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November 18

Entertainment Books: Buy 2x for $22.70 Each & Free Shipping! (Buy 1, Gift 1)

Posted by on November 18, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Entertainment Books: Buy 2x for $22.70 Each & Free Shipping! (Buy 1, Gift 1)

Some people are notoriously difficult to buy gifts for… as they already have everything you can think of to gift them. But did you ever consider giving Entertainment Books as gifts? These coupon books can make for an interesting and quirky gift, and it can lead the owner to saving money over the course of the year – so I think they’re a great gift idea! Just now, the Entertainment Book site has a special promo happening – a pre-Black Friday sale. All books are priced at only $20US (~$26.70CA) with free shipping. Plus, if you buy two or more books, you can get an extra 15% discount! This is a perfect time to buy one book for you and gift the other to someone in need.

So here’s how to do it – choose the area you want to buy for, and add two Entertainment Books to your shopping cart. You can choose different areas if you wish, the books don’t both have to be for the same location. Then, when you are checking out, use this coupon code: Read the rest of this entry »

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July 21

Entertainment Book Promo Code: All Books Now $5.60 + Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on July 21, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Entertainment Book Promo Code: All Books Now $5.60 + Shipping (EXPIRED)

I know you’ve all heard about Entertainment Books by now as we’ve blogged their deals a few times. If you haven’t bought one by now, this deal might seal your fate because it is the lowest price I’ve seen on Entertainment books. Just think, you still have quite a few more months to use it as well. They are on sale for only $8, but you can use the coupon code below to get another 30% off, bringing your total down to $5.60USD.

Click here to shop @ Entertainment.com now

  • Coupon Code: SECRET30
  • Discount: 30% off
  • Expiry: 26th July 2015

Unfortunately for us in Canada, we have to pay shipping, which is $4.99, so the total for the book is $10.59. Considering the books selling January for $35, you are still getting a killer deal. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 27

Entertainment Books Canada: All 2015 Coupon Books Just $9 + Shipping

Posted by on June 27, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Entertainment Books Canada: All 2015 Coupon Books Just $9 + Shipping

We all love saving money, right Moosers? Why not keep an Entertainment Book in the glove box of your car or in your top drawer in your kitchen, so that you can have multiple discounts right at your fingertips throughout the entire year. Usually the Entertainment Books would cost you $35, but during this promotion you can pay just $8.99 for your book full of saving opportunities. You will also have to pay shipping.

Click here to get your 2015 coupon book @ Entertainment.com now

  • Coupon code: SAVE
  • Discount: 75% off
  • Expiry: 7th July 2015

The last time we wrote about Entertainment Books Canada, Avigayil told us about a promotion where we could pay $10.40 for the book plus an additional $2 for shipping. Right now, 2015 Entertainment Books are on sale for an even better price, just $8.99. However, you end up paying about the same as the last promotion since shipping is now $4.99 instead of the previous $2. Your total will come out to $13.98 after shipping costs. You can order as many books as you like at this cost, and I guarantee you will save so much money by faithfully relying on your Entertainment Coupon Book.

Most of the Entertainment Books would normally cost you $35, so you can see the great discount here. As Avigayil mentioned in her previous post, some books can cost much more. The Vancouver and Fraser Valley Book retail for $50, so people who purchase those books will get even more of a discount. So purchase a book for the area you live in, or if you are planning to do any road trips this summer then snag a book for those locations as well. In August I will be travelling to New Brunswick, so I am going to grab a book for there so I can save money during my travels, since travelling is already expensive. The only downfall is that we are almost half way through 2015 already (wow time flies), so you have less time to redeem all of the offers inside the coupon book.

I love that Entertainment.com lists some of the participating retailers for each region. I am happy to read that the indoor playground near me has some discounts in the Entertainment Book, because I quite regularly spend $40-$50 a week on the indoor playground so that I can get my work done. Some of the other places that interest me are Cora’s, Wings Up, Pharmasave and Orange Julius among the many stores included in the list. I will also mention that all prices on the Entertainment Book Canada website are in USD, so keep that in mind when completing your purchase.

You can see all the Entertainment Book coupons and discounts in our Bargainmoose forum.

(Expiry: 7th July 2015)

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April 15

Entertainment Book: All Books $10.40 + $2 Shipping

Posted by on April 15, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Entertainment Book: All Books $10.40 + $2 Shipping

Entertainment Book has another good deal on their coupon book. While we managed to score an amazing exclusive back in January, the Entertainment Book is now offering everyone their books for only $10.40 USD with $1.99 shipping.

