March 30

The Home Depot Coupon: Printable $10 Off $50+ Of Grass Seed or Fertilizer

Posted by on March 30, 2014 at 11:30 AM

The Home Depot Coupon: Printable $10 Off $50+ Of Grass Seed or Fertilizer

This printable coupon for Home Depot will save you money on two different things this week.  Save $10 on purchases of $50 or more on grass seed or fertilizer.

Some of their coupons you can use a few times per week but this one is limited to one per customer. Even though the picture suggests it is for the brand Vigoro grass seed and fertilizer, it does not state anywhere that you cannot use it on other brands.

If the darn snow would go away in Calgary, I would be starting to fertilize and put grass seed down immediately.  The best time to do this is in the spring to get the best results, but it will work in the summer and fall as swell. We like to do this every single spring because we have two big dogs that can wreak havoc on our lawn.  If we do this in the spring, we have beautiful grass for the summer.

While you are there, make sure to check out the deals on plants and seeds.  I like to start some of my garden products inside and then transfer them outside once I know the weather will co-operate. I sometimes have half of my garden growing inside on a table by the window giving me fresh herbs and veggies all summer long!

This printable Home Depot coupon and all others will be posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

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March 20

Lowes Canada: Pre Season Clearance Sale up to 60% Off

Posted by on March 20, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Lowes Canada: Pre Season Clearance Sale up to 60% Off

Even though it may not look like Spring today in most parts of Canada, we have started a new season.  Lowes Canada is having a pre season clearance sale with tons of outdoor and indoor items on sale up to 60% off the regular prices.

You would think that this sale would have mostly out door items like BBQs and patio furniture and although they do have those items, they have lots of indoor deals as well.  You can save on appliances, vacuum cleaners, kitchen sinks, lighting,\ and even curtain rods along with the outdoor deals.

If you are updating your kitchen, you may want to check out this Kitchenaid dishwasher that was $1098 and is now just $698. If you want to add a great item to your deck on a budget, check out this garden mosaic table that was $118 and is now just $59.

My husband loves to BBQ year round and this Grill Gazebo that was $228 and is now $148 would be perfect for him.  It would allow him to cook in the rain, snow and sunshine and the harsh elements will stay off our BBQ making it last even longer.

This deal is both online and in stores but the selection is much bigger online.  It is a first come first serve basis as some of the items only have a coupon left.

As for the cost of shipping, Lowes Canada has free in store pick up or free parcel shipping.

(Expiry: 26th March 2014)

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March 1 Save Up To 55% On Clauss Garden Tools

Posted by on March 1, 2014 at 11:00 AM Save Up To 55% On Clauss Garden Tools

Get up to 55% off Clauss garden tools to get yourself ready for spring! It is coming!

I bet under all that snow in my yard, there are some plants that will need trimming back and basically a ton of garden cleanup. While I don’t look forward to the work, I will welcome seeing green instead of white. Buying some new tools will undoubtedly get anyone excited for the spring thaw, so if you are feeling emotionally down in this weather, cheer yourself up with a purchase of Clauss garden tools.

I price compared the tools because sometimes I find the regular price gets inflated on sales with over 50% off, but this is truly a good deal. Both Walmart and ebay carried these tools and the prices were a lot higher than these sale prices, so know that I, your faithful Bargainmoose blogger, found you a great deal.

If you need to do some lopping and pruning, this titanium non-stick lopper and pruner 7-piece set is for you. It was $141.92, now $64.99.

They also sell a number of individual tools, like these AirShoc titanium non-stick hedge shears with microban. These sell regularly for $49.99, now $34.99.

Shipping is also always free on anything you order from

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February 25

Lowes Canada: Pond Liner Only $70 (Was $140)

Posted by on February 25, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Lowes Canada: Pond Liner Only $70 (Was $140)

Thinking of putting a koi or other pond in your garden this year? Plan ahead and get an Angelo Décor International 700-gallon pond liner from Lowes for only $69.50, was $139.99.

I’ve seen a number of people with ponds in their yards and I think they are great. They add a decorative touch you can’t beat – with actual water and living things living inside of it. If you want to bring nature to your yard, a pond is great for small backyards and larger properties. This liner will hold up to 700 gallons, but it is customizable so you can make your pond whatever size you’d like. The liner is approximately 6′ x 11′.

Low maintenance, weather resistant and durable for even Canadian winters, the liner will last you years. Totally important is that this liner is fish safe, so you won’t find your fish belly up because of some harmful plastics in the liner.

It is 50% off, which makes it a substantial savings, especially if your pond has a smaller budget.

Picking this item up in store is your best bet, as it is free pick up, but the shipping is $75.

