July 13

Future Shop: Kingston DataTraveler G4 128GB $59.99 (Save $50)

Posted by on July 13, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Future Shop: Kingston DataTraveler G4 128GB $59.99 (Save $50)

Pick up this sweet little deal on the massive Kingston DataTraveler G4 128GB flash drive for storing and transferring data. Originally $109.99, this USB drive is on sale for $59.99.

I remember when hard drivers were smaller than that flash drive is… and they most certainly did not fit into your pocket. Heck, I remember when a 2 GB flash drive was a thing of beauty and held so much stuff! I still own a 2GB flash drive. Suddenly, I feel really old.

I price compared this drive with a few of the places I could find the same model. NCIX.com has the same drive priced at $99.99 plus shipping. Newegg.ca has the drive on sale for $89.99 with $7.99 shipping. Future Shop’s deal is better because it is cheaper by $30 and you receive free shipping, which saves you another $8 or more.

So this thing is massive: not the actually flash drive itself – which is tiny – but capacity wise it is just huge. It can hold approximately 55,000 pictures or 18,000 songs. That is not just your average music library, which is a large enough capacity for an average disk jockey to feel comfortable being away from home for a good while. Those numbers may seem excessive, as I am sure your average Jo is not going to be carting around that many photos or songs. However, this drive will also hold around 85 SD or 32 HD movies. As more and more movies are including digital copies, this sort of capacity has pretty large appeal. You can now let your friend borrow your digital movie or transfer your films from one computer to another.

The USB drive uses 3.0 technology to transfer your data fast. This is certainly an improvement over 2.0. With the flash drive, you will also receive a five year warranty and free technical support encase anything corrupts or goes wrong with your drive. Kingston is usually good at standing behind their products and the five-year warranty on this one certainly gives that impression.

Ratings on the product have been positive. As one reviewer said:

Love it! Holds a ton of stuff, we have 2 computers in the house and works great for sending stuff back and forth, also so handy for filling with photos etc. to take when we travel to show friends and relatives. So convenient. Thanks.

Future Shop offers free shipping on orders of $20 or more.

(Expiry: 14th July 2014)

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July 11

Future Shop Canada 4 Day Sale: $70 Off PS4 Watch Dogs Bundle – Now $453

Posted by on July 11, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Future Shop Canada 4 Day Sale: $70 Off PS4 Watch Dogs Bundle   Now $453

Still waiting to upgrade to a PlayStation 4? Then you might want to check out Future Shop’s four day sale, because during the next couple of days, the PlayStation 4 Watch Dogs bundle is down by $70 to just $453.49 (reg. $523.49).

On its own, the PS4 with one remote retails for $453.49 at Future Shop and $449.99 at Walmart. The Source has it on sale for $429.99 right now, but since you’re going to be needing a game to play anyway, then a bundle is the way to go. Costco has the Infamous Second Son bundle with two remotes for $564.99 and while it’s definitely worth it because it brings the price of the console down to just $363.22 ($65.89 regular price for each remote + $69.99 for the game), if you have no need for the second remote or don’t see yourself enjoying the included game, then the Watch Dogs bundle may be the way to go.

Since at Future Shop, Watch Dogs retails for $69.99, this means that with the bundle, you will actually be paying just $383.50 for the console on its own. Even better is that this is a highly acclaimed game with an average rating of eight out of ten. It basically revolves around the adventures of Aiden Pearce, a hacker who seeks to avenge the death of his niece. The cool part about the game is that you can choose to either perform the missions as a law-abiding citizen or in antagonism of the law. Here’s how one reviewer quickly summed up this game:

Two words: Awesome game!

Xbox fans will also be delighted to know that the Xbox One 500GB Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag bundle is also on sale for $503.49 (reg. $563.49). From the four day sale, there are also reductions on a couple of TVs, a washing machine, a laptop, speakers, cell phones etc. If you’re in need of headphones, then you might want to check out the Sony over-ear MDRZX310APB headphones as they’re now just $30.39 (reg. $50.39). They’re $49.99 everywhere else and can be used with a smartphone for hands-free use, have an integrated microphone, and the ear cups can even swivel! Another feature I particularly like is that the cord is a Y-type, which typically helps to reduce tangles.

Shipping is free or you can also reserve it in-stores to pick it up as soon as possible.

