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April 15

Entertainment Book Canada: Books Only $10.40

Posted by on April 15, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Entertainment Book Canada: Books Only $10.40

Today only, get an Entertainment book of your choice for only $10.40! These regularly cost $35 and we’ve had sales as low as $19, so this really saves you some cash!

This sale is great too because it also includes digital access to thousands of coupons. You don’t need to carry around a book with you everywhere you go just in case you need a coupon. You can digitally access the coupons and print them or show them on your phone. The digital ones are cool too because you can use them as much as you want.

I looked at a few to see how good they were and found some awesome coupons, like buy one admission to Rainbow Cinemas and get another free. Going twice the movies would more than cover the cost of the book.

Another coupon that might be worth your time is $10 off your $50 purchase at Aeropostale. Right there, that purchase alone will save you the cost of the book.

If you like hot dogs, you can get a buy one, get one free at Orange Julius every time you go.

Shipping is $2.49 per book, which is very affordable!

(Expiry: 15th April 2014)

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March 25

Entertainment Book: $16 Books & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 25, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Entertainment Book: $16 Books & Free Shipping

All Entertainment books are only $16 right now and you’ll also only pay $1 for shipping get free shipping! This deal ends at the end of the day, so don’t wait.

If you haven’t bought one of these books yet, what’s stopping you? They offer so many coupons that almost anyone who spends money can use as there is so many different vendors and categories. Their digital subscription alone makes this more than worth it, as you can reuse coupons as much as you’d like. I know that you like coupons, because you are reading this right now on Bargainmoose, and we like coupons too.

Every year, sales guys come to my door selling a coupon book for charity. I used to buy until I realized although the coupons were very local, I barely used any of them because they were like ten for one place and not enough vendors that I’d actually use. This is not so with Entertainment Book, as they have local coupons (mainly for larger cities), but also big brand coupons like Aeropostale, Michaels or Marble Slab to name a few. One notable coupon is two pizzas from Pizza Hut for only $10. Just one use of that coupon might pay for the $16 cost of your book.

Top it off with paying only $1 for shipping and you are set.

Photo credit: Louis

(Expiry: 25th March 2014)

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March 13

Entertainment Book: $17 Books & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 13, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Entertainment Book: $17 Books & Free Shipping

Entertainment Book is having a great sale on their coupon and discount books. You’ll get the first for only $17 (reg. $35) and all subsequent books for $13. These make great gift ideas. The books also ship for free.

Even though we are into March, these books still have a number of month’s use on them as the digital coupons are available for one year from purchase date. There are so many coupons you can use in different cities across Canada and also in the U.S., if you wanted to gift one to someone there.

While there weren’t many coupons for local services in my city, some of the bigger brands have coupons I can use. These include Avis, Kernels, Marble Slab and more. I also have access to a number of online retailers like Hotels.com, Wine.com (insert fist pump here), and Shoes.com.

I can save a ton of money at the ones I shop at most, but I’ll definitely get my $17 back in savings just on one use at Hotels.com, where I can save 10% off the already discounted rates. As I will heading on vacation soon, I’m seriously looking into what I can save on hotels, car rentals and flights by getting the Entertainment Book.

While Entertainment Book bills this as a 13-hour sale, I don’t see an expiration date, but I wouldn’t wait to get your book for the deal price, in case the sale ends!

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March 4

Entertainment Book: 50% Off All Books

Posted by on March 4, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Entertainment Book: 50% Off All Books

Receive 50% off all Entertainment coupon books this week plus receive free shipping.

Most entertainment books usually cost $35, so for those books you will only pay $17.50. The Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal, Canadian Prairies, and Vancouver Island books are just some of the books that are in this price bracket.

Books that regularly cost $45 now will only cost $22.50. Both Calgary and Edmonton’s coupon books are in this price category.

Books that regularly cost $50 will now cost $25. The only book in Canada that I know of that costs that much is the Vancouver and Fraser Valley Book. If you are planning on going on a vacation there or if you live in Vancouver then this is certainly a book that is worth getting. Since we live just a ferry ride away from Vancouver, we might pick up their book as well.

If you are planning any trips down to the United States it might be worth looking at those books. We are going to Seattle in late March so I am considering getting the Seattle book as we will be there for an entire weekend and probably also be back before the year is over. The Seattle and North Puget Sound Book is only $17.50, regularly $35.

Get free shipping with this offer. For more free shipping offers see our free shipping page.

(Expiry: 11th March 2014)

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February 3

Entertainment Book: All Books 40% Off + Free Shipping

Posted by on February 3, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Entertainment Book: All Books 40% Off + Free Shipping

Entertainment Book has discounted all of their coupon books by 40% for this week.

Pick up a local coupon book that is good until the end of December 2014 or pick up one for a popular travel destination. We were just in Seattle in December and will be going back in March. I am thinking of picking up the book for Seattle since we will probably visit there every few months. The coupons will help cut down on our eating out expenses among other things.

We also are right across the strait from Vancouver and this coming weekend we are finally spending some time in that big city. If we end up making this a habit it would be a good idea to pick up the local book for Vancouver to lower our expenses while spending weekends there.

