January 30

Rope Hammock With Metal Frame Was $139 | Now $75 @ Walmart.ca

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Rope Hammock With Metal Frame Was $139 | Now $75 @ Walmart.ca

Breezy summer days, I know you will be coming soon. The Cot11 Hammock with 12Beam  or 12 BeamOrb stand combo was $139 but is now only $75 @ Walmart.ca. Free shipping with no minimum is available for all orders at Walmart.ca.

Summer I miss you. I have started a little bucket list of things I want to make sure I do this summer. Even if I do not complete all of the items on my list, somehow in the middle of winter that summer bucket list makes me feel better. I feel like I am Olaf the snowman dreaming about summertime.

Grab this great little hammock and stand combo now. This combo was $139 but is now only $75 @ Walmart.ca. Free shipping is included with all orders at Walmart.

The frame on this hammock is made of steel and includes three cross beams for full support. I quite prefer having a frame for my hammock. Despite having moved quite a bit, I never seem to have two trees close enough together to hang a hammock in my backyard. The stand on this hammock comes in a beige or an oil rubbed bronze finish. Personally, I will be looking at the sky mostly anyways.

The frame is supposed to go together without tools and has a weather resistant coating. You should be able to leave it outside for a good portion of the year. If it was me, I would leave it outside until I am no longer in denial that summer is over fall starts turning cold.

The rope on this hammock is 100% cotton. This hammock is intended for one adult to use at a time but I bet two kids could fit in it together if they were not huge. That might be important to you if you have more than one kid who fights over everything. Mom’s turn on the hammock kids, now pass me my glass of wine. Go play in the sandbox Eva found earlier today kiddos. Even better, if you have no kids you can grab yourself a good book and swing away all evening after a long day.

I checked around the competition and here is what I was able to find. Amazon.ca has a Guide Gear Portable Hammock for one with stand through a third party seller for $90.32. Lowes.ca has a double hammock for $149 with stand included. Costco will sell you a double hammock with stand for $134.99. At Hammock Canada the cheapest hammock you can purchase is a Castaway Single Rope Hammock for $89.00 that does not include a stand. The hammock I found available at Hammock Canada is the closest I could find that was comparable in style to the Walmart deal. Walmart’s price blows all of these prices out of the water. The cheapest frame alone costs $114 at Walmart. This combo is a steal.

There are no reviews on this hammock. You will have to trust your own instincts this time. This looks like a pretty basic model that should be sturdy enough for some lazy afternoon swinging. If you have a space big enough you could also set this up inside. Maybe that idea is just me dreaming about summer again.

Bargainmoosers, what is your favourite summertime treat you miss right now?

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January 29

Amazon.ca: The Mel Brooks Collection [Blu-ray] Only $21 (FS @ $25) (EXPIRED)

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Amazon.ca: The Mel Brooks Collection [Blu ray] Only $21 (FS @ $25) (EXPIRED)

Amazon Canada is selling The Mel Brooks Collection [Blu-ray] for only $20.99 today. It is a one-day special and certainly not one you want to miss if you are a fan of this master comedian.

If you do not know who Mel Brooks is… I do not think we can be friends. The guy is a genius! While other people memorize the lines of Monty Python (ya, I know… ya love them), I was saying “candy gram for Mongo” to clueless classmates. This eight-disc set includes the following films:

  • Blazing Saddles
  • High Anxiety
  • History of the World Part I
  • Robin Hood: Men in Tights
  • Silent Movie
  • To Be or Not to Be
  • Twelve Chairs
  • Young Frankenstein

I love watching Blazing Saddles because it is such a beautiful commentary on racism and how we approach the ‘other': people who are different than we are. Young Frankenstein is just hilarious and features the incredible acting skills of one slightly demented Gene Wilder. This movie features the best Igor you will ever meet.

My favourite Mel Brooks movie has to be Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I quote that movie more than any other Mel Brooks movie. It has brilliant scripting, fantastic names (Hey Blinkin!), and incredible personalities. Of course, men in tights cross-dressing as women to get into a tournament is a priceless moment. In addition, there are some great songs and horrible archery skills displayed. A real must watch for anyone who enjoys great comedy and a butchered story line.

I price compared this set with other retails and that is why I just had to post this deal:

  • $50 @ Walmart Canada
  • $59.99 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $65.99 @ Future Shop Canada

Amazon Canada lists an original price of $79.99, which is a bit high give the current retail prices. However, this is still an amazing deal as the set is less than half the price of the nearest competitor.

Amazon Canada offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more. You may want to pop something else in your cart to reach that threshold. I suggest a DVD for $6.99 and under or a Blu Ray for $9.99 or under. Those sections will give you a good movie to top your cart up for the free shipping.

