February 23

Chapters Indigo: Buy 2 Teen Books Get 1 Free

Posted by on February 23, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Chapters Indigo: Buy 2 Teen Books Get 1 Free

Chapters Canada has a sweet little deal on teen books. Purchase two select books and receive your third select book free. Add all three books to your cart from the below selection. This discount will be automatically taken off at checkout.

There is a limited selection of books eligible for this offer and, frankly, I do not know much about these books myself. The only series I have read is Twilight, which has a very large fan following. The trade paperback editions are on sale for $12.27 each (with Plum rewards). Therefore, you can pick up three of these books for just $24.54. If you want to buy the books new, then this is one of the best offers you will find.

Upon glancing at Beautiful Darkness, I released it was part of the Beautiful Creatures series. Even if you have not read the books, you might have seen Beautiful Creatures on screen in 2013. I never got around to seeing the movie but I liked some of the ideas they incorporated into it. If your teen is collecting these books, pick this one up as part of your three. Beautiful Darkness is currently $9.92 with Plum rewards.

If I were to judge based on covers alone, then I would pick up The Coldest Girl In Coldtown because of the lovely art. This book was just released in August and sounds very promising – sort of a supernatural thriller of sorts. Check out this brief summary:

Tana lives in a world where walled cities called Coldtowns exist. In them, quarantined monsters and humans mingle in a decadently bloody mix of predator and prey. And once you pass through Coldtown”s gates, you can never leave.

If you want to check out reviews, Amazon.com is your best bet. There are some HUGE reviews on there that will rather spoil the book for you if you are not careful. I did find this one reviewer’s opening comment quite useful though:

I thought I was sick of vampires, but I really liked this book.

The vampire trend did go full throttle there for a bit, and even I was sick of hearing about them. However, some books are better written than others are and can offer a fresh twist on an old legend. This book is currently $9.51 with Plum Rewards.

Shipping is free on orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: 3rd March 2015)

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February 23

Amazon.ca: $10 Off 3 Classic TV Shows – Shows Start @ $4.88

Posted by on February 23, 2015 at 1:20 PM

Amazon.ca: $10 Off 3 Classic TV Shows   Shows Start @ $4.88

Like the Blu-Ray promotion previously mentioned, Amazon Canada is offering $10 off when you purchase three classic TV seasons, TV movies, and more. Just add three items to you cart out of the following list and the discount will be automatically taken off at checkout.

There are endless choices including popular TV shows like Stargate, Boston Legal, Angel, and more. I am not sure how ‘classic’ is determined because several of the shows on sale are only about five or six years old.

Now, to maximize your discount you want to go for the least expensive shows. To show you just how good of a deal this is, I demoed an account with the following:

You could also buy Millennium: Season 2. Those three items add up to $18.86. The $10 discount is applied at discount so all three of those TV shows come down to just $8.86 (plus shipping). You can avoid shipping by reaching Amazon Canada’s $25 minimum. Orders under that cost $5.97 for shipping.

You can even purchase a complete series or two with this offer. Planet of the Apes: The Complete Series is on sale from $37.98 down to $7.99. If you like the movie(s), then you may want to see the TV show spin off as well.

For animated TV shows, you want to watch again, pick up a few seasons of Futurama. I added these three seasons to my cart:

Together, the three volumes come to $29.64 in your cart. During checkout, $10 is taken off so you will only pay $19.64 for all three volumes of Futurama.

There are plenty of choices here. I used to watch Stargate SG-1 when I was younger. The series was quite enjoyable – especially in the earlier seasons. I sent this link to my partner because he loves How I Met Your Mother. There are many seasons of that show available in this sale as well.

For those expecting classic TV, there are a few shows as well. Try out Reba, M*A*S*H, Green Acres, The Mary Tyler Moore show, and others. I am a big fan of M*A*S*H and have the entire series.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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February 18

Amazon Canada: Three Blu- Ray Movies for $4.88 (FS @ $25)

Posted by on February 18, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Amazon Canada: Three Blu  Ray Movies for $4.88 (FS @ $25)

Are you looking to flesh out your movie collection while sticking to a budget? Check out the latest Blu Ray discounts where a single movie in Blu Ray format will cost you only $5 or less. On top of that, most (but not all) of these titles qualify for the $10 off three Blu-Rays or more deal so you will pay just $4.88 for three!

