May 16

Amazon.ca: The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3 Blu-Ray Box Set + FREE T-Shirt – Now $46 & Free Shipping (Lowest Price Ever!)

Posted by on May 16, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Amazon.ca: The Walking Dead Seasons 1 3 Blu Ray Box Set + FREE T Shirt   Now $46 & Free Shipping (Lowest Price Ever!)

Have you been meaning to find out what exactly all the hype is surrounding The Walking Dead show? Here’s your chance: right now at Amazon, you can get a seasons 1-3 Blu-Ray box set of this incredible show on sale for just $45.99. That’s a 71% price drop from its regular price of $159.99! It will also be shipped absolutely free.

Amazon’s $114 price drop on this box set is actually the lowest we have ever seen and as much as I’m sure many of you are tempted to download this series, it would be much better to just buy it on sale right now, especially since it’s in Blu-Ray!

For those of you who speak French or prefer to watch shows in French, then you will be happy to know that this box set is bilingual.

Reviews are stellar of course, like this one from a 5/5 happy reviewer:

OMG! Love this show, got it 2 days after I purchased on Amazon. Plus the T-Shirt was a bonus! It was cheaper on Amazon to buy the three seasons together vs separately. I am very happy with my purchase! Amazon.ca: The Walking Dead Seasons 1 3 Blu Ray Box Set + FREE T Shirt   Now $46 & Free Shipping (Lowest Price Ever!)

The extra t-shirt is definitely a nice freebie but keep in mind that you can’t choose the size. According to reviews, it comes in a standard XL size, so if that’s yours or your hubby’s size, then awesome! Otherwise, you could try one of Kristy’s 8 Hacks To Refashion Your Clothes For Spring. The lace insert could be the best suited for The Walking Dead shirt and as for the size, you could try making it smaller with one of the many tutorials available online like this one from BurdaStyle.

In case you have somehow never heard of The Walking Dead or you have but you just don’t know anything about it, this shows is basically all about zombies. The story follows Rick Grimes, a Sheriff’s deputy who awakens from a month-long coma after a run-in with criminals. Upon waking, he discovers that the world is now overrun with zombies and he must do everything to survive as he searches for his missing wife and son. There is of course much more to it, but you will just have to watch it to find out all of the twists and turns.

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May 11

Amazon Canada: Despicable Me [Blu-ray] Was $31 | Now $11.75 & FS @ $25

Posted by on May 11, 2015 at 11:34 AM

Amazon Canada: Despicable Me [Blu ray] Was $31 | Now $11.75 & FS @ $25

Amazon Canada has discounted the original Despicable Me (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet) from $30.99 down to $11.75!

This is nearly the full kit and caboodle: the version includes Blu-ray, DVD, and the digital copy. I am not sure exactly what UltraViolet is so someone can pitch in their knowledge anytime.

This is the original Despicable Me – one of the best animated films to be released in the last decade. It also launched one of the most recognizable faces to come out of recent animated movies: the minion. Seriously, who does not love the minions? Whether you prefer one-eyed or two-eyed minions, minions that float or minions that wear costumes – this movie is priceless.

If you have never watched this movie, you MUST BUY IT. I love how this movie does what few movies ever do… distorts the boundaries between good and evil with orphans, unicorns, minions, and evil plots thrown into the mix.

As one reviewer on IMDB said:

It is incredibly rare to see a single dad portrayed in such a positive light. While Gru has an admittedly “bad” vocation, there are unbelievably sweet moments between him and the three children, probably aided by the juxtaposition of tiny girls to a large, “bad” guy.

My favourite scene is when Gru is trying to break into Vector’s lair to steal back the shrink ray. That is one seriously loaded fortress! The antics are somewhat childish but that is what makes them so much fun. You root for Gru even though he ends up borrowing a few orphans to unleash his nefarious plan. I now always say “light-bulb” in a Gru accent. I have Despicable Me to thank for that!

Despite the content being priceless, the movie does cost a few dollars. I price compared this exact set with other online retailers. I found the same Despicable Me combo for $19.96 @ Walmart Canada and $24.81 @ Staples Canada. The cheapest Blu-Ray Despicable Me @ Best Buy costs $22.99.