I already own the DVD set, but I am debating upgrading to the Blu-Ray. What do you think?

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January 28

Red Dwarf: The Complete Collection DVD Was $227 Now $70 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca! (EXPIRED)

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Red Dwarf: The Complete Collection DVD Was $227 Now $70 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca! (EXPIRED)

This is a classic BBC comedy show and it’s on offer today! You can pick up the whole entire collection of Red Dwarf on DVD for only $69.99 with free super saver shipping. The previous price was $227.25 so that’s technically a 69% discount. Sixty-nine dude!

This exact box set isn’t for sale at many other online stores to price compare. I did find it for sale here on Walmart for $155, or you can buy it used on Chapters here for $130. Overall, the $70 price on Amazon.ca is very good indeed – that works out about $8.75 per season of the show.

Honestly, this was one of my favourite shows when I was younger. I’ve got all the DVDs and I’ve seen all the episodes a few times. Sometimes I wait a few years between watching them, and they’re still very funny indeed. This reviewer on Amazon agrees with me on that one:


Red Dwarf: The Complete Collection DVD Was $227 Now $70 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca! (EXPIRED)


While this DVD title is called Red Dwarf: The Complete Collection, it’s technically not all the seasons that were produced. There was a further two seasons made after the release of this box set. But when they got to the eighth season, Red Dwarf kind of jumped the shark. The writing went downhill, the situations more and more unbelievable and seasons nine and ten just are not great at all. If you really need to though, you can purchase them separately. The Red Dwarf TV show scores 8.6/10 here on IMDB, so that’s a super high score and should tell you that the early seasons really were something special.

I recall a few years back, watching an interview with Patrick Stewart, AKA Jean-Luc Picard from the infamous Enterprise: The Next Generation. He was stuck in a hotel in London somewhere, and he was channel-surfing and came across Red Dwarf. Here’s the interview – it’s a good one.

If you don’t take my opinion for it, maybe you’ll listen to Patrick Stewart. Red Dwarf: The Complete Collection DVD Was $227 Now $70 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca! (EXPIRED)

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January 26

Saved by the Bell: The Complete Collection DVD, Was $62 Now $27.49 & Free Shipping @ Amazon! (EXPIRED)

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Saved by the Bell: The Complete Collection DVD, Was $62 Now $27.49 & Free Shipping @ Amazon! (EXPIRED)

For today only, Amazon.ca has a great price on a great little piece of nostalgia – the complete DVD collection of Saved by the Bell! Originally priced at $61.99, you can get this classic TV show for only $27.49 with free super saver shipping.

In the above DVD deal, you are getting all four seasons of this show which actually started airing in 1989. Way back in April 2014, this DVD set had dropped to $24.99 for a couple of days, but I haven’t see it that low since then. And as for a price comparison just now, the very same DVD boxset is $45 @ Staples, $46 @ Chapters, $50 @ Walmart. The Amazon price today is really great.

I am sure you are all familiar with the show, but just in case you are not, here’s a quick blurb:

A TV show centered on six students and their years at Bayside High School in Palisades, California.

I was surprised to see that this show only gets a score of 7.0/10 on IMDB, I thought it would have gotten higher ratings.

I LOVED THIS SHOW!!! I was only aged 8 at the point when the show first started, but I don’t recall watching it at that early age. However, it must have been the re-runs that hooked me, and created my first ever teenage crush… on Zack Morris, of course. Look at him now – still hot! Since Saved by the Bell, he’s been in a lot of other TV shows which you will recognise such as CSI and Weeds. It looks like he never gets major roles though; they’re usually single-episode, bit parts.

As for the other characters, actors and actresses, I recently spotted “Kelly Kapowski” (Tiffani Thiessen) with a fairly major role in the TV show White Collar. I’ve seen the first five seasons of this show and I am waiting for the next season to be made available on Netflix. And you know what? She’s hardly changed at all – you can easily recognise her as Kelly!

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January 25

75% off Guild Wars 2 (PC) This Weekend: Now Only $10 to $15 (US) (EXPIRED)

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75% off Guild Wars 2 (PC) This Weekend: Now Only $10 to $15 (US) (EXPIRED)

Here’s a little deal for the PC gamers! This weekend, you can buy Guild Wars 2 for a 75% discount on the original price! There are two editions on offer; the Digital Heroic Edition was $39.99 and it’s now only $10 and the Digital Deluxe Edition was $59.99 and it’s now only $15.

The above prices are in US dollars, so with the exchange rate, you’re paying slightly more in CA.

