March 16

Dell Canada: 48 Hour Sale Starts Today! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 16, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Dell Canada: 48 Hour Sale Starts Today! (EXPIRED)

Dell is having a 48 hour sale that starts today. Included in this deal are special prices on laptops, desktops and other various electronics. Free shipping with no minimum is included with all orders @ Dell.ca.

If you have been considering a new monitor, Dell has a great deal on the Dell 23 Monitor E2314H. This monitor was $219.99 but is now only $149.99. This monitor is a backlight LED with a crisp, high-resolution picture. This is a 16:9 widescreen format monitor, which will give you lots of screen space for both work or for play.  This monitor tilts to adjust for your comfort and comes with a full 3 year warranty. This is a great price on this monitor, as I am seeing it priced between $209 @ NCIX and $225 @ Newegg.ca.

The new Inspiron 14 3451 laptop was $338.99 but is now down to a cool $279.99. This 14” laptop comes equipped with a 500 GB Hard drive, 2 GB of memory and Windows 8.1. While not a super powerful laptop, this is a great price for a student machine or machine for light internet use. If you do not need a lot of power or need an inexpensive machine to tide you over, this would be a great option. This laptop also comes with 1-year in-home support included.

My husband shares an office with another co-worker who likes to sing constantly. He could get a pair of the Sony MDR ZX110NC Noise Canceling Headphones. These headphones were $79.99 but are now only $34.99. These are foldable, noise-cancelling headphones with a long 1.2m cord. If you need a sleek pair of headphones for on the go, this pair would be a nice mix of quality sound and convenience. My husband commutes on the train, so a foldable pair would be perfect for him. These are a much better price than the $60.39 you would pay for the same pair at Best Buy.ca or Future Shop.ca.

These items and other select items are only on sale for 48 hours and will not be around long. There are also several pricier laptops and desktops for sale if you are in the market for something more powerful. If you are willing to shell out a little more cash in exchange for power, good deals can be found in this sale.

Image Credit: David Precious

(Expiry: 18th March 2015 @ 5am)

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March 16

30% Off Beats by Dre Headphones – From $112 @ Chapters Indigo 5 Days 5 Deals

Posted by on March 16, 2015 at 3:00 PM

30% Off Beats by Dre Headphones   From $112 @ Chapters Indigo 5 Days 5 Deals

Every day this week, Chapters Indigo will be offering a different tech deal until Friday. Today, you can save 30% off select Beats by Dr. Dre headphones but only while supplies last.

Although the Beats wireless on-ear headphones are already sold out, you can still save on the following two models of Beats by Dre headphones:

You certainly can’t go wrong with Beats by Dre headphones and if you’re undecided between the two styles, whether on or in-ear. Personally, I prefer the in-ear style as I like a more low-key music listening experiences but on-ear is also preferred by many.

On Amazon, the in-ear ones are actually $159.99 right now by a seller. At Best Buy, they’re on sale for $197.99, although the original price isn’t mentioned as these are already sold out.

There are no reviews for the in-ear ones at Chapters Indigo, but here’s a review I found on Amazon:

No matter how hardcore your workout is, these will stay in your ears. I couldn’t believe it when I first got them they has such GOOD sound.

The fact that these will stay on during a workout is definitely a major perk. The odd times I have worked out, I was massively annoyed by my earphones not staying in my ears, so not having to worry about constantly putting them back in is a great advantage.

They are also sweat resistant, all the while offering impeccable sound.

The on-eat headphones wouldn’t particularly be well suited for working out but they could instead be used for just regular music listening or movie watching. These could also be great for students to use while studying.

As I already mentioned, this Beats by Dre deal is part of a “5 days, 5 deals” promotion but Chapters Indigo hasn’t advertised the rest of the deals yet, so you would need to check my daily to find these out.

Shipping is bound to be free on these as well as Chapter Indigo automatically ships orders over $25 for free.

