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October 11

Dress911 Canada: 15% off Gift Cards

Posted by on October 11, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Dress911 Canada: 15% off Gift Cards

I am all over gift card sales because they are really rare and super cool. Dress911 is having a sale on their gift cards this holiday weekend. Receive 15% off Dress911 gift cards that are valid both online and in store. Keep the gift card for yourself or give it to a friend!

It is no secret that I love saving money ‘on money’ and the best way to save before even buying an item is to save money on gift cards. We have seen some gift card deals from eBay lately, and now I have one from the fabulous Canadian dress boutique. Dress911. They carry beautiful pinup style dresses, plus-size dresses, warm sweaters, and kitschy accessories. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 29

eBay Canada: $50 Sears Gift Card for $45 & Free Shipping

Posted by on September 29, 2015 at 3:15 PM

eBay Canada: $50 Sears Gift Card for $45 & Free Shipping

Are you going to be hitting that Sears Christmas Wish Book hard this year? If so, then save a little money up front by purchasing a $50 Sears Canada Gift Card for just $45. You save 10% on the gift card and will receive free shipping as this is a physical (plastic) gift card.

Sears Canada is a popular place to shop for toys, clothing, and more. They can have some stellar sales like their one day 75% off luggage deals or their cookware deals. Right now, Sears Days are on and it is a great time to buy from the company. For example, Read the rest of this entry »

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September 29

$25 Golf Town Gift Card for $20 & Free Shipping @ eBay Canada

Posted by on September 29, 2015 at 12:16 PM

$25 Golf Town Gift Card for $20 & Free Shipping @ eBay Canada

I am back with another gift card deal at eBay Canada. This time, you will save 20% on a Golf Town gift card that can be used in store. With this deal, you can buy a $25 gift card for just $20 and receive free shipping. These are physical plastic gift cards so the free shipping bit is a nice bonus.

There is a limit of four gift cards per person. Just think, if you bought all four then you would get $100 worth for $80 even before you bought anything (which I hope would be on sale). It is unclear if you can use this gift card online, so I cannot help you there. Over 250 of these cards have already sold within the last 24 hours! Read the rest of this entry »

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August 24

eBay Canada: $50 Sport Chek (& Atmosphere) Gift Card Only $40 & Free Shipping

Posted by on August 24, 2015 at 12:00 PM

eBay Canada: $50 Sport Chek (& Atmosphere) Gift Card Only $40 & Free Shipping

We are back with another sweet discount on a gift card at eBay Canada. Purchase a $50 Sport Chek Gift Card for only $40 right now from seller giftcardstore (770) who has good ratings with plenty of cards already sold.

Your gift card will be sent by regular post as you are receiving a physical gift card (not an e-card). It will take the gift card between five and seven days to arrive at your address. These gift cards are an excellent way to save money (20%) before you actually buy anything: when combined with sale priced clothing, footwear, and more… you really can save! Read the rest of this entry »

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August 20

eBay Canada: $50 Le Chateau Gift Card for $42 & Free Shipping

Posted by on August 20, 2015 at 3:30 PM

eBay Canada: $50 Le Chateau Gift Card for $42 & Free Shipping

Do you want to save money on gift cards? Then today is your lucky day. Not only did we find a sweet deal on a Roots Gift Card, but this $50 Le Chateau gift card is also on sale for $42 with free shipping.

The gift card is being sold by giftcardstore (763) who has good ratings with plenty of cards already sold. Your gift card will be sent by regular post as you are receiving a physical gift card (not an e-card). It will take the gift card between five and nice days to arrive at your address. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 20

eBay Canada: $20 for $25 Roots Gift Card *HOT*

Posted by on August 20, 2015 at 12:56 PM

eBay Canada: $20 for $25 Roots Gift Card *HOT*

One of the best gift-card sellers on eBay has a deal on their Roots Gift Cards. giftcardstore (763) is offering a $25 Roots Gift Card with mail delivery for just $20 and you receive free shipping as well. This offer is 74% sold out already!

Seriously: you are saving money on what is the equivalent of cash. You can combine the savings on this card with the sale section at Roots to really get some stellar deals. There is a limit of five gift cards per person. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 18

Card Mania: Up to 21% Off Gift Cards for Stores Like Carters, Forever21, The Keg & More Plus Exclusive 3% Off With Promo Code

Posted by on August 18, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Card Mania: Up to 21% Off Gift Cards for Stores Like Carters, Forever21, The Keg & More Plus Exclusive 3% Off With Promo Code

I want to introduce you to a pretty cool store that we recently got a nice exclusive for. The store is called CardMania, where you can buy gift cards for less than their value. With up to 21% off great Canadian stores, we’ve also got an extra 3% off any deal with our exclusive promo code.