When Margarita last wrote a deal about Guild Wars 2, it was here, back in April 2014 when the game was on offer at 50% off, so 75% is obviously a sweeter deal. For the price you pay above, you’re getting the digital edition of the full game, and there are a few extras too, depending on which pack you choose. E.g. You get a Chalice of Glory in the Digital Deluxe Edition… obviously a few things to help you out when you are actually in and playing the MMO.

Here are some words from my partner – he used to be a big player of the first Guild Wars game, but he hasn’t got any experience of this second edition.

Geez, it’s been going a long time – it’s over two years since this game came out. There’s a new expansion pack coming (Heart of Thorns), it was actually announced yesterday. So this deal could allow you to get in and run through the initial game which should be bug free, by now! It’s very pretty… I want it.

I promptly said nope, he’s not getting it! There are so many unplayed games sitting on his Steam account, that he’s purchased when they were on special offer but hasn’t yet played. I’ve vetoed the purchase of Guild Wars 2!

I remember in the olden days, there was a World of Warcraft vs Guild Wars argument. World of Warcraft is by far the most popular nowadays, but Guild Wars still has a pretty big worldwide following.

Have you ever heard of the web TV series, The Guild? It’s a brilliant little show which came out a few years ago, when MMOs were getting extremely popular. Here’s the first episode:

There are now six seasons available to view, and it’s a great watch. If you’ve ever played any type of MMO, then the references in it will tickle your funny bone. But even if you’re not a player, you should still find the show pretty funny.

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January 19

Buy 3 Select TV Series on DVD & Get Extra $10 Off @ Amazon.ca

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Buy 3 Select TV Series on DVD & Get Extra $10 Off @ Amazon.ca

Here is a sweet little deal where you can pick up a couple of great classic TV series. Amazon is offering an extra $10 off when you purchase 3 select TV series on DVDs. Free shipping is available on orders over $25 and it’s likely your order can easily reach that total depending on the series you choose.

Snatch up some of your favourite TV series while they are hot, folks. I can see some of these DVD sets making great Valentine’s Day presents. The selection of these DVDs seems to be a mix of classic TVv shows and more modern sci-fi, and favourite TV series from the last 20 years or so. The good news is there are some great series to be snatched up here and the prices are low to begin with, averaging between $8 to $10 per season.

Some of the more modern series available include:

  • Firefly
  • 24
  • Archer
  • Prison Break
  • White Color
  • Burn Notice
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Futurama
  • The X Files
  • Buffy
  • Angel
  • Stargate SG-1
  • Lie To Me
  • American Dad
  • Malcom In The Middle
  • Planet of The Apes
  • Saving Grace
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Also included in the list are some classic shows including:

  • Green Acres
  • Mash
  • Remington Steel
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show

You can really see a clear divide between two different TV eras, looking at that list. The good news is you can mix and match to get a taste of both if you have a foot in each camp.

I have to admit I am partial to a couple on this list. My hubby and I worked our way through Buffy from beginning to end, while we were still dating. The series writing is written really well. Buffy is witty and has lots of action. It is hard not to cheer on a kick-butt chick, fighting zombies while trying to maintain some semblance of a life in high school in the 90s. I could see easily snagging Buffy again to watch from beginning to end. Once you get hooked you may be craving more and it is a great time to pick up the spinoff/crossover series Angel also.

There are many great quotable lines including one of my favorites:

If the apocalypse comes, beep me. – Buffy

If you are in the mood for a great comedy do not overlook How I Met Your Mother. Those syndicated reruns will not be playing forever folks! My favourite thing about this series is it really is a series that you can pick up in the middle and still enjoy episode by episode, with lots of laughs. If you watch this series from beginning to end, you will catch more of the complexity of the story the writers add between the laughs. At its core, this series is a comedy that is a great to unwind to at the end of a long day. It will not take long before you are cheering for Ted, Robin, Lily, Marshal and even Barney and wishing you had a spot at their table at the bar as they navigate life in their 20s and 30s.

If you see many series on the list you like, I would recommend creating more than one order. For every 3 series you purchase, you can receive $10 off. So if you want to score all 11 seasons of MASH for example, you may want to split it up into multiple orders to save more. Here’s an example, to show you what we mean:

Buy 3 Select TV Series on DVD & Get Extra $10 Off @ Amazon.ca

The first three seasons of MASH come to around $27. But as you can see above, it totals $16.97 AND you get free shipping as well, as the pre-discounted price was above $25. Sweet!

Bargainmoosers, what is one of your favourite series on this list?

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January 15

Amazon.ca: Space: Above and Beyond – The Complete Series Only $7

Posted by on January 15, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Amazon.ca: Space: Above and Beyond   The Complete Series Only $7

Hearken back to the mid-80s for this wonderful little sci-fi series called Space: Above and Beyond. The series was short-lived (23 episodes), but it is a real treasure for anyone who used to watch it on TV or who enjoys older sci-fi. Space: Above and Beyond – The Complete Series is now on sale at Amazon.ca from $49.98 retail down to $6.99.

