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November 28

Two PlayStation PS4 Dualshock 4 Controllers for $30 Each @

Posted by on November 28, 2014 at 12:16 PM

Two PlayStation PS4 Dualshock 4 Controllers for $30 Each @

This deal takes a little explaining so bear with me lovely folks. Right now has PlayStation PS4 Dualshock 4 Controllers on sale for $39.99 each for Black Friday, down from $64.99. Sign up for a new unique $20 off $50 coupon code right here, and then use the code on a purchase of two controllers. Two controllers = $79.98 and then you get $20 off, which comes down to $59.98 for both controllers. Divide that by two and you are paying just $29.99 per controller!

Honestly, there are two ways to use this deal. If you want two PS4 controllers than your best deal is to get both of them and use the coupon code. However, if you are just in the market for one – you could just add $10.01 to your cart of other stuff and then add on the $20 off $50 coupon code on top. Either way you will be getting the best deal you can find on these controllers right now.

Here is what they are selling for at other retailers:

  • $39.99 @ The Source
  • $39.99 @ Best Buy
  • $39.99 @ Future Shop
  • $39 @ Walmart (OOS)

As you can easily see, purchasing two from and using the above unique coupon code promotion will make this controller the cheapest you can find this Black Friday. The only downside is that this offer is only available for the black; the other colours are still full price.

I would totally buy both the controllers if I owned a PS4 because you can never have enough controllers. Are you having friends over for games night? You need an extra controller or two. When my friend Lee comes over to play, suddenly the two controllers we have for the PS3 are not quite enough. It would be nice to get a third controller.

If you are still looking for a fantastic deal on a new console, look no further than Anna’s Black Friday Console Gaming Deals Roundup! There you can find a summary of the best console deals around and get your hands on a new PS4 or Xbox One.

You will also receive free shipping on any order at

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November 28

LEGO DUPLO Creative Play Giant Tower Only $40 @ Walmart for Black Friday (HOT!)

Posted by on November 28, 2014 at 11:26 AM

LEGO DUPLO Creative Play Giant Tower Only $40 @ Walmart for Black Friday (HOT!)

Walmart is offering a LEGO DUPLO Creative Play Giant Tower with 200 pieces for just $40 with free shipping for Black Friday. The last time we had a giant tower promo at Walmart it went like hot cakes so get on this offer fast.

Price comparing this unit is darn near impossible since it seems no one in Canada stocks it. However, I did find smaller creative play Duplo kits too so you can get some idea of the value of what you are buying.

  • 135 piece kit @ – $59.99
  • 95 piece kit @ – $59.95

From what I can find based on US stores and prices, the original value of this tower was $60 to $70 USD. That does not mean it was ever available in Canada for that price (funny thing that), but it is at least something to go on.

This is a really sweet gift to younger children who are not old enough to play with the smaller Lego pieces yet. Lego Duplo is designed for ages two to five years old. This set features 200 brightly coloured bricks including faces, windows, flowers, and tons of rounded Duplo bricks for building. These bricks are easier on young fingers and on young mouths should the brick end up somewhere near that little black hole of destiny. They are also larger so easier for young hands to assemble.

I think this kit is the perfect Christmas gift and you would be insane not to buy it for your kids or grandkids. Also, do not just buy it for the boys; girls love this sort of thing too. I used to steal my brother’s Lego all the time because I had a rampant imagination that extended beyond Barbie dolls. I loved building things with my hands as a kid.

Pick this deal up fast, as it will not last long!

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November 28

Beats Solo HD Headphones Only $129 @ Walmart (Hot!)

Posted by on November 28, 2014 at 10:38 AM

Beats Solo HD Headphones Only $129 @ Walmart (Hot!)

These are selling out quick so hurry! Walmart Canada is selling the Beats Solo HD Headphones for just $129 (from $189.95), and the green or purple are still in stock.

