October 28

Canadian Freebie: Crusader – No Remorse Free (Was $4.99) @

Posted by on October 28, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Canadian Freebie: Crusader   No Remorse Free (Was $4.99) @

Take advantage of this limited time offer from to download Crusader: No Remorse for free to your PC.

This is the base game, standard edition. The usual fine print applies. You must be 13 years or older, have access to an internet connection, and have an Origin account as well. This game is rated ‘Teen’ due to animated violence. The so-called ‘animated violence’ is pretty obvious since almost every screen capture of the game features a good amount of red from something blowing up or being shot.

Here is the game description:

As a Silencer, one of the elite enforcers of the World Economic Consortium, you’re supposed to be incorruptible. But if the system you serve is utterly corrupt, where does that leave you? You go over to the Resistance, the same pack you used to hunt down. Now, your former employers better watch their backs because you’re coming after them with all the firepower at your command.

Crusader: No Remorse was released way back in 1995 so it doesn’t have all those fancy-shmancy little graphics that you might be use to by now. However, if you played this back in the day it might be a nice nostalgic trip down memory lane. Happily, if you are still trucking away on an old computer, this game has very simple system requirements that your vintage computer just might be able to fill. Check it out.

While I would never pay $4.99 for this game myself, it is not a bad thing to pick up free. I am always a fan of free entertainment and this looks well equipped to take me into another world for at least a few hours.

If any of our Moosers have played this game, let me know! Your comments will help guide other lost souls on whether they should bother with downloading No Remorse or not.

(Expiry: unknown)

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October 28

Future Shop Canada: Sportcraft 16″ Electronic Dart Board | Was $75 Now $60

Posted by on October 28, 2014 at 9:01 AM

Future Shop Canada: Sportcraft 16 Electronic Dart Board | Was $75 Now $60

Are you looking for a fun item that could really lead to lots of quality family time? Then you should check out today’s deal at Future Shop – it’s for a Sportcraft 16″ Electronic Dart Board, and you can now buy it for $59.99! It typically costs $74.99, so you’re saving $30 when you’re taking advantage of this deal. Plus, you’ll also qualify for free shipping! Swish!

The Sportcraft 16″ Electronic Dart Board has some great features, including a digital LCD display that keeps track of your score, and even has an electronic voice! This allows you to also play up to 153 game variations, so this truly is the ultimate dart board! No more having to scribble in the results of your darts challenges on a piece of paper, and no more unnecessary debates about the score!

This Sportcraft 16″ Electronic Dart Board is pretty cool. I know I used to love playing darts when I was a kid, since I would routinely be challenged to a match by my older siblings. I was usually the king of the “lucky shot” – I would usually get a terrible score and destroy the wall behind the dart board (it was in the basement, and my parents planned to get rid of the dry wall anyways). However, there would also be times when I would land my dart right in the bullseye – thus living up to my “lucky shot” nickname!

This electronic dart board is currently on sale for $59.99 at Best Buy. Listed below is a brief review of this Sportcraft 16″ Electronic Dart Board from a satisfied WalMart customer

The gift was for my adult daughter who absolutely loved the board. She loved how easily it closed away so that the board didn’t have to be “put” away. Everything came with the board and all involved do nothing now but play darts! I looked at many boards at much higher prices and I am delighted that I choose this board.

This deal expires before midnight. Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 28th October 2014)

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October 16

Steam Powered: Play 10 Games for Free Weekend

Posted by on October 16, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Steam Powered: Play 10 Games for Free Weekend

I am a huge lover of Steam. They have been a blessing for all PC gamers. This weekend they are merely reminding us of how awesome they are with a free play weekend. Play 10 games free from Thursday through Sunday.

You can choose from the following 10 games. You do not even have to choose, load up on caffeine and play all of them.

Through each link, you will find a ‘play game’ button. These games are free to play until the 19th October at 1:00pm PST.

Did your weekend suddenly clear? I think mine did. I have wanted to try out Don’t Starve for a while just because I enjoy the drawing style. It looks a lot more like a raw sketchbook style than the usual highly polished styles of most games. Trine 2 sounds like a game I would like as well. You get to journey through a fantasy world and solve physics based puzzles. I am a huge puzzle lover so this sounds like my cup of tea.