(Image Credit: Ubi.com)

(Expiry: 14th July 2014)

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July 8

Future Shop Canada: Samsonite Leather Zip Top Business Bag Save $94 – Now $135

Posted by on July 8, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Future Shop Canada: Samsonite Leather Zip Top Business Bag Save $94   Now $135

If you are looking for a sexy bag to take to the office, Future Shop has a hot deal on one. The Samsonite leather top zip business bag is now $94 off, with a regular price of $229.98 and a sale price now of $135.98. This item will also ship for free since it is over the $20 free shipping threshold.

I’m actually highly considering getting this bag for myself. I recently took on a new role here at Bargainmoose, and that may involve some travel. Putting my laptop in my purse just isn’t going to cut it anymore. I want to look good and have a functional bag at the same time. What really caught my eye about the bag is that it has a SmartStrap, which lets me attach is securely to the handle of my suitcase. When I was travelling before, I had put the laptop right into my carry-on, which was a huge pain in the butt at airport security, having to open my carry-on in front of everyone and wrestle my laptop out, then put it back in. With a separate bag like this one, I could just put my purse inside of it, with my laptop and make going through security so much easier. It is hard enough getting my shoes back on, never mind having to fumble with my underwear covering my laptop.

This bag looks to be part of a larger Samsonite sale going on at Future Shop. I see quite a few bags already sold out, as Samsonite is a solid brand in bags, but there are still a few deals to be had.

There is one bag remaining for this Samsonite Boston 20″ bag, which is a great overnight bag at a good price. Regularly $119.99, you’ll now get it at a very low price of only $59.99. That’s a hot savings!

Another hot deal I found was on the Samsonite travel equipment backpack in purple. This backpack is perfect for back to school, which will be here before you know it. You’ll save $25 and spend only $19.99.

(Expiry: 10th July 2014)

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July 7

Future Shop & Best Buy: SanDisk Extreme Plus 32GB SD Card $40 (Save $60)

Posted by on July 7, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Future Shop & Best Buy: SanDisk Extreme Plus 32GB SD Card $40 (Save $60)

Future Shop Canada and Best Buy Canada have put the SanDisk Extreme Plus 32GB 80MB/s SDHC Class 10 UHS-I Memory Card on sale for only $39.99, down from $99.99.

I provided both links in case it sells out at one place, you can purchase it at the sister store.

This is no ordinary memory card. It is 32GB worth of space with a class 10 rating. However, a standard class 10 32GB memory card has a write speed maximum of 30 MB per second. This card has a maximum write speed of 80MB per second, which is why it is an ‘extreme plus’ card.

Speed is everything when you are dealing with DSLR cameras and video. This card is made for fast action shots, continuous burst mode, and multiple frames per second. Photos are written to your card almost instantly so you will get your best shot and capture everything you want to capture without significant delays while your computer transfers the image to your card.  I photographed a geyser exploding and the speed of my memory card allowed me to get twenty-four incredible still shots of the geyser in process. You can see a few of my photos in the composite above. Had I owned a faster card, I would have gotten more shots, which would have been cool. I actually stuck all my shots in a double page layout in my Iceland photo book.

You will not only be able to take photos fast, you will also save time moving all your photos from your camera to your computer. If you are transferring a few thousand photos after a beautiful vacation, then this is a nice added feature. If you are an avid photographer and own a DSLR camera, then this SD card is going to be your new best friend.

I price compared this card with a few other places in Canada. It is $49.99 @ Canada Computers, $59.89 @ The Camera Store, $63.99 @ Vistek.ca, $69.99 at Henry’s, and $79.99 @ Camera Canada. These prices do not include shipping costs as most these places do not offer free shipping at a low enough minimum for this card to qualify.

Best Buy Canada and Future Shop Canada both offer free shipping on orders of $20 or more so this card will ship free.

(Image Credit: Avigayil Morris)

(Expiry: 10th July 2014)

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July 1

Future Shop Canada: Madcatz Ghost Recon Wireless PS3 Gamepad Just $5.97

Posted by on July 1, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Future Shop Canada: Madcatz Ghost Recon Wireless PS3 Gamepad Just $5.97

Future Shop Canada has a great Canada Day Sale happening with some pretty incredible deals. One of the better deals I found was for a Playstation accessory. They have the Madcatz Ghost Recon wireless gamepad for PlayStation 3 on sale for just $5.97!