For $7, you are receiving a five-disk set with 23 episodes (including part 1 and part 2 of the pilot for technically 24 episodes in total). Each episode was approximately 45 minutes long. That is a lot of entertainment for only a few dollars.

I have only seen this price once before, and I thought it was such a niche product that it was not worth blogging. Then in conversation to a friend of mine, I mentioned it and he nearly went ballistic. Evidently, he had watched the series when he was younger and LOVED it. It is incredible hard to find (no kidding!) and could not believe I had found a copy and the price just blew his mind. He asked me to buy him a copy. Then, he phoned me back asking me to purchase a second copy because he had mentioned it to a friend of his whom also flipped his top over the set.

Therefore, suddenly I found myself purchasing two copies of a TV series I had never seen that I thought no one would know about. Funky stuff. The deal ended very soon after that, but it is back so I just have to blog it. As I do not know much about the series, here is the description from Amazon:

In this cult fan favorite, it’s the year 2063. After 150 years of deep space exploration, the people of Earth feel certain they are alone in the universe. Then word comes that two Earth outposts light-years away from home have been brutally attacked by an advanced alien civilization. Now the new young recruits of the United States Marine Corps Space Aviator Calvary are heading for the front lines of space in the toughest battle the world has even faced.

My friend was right, the series is impossible to find elsewhere. I searched Best Buy, Future Shop, HMV, and Walmart. None of the usual places had any copies. I did find the complete collection of Space: Above and Beyond at Walmart.com on sale for $28.25. That was really the only other trace of this set I could find.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more. If you have a Prime membership, this will ship for free.

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January 13

Cheap Night In – Let’s Play Cards!

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Cheap Night In   Let’s Play Cards!

During this cold part of winter I often like to play cards with my family and friends. Cards are an inexpensive way to have a little bit of fun and have a few laughs. It is also a great chance to reach out to that neighbour across the street or get to know that coworker at the desk next to you.

Compare this night of fun with a standard night out to dinner for two at $50-$100 and up. Now compare this to a night at the movies for two starting at $25, which for a movie these days means smuggling in your own snacks and does not include 3D or any of the other movie extras. A night in with a deck of cards and a $10 bottle of wine sounds great for a fun night in.

There are tons of games you can play with a standard deck of cards. If you do not happen to have a deck of cards and cannot find one, Walmart will deliver one to you for only $4 per deck. I suspect most dollar stores  also carries playing cards for cheaper. Here are some of my favorite games to play with a standard deck of playing cards.

Bingo (3-5 players)

Most people know the Bingo game that you play with cards and chips. This version of Bingo also goes by Bango or Hoy and you play with a standard deck of cards. Bring a bunch of nickels and dimes to play for cash, or divvy up some snacks like raisins and Smarties to be your currency.

Every player starts by adding something to the winner’s pot in the centre. Each player is dealt 5 cards face down. Ten cards are dealt face down in the centre. If any player has four cards of the same rank (four kings, four 3’s, etc.) all cards are re-dealt.

The dealer turns one card from the centre over at a time and all players discard any cards they have of the same rank without revealing their cards. For example if a king is called, all kings in player’s hands are then discarded face down in front of them. Play continues until one player is out of cards and yells Bingo. Each player must add to the prize pot for each card that is in his or her hand. The winner wins the entire prize pot and then the next round begins.

This game can accommodate many more players if you add additional decks of cards. A friend of mine hosts games with two decks of cards in play and up to 10 players. She says her son’s college fund is growing in her Bingo winning’s bag. When you play with extra people the winning’s pot can get big. For more details on other variations of this game, you can check out more rules at Pagat.

Hearts (Best with 4 players but can adapt to 3-7 players)

Hearts is a trick taking game that is fun to play with a crowd. Deal out 13 cards to each player. Immediately after the cards are dealt, you pass three cards to the player on your left or right depending on the hand. Each hand you alternate passing to the left or right for fairness. The person with the two of clubs leads the first hand also known as a trick. Each player must follow the suit led (diamonds, spades, etc.) and the highest card wins the round. Aces count high above the king card. If a player does not have a card in the same suit as was led, they can then play a heart card. A hearts card will always win the round unless someone plays a heart card with a higher value.

The player who won the last round/trick then leads the next round with any card. Since heart cards will trump any suit on a hand, you also cannot lead with a heart card until a hearts card is played in a previous round. The only exception to this rule is if the only cards in your hand are hearts cards you can then lead with a hearts card. Play continues until all cards are finished.