Click here to shop for gift cards @ now

  • Coupon Code: BARGAINMOOSE
  • Discount: 3% off
  • Expiry: Never

If you are looking for gift cards to use yourself or give as gifts, this site really rocks. The gift cards will ship for free to you, so you can use them online or in-store. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 14

Up to 15% Off Gift Cards @ Lee Valley Canada

Posted by on August 14, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Up to 15% Off Gift Cards @ Lee Valley Canada

We rarely see deals on gift cards so when one pops up – we certainly take notice! Lee Valley Canada is currently offering up to 15% off their gift cards depending upon the denomination you purchase.

Discounts range from 10% off up to 15% off the gift card and they are redeemable on orders placed online, by phone, by mail, or at their retail stores in Canada. These appear to be physical gift cards that will be mailed out to you as the fine print says: “sale price applies to our special event cards only (sale does not apply to electronic gift cards).” Read the rest of this entry »

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June 10

Costco: $100 Multipack iTunes Cards (4 x $25) Only $84.99 & Free Shipping

Posted by on June 10, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Costco: $100 Multipack iTunes Cards (4 x $25) Only $84.99 & Free Shipping

If you buy as much music on iTunes as I do, then you may want to invest in some discount iTunes cards. Costco Canada is selling a $100 multipack of iTunes cards, that is four $25 cards, for $84.99. That is a 15% discount on these gift cards.

All Costco orders come with free shipping, thus you only pay the cost of the cards and no more.

Costco Canada normally sells this pack at a bit of a discount. On a regular day, you can get the $100 multipack for $94.99. This offer is an extra $10 off Costco Canada’s regular price. In total, it is $15 (15%) off the retail value of those gift cards.

Gift card redemption is easy. You simply log into iTunes on your mobile device or your computer. When in the iTunes store, look at the right hand column. Under ‘Music Quick Links’ you will see ‘Redeem’. Just click there and enter the code you find on the back of your iTunes cards after you peel back the safety sticker.

As this deal includes four $25 iTunes gift cards, this offer is also fantastic for making gifts. iTunes gift cards are one of the most versatile gift cards you can give away as almost everyone uses iTunes these days. It is the industry standard. Not only do people purchase music on iTunes, they also purchase music videos, purchase or rent movies, purchase or rent TV shows, and more. You can also purchase more icloud storage if you are running low. I own a few TV series on iTunes including two seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender and two seasons of Sherlock.

The iCloud storage potential is of interest to me. My laptop refuses to perform a full back up to an external hard drive. The good people at Alienware (and by extension, Dell) suggested I use iCloud, OneDrive, or Dropbox as a backup. However, I use around 350GB of my hard drive. Thus, I will probably need to pay for storage and this iTunes deal would let me save money on additional storage.

These cards are for redemption on the Canadian only iTunes. They may be available in store as well (if you have a Costco card). You do not need a Costco Card to shop on Costco’s online website. There is a limit of five per customer.

(Expiry: 21st June 2015)

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June 4

8 Frugal Teacher Gifts Anyone Can Make

Posted by on June 4, 2015 at 8:00 PM

8 Frugal Teacher Gifts Anyone Can Make

The end of the school year is almost here, and those teachers, educators and other people who work with your children have been working hard all year. Now is the time to say “thank you” one last time for all of the amazing work that educators do throughout the year. I have put together a small roundup of ideas that I think are fantastic gifts that anyone can pull together. So pull out your scissors, and let’s talk cute and inexpensive gifts!

No Sew Personalized Tote Bag

8 Frugal Teacher Gifts Anyone Can Make

Over at V and Co., they created a cute personalized tote that looks like a sheet of paper complete with the teacher’s name. Best of all, she used fabric paint pens to make this fun project, no sewing necessary. Complete the gift by stashing a few fun treats in the bag for your favourite teacher, and use your best cursive writing!

Thanks A Latte Card

8 Frugal Teacher Gifts Anyone Can Make

My go-to teacher gift is a handwritten note and a gift card to a nearby coffee shop. Jazz it up a little with this cute free printable from Eighteen 25. Print the card on card stock or print on photo paper and glue to cardboard. When you go to buy your gift card, ask for a few extra coffee sleeves, which will then hold the gift card in place. Genius!

Bouquet Of Flower Pens

8 Frugal Teacher Gifts Anyone Can Make

Pens are always walking away in the classroom with many hands in need of writing utensils. Help your teacher keep her pens together with this sweet bouquet of flowers over at Artzcool. Attach pens to the stems of the artificial flowers and present the gift in a vase. This gift is thoughtful, cute and practical all rolled together. Your teacher will never be without a pen again. These pens will not accidentally disappear from the teacher’s desk.