The rest of the colours walked out the door before 7am this morning when I pried myself out of bed. Beats is a really popular brand, and both at Walmart and at Amazon Canada (where you can purchase the green set also for $130) they have been getting hit hard.

The drenched colour does not merely mean that the headband is more saturated. It actually means that the ear cups, cord, and headband all match in a matte finish with a reflective Beats logo. Usually ear cups are a standard black, but on this set, everything is either green or purple! Get both and you can do your Hulk impression!

This set of headphones is also compact and will travel well with you. The headphones have active noise cancellation and the cord features an in-line mic and remote to control calls, volume, and tracks without having to pull your phone or MP3 player out of your jacket pocket.

Here are a few stats for inquiring minds:

  • Weight (kg): 0.16
  • Height (mm): 197
  • Length of cable (m): 1.361
  • Type of jack: 3.5 mm

Overall, these are fairly light weight coming in at just 160g. I value light headphones because they keep me from getting a headache. What I like about the Beats is how much bass they bring to the package. If you love hearing a good strong baseline in your music, then The Beats line of headphones is for you. I would love to get my hands on a purple pair because they are just so gorgeous. Pick yours up seriously ASAP as these will sell out before you know it.

Receive free shipping on all orders at Walmart Canada. Also, keep your eyes open for other short term hot Black Friday deals!

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November 28

WalMart Canada Black Friday Deal: LG 40″ 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart LED TV | Was $698 Now $598

Posted by on November 28, 2014 at 10:19 AM

WalMart Canada Black Friday Deal: LG 40 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart LED TV | Was $698 Now $598

Oh hey there, my fellow deal hunters! Today, WalMart is having a sweet deal on their LG 40″ 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart LED TV for Black Friday! This 4K HDTV normally sells for $698, but you can now purchase this for just $598! What’s also great is that you’ll also qualify for free shipping! Plus, this is one heck of a deal for a 4K TV! The quality of this TV will leave you in awe, trust me!

This LG 40″ 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart LED TV will excite anyone if they found this under their Christmas tree! This is a fantastic deal for a 4K TV, so I highly suggest that you check out this deal now! It was on sale today at Best Buy for $597.98, but it’s already sold out!

Black Friday is an awesome time to do your Christmas shopping. While it can get pretty busy when you’re shopping at a retail location on Black Friday (that might be the biggest understatement of the year), it’s nothing but fun when you’re doing your shopping online! Remember – all you need to do to discover the latest and greatest deals on Black Friday and the upcoming Cyber Monday (December 1st – just around the corner) is one thing: check out Bargainmoose. We’ll keep you all in the loop regarding the best deals that you can find!

Listed below is a snippet of a review of a similar LG 4K Smart TV from a satisfied Future Shop customer:

Bought this set a week ago. Really is a beautiful piece of hardware. Good build. 4k looks breathtaking. HD looks good.

You can find more Black Friday deals on our Black Friday Dashboard. You can also check out more WalMart Black Friday deals by clicking here. Happy hunting, my fellow Bargainmoosers!

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November 28

Lululemon Canada: We Made Too Much Sale!

Posted by on November 28, 2014 at 9:01 AM

Lululemon Canada: We Made Too Much Sale!

While Lululemon isn’t billing this as a Black Friday sale, I see that their We Made Too Much sections are full to the brim with deals, which only coincides with Black Friday.

I see a ton of gift ideas for yourself and for those you love at Lululemon.

Check out:

Long & short of it jacket, which looks super cozy and I love that you can wear it long or short! If they had my size, it would have been mine. Was $148, now $99.

If you don’t like that style, the fluffed up pullover is so cozy as well and another one I want in my closet, but only available in a 4. Was $168, now $99.

The Everything She Wants vest is $60 off, was $158, now $99. Looks great for throwing over your workout clothes this spring.

The Power Y tank is hard to look at in the hyper stripe, but certainly too fun! It was $52, now $39.