Most certainly, I will be testing out Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition. We play it on my mate’s tablet. However, the PC version is more extensive and I am dying to know what additional little goodies are in it. I am hoping Martian Manhunter has been added as a character you can buy because I love the boy. I read one review that said:

I hadn’t played a fighting game such as this in ages. I loved it! The storyline was interesting and the fighting a great deal of fun. A nice feature is the additional costumes you unlock as you play the game. If you enjoy this type of game and love DC Comics you can’t not get this game. 8/10!

Wait, you can unlock costumes? I am so sold! At the heart of this warrior is still a girl who loves to play dress-up. Hello Steam, goodbye weekend! I might have to cancel that games night with hubby’s coworkers… I am… erm… sick. Steam Powered: Play 10 Games for Free Weekend

Is anyone else excited about this freebie from Steam? If so, then drop me a line and let me know what games you are going to play.

(Expiry: 19th October at 1:00pm PST)

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October 14

Amazon Canada: 55% Off Game of Life Fame Edition – Now $11.36

Posted by on October 14, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Amazon Canada: 55% Off Game of Life Fame Edition   Now $11.36

Amazon Canada is selling the Game of Life Fame Edition for 55% off the retail price. Originally $24.99, pay only $11.36 for this fun game and add it to your collection.

While this will not qualify for free shipping on its own, you might want to add it on to your order if you are planning to make a purchase at Amazon Canada. Amazon offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

I price compared this game at a few places. Walmart Canada sells the game for $24.93 and ToysRUs Canada sells the game for $24.99. While ToysRus does offer 20% off when you buy three games or more, the price would still be well above Amazon Canada’s discounted price on this game.

Have you ever played the original Game of Life? If so, then you know what this game is all about. Drive around in your limo while acquiring an entourage, making money, and becoming a bigger star! Like the original Game of Life, you can have different careers like supermodel, pop singer, pro athlete or movie star. Unlike the original game, you need to collect five stars (found along the path) to win the game.

Reviews for the game are mixed. Some people are happy with it:

Not anything like the original Life game, which is ok as its completely different for family game nights. Son wanted it as they had it in his classroom, so Santa got it for him. Overall its a fun game.

While some people do not like the game (or the packaging) at all.

My parents bought this for my eight-year-old daughter when they were looking for the real game of Life but could only find the Fame edition. This one is not only insulting but has the stupidest and cheapest design. I guess maybe it’s an accurate lesson in the real game of life: Humans deserve to be extinct.

I think someone was having a very bad day because that is somewhat harsh.

For $12, I think this is a decent buy to add to your game night. The favourable reviews greatly outweigh the negative reviews on the websites I have looked at. This game is different enough from the original that you can own both and they will not feel repetitive.

Hey Moosers, do you have a games night in your home? If so, what kinds of games do you like playing?

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 12

Leapfrog Canada Promo Code: BOGO 50% Off All Apps

Posted by on October 12, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Leapfrog Canada Promo Code: BOGO 50% Off All Apps

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Leapfrog is saying thanks to all of its customers with a brand new (and awesome) promotion. Until Tuesday, you can take advantage of a “buy one, get one at 50% off” deal on all apps.

Click here to shop for apps @ now

  • Coupon Code: THANKSCA
  • Discount: BOGO 50% off apps
  • Expiry: 14th October 2014

In fact, Krista mentioned Leapfrog’s deal on Friday as part of her Thanksgiving coupon code round-up but I figured it was worth writing about in a blog post of its own because toys and educational software can sure get pricey in the long run. So when deals like these come along, it’s best to take advantage of them right away! Speaking of which, I definitely suggest that you have a quick look at her round-up because there are plenty of deals that don’t expire until the end of the long Thanksgiving week-end.

For the most part, Leapfrog apps are priced between $5 and $10 but a small portion are actually between $10 and $25 and an even smaller number can be as high as $50. This is exactly why promotions like these shouldn’t be missed because instead of waiting and getting one game at a time, you can just get a couple now in order to save money in the long-term. Personally, if my daughter was old enough, I would get a couple right off the bat but only let her play with one at a time. Once she completes one, then I would surprise her with the next. Win-win situation for both!

