June 10

Amazon Canada: Anker 13000mAh Portable Battery Only $32 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on June 10, 2015 at 5:30 PM

Amazon Canada: Anker 13000mAh Portable Battery Only $32 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Hold on to your hats my darlings because the beloved Anker 13000mAh Portable Battery has dropped in price from $35.99 down to $31.99. I am not sure if this is the new price or just a sale price, but it is a great price!

I rave about this battery all the time. There are two of these batteries in my household: one previous edition model and one latest edition model. The first gift I tend to give my friends is one of these external batteries, especially after hearing things like “my cell phone is about to die” or “I am down to 10% so I will have to stop texting you now.” Seriously, get yourself a portable battery and forget about the limitations of your current battery.

I am not the only one who loves this battery. Fellow blogger Margarita says:

Back around Christmastime, Avigayil recommended the Anker battery to me when I asked her for advice on a good portable battery to get my hubby as a gift. I had never used one before and had zero knowledge on these nifty things but since getting it for him, I have bought one for myself and even a friend! Both hubby and I have an iPhone and it’s super handy to be able to recharge our phones on the go instead of being stuck waiting for them to hit 100% when plugged into the wall. Plus, when you look at the price and power ratio of the Anker portable battery in comparison to others, there is no other like it!

This external battery is fully loaded. With 13000mAh power stored up, you can recharge your cell phone multiple times and a tablet at least once. There are two USB connections and the standard four indicator lights to let you know when you need to recharge your battery. The Anker battery comes with one cable, which you can use both to charge the power bank and to connect your Android device to the battery for charging.

As a bonus feature, the power bank has a light than is triggered by pressing down and holding the side button. This light is handy if you are trying to plug in your phones at night as the light is on the side of the ports. Hold down the same button to turn the light off again.

This battery has a very slim profile and it comes with a small mesh travel bag so you can keep the cord and the battery together. The only negative i can think of is the lack of passive charging. That means, you cannot charge your phone on this battery while this batter is being charged. No matter, because this battery is wicked.

Receive free shipping on your battery. Also, these batteries appear to be tax-free or have the tax built into the cost.

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June 10

Microsoft Canada: Halo Wireless Mobile Mouse Was $30 | Now $15 & Free Shipping

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Microsoft Canada: Halo Wireless Mobile Mouse Was $30 | Now $15 & Free Shipping

Microsoft Canada has discounted the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Halo Limited Edition: Master Chief from $29.95 down to $14.95 with free shipping.

This is not a gaming mouse. Rather, it is a regular Microsoft 3500 wireless mouse with BlueTrack Technology that has a nifty paint job. I find it an odd combination: regular mouse with a gaming theme, but what do I know. I do think it looks stylish and the last time I helped a friend of mine find a new mouse on a budget, I recommended he pick up this beauty. Oddly enough, he preferred a plain blue mouse. Then again, he is not a gamer.

The appeal of this mouse is two-fold. First, this is a limited edition mouse that will not be available for long. I always like limited edition items as it reduces the chance of everyone else owning the same mouse that I do. Secondly, this mouse actually looks really cool with one of those Halo guys (you can tell I do not play Halo) on the one side.

Outside of appearance, this functions like a basic mouse. BlueTrack technology helps your mouse laser glide over different surfaces. The tiny transceiver plugs into one of your computer’s USB ports. When not in use, the receiver stores in the bottom of your mouse. This mouse can last up to eight months on a single battery. When it is time to replace the battery, there is a power indicator to let you know. The mouse is powered by a AA alkaline battery (included) and has a range of up to 15 feet, which is typical.
I found this same mouse for $29.99 @ EB Games and for $29.99 @ Best Buy Canada. On EB Games, the mouse has a 3.86/5 rating with over 10 votes. Essentially, this is a standard 3500 Microsoft Mouse with a great paint job. I think it is fun and a little different. Great for the dorm room or for your home office, this mouse is good for Halo players and non-gamers alike. At only $15 with free shipping, it is a solid purchase.