Photo credit: mdesive

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February 1

Home Depot Printable Coupon: B2G1 Free Orchids & Tropical Plants

Posted by on February 1, 2014 at 8:45 AM

Home Depot Printable Coupon: B2G1 Free Orchids & Tropical Plants

There is a new printable coupon out right now for Home Depot that will save you on some great indoor plants.  Print it off and when you buy two tropical plants or orchids, you will get a third one for free.

One of my favourite flowers is the orchid so I am excited about this printable coupon.  I actually might show it to my husband since he loves going to Home Depot on the weekends to browse anyways and hint that he pick some up for Valentines day. I would much prefer a beautiful plant for the house verses some roses that will die within a week as a gift anyways.

This coupon will also work for any tropical plant as well. Obviously living in Canada, all of these plants are for indoors only but I love having lots of plants inside my house.  Plus, the tropical plants are always the most colourful and fun looking ones.

We will have all Home Depot coupons posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

(Image credit to Sabina Horvat)

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December 12

Amazon Canada: AeroGarden With Gourmet Seed Kit Only $130

Posted by on December 12, 2013 at 3:00 PM

Amazon Canada: AeroGarden With Gourmet Seed Kit Only $130

Get through the long winter without having to subsist on potatoes and squash. Get yourself an AeroGarden and you’ll get 20% off. This AeroGarden 7 in black with a gourmet seed kit is now only $129.95, was $162.95. It showed up as one of the top 5 bestsellers in the Home and Garden section.

The AeroGarden would make a great gift idea for the gardening suffering plant deprivation symptoms. It sounds a bit pricey, but if you think about the yield you’ll get, it will probably pay for itself in a winter, never mind over the many years you’ll use it.

It is dirt-free, easy and 100% guaranteed. Even a certified “plant murderer” like me could use it. It is even self-watering and will tell you when you need to add more water. So fool-proof literally! This set includes a gourmet seed kit so you can grow some nice Genovese Basil, Dill, Thyme, Mint, Oregano, Globe Basil & Lemon Basil, and you can pick up many other seed kids to grow.

Shipping is free as well as this purchase is over $25.

I love this review:

Awesome growth while you watch.
Takes pruning maintenance weekly, not too much effort.
As a person with a ” black thumb “, with an AeroGarden I have managed to sprout a lush set of herbs within a month.
I can now enjoy the luxury of fresh cut herbs for any meal!

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September 7

EthicalDeal Canada: Save 51% On Herbal Tea Gardens & Indoor Trees

Posted by on September 7, 2013 at 4:30 PM

EthicalDeal Canada: Save 51% On Herbal Tea Gardens & Indoor Trees

Ethical Deal has this interesting little deal going on if you want to keep gardening and growing over the cold winter months. Get 51% off the purchase of an herbal tea garden or indoor tree.

I think these items would make a fantastic gift for someone special, or even as a wedding favour.

There are two options for this deal, although I’m sure you could buy both options if you choose, and you can buy multiples of each deal. They do say they have limited quantities, so check that before you buy, if you are buying a large amount.

For $20, you’ll get a three-pack of indoor tree growing kits in biodegradable pots (a $40.50 value). You’ll get a Dwarf Mountain Goji, a Canadian Sugar Maple and an Indian Tamarind Tree. For $25, you’ll get a three-pack of herbal tea growing kits with terracotta pots and saucers (a $51 value).  In this pack, you’ll get a soothing tea garden with chamomile and lemon balm, a Relaxing tea garden with lavender and vervain, and a Refreshing tea garden with mint and anisse hyssop.

Each kit has all of the instructions and everything else you need to grow your plants (except water, don’t forget to water). The seeds are untreated and organic, so you know everything you are getting is non-toxic, unlike what you might get in the grocery store.

This would also make a fun project for kids or in a classroom, and teachers could split the cost and share the bounty.

Shipping is charged per item ordered, and depends which kit you get and where you live.

(Photo Credit: Thomas Wickinger)

(Expiry: 17th September 2013)

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August 22

Veseys Canada Promo Code: $50 Off Your $100 Spend On Fall Bulbs & Perennials

Posted by on August 22, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Veseys Canada Promo Code: $50 Off Your $100 Spend On Fall Bulbs & Perennials

Get $50 off your $100 spend on fall bulbs and perennials at Veseys, with promo code.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: F3C50
  • Discount: $50 Off $100
  • Expiry: 16th October 2013

I’m seriously considering taking advantage of this sale, as I have just dug some gardens around my patio and the side of my house. After only four years of living here, we finally need some flowers to spruce up the place! Since I am so late in the year, fall bulbs and perennials are my gardening options now.

Some options I’m considering are:

  • Globemaster AlliumThese flowers grow huge and are fun for kids who can pretend they are getting eaten by the giant flowers. $27.95 for a package of three.
  • Butterfly Collection – Who doesn’t love butterflies in their yard? $15.85 for six roots.
  • Blue Shadows Hosta – Hostas are very hardy (good for plant killers like me) and are great in the sun or shade. Place them by the house to keep water from your foundation. $14.95 for one root.