I looked up this section of under $5 Blu-ray movies again because there was recently two price drops on movies that moved them into this category. Taken, with Liam Neeson, dropped in price from $21.99 down to $4.88. I am actually surprised to see such a popular movie included in this section. Taken was a good movie according to me and other Amazon reviewers:

I was on the edge of my seat during most of this picture. It was VERY good. Of course, Liam Neeson is, perhaps, the biggest reason for this picture being so good. He is so convincing. I am looking forward to seeing “Taken 2″. I can only hope that it is as enjoyable as the first “Taken” is. You won’t be sorry buying this movie.

This is a good one to have in your collection, especially for this price. Pair the above movie up with two of any of the five following movies to receive three Blu-ray movies for only $4.88.

Each of these movies is only $5 right now. Add two of them to your cart with Taken and $10 will come off your order, essentially making those two movies free. That means you will get three Blu-Ray movies for only $4.88 – the price you pay for Taken. If you divide that price by movie, you are paying just $1.63 per Blu-Ray film. You cannot do better than that. I could trade them in at my local used DVD store for more than that in credit!

This is an incredible deal for three movies, even if they are a bit older. I chose Commando as it has Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie. He can be quite entertaining. I also chose Courage under Fire as that movie is pretty darn famous. Denzel Washington and Meg Ryan lead a fantastic cast. I miss seeing Meg Ryan in movies; she was one of the actors I liked best.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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February 17

Amazon.ca: Transformers Age of Extinction Collectible Statue Set Was $120 | Now $35 & Free Shipping

Posted by on February 17, 2015 at 12:24 PM

Amazon.ca: Transformers Age of Extinction Collectible Statue Set Was $120 | Now $35 & Free Shipping

Amazon.ca is selling an incredible Amazon exclusive Transformers set for 71% off the original price. Transformers: Age of Extinction – Limited Edition Gift Set with Grimlock and Optimus Collectible Statue [Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy] is on sale from $119.99 down to $34.99. as per usual, all orders of $25 or more come with free shipping.

This is an exclusive to Amazon gift set so price comparing is just not possible. I did compare the set against Amazon.com where it is currently on sale for $44.99 US. Given our exchange rate right now, that is worth approximately $55.80. I think Amazon Canada is giving the better deal here.

I have not even seen this movie and I want this limited edition gift set. It is not rocket science to figure out why: you have Optimus Prime sitting on top a massive dinosaur (Grimlock). I have mentioned before that I really like Grimlock because you cannot get better than combining a mech and a dinosaur together. It is the perfect mash-up of prehistoric and modern technology. He looks wicked awesome.

Also, who does not like Optimus Prime? The guy is a truck that turns into a huge mechanical fighting machine. He is the saviour of the day, the noble metal hero who tries to protect humanity. In short: he is everything every kid ever wanted to have in a best friend. I watched the first two movies before I got a bit tired of the weak story line and just wanted to see mechs transform and fight. It seems I am not alone in my view on the movie:

The movie was great, not because of a cheesy story script but mainly for the CGI and mecha-action. I am not a huge transformers fan but the action figure is what got me into buying this movie. I am happy with the purchase and it looks and feels authentic! I recommend getting this item!!

Now, the movie includes Blu-Ray, Digital, and DVD formats. If you were to purchase just the movie separately right here, you would pay $29.99. Therefore, for an additional $5 you are getting this awesome statue. Even if you do not like the statue all that much, you could easily resell it for profit! You can really see why this is such a great deal when the Blu-Ray set alone costs almost as much as this limited edition set with the statue.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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February 16

Amazon.ca: The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug [Blu-ray] Only $13.88 (FS @ $25)

Posted by on February 16, 2015 at 12:06 PM

Amazon.ca: The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug [Blu ray] Only $13.88 (FS @ $25)

I LOVE The Hobbit movie series and plan to collect all three of the movies. Well, if you have not picked up the second film yet, then now is your chance. Amazon Canada has discounted The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug from $24.99 down to $13.88. Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

I made sure to price compare with other retailers to ensure you are getting the best deal. This is what other companies are selling this exact Blu-Ray for:

  • $21.99 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $21.99 @ Future Shop Canada
  • $19.96 @ Walmart Canada

Amazon Canada has the lowest price for this movie. I am stoked at this offer because, out of all three movies, this is bar far my favourite. I love the scene with the dwarves in the barrels going down the river while the orcs are trying to kill them. AWESOME!