I will readily admit that this deal is not as good as the exclusive deal we scored back in January. However, if you missed our exclusive, then this is the best deal I have seen at Entertainment Book in months. Before our exclusive, the best deal I had seen was $20 a book.  Additional books will cost $10.40: so all books truly are only $10.40 each. I am also used to receiving free shipping with these deals; however, there is a small $1.99 charge for shipping. That is actually discounted shipping as you can see from the image below:

Entertainment Book: All Books $10.40 + $2 Shipping

While most books retail for $35 – some books, like the Vancouver and Fraser Valley Book above, retail for much more. The Vancouver book retails for $50 usually, so I am saving around 79% on my order. Even with shipping calculated into how much I pay, I am saving 75% on the retail price of this particular book.

I chose the Vancouver book because it is the ‘destination’ I most frequent. I have been their twice in the last month and will be heading over yet again for a Counting Crows concert – joining a friend of mine. I could just as easily pick up the Edmonton book, as I will be there for two weeks in May.

Of course, you will want to purchase a book for the city you live in or your favourite destination. You can buy books for cities across Canada and the United States. Currently, I have an itch to head down to Seattle again. It is one of my favourite cities. The Pike Place Market is an absolute blast with great stores and amazing chocolate. Right across the street is this little shop that sells 50% chocolate hot chocolate. WOW is that good.

Portland is also a tempting destination because they have no sales tax. It is the perfect US shopping destination. Unfortunately, our dollar is not doing that well against the US dollar right now. Entertainment Book: All Books $10.40 + $2 Shipping

All prices are charged in USD. Thank you to Mooser Marty for pointing that out the last time I blogged an Entertainment Book deal.

Image credit: Avigayil Morris

(Expiry: 17th April 2015)

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January 20

Entertainment Book: Exclusive All Books $10 & Free Shipping *HOT*

Posted by on January 20, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Entertainment Book: Exclusive All Books $10 & Free Shipping *HOT*

(BUMP: If you didn’t take advantage of this offer a few days ago, consider it now! Entertainment Book has extended the deal until the 25th)

Entertainment Book has given Bargainmoose an exclusive sale where all books are only $10 each with free shipping. Additional books will cost just $5 each! For so early in the year, this is a huge savings on the Entertainment book with hundreds of physical coupons to use at local attractions.

You need to click through that beautiful link above to be taken to our exclusive sale.

Now, this deal is incredibly hot. Entertainment books across Canada range in price from $35 up to $50. Vancouver Island, where I live, just happens to be one of the cheaper books – priced at only $35. However, I find that I did not use that many coupons for the Island the last time that I purchased the book. Rather, I find the Entertainment books for common vacation destinations far more useful. As I live on the Island, the closest destination is Vancouver.

The Vancouver and Fraser Valley Book (2015) may be the most expensive book across Canada. It retails for $50 regularly, so you are saving 80% on this book alone should you choose to purchase it. My hubby could not resist such a deal, as we are planning on attending the Vancouver FanExpo in April this year. That is three glorious days of geekiness in the heart of Vancouver. Conventions often involve eating out so the coupon book will help us save money.

Any additional books will cost just $5 each. I forgot to ask my partner to purchase a book for Edmonton when he ordered the Vancouver Book. I am going to visit my parents and friends in Edmonton this summer, and will most likely be driving there and back. A book for Edmonton would have been nice so I could find cheaper food, accommodations, and more while staying in town. The Edmonton book retails for $45, but as an additional book onto out Vancouver book order, it would have come down to just $5. You can also order as many additional books as you want. I loaded six books into my cart and the total was $35.

All of these coupons are valid through the end of December 2015. That gives you around eleven months to use them. Usually, deals like these do not come around until we are at least half way through the year so I am delighted to be able to bring you this offer.

Please leave a comment below to let us know what book you decided to purchase! I am always interested in where Moosers live and where they are going. Entertainment Book: Exclusive All Books $10 & Free Shipping *HOT*

(Expiry: 19th January 2015 Extended to the 25th January 2015)

Entertainment Book: Exclusive All Books $10 & Free Shipping *HOT*

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December 17

Entertainment Coupon Code: 50% Off Mobile App – Now $10

Posted by on December 17, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Entertainment Coupon Code: 50% Off Mobile App   Now $10

The Entertainment Book now has a mobile app that you can purchase instead of the book! It is like having the book on your phone, which is far more convenient than carrying the book around. Use the coupon code below to purchase the Entertainment mobile app for just $9.99, originally $19.99.

