Admission ticket. You can also use the code for a senior or child admission. There is a limit of one voucher code per transaction no matter the number of tickets you purchase.

These are unique codes and can only be used once – through this link right here. The coupon code cannot be used for midnight showings, Front Row Centre Events, or alternative programming (like the ballet or opera). The free General Admission promo codes will be sent out while quantities last. However, this promotion just started on the fourth so there should be plenty left. You have until the 3rd of August, 2015 to use the voucher.

The promo code with be on the last page of the PDF file that Cineplex sends you when you buy your ticket – do not delete it! If you need two tickets for a movie, then I suggest buying them one at a time. Buy one ticket first. Then use the unique promo code to buy your second ticket for the same movie. This is the best way to get Scene points anyway. If you buy your movie tickets this way, then this is essentially a BOGO free offer.

This offer is limited to once per person/account. Since we have two Visa cards in my household, I could take advantage of this offer and my partner could create his own account to get the deal as well. While we tend to go on Tuesdays, for the cheap movies, this offer could still save us several dollars.

Note: Rumour has it that when you upgrade the Free General Admission ticket, and pay the difference, that Cineplex generates a new voucher. I cannot confirm this as I have not bought any tickets yet, but this sounds like a sweet bonus. That would be one full price ticket, one ticket for the cost of the upgrade, and then another free General Admission ticket.

Hey Moosers, what movie are you going to buy tickets for? I am considering the new Fast & Furious movie… Furious 7.

(Expiry: 3rd May 2015)

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April 6

Chapters Canada: Free Sunny Patch Umbrella with $25 Purchase ($10 Value)

Posted by on April 6, 2015 at 2:34 PM

Chapters Canada: Free Sunny Patch Umbrella with $25 Purchase ($10 Value)

Purchase $25 or more worth of Sunny Patch merchandise at Chapters Indigo Canada to receive a free Sunny Patch umbrella valued at $9.95.

Your order will also qualify for free shipping as the minimum required, $25, is also the minimum for free shipping.

Melissa & Doug make Sunny Patch toys. They are the cutest animal and flower themed toys that are perfect for your child’s backyard or front yard play. Let your child help you ‘mow the lawn’ with this Tootle Turtle Mower for $39.95. Receive a free umbrella with your purchase.

If course, the best deal is going to be when you just reach $25, so the $10 umbrella is worth a higher percentage of your order. This Happy Giddy Bowling Set is just perfect for that! The set includes six bowling pins and a bowling ball for little hands. I rather like the bowling pins in this set – they look like cute little aliens. The set costs $26.95 so the umbrella is free when you purchase just this set.

To receive your free umbrella, choose from one of the following designs and add it to your cart. There are two designs to choose from:

I think the Happy Giddy umbrella is the cutest thing ever. I also really like green. Add one of these umbrellas to your cart with a valid order to receive the umbrella free. Your cart should look something like this:

Chapters Canada: Free Sunny Patch Umbrella with $25 Purchase ($10 Value)

There are plenty other cute toys to purchase. I just chose toys that were already above the $25 minimum, but you can combine toys to reach that minimum. Add the Sunny Patch Firefly Pail (Indigo Exclusive) to your cart for just $11.95. Then, choose from a myriad of other toys like this Froggy Kickball for $13.95. Together, these two toys come to $25.90. That is enough for your free umbrella. The froggy kickball looks really cool and would certainly be fun to play with. However, it might be a bit hard to see in green grass! Then you can have a game of ‘find the kickball’.

I think this is a great deal because the minimum is only $25 for a $10 freebie. That is good value for your money overall.

(Expiry: 30th April 2015)

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April 2

Bath & Body Works: Free Item with $10 Purchase ($15 Value)

Posted by on April 2, 2015 at 5:30 PM

Bath & Body Works: Free Item with $10 Purchase ($15 Value)

Bath & Body Works has a smoking hot printable coupon code for you to use this long weekend. Purchase $10 worth of items and receive a free item worth up to $15 with this printable coupon.