Also, in this movie we meet the dragon. I have read The Hobbit many times over since I was a child and my favourite part was always the dragon. Not only was he a powerful force to be reckoned with – he also seemed rather intelligent. Smaug was not just another mindless beast. i think Benedict Cumberbatch portrayed Smaug very well and I love the scenes with him versus Bilbo.

Honestly, for under $14 this movie is an absolute steal. When I saw the price dropped I could not believe my eyes and I am wondering how long this offer will last. I suggest buying soon rather than regretting later. It is wicked cool that such a popular movie is on sale for such a great price right now.

Now, this Blu-Ray edition appears to give you more than just the movie according to this reviewer:

Even with the extra scenes, this is a much more action packed movie than the first Hobbit movie. If you are at all interested in how films or special effects are made, then this Blu-ray is worth the price just for all the extras. If you do not care about the making of materials, this version may not hold as much value but the extended Gandalf sequence is probably worth the extra price.

I am usually not into watching the movie extras on my disks, but this is one movie I would watch all the extras for because I love the world of The Hobbit. By the way, if you were curious about the making of Smaug or just like to see Benedict hump the ground, check this out:

(Expiry: Unknown)

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February 14

Canadian Freebie: eBooks @ Kobo (Discover a New Series)

Posted by on February 14, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Canadian Freebie: eBooks @ Kobo (Discover a New Series)

We last mentioned this deal back in May last year which was quite a long time ago. We’ve got a lot of new Moosers since then and I’d like to write about the offer again, to let you all know about what you can get. On this special page at Kobo.com, they’re offering a range of eBooks totally free – they won’t cost you a penny. These books are the first in their series from various authors.

Here’s what Kobo say about the offer:

On this page you’ll find short stories, novels, and first titles in a series, and all of them are completely free! So, try out a new book today – risk free. You just might end up finding a hidden gem or a new favourite author.

We’re all savvy shoppers here on Bargainmoose, and I think we can deduce why Kobo would offer these books for free. They want us to read the first book and enjoy it… then go on to purchase the sequels too. Well, it’s a good marketing tactic, just keep it in mind when you are reading.

There are many titles to choose from in this free selection. I did a quick manual tally and there seem to be 178 books there. Here are some highlights from the various categories:

Sci-Fi & Fantasy


Mysteries & Thrillers

As you can see, there is quite a range of topics to choose from; everything from sci-fi to romance. I’ve only highlighted nine out of the possible 178 titles.

I love Kobo! I’ve bought quite a few books from them which I read on my iPad Air. As for the Kobo app itself, I also find that it’s very useful. You don’t have to just read books bought from Kobo, you can also read PDFs and word files in the Kobo app. I’ve got some basic eBooks in PDF format, and I am able to open and read them in the Kobo app, making it a pleasant reading experience.

In fact, I’m going to add some of these free titles to my account right now, so that they’re there if I am stuck somewhere with nothing to read. I’m downloading the Extensis Vitae book as it’s the editor’s pick in the sci-fi section!

(Expires: Unknown)

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February 11

Ticketmaster Coupon Code: 2 for 1 Tickets

Posted by on February 11, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Ticketmaster Coupon Code: 2 for 1 Tickets

Ticketmaster has a special Valentine’s Day coupon code to score two tickets for the price of one! There are over 50 shows just in Canada to choose from so get your tickets now – they will probably sell out fast.