A game that I would totally get her is the Octonauts learning game ($30). Designed for kids aged from 3 to 5 years, it’s a scientific game that helps to sharpen critical thinking skills. Children are asked to clear obstacles and even get to learn about the different sounds that sea creatures make. It doesn’t have any reviews, but it is one of Leapfrog’s bestselling apps.

Given the immense popularity of the My Little Pony show, I’m certain that the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic app would be a huge hit as well. I have actually watched a couple of this TV series’ episodes and I have to admit that I’m surprised at the level of the vocabulary used. It’s much more advanced than most kids’ shows and so, I’m confident that the app would be just as good, especially since it specialises in mathematics. It’s for kids aged from 5-8 years old and is $30 as well.

You won’t have to worry about any shipping costs if you download the apps directly onto a Leapfrog tablet but if you prefer to get hard copies of the apps, then shipping is only free on orders over $40.

Moosers, which Leapfrog apps are kids’ favourites?

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October 5

Steam Powered: 75% Off Select Paradox Publisher Game Bundles

Posted by on October 5, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Steam Powered: 75% Off Select Paradox Publisher Game Bundles

Steam Powered really has been loading up their platform with astronomical game deals. Right now you can get up to 75% off Paradox Publisher games all bundled up for great savings.

The Magicka Collection includes 23 items for just $9.99 (was $39.99). You get the original game plus 22 DLCs to expand your play and have the most fun ever. The original game cost $9.99 retails so you are pretty much getting the downloadable content for free. Essentially, the game is you learn to cast spells and make it fast or your butt is going to be fried. Here is what one review says about Magicka:

[it] is one of the best Local-Multiplayer/Co-Op/Versus games in all of Steam. I was a late buyer so I got to skip all the supposed bug-fest, but let me tell you this: Right now, Magicka is a blast to play with friends.

Looking for world domination? Give Europa Universalis IV Collection  a try for just $25 (was $99.99). It includes Europa Universalis IV and a load of expansions and DLCs. From what I have read and seen, it appears a lot like Civ in that you are building an empire and trying to dominate the world. Your own personality comes out in playing style and in the way you attempt to achieve world domination. This reviewer certainly hit it on the head when he said:

Lost my kids, wife, and job but I restored the Byzantine Empire to it’s former glory.

Having played the Byzantines in Civ, I even know what he is talking about.

The Crusader Kings II Collection is one of the biggest packs you can purchase during the sale. The set includes the base Crusader Kings II game and 42 DLCs! The collection is valued at $159.99 but you can buy the entire thing for $40. That is less than $1 a DLC including the original game. It is hard to find a better deal than that folks! I think the reviews for this are awesome:

The best incest, murder and eugenics map painter around.

Great game. I ruled the new Roman Empire as a homosexual eunuch drunk who liked gardening until I was killed by a manure bomb.

I thought I was a moral person. I was wrong.

There are many other collections on sale that you just have to check out. With prices this low, you cannot go wrong with picking up a new game.

(6th October 2014 @ 10AM PST)

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September 28

LeapFrog Canada Promo Code: 25% Off All Apps

Posted by on September 28, 2014 at 6:00 PM

LeapFrog Canada Promo Code: 25% Off All Apps

Entertain your little ones with new games as you can save 25% off all apps at Leapfrog right now, including those already on sale!

Click here to get apps @ now

  • Coupon Code: LEAPSGIANT
  • Discount: 25% off apps
  • Expiry: 29th September 2014

My little is nowhere near being at the stage of being able to use a tablet and much less the Leapfrog one but I already know that it’s one of those purchases we will most definitely be making for its educational value. There are tons of educational apps to help your little one to learn the alphabet, to count, to spell and many other highly useful skills.

I totally grew up watching The Magic School Bus every once in a while when I was younger and there is one such themed app as well! Already on sale for $20.99 (reg. $29.99), you can get The Magic School Bus Oceans app for just $15.74, which is close to 50% off! Geared towards 5-8 year old, it’s a learning game focused on science that helps little ones learn how to sort and classify various ocean animals. With more than 100 facts about the sea world, it’s sure to not only be highly educational, but also entertain your little ones while you hopefully get a bit of time for yourself! LeapFrog Canada Promo Code: 25% Off All Apps

Another one that I would totally love for my little one to immerse herself in if she was old enough would be the Launch Pad to Space for 5-8 year olds as well. It comes down to just $15 from a sale price of $20 (reg. $25). It’s an interactive storybook that covers the stars, planets and our Milky Way galaxy. What’s cool about this app is that it also helps kids strengthen their reading skills through three reading levels and a visual dictionary.