Check out the Energy bra, which was $48 and now $39. You know this one will keep the girls right where they belong with several layers of straps.

If you love your Wunder Unders, these blue ones were $92, now only $69. I think they are very cute, especially with a grey top.

I had to pick up these In The Flow crops as I love the large waist-band, the cropped look and the colour is different from everything else I have. Plus, the price helps – was $78, now $44.

Headbands are always super popular at Lululemon and this Swiftly headband in white, black or bordeaux is only $7, regularly $14.

You don’t want to miss the men’s section either. The Surge jacket is a sweet deal with a regular price of $128, now $84.

The Kung Fu pant would be perfect under the tree this year for the man you love, with a regular price of $98, now $49!

I love the cool running toque and it is only $24, was $32.

Shipping is also always free at Lululemon so you can buy whatever you want and not have to worry about minimums for free shipping.

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November 27

HS Sweden: Black Friday 40% Off & Free Shipping

Posted by on November 27, 2014 at 7:32 PM

HS Sweden: Black Friday 40% Off & Free Shipping

This Black Friday sale I just had to shop as soon as I saw it! HS Sweden is offering 40% off and free shipping with no minimum on their fantastic socks and new underwear for men and women.

I am DELIGHTED by this deal! First, I own dozens and dozens of these socks. They have lasted me many years and I am always surprised if I find a hole in one because it happens so rarely. They are certainly durable and I love looking at my feet!

I totally had to get off the website quickly or I would have bought a zillion socks. I am usually all over dots but these Kurbits socks are so darn cute! I love the splashes of colour radiating back from the front. The blue version is even more vibrant.

The new feather design is super adorable as well. I cannot help but want a pair in dark grey. All women’s ankle socks are priced at $13 a pair, thus they come down to $7.80 after coupon. Ankle socks are a bit cheaper and knee-high socks are a tad more expensive but entirely worth it.

If you want some underwear, then look no further than HS Sweden. These striped women’s briefs regularly cost $12, but come down to just $7.20 in your cart!

I like getting my partner funky underwear and I just picked out a pair that reminds me of him. These Watermelon themed men’s boxer briefs cost $20 regular price, but come down to $12 after coupon. My husband loves watermelon – it is his favourite fruit.

While all products are in Canadian dollars, these items do ship in from out of the country so you may be subject to duty. However, I have purchased from HS Sweden more than I care to admit (over 100 socks worth) and never had to pay duty. While I do not need any more socks, I had to purchase a couple pair of ankle socks as I wore through all my pairs in that style.

This deal is extremely awesome because of the free shipping offer as well. Usually they require you buy four pairs to get free shipping but now you can buy less than that and still get your order shipped for free.

(Celebrity collaborations are excluded).

(Expiry: 30th November 2014 I think)

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November 26

Microsoft Store Canada: Early Black Friday Deals Go Live At Midnight! Get A Dell Inspiron 3043 All-In-One | Was $499 Now $299

Posted by on November 26, 2014 at 11:30 PM

Microsoft Store Canada: Early Black Friday Deals Go Live At Midnight! Get A Dell Inspiron 3043 All In One | Was $499 Now $299

Good evening, my fellow bargain hunters! The Microsoft Store is going to be kicking off their early Black Friday sale at midnight, and there are a plethora of great deals and discounts that you can take advantage of! One of the deals that intrigues me the most is for a Dell Inspiron 3043 All-In-One computer – this normally sells for $499, but during this early Black Friday sale, you’ll be able to get this for $299! That’s $150 off the retail price! You’ll also get free shipping with your Microsoft Store order! There are plenty of other great deals that you could take advantage of here, and you can check them out below!

If you’re looking for an enticing pre-Black Friday sale, then this is definitely one that you should check out! You can save big on a number of items, which include the following:

If you wanted to purchase Sunset Overdrive for the Xbox One at WalMart, it would cost you $64.96. Listed below is a brief review of this game from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

This game is fantastic. A MUST OWN in my opinion for the Xbox One owners. I haven’t had this much fun playing a game in years.

