January 25

Evymama Canada Promo Code: 40% Off Winter Nursing & Maternity Clothes

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Evymama Canada Promo Code: 40% Off Winter Nursing & Maternity Clothes

For a limited time, you can save 40% off winter maternity and nursing clothes at Evymama with the code below.

Click here to shop @ Evymama.ca now

  • Coupon Code: WINTER40
  • Discount: 40% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

When I was pregnant, I quickly realized a very depressing fact: maternity and nursing wear is not cheap. Perhaps it’s because the makers of these types of clothing know that their pregnant clientele basically has no other choice but to buy their clothes, especially when nothing begins to fit.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, I spotted the Seraphine Luella sequin maternity dress. It looks absolutely stunning and is already sold out in most sizes! If you’re a size 4 or 8, then you can get this dress on sale for just $94.80 instead of its original price of $158.

I also found the Seraphine Ingrid lace cocktail maternity dress in black. It’s only available in a size 8 and with due reason as it’s gorgeous and is sure to garner plenty of compliments. With the code, it comes down to $190 (reg. $315).

Maternity pants are absolutely essential when you’re pregnant, so be sure to check out the last page of Evymama’s winter selection. There are a couple of great choices like the 9Fashion Urano skinny leg underbelly or the straight leg overbelly, which are price at $118 and get reduced to $70.80.

Shipping costs $15 but if you spend over $300, then your order will qualify for free shipping. If you live in Toronto near Evymama’s Danforth Avenue or Jane street stores, then you can also save on the cost of shipping by picking up your order.

If you need filler items to get to the $300 free shipping threshold, then check out Evymama’s last chance maternity and last chance nursing sections, where reductions start at 50% off.

Although it’s only available in large, I found the Daisychain maternity metro designer support belt on sale for just $12.50. It was originally priced at $49.99, which puts it at a 75% discount!

I absolutely LOVE my Daisychain support belt! Not only is it comfortable to wear, I get complimented on it every where I go. As someone who is all belly, this product has been a lifesaver to my back

As always, you can also find this Evymama coupon code in our forum.

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December 27

EvyMama Canada Boxing Week Sale: 50% Off + Extra 30% Off Promo Code

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EvyMama Canada Boxing Week Sale: 50% Off + Extra 30% Off Promo Code

Show off that bump with some new clothes! EvyMama’s Boxing Week Sale is on and until the end of the year, you can save 50% off select maternity and nursing dresses, tops, pants, shorts and much more. All of the displayed prices on their site already include this discount. Plus, you can use the code below to save an extra 30% off your entire order!

Click her to shop @ EvyMama.ca now

  • Coupon Code: Boxing30
  • Discount: extra 30% off
  • Expiry: 31st December 2014

Keep in mind that the EvyMama coupon code above only applies to merchandise from their fall or winter collections, which given our current freezing temperatures is perfect anyways!

With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, now is  great time to shop for something to wear. Although only the XL size is left, the June & Dane Grecian cocktail dress in black is absolutely stunning and the best part about it is that it’s both a maternity and a nursing dress. Alternatively, the white version of this dress is available in either an XS or S size. Both colour variations of this dress are on sale for $80 (reg. $160) and further comes down to just $56 with the code.

On the last two pages of the sale, you will also find a couple of bras on sale. These won’t qualify for the coupon code but I thought I would mention them anyways because even without the code, it’s a good deal to be had. In the last trimester of my pregnancy, I went shopping for nursing bras and was absolutely floored to discover some of the prices of these. There is something to be said about investing into a good bra but at the same time, I would much rather get a couple of bras as opposed to just one for the same price. With that being said, I found the Nummies “everyday” cotton nursing bra on sale for $24.50 (reg. $49). Available in an A-B cup size and in a 36 band, it’s wire-free and is made from a breathable cotton.

Shipping is free on orders over $300, otherwise a $15 shipping fee will apply. That’s a high minimum threshold to achieve for shipping but given the savings to be had when you shop the Boxing Week sale in combination with the coupon code, all of your savings are bound to cover the fee. If you live next to their Danforth Avenue or Jane street stores in Toronto, then you could also pick up your order at no extra charge.

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September 20

EvyMama Canada: M Coat Now Just $425

Posted by on September 20, 2014 at 4:30 PM

EvyMama Canada: M Coat Now Just $425

Winter is fast approaching but if you’re pregnant or have a baby, then you’re going to need a coat! The M Coat is currently on sale for $425 at EvyMama, down from the original retail price of $480.

All of you mommies and mommy-to-be’s are probably thinking: “why the heck would I buy this M coat, especially since the sale on it isn’t even the biggest”. Granted, the discount only amounts to about 12% off the original price but given that there is no other coat like it and almost everywhere else, it’s available for its $480 full price, I figured it was worth a mention here. The cheapest I found it anywhere else is at Ella Bella for $450 but their sizes are currently very limited.