When we played at my house growing up, we always counted the number of tricks we won each round. The person who won the most number of tricks was the winner. I think we perhaps played that way because I was a kid and it was simpler. There are many variations to this game also and a much more complicated scoring system is more widely accepted with the game. Scoring typically includes accruing one point for each heart card taken and 13 points for taking the queen of spades. Players continue play until one-player reaches 100 points. The person who then has the lowest score is the winner. For full details and variations, you can check out the rules at Bicycle Cards.

Clock Solitaire (1 player)

This is the perfect game for when no one else wants to play or it is just too icy to go out. This game does not require any skill. It is perfect when you want to do something but do not want to think very hard. I like to play when I need a break from screen time. This is also a great game to teach kids.

Deal cards into a circle in front of you. One card is placed for each number on the clock plus an additional card is put in a pile in the centre. Once you go around the circle once continue dealing around the circle until all the cards are dealt including placing one card in the centre each round. Once dealt you should have four cards at each of the 12 positions of the clock plus an additional four cards in the centre. Flip over the first card in the centre then place the card at the matching clock position under the stack of cards you find there. Then you then flip over a card on that pile and repeat. The ace card goes to the 1 o’clock position. Jacks are at the 11 o’clock position and queens are at the 12 o’clock position. Place king cards in the stack in the centre of the circle.

Play continues until all cards are back at their correct stations which means you have won the game. If you flip over all four king cards and there is still other cards facing down, the game is lost. For more rules and variations, see the Wikipedia page for Clock Patience, another name for this game.

There are also lots of free apps and games online that you can play card games without having to have additional players. Pogo.com has a great selection of free card games you can play online with no friends needed for your game night. I personally would rather have a group of people sitting around my kitchen table giving each other heck while we play. The computer version is also a fun way to pass the evening but perhaps less social.

What is your favourite card game to play Bargainmoosers?

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January 6

How to Save Money on Concert and Event Tickets

Posted by on January 6, 2015 at 8:00 PM

How to Save Money on Concert and Event Tickets

We all know that concert and event tickets can be pricey.  Ranging anywhere from $30 to upwards of over $300 a ticket, we sacrifice a lot of money to see our favourite band or favourite sports team play.  Personally, I am not a big concert-goer or event-goer.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy them, watching Usher and Bruno Mars live was amazing but perhaps I am not as die-hard fan as I previously thought I was.  When my friends want to go watch an Opera, I suggest a matinee.  When I went to the Squamish Music Festival (which was pretty amazing because Arcade Fire, Nas, Bruno Mars, and The Roots were playing), the tickets were expensive (not to mention the camping in Squamish was expensive), however, we saved money by camping in a friends backyard and just took a taxi into the festival grounds.  There are definitely ways where you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to event tickets!

Here are a few ways that you can save on your next concert, sports event, or other event ticket:

 Instead of Tickemaster.ca…Try Bidding

Scorebig allows you to score tickets at 60% less than the typical face value for a ticket.  I find Scorebig is somewhat analogous to Priceline (where you can bid for a hotel stay).  The other commonality is that it is only applicable for tickets in the United States, unfortunately, and not Canada.  Scorebig has tickets for all sports events such as the NHL, NBA, and even has tickets for Broadway and city attractions.


Volunteering is an altruistic win-win situation.  Not only do you feel good about yourself by contributing to society and your community, you will also score free event tickets.  Kiplinger suggests volunteering as an usher because it will allow you to watch free events, concerts, and sports.  My friend previously volunteered for the Vancouver International Film Festival.  Because of this, she was able to watch all the movies and films to her heart’s (and time’s) content for free!  Tickets normally cost at least $15 per film from what I recall.  Another friend of mine works for Rogers Centre in Vancouver as an extra part-time side job and gets to watch all of the great concerts for free or for a big discount.

Buy Direct

Lifehacker suggests that you buy direct from the Box Office to avoid service fees (you know, the one charged by our friends at Ticketmaster).  This also works if the event is sold out, it doesn’t hurt to try at the box office to see if there are any tickets laying around.  In Vancouver, there is another “Box Office” that is called Tickets Tonight, where you can get half-price tickets however you have to pick up the tickets in downtown Vancouver and the tickets are bought the day of.  The ticket prices are half off, so that can be a great deal for some shows!

Try an Aggregator

Just like looking for flight deals on Kayak.com or hotel deals on Trivago.com, which are known as aggregators (the search engine that looks for flights or hotels on multiple websites in order to find you the best deal), there are some aggregators for concert, event, and sports tickets.  According to Seatgeek, you can search for millions of concerts and events in one place.  Another concert and event and sports event aggregator is Seathound, however this appears to target sports events slightly more.  These are established ticket marketplaces and a trustworthy place to buy your tickets (after all, if you’re spending so much money don’t you want to make sure you’re not getting a fake ticket a la Craigslist?).