Shipping depends on how much you spend.

Check the Bargainmoose forum for more coupon codes for Veseys.

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August 10

Home Depot Printable Coupon: B2G1 Free On All Trees & Shrubs

Posted by on August 10, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Home Depot Printable Coupon: B2G1 Free On All Trees & Shrubs

With the cooler temperatures, although not too cool, now is the time to plant trees and shrubs, which will give you a heart bounty for the spring. Or just make less work for you once the thaw has left. Even better, buy not one, not two, but three trees or shrubs and you’ll get one free with this printable coupon for Home Depot Canada.

My patio is… wait for it… complete! The stones are laid, the sand has hardened and I actually have a useable patio. But, it looks so bare out there with just stone and sand. It needs some dressing up with beautiful foliage. This coupon couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me, as I plan on planting some trees and shrubs this week.

Simply print the coupon and redeem in-store. Prices will range from only a few dollars upwards to a hundred dollars, so this coupon can be really lucrative. You can get a total of two free items with this one coupon and your free item will be equal or lesser value to the items you pay for.

Bargainmoosers, what trees and shrubs do you suggest for my backyard? Happy gardening!

(Expiry: 14th August 2013)

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July 20

Home Depot Canada: B2G1 Free Vigoro Soil Printable Coupon

Posted by on July 20, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Home Depot Canada: B2G1 Free Vigoro Soil Printable Coupon

If you are like me and like to do a lot of gardening, you know the cost can really add up. Home Depot Canada has a new printable coupon code out that will save you on soil.  When you buy two bags of Vigoro soil, you will get the third for free.

You will be able to get up to five free bags of soil per coupon per customer.  This is great if you have a bigger garden that you are trying to do. The Vigoro brand has a variety of bags of soils to choose from. They have garden soil, lawn mix, sun soil, black earth soil and more. Basically, it doesn’t matter where you need the soil, they will have the proper kind for your needs.

We will have all of the latest Home Depot coupons posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

(Expiry: 24th July 2013)

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July 5

Home Depot Canada Coupon: B2G1 Free Mulch (Printable)

Posted by on July 5, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Home Depot Canada Coupon: B2G1 Free Mulch (Printable)

Home Depot has another great printable coupon out that will save you on some gardening this year.  When you buy two bags of mulch, you will get a third bag of mulch for free!

There is a limit of ten free bags per customer, which is actually a lot!  You could do a lot with ten free bags of mulch for your gardens.

Mulch is something that you do need to replace at least every other year.  We like to top ours up every year to give our gardens that fresh clean colorful look.  A personal tip: Buy bright orange mulch for your gardens instead of the normal brown. It highlights the green grass and makes your greenery and flowers really pop!

If you are looking for more Home Depot coupons, you will find them all posted on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

(Expiry: 10th July 2013)

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June 30

Home Depot Canada: Save $10 on Trees & Shrubs $50+ (Printable Coupon)

Posted by on June 30, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Home Depot Canada: Save $10 on Trees & Shrubs $50+  (Printable Coupon)

Home Depot has another great printable coupon for us to take advantage of.  Save $10 on all trees and shrub purchases of $50 or more.

With this coupon there is a limit of two per customer, per purchase.  I know first hand how much it can cost to do even the littlest bit of landscaping for your yard, so having a coupon that will save you $10 is actually pretty great! This coupon is good until July 3rd so it is perfect timing if you were planning on using this Canada Day long weekend to work outside.

If you are planning on shopping online at Home Depot Canada, they do have some great Canada Day weekend sales that are worth checking out.  You can save on everything from appliances, BBQs, tools, patio furniture and more.

If you are looking for more Home Depot coupons, you will find them all posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

(Expiry: 3rd July 2103)

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June 8

Home Depot Canada Coupon: Save $2 On Perrenials Printable

Posted by on June 8, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Home Depot Canada Coupon: Save $2 On Perrenials Printable

We’ve been having some great weather lately across Canada, and it is that time of year again to start planting your garden.  Right now, you can save $2 on the cost of perennials over $5 with this printable coupon.

There is a limit of five coupons per customer, so you have the chance to save up to $10 total.

I was at my local Home Depot last weekend and we bought all of our outdoor plants for potting.  They had a huge selection of plants to choose from and they were all very well kept.  In fact, I actually prefer getting my plants from Home Depot each year as opposed to going to a garden center and paying a ton of money for the same quality of plants.

While you are shopping at Home Depot, make sure to check out their ultimate power tool event.  You can save up to $400 on select items for a limited time only.