This model gets a 3.7 star rating out of 5 which is pretty good.  It comes with a rechargeable battery and features a quick-fire trigger, and backlit stick modules. The precision aim gives you sniper like accuracy when looking down the scope.  It is a great wireless gamepad for any gamer.

There were some great customer reviews for it and they are as recent as June 2014.

I’m a FPS player and this controller is perfect for sniping or ambushing 5/5 for me- Hugo Laperriere

This is the best thing for call of duty ghost players this well improve your gamer skills. sorry about spelling!!!! 5 stars.- NHLboss

Even though it got great reviews and I thought the price was excellent, it did not show the regular price it was sold for at Future Shop Canada. I wanted to do some price comparisons with this gamepad and I could only find the exact model at one place.  Over at Amazon Canada they had the same PS3 gamepad on sale for $39.99 and it was $64.99 at regular price.  Additionally, they only have one left in stock.

Other than that, they had some similar wireless gamepads at other stores that were good price comparisons. The only wireless gamepad that Walmart Canada had was priced at $59.93 and over at Staples Canada, the cheapest wireless gamepad was $48.21.  In fact, no store that I checked out even came close to the low Future Shop Canada price of $5.97.

When you spend $20 or more on almost everything, you will get free shipping at Future Shop.

(Expiry: 3rd July 2014)

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June 9

Future Shop: Up to $200 Off 3-Piece Dining Sets – Now $99.99

Posted by on June 9, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Future Shop: Up to $200 Off 3 Piece Dining Sets   Now $99.99

I am all about minimalistic living so seeing these cute little three-piece dining room sets totally warms my heart. The price also warms my heart: save $150 to $200 on these Coaster 3-Piece Dining Sets at Future Shop Canada. Each set is now only $99.99 with free shipping.

There are two sets for you to check out with a couple different colour options.

The first set with the greatest savings is this Coaster 3-Piece Round Dining Set. I call it a round dinning set because when you have the side leaf up, the table surface makes a circle. The set was originally $299.99 and is now on sale for $99.99. It comes in either cappuccino or white. Each set includes two armless chairs with a ladder-back design and microfiber peat seats. Seriously, peeps, for a table and two chairs you cannot do much better than $100.

The other set on sale is the Coaster 3-Piece Square Dining Set in white or cappuccino. When the side leaf is up, the table makes a large square (or maybe more of a rectangle). It has the same style of chairs as the above sets, just a different shape of table. Also, the starting price on these sets was $249.99 and they are now on sale for $99.99. You save $150. While I am usually all for the highest discount, I think the shape of your room really comes into play as well. Some rooms just do better with square tables instead of round ones.

I would be very negligent if I did not mention a couple other fantastic deals on dining room sets you must check out if a three-piece set is too small for you. This Coaster 5-Piece Bench Dining Set (150232) – Cappuccino has a table, three chairs, and a bench all for only $199.99 right now as it is $300 off!

The Coaster 5-Piece Dining Set (150124S) – Cappuccino is also a must view as it was $599.99 and is now on sale for $199.99. It is a counter-height table with four chairs. There is only one rating for one star, which I would take with a big grain of salt, as they did not even bother to leave a review.

This summer I am downsizing my kitchen table and going to be shopping for a replacement. I do not need chairs as I already have a fantastic set, but I am certainly keeping my eyes peeled for good table deals. Maybe I will just buy a set like this and resell the chairs.

(Expiry: 12th June 2014)

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June 7

Future Shop Canada: Preorder 3 Games & Get $20 Off

Posted by on June 7, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Future Shop Canada: Preorder 3 Games & Get $20 Off

Pre-order three or more video games at Future Shop and you’ll save up to $20 on each game. This is quite the incentive to get your games before the rest of the crowd, saving you up to $60!

Technically, you can even order just one game and still save, but this is a buy more, save more event, so you’ll save up to $10 on each game when you buy only one or two. I’m sure you are asking why the “up to” in the savings amount, so I’ll tell you. You’ll save the full amounts if your game is valued at $69.99. If your game is only $39.99, you’ll save $5.72 on one or two games each, or $11.43 on three games. Games valued at $49.99 will save you $7.15 per game for one or two games purchased, or $14.28 on three games.

I know it sounds totally confusing, but here are some examples. Let’s say you buy Batman: Arkham Knight, Halo 5 Guardians and Tales of Xillia 2. Each game costs $69.99, but if you buy all three, you’ll save a total of $60, making your final total only $149.97, instead of $209.97. Say you only want two of those games: you’ll only save $10 a game, making your total $119.98, instead of $139.98. You’ll basically get the third game for only $30, which makes it so much more worth it to get three games.