Click here to buy 2 for 1 tickets @ Ticketmaster Canada now

  • Coupon Code: TMN241
  • Discount: 2 tickets for the price of 1
  • Expiry: Unknown

There are some real gems here. Nickelback is on tour with stops in Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, and Vancouver. I was just looking at tickets for the Nickelback: No Fixed Address Tour when it hits Rogers Arena in Vancouver. I actually enjoy Nickelback, especially their early stuff. Chad has an amazing voice and their talent is obvious from the success they continue to have. I know haters are going to hate (and I have seen a lot of Canadian hate for our own success stories), but I am a lover of Nickelback.

Do you have a little taste for nostalgia? There are plenty of bands I know and love that were popular in my father’s younger years. ZZ Top is coming to Hamilton and Tom Cochrane is stopping in many cities including Toronto.

If you are looking for family fun, then consider tickets for Disney On Ice : Passport To Adventure or the mythical The Harlem Globetrotters (coming to PE!). Both of these are family friendly shows that will be fun for kids and adults alike. While not quite Disney on Ice, I did see Stars on Ice many years ago – it was terrific.

If you are travelling down to our southern friends, there are 500 qualifying shows in the United States! Why not book a show while you are down there and have yourself a grand old time.

Now, you must enter the coupon code on the map page (as shown below):

Ticketmaster Coupon Code: 2 for 1 Tickets

See that little thing that says “got an offer code?” – click that. Then enter your code. Not all types of tickets qualify for this offer. So, while I can still get pretty good seats at the Nickelback concert, I cannot use this promotion for floor seats.

There will be various seat limitations on most concerts and shows. Thus, you need to make sure the “2 for 1 Tickets” header shows up in your ticket type. This is still a pretty awesome deal as I can get two tickets to Nickelback for just shy of $65.

For this and future Ticketmaster coupon codes, visit our forum.

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February 8

Amazon.ca Deal: Blu-rays $9.99 & Under – Buy 3, Get Extra $10 Discount!

Posted by on February 8, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Amazon.ca Deal: Blu rays $9.99 & Under   Buy 3, Get Extra $10 Discount!

When I was browsing to see what the deals of the day were on Amazon.ca today, I spotted a little bit at the bottom called Featured Deals in Movies & TV. One such offer said, “Blu-rays $9.99 & Under – Buy 3, Get $10 Off.” I thought I’d check this out as it seemed like a great offer – and it is!

The above link will take you to the selection of Blu-rays that are applicable in this offer on Amazon.ca. There are 83 movies or TV shows to choose from, including a variety of different genres; from comedy to drama to sci-fi. Adding any three to your cart will mean you get an instant discount of $10 as you are going through the checkout. Here’s a screenshot of what you should be seeing at the end of checkout:

Amazon.ca Deal: Blu rays $9.99 & Under   Buy 3, Get Extra $10 Discount!

Sadly, the Blu-ray offer isn’t multiplicative – I tested it out to see if you added six items to your cart, if it would give a $20 discount, but that wasn’t the case. It looks like it’s only three per order in this offer.

Titles Available

There are some great titles available in this offer at Amazon.ca, some very popular shows. Here’s a quick list of a few that catch my eye:

I cannot price compare each and every one of the 83 items in this sale, I’ll need you to do your due diligence yourself on this one. If there are shows you are interested in, pop them in to Google.ca and make sure you’re getting the best deal for your bucks. I think that with the additional $10 discount, it WILL work out quite well. Just for an example, say I was to purchase I, Robot for $7, X-Men Origins: Wolverine for $7 and Die Hard for $7. In the end, the final price would be $3.67 per item!

What About Shipping?

Of course, we all know that an order under $25 on Amazon.ca will incur additional shipping fees – you only get free shipping when your order totals $25 or more. If you only choose to buy three Blu-rays, your cart won’t be over that $25 minimum so I would recommend buying something else on Amazon to bring your order up to that level. As you can see on a test order above, shipping on these items alone was about $6… definitely worth ordering something else instead.

(Expires: 1st April 2015)

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February 1

Amazing and Cheap Ways To Play In The Snow

Posted by on February 1, 2015 at 8:00 PM

Amazing and Cheap Ways To Play In The Snow

When the weather gets cold, a cheap afternoon of fun can mean going out and playing in all the fluffy white snow. After the third or fourth snowman of the season sometimes, you just need to mix things up a bit for an afternoon of frosty entertainment. Here are some amazing things to make out of snow and ice for an afternoon of fun on the cheap.