Usually, Bath & Body Works may offer a 20% off coupon code or even a $10 off $30 code (33% off) but their free item coupons are pretty few and far between. This coupon is actually worth 67% if you buy exactly $10 worth of stuff and get an item that is worth $15. It easily gives you ‘50% off’ as finding a $10 item you want at Bath & Body Works is easy.

If you are placing a larger order, then I suggest using this $10 off $30 printable coupon that we have as well. The coupons cannot be combined so choose wisely or send your partner in with the other coupon, point out what you want – and process your purchases separately.

Summer is coming and I am looking forward to doing a little travelling. I am heading out to my parent’s place in May, which is approximately a 14-hour long drive plus a two hour long ferry ride. Essentially, I will be living in my car. Thankfully, Bath & Body Works has gorgeous Scentportable holders and refills for making my car smell all nice instead of smelling like sweat and stale Redbull. I love it when my car smells nice, so I need to pick up a Scentportable kit before I head out.

On the road, you are going to touch many things. Most of them will not be clean things. The nozzle at a gas station, the door handles on public washrooms, and even the bags of chips you fondle lovingly at the station are probably covered in germs. Travelling is stressful enough without a few billion extra germs. Pick up some of amazing hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works while you are shopping. I think Japanese Cherry Blossom sounds good but I would opt for Sugar Lemon Fizz instead.

These are both fantastic printable coupons valid for this ling weekend only. The $10 minimum is before tax, as is the $30 minimum for the other coupon.

(Expiry: 6th April 2015)

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March 28

Hudson’s Bay Canada: Free 19-Pc Gift Set ($250 Value) With $100 Beauty Purchase (+ Free Shipping)

Posted by on March 28, 2015 at 8:30 PM

Hudsons Bay Canada: Free 19 Pc Gift Set ($250 Value) With $100 Beauty Purchase (+ Free Shipping)

Do you need to re-stock on beauty supplies? Then you need to take advantage of a very hot offer at Hudson’s Bay right now. During the next couple of days, you can get a free 19-pieces gift set filled with samples from top brands like Kiehl’s, L’Occitane, Origins, Elizabeth Ardene, Shiseido, YSL and others. Valued at $250, you need to spend at least $100 on beauty or fragrance products to get all of these awesome freebies.

Once you add over $100 worth of beauty items to your cart, then the 19-pc gift set will be automatically added to your shopping cart. It comes with all of the following items:

Hudsons Bay Canada: Free 19 Pc Gift Set ($250 Value) With $100 Beauty Purchase (+ Free Shipping)

All of these are definitely products worth trying and using, but I’m actually the most excited to try the YSL mascara volume effect faux cil. Even mascara samples can last a couple of uses, just don’t forget that no mascara should ever be used more than three months because of the accumulation of bacteria inside the bottle!

The reason I’m stoked to try it though is because the full-size version of this mascara actually goes for $36 and it has fab reviews like this one:

The best Mascara I’ve used thus far: I’ve used over 20+ types of Mascara including YSL Shocking…this is by far the VERY BEST mascara I’ve ever used.

There is no mention of it there or in the description on Hudson Bay’s site, but this gift set also comes with a snake skin print clutch. It’s actually quite cool looking; you can view it once you click on the first link above.

As Hudson’s Bay automatically ships the vast majority of orders over $99 for free, then you’re sure to get free shipping on your order as well.

What’s great is that you don’t even necessarily need to buy a ton of make-up or skincare products to get these freebies as chances are, the purchase of a single fragrance would most probably put you over the required $100 threshold. Versace’s Eros for women, for instance, is just $106 for a 50ml bottle.