If you just wanted to buy Xblaze Code: Embryo, the regular price is $39.99, and you’ll get $5.72 off of the game. If you bought three copies of this game, you’d save $11.43 off each game.

Shipping is free on orders over $20, which this one definitely will be, saving you this cost. The games will ship after they are released, and you can see each respective release date right on that game’s page.

All of the systems are represented here, so you’ll be able to get whatever game for whatever system, as long as it hasn’t been released yet.

(Expiry: 12th June 2014)

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June 6

Future Shop & Best Buy Canada: Up To $60 Off PlayStation 4 Bundle (Now $453 | Was $513)

Posted by on June 6, 2014 at 7:30 PM

Future Shop & Best Buy Canada: Up To $60 Off PlayStation 4 Bundle (Now $453 | Was $513)

Have you been diligently waiting for the PS4 to go on sale? Then you’re in for a treat because during the next couple of days, you can get a PlayStation 4 Bundle at either Future Shop or Best Buy for just $453.49. Both bundles comes with the PS4 console and remote, the only difference being that while Future Shop has it bundled with the inFAMOUS: Second Son game, Best Buy, on the other hand, is offering it with Killzone Shadow Fall.

On its own, a PlayStation console and remote control is actually the same price as this bundle, which means that you’re essentially getting the game for free.

Game Differences

inFAMOUS is a newly released action-adventure game (March 21st 2014) that follows suit in a series of previously released titles by the same name. It is centered around the story of Delsin Rowe, who, upon discovering superhuman powers, fights back against authorities aiming to eliminate superhumans.

Killzone, on the other hand, is completely different in nature as it’s a first-person shooter and is a somewhat older game as it was released on November 15th 2013. It’s a game that can be played in either single or multiplayer modes with the goal of surviving attacks and protecting the city.

Since I’m particularly terrible at Call of Duty, another first person shooter game that is highly popular, I would prefer to throw myself into the story of inFAMOUS, but to each their own!

Price Comparison

On its own, a PlayStation console and remote control is actually the same price as this bundle, which means that you’re essentially getting the game for free.

Costco has this same bundle but with an extra remote included for a total of $568.49. However, since a remote retails for about $60, both Future Shop’s and Best Buy’s deals come up to being cheaper by close to $50.

Both Future Shop and Best Buy also offer absolutely free shipping on orders of $20 or more, which means that you’re guaranteed to get your bundle shipped for free. There is also the option of reserving in-stores for same day pick-up if you would prefer to avoid waiting, which I’m sure you would!

If you already have a PS4, be sure to share with us your feedback on it in the comments section!

(Image Credit: BagoGames)

(Expiry: 12th June 2014)

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June 5

Future Shop Canada: $1 Deals When You Spend $100

Posted by on June 5, 2014 at 6:53 AM

Future Shop Canada: $1 Deals When You Spend $100

Future Shop has a fun little deal going on, where if you spend $100 on select categories of items, you’ll get a deal for $1. Today that deal is on the Bodum Assam tea press, which is valued at $29.99.

It looks like we are a little late out of the gate telling you about this sale, but in my opinion today was the day to wait for anyway. The Bodum Assam tea press is awesome. I got one for Christmas and use it daily to make my tea. You can use bags or loose tea and they come out steeped perfectly in this tea press. Plus, it is just so pretty and incredibly easy to clean.

This deal is great especially if you were planning on buying something from Future Shop already. Like, you wouldn’t go out and spend $100 just to get $29 off of the tea press.

Of course, you can take advantage of other deals on the site (as long as they are within the deal categories applicable for this deal). You might want to check out the 65% off all men’s watches, which would make an excellent Father’s Day gift.

I know my husband and kids would be excited to get this multi-sport 8ft net, which is on sale for $109.99, from $139.99. Get the net for him, the tea press for you. You know you deserve it.

Another hot item I see on sale is the Ricardo Beverly Hills 28″ 4-wheeled spinner in charcoal. This deal is only on today and you save a whopping $212 on this piece of luggage, paying only $112.99.

If you are spending over $100, then everything you get ships for free anyway, as the spending threshold for free shipping is $20.