Tickled Pink Giftset

8 Frugal Teacher Gifts Anyone Can Make

I think this “Tickled Pink” gift set at Pizzazzerie is both fun and customizable. This gift includes a cup with a pink lid and an assortment of other small pink items to help say thank you. Ideas include pink lip balm, pink nail polish, chocolate in a pink wrapper and whatever else will fit in the cup. I like that you could make this gift as small or as large and that the items you include can vary. Follow the link for a free printable tag to hang on your gift.

Thank You For Being A Light

8 Frugal Teacher Gifts Anyone Can Make

You can pair this sweet printable from The Crafting Chicks with a lantern, candle or another type of light for your favourite teacher. I like that this blogger chose this fun Ikea lantern.  I have several of these lanterns in my backyard and love them. A citronella candle is also a thoughtful gift for your teacher’s patio.

Funny Giftcard Holder

8 Frugal Teacher Gifts Anyone Can Make

If you have a sense of humour, you may want to consider this hilarious gift card holder from Chickabug. I may just have to snag this idea for my favourite teachers as I think they would have a nice chuckle. Even better, any gift card could slide into this card for a quick and easy gift.

Potted Flowers

8 Frugal Teacher Gifts Anyone Can Make

I have happy memories from my childhood bringing purple Irises to my teachers each year from our garden at the end of the year.  I now prefer to give potted flowers for gifts, as they tend to last longer than cut flowers.  At Sippy Cup Mom, there is a cute free printable to add to a potted plant that says “Thank You For Helping Me Grow.” If you know your teacher loves to cook, why not include a potted herb such as basil or oregano that they can use all summer long. You could also add this printable to cut flowers also to finish off a cute gift.

Spa In a Jar

8 Frugal Teacher Gifts Anyone Can Make

What I love about the spa in a jar idea is that this gift can scale. Choose to include only a few items or extend this gift into a larger basket. Over at The Gunny Sack, they have created a spa gift set with many ideas for in the jar. This blogger included some homemade beauty items with links to the recipes and free printable tags. If you are not crafty, a few smaller lotion bottles also work just as well. For a smaller gift, I might include nail polish in a pretty colour, a foot file, nail clippers and a nice neutral smelling foot soak or lotion.

For more great ideas for gifts for teachers, check out this past post Eva wrote: 6 Inexpensive Ways To Thank Your Teachers.

Bargainmoosers, what do you have planned for your end of the year gifts?

(Image Credit: wakima)

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June 3

Bonus $25 Gift Card with HP Stream 11″ or 13″ Laptop @ Microsoft Canada

Posted by on June 3, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Bonus $25 Gift Card with HP Stream 11 or 13 Laptop @ Microsoft Canada

Are you looking for an inexpensive laptop to replace your current out-modded model? Purchase the HP Stream 11 for just $249.99 and receive a free $25 Microsoft Gift Card. The same offer is available on the 13″ model that retails for $289.99. Receive free shipping on all orders.

The 11″ HP Stream laptop comes in two colour options: Magenta or Blue. Both the HP Stream signature edition laptops come with 11.6-inch (294.64-millimeter) HD displays, Intel Celeron N2840 processors, 2GB of memory with 32GB eMMC built in hard drive and 1TB of OneDrive online storage. These little laptops are the perfect portable devices with 8.5 hours of battery life. You could run this laptop almost all day on just battery. These little 11″ HP Stream laptops retail for $249, but if you are a student, you can purchase one for just $224.10. You also receive a free $25 Microsoft gift card.

You can also purchase a 13″ version if you need a larger screen size. The HP Stream 13-c078nr Signature Edition Laptop (magenta) is already out of stock but you can still purchase the HP Stream 13-c077nr Signature Edition Laptop in blue. The 13″ HP Stream retails for $289 but you can get it for just $260.10 if you are a student. Either way, you will receive that free $25 Microsoft gift card with your purchase. Like the 11″ model, this 13″ model features:

  • Intel Celeron N2840 processor
  • 2GB memory
  • 32GB eMMC hard drive

However, this model has a larger screen but a smaller battery life. The 13″ laptop promises over 7.5 hours, which is one hour shorter than the 11″ model. I am not sure I could go down to a 11″ model as I spend many hours per day on my computer. One reviewer said:

This laptop is great for anyone looking for a no frills computer that just gets the job done. It can handle day to day tasks like office, browsing and video very well. The looks and building are better than expected at this price range. Furthermore, Microsoft signature edition products come with no trialware or junk which is a bonus.