Despicable Me also did something that is very hard to do: it had a sequel nearly as good as the original. Some may argue it was slightly better too. “Lipstick Taser!” I highly recommend both movies but still consider the first my favourite.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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May 8

Game Of Thrones: The Complete First Season [Blu-Ray] Only $25 @ Walmart

Posted by on May 8, 2015 at 10:30 AM

Game Of Thrones: The Complete First Season [Blu Ray] Only $25 @ Walmart

Walmart Canada has discounted Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season [Blu-Ray] version for just $24.97. Ship to your local Canada Post location for free shipping on any order (no minimum). Alternatively, receive free shipping on orders of $50 or pay $4.97 for shipping orders under the free shipping minimum.

No matter what shipping option you choose, even if it is paying $4.97, this deal is well worth it. A quick price comparison with other websites shows Walmart’s price is great.

Amazon Canada has Season 1 of Game of Thrones [Blu-Ray] priced at $49.99. Some season one sets come with bonuses like the DVD copy as well or a journal. All of those are priced well above the $50 mark. I even found some bundles of season one and season two together. The bundles usually retailed for $79.99, which is nearly $40 per season. When in stock at Chapters, the set was $59.95. Back in April there was a deal on the DVD version for $20.49. Now the Blu-Ray version is only $4 or so more expensive.

This set includes the Blu-Ray version and the digital copy so you can play this season on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. I rarely use my digital movie copies, and I wonder if I am odd in that way or if most people just ignore the digital copy.

I will admit that I know very little about Game of Thrones – I have never watched the series (too much death) and I have never read the books. My partner is currently as clueless as I am, though that is about to change. He is just finishing Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series (last book!) and already bought book one from Martin’s Game of Thrones.

Some people argue that the books are better, while others prefer the HBO series. However, everyone agrees that they get very nervous about Martin killing off their favourite characters. I remember a Facebook status from a friend of mine when his favourite character was killed off – very emotional!

While many seasons have been released since, HBO’s Game of Thrones is very expensive to buy. Even on steep discount, most of them still retail for $50+. This is your opportunity to purchase season one for a much more palatable price.

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May 4

M*A*S*H: The Complete Collection Was $200 | Now $67 @ Amazon.ca (EXPIRED)

Posted by on May 4, 2015 at 11:57 AM

M*A*S*H: The Complete Collection Was $200 | Now $67 @ Amazon.ca (EXPIRED)

I am a huge fan of the TV series M*A*S*H – in fact I own the Martinis and Medicine collection. Today only, Amazon Canada has discounted M*A*S*H: The Complete Collection from $199.98 down to $67.49 with free shipping.

The cheapest this collection has been before is $116.89 from my research. My price comparing with other stores did not go so well. I could not find this collection at other common DVD retailers like Best Buy or Walmart Canada. I did find the individual seasons priced at $10 each for seasons one through five and $14.97 each for seasons six through 10. Their collection is missing season 11 and the move. If you purchased these individually at Walmart Canada, then your entire cost would be $124.85. Even on eBay you are going to pay over $90 for the complete set (previous edition).

I am SO glad that they rereleased this set. I am just trying to convince myself that I can afford to buy it. The Martinis and Medicine box set is crap. The disks are great and the packaging had promise… but they used crappy glue on the box set so the slots for the DVDs are actually falling apart. This new box set was just released last year (in the fall) and shows great promise! I want it so badly.

The box aside, M*A*S*H is one of the greatest TV shows ever written. I am sure everyone has their favourites, but I really marvel at how the show went through such a major change in cast successfully. Trapper, Frank, and Henry were fabulous in the first few seasons… and I thought I would miss them terribly… but the replacements were just as good. I think Honeycut is refreshing and the arrogant Charles may just be my favourite character besides Hawkeye. I love how they play off each other!

I watch M*A*S*H quite often – it is one of my favourite shows. The episodes are just long enough for a good exercise session on my recumbent bike. I used to exercise to M*A*S*H all the time, but I became rather lazy for a while. Just two weeks ago I started again – at Season 1. I have made it to Season 7 before… and I look forward to making it all the way through season 11!

By the way, does anyone remember what M*A*S*H stands for?

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April 30

Veronica Mars Complete Series + Movie Only $38 @ Amazon.ca

Posted by on April 30, 2015 at 1:33 PM

Veronica Mars Complete Series + Movie Only $38 @ Amazon.ca

Amazon Canada is offering an incredible deal on the complete Veronica Mars TV series plus the movie (Amazon Exclusive) that just came out last year. The set originally retailed for $135 and is now on sale for $37.99 with free shipping.