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June 10

Best Buy Canada: HP Pavilion 500-539 Desktop Was $650 | Now $500 TODAY (EXPIRED)

Posted by on June 10, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Best Buy Canada: HP Pavilion 500 539 Desktop Was $650 | Now $500 TODAY (EXPIRED)

Today only, purchase the fully loaded HP Pavilion 500-539 desktop computer for $150 less than regular price. Originally $649.99, this HP desktop is now on sale for $499.99.

When price comparing, it is important to note those last three numbers in the computer’s code. There are at least three different versions of this desktop tower and all three have different specifications. This desktop is one of the higher end models and it features:

  • Processor: AMD A10-7800 with 12 compute cores
  • Hard drive: 1TB HDD
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R7 240
  • Operating system: Windows 8.1

I did some research on the processor as I am not as familiar with AMD as I am with Intel. The AMD A10-7800 is approximately equivalent with a lower end i7 processor. You are looking at a fast processor with enough memory for quick performance. The graphics card is good but not the best. As to be expected, it pales in comparison to the NVIDIA cards. However, it is still a good graphics card and gamers have tested it on graphic heavy games.

One reviewer said:

I got this PC for gaming among other things and it works great. I can play new games and old. It runs fast and it well worth the price. The first comment talked about how he couldn’t connect audio, but mine worked just fine. This is an excellent computer despite what the other comments say. Mine works just fine and I constantly use it because of how good it is

If you are looking for a fast, spacious desktop computer, then you cannot do better than this model. In fact, the price discount on Best Buy Canada sort of tricks you. The exact same computer sold from HP Store themselves actually costs $739.99.

I checked back through some internet records and found this desktop computer on sale as low as $600 previously. However, I have never seen it down at this price before. For the amazing processor speed, huge hard drive, and competitive graphics card… this is an absolute steal.  The price is $240 cheaper than the price that the manufacturer sells this desktop for.

As per usual, receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more, thus this desktop will ship for free.

This is a one-day deal! Purchase this desktop before the deal expires tonight.

(Expiry: 10th June 2015)

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June 10

60% Off Cuisinart Stainless Steel Compact Portable Blender $39.99 + Shipping @ Newegg.ca!

Posted by on June 10, 2015 at 9:00 AM

60% Off Cuisinart Stainless Steel Compact Portable Blender $39.99 + Shipping @ Newegg.ca!

*** BUMP: Back at the low price again! ***

I spotted a great price on this Cuisinart CPB-100WS Stainless Steel Compact Portable Blender over at Newegg Canada. The original price on it was $99.99, but you can grab it for only $39.99 plus $4.99 shipping just now. That’s about 60% discount. 60% Off Cuisinart Stainless Steel Compact Portable Blender $39.99 + Shipping @ Newegg.ca!

The final price is then $44.98 plus taxes, including shipping. Or, if you are a member of Newegg Premier, you’d get shipping for free.

In price comparing, I cannot see this exact Cuisinart model for sale anywhere else online in Canada. So, I’ll have to try a different tack in carrying out the price comparison. There’s a similar Cuisinart one here going for $80 on Amazon and though it doesn’t state the model number, I think it may be the same one. Another similar one is going for $79.99 here on Kitchenstuffplus. This one is $80 on Bedbathandbeyond. Based upon those price comparisons of similar models from the same brand, we can see that the Newegg price is pretty sweet.

It’s coming up to the time of year when people start thinking about improving their levels of fitness, diet and overall well-being, getting fighting fit for summer. If you’re thinking along the same lines, it could be a good idea to take advantage of this blender deal now.

I know that if I was to get this Cuisinart blender, I’d probably go mad blending everything I could think of for a month or two… then grow tired of it. I do love blending things and subsequently eating or drinking them. But the part I don’t enjoy is the washing up – who does!?

How about you? Do you have a blender? What brand is it and what is your favourite thing to blend?