DIY Snow Shoes

Amazing and Cheap Ways To Play In The Snow

Sometimes the perfect snowy day presents itself and I wish I had invested in more snow sports gear. Snowshoeing is one of those sports for me. I keep meaning to buy a pair because I think it would be a blast. For some reason I keep pushing it back to the bottom of my list of gear to purchase. Check out Backpacking The Rockies for super easy instructions on how to make a basic pair of snowshoes out of branches and twine. While I do not recommend using this gear for long backpacking hikes, these DIY snowshoes would be a lot of fun to create. Even better if you have string on hand you will not have to purchase anything.

Duct Tape Sled

Amazing and Cheap Ways To Play In The Snow

No sled? No problem! Duct tape has gotten a face-lift in the past few years and now comes in a whole mix of amazing colours and patterns. Put that coloured duct tape to good use and create your own duct tape sled with this idea from Artzy Creations. All you need is some duct tape and a cardboard box to make creative and custom sleds. Coloured duct tape usually costs about $5 per roll, so I would pick two colours to keep the project inexpensive but fun. I can see this activity kicking the winter boredom to the curb.

Kid’s Snow Play Kitchen

Amazing and Cheap Ways To Play In The Snow

Creating a fun play kitchen for the kids outside is super simple. Check out the version over at Sun Hats and Wellie Boots. Simply gather a few kitchen supplies or play kitchen toys then head outside to play. I like how they broke off some icicles to use in the play also. My kiddo is fascinated with icicles and this would give her a safe way to play with them. This might be a little safer than our current plan of standing under the icicles and looking up at their beauty.

Snow Paint

Amazing and Cheap Ways To Play In The Snow

While the idea is intended for kids I could see some adults really getting into this idea also. Just mix food coloring into water and ta-dah snow paint. I like how Growing A Jeweled Rose has put the paint in squeezable bottles, but a paint brush and cup or a spray bottle also works just as easily. It could be fun to decorate a snowman with some colour instead of the usual winter hats and gloves. You could also create other snow sculptures and get fancy with the colours. Myself, I would just use the entire backyard as one large snow canvas and make the next Jackson Pollock painting.

Snow Ice Cream

Amazing and Cheap Ways To Play In The Snow

My dad and brother love ice cream no matter the season. When the temperatures turned negative my dad always said that it was the best time to eat ice cream because it was not running down your hand melting. Check out this amazing snow ice cream from Gimme Some Oven. You can make some right at home the next time you have a big (fresh!) pile of the fluffy white stuff. This recipe is easily thrown together in five minutes with items many of us already have in the house including sugar, salt, vanilla and milk. Consider it your treat for shoveling the driveway.

Make An Igloo

Amazing and Cheap Ways To Play In The Snow

I keep trying to make an igloo every year but it never seems to work out quite right. Often I will end up with a little den that I have dug into the snow. A den just does not have the same effect as being able to climb inside an igloo. Check out this awesome igloo on Your Modern Family complete with instructions. They share some great ideas including using a skateboard as support over your doorway to keep the whole structure more secure. If you consider yourself a true artist or engineer, check out this amazing Rainbow Igloo made with juice containers and coloured water. It is a much bigger project but the results are fantastic. As I have personally not been able to make an igloo that is sturdy, I think I will stick to the basic instructions.

Snow Maze

Amazing and Cheap Ways To Play In The Snow

This snow maze is exactly how I feel when it is time to take the trash out to the curb after a big snowfall.  Check out the amazing snow maze created by Life With Moore Babies. This massive maze, similar to a corn maze, kept three grown adults busy for over an hour constructing it. No special tools were necessary though a snow shovel is used to make the entrance to the maze. Most of the maze is constructed easily by simply pounding the snow down with your feet. Afterwards the adults let the kids in on the fun to try to find their way through the gigantic maze. Sounds like a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Bargainmoosers what is the most amazing thing you have ever made or used to play in the snow for an afternoon of cheap fun?