I am very happy with this price point. I broke down the price at Amazon Canada by adding up the cost of each individual season and the movie to see what you would pay should you purchase these items separately.

  • Veronica Mars: Season 1 = $12.49
  • Veronica Mars: Season 2 = $12.49
  • Veronica Mars: Season 3 = $12.49
  • Veronica Mars: The Movie = $8.79

The total value for this set, if purchased individually at Amazon Canada, is $46.26. Of course, each of the seasons and the movie are currently steeply discounted. I know the movie alone is a killer price because my partner bought it for $10 just a few weeks ago (at Target’s closing out sale) and that was the best price it was then.

I also tried to compare this set with other retailers. Walmart has incredibly low prices on Veronica Mars, with each season retailing below $10. I added up the cost for each season ($9.88 x 3) and the movie ($8.88). That total came to $38.52 – still higher than Amazon Canada’s complete series price. Walmart Canada now has a free shipping minimum of $50, so there is also shipping costs to consider.

I have never watched the series, but my partner owns all three seasons and now the movie. He even saw the movie on the big screen as it was at select theatres across Canada. He said:

The series is a great mystery in which your never quite sure who the hero or villain is. There is great character development in which people even change professions. I found the series enjoyable to watch and that is why I added it to my collection. I could not wait for the movie to be released in order to see what happened to all the characters.

While this set certainly does not have the ‘retail value’ that Amazon Canada likes to advertise, it is certainly the best price for this series and the movie right now. I do wish they offered this same package in Blu Ray, but no luck. The complete set with movie is available at this special price in DVD only.

This is a one-day deal on the Veronica Mars series plus movie.

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April 30

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Was $150 | Now $100 & Free Shipping @ NCIX.ca

Posted by on April 30, 2015 at 9:13 AM

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Was $150 | Now $100 & Free Shipping @ NCIX.ca

Gamers should check out this awesome deal at NCIX.ca. Right now, you can grab the Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard that was $149.99 for only $99.99. Free shipping is included for this item only, sweetening the deal.

When you are into the game, a regular keyboard just does not hold up to the beating you are going to give it. This Logitech G710+ Mechanical Keyboard is built to keep up with you so all you have to worry about is defeating the enemy and victory. While I am not a serious gamer, I have played enough to break a few keys on my keyboard before. It is utterly frustrating when you are in the moment and about to defeat the villain when your keyboard gets stuck. This keyboard can keep you back in the game.

This mechanical keyboard also comes with some extra features that are handy. This keyboard comes with six programmable G keys, which allow for a total of 18 functions you can have available in your game quickly and easily. Despite being mechanical, the keys make a minimum amount of noise on this keyboard and the reviews seem to reflect that also. Sometimes these keyboards say they are quiet, but when you actually start wailing on them, they are suddenly loud and distracting. This also has four backlight brightness settings, perfect for being able to see the keys without distraction. This keyboard also comes with a three-year limited hardware warranty and a detachable palm rest.

Price Comparison

I did quite a bit of snooping on this deal, and this price is the lowest price we ever see on this mechanical keyboard. Check out some of the prices I found bellow.


One thing I noticed right away is that everywhere around the web the Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has solid reviews. A few reviewers have noted that the keys can develop hairline fractures over time. I feel like almost any gaming keyboard can eventually develop that issue. Reviews on multiple websites noted that friends recommended this specific keyboard, both for price and functionality. Here is one reviewer who seems happy with the purchase.

I think I’ve found the keyboard I will be using for the next few years. I’ve tried one other mechanical keyboard before this and felt it was too noisy while typing and it had the same switches as this one does. It also comes with a USB pass-through port for connecting your mouse. It also has just the right selection of other functionality to suit my needs.

Do not wait any longer Bargainmoosers! Grab yours before this sale is over.

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April 28

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trilogy On Blu-Ray Was $77 | Now $24.49 (FS @ $25+) @ Amazon Canada

Posted by on April 28, 2015 at 4:08 PM

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Trilogy On Blu Ray Was $77 | Now $24.49 (FS @ $25+) @ Amazon Canada

Here is a great way to spend the next rainy weekend day. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy extended edition on Blu-ray is on deep discount today on Amazon Canada. This set was $76.99 but is now only $24.49.