Those are the two games that immediately caught my attention and they just so happened to be for the same age group, but the apps geared towards the youngest age is actually as low as 2 years old, like the Sing Along Read Along video app for 2-6 year olds. Since it’s $5, you can get it for $3.75 and it helps kids learn about vowels and build confidence.

Shipping is free on orders over $40, but you can also choose to download the apps directly onto a Leapfrog tablet as well.

All Leapfrog coupon codes may all be found on the Bargainmoose forum as soon as they are released.

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September 25

GameFly Digital: Download Battlefield 4 Only $12.74 (was $29.99) with Coupon Code

Posted by on September 25, 2014 at 9:00 PM

GameFly Digital: Download Battlefield 4 Only $12.74 (was $29.99) with Coupon Code

Greetings fellow gamers! Are you looking for a great deal on a newer game? Currently, the digital download of Battlefield 4 is on sale at GameFly for 50% off the original price of $29.99. However, when you use the following coupon code, you can get an extra 15% off the game bringing it down to just $12.74 USD.

Click here to download Battlefield 4 @ Gamefly Digital now

  • Coupon Code: SEP15OFF
  • Discount: 15% off games
  • Expiry: Unknown

This title installs and requires EA Origin to play.

I cannot price compare the download with Steam, as Steam frankly does not have the game. However, price comparisons are always a tricky thing when you are comparing across platforms. If you want to price compare to the console version, a quick rundown on Amazon will show you the general going price:

  • Battlefield 4 – PlayStation 4 – $47.32
  • Battlefield 4 – Xbox One – $29.94
  • Battlefield 4 – Xbox 360 – $16.11
  • Battlefield 4 – PlayStation 3 – $14.94

Compared to the current console prices (top two), this is a very good price and it is a fair price compared to older consoles.

Note: a PlayStation Plus subscription will be required to play PlayStation 4 titles online. As online play is at the heart and soul of Battlefield 4, consider than an extra $50 out of your pocket a year that console players have to pay – and not PC gamers. Of course, anyone using an Xbox is well aware of the extra yearly fees. Thus, your best bet is to either buy the PC version and rock out while playing with your friends online or stick with the PS3 version (if you have a PS3), which does not charge for online gaming – yet. With the PC version you pay a one-time fee (for the game), and do not have ongoing costs associated with a game you have already paid for.

If you are having flashbacks to the release of Battlefield, have no fear as this reviewer says:

The game had a few hiccups at launch but things have now been resolved and the game is an amazing experience.

The awesomeness of Battlefield is generally agreed upon. It is the ultimate war game as you exert your influence upon your environment and lay siege from land, air, or water by means of great firepower. The visuals are striking and the audio is incredible. If you love war games, this game will not disappoint. At this price, it is certainly worth picking up.

For the coupon above and any future Gamefly coupon codes we may find, visit the forum.

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September 24

GreenMan Gaming: Free Welcome Pack (4 Games + 4 Eve Add-On Packs + 23% Voucher)

Posted by on September 24, 2014 at 3:30 PM

GreenMan Gaming: Free Welcome Pack (4 Games + 4 Eve Add On Packs + 23% Voucher)

Free is great isn’t it? With GreenMan Gaming’s welcome pack, you can get 4 free games, 4 add-on packs for Eve Online and a voucher for 25% off! Keep reading to find out how you can score one for yourself now.

Usually priced at $42.89 and with an actual value of $63.88, the welcome pack includes:

If you’re not already a member of GreenMan Gaming, then simply create an account and subscribe to their newsletter. A unique GreenMan Gaming coupon code will then be e-mailed to you within 72 hours. Once you receive the code, you need to add the welcome pack to your shopping basket and use the code at checkout to get the freebies along with the voucher.