Nosebleed Seats Aren’t so Bad?

 Benzinga suggests that you don’t be a seat snob.  Sometimes nose bleed seats are better than no seats at all!  Personally I would not pay hundreds of dollars more to see someone closer up, but that’s just my preference.  Why not go in frugal style, grab your zoom camera lens and your binoculars and make friends with people that are sharing the nose bleed seats with you?  It’s all part of the experience, right?

Bargainmoosers, what are some other ways that you save on concert tickets, sports event tickets, or other event tickets?

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January 3

It’s Bender Baby! (63% Off Today Only) Futurama The Complete Series DVD $75 @ Amazon.ca (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 3, 2015 at 8:49 AM

Its Bender Baby! (63% Off Today Only) Futurama The Complete Series DVD $75 @ Amazon.ca (EXPIRED)

Futurama fans we are calling you. Today only, you can pick up the complete series of Futurama on DVD including all 8 seasons at 63% off. Originally priced at $124, you can now buy the whole series for only $75. Free shipping is included for this item on Amazon.

Futurama is a hilarious series set in a retro yet futuristic world. We follow Fry, a not-so-smart human who is frozen cryogenically in the year 2000 and finds himself awake in the year 2999. He gets a job as a cargo/pizza delivery boy with his only living relative and makes a group of misfit friends both human and alien alike. The show is created and written by Matt Groening and David Cohen of The Simpsons and has a similar sense of humour. Personally, I think it is a hilarious series and have spent many evenings enjoying an episode of Futurama over the years.  I find the series has the humour of The Simpsons or Family Guy combined with the futuristic space fun of The Jetsons plus they added in more aliens.

Futurama fans mean serious business. The series has had a tough haul from beginning to end as it moved around to multiple TV networks and even stopped production for about 4 years in the middle. Producers felt that comedy was too harsh and crass for prime time TV. Fans of the series felt differently. Fuelled by reruns, they created online campaigns to bring the series back. Somewhere I even have a T-shirt for saving Futurama, in my closet. Eventually the series did return to a different network with the entire original cast. Futurama has won numerous awards for being an excellent animated series including 6 Emmy wins and 14 Emmy nominations.

I would pick this one up on DVD and not bother waiting for the Blu-ray version myself. Since the series history is so disjointed, I suspect it will take them quite a while to reformat this into something decent for Blu-ray. Enjoy the episodes now instead.

I should note that I have seen several places around the web that the series was on sale for $70 just before the holidays. If you missed that sale however, $75 is still an amazing price for this entire series. Check out what the competitors are offering.

  • $117 @ Walmart – only sold as individual seasons, ranging from $10 to $25 each
  • $135 @ FutureShop.ca – Reserve for in store pick-up only
  • $140 @ Chapters Indigo
  • $169 @ Archambault.ca

As I mentioned before, fans of this series are full force in their love and loyalty for the characters. Several reviewers are mentioning packaging flaws on the DVDs. Here’s one happy reviewer overall.

A few minor packaging flaws but it’s nothing in comparison to the content of the series. I have been a fan of the series since it started and couldn’t wait to get a complete set. Love the Hypnotoad extra episode.

I would pick this one up now, folks. The series has only been available on DVD for about a year and I do not think we will see the price drop down again like this for a while.

Bargainmoosers, are there any TV shows you like enough to own the T-shirt?

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January 2

Marvel Unlimited: $10 For Two Months! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 2, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Marvel Unlimited: $10 For Two Months! (EXPIRED)

Here’s a dealio for the comic books fans! Marvel Unlimited has released a coupon code which gives you a two month subscription for the price of one month. So, that’s buy one get one free! Here are all the details:

Click here to use the Marvel coupon code online now

  • Coupon Code: GETMU
  • Discount: Buy 1 month get 1 free
  • Expiry: 4th January 2014

Just click through to the above landing page on the Marvel.com site, use the coupon code and sign up there and then. You will instantly be able to access all the amazing Marvel comics on your electronic devices. You’ll pay $9.99 for a two month subscription, wherein you can access all their digital content. While we’ve had a few low price deals on single month Marvel Unlimited subscriptions in the past here, this is a slightly longer term deal, giving you a good two months to get to grips with some of the entertaining Marvel comic action.

What About Cancelling The Subscription?

If you’re concerned about how easy it is to cancel from this subscription, you really shouldn’t worry. I cancelled mine last month as I felt I wasn’t reading it enough to justify the cost over Christmas, I just didn’t have enough free time to make use of the entertaining subscription. I went online to my account the day before the next month’s renewal payment was due to be paid. I hit “cancel account” and it was instantly cancelled. If you want to give it a try for the above two month period, you can simply cancel then and you won’t be billed for the third month, and the ongoing subscription.