If you like crime dramas, mysteries, and fantastic suspenseful movies, you need to own this series created by Stieg Larsson. My friend was really into the books when they first came out on the NY York Times Best Seller List. I remember how excited she was about the movies, and have long had this series on my list to both read and watch. The premise of the story centers around Lisbeth, a computer hacker who teams up with journalist Mikael to unravel a dark family history riddled with secretive acts and murder. This extended edition set also includes both an extra biography about the author, and a documentary about the trilogy. In addition, you will see interviews with all of the cast plus a behind the scenes peek of the fight scene in The Girl Who Plays With Fire.

There is no better time to catch up with this series even if you have seen it before. It was announced that in August a sequel will be released to this trilogy, and a glimpse of the cover art for the 4th book, The Girl In the Spider Web can be seen on CBC News. Catch up or re-watch so you will be ready by the time the new release one is out. Larsson had originally planned to release an additional seven books in the series but died unexpectedly in 2004 before the books were published. Fans of this series are crying for more and will soon get that sequel though I suspect it will never quite live up to the originals. The new book will be written by a new author and include all new content.

Price Comparison

Over at Chapters Indigo, this same Blu-ray extended edition set is selling for $53.89. There is a used copy selling for about $33 that Chapters Indigo is telling me is rare also. You can find the set at Shop.ca on Blu-ray for $61.59. Most of the other retailers I checked had a spotty selection of Blu-rays for this trilogy. Both Walmart and Best Buy only carried the first of the three films on Blu-ray.


This Blu-ray set is so close to free shipping it almost hurts. The minimum for free super saver shipping is $25 and this item falls $0.50 short. Luckily for you and I, Amazon Canada has an amazing add-on program. If you search add-on you should be able to see all of the items. I would grab this Dawn Dish Soap for only $1 as my bottle is less than halfway full.

If you are still deciding if you should buy these movies, the first movie carries solid positive reviews on IMBD. Grab your copy now before they are gone! I might make an exception to reading the books first at this price. This would be perfect for date night after the kid goes to bed with my other half.

Image Credit: Steph

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April 28

Dexter: The Complete Series Limited Edition Giftset [Blu-Ray] Now $95 @ Amazon (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 28, 2015 at 10:18 AM

Dexter: The Complete Series Limited Edition Giftset [Blu Ray] Now $95 @ Amazon (EXPIRED)

Amazon’s sweet deal of the day is Dexter: The Complete Series Limited Edition Giftset in Blu-Ray is on sale from $599.99 down to $94.99 with free shipping. While the original price is a bit inflated, this is still an excellent price for the complete Dexter.

I price compared this set with other online retailers. Best Buy Canada has the same boxed set for $224.99 and Walmart Canada sells the same set for $304.97.

This box set looks pretty awesome. However, the packaging is not quite as good as it looks. While the box looks like it is made of real wood, it is not – something that has disappointed many reviewers of this set. The box includes blood slide packaging for each disk. There are also plenty of extras including “Grafix,” which is the art of Dexter book. You also receive a bonus disk with new special features including behind-the-scenes cast interviews, “The Evolution of Dexter Morgan” documentary, and ”The Code” documentary.

Now, if you do not have a Blu-Ray player, you can also pick up the DVD set for a fantastic price. Originally $499.99, the Dexter: The Complete Series Limited Edition Giftset DVD set is on sale for $62.99. Again, this original price is over-inflated but I did find the box sets for a much higher price (than the sale) elsewhere.

Walmart has the entire set for $251.97 and Best Buy Canada is selling it for $149.99. Either way, you are well over double Amazon Canada’s sale price right now. Now, one reviewer on Best Buy had this to say:

This product was everything I hoped it would be! I really wish there was an option to upload photos, because I’d love to show how awesome it is. Being an avid Dexter fan this was the best Christmas gift I could have received.

I have never watched Dexter myself, but it is a celebrated series. I know several people who watched and loved it very much. With 33 disks in the set, you are receiving excellent value for your purchase price. As each set costs over $25, you will receive free shipping on your entire order.

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April 27

X-Men: Days of Future Past (Ultimate Edition) Was $25 | Now $14 @ Amazon.ca

Posted by on April 27, 2015 at 3:45 PM

X Men: Days of Future Past (Ultimate Edition) Was $25 | Now $14 @ Amazon.ca

Amazon Canada has discounted the X-Men: Days of Future Past (Ultimate Edition) from $24.95 down to $14.49. The original retail value of this set was $44.99.