Black Friday is just around the corner, people! It’s gonna be packed with tons of deals on a wide variety of products that will be seen on plenty of Christmas wish lists this season! In fact, we at Bargainmoose have a special Black Friday Dashboard, where you can see the latest and greatest Black Friday-related bargains! You can check it out by clicking here.

These deals will be live at Midnight. Happy hunting, my fellow Moosers! I hope you all take advantage of these great bargains.

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November 26

Amazon Canada: All New Kindle Touch Only $64

Posted by on November 26, 2014 at 8:52 PM

Amazon Canada: All New Kindle Touch Only $64

If you are looking to pick up an eReader this holiday season, Amazon Canada has the ultimate early Black Friday deal for you. Purchase the Kindle touch screen e-reader for just $64 (was $79) with free shipping!

This is the all-new Kindle with a touch screen display. It has double the on device storage – 4GB – that will hold thousands of ebooks. The eReader’s 6″ tall display is like reading a paperback novel and the slim design fits easily in your bag and in more generous pockets.

The basic touch Kindle takes only four hours to charge for up to four weeks of life! The device comes with Wi-Fi and a 167 PPI screen resolution.

If I were purchasing an eReader, I would purchase the basic Kindle for $64. However, if you need a backlit screen then you can also buy the Kindle Paperwhite. The paperwhite is on sale for $119, down from $139. The two main differences between the two devices are screen resolution and lighting. The Paperwhite boasts a 212 PPI and has the added benefit of the back-lit whereas the basic Kindle touch does not. Besides those two features, they are nearly identical units. Personally, I would stick with the cheaper Kindle.

I am very happy that the basic Kindle is now a touch screen as that is necessary in my mind. It makes aspects of reading like flipping pages far more natural. The basic Kindle has also won many hearts as it has a 4.1/5 rating with over 100 reviews. One reviewer said:

So far this hasn’t let me down. I’ve downloaded a number of books on it both through amazon and Baen books. No issues so far. The ability to push PDFs to the kindle has been absolutely wonderful for work. I can have a technical manual on my kindle and work in front of my computer without having to swap between windows.

For $64 and free shipping, I could see buying these as gifts for a few book loving friends and sticking it under their Christmas trees. While everyone seems to have a tablet these days, their battery life just does not sustain the length of time most bookworms like to read so a dedicated eReader is necessary.

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November 26

Superdry CA: 50% Off Dresses & 30% Off Everything

Posted by on November 26, 2014 at 8:24 PM

Superdry CA: 50% Off Dresses & 30% Off Everything

Superdry Canada currently has two fantastic promotions on. Get 50% off dresses right now and receive 30% off everything else! You will also receive free express shipping on your entire order.

The best deal is on the dresses so let us start with that one first. For a festive winter dress, choose the Prism Lace Bodycon Dress with long sleeves to keep your arms cozy. Pair this bodycon dress with a pair of sparkly tights and killer heels to complete your Christmas party wardrobe. Originally $80, it is now on sale for $40.

Looking for the ultimate glitz and glamour and don’t mind a few shivers? This 50s Premium Jewel Dress was $230 and is now $115. Both the bust line and the skirt are richly embellished with beads. Sizes range from XXS to L though their conversion to numbered sizes uses the UK system. US sizes are generally 4 below UK. Thus, a UK size 14 us a US size 10.

My favourite dress is the Brushed Odessa Dress because of all that beautiful lace. The dress comes in grey, navy, or off white. Originally $100, the dress is now $50. I like it in grey with the pink trim best.

Everything else on their website is 30% off including outwear and jackets, which are often excluded from promotions. This Arctic Windcheater for women was $140 and is now $98 in a variety of colours. If you live in Eastern Canada and are being buried under a load of snow currently, then you might want something a bit more substantial. The Everest Duffle Coat that was $260 and is now $182 looks very warm.