When I had my subscription to Marvel Unlimited, I mostly read the comics on the iPad, which was really handy. I did have to use the zoom feature a few times, to read some of the smaller text in the comics.

I read my way through all of the original Guardians of the Galaxy series – which was a really excellent read. I have Deadpool on my “to read” list when I next take out the Marvel subscription – it’s going to be made into a new Marvel movie sometime soon. I really want to read it before I see it on the big screen! I do so love to nitpick about the differences between books/comics/graphic novels and the movies!

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December 31

Cineplex Family Favourites $2.99 Movies for January, February & March

Posted by on December 31, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Cineplex Family Favourites $2.99 Movies for January, February & March

The Cineplex Family Favourites series at select theatres is always a Bargainmoose favourite because you get cheap movie tickets for the entire family. Pay just $2.99 per person to the following kid friendly movies on Saturday mornings at 11 AM.

We have the schedule for the next three months so just circle the dates you want and stick them in your calendar.


  • 3rd: Muppets From Space
  • 10th: The Amazing Spider-Man
  • 17th: Paul Blart: Mall Cop
  • 24th: Monster House
  • 31st: An American Tail


  • 7th: Big Miracle
  • 14th: The Muppet Movie
  • 21st: The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything: A Veggietales Movie
  • 28th: The Land Before Time


  • 7th: The Book of Life
  • 14th: How To Train Your Dragon 2 3D
  • 21st: Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • 28th: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

They will also be showing Hop on April 4th. I am most interested in some of the later movies. The Land Before Time is a classic that I have never seen, but it is on my list of movies to watch.

While we own the first How to Train Your Dragon, I have not seen the second one yet. I also think that is one of the movies that gives you the best value for your money as they are showing it in 3D instead of 2D. 3D movies are usually a $3 premium on your ticket, so your movie ticket will just cover the cost of the upgrade, let alone the movie.

I have seen clips of Fantastic Mr. Fox and it looks to be a very interesting for both parents and children. For me, it appears to be geared towards older children rather than younger.

Out of all these movies though, I am most looking forward to The Book of Life. It features a beautiful animation style and tons of Mexican Sugar Skulls. I would consider this a feast for the eyes and I cannot wait to see it.

You will note that the price has gone up this year. Family Favourites used to cost $2.50 and they now cost $2.99. Unfortunately, prices will rise but I still consider this an excellent offer, as taxes are included. Scene members receive 25 points per ticket purchased.

(Expiry: 4th April 2015)

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December 31

Dumbo – 70th Anniversary Edition DVD – Now Only $9.50 @ Walmart.ca (EXPIRED)

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Dumbo   70th Anniversary Edition DVD   Now Only $9.50 @ Walmart.ca (EXPIRED)

Sometimes you just cannot beat a classic. Walmart is offering the 70th Anniversary Edition of Dumbo for only $9.47. The stock is limited so you may want to grab this deal quickly. Walmart offers free shipping with no minimum making this the best deal for this DVD.

This post was originally going to be about what a great deal purchasing Dumbo on DVD today is on Amazon. Once I started sniffing around though I realized you would get an even better deal by picking this DVD up at Walmart today.

Walmart and Amazon currently have this DVD at the same price. The difference is Walmart has no minimum on shipping. If you buy this at Amazon, it is going to cost you at least another $2-4 dollars in shipping depending on where you live. I priced this out and for where I live in Quebec they want to tack on another $3 to ship this DVD to me from Amazon. That puts this DVD almost to the price that Future Shop and Best Buy wants to sell it.

The true reality is these DVDs usually sell closer to the $16-$30 price point. That may seem like a wide range.  I have personally been searching for classic Disney DVDs for my kid and I have noticed the price fluctuates drastically throughout the year. I have seen used copies of Dumbo go up for sale for $10 on a local garage sale site I joined, and they sell quickly.  $9.47 is a great price for this classic when you factor in the free shipping. I do not think this deal will last long once people find it.

If you are unfamiliar with the Dumbo storyline here is the twenty-second version. Mrs. Jumbo (an elephant in the circus) has a baby elephant with extremely large ears named Dumbo.  The rest of the circus animals and visitors tease Dumbo relentlessly because of his ear size. Dumbo with the help of his friend Timothy Mouse and a magic feather becomes the first flying elephant and overcomes the teasing. He learns about believing in yourself and friendship while becoming a star flying elephant. Complete with many songs this is a classic film, one of the first of the Disney line to win hearts. This edition has been remastered and retouched to update the film.