If you are a member, then you can only get the welcome pack with pre-purchase of any one of the following games:

Don’t quote me on this but you could also just use an alternative e-mail to subscribe to GreenMan Gaming’s newsletter as if you’re a new member and get your welcome pack for free without the purchase of the games above.

I’m definitely pretty excited to give Eve Online a try as it’s an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) set in space thousands of years in the future. Although it resembles World of Warcraft in that players can interact with others around the world, it’s also very different because on top of requiring no grinding through levels, Eve also offers extensive freedom in how you play and what you do. Forget about running around low-level zone killing mobs and levelling up, in Eve, the goal is to acquire power, whether militarily, politically, etc. Unlike WoW, everyone also plays on the same server, which is certainly a neat feature as well.

The 23% discount is also pretty cool, though you can also try using the GreenMan coupon code that is currently on our forum to save 25% off instead. It’s only valid on select games, so you’re going to have to try it at checkout to see if its works.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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September 24

Steam Powered: 75% Off Tripwire Bundle Now $24.99 ($188.77 Value)

Posted by on September 24, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Steam Powered: 75% Off Tripwire Bundle Now $24.99 ($188.77 Value)

Steam Powered has an awesome mid-week deal for all you gamers out there. Pick up the Tripwire Interactive Bundle (March 2014 edition) for just $24.99, originally $99.99.

The bundle has an actual value of $188.77 if you were to buy the games and packs separately right now at their going rates (including current sales prices). Take out the sale prices – price the games at their regular full price – and this bundle would be worth $218.77.

The bundle includes the following games:

You get six games with this bundle with a total value of $90 retails. Then you get a positive steam load of Character packs and Weapon packs for Killing Floor. You seriously get set up with that game. I counted 12 character packs and 6 weapon packs ranging in price from $4.99 to $7.99 apiece. That is a lot of sweet DLC for your new Killing Floor game. It is also what gives this bundle such high value.

Just for a little price comparison, the Tripwire Bundle that you are picking up for only $24.99 includes the entire Killing Floor Bundle – the game plus 18 DLCs. The Killing Floor Bundle as a stand-alone package retails for $49.99 USD on Steam Powered right now. You get that bundle for half price, essentially, and then five extra games on top of it. Are you dancing for joy yet?

I have never played any of these games before, so I am not the best to make any suggestions as to what one to play first, or which character totally rocks. However, these games all rank very well on Metascore with the primary attraction, Killing Floor, receiving a 71/100 rating. Out of the group, Rising Storm has the highest Metascore at 82/100 – a very solid score.

I seriously have no idea why you would not buy this if you like any of these games. Seriously, it is $25. What are you waiting for? Do you have a friend that likes this kind of games? Good. Buy this bundle and gift it to him/her and you will be most popular friend for a good while! This bundle makes an amazing gift for you or for others.

All prices are in USD.

(Expiry: 26th September 2014 @ 10AM PST)

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September 21

Steam Powered: 75% Off Most Warner Brothers Games

Posted by on September 21, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Steam Powered: 75% Off Most Warner Brothers Games

There is a big sale going on at Steam right now and my entire household is drooling over it as I type. Receive 75% off most Warner Brothers games on Steam. Be quick! This offer ends tomorrow.

My husband and I are both games. We excel at different types of games (I beat the crap out of things, he is an excellent strategist) yet, we both enjoy playing games with fighting and strategy. Recently, my husband has been positively addicted to Injustice: Gods Among Us on his tablet. He loves to build up the DC characters (both heroes and villains), equip them with gear, level up their abilities, and battle them. However, he calls me ‘the master’ because I totally kick ass whenever I do a battle for him, as it is my forte. Right now, Steam has Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition on sale for just $7.49, down from $29.99 US. The ultimate edition would totally kick ass and I know my husband really wants this game. Maybe I shall buy it as a present!

I excel at fighter style games even though I primarily play strategy games – funny isn’t it? Maybe it comes from playing fight style games in the arcades when I was supposed to be doing laundry. Either way, get me behind a controller playing something like Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition and my competitive side kicks in. Mortal Kombat is a legend in fighting style games, and is probably one of the first games I ever played. The action if fierce and you have a good selection of characters. Originally $19.99 US, this game is now on sale for $4.99 US.