This ultimate edition includes Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, and the digital edition. I could not find this exact cover very many places, which made price comparing a tad bit more difficult. The places I did find it failed to use ‘ultimate edition’ in the title so it became a ‘let’s match’ sort of game. Thus, I compared based on the content rather than the specific edition.

Walmart Canada does sell this specific ultimate edition for $24.96. While Best Buy does not have the ‘ultimate edition,’ their Deluxe Edition includes the 3D Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray and Digital Edition as well – so the same content. It is priced at $29.99. Chapters Indigo does not have this title in stock (in Blu-Ray 3D combo-pack) and neither does HMV.

Given that this set is $10 less than the nearest competitor’s price, I would say it is a good deal. My partner already owns this set, as he is a big X-Men fan. When I asked him what he thought of the movie, he said:

“It was a nice portrayal of one of the most famous comic book stories in X-Men. It was also amusing to see Professor X as a drunk! Quicksilver was also a pleasant surprise. I would give it 4/5 stars.”

The story introduces some new X-Men along with many of your favourite characters. I am not an X-Men fan myself, but I know many others are. That is why these movies keep being produced!

The movie has a 4.4/5 star rating with over 180 customer reviews. I checked out Rotten Tomatoes – one of my favourite critic sites – for their thoughts. On the tomato meter, X-Men: Days of Future Past scored a breathtaking 91%. The critic’s consensus was:

X-Men: Days of Future Past combines the best elements of the series to produce a satisfyingly fast-paced outing that ranks among the franchise’s finest installments.

Some people even think that this is the best X-Men movie ever made. Whether you are already solidly in that camp or you have yet to see the movie, purchase it for less than $15 at Amazon right now.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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April 25

Audible.com: Free 30 Day Trial Then Get 50% Discount on a 3 Month Membership ($7.49PM)!

Posted by on April 25, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Have you ever listened to an audiobook as opposed to sitting down and turning the pages of a book in your hand? If you have, you’re probably well aware of Amazon’s service, Audible.com, and the fact that they have a free 30 day trial during which you can get a credit to download one audiobook. But did you know that there’s a potential way to get a discount on your membership once that trial is finished? Here’s how… read on.

Sign up on the above link and claim your free 30 day trial. Get one audiobook, which is yours too keep. Even if you cancel the trial, you can still listen to this book for free, outside of the trial period too. You can still access your account and anything you have purchased in it.

Once I had signed up to the 30 day free trial and chosen my one free audiobook, I then used the cancel link in my email to cancel the trial. When I got there, I selected the option, “I didn’t realise I was in a membership plan.”


Audible.com: Free 30 Day Trial Then Get 50% Discount on a 3 Month Membership ($7.49PM)!


On the next page, I was then offered to get the next three months at half price, as you can see here:


Audible.com: Free 30 Day Trial Then Get 50% Discount on a 3 Month Membership ($7.49PM)!


This means that instead of the regular price of $14.95 per month, it is $7.49 per month for the next 3 months. During this time, you get 1 credit per month. And just in case you were interested, the credits, if unused, roll over to the following month (up to 6 credits).

There are so many good audio books on Audible.com, from some of my favourite authors! Here are some of my top picks:

And I didn’t actually realise that there were radio shows on here too, such as:

So, if you are interested in signing up to Audible and making use of their services, hit the “cancel” account button and see what discounts they offer!

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April 16

Best Buy Canada: BOGO Free Blu Ray Multi-packs

Posted by on April 16, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Best Buy Canada: BOGO Free Blu Ray Multi packs

Buy one and get one free on select Blu-Ray multi-packs at Best Buy Canada. Blu-rays are just $9.99 so you will receive two multi-packs, four movies, for just $9.99.

Multi-packs are a great way to get more movies for less. The Best Buy sale includes some really popular titles for adults and kids. Some multi-packs are from the same movies series while others combine two movies that might have a similar audience. Here are some adult multi-packs I recommend:

My father really likes the Transporter series; I think he already has both these films. I have heard amazing things about Wall Street – that the actors deliver powerful performances. Moulin Rouge should be a classic, though I confess that I have never seen it. It is on my bucket list! I rather like The Devil Wears Prada merely because of all the amazing fashion on the movie.

There are also plenty of multi-packs for children as well:

I may love Robin Williams, but I have never been able to sit through Night at the Museum. Since I have tried, twice, to make it through NatM and failed – I have never attempted the sequel. I have seen both Ice Age 1 and 2. They are both enjoyable in their own way. However, I really want to strangle that sloth like no tomorrow. My favourite character is the sabre-tooth squirrel.