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June 9

Best Buy Canada: Jawbone UP24 Was $100 | Now $50 & Free Shipping

Posted by on June 9, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Best Buy Canada: Jawbone UP24 Was $100 | Now $50 & Free Shipping

Best Buy Canada had discounted the Jawbone UP24 from $99.99 down to $49.99. As the activity tracker costs over $25, it qualifies for free shipping. The Jawbone UP24 comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

I price compared with several other online retailers. Walmart Canada sells the Jawbone UP24 for $139.98. Staples Canada sells the UP24 tracker for $99.97. The same device costs $140 at Chapters Indigo Canada. Lastly, Amazon Canada has the Jawbone UP24 on sale for $69.99.

The Jawbone UP24 is the new and improved version of the original Jawbone UP. This activity and sleep tracker band syncs to the Up app via Bluetooth wireless so you can see your movement and sleep details. The app allows you to gain insight into your patterns, celebrate goals and milestones, as well as create challenges.

The UP24 will need to be recharged approximately once a week as it has a seven-day battery life. Enjoy cool features including a smart alarm that wakes you up based on your sleep cycle so you feel more refreshed in the morning.

This is a tracking device, thus it keeps track of steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, sleep and idle time. You can track your food and drinks by a) scanning in a barcode or b) typing the barcode into the app. One reviewer said:

Got this band as a Christmas present and love it. It’s such a great motivator to keep me moving when I am sitting for too long and it’s learned my sleep cycle which helps me see how I function on more/less sleep. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

The sleep function is one of the best selling features of this tracker. It lets you know:

  •  how long you sleep
  • how deep your sleep is
  • how often you wake throughout the night

While the device is water resistant, it is not water-proof. Keep that in mind when you are washing dishes or taking a shower. Be careful you do not accidently wreck your $50 toy with too much water exposure.

Choose from three different sizes: large, medium, and small. The medium is already out of stock online, but you can still reserve one in store if that is the size that you need. The other two sizes are still in stock both online and in most stores.

Best Buy Canada only sells the red colour, but you can purchase different coloured caps through the main link above. Turn your Jawbone UP24 to gold, silver, blue, and more colours. The covers come in packs of three.

(Expiry: 25th June 2015)

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June 9

Aukey 9000mAh Power Bank Was $40 | Now $17 (FS @ $25) @ Amazon.ca

Posted by on June 9, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Aukey 9000mAh Power Bank Was $40 | Now $17 (FS @ $25) @ Amazon.ca

The Aukey 9000mAh Portable External Battery Charger is on sale from $39.99 down to $16.99. The item is sold from A-TEK but fulfilled through Amazon, thus you can receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

Now there are several big differences between this charger and one like the ADATA I posted about a couple days ago. First of all, this is a fairly large power bank. it stores 9000mAh of power (over twice the size of the ADATA). This also means it is ‘less portable’. The larger volume requires a larger sized device. I still find this size portable enough to stick in your purse, but not in a pocket.

Second, the ADATA had one port with 2.1A output. The Aukey has two ports: one is 1A and the other is 1.3A for a combined max output of 2.3A. Thus, the Aukey is a larger external battery with a slower output per decide. Yet, the Aukey is better for charging two devices at one time and has the larger volume.

This is still an amazing price. The other cheapest 9000mAh power bank I could find on Amazon was the MoKo [Fit-Charge] 9000mAh Portable External Battery for $30.99. There are several others in the $30 to $40 range on Amazon Canada. Walmart has a Digiwave DCP1090B Power Bank (9000 mAh) for 47.98: this is the cheapest 9000mAh battery I could find on Walmart. Other websites had power banks of similar stats for around the same price.

The Aukey Amzdeal PURE-W3 9000mAh External Battery Pack will charge msot devices including Apple and Samsung products. This external battery features smart charing: just plug in your device and it will automatically start charging. When your phone or tablet is full, the PURE power bank will automatically stop charging.

Like most battery chargers, this unit comes with four LED indicator lights that represent how much juice you have left in the pack. These let you know when you need to recharge the battery. The power bank should only require approximately five hours to fully recharge.

I have no experience with the Aukey brand, so I cannot make any educated recommendations. However, at this price I would be willing to experiment. You will not find this size of battery for this price anywhere else.