(Image Credit: Martin Bekkelund)

(Expiry: 20th March 2015 or while supplies last)

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March 16

HP Officejet 5740e All in One Printer Was $149 | Now $99 & Free Shipping @ Staples.ca

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HP Officejet 5740e All in One Printer Was $149 | Now $99 & Free Shipping @ Staples.ca

Staples.ca has a great printer deal over in the daily deals centre today. You can get the HP Officejet 5740e All in One Printer that was $149 for only $99. Free shipping is also included with this printer.

We are in the middle of tax season right now, which means you may find yourself printing a few more documents than usual. Around many kitchen tables, people are looking over forms, gathering documents and searching through their files to ensure they have all of the paperwork handy. With so many of our forms and documents online, a home printer that also scans can be very helpful during tax season to help keep everything organized.

This thermal inkjet printer does all of the basic functions including print, scan, fax and copy. It can print double sided, allowing you to save paper. Printing from mobile devices is available free through both HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint. This prints at a fast speed of twelve pages per minute when printing in black only, and eight pages per minute when printing in colour. A one year limited warranty is also included which is great. I always appreciate when a company backs up the product with a warranty.

Most of the other retailers have this printer priced above the starting price that Staples shows on this printer. This sale price is looking pretty good compared to the other prices around the web. Check it out in the price comparison below.

I see very positive reviews on Staples’s website with 111 reviews and a four and a half star average rating. Below is the review that Staples highlights as the most helpful review.

It has been so long since I have had a truly reliable printer. This printer is so much better than my previous one -it doesn’t jam, it copies front and back, it prints, faxes, scans, copies and will allow me to print wirelessly from my iPad. The refill cartridges are easy to install and setting it up was a breeze. I would highly recommend this printer to anyone interested in great features for a reasonable price.

This deal is only available online through tomorrow. The stock is limited on this printer, so if they run out you will be out of luck if you wait. This is a great deal if you are in need of a new reliable printer for basic home use.

(Expiry: 17th March 2015)

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March 15

The Source: Nexxtech 32GB USB Thumb Drive Was $50 | Now $12.99 & Free Shipping *HOT* (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 15, 2015 at 6:10 PM

The Source: Nexxtech 32GB USB Thumb Drive Was $50 | Now $12.99 & Free Shipping *HOT* (EXPIRED)

The Source Canada has further discounted the Nexxtech 32GB USB Thumb Drive. Originally $49.99, this 32GB flash drive is on sale for $12.99. Use The Source coupon code TS4411 for free standard shipping to your door.

Okay, I will admit I have blogged a similar deal before. Back in September, The Source had the Nexxtech 32GB thumb drives on sale for $14.99. There was no free shipping promo. Therefore, if you wanted it shipped to your home, then you had to pay an additional $4.95. Not only is the Nexxtech drive cheaper right now, you also save $5 on shipping. Sweet!

For your information: this is a 2.0 not a 3.0 thumb drive. For tech newbies, that refers to transfer speed. The newest flash drives are all 3.0 speed so this is the previous generation. I do not think I own anything (hard drive, flash drives, etc.) that has the 3.0 speed yet. I tend to use electronics until they die, so that is why.

The reviews are very positive! One reviewer said:

This USB does it all. It is well made, comes in great colors, has built in storage sleeve, bought on sale at a ridiculously low price and bought 4, has a place to attach to a carrying handle and is very high quality.

Another reviewer said:

Great value for the money. I bought it while on sale ($14.99) and I love it. It’s fast enough and full of space for pics, music or movies.

This reviewer also said that shipping to his door was super-fast. He ordered the Nexxtech drive on one day, and two days later the drive arrived.

As I mentioned before, a 32GB thumb drive holds more data than your average consumer will ever need to store or transfer. A 32GB flash drive can hold 15,237 photos, 7,618 MP3, or 60 feature length films.

I could not find this model anywhere else in Canada but everywhere I looked, these sort of flash drives were $14.99 or more (without free shipping).