Now, for something a little less mature. I have a secret deep well of love for Scooby-Doo. Recently when Amazon Canada has The Complete Scooby-Doo: Where Are You? Collection on sale, I had to buy it. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I am drooling over the Scooby Doo! & Looney Tunes Cartoon Universe: Adventure which lets me help Scooby, Shaggy and the rest of the Mystery Machine Gang solve a mystery! You can also solve a Loony Tunes mystery, but I am really only interested in the Scooby Doo part. Originally $19.99, the game is now on sale for $4.99 US.

There are many Warner Brothers titles included in this same including their legendary LEGO series. You must check this out!

(Expiry: 22nd September 2014 @ 1PM EST)

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September 17 Freebie: Bejeweled 3 Free Download (PC/ Mac)

Posted by on September 17, 2014 at 12:00 AM Freebie: Bejeweled 3 Free Download (PC/ Mac)

Hi, my name is Margarita and I used to be a Bejeweled addict and now, much to my horror, Origin is offering Bejeweled 3 absolutely free for PC or Mac download. Its usual price is of $4.99, so it’s definitely worth a download for those days of boredom… or even snowstorm days up ahead. To get it, just click on the link below and then select “on the house” from the “free games” menu.

First of all, if you’re not already registered for Origin, you’re going to get an account first but it only takes a minute tops and is absolutely free as well. Plus, by signing up now, you won’t have to worry about creating an account the next time we tell you about an awesome freebie at Origin.

Once you have registered for an account, you’re also going to need Origin to download this game, but once again, it’s free and takes yet another minute (unless you’re one of lucky ones with 200 Mbps internet, then it might take you less than 10 seconds for the whole process Freebie: Bejeweled 3 Free Download (PC/ Mac) ).

Having recently switched computer, I had to re-download Origin to check out this offer for myself and I discovered that for those of you who already have it downloaded, can also get this freebie directly through their program as well. Simply select the “on the house” option from the “free games” category in the main menu. It only requires 246 MB.

Once you launch the game, a lovely gruff voice welcomes you to Bejeweled 3 and that’s when the fun commences. You are given the choice between four levels: classic. zen, lightning or quest. Given that I’m rather rusty as I haven’t played in a couple of years, I chose the quest and let’s just say that it didn’t take very long for me to hear the dreaded two words: “game over” as my butterflies were eaten by the spiders. Just that detail alone goes to show how much this game has changed as there certainly weren’t any quests when I played it! It’s great fun though and an amazing time killer, so I definitely recommend it, especially for all of you students out there with boring professors. Freebie: Bejeweled 3 Free Download (PC/ Mac)

Lastly, keep in mind that once this deal expires towards the end of the month of October, you can check out other “on the house” offers from Origin as every so often, full versions of a select games are released at absolutely no cost but the catch is that they can also end the deal at any moment, so be sure to download it right away.

(Expiry: 28th October 2014)

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September 15

Humble Bundle Freebie: Get Receiver Game for Free TODAY (HOT!)

Posted by on September 15, 2014 at 6:46 PM

Humble Bundle Freebie: Get Receiver Game for Free TODAY (HOT!)

Humble Bumble has a sweet little freebie for all you gamers out there. Request your free copy of Receiver from Humble Bundle today.

I signed up for the free games just to test it out for you guys. You are emailed a link through which you redeem the code via Steam. Humble Bundle will need to connect to Steam via your browser to redeem the code. This was a real pain for me because it took forever for me to get the darn caption right (I suck at captions). Once you are emailed a link for Receiver, you can then refresh and click the gift checkbox to give a free copy to a friend as well. So not only do you get a free game, you can also give it to a friend as well.

The Steam key you receive must be redeemed before the 29th of September 2014 @ 10AM PT or else it will be lost to Davey Jones’ locker.

As mentioned above, this is a Steam redemption, so you will need the Steam platform to play this game. This game is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems. Receiver retails for $4.99 US so you are getting nice value for no cost.