(Image Credit: Shena Tschofen)

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January 31

Bestselling eBooks from $1.99 @ Kobo.com This Weekend (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 31, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Bestselling eBooks from $1.99 @ Kobo.com This Weekend (EXPIRED)

I got an email from Kobo about a special deal they’ve got running in select bestsellers online @ Kobo.com this weekend. They’re advertising some best-selling novels for less than $5… but prices actually seem to start from as low as $1.99, which is a really great deal.

As for the eight images I show in the picture above, here’s a quick breakdown of those titles:

Out of all the above titles, the one that caught my eye the most was Born in Blood… I am sure you can tell why, from the image above! But I haven’t actually read any of the above… since having kids, I don’t have a lot of time for books these days! Have you read any of the above? Got any recommendations?

If you don’t yet have Kobo and you’re not sure what systems and devices you can read these books on, here’s a quick list for your interest:

  • Desktop |eReaders| Tablets
  • iOS |Android |Blackberry |Windows

I have the Kobo app on my iPad and I have quite a few books on there. Sometimes when I am travelling, I will buy a cheap book in advance, to have it in the airport for emergency reading… without having to worry about carrying a heavy book with me. And Kobo often do special deals and coupon codes on books, through which I’ve found good offers on some popular titles and they’re stored in my app. For example, I have the Hunger Games and Fifty Shades trilogy both on the Kobo app on my iPad. They’re handy books to re-read if I am stuck.

(Expiry: 3rd February 2015)

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January 30

Rope Hammock With Metal Frame Was $139 | Now $75 @ Walmart.ca

Posted by on January 30, 2015 at 3:52 PM

Rope Hammock With Metal Frame Was $139 | Now $75 @ Walmart.ca

Breezy summer days, I know you will be coming soon. The Cot11 Hammock with 12Beam  or 12 BeamOrb stand combo was $139 but is now only $75 @ Walmart.ca. Free shipping with no minimum is available for all orders at Walmart.ca.

Summer I miss you. I have started a little bucket list of things I want to make sure I do this summer. Even if I do not complete all of the items on my list, somehow in the middle of winter that summer bucket list makes me feel better. I feel like I am Olaf the snowman dreaming about summertime.

Grab this great little hammock and stand combo now. This combo was $139 but is now only $75 @ Walmart.ca. Free shipping is included with all orders at Walmart.

The frame on this hammock is made of steel and includes three cross beams for full support. I quite prefer having a frame for my hammock. Despite having moved quite a bit, I never seem to have two trees close enough together to hang a hammock in my backyard. The stand on this hammock comes in a beige or an oil rubbed bronze finish. Personally, I will be looking at the sky mostly anyways.

The frame is supposed to go together without tools and has a weather resistant coating. You should be able to leave it outside for a good portion of the year. If it was me, I would leave it outside until I am no longer in denial that summer is over fall starts turning cold.

The rope on this hammock is 100% cotton. This hammock is intended for one adult to use at a time but I bet two kids could fit in it together if they were not huge. That might be important to you if you have more than one kid who fights over everything. Mom’s turn on the hammock kids, now pass me my glass of wine. Go play in the sandbox Eva found earlier today kiddos. Even better, if you have no kids you can grab yourself a good book and swing away all evening after a long day.

I checked around the competition and here is what I was able to find. Amazon.ca has a Guide Gear Portable Hammock for one with stand through a third party seller for $90.32. Lowes.ca has a double hammock for $149 with stand included. Costco will sell you a double hammock with stand for $134.99. At Hammock Canada the cheapest hammock you can purchase is a Castaway Single Rope Hammock for $89.00 that does not include a stand. The hammock I found available at Hammock Canada is the closest I could find that was comparable in style to the Walmart deal. Walmart’s price blows all of these prices out of the water. The cheapest frame alone costs $114 at Walmart. This combo is a steal.

There are no reviews on this hammock. You will have to trust your own instincts this time. This looks like a pretty basic model that should be sturdy enough for some lazy afternoon swinging. If you have a space big enough you could also set this up inside. Maybe that idea is just me dreaming about summer again.

Bargainmoosers, what is your favourite summertime treat you miss right now?