You have until the end of today to get this deal, and maybe Future Shop will have another hot deal tomorrow, so you might want to come back and see.

(Expiry: 5th June 2014)

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May 31

Future Shop Canada Promo Code: Up To $100 Off A New Camera Or Video Camera

Posted by on May 31, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Future Shop Canada Promo Code: Up To $100 Off A New Camera Or Video Camera

Order online with promo code or go into the store with a printable coupon for Future Shop and get up to $100 off a new camera or camcorder, depending on your spend.

Click here to shop @ Futureshop.ca now

  • Coupon Code: ohsnap2014
  • Discount: Up To $100 off
  • Expiry: 5th June 2014

Click here for printable coupon

Click here for store locator

Here’s the deal:

  • save $10 when you spend $100 – $299.99
  • save $25 when you spend $300 – $699.99
  • save $50 when you spend $700 – $999.99
  • save $100 when you spend over $1000

I can make this sale even better for you, because a number of cameras are already on sale, and this promo code will make it an even better deal with additional savings. I am in the market for a new camera, so this sale has come at just the right time. I’d love a new DSLR and was thinking of spending around $700 – $800. This Nikon 24.1MP DSLR camera with 55mm/55-200mm lenses, bag and battery would normally be out of my price range at $1100. However, it is $150 off, and when I add the promo code, I’ll save another $50 making my total $899! I love that it includes the bag and the extra lens plus the battery, so I don’t have to spend more and buy these items separately.

Waterproof cameras are super handy for vacations and the beach. Future Shop sells a wide range of these cameras, with a few on sale, and depending on the sale price, you’ll get additional money off these as well.

Shipping is free on orders over $20, which I’m sure will be spent on a purchase such as this.

Get all your Future Shop coupons on the forum.

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May 28

Best Buy & Future Shop Canada: B2G1 Free On All TV Shows

Posted by on May 28, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Best Buy & Future Shop Canada: B2G1 Free On All TV Shows

Both Best Buy and Future Shop have a fantastic deal on right now. Buy two TV seasons and get one free. This is a great opportunity for you to stock up on a few seasons of a show you love or have been meaning to watch.

With Summer comes bland TV (mainly). With the exception of True Blood and Orange is the New Black starting new seasons this Summer, there is not usually much else on. And, there is good reason for that considering it is so nice out and you shouldn’t really be sitting in front of the tube. But, on rainy days and tired evenings, you do want to have the option to veg in front of the TV. What I also like about DVDs or BluRays of TV seasons is that you can take them with you camping or to the cottage.

The sale is only on select titles but I see a huge range of titles available. One of my favourite shows and a must-see for anyone who hasn’t seen it is Dexter. Both places has the first season, second and third season on for $34.99 each. But, here’s the kicker – Amazon sells these seasons cheaper than Best Buy and Future Shop but when you add the cost of the three seasons at Amazon versus paying for two seasons at Best Buy or Future Shop with one season free, you get the same price. But, this isn’t true for all of the TV series available in this sale, so you might want to price compare with Amazon before you shop to see what is the best deal.

I really want to see the series 24, which Future Shop is selling for $14.99 a season, as compared to Amazon, who sells it for $19.97 a season. This makes Future Shop by far the winner of the price wars, because a total for three seasons would be $29.98 at Future Shop, compared to $59.97 at Amazon.

Both Best Buy and Future Shop will ship on purchases over $20, which could also impact where you might buy your shows since there are shows with prices as low as $11.99 and with Amazon shipping for free at $25 or more, you wouldn’t even reach that threshold.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 7

Future Shop Canada: ObusForme Comfort Sleep Pillow Only $35 (Was $90)

Posted by on May 7, 2014 at 11:30 AM

Future Shop Canada: ObusForme Comfort Sleep Pillow Only $35 (Was $90)

Today only, Future Shop has a hot deal on a cool pillow. Get the ObusForme Comfort Sleep contoured pillow in white for only $34.99, which saves you $55!

If there is one thing that makes a good sleep – it is a pillow. It isn’t the bed or the bedding or even the room, it is the pillow. I really never understood why hotels spend so much money have these luxurious duvets, sleep number beds and beautiful rooms but then the pillows are complete crap! They are usually rock hard or just so soft you sink right into it and get suffocated by the pillow surrounding your face. I always take my pillow when I travel locally, but on my recent trip away there was no room for it in my bag, so I had to make due with the horrible pillows in my fabulous hotels.