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June 9

Save 70%! Sennheiser MM 100 Bluetooth Headphones Were $249 | Now $75 & Free Shipping @ Chapters Indigo

Posted by on June 9, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Save 70%! Sennheiser MM 100 Bluetooth Headphones Were $249 | Now $75 & Free Shipping @ Chapters Indigo

This is a fantastic deal today for all of you who like high-quality headphones that make your music sound amazing. The Sennheiser MM 100 Bluetooth Headphones were $249, but right now you can grab them for only $74.70. This is quite a score, saving you 70% off the price!

I have never been fussy about my music, but this deal today has me changing my mind. I listen to music everywhere. If there is a set of speakers near me, chances are good I am streaming some sort of music. I am usually happiest when some sort of lesser-known happy pop rock or acoustic cover is playing from my speakers.

If you like your music clear and crisp, you should check out these Sennheiser headphones. Sennheiser is a top brand of headphones and the clarity will surely live up to the brand. Even better, these headphones operate on an integrated Bluetooth that allows you to skip the wire. Most of Sennheiser’s headphones are wired, but I prefer not being tangled up in cords. This headset also has an integrated microphone so you can take calls on the headset seamlessly. This is perfect for working at your desk, out around town, or when you are out for a run. Avigayil blogged about these headphones when they were on sale for Cyber Monday, but we have not seen the price drop down since then.

The only other place I found these headphones for sale was at NCIX. They are currently selling at full price for $249. Most of Sennheiser’s headphones are wired, but over at Best Buy Canada I found one pair of Sennheiser headphones that are wireless with a 100m range for $140.24. I also found a Bluetooth pair, but the only available pair is $650.24! Most of the Sennheiser headphones start at around $200 and the price only goes upward from there.

There are no reviews at Chapters Indigo on these headphones, but plenty of people are talking about them at NCIX. Most people seem to be rating these about four out of five stars. Here is one review:

These headphones have been around my neck and ears for the last 3 month and I am very happy with them. Listening to music I get 7 hours or so playing non-stop. Phone quality for the most part has been. They have been very durable. They also go louder then I care to listen to while preserving audio quality.

There is still time that you could pick these headphones up in time for a Father’s Day gift. Treat dad or grab a pair for yourself. I am so tempted by this deal. I may treat myself to a new pair of headphones.

(Expiry: 21st June 2015)

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June 7

NCIX.com: ADATA 4200mAh Power Bank Was $32 | Now $15 & Free Shipping

Posted by on June 7, 2015 at 1:00 PM

NCIX.com: ADATA 4200mAh Power Bank Was $32 | Now $15 & Free Shipping

If you still have not picked up an external battery, or you need a second unit, now is your chance. NCIX.com has discounted ADATA PV100 Power Banks (4200MAH) 5V 2.1A from $31.74 down to $14.99 with free shipping.

This is an excellent mid-sized battery. It holds over twice the power as the Patriot Fuel deal that I blogged about before, which was certainly a hot deal. I think that this battery pack deal is pretty hot too. The same battery costs $26.99 + $7.99 shipping at Newegg.ca. A secondary seller on Amazon Canada sells these for $29.32 + $6.07 shipping.

Those prices seemed a bit high, thus I decided just to compare with other power banks. RAVPower makes a 3200 mAh power bank that retails for $17.99 on Amazon Canada. Anker also makes a 3200 mAh external battery that retails for $25.99 cheapest. Both of these batteries have less storage capacity and cost more.

This ADATA power bank comes in black. It has a very slim profile (only 8mm) and is just larger than an iPhone 5, so about the same size as an iPhone 6. With 2.1A output, your devices will charge faster. If you have ever seen a power bank with two USB outputs: generally, one is 1A and the other is 2.1A. If unmarked, you can accidentally charge your phone via the slower port, which takes longer.

The PV100 power bank has four indicator lights for the power remaining in the battery. This will display when you push on the LED indicator light. The front and rest of the body is otherwise clean.