(Expiry: 12th June 2013)

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May 28

Save Money on Organic Stuff

Posted by on May 28, 2013 at 8:00 PM

Save Money on Organic Stuff

We all know that eating organic is better for us (really, who wants mashed potatoes with a side of pesticide?), but because organic food is expensive, we often don’t opt to make this lifestyle change. Same goes for organic products.  Shampoos, conditioners, and body wash all contain chemicals that aren’t so great for our bodies, but oftentimes, USDA approved organic hair and body products are 30-50% more in price.

With the economy still recovering or flatlining, healthy habits and changes often go to the back burner due to cost.  However, here are a few tips on how to save money on organic stuff so that you can make that change towards healthier, cleaner living.

Organic Produce on the Cheap

Organic produce is expensive, there’s no doubt about it.  To offset this, you could try growing your own organic food or you can opt to buy organic produce only when it matters.  For example, did you know that organic bananas are a bit of a moot point?  Do you know why?  See the Bargainmoose post eating organic on the cheap for more information.  To summarize, buy organic produce especially for the fruits and vegetables that fall in the “Dirty Dozen” category.  To see a list of the amount of pesticide content for each fruit and vegetable you usually buy, go to for a great list.

You could also grow your own herbs.  Herbs are notoriously easy to grow and they make your food taste better (without having to add salt, which is bad for your heart health), it’s a win-win situation.

 Organic Foodstuff on the Cheap

Whole Foods isn’t called Whole Paycheque for no good reason.  According to CNN Money,  buying at Whole Foods (even though it is wholesome and good for you) can be quite pricey, hence the nickname “Whole Paycheque”.  Although Whole Foods is trying to change that acquired nickname in recent news, there are people who like shopping there despite the cost.

Shoppers Drug Mart has a great organic brand called Nativa that makes very reasonably priced organic food.  Things like chocolate, coffee, chips, olive oil, and cookies are all 100% certified organic. For example, organic quick oats instant oatmeal is $1.99 on sale a lot of the time.  They also have chips and other not-so-good-for-you-despite-being-organic foods.  The great thing about Shoppers Drug Mart is that you can use your coupons without looking silly (like you probably would at Whole Foods since people who shop there probably scoff at coupons).  They have bonus redemption weekends and 20x the points events.  All the more reason to use your points sooner rather than later.

If you live near the border, Trader Joe’s is great alternative to Whole Foods.  They have almost 400 stores in the United States and although they are mostly in California, there are some in Washington for the west coasters.  They have cheap wine (including the famous “Two Buck Chuck” wine for $1.99) and 80% of the products they carry in store are “house brand” products.  They go through rigorous sourcing of manufacturers for their products to ensure that everything is natural, fair trade, and not from China.

Organic Beauty on the Cheap

According to Organic Authority, conventional shampoo and conditioner products contain harsh chemicals that can strip the the hair of its natural beauty.  Conventional shampoo and conditioner products often contain pthalates.  Pthalates help make the foaming/sudsy sensation but can wreck havoc to your body.  Pthalates are dangerous because they have been shown to damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive systems in animal studies. is a Canadian online only pharmacy (minus real prescriptions) that houses tons and tons of organic products. They give you free shipping if you order more than $25 worth anywhere in Canada.  They have a great clearance and sale section where you can score cheap organic beauty products.  Bargainmoose has a great post that updates you on the latest coupons and sales from

Also, if you’re in the neighbourhood, Trader Joe’s also carries some great house brand shampoo and conditioner products for the cheap.  For example, I bought a 473mL  Citrus Conditioner with vitamin C for about $3.  Mind you, the ingredients list contains parabens which are no good in the organic world, but I’ll give it a try anyway Save Money on Organic Stuff

Bargainmoosers, do you have any other must-shop places for organic food and beauty on the cheap?

(Image Credit: GreenPlus)

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May 26

Home Depot Printable Coupon: $10 Off $75 on Live Goods

Posted by on May 26, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Home Depot Printable Coupon: $10 Off $75 on Live Goods

Want to buy some live goods (such as flowers and seedlings) from Home Depot Canada? Then make sure you use this printable coupon to get $10 discount on a $75 spend.

I can’t really show you any examples of what to buy with this Home Depot printable coupon, as they don’t seem to list the live goods online. Their online store only has the hardware and tools to purchase. But if you’re interested in this type of thing, you probably already know the kind of items they sell.

I am really not green-fingered at all, I even manage to kill cactuses. But since we bought our first house last year, my partner has been very active in the garden. He’s currently got some seedlings growing for chilis, pumpkins, potatoes, and a few other veggies that slip my mind right now.

We had a crop of strawberries last year – there were only a handful to eat and they were quite small, but they were delicious.

What are you growing in your home garden this year?

(Expires: 29th May 2013, thanks to nancy)

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