Here is what I found when I price matched this DVD. You may notice a wide variety of prices. Most of these retailers have some kind of minimum on shipping.

  • $9.47 @ Amazon.ca- free shipping for spending over $25 only
  • $14.99 @ Futureshop.ca
  • $14.99 @ Bestbuy.ca
  • $15.99 @ London Drugs
  • $29.99 @ Sears.ca
  • $35.99 @ Staples.ca

With a solid 98 reviews and four and a half stars on Amazon, this DVD is finding its way into many homes. This reviewer talks about the transferring of this classic film into the DVD format.

“Dumbo” is a family classic. It sparkles with the kind of innocence and mastery of the craft of animation that is outstanding. A rich and vibrant animated picture that completely captures the spirit and vitality. There is a bit of film grain present and some minor age related artifacts These do not detract from the visual presentation. Colors are solid and vibrant. The audio has been remastered and remixed and is very nicely spread out over all your speakers.

Grab this classic now and you will be ready for the long January winter with a Dumbo movie night in. Do not forget your tissues for this classic!

Bargainmoosers, what is your favourtie classic Disney movie?

(Image Credit: expressmonorail)

(Expiry: Unknown)

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December 30

Leave it to Beaver: The Complete Series Was $142 | Now $61 @ Amazon Canada

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Leave it to Beaver: The Complete Series Was $142 | Now $61 @ Amazon Canada

This may be an ‘oldie’ but it is most certainly a goodie! Amazon Canada has discounted Leave it to Beaver: The Complete Series (37-DVD Set) from $142.34 (retails price was $199.99) down to just $61.49 with free shipping.

This collection includes all six seasons and plenty of extra. The episodes have been digitally re-mastered to reduce grain and improve overall image quality. Some of the special features include the pilot episode, cast members recollecting over the sitcom after it ended, an interview with composer Dave Kahn, and more.

I have never seen the series, but my hubby says it was the quintessential 50’s family. The series was good clean fun for the entire family with a lesson learned each episode. June Cleaver became the iconic housewife as she cleaned house in a dress and pearls. As this reviewer says:

I was on the fence about ordering this collection, although I always loved watching the show as a kid, as a teen, and as I young adult. Would I laugh and enjoy it today?
Absolutely! I find the show even more important to me today, then back in the day. Still laugh, and now I can watch all those episodes that I never saw. So pleased to have made this purchase. Now I can sit back and enjoy good, wholesome entertainment

I price compared this series with other online retailers. The Complete Leave it to beaver retails for $139.99 at Chapters Indigo Canada. I also found it on sale at Future Shop Canada for $109.99, but it is sold out. The second price comparison I did was on individual seasons. While the first two seasons are steeply discounted, seasons three and up cost $28 each or more so the box set is certainly cheaper.

I love many of the old TV shows, so if you are like me and enjoy the ‘good ol’ days’ then pick up this set. In addition, if you have watched Leave it to Beaver, then feel free to comment with what you think of the show! I would love to hear from you.

As this boxed set costs over $25, the Leave it to Beaver Complete Series will ship for free from Amazon.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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December 30

Chuck: The Complete Series [Blu-Ray] Only $55 @ Amazon Canada *HOT* (EXPIRED)

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Chuck: The Complete Series [Blu Ray] Only $55 @ Amazon Canada *HOT* (EXPIRED)

Chuck: The Complete Series [Blu-Ray] has dropped from $140.17 down to just $54.99 with free shipping from Amazon Canada.

The cheapest I have ever seen this Blu-Ray box set before is $73.99 on a lightning deal. I bought it that day (over a year ago) for my husband, as he is a fan of the series. I just price compared this set with other online retailers. Walmart has the complete Chunk on for $127.92 and Best buy Canada sells the same set for $154.99.

This boxed set includes Chunk: Seasons One through Five as well as a plethora of bonus features including declassified scenes, an inside look at character development and casting sessions, interviews with the cast, gag reels, and more.

I am not a good one to tell you about this series as I have never watched it – but other buyers seem to rather enjoy Chunk and think it holds up to multiple viewings. One reviewer said:

Love the series on TV and was happy to buy it from Amazon. The package came well packaged. There was one disk that didn’t want to play, took it out blew on it. Blew air in the machine and voile it played no problem at all. I love that it was funny, romantic and total escapism from reality. Wonderful series.

Now, if you like this series then you may already have a bunch of the seasons on Blu-Ray. it would make no sense to buy the entire series again when Amazon Canada has individual seasons steeply discounted as well. If you just need a few seasons then shop from this list:

As you can see, each season is just $15 so if you have more than a few to buy, you are better off with the entire collection. If you were to purchase all the seasons individually, it would cost you just under $75.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more from Amazon Canada.

(Expiry: unknown)

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