The device comes loaded with safety mechanisms including:

  • OTP – Over-Temperature Protection
  • SCP – Short Circuit Protection
  • OVP – Over-Voltage Protection
  • OCP – Overcharge Protection
  • ODP – Over-Discharge Protection
  • OCP – Over-Current Protection

All these protections keep your phone from being harmed during the charging process. As for compatibility, almost any microUSB powered mobile device can be charged via this external battery.

I give external batteries to all my friends and I highly recommend them to the friends / family I am not close enough to in order to buy gifts. However, external batteries can only do so much. If you forget to bring your external battery, then it cannot save your dying phone (a friend of mine did that last night).

(Expiry: 10th June 2015)

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June 5

Phone Gala: Mipow TOPP 4-Port USB Hub Was $20 | Now $6 + Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on June 5, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Phone Gala: Mipow TOPP 4 Port USB Hub Was $20 | Now $6 + Shipping (EXPIRED)

Phone Gala has a flash two-day sale on the 2013 Reddot Award winning Mipow TOPP 4-Port USB Hub. Originally $19.99, the hub is now on sale for $5.99. Shipping is free on orders of $49 across all of Phone Gala’s sister stores. Alternatively, there is a $4.95 shipping fee for any order.

I could not find this product elsewhere in Canada, but I did find it out of stock at AliExpress for $24.77 USD. This appears to be an older model, thus many stores no longer have it in stock. I still think this is a good deal as even your most basic 4-port USB hubs sell for $8 or more at Best Buy Canada. Mipow is not just some no-name brand. Mipow’s own website has the hub listed at $19 USD.

I was just talking to a friend of mine about one of these. He was looking at a new laptop that only had two USB slots, whereas he uses two external monitors, a USB mouse, and often uses flash drives that require a free USB port. Rather than reject the new computer due to a lack of USB ports, I suggested he purchase a simple USB hub, like this one. He did not even know that such little devices existed, and was pleased he could get one of these instead of spending an additional $$ on a computer with more USB ports built in.

I wanted to let you know that we also have an exclusive 5% off coupon code for Phone Gala. It cannot be stacked on top of a sale like this, but if you are shopping for other items then it can come in very useful.

I recommend Phone Gala and her sister stores for great Apple accessories without the mark up on genuine Apple products. I was recently given a iPhone 5 cable to try out. It works just as well as my original Apple cable, which just broke through so it needed replacing. Once that white coating splits open, it is unsafe to use your cable. The cable arrived insanely quick and has worked with my laptop, original charger, and car charger for my iPhone.

I like that Phone Gala and her sisters stores are budget friendly while providing accessories for brand name products.

(Expiry: 7th June 2015)

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June 4

Chapters Indigo: Mental Beats Power Bank 2600 mAh Was $30 | Now $10

Posted by on June 4, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Chapters Indigo: Mental Beats Power Bank 2600 mAh Was $30 | Now $10

Chapters indigo Canada has a killer deal on the Mental Beats Power Bank 2600 mAh. Originally $29.95, these handy little external batteries are on sale for just $9.95 each. This is the last day of Chapters Canada’s free shipping with no minimum promotion so buy today! (Free shipping expired now)

While I would never pay the original price for this device, I do think it is worth $10. The size is small enough you can drop it in your pocket (with a bit of a bulge) or in your purse. I have an external battery of the same size and it is a wonderful companion for my cell phone. Rather than carting the large battery around, I can keep it in my purse for life’s little emergencies.

At 2600 mAh, this battery will not give a full charge to most cell phones. However, it will give you plenty of juice to make it through another few hours.

These handy little batteries come in four colour choices:

  • black
  • blue
  • purple
  • white

I think this may be the first time I have seen an external battery in purple thus that would be my choice. Each power bank comes with a built in LED indicator to let you know when the power bank is fully charged.

I noted that I kept having errors pop up on the web page when I went between the colours. Just ignore the errors, as I was successfully able to add the power banks to my cart and get into checkout with them. They are currently listed as in stock for all colours.