Click here to view the Entertainment mobile app @ Entertainment Book now

  • Coupon Code: CHEER
  • Discount: 50% off mobile app
  • Expiry: 17th December 2014 (code still working on the 18th)

The mobile app gives you digital access to all Canadian coupons and deals for only $9.99 a year. Seriously, you would be insane not to pick up this deal as you are bound to use enough coupons to cover easily the price of the app and save money on top of it. This app makes it easy to travel, as the coupons appear not to just be for your own city, but also for the rest of Canada as well. If someone could confirm this, I would be grateful!

This app is better than the book in many ways. First of all, who actually carries around a book these days? With the mobile app you do not have to carry the book with your or pre-plan what coupons you are going to use. All the coupons are on your phone at the touch of a button. If you decide on an impromptu trip to the local gardens, then make use of that 2 for 1 admission instead of missing out.

The only downside I can see, if that, is there are probably less region specific coupons on the app then you get in the book. That is my assumption, I could be wrong. I remember that the mobile version of the entertainment Book for Edmonton often had fewer coupons. However, for some of the restaurants you could find monthly coupons on the mobile version to use instead of being limited to the one or two you found in the book.

I am pretty sure the coupon code expires tonight (though I hope they extend it) so take advantage of this little gem before it goes! The best Christmas gift is an early start on saving in the New Year.

For this and any future Entertainment coupon codes, visit our forum.

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November 19

Entertainment Books Only $20 & Free Shipping For Black Friday

Posted by on November 19, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Entertainment Books Only $20 & Free Shipping For Black Friday

Pre-Black Friday starts now, with Entertainment Book lowering their prices on their books down to $20 and you’ll get free shipping too! You can also get additional books for only $15 each! These books regularly sell for $35, so this is a steal on a book that will save you even more money in the long run.

We’ve told you about Entertainment books a few times before – how you can save money with a book full of coupons, as well as a digital membership that saves you money on your online purchases, as well as your in-store purchases.

There are so many stores on Entertainment Book, you are bound to shop at a few of them and all you’d need to save would be $20 to get your money back and then the rest is all a bonus. There are restaurants, retail stores, travel agencies and more.

These books make fantastic gifts, because the recipient of the gift can decide what they actually want, rather than you trying to guess what they want. They’ll spend their own money, but be able to also save their own money with all the valuable coupons inside.

If you are travelling, or know someone who will be, getting them a book for that destination could be invaluable. I know on my recent trip to California, I could have used some coupons as eating out and shopping got expensive. You can easily check out the featured offers for each city to see if this is something you would use.

For example, I live near Toronto and I see a really great coupon for a fine dining restaurant that I would like to try. I would get 25% off the total bill using Entertainment Book. There is a $50 maximum discount. This means if I was going to eat at that restaurant and save that much money, the book would have paid for itself twice over in just that one meal.

(expiry: 23rd November 2014)

Photo credit: Eric Danley

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October 24

Entertainment Book Canada: $29 Entertainment Books

Posted by on October 24, 2014 at 10:27 AM

Entertainment Book Canada: $29 Entertainment Books

If you are looking for a great gift idea, or want to take your couponing to the next level (and you know you do, you savvy Mooser, you), check out Entertainment book. Right now, their books are on sale for $29.99 plus free shipping, with a regular price of $35.

You don’t need a coupon code to get your book at this price, you just need to shop today. What you’ll get for $30 is both a print and digital membership, so your bevvy of coupons are always in your hands. There are coupons for so many stores and attractions, plus restaurants and even grocery coupons all over Canada and the U.S. I have found that the majority of the coupons are for major cities, so if you live in a small town or smaller city away from the major metropolis, the book might not have as much to offer you. But, don’t let that stop you, as there are still quite a few coupons that could save you more than the $30 you are spending for use online or in chain stores and restaurants.

For example, there is a Marble Slab coupon that gets you one free regular sized ice cream cone with the purchase of a second regular sized ice cream cone and you can use it over and over. So, every time you go to Marble Slab, your date will get free ice cream. I know with having three kids, we go out for ice cream a lot and if I got essentially two cones free each time, my $30 would be saved within a few trips to the ice cream shop.

I also think that anyone would love this as a gift because they can choose where they want to shop, which they can’t really do with just a gift card.

(expiry: 24th October 2014)

Photo credit: Shutter Wide Shut

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July 22

Entertainment Book: 2 Books for $10

Posted by on July 22, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Entertainment Book: 2 Books for $10

The last time we posted about Entertainment Book they had an offer where you could get a book for only $5 but it came with a large contingency: you had to sign up for their annual renewal, which means you were agreeing to pay full price for your next book. This deal has no such contingency: just get any two Entertainment Books for 2014 for $10 with free shipping.