This coming May and June I am going back to Edmonton to finish up my English degree. I will be living (hopefully) around the downtown core and plan to pick up the Edmonton book to cut down on expenses. I have found some of my favourite restaurants through the Entertainment Book and I plan to go back and visit them.

Enjoy free shipping on this offer. For other websites with free shipping with no minimum see our free shipping page.

(Expiry: 9th February 2014)

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January 8

Entertainment Book Canada: 70% Off All Books & Free Shipping

Posted by on January 8, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Entertainment Book Canada: 70% Off All Books & Free Shipping

Get 70% off all books and free shipping when you become an annual renewal member. What this means is that you’ll buy the 2014 book now for only $10 (regular price of $35) and you’ll automatically be sent 2015′s book for $5 off the regular price. Your total cost will be $40 for two years of books

We’ve blogged about Entertainment book a few times here on Bargainmoose and that is because it is a deal on deals! You get hundreds of coupons to use, both paper and mobile, and many that are reusable again and again. Because this means you’ve already bought 2015′s book, you’ll get it as soon as it comes out, which is usually early fall and you can start using your coupons right away. This gives you 16 months to use your coupons. As an annual renewal member, you’ll also get 10% off an additional books you may want for yourself or as gifts.

Note that all prices are in U.S. funds, but that there are books for many Canadian cities, as well as U.S. cities. Here are a few retailers you can use the Entertainment Book coupons at:

  • Costco
  • Licks
  • Aeropostale
  • Williams
  • Shoeless Joe’s
  • Wild Water Kingdom
  • so many more…

Photo Credit: Nicole Pierce Photography

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December 26

Entertainment Book: 40% Off Canadian Coupon Books + Free Shipping

Posted by on December 26, 2013 at 11:30 AM

Entertainment Book: 40% Off Canadian Coupon Books + Free Shipping

Get all Canadian Entertainment Books for 40% off plus free shipping for Boxing Day at Entertainment Book Canada!

Now, that link above will automatically add a book to your cart. Keep in mind that, just the Canadian books are on sale, not any of the American books.

Any books that are $35 like the Canadian Prairies Book, Vancouver Island Book, and Toronto Book are just $21 now. Any books that are regularly $45 like the Edmonton Book and the Calgary Book are now each $27. It is easy to save that much in just a couple meals out where you use the coupon book. These books usually pay for themselves time and time again, and this new book is good till the end of December 2014, so there is plenty of time to use all the coupons. When I lived near my parents, I would often share the book with them so that they could use any coupons we were not using. Share the gift of savings!

The books qualify for free shipping, which also helps keeps your costs down. This is a one day sale so be quick!

(Expiry: 26th December 2013)

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December 10

Entertainment Book: 2 For $35 & Free Shipping

Posted by on December 10, 2013 at 2:30 PM

Entertainment Book: 2 For $35 & Free Shipping

Have you picked up the Entertainment Book Canada yet? Well, you are in luck. Get one for yourself and one as a gift and you’ll pay only $35, and they’ll be shipped for free. This offer is for today only!

Normally each book is $35 each so it is like getting a 2-for-1 deal. This book makes a great gift idea because you are helping your friend save lots of money on things they may already buy. Things like dinners out, attractions in their city plus merchandise from brand name stores like FTD and Aeropostale.

You’ll also get the digital membership with this deal, which has mobile redeemable coupons and printable coupons.This means that even if you have forgotten your book at home, you can still use your coupons.

Like I said, shipping is free. We know so many other stores that ship for free and we compiled a grand list for our Bargainmoosers on our Free Shipping page.

(Expiry: 10th December 2013)

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December 6

Entertainment Book Now Only $19.99 (Was $35)

Posted by on December 6, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Entertainment Book Now Only $19.99 (Was $35)

The 2014 Entertainment book is out and is on sale for only $19.99, down from $35.

These books are absolutely great for bargain hunters like our Moosers. It is filled to the brim with coupons and savings. There are so many coupons here, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth and a lot more. These are only really available for the major cities, but there are some general coupons that could probably be used in any city. Plus, there are a number of web coupons, which anyone could use to get some great discounts on online purchases. There are even hotel, flight and vacation coupons, which could save you a boatload of money if you are planning on traveling anytime soon. For example, I saw a coupon for $50 off a vacation at Travelocity. That coupon itself pays for your book and more.

You’ll also get digital access, which offers you a number of other great advantages. Get all the latest Entertainment Book deals and discounts here!

If you order one book, and want to give more as gifts, additional books will only be $15 each. Shipping will also be free on these books. Come back to Bargainmoose on December 9th for No Minimum Monday, where over 180 retailers will offer free shipping with no minimum.

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November 29

Entertainment Book: 30% Off All Books + Free Shipping

Posted by on November 29, 2013 at 6:30 PM

Entertainment Book: 30% Off All Books + Free Shipping

The Entertainment Book is giving you 30% off all coupon books this weekend.

In the email it advertised this as a Black Friday deal, but online it is advertised as a Thanksgiving (American) sale. Either way, this is a big discount for the Entertainment book. Most books costs $35 and with this offer you can get them for $24.50. That is what the Vancouver Island book would cost me.