I give battery chargers to my friends; it is like the number one gift I end up giving people I care for. Seriously, these things can be a lifesaver. In fact, recently I made an emergency stop at my local dealership as the engine light came on in my car. I had only planned a quick trip to the pharmacy, so I did not have an external battery with me nor could I charge off my car as it was being looked at. My phone went low battery while waiting for the shuttle (over an hour) and I was kicking myself the entire time for not having a battery charger in my purse. Lesson learned.

As free shipping expires end of day today, it is best to purchase one of these devices today so you will score free shipping as well.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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June 4

NCIX.com: Silicon Power 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Only $12 & Free Shipping

Posted by on June 4, 2015 at 1:00 PM

NCIX.com: Silicon Power 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Only $12 & Free Shipping

NCIX.com has an excellent deal on the Silicon Power 32GB Blaze B30 USB 3.0 Swivel Flash Drive. Originally $19.99, the 32GB flash drive is now discounted to $11.99 with free shipping.

This is one of the best prices we have seen for a 32GB flash drive. Checking back in the Bargainmoose archives, I found other 32GB flash drives on sale for $14.99. I decided to price compare this specific brand, Silicon Power, and this specific model, B30, in the 32GB size with 3.0 speed.

Tiger Direct had the next closest price at $14.99 but you would also have to pay for shipping. Amazon Canada came in next at $23.34 and Canada Computers charges $24.99. Neither of these two companies have free shipping on just the flash drive either.

While there are no reviews on NCIX.com, there are on other websites. On Amazon, the flash drive has a 4.5/5 star rating with 72 reviews. I have to say, that is awesome! I also found a very detailed review on TigerDirect from a customer giving the device 5/5 stars. Here is part of the review:

I tested the read and write speeds using the black magic app on the mac app store, the speeds where very impressive for a flash drive, i was getting around 80 – 90 MBs Read and around 35 MBs write. I would like to point out that i have another memory stick from another brand and this product is around double the speed. Overall this is an excellent memory stick that really cannot be faulted for the price.

This is very good news for people who care about their read and write speeds. The faster your speeds, the faster data transfers to and from your flash drive. This little number not only looks good (love the diamond textured look), it can read up to 90 MBPS and write up to 40 MBPS.

The flash drive has the newest 3.0 speed (some flash drives still come in 2.0) and is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Overall, for $12 with free shipping you cannot do better, especially for a flash drive with such great ratings on Amazon Canada.

If you are looking for an inexpensive but useful gift for Father’s Day, consider picking up a 32GB flash drive for your father. Then teach him how to use it.

You only receive free shipping when this product is in stock. if it becomes ‘backordered’ then you will be charged shipping.

(Expiry: 10th June 2015)

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June 4

The Source Canada: Free Speaker with Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Purchase ($100 Value)

Posted by on June 4, 2015 at 12:00 PM

The Source Canada: Free Speaker with Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Purchase ($100 Value)

The Source Canada is giving away a free Samsung Bluetooth speaker valued at $100 when you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1″ tablet for $269.99.

First, I price compared the price of this tablet with other online retailers. The speaker would not exactly be ‘free’ if they had built the price of it into the tablet’s price. However, I found everything on the level. This same tablet retails for:

  • $269.96 @ Staples Canada
  • $269.99 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $268 @ Walmart Canada

I also found it over $300 at Newegg.ca but that is through a secondary seller: I do not think it counts. The Source’s price is pretty much the same as any other retailer, thus the free speaker is indeed a nice bonus.

You are purchasing the white model. Your new tablet comes with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor and 16GB of memory. That memory can be expanded with a 32GB microSD card inserted into the microSD slot on the tablet. That would give you a total of 48GB of memory. This 10.1″ tablet runs Android 4.4 KitKat, one of the newest android operating systems. The reviews rave on this tablet no matter where I look. One reviewer said:

for what this tablet offers at the going price, it beats out the competition. The battery life is great, and the performance keeps up with some demanding apps.