(Image Credit: kke227)

(Expiry: unknown)

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January 29

Amazon.ca: The Mel Brooks Collection [Blu-ray] Only $21 (FS @ $25) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 29, 2015 at 3:35 PM

Amazon.ca: The Mel Brooks Collection [Blu ray] Only $21 (FS @ $25) (EXPIRED)

Amazon Canada is selling The Mel Brooks Collection [Blu-ray] for only $20.99 today. It is a one-day special and certainly not one you want to miss if you are a fan of this master comedian.

If you do not know who Mel Brooks is… I do not think we can be friends. The guy is a genius! While other people memorize the lines of Monty Python (ya, I know… ya love them), I was saying “candy gram for Mongo” to clueless classmates. This eight-disc set includes the following films:

  • Blazing Saddles
  • High Anxiety
  • History of the World Part I
  • Robin Hood: Men in Tights
  • Silent Movie
  • To Be or Not to Be
  • Twelve Chairs
  • Young Frankenstein

I love watching Blazing Saddles because it is such a beautiful commentary on racism and how we approach the ‘other': people who are different than we are. Young Frankenstein is just hilarious and features the incredible acting skills of one slightly demented Gene Wilder. This movie features the best Igor you will ever meet.

My favourite Mel Brooks movie has to be Robin Hood: Men in Tights. I quote that movie more than any other Mel Brooks movie. It has brilliant scripting, fantastic names (Hey Blinkin!), and incredible personalities. Of course, men in tights cross-dressing as women to get into a tournament is a priceless moment. In addition, there are some great songs and horrible archery skills displayed. A real must watch for anyone who enjoys great comedy and a butchered story line.

I price compared this set with other retails and that is why I just had to post this deal:

  • $50 @ Walmart Canada
  • $59.99 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $65.99 @ Future Shop Canada

Amazon Canada lists an original price of $79.99, which is a bit high give the current retail prices. However, this is still an amazing deal as the set is less than half the price of the nearest competitor.

Amazon Canada offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more. You may want to pop something else in your cart to reach that threshold. I suggest a DVD for $6.99 and under or a Blu Ray for $9.99 or under. Those sections will give you a good movie to top your cart up for the free shipping.

I already own the DVD set, but I am debating upgrading to the Blu-Ray. What do you think?

(Expiry: 29th January 2015)

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January 28

Red Dwarf: The Complete Collection DVD Was $227 Now $70 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 28, 2015 at 2:33 PM

Red Dwarf: The Complete Collection DVD Was $227 Now $70 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca! (EXPIRED)

This is a classic BBC comedy show and it’s on offer today! You can pick up the whole entire collection of Red Dwarf on DVD for only $69.99 with free super saver shipping. The previous price was $227.25 so that’s technically a 69% discount. Sixty-nine dude!

This exact box set isn’t for sale at many other online stores to price compare. I did find it for sale here on Walmart for $155, or you can buy it used on Chapters here for $130. Overall, the $70 price on Amazon.ca is very good indeed – that works out about $8.75 per season of the show.

Honestly, this was one of my favourite shows when I was younger. I’ve got all the DVDs and I’ve seen all the episodes a few times. Sometimes I wait a few years between watching them, and they’re still very funny indeed. This reviewer on Amazon agrees with me on that one:


Red Dwarf: The Complete Collection DVD Was $227 Now $70 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca! (EXPIRED)


While this DVD title is called Red Dwarf: The Complete Collection, it’s technically not all the seasons that were produced. There was a further two seasons made after the release of this box set. But when they got to the eighth season, Red Dwarf kind of jumped the shark. The writing went downhill, the situations more and more unbelievable and seasons nine and ten just are not great at all. If you really need to though, you can purchase them separately. The Red Dwarf TV show scores 8.6/10 here on IMDB, so that’s a super high score and should tell you that the early seasons really were something special.

I recall a few years back, watching an interview with Patrick Stewart, AKA Jean-Luc Picard from the infamous Enterprise: The Next Generation. He was stuck in a hotel in London somewhere, and he was channel-surfing and came across Red Dwarf. Here’s the interview – it’s a good one.