(Image Credit: Danila Panfilov)

(Expiry: 2nd April 2015 or while supplies last)

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March 28

Fruits & Passion Coupon Code: 20% Off Everything & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 28, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Fruits & Passion Coupon Code: 20% Off Everything & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Fruits and Passion has got some great stackable deals on this weekend that will have you wanting to freshen up your home with a new scent. First, they’ve lowered their free shipping threshold from $70 down to $25, which is pretty sweet in itself. Then, they have a coupon code for another 20% off that you can use on even clearance items. You’ll also score free samples on top of your order.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: SPRG20
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expiry: 29th March 2015

I’ve shopped at Fruits & Passion a few times as I love the smell of their products. They are definitely known for their Cucina soaps and I’ve seen them in the bathrooms of the ritziest places. I love that they smell like actual things in nature and not musky perfumey smells. For example, they have Rosemary and Cardamom or Sea Salt and Amalfi, which is definitely the one I’d pick! Obviously these fragrances are modeled on Italy, and the extra virgin olive oil that each soap consists of is sourced from the Mediterranean. They are also triclosan-free, not tested on animals and the collector’s editions come in recyclable glass jars. Plus the jars themselves are a show piece for your counter.  The non-collector’s edition of these soaps are $12.50 each. The collector’s edition jars are $22.50.

If you bought one of each, instead of paying $35, plus shipping, you’ll pay $28 and get free shipping right now. Plus you’ll get free samples:

Fruits & Passion Coupon Code: 20% Off Everything & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

You could also fill your cart with some of the hot clearance items that Fruits & Passion has on, and still get 20% off. The Eau de Toilette fine fragrance was $45.50 and now on sale for $10. After coupon, you’ll get it for $8. A nice gift for a friend could be this decorative diffuser set, which was originally $18.50 and now $9.25. After coupon, it comes down to $7.40.

We’ve got a few other great coupons that you could use with your order if you prefer, like getting a free Cucina hand soap when you spend $45. Unfortunately, you can’t use it together with the 20% off, so you might want to see what floats your boat more. For example, on a $45 spend, you’ll get a $9 discount on your order. The soaps are $12.50, so getting that free is actually a better deal. But, that all depends on if you want the soap or the discount on your order.

Photo credit: Giuseppe Milo

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March 28

Microsoft Canada: $15 off Fitbit Charge & Free $25 Gift Card (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 28, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Microsoft Canada: $15 off Fitbit Charge & Free $25 Gift Card (EXPIRED)

Microsoft Canada is offering a free $25 eGift card with the purchase of the Fitbit Charge in small or large. The Fitbit Charge retails for $149 but is now on sale for $134.10 with free shipping. The $25 gift card is a nice gift back to yourself.

I price compared the Fitbit Charge with other popular retailers to see if there was a sale on the device anywhere. Here is what I found:

  • $149.99 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $149.95 @ Walmart Canada
  • $149.95 @ Chapters Indigo Canada
  • $149.99 @ Future Shop Canada (small slate @ $139.99)

Microsoft Canada’s deal is by far the best. Their price is better than anywhere else and no one else is offering a free gift card with purchase. Microsoft’s offer is available on both the black small and the black large Fitbit Charge.

Like many other fitness devices, the Fitbit Charge shows you:

  • Steps taken
  • Distance traveled
  • Calories burned
  • Stairs climbed
  • Active minutes

In fact, the stairs climbed feature generally only appears in the higher end fitness devices. I read a review for a lower end model that was missing the ability to read incline so steps up stairs and steps on a flat surface were rated as the same calories burned. As we all know, activity that is more strenuous burns more calories so stairs climbed and steps walked are not equivalent. One reviewer at Walmart said:

I bought this about a month ago and have only charged it once! I wear everyday all day…..tracking my steps…..! I never thought I could burned so many calories just walking.

Now, you may just think this is a glorified pedometer. However, Fitbit Charge communicates with an app on your phone to improve your fitness levels. As Fitness Charge is already talking to your phone, the OLED display will give you caller ID when you receive calls. How cool is that?

At night, the Fitbit Charge tracks your sleep. Wake up to a silent, vibrating alarm instead of that horribly loud blare of the iPhone alarm. I think this is my favourite feature of all – a silent alarm for easier mornings. I am not inclined to be a morning person so silence IS bliss.

The Fitbit Charge will last a long time on just one charge. That means less time on the charger and more time on your wrist (or ankle). The sale expiry is unknown.

(Gift Card expiry: 1st April 2015)

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