You still have five full months to use the coupons from these Entertainment books, and trust me, you can easily save yourself $10 worth and more with just a few coupons worth. This deal is also the perfect mix and match deal. There is no need to get two books for the same city – though you can if you want to – rather you can buy one for your home city and get one for your next vacation or for when you go to visit relatives. I tested this theory out and added both the Vancouver Island Book and the Edmonton Book to my cart. Once both books were in my cart, they came down to $5 each. As the Vancouver Island Book originally cost $35 and the Edmonton Book originally cost $45, the total savings is $70 on my order.

This offer still includes the online and mobile coupons. All sales are final – no returns or exchanges will be allowed.

If you find yourself dinning our a lot, using dry cleaners, grocery shopping, or just enjoying everything your good city has to offer, then you need this book. When I bought the book last time, it had coupons for M&M Meats, Safeway, local dry cleaners, and city attractions. Some of the passes were two for one admissions for museums, shows, and more so the savings really adds up quickly. I also tend to try new things when I have the coupon book because there are such great deals in there that I do not want to waste them. Through the coupon book, I have found new favourite restaurants and got to share those finds with friends. One of my friends has since takes three of her friends to my new favourite restaurant as well.

Buy these for yourself, give a book to family members and friends, or drop one in your neighbour’s mailbox. Either way, whoever receives one of these will certainly get their money’s worth out of the book and much more.

Image credit: Sippanont Samchai

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 31

Entertainment Coupon Books Just $5

Posted by on May 31, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Entertainment Coupon Books Just $5

Right now, you can get the current edition of the Entertainment Coupon Book for the lowest price I have ever seen it listed.  Get your Entertainment Coupon Book for just $5 and free shipping when you sign up to annual renewal for the next one.

The last time they reduced the price of their books, they were offering the for two for $20 (or $10 each) which we blogged about because it was still a great deal.  Cutting that great deals price in half to just $5 a book and free shipping is truly a spectacular deal!

All of the books have coupons that are valid until the end of this year, so there is plenty of time to use the coupons inside and save a lot of money. The coupons will save you on all sorts of things.  Save on travel, dining, specific local stores, and a huge variety of entertainment.  They often have two for one zoo passes for your family, discount coupons for your city’s science centres or museums, and much more.

I love the fact that you get the book for your city because it has coupons that will pertain to you instead of being so broad.

It does not list an expiry date for this $5 coupon book deal and since this is the lowest I have ever seen it advertised, I assume it will most likely be the last deal they offer this year for these books.  The old coupon may have expired by now, but with thousands of coupons in each book, there is more than enough to use to get the cost of the measly $5 back and more.

As I said earlier, you will also get free shipping with your order when you sign up to annual renewal for the next one.

(Ends 1st June 2014)

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May 30

Quick Bargainmoose Contest: Win 1 of 2 Digital Memberships for the Entertainment Book! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on May 30, 2014 at 8:34 AM

Quick Bargainmoose Contest: Win 1 of 2 Digital Memberships for the Entertainment Book! (EXPIRED)

*** Contest now closed, winners were Moosers Mike & Lucie! ***

With the Entertainment Book you can save a plethora of money with digital and pull-out coupons for thousands of stores across Canada. If you like to save money, and you probably wouldn’t be browsing Bargainmoose if you don’t, the Entertainment Book can help you do that. Would you like to win your own digital subscription for Entertainment Book and discover for yourself what kind of savings you can get? Keep reading!

I recently got my own digital subscription for Entertainment Book, and although I haven’t used any of the coupons yet, I see quite a few coupons I’ll be using when I’m next in Toronto. As I’ve blogged before, Entertainment Book is best for those located in or near the larger cities, but there are some local deals available too. For example, I’ll soon be painting and there is a coupon for my nearby Sherwin Williams store giving me $15 off my $75 purchase. If I want to hit up Orange Julius afterwards and get a hot dog, well I can get another hot dog free and share with my husband.

On top of the local coupons, there are web coupons too. I always use Hotels.com to book my hotels and by booking through Entertainment Book at Hotels.com, I can save an extra 10% off the already low rates. I will of course be checking out the rates before going through the book to make sure I am getting the best deal, but that’s when any smart Mooser would do.

While I’m in Toronto this summer, I’m definitely going to take advantage of the many restaurant and attractions coupons available, which will save us quite a bit on our little urban vacation, allowing us to do more (and eat more!).

Right now, the Entertainment Book is offering books for $15, with extra books (which make great gifts) for only $10.

So, if you want to win one of two digital memberships (worth $19.99 each), in the next 48 hours I need you to leave a comment below with the answer to the following question:

What store do you most want to see coupons for, which typically doesn’t have coupons?