Best Buy Canada: BOGO Free Blu Ray Multi packs

Now, this deal can stack on top of itself. That means you can buy two and get two free or buy three and receive three free. I tried it out with four Blu-Ray multi-packs. My total was $19.98 for all four – two were free.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more. Most of these movies are available for in-store pickup free of charge. If you do not plan to buy six multi-packs (total of $30) to receive free shipping, then you may just want to order and pick up instead. Oddly enough, free shipping was showing on my cart total of $19.98. I wonder if it was calculate the shipping minimum before discount.

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April 14

The Complete MacGyver (39 discs) Was $154 | Now $46 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 14, 2015 at 3:41 PM

The Complete MacGyver (39 discs) Was $154 | Now $46 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca (EXPIRED)

I nearly missed out on this wicked deal of the day from Amazon Canada – I am so glad I didn’t! Amazon.ca has discounted MacGyver: The Complete Series (39 disk set) from $153.99 down to $46.49. As the set is over the $25 minimum, you will also receive free shipping.

I am going to confess: I have never watched MacGyver before. I know his name like I know the name of Mad Max… but I have never actually seen him in all his glory. In many ways, MacGyver has nearly become synonymous with being resourceful and able to get yourself out of anything.

This box set is incredible. You will receive a full 39 discs, which includes all seven seasons, the two televised movies, and tons of bonus features.

I tried price comparing with the usual spots, but so few vendors actually carry this series. Walmart Canada has the complete MacGyver for $150.18 and $89.99 at HMV.ca. The closest competitor to Amazon is Costco. At Costco.ca I found the set for $60.99. It is surprising how widly prices vary on this set but that is how it goes sometimes. I also found the set at a couple of places in the USA where they retailed for $80 or more. Even Amazon.com has the complete set for $82.49 USD. That is around $100 CDN after currency conversion and before shipping.

We have established that this set is a good deal, so now we just need to establish whether you will like the set or not. The call is easy if you have seen the show before. If not, ask yourself if you like to watch a man pull outrageous stunts to get out of impossible situations. Think of a cross between James Bond and Tim the Tool Man from Home Improvement. If the answer is yes, then purchase this set!

I also think this would make an excellent gift to anyone who is a fan. This huge box set is worth a lot of money. Just think, at 39 disks you are only paying $1.19 per disk. That is incredible value!

My first and only introduction to MacGyver was through that most educational of all TV series: The Simpsons. I cannot find the clip on YouTube (as they are really cracking down on that), but here is a fan tribute to the episode.

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April 8

Glitch!? Get One Year Full Access to The Entertainment Book Mobile App for Free! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 8, 2015 at 12:55 AM

Glitch!? Get One Year Full Access to The Entertainment Book Mobile App for Free! (EXPIRED)

I know you Moosers love coupons, especially the Entertainment Book coupons and offers. Entertainment Book Canada has a convenient mobile app that allows you to have instant access to tons of deals and discounts in your local proximity. This app would normally cost you $20, but we found a glitch that enables you to download the app and get full access for an entire year for free.

Ladies and gentlemen, this might just be the definition of frugal convenience. Entertainment Book has a coupon code available that allows you to take 50% off the price of one year’s access to their mobile app. They have currently discounted their app by 50% and by some fluke if you use this coupon code now, you get access to the Entertainment Book mobile app for an entire year… for free.

  • Coupon code: CHEER
  • Discount: 50% off (in this case free)

There is no telling how long this error will last, or if all orders will actually go through. Thus, I suggest snagging this offer immediately to ensure you don’t miss out. You can download the Entertainment mobile app on Android or Apple devices for free. Once you make your purchase and use the coupon code, you will be sent an email with your access code. Use that access code to create an account within the mobile app and voila! You will have full access to coupons and discounts through Entertainment Book Canada’s mobile app for an entire year.

These discounts are so convenient. You have no idea how many times I am out with my girl friends and we decide last minute to go out for dinner. I can easily browse through and find a great discount or coupon local to us, and show the coupon to the waitress or cashier via my mobile device. No printing is necessary and you get immediate access to the digital version so you don’t have to wait impatiently for your Entertainment Book to arrive. Now is the time to get out on that hot date you have been waiting for. The discounts within the app will be valid through to the end of December 2015, so you’re not getting an entire year for free – but you really can’t complain since you still have just over 8 months to enjoy the savings.