Men need warm coats too. I picked out the reasonably priced Polar Sports Puffer that was $150 and is now $105. The jacket features full fleece lining, a zip front fastening, bungee-cord hood, two side pockets, single inside pocket, ribbed hem and ribbed cuffs with thumbholes. Three different colours are available.

I have yet to try Superdry but I really like what I see so far. They make some nice items that look good quality. In addition, your order comes duty paid with free express shipping! There is no need to worry about extra charges.

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November 26

WalMart Canada: LEGO Creative Tower Set (1600 Pieces)| $110 Value Now $40 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on November 26, 2014 at 2:55 PM

WalMart Canada: LEGO Creative Tower Set (1600 Pieces)| $110 Value Now $40 (EXPIRED)

Oh hey there, my fellow Bargainmoosers! WalMart currently has an awesome deal for a LEGO Creative Tower Set (10664), and it’s one that you should definitely keep your eye on. At this time, you can buy this hard-to-find LEGO set for only $40! This LEGO Creative Tower Set normally sells for  $110.01 on Amazon (and that’s for a Japanese import), so you’ll be saving plenty of your hard-earned cash on the regular price! Best of all, you’ll also get free shipping! This set is very tough to find here in Canada, and you’ll usually have to resort to Ebay to purchase it (and it’ll still end up costing you about $112.72 plus $64.12 shipping). Get this deal now before it’s gone, folks!

This LEGO Creative Tower Set has 1600 pieces in total – that’s a lot of LEGO for a cheap price! You can build anything you want to with this set – the choice is yours!

When you want to show someone that’s close to you that you care enough about them to get a present, it can really make them happy. Sometimes, it’s really a great feeling to be considered during this festive time of the year. When you can provide a thoughtful gift to a family member or a friend while saving some of your hard-earned cash, your kind gesture will be that much easier for you to do. This LEGO Creative Tower Set is a great example of a product that can easily be turned into a thoughtful gift – after all, you’ll be getting it for only $40!

This deal won’t be around for long, people! Since LEGO sets are so popular, I wouldn’t be surprised if this LEGO Creative Tower Set was sold out soon after this article is posted here on Bargainmoose. If you love LEGO, then you need to get this deal. I hope you all enjoy your day today!

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November 26 Mexx Shawl Collar Sweater $15 (Was $98) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on November 26, 2014 at 1:17 PM Mexx Shawl Collar Sweater $15 (Was $98) (EXPIRED) has an incredible early Black Friday deal on Mexx clothing right now. Receive an extra 50% off all adult clothing and 40% off children’s clothing. This offer includes all sale items so this men’s Mexx Shawl Collar Pullover Sweater that was $98 comes down to just $14.99 with free shipping.

Small is already out of stock and there are limited quantities available in the rest of the sizes that span from XS through XXL. This is a fantastic looking men’s sweater and, knowing Mexx, it is made with good quality materials. It looks super warm and cozy. I like a higher neckline for winter and the shawl collar will certainly help you keep warm.

While this sale is on until the end of the month, quantities are not going to last that long so you really must buy as soon as possible or you are going to miss out on the best deals. This deal is outrageously good, and there is more where that came from.

I also found this men’s Mexx Striped Long-sleeved Top on sale from $56.99. When added to your cart it comes down to a beautiful $7.49. Sizes small and medium are already out of stock but there are a few shirts left in other sizes. This out of stock thing is starting to be a real pain as my husband wears a size small!

The Mexx Monochrome T-shirt is another great option for men. Originally $40, you will pay just $7.49 in your cart. Only size large is out of stock right now.

For the women, this Mexx Classic Black Cardigan is one of my favourite deals. For one, I am missing a simple black cardigan from my wardrobe and I know how incredibly useful one of those would be. This cardigan was $76, but after you add it to your cart the top comes down to just $14.99. I also like this Mexx Turtleneck Sweater in Viscose for women though the powder pink would not do well with my skin tone. Originally $66, pay just $14.99 after additional discount.