For some bonus entries make sure to do the following:

  • Leave a link to this contest on Twitter, ensure you include @bargainmoose.
  • Post a link to this contest on your Facebook wall, make sure you like Bargainmoose.
  • Pin this contest on your Pinterest & follow us there.


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One type of entry per household
  • Ends 31st May 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion
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May 21

Entertainment Books: Get Two Books for $20 & Free Canadian Shipping

Posted by on May 21, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Entertainment Books: Get Two Books for $20 & Free Canadian Shipping

Entertainment Book Canada is offering an amazing deal right now on their Entertainment Books. For five days only, you’ll get two books for $20! Regularly priced at $35 each, you’ll save $50 by taking advantage of this deal.

With this deal, you’ll get both the printed books and digital access, so even if you forget the coupons at home, you’ll easily be able to get them on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Get hundreds of 2-for-1 and 50% off deals good until December 2014, for local restaurants, stores, grocery shopping, movies, travel, furniture, sports events, and more. As someone who loves restaurants and movies, I think these coupon books definitely pay for themselves several times over.

When you order the Entertainment Books, you’ll also get to select your location, so your coupons will be customized to your local area. At $10 each, this deal is a great opportunity to share this deal with a friend or neighbor. It also makes the perfect gift! Buy one for you and give the other away! If you only want one book, you can still get a single book for $12! You really can’t go wrong with this deal.

Shipping is regularly $9.98, but at checkout, I got free shipping, which was an added bonus!

(Expiry: 26th May 2014)

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May 13

Entertainment Book Canada: Now $11 & Free Shipping!

Posted by on May 13, 2014 at 8:35 AM

Entertainment Book Canada: Now $11 & Free Shipping!

Quick post! Just to let you know that for the next 11 hours only, you can pick up an Entertainment Book for only $11 (U.S.) with free Canadian shipping.

With the exchange rate, I think that works out to be around CA $11.99, so not a huge difference there.

And, if you’re in the mood to buy a few more books, you’d get an 11% discount on additional copies. For example, if a friend wanted one too, you’d get a book for $9.79 (U.S.) each.

You can choose a book for all of the major metropolitan areas in Canada, from Vancouver to Toronto. Or, if you are travelling to the US for a vacation this summer, even consider buying a book for your destination. I am sure the savings of whatever coupons you use in the book will more than outweigh the initial outlay.

In this edition of the 2014 Entertainment Book, the coupons and deals are good until November 2014, so quite a while left to make use of them.

(Expiry: Extended to 15th May 2014)

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April 15

Entertainment Book Canada: Books Only $10.40

Posted by on April 15, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Entertainment Book Canada: Books Only $10.40

Today only, get an Entertainment book of your choice for only $10.40! These regularly cost $35 and we’ve had sales as low as $19, so this really saves you some cash!

This sale is great too because it also includes digital access to thousands of coupons. You don’t need to carry around a book with you everywhere you go just in case you need a coupon. You can digitally access the coupons and print them or show them on your phone. The digital ones are cool too because you can use them as much as you want.

I looked at a few to see how good they were and found some awesome coupons, like buy one admission to Rainbow Cinemas and get another free. Going twice the movies would more than cover the cost of the book.

Another coupon that might be worth your time is $10 off your $50 purchase at Aeropostale. Right there, that purchase alone will save you the cost of the book.

If you like hot dogs, you can get a buy one, get one free at Orange Julius every time you go.

Shipping is $2.49 per book, which is very affordable!

(Expiry: 15th April 2014)

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March 25

Entertainment Book: $16 Books & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 25, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Entertainment Book: $16 Books & Free Shipping

All Entertainment books are only $16 right now and you’ll also only pay $1 for shipping get free shipping! This deal ends at the end of the day, so don’t wait.

If you haven’t bought one of these books yet, what’s stopping you? They offer so many coupons that almost anyone who spends money can use as there is so many different vendors and categories. Their digital subscription alone makes this more than worth it, as you can reuse coupons as much as you’d like. I know that you like coupons, because you are reading this right now on Bargainmoose, and we like coupons too.

Every year, sales guys come to my door selling a coupon book for charity. I used to buy until I realized although the coupons were very local, I barely used any of them because they were like ten for one place and not enough vendors that I’d actually use. This is not so with Entertainment Book, as they have local coupons (mainly for larger cities), but also big brand coupons like Aeropostale, Michaels or Marble Slab to name a few. One notable coupon is two pizzas from Pizza Hut for only $10. Just one use of that coupon might pay for the $16 cost of your book.

Top it off with paying only $1 for shipping and you are set.

Photo credit: Louis

(Expiry: 25th March 2014)

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