Other reviewers say that it is great for kids (has a kid mode) and the screen size is much better than the 7″, which they found a bit small. Other reviewers praise the speed, the crisp-clear screen, and the ability to expand memory. Another reviewer says:

I was fortunate enough to get this table to while on sale but would be willing to pay full price anyway. The display is clear and crisp, great battery life, extremely fast and feature packed. I highly recommend this tablet to anyone as it is kid friendly as well.

Now, this deal is great but they really do not tell you anything about the Samsung Bluetooth Speaker you are getting for free, which is a shame. I tried to photo match by browsing websites, but I just could not figure out which speaker this is. If you recognise the free Samsung speaker being offered, please drop us a line.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: 7th June 2015)

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June 3

NETIS 8 Port Ethernet Switch Was $30 |Now $10 & Free Shipping @ Newegg

Posted by on June 3, 2015 at 5:30 PM


NETIS 8 Port Ethernet Switch Was $30 |Now $10 & Free Shipping @ Newegg

Newegg Canada has discounted a basic eight-port Ethernet switch from $29.99 to just $9.99 with free shipping. For Moosers on a budget, this is a good basic ethernet switch.

This NETIS switch is one of the larger NETIS ports. This switch comes in a 5-port model, which retails for more than the 8-port switch one. The device has 8 x 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation RJ-45 ports, which support auto MDI/MDIX. The switch comes in a plastic case and can be placed on a desktop or wall-mounted.

The unit is plug and play, no configuration is required. It is great for technology inept people who can barely find the username and the password for their network, let alone program it.

Green Ethernet technology will save you up to 70% of the power consumption of a regular router. I do find that most routers these days come with green technology. The device is also quite small. It measures 4″ by 2.25″ by 1″.

I tried price comparing, but this device is not sold at many other places in Canada. I did find the same port on sale in the USA for $9.99 USD @ Amazon.com and $14.99 USD @ Walmart.com. Given those sale prices in the USA, and the exchange rate right now, I figured this was a pretty solid deal.

The reviews are actually quite nice as well. With eight reviews, the switch has a solid 4/5 egg rating. One reviewer said:

This is a great little switch. The pictures make it look much larger than it actually is, but in reality it is the same size as (or smaller than) a modern smartphone. It is really easy to hide away and does not take up much space at all because of this, and it was just plug and play.

The same reviewer also bought it on sale for $10 and thought it was worth every penny that he paid!

For a basic Ethernet switch, this will do the job. Usually Newegg Canada has shipping charges for everything you buy, but this qualifies for free shipping. You can check out the rest of their free shipping offers via their website.

I was looking around and found this ORICO DCX-4U 5V7Amps 35W 4 Port Smart USB Wall Charger for a great price. Originally $40.99, the wall charger is on sale for $15.99 with free shipping. This is another solid electronic purchase.
(Expiry: unknown)

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June 3

Bonus $25 Gift Card with HP Stream 11″ or 13″ Laptop @ Microsoft Canada

Posted by on June 3, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Bonus $25 Gift Card with HP Stream 11 or 13 Laptop @ Microsoft Canada

Are you looking for an inexpensive laptop to replace your current out-modded model? Purchase the HP Stream 11 for just $249.99 and receive a free $25 Microsoft Gift Card. The same offer is available on the 13″ model that retails for $289.99. Receive free shipping on all orders.

The 11″ HP Stream laptop comes in two colour options: Magenta or Blue. Both the HP Stream signature edition laptops come with 11.6-inch (294.64-millimeter) HD displays, Intel Celeron N2840 processors, 2GB of memory with 32GB eMMC built in hard drive and 1TB of OneDrive online storage. These little laptops are the perfect portable devices with 8.5 hours of battery life. You could run this laptop almost all day on just battery. These little 11″ HP Stream laptops retail for $249, but if you are a student, you can purchase one for just $224.10. You also receive a free $25 Microsoft gift card.