If you spend $50 or more, either request a unique $20 off $50 coupon code here or use our exclusive BARGAINMOOSE10OFF50 $10 off $50 coupon code to bring your cart total even lower!

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November 26

NeatoShop (US): Free Shipping Worldwide

Posted by on November 26, 2014 at 1:00 PM

NeatoShop (US): Free Shipping Worldwide

Get worldwide free shipping on awesome t-shirts from amazing artists at NeatoShop. This offer is only good through tomorrow, so hop to it like little bunnies.

The free shipping offer apples to t-shirts only. T-shirts start at just $19.95 and all prices are in USD.

These are not your plain, boring, stupid, graphic tees. These amazing, wonderful, creative, and sometimes outrageous and gory teas will actually impress the receiver with your thoughtfulness! These tees also service the geekdom at large. Do you like: Star Trek? Star Wars? Dr. Who? Hello Kitty? My Little Pony? We won’t tell. However, there is a shirt for your type of geek waiting for you on NeatoShop right now.

I found out about this sale because the artist of a web comic I read has shirts on Neato. Her handle is Dooomcat and she makes thinks that are cute and fluffy with a bit of blood and bad things happening sometimes. I just LOVE the way she melds different things together or how she changes our perspective on old classics. Her Hiding in the Dark  shirt is pretty awesome to someone who grew up playing Where’s Waldo in the doctor’s office waiting room.

One of those mash ups I was talking about is shown in Puffcicles. The shirt melds the drawing style of the Power Puff Girls with the characters from Frozen. It is nostalgic for me and yet relevant for an entirely new generation of kids who love women of action!

The Father of the Year shirt answers the question about what would life have been like for Luke and Leia had Darth been an active force in their lives (haha!). I think this shirt is sooooo adorable and they should make an entire animated TV series based on it.

Nailing down my favourite t-shirt is hard because I love so many of them. This My Angry Neighbor  is a strong contender because I am a massive fan of My Neighbor Totoro and I have a strong feeling there is a reference to Godzilla somewhere in this piece.

I have never shopped at Neato before, but I think they are an awesome store and an amazing place to buy Christmas gifts. With free shipping, I thought this was a cool place to introduce you too. You may be subject to customs on orders of $20 or more. I do not know how Canadians have fared in the past, as I have never ordered from them before.

(Expiry: 27th November 2014)

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November 26

Walmart Canada: 6′ Pre-Lit Christmas Trees Only $20

Posted by on November 26, 2014 at 12:07 PM

Walmart Canada: 6 Pre Lit Christmas Trees Only $20

Walmart Canada is selling 6′ Christmas trees with lights built in (saves on decorating expenses) for only $20 each! You can choose from clear lights or multicoloured lights.

As per usual, Walmart fails to list the original price of these trees but this is really cheap – that I know!

Each of these trees stands about six feet tall when mounted on the plastic base. They are made to look like a green pine tree and have 484 tips for added realism. Strung among the branches are 250 incandescent lights. These lights are designed to stay lit even if one in the string should burn out. You can choose the tree with clear bulbs or go for the more colourful multicoloured lights.

A string of 250 bulbs would set you back nearly $20 alone these days, so a tree and bulbs for that price is pretty awesome. I may love the smell of a real tree but I think the trees should stay in the forest and Christmas trees should be a representation of a tree, not the real thing. Besides, sap and needles are a bastard to clean up after, especially if you have a carpet.

Now, if you miss out on this deal, there are some 6.5″ trees with 350 lights and 600 tips. for $49 with lights as well that are still a pretty good offer (one has already sold out). If the above trees sell out, check out these for only $49:

There are a few other good tree deals on in smaller sizes like four foot trees and a few other decorative models. These are more your primary Christmas tree size.

As per usual, receive free shipping on all orders with Walmart Canada.