First, both the 11″ and 13″ laptops are a good price. I found an ASUS 11″ laptop with approximately the same configuration (slightly different processor but everything else was the same) for the same price – but it did not qualify for a free $25 gift card. These HP Stream models are priced competitively within the current market. With a free gift card, worth up to 10% the computer’s price, this is a pretty good deal on a base model laptop.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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June 2

Canada Post Coupon: $25 Henry’s Gift Card with $85 Purchase

Posted by on June 2, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Canada Post Coupon: $25 Henrys Gift Card with $85 Purchase

Canada Post is giving away $25 Henry’s gift cards on any order of $85 or more. Use the following coupon code at checkout when your order totals $85+ pre-tax.

Click here to shop @ Canada Post now

  • Coupon Code: HENRYS
  • Discount: $25 GC with $85 purchase
  • Expiry: 6th June 2015

This deal is not advertised anywhere on their site that I could find but it does work! I tested out the offer with a roll of Baby Wildlife: Permanent™ Domestic Stamps – Coil of 100 for $85. I have waxed poetic on the value of permanent stamps before. We all know postage prices are only going to increase, so buying a load of permanent stamps that never go down in value is a smart move. This roll alone is enough for the Henry’s gift card offer as you can see below:

Canada Post Coupon: $25 Henrys Gift Card with $85 Purchase

When you use the coupon code above, the card will automatically be added to your cart and the price discounted as you can see. The coupon code is case sensitive, so make sure to enter it right.

There appears to be no restrictions on what you can buy at Canada Post. In addition, it appears that this is a ‘pure’ gift card instead of a savings card. That means there is no minimum required for you to redeem the gift card. Gift cards are also ‘giftable’, unlike savings cards.

I think this is an odd team up between Henry’s and Canada Post – but I am stoked about any deal that puts money, even virtual money, back in your pocket.

Canada Post is the perfect place to pick up packing supplies, postage stamps, and pretty coins. I think the recent Looney Tunes coin collection is a nostalgic trip down memory lane for many people. This 2015 $20 Pure Silver Coin – Looney Tunes : Bugs Bunny coin is affordable at only $25.95. For a bit more, pick up one of my favourite characters on the 2015 $10 Pure Silver Coin – Looney Tunes: I Tawt I Taw a Putty Tat!. This Tweety coin retails for $49.95.  There are also many gorgeous stamps to choose from at the Canada Post store.

Canada Post offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more. Thus, you will receive free shipping with this deal as the required minimum is over the free shipping amount.

For this and future Canada Post coupon codes, please visit our forum.

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March 23

eBay Canada: 10% Off Petro Canada & Chapters Gift Cards

Posted by on March 23, 2015 at 5:17 PM

eBay Canada: 10% Off Petro Canada & Chapters Gift Cards

A seller on eBay has teamed up with eBay to offer you a 10% discount on Petro Canada gift cards and Chapters Gift Cards. Petro Canada gift cards are on sale from $100 down to $90, for a $100 gift card. Chapters Canada gift cards are on sale from $50 down to $45, for a $50 gift card. You save 10% on each of these gift cards. These gift cards ship to you for free.

Over 300 Petro Canada gift cards have sold, and over 100 Chapters gift cards. The seller is giftcardstore – and they have 254 reviews. Currently, the seller has a 97% review rating. Many of the more negative reviews come from people who bought one of the Petro Canada discount cards (not gift cards) by people who did not understand that the card gave you a discount on fuel at the pump.

However, these are both gift cards. The gift cards are mailed out- not activated – so you will need to activate the card online. Do not activate the card before you receive it. When the card arrives, you need to visit to activate your card.

I have never bought from this store before so I really can give you no personal feedback or assurances. Thankfully, when you pay with Paypal, you receive buyer protection. If you ever receive a product that does not match what you were sold – contact the seller and try to resolve it that way. If that is not going well, then you should file a Paypal dispute as soon as possible.

Given the number of purchases, this looks like a legitimate offer so I decided to blog it. Any deal I can score on fuel is appreciated as my monthly bill runs about $60. If you consider that over a year, I pay around $720 for fuel. That does not include any road trips I might take. I also want the Chapters Indigo gift card as i buy books and accessories from Chapters quite often. I could combine the Chapters gift card with one of their coupon codes to stack discounts.

There is a limit of five gift cards per person – while quantities last. Please read the fine print before purchasing. Shipping takes approximately five to seven business days. If you have bought from this seller before, please leave a comment telling us how that went.