If you don’t take my opinion for it, maybe you’ll listen to Patrick Stewart. Red Dwarf: The Complete Collection DVD Was $227 Now $70 & Free Shipping @ Amazon.ca! (EXPIRED)

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January 26

Saved by the Bell: The Complete Collection DVD, Was $62 Now $27.49 & Free Shipping @ Amazon! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 26, 2015 at 7:46 AM

Saved by the Bell: The Complete Collection DVD, Was $62 Now $27.49 & Free Shipping @ Amazon! (EXPIRED)

For today only, Amazon.ca has a great price on a great little piece of nostalgia – the complete DVD collection of Saved by the Bell! Originally priced at $61.99, you can get this classic TV show for only $27.49 with free super saver shipping.

In the above DVD deal, you are getting all four seasons of this show which actually started airing in 1989. Way back in April 2014, this DVD set had dropped to $24.99 for a couple of days, but I haven’t see it that low since then. And as for a price comparison just now, the very same DVD boxset is $45 @ Staples, $46 @ Chapters, $50 @ Walmart. The Amazon price today is really great.

I am sure you are all familiar with the show, but just in case you are not, here’s a quick blurb:

A TV show centered on six students and their years at Bayside High School in Palisades, California.

I was surprised to see that this show only gets a score of 7.0/10 on IMDB, I thought it would have gotten higher ratings.

I LOVED THIS SHOW!!! I was only aged 8 at the point when the show first started, but I don’t recall watching it at that early age. However, it must have been the re-runs that hooked me, and created my first ever teenage crush… on Zack Morris, of course. Look at him now – still hot! Since Saved by the Bell, he’s been in a lot of other TV shows which you will recognise such as CSI and Weeds. It looks like he never gets major roles though; they’re usually single-episode, bit parts.

As for the other characters, actors and actresses, I recently spotted “Kelly Kapowski” (Tiffani Thiessen) with a fairly major role in the TV show White Collar. I’ve seen the first five seasons of this show and I am waiting for the next season to be made available on Netflix. And you know what? She’s hardly changed at all – you can easily recognise her as Kelly!

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January 25

75% off Guild Wars 2 (PC) This Weekend: Now Only $10 to $15 (US) (EXPIRED)

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75% off Guild Wars 2 (PC) This Weekend: Now Only $10 to $15 (US) (EXPIRED)

Here’s a little deal for the PC gamers! This weekend, you can buy Guild Wars 2 for a 75% discount on the original price! There are two editions on offer; the Digital Heroic Edition was $39.99 and it’s now only $10 and the Digital Deluxe Edition was $59.99 and it’s now only $15.

The above prices are in US dollars, so with the exchange rate, you’re paying slightly more in CA.

When Margarita last wrote a deal about Guild Wars 2, it was here, back in April 2014 when the game was on offer at 50% off, so 75% is obviously a sweeter deal. For the price you pay above, you’re getting the digital edition of the full game, and there are a few extras too, depending on which pack you choose. E.g. You get a Chalice of Glory in the Digital Deluxe Edition… obviously a few things to help you out when you are actually in and playing the MMO.

Here are some words from my partner – he used to be a big player of the first Guild Wars game, but he hasn’t got any experience of this second edition.

Geez, it’s been going a long time – it’s over two years since this game came out. There’s a new expansion pack coming (Heart of Thorns), it was actually announced yesterday. So this deal could allow you to get in and run through the initial game which should be bug free, by now! It’s very pretty… I want it.

I promptly said nope, he’s not getting it! There are so many unplayed games sitting on his Steam account, that he’s purchased when they were on special offer but hasn’t yet played. I’ve vetoed the purchase of Guild Wars 2!

I remember in the olden days, there was a World of Warcraft vs Guild Wars argument. World of Warcraft is by far the most popular nowadays, but Guild Wars still has a pretty big worldwide following.

Have you ever heard of the web TV series, The Guild? It’s a brilliant little show which came out a few years ago, when MMOs were getting extremely popular. Here’s the first episode:

There are now six seasons available to view, and it’s a great watch. If you’ve ever played any type of MMO, then the references in it will tickle your funny bone. But even if you’re not a player, you should still find the show pretty funny.

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