This contoured pillow looks like a winner, at a good price. It supports the curvature of your neck and has a soft breathable cover. This means this pillow is ergonomic for those who might have neck or shoulder troubles. It could also be great to prevent these problems too. I know my mother-in-law has a pillow like this and swears by them.

The ratings vary, but most are 5-star. Reviewers like the firmness of the pillow and the high-quality material. The one complaint was that it can be too hard if you aren’t used to a firm pillow and that the contour might be too high. You might just need to try it out and for such a low price, it isn’t a big deal if it ends up a guest pillow.

Shipping for this pillow will be free as the price is over $20.

(Expiry: 7th May 2014)

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April 27

Future Shop Canada: Spend $100 On Health & Home Products, Get Foot Spa For $5 ($39.99 Value)

Posted by on April 27, 2014 at 5:30 PM

Future Shop Canada: Spend $100 On Health & Home Products, Get Foot Spa For $5 ($39.99 Value)

Treat your feet to a new foot spa for just $5 when you spend $100 or more on home, furniture, travel, health, beauty, or baby products at FutureShop.ca.

Since Future Shop expanded into categories like furniture, luggage, and baby products, they’ve had some interesting deals. From LEGO sets to diamond jewellery, a wide assortment of products are now available online. This $5 foot spa with purchase is a good example.

For a limited time, if you spend $100 or more on products from the home, furniture, travel, health, beauty, or baby sections, you can add a Homedics Bubble Bliss Foot Spa for $5. This foot spa is normally $39.99 and would make a pretty good Mother’s Day gift (if you’re willing to give it up, that is). The same spa is currently selling for the full $39.99 price at Sears and Best Buy, so the $5 add-on price at Future Shop is pretty sweet.

And Future Shop has a number of other promos running too, which should make it easy to come up with your qualifying $100 purchase. Here’s a look at some of the offers:

Shipping is free on most FutureShop.ca orders of $20 or more.

(Expiry: May 8 while quantities last).

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April 14

Future Shop: ASUS Laptop 760GB HDD / 8GB RAM Now $399.99 (Save $80)

Posted by on April 14, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Future Shop: ASUS Laptop 760GB HDD / 8GB RAM Now $399.99 (Save $80)

Future Shop has a pretty sweet deal on an ASUS laptop just loaded with a 750 GB hard drive, 8GB of RAM (memory), and an Intel Pentium 2117U processor. On sale for $399.99, you save $80 off the original price of $479.99.

Laptop deals are hard to compare apple to apples as there are so many different brands and configurations within a brand and even a model. However, I found the exact same model with an inferior amount of RAM for a higher price elsewhere. Best Buy has the ASUS X551CA with the same size of hard drive but only with 6GB of RAM for $499.99. So not only are you getting more RAM at Future Shop, you are getting your computer for $100 cheaper.

Most computers around the $400 price range these days are clocking in around a 500GB hard drive with 4GB of RAM, sometimes 6GB. ASUS might not be the first name you think of when you say “I need a new computer” but you can get a lot of value tucked into one of these units for a price that cannot be beat.

You will receive free shipping with your computer purchase as it costs over $20.

(Expiry: 17th April 2014)

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April 4

Futureshop Canada: $10 off Titanfall for xBox One (Just $50)

Posted by on April 4, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Futureshop Canada: $10 off Titanfall for xBox One (Just $50)

Get one of the hottest new games on the xBox One for $10 less from FutureShop!

Titanfall is the new hotness. It is, in my opinion, the first game worth buying an xBox One for. I haven’t played it yet but it looks really cool and from what other people are saying, it’s amazing. It has an 86% on MetaCritic. Now, I say it’s amazing but I think it’s amazing for some people. It seems that people who like it really, really like it and people who don’t like it absolutely despise everything about it. There is some middle ground but for the most part it’s a love or hate thing.

Regardless, I think it’s great and the way they made a story-driven online-only game is really interesting. I don’t really do any online gaming so I thought it was kind of dumb to have a banner game like this with no offline mode but the developers said in an interview that only about 5% of people ever finish the single player campaign so I guess it makes sense that they are doing an online only thing.

Right now you can get he xBox One version of Titanfall for only $49.99. That’s $10 off the normal $59.99 price tag. Shipping is free or you can reserve in store.

You can also get the deal at BestBuy.

(Expires: 10 April 2014)

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