The Entertainment Book this year is good until December 2014, so you get thirteen months to use all the coupons for clothing, food, entertainment, and more. Even using just a few coupons you will make back the money you spent on the book. This is pretty easy to do if you eat out at all, because there are some pretty great eating out coupons in there. The local Edmonton book we used to have also had coupons for some grocery stores which came in very useful.

(Expiry: unknown)

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November 13

Entertainment Book: All Books 20% Off & Free Shipping

Posted by on November 13, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Entertainment Book: All Books 20% Off & Free Shipping

For three days only get 20% off all 2014 Entertainment Books and free shipping!

If you are planning on going away for the holidays be sure to to pick up the local book for your destination! I am looking into the Seattle book because we will now officially be spending Dec 23rd through 30th in December! I am totally looking forward to it. I want to go on a chocolate tour, my hubby wants to go on a food tour, and there is always whale watching, museums, and more food. The Entertainment Book is a great way to of set our costs.

You can buy extra books for only $20 if you want to give one as a gift. All books ship for free. Check our free shipping page for more free shipping deals!

(Expiry: 16th November 2013)

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November 1

Entertainment Book Canada: $5 Off 2014 Books + Free Shipping

Posted by on November 1, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Entertainment Book Canada: $5 Off 2014 Books + Free Shipping

Order the 2014 book from Entertainment.com and receive $5 off your book and free shipping.

Today is the last day to use coupons from the 2013 book. As of tomorrow, your 2013 book is obsolete. The new 2014 book will be valid not for just twelve months, but actually for fourteen, as they are transitioning over to an annual cycle that actually reflects the change in year.

Most books are priced at $35, so with this deal you will get the book for just $30. There are a few books more expensive than that, depending on the location. We are going to be spending a week in Seattle in December, so we are planning to pick up the book to save on admissions, restaurants, and other activities. Do you ever get the Entertainment Book for your travel destinations?

Enjoy the free shipping and for more free shipping deals, visit our free shipping page! The Entertainment Book could also be a good gift idea for Christmas.

(Expiry: 4th November 2013)

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October 20

Entertainment Book Canada: 10% Off 2014 Books + Free Shipping

Posted by on October 20, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Entertainment Book Canada: 10% Off 2014 Books + Free Shipping

All coupons for this year’s entertainment book will expire November 1, 2013. You have twelve days left to use those coupons, and then only the new book’s coupons will be valid. If you haven’t picked up the new book yet, then you might want to check out this offer. Get 10% off your new book plus free shipping across Canada.

The Entertainment book ‘membership’ gives you your 2014 book, digital access to additional coupons, and it is valid until end of Dec 2014. It looks like they are changing the expiry date!

Vancouver is our closest big city now. Their book costs $50, but with this promotion the book comes down to $45. I always found when living in a larger city that these books were well worth the cost. Between the dining out coupons, the grocery coupons like Safeway and M&M Meats, and the dry-cleaning coupons, we always saved way more on the book than we spent.

Do you buy the Entertainment Book each year? If so, which are your favourite coupons?

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June 24

Entertainment Book: Just $9.99 + Free Shipping

Posted by on June 24, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Entertainment Book: Just $9.99 + Free Shipping

All 2013 Entertainment Books are on sale for just $9.99 with free shipping. Books originally cost $35 to $50 depending upon your region, so this sale is fantastic.

We just moved to Nanaimo, BC, so the Edmonton book we have suddenly is no help to us. With this sale we are now going to order the Vancouver Island book for $9.99, originally $35. With free shipping we would only need to redeem one or two coupon codes to make back what we spent on the book. Even if many of the coupons are for Victoria, I am sure there would be plenty for Nanaimo we could use. There is always the option of heading down to Victoria for a day trip as well. I am tempted to pick up a Vancouver and/or Seattle book as well for when we travel.

The coupons in the book are good through the 1st of November, 2013 so you still have over four months to redeem them.

Most all books are still in stock. All prices in USD.

(Expiry: 4th July 2013)

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April 9

Entertainment Books: All Books $15 & Free Shipping

Posted by on April 9, 2013 at 3:00 PM

Entertainment Books: All Books $15 & Free Shipping

Entertainment Books are back with an incredible deal. All books are just $15 each no matter which area you live in.  In addition to this discount, you will also get free shipping for a limited time only.

Each area is priced differently so depending on where you live, you will be saving different amounts on each book.  Here is a few examples of how much you will be saving:

  • Vancouver was $50/ now $15 (save $35)
  • Calgary was $45/ now $15 (save $30)
  • Toronto was $35/ now $15 (save $20)

This is the lowest price they have been so far this year and it is an incredible deal.  There are thousands of coupons to use so the book will really pay for itself if you use just a couple of them.  Save on restaurants, shopping, kids activities, outdoors activities, family entertainment and much much more.

You will have until November 2013 to use them so there is still plenty of time to use up those coupons.  They are great gift ideas and perfect for sharing with a friend.  With spring already here and summer just around the corner, you can use some of the activity and entertainment coupons to save on family outings such as the zoo and sports games.

(Expiry: 14th April 2013)

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