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November 26 Black Friday Deal: Nespresso Pixie Expresso System Only $140 (Was $299)

Posted by on November 26, 2014 at 10:00 AM Black Friday Deal: Nespresso Pixie Expresso System Only $140 (Was $299)

With another round of hot Black Friday deals, has the Nespresso Pixie Expresso brewing system in red on sale for only $159.99, with a regular price of $249.99. You can get this even cheaper if you have the Facebook coupon for $20 off, making the price only $139.99. If you already used yours and can’t get a hold of another one, be sure to use our exclusive coupon for $10 off and your price will be $149.99. Of course, it will also ship for free.

I price compared this bad boy and found that this is a killer deal. Amazon is selling it for $249; Future Shop is too and so is Hudson’s Bay.

On top of this, I found this credit for Nespresso, getting you another possible $75 off, but it says that this rebate is not applicable with other discounts. I think it can’t hurt trying. Even if you can’t get the rebate, this price is still lower than all of the other stores selling this machine even after rebate. The only issue you might have is not getting to choose your colour, but if you don’t care about the red, this is an amazing deal.

What’s so great about this brewing machine in comparison to others? It is super fast and brews in 25 seconds, so those mornings when you need your coffee fix, you really don’t have to wait. It has special alarms and lights to tell you when you are running low on water. It is fun and looks very modern on your kitchen counter. It also has a compact size for those who like a clutter-less counter. It is also eco-friendly, shutting off after nine minutes of non-use and has 40% less power consumption than other machines.

There is one review on, giving it a five-star rating, but I invite you to check out other stores for reviews:

I Love it! great promos with discount and aeroplan miles. fast shipping. I tried all 16 capsules that came with it and for me, it’s much better than buying in coffee shop + saves money. I added cold water and ice to make iced americano. Will enjoy this every day!

While you’re visiting Bargainmoose, be sure to check out all of the other hot Black Friday deals going on.

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November 25

Walmart Canada: Rubbermaid 50 pc Set only $14.88

Posted by on November 25, 2014 at 6:50 PM

Walmart Canada: Rubbermaid 50 pc Set only $14.88

Walmart Canada has a fantastic deal on a Rubbermaid 50 piece set with easy find lids for all your storage needs. Pay only $14.88 with free shipping.

Price comparing is super hard because Walmart fails to list the original price of this item. However, I found an old cache for Walmart Canada that had the price at $37.98 and that seems pretty reasonable given that has the original price as $37.99. Finding this particular set in Canada is extremely hard except from Walmart Canada. Ignore the dolt selling it for $92 through the Amazon Marketplace. The 24-piece set at Walmart Canada costs $19.97 so you know this is a good deal!

The set includes containers of the following sizes:

  • 0.5 cups (118 mL)
  • 1.25 cups (296 mL)
  • 2 cups (473 mL)
  • 3 cups (710 mL)
  • 5 cups (1.2 Liter)
  • 7 cups (1.7 Liter)
  • 9 cups (2.1 Liter)

There are generally more of the smaller sizes and less of the larger sizes. The lids snap to each base and other lids nest inside each other making this an easy to find lid system. The lids are red and the bases are clear. On other websites, this set has got great reviews including this one:

So many lids! The set is great for those who like to prepare meals ahead of time. It helps to organize a weeks worth of food for my apartment. We’re both graduate students and have limited time to prepare food. So we use these and Sundays to ensure we eat healthy throughout the week.

I had better hide this deal from my husband or he will be ordering it before I can hide his credit card. My husband loves containers and filling containers with things. What he does is forget things (like food) are in containers and then never eats them leaving foot to eventual spoil. Alternatively, I become tasked with surveying the fridge every few days to find what he has stuck and subsequently forgot in containers and first reminding him and then subsequently freezing the food before it goes bad. With a 50-piece set, I can only imagine the stacks of food in the fridge!

Pick this set up before they sell out!

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