When I was pregnant last winter, I wore my Canada Goose jacket for as long as I could but eventually, my belly got to be so big, that I had to improvise something because I obviously needed to stay warm but I didn’t want to shell out useless bucks on a coat that I would never wear again due to it being too big the following winter. I definitely wish I would have known about the M Coat because it can be used during pregnancy, as a baby carrier and even as a normal coat.

I purchased this jacket before my daughter was born & used it while pregnant. After she was born (in freezing cold January), I carried her everywhere in a sling inside my jacket. Even on the coldest day this winter, we went for a walk in it together…and she’s now over 2 years old! I wear it without her in it now too as an everyday winter jacket with the tie around the waist. Totally worth the money!

I definitely love that this coat can also be used as a baby carrier. I can’t speak from experience just yet but I can just imagine having to trek around in the snow with a stroller and I’m definitely not looking forward to it. Plus, you can use this coat to take your baby on plenty of winter activities (as long as the weather permits of course), like walking outside, visiting the sugar shack, etc.

Since EvyMama ships orders over $300 for free, you’re also sure to get this coat shipped free.

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July 30

EvyMama Canada Coupon Code: 25% Off Nursing & Maternity Summer Styles

Posted by on July 30, 2014 at 9:30 PM

EvyMama Canada Coupon Code: 25% Off Nursing & Maternity Summer Styles

Long live summer and great sales! Until the end of the week, you can save 25% of all summer merchandise, which includes nursing and maternity styles.

Click here to shop @ EvyMama.ca now

  • Coupon Code:  SUMMER25
  • Discount:  25% summer merchandise
  • Expiry:  4th August 2014

Now, I know what you may all be thinking with regards to the picture above but first let me explain. The man in the picture has actually been making headlines ever since he posted pictures of himself in a maternity shoot because his wife refused to do one and I figured it fit well with the topic of this post since EvyMama sells a variety of maternity and nursing merchandise.

When I was pregnant, I really got into wearing dresses because those became the most flattering on me. To be quite frank, I felt pretty big in just about anything –well, bigger than I already was– but I liked how dresses accentuated the belly and drew attention away from the other areas that were getting to be big as well (i.e. arms). The boob design nicky nursing dress brings together the best from both world though by featuring the belly and hiding half of the arms. Its regular price is of $135 but with the discount, you can get it for just $101.25. Although it’s sold out in black, it is however available in a pale rose colour, which is not only perfect summer but could even be used in a maternity shoot! EvyMama Canada Coupon Code: 25% Off Nursing & Maternity Summer Styles

Even better is that this dress is extremely versatile. It can still be used after giving birth as the bust area can be pulled down for easy access to the milk supply. Just maybe make  sure to place a small towel, paper towels or anything really underneath in case of leakage.

Comfy pants are an absolutely essential as well and the 9fashion grego patterned maternity trousers feathers definitely look like they could quickly become anyone’s go-to pants. They come down to $71.25 (reg. $95) and although this pattern is only available in a medium, there is also a blue version available in small.

There is plenty more to choose from though, so be sure to have a look! For more EvyMama coupon codes, don’t forget to regularly check the Bargainmoose forum.

Shipping ranges from $11 to $15 depending on your location but if you shop for over $300, then your order will qualify for free Xpresspost shipping.

Moosers, would you ever let your hubbies take a maternity photo shoot in your place? For the men out there, would you do this?

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February 28

EvyMama Canada Discount: 75% Off June & Dane Collection Of Maternity Clothes

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EvyMama Canada Discount: 75% Off June & Dane Collection Of Maternity Clothes

EvyMama has released a deal so amazing, that you surely won’t believe your eyes! During a couple of days only, you can save 75% on the entire June & Dane collection of maternity clothes!

Click here to browse the June & Dane collection @ EvyMama.ca now

  • Coupon code: 75winter
  • Discount: 75% off
  • Expiry: 2nd March 2014

Speaking from experience, I can definitely tell you that maternity clothes are a blessing in disguise. In the beginning of my pregnancy, I tried to get away with looping an elastic around the buttonhole of my jeans and while I somewhat got away with it for a maybe a week, the extreme discomfort pushed me to splurge on a full-priced pair of jeans from Thyme Maternity. Not the most ideal situation, I know, especially since I don’t usually buy anything if I can’t get a discount, but desperate times called for desperate measures!

All this to say though, that if you’re pregnant or wanting a child, then maternity wear is absolutely essential. Wearing your significant others’ clothes is nice and all but sometimes it’s nice to feel pretty as well. Here are just some of the jaw-dropping deal you can expect to see, but there are plenty more:

If you spot something you like from any other collection, then make sure to use the EvyMama discount code on our forums to save 60% off your purchase.  As for shipping, although you can have your order shipped for free to two of their stores, shipping fees start at about $12, depending on the option you choose.

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