(Expiry: unknown)

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March 22

Microsoft Store: HP Stream 7 Was $119 | Now $99 + Free $25 Gift Card, Screen Protector & Tablet Case

Posted by on March 22, 2015 at 12:16 PM

Microsoft Store: HP Stream 7 Was $119 | Now $99 + Free $25 Gift Card, Screen Protector & Tablet Case

The Microsoft Store has one doozy of a deal, if you need a new tablet. The HP Stream 7 was $119 and is now only $99. On top of that, you will receive a free $25 gift card, a free screen protector, and a free case. Not only that, Office 365 Personal is included with the tablet. This tablet and all accessories will also receive free shipping.

If I did not just spend a fortune on shoes this last week, I would be buying this tablet. I seriously cannot think of a better deal on a brand name tablet right now.

Let is just consider this offer for a second in terms of savings.


  • Tablet – $119
  • Free Case – $30
  • Screen protector – $10
  • Gift Card – $25
  • Office 365 Personal – $69

This bundle has a total value of $253! When you pay only $99 for the entire thing, you are essentially saving $154 over what each item would normally cost if you had to pay for them individually. You can now see why this is such a hot deal.

Microsoft Store: HP Stream 7 Was $119 | Now $99 + Free $25 Gift Card, Screen Protector & Tablet Case

This tablet has a 7-inch (177.8-millimeter) HD touchscreen with an Intel Atom Z3735G processor. While there is only 1 GB of internal memory, you can easily expand that up to 32 GB with an external memory card. The HP tablets provide up to eight hours of battery life, and maybe longer, depending on what you use them for.

This reviewer sums up what many people think:

Best affordable tablet you can buy. This is much better than anything with android on it for the same price.. I cannot believe how much better these devices have become over the last two years.

While there may be a few dissenters, the overwhelming number of reviews are positive on Microsoft for a solid 4.1/5 star rating with over 300 reviews. In fact, 213 of those reviews are for a complete 5/5 star rating.

The odd commenter mentioned issues with the Wi-Fi, but others said that it must be their home Wi-Fi network having problems because this machine connects with no problem.

The reviewers also stressed having reasonable expectations. At this price, the tablet is not going to perform the same as a $600 tablet. You need to have reasonable expectations. What you do get is a good performing tablet with pretty good speed and a boatload of accessories for $100.

I am stoked about this deal and I hope you are too. If you buy one, please let me know!

(Expiry: 25th March 2015)

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February 10

Best Buy Canada: Trade-in 2 Select Games for $70 GC (In-Store)

Posted by on February 10, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Best Buy Canada: Trade in 2 Select Games for $70 GC (In Store)

Best Buy Canada has started their trade-in event yet again. As a special promotion, they are offering a $70 gift card when you trade in two select PS4, XBox One, or WiiU Games.

Games must include their original boxes. They will not accept duplicate titles regardless of which console they are for. There is a limit of one trade in promo (of two games) per customer.

The following titles are eligible for trade-in:

Xbox One & PS4

  • Assassin’s Creed Unity
  • Destiny
  • Dragon Age Requisition
  • Fifa 15
  • NBA 2K15
  • Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
  • COD Advanced Warfare
  • Diablo III Ultimate Evil Ed ENG
  • WWE 2K15
  • NHL 15
  • GTA V
  • The Crew Ltd Edition
  • Dying Daylight


  • PS4 Little Big Planet 3 Ltd Edition
  • Xbox One Forza Horizon 2
  • Xbox One Halo Master Chief Collection
  • Xbox One Sunset Overdrive Day One ED
  • Wii U Mario Kart 8
  • Wii U Super Smash Bros

While they are all pretty new games, this is an opportunity to trade them in for a good return on your original investment. Two games equal a $70 gift card, so you are getting $35 trade-in value per game. You can then use that credit to buy new games, or even buy other Previously Played titles.

Each previously played title is backed by a 30-day money back policy and are guaranteed to work. Your previously loved games will be sold to other eager gamers that just cannot afford to buy the game at full retail price.

I think this is an excellent incentive from Best Buy Canada and a very good trade-in value. These days, you are lucky to get $20 back for fairly new games from the trade-in stores. While it would make most sense just to sell the titles privately, some people just do not have the time to dedicate to privately selling.

This offer is available in store only and is only available for a couple more days. Then the games will go back down to their regular trade-in value (whatever that might be). I am a bit disappointed that PS3 titles are not included in this offer. I would LOVE to trade in a few PS3 titles for some store credit, but i guess they have had their day.

You can spend the gift card on anything Best Buy has to offer!

(Expiry: 12th February 2015)

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