The game is a single player action shooter without turning you into an indestructible here. Here are a couple cool reviews:

Receiver didn’t cast me as some nigh-invincible mass of regenerating muscle. The end result, then, was that I felt exactly how I’d expect Real Me would in a combat situation involving live ammo.
– Rock Paper Shotgun


Successfully reloading a gun for the first time through sheer muscle memory is easily one of the greatest feelings in gaming.
8.5/10 – Destructoid

So pick this game up before your time runs out. As of now, you have just over 18 hours left to request your free copy of Receiver.

(Expiry: 16th September 2014)

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September 14

BigBox Outlet Store: Extra 50% Off All Skylanders – Starting @ $3.30!

Posted by on September 14, 2014 at 4:30 PM

BigBox Outlet Store: Extra 50% Off All Skylanders   Starting @ $3.30!

Big Box Outlet Store (currently transitioning from being known as Pricematters) is offering an extra 50% off all Skylander products they have in stock. Most of these are open box items so they have already been discounted from what you would see at a regular store.

Individual characters are just $3.30 each. You can pick up the following individual characters:

There are also four triple packs you can choose from. Each triple pack is only $7.15, which works out to approximately $2.38 per character. Which of these triple packs are you going to get?

All of these are open box and that is why they are so discounted. I tried to price compare with a regular retailer to see how much you are saving. At Best Buy, Skylanders Swap Force Triple Packs retail for $25.99 including the one with Gill Grunt (that I have linked to). Individual characters retail for $9.99 at Best Buy and many other retailers. At the Big Box Outlet store, you are getting them for 1/3rd their retail price.  These prices are really great. Though some people may shy away from open box items, I figure that I am going to open the box anyway so why not save some extra money by buying those items?

I have never played Skylanders, but it sounds like my kind of game. I love all the fun little figurines that are both collectable and that you use to play the game as well. While I am not big on extra game purchases, I could handle paying a few dollars for each new character I wanted.

There are limited quantities available. The Big Box Store offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Underneath that minimum, the cost of shipping depends on where you are shipping. This deal is only available online.

If you want to get started with Skylanders, check out the Starter Kit deal that Ivan posted about here.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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September 10

Google Play Store Freebies: Get Batman Arkham Origins & Assassin’s Creed Pirates For Free (Reg. $5 Each)

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Google Play Store Freebies: Get Batman Arkham Origins & Assassins Creed Pirates For Free (Reg. $5 Each)

Looking for fun new games to play on your Android device? Then check out Batman Arkham Origins and Assassin’s Creed Pirates as both of these are free for a limited time on the Google Play Store. They usually cost $4.99 each to download.

Click here to download Batman Arkham Origins @ now

Click here to download Assassin’s Creed Pirates @ now

For all of you iOS users, don’t despair! Although there is no word on how long it has been free, looking around the App Store on my iPhone, I found that both of these are also currently free there as well with loads of reviewers posting how much they love both. In fact, I gave both games a whirl on my iPhone and  I have to say that I was the most impressed with the graphics and smoothness of the Batman game. For some reason, I initially thought that the Batman game would be more like The Simpson’s Tapped Out but it’s actually very different. Instead, you need to complete missions around Gotham City and luckily, there is a handy tutorial to teach you just how to do that. This is definitely the perfect game for any Batman fan and in fact, when I showed my hubby the game, he said: “this is pretty cool!”

It’s cool, indeed, especially since the next Batman game won’t be coming out until 2015, so at least in the meantime, there is something to keep you Batman fans appeased. Google Play Store Freebies: Get Batman Arkham Origins & Assassins Creed Pirates For Free (Reg. $5 Each)

Assassin’s Creed Pirates is slightly different but the concept is similar. It seems to me like although Batman Arkham Origins can easily be played on a phone, especially one as small as the iPhone, Assassin’s Creed, on the other hand, would be better suited on a tablet. When I first launched the game, it seemed very two dimensional but the very first task throws you right in the midst of the ocean and asks you to navigate a ship. The graphics definitely impressed me the most as I certainly didn’t expect as many details as there was in the scenery. One of the biggest differences between the PlayStation 4 and the third console was the level of details, such as random leaves rolling around, more pronounced waves in the ocean and in fact, I noticed the same kind of details when playing this game on my phone.

Both are definitely worth a download, especially since they’re free. Be sure to let us know in the comments section which game is your favourite!

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