You can get more coupon codes and promotions for Entertainment Books here in the Bargainmoose forum.

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April 7

Amazon Canada: $10 Off The Hobbit Trilogy [Blu Ray] – Now $50 & Free Shipping

Posted by on April 7, 2015 at 4:40 PM

Amazon Canada: $10 Off The Hobbit Trilogy [Blu Ray]   Now $50 & Free Shipping

Amazon Canada just dropped their price on The Hobbit Trilogy (Bilingual) [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy] from $59.99 down to $49.99 with free shipping.

Here is a quick price comparison for my lovely Moosers! This same boxed set costs:

  • $59.96 @ Walmart Canada
  • $59.99 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $59.99 @ Chapters Indigo Canada (OOS)
  • $49.99 + $10 shipping @ HMV Canada

Only HMV matches Amazon Canada’s price, but the shipping cost at HMV makes it not worth purchasing from there. Overall, Amazon Canada has the best deal on this newly released box set of all three of The Hobbit movies.

I may be obsessed. In fact – I am obsessed. I was given The Hobbit Trilogy on Blu Ray (this exact box set) mere days after it came out. To my utter shock, this is a huge nine-disk set inside a very space efficient box. The disks are gorgeous in black with silver text.

The first three disks are The Hobbit movies on Blu Ray – one disk for each movie. The next three disks are dedicated to special features – yes – three disks worth of special features! Each of the original disks still has special features so all of this is bonus material! The last three disks are The Hobbit movies in DVD format.

I have but one criticism – only five of the nine disks have a pretty Celtic (okay Hobbitish) frame. It would have been nice – for consistency – if all nine disks had the Celtic looking frame around the front rim of the disk. For example, the three Blu-Ray movies are each different – the first has no frame, and the second and third have frames but each are different.

Since receiving my copy, I have watched all three movies in Blu-Ray. Actually, I have watched An Unexpected Journey one had a half times, The Desolation of Smaug twice, and The Battle of The Five Armies only once. I really love this set. Originally, I thought the second movie was my favourite but the first movie is really up there. The box looks nice too, but I wish I had gotten Future Shop’s Steel book version before Future Shop disappeared. However, there was a premium on that box set.

Overall, this is an amazing set with tons of bonus features for fans. At just $50 for the set, you are paying approximately $5.55 per disk.

As this set costs over $25, it will ship to you free of charge.

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April 1

The Imitation Game [Blu-Ray Combo] Now $17.24 @ Amazon.ca (FS @ $25) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on April 1, 2015 at 3:57 PM

The Imitation Game [Blu Ray Combo] Now $17.24 @ Amazon.ca (FS @ $25) (EXPIRED)

The Imitation Game was just released in theatres a few months ago so I am shocked to see such a good deal on the Blu-Ray combo pack so soon. Originally $37.99, The Imitation Game is on sale for $17.24 right now.

I price compared the price of this movie against other popular retailers. Best Buy Canada is selling The Imitation Game for $24.99 and Best Buy Canada is selling the same combo for $24.96. As Amazon is nearly $7 cheaper on such a new movie – I thought this would be a great chance to purchase it without waiting too long.

I also want to note that this edition includes the Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital Copy. Just the DVD copy retails for $19.99 at Best Buy and Walmart so you are receiving this deluxe combo for less than the DVD copy alone.

I saw the ads for this movie and highly considered going, but I do not like watching wartime movies. Even my devotion to the notoriously good-looking Benedict Cumberbatch did not sway my decision. On IMDB, this movie rates 8.1/10 stars. Many of the reviews are like a mini essay, but I really like what this one reviewer closed with:

Go see it! Because otherwise you would be missing the chance to see a most remarkable film, performed to perfection. A film about a story that matters, about events that changed history and simply about a man without whom you might not even be able to read this review on your Turing machine.

In case you are not familiar with the plot – it is the ‘based on true events’ story of brilliant mathematician Alan Turing who cracked the ‘unbreakable’ German Enigma code during World War II. He made a very large dent in history – and really was a pivotal figure in the way the war turned out.

I also checked the movie out on Rotten Tomatoes where it has an 89% rating by critics and a 93% rating by audience members. This movie was very well received as you can see, and should be an excellent edition to your collection.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more. I suggest buying Interstellar as well as it is also on for only $17.24 – a fantastic price when compared with other retailers.

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