You can also purchase a 13″ version if you need a larger screen size. The HP Stream 13-c078nr Signature Edition Laptop (magenta) is already out of stock but you can still purchase the HP Stream 13-c077nr Signature Edition Laptop in blue. The 13″ HP Stream retails for $289 but you can get it for just $260.10 if you are a student. Either way, you will receive that free $25 Microsoft gift card with your purchase. Like the 11″ model, this 13″ model features:

  • Intel Celeron N2840 processor
  • 2GB memory
  • 32GB eMMC hard drive

However, this model has a larger screen but a smaller battery life. The 13″ laptop promises over 7.5 hours, which is one hour shorter than the 11″ model. I am not sure I could go down to a 11″ model as I spend many hours per day on my computer. One reviewer said:

This laptop is great for anyone looking for a no frills computer that just gets the job done. It can handle day to day tasks like office, browsing and video very well. The looks and building are better than expected at this price range. Furthermore, Microsoft signature edition products come with no trialware or junk which is a bonus.

First, both the 11″ and 13″ laptops are a good price. I found an ASUS 11″ laptop with approximately the same configuration (slightly different processor but everything else was the same) for the same price – but it did not qualify for a free $25 gift card. These HP Stream models are priced competitively within the current market. With a free gift card, worth up to 10% the computer’s price, this is a pretty good deal on a base model laptop.

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June 3

Moto 360 Was $280 | Now $180 & Free Canadian Shipping @ Google Store

Posted by on June 3, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Moto 360 Was $280 | Now $180 & Free Canadian Shipping @ Google Store

Android users should check out this deal for wearable technology today, over at the Google Store. The Moto 360 was $279.99 but now is only $179.99!

I have to admit, I had no idea the Google Store was selling devices directly in Canada. I usually think about the Google Play Store, and the Google Store has slipped under my radar. To find out what electronics are available to us in Canada through the Google Store, check out this list here. Even better, right now there is an amazing discount for the Moto 360.

The Moto 360 is an ultimate, top of the line smartwatch. This watch has a scratch-free glass screen and a leather band. Use this as a command centre to preview your messages while your Android device stays in your pocket or bag. This device doubles as an activity tracker with a built in pedometer and heart rate monitor. Track your progress directly through Google Fit, and even connect to the Google Play Store to listen to stream tunes while you work out. This watch also connects to Google maps, and can double as a GPS device… from your watch! Seriously, my watch could give turn-by-turn directions? This watch is compatible with Android devices, but sadly is not yet cross-compatible with iOS devices.

Price Comparison

The only price I found that was anywhere close to the Google Store was over at Telus, they have the Moto 360 on sale for $199.99. At Best Buy Canada, this watch is on sale and has dropped to $249.99. Videotron is selling this watch for $279.95. You could also buy this directly from Bell.ca for $279.99. Amazon.ca has this watch for $279.99. This is an amazing price at the Google Store.


Reviews overall are positive for this watch. I have looked at a couple other smartwatches, and this one by far has the happiest reviewers. Here is one review over at Best Buy that may just convince you it is time to buy this watch.

OK…I had some inaccurate perceptions of what a smartwatch can do…..no, it’s not a smartphone on your wrist! It’s your phones notification center and a limited controller of your phone… and it does this wonderfully! I like to exercise. With the Moto 360 if a message notification comes in I just flick my wrist… Plus it’s a beautiful comfortable watch I LOVE IT!


Google Store is currently offering a free shipping promotion that means this item ships completely free. I was a little concerned about duty costs, as I could not find it stated directly on Google’s website. What they did say is that orders ship via UPS, Purolator or Canada Post according to the Find Your Country’s Estimated Delivery Time drop-down menu further down the page. From reading various Canadian customer accounts around the web, you should not be charged any customs fees at your door. Other buyers have reported that Google absorbs those costs and that there are not duty fees at the door. There is still a chance duty fees could be presented, but I would say your chances are low overall.

I have never ordered from the Google Store directly, but this highly sought after smartwatch is very tempting. Google is generally very on top of things. Even their checkout feels clean without a fuss. This is the lowest price I have seen for this awesome watch yet. My husband would be thrilled to receive this as a Father’s Day gift.

Bargainmoosers, can any of you comment as to how your transaction with the Google Store went?

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