Now, if you MUST have the 3.0 speed – you need to shop at Amazon Canada. They have the Lexar Jumpdrive 32GB 3.0 stick on sale, in orange, from $41 down to $14.99 plus shipping. This is also a very good deal, but you can only score free shipping if you order $25 or more.

Whichever way you go, these are both great deals on a 32GB flash drive.

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March 13

Future Shop: Sennheiser MM 30 G Earbuds Were $50 | Now $25 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 13, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Future Shop: Sennheiser MM 30 G Earbuds Were $50 | Now $25 & Free Shipping

Future Shop has a huge clearance sale on right now. Amoung the myriad of deals, I found the Sennheiser In-Ear Sound Isolating Headphones (MM 30G) on sale from $49.99 down to $24.95. Future Shop rounds up for their free shipping. Thus, even though this headset appears to be five-cents short of free shipping – it will still ship for free.

I price compared with a few other retailers. The white headset currently retails for:

  • $34.95 @ Amazon Canada
  • $34.95 @ Best Buy Canada

The headset is on sale at both Best Buy and Amazon but the price is still $15 above Future Shop Canada’s price.

Now, this headset is designed to work with the ever-popular Samsung Galaxy, starting at the Galaxy S2. The in-line, smart, three-button remote control with microphone gives you full control over the sound and calls on your Galaxy or other smart phone. Turn the volume up and down, answer calls, as well as control your music and playing options all from the in-line controller.

With Sennheiser, you can expect high-end speakers. The speakers feature an ear-canal design for superior fit and customized ear sleeves for effective noise blocking and better sound. The ear sleeves come in sizes small, medium, and large for a customized fit. Often, customers may need one size for one ear and another size for the other ear. I never thought about mixing and matching sizes until I read a review talking about ear sizes and getting the best fit for an underwater headset.

There are many other headset deals available at Future Shop Canada right now. The Sennheiser Over-Ear Sound Isolating Headphones (HD 429s) are currently $59.99 (Save $70). They do not have the highest rating, but often rating is dependent on price point. These Sony On-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones (MDRNC8B) are also on steep discount from $59.99 down to $26.99. Again, not the greatest reviews.

If you can pick up at your local store, I highly suggest the Rocketfish Inner Ear PC Headset (RF-PKNJ2) that was $29.99 and is now on sale for $9.95. This deal is already out of stock online but you can still reserve in store. Add this Dynex 740 Earclip Headset With Microphone to your cart. Originally $5.98, the little ear set is on sale for $1.95. Supplies are limited.

Ship to store or receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: 15th March 2015)

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March 12

NCIX Canada: NVIDIA Shield 32GB Tablet – Now Just $460 + 3 Freebies ($160 Value!)

Posted by on March 12, 2015 at 9:55 PM

NCIX Canada: NVIDIA Shield 32GB Tablet   Now Just $460 + 3 Freebies ($160 Value!)Get it while you still can: the NVIDIA Shields tablet is currently on sale for just $459.99 and even comes with the following 3 freebies: a cover, a controller and a games coupon with a $29.99 value. Shipping is free as well.

An unlocked version of this tablet is also currently on sale at Newegg for $449.99, down from the original price tag of $499.99. It may be $10 cheaper than at NCIX but it doesn’t include all of the freebies, which would have otherwise cost the following amounts:

Altogether, that comes up to $145.97 in savings!Let’s say you were to get this tablet at Newegg along with all of these products separately, then you would be looking at a $595.96. That’s without tax, so can you just imagine how much more you would have to pay?

Arguably, you wouldn’t necessarily need all those items but let’s face it, a cover is extremely useful and so is the included games coupon. Plus, if you plan to use this tablet to game, then the controller is a must-buy as it will significantly enhance your game play.

To get to the tablet itself though, it features an 8″ screen that is 1920 x 1200 and is full HD. It also boasts 2.2GHz ARM Cortex A15 CPU and 2GB RAM.

The cool part about this tablet is that you could even transform it into a console by hooking it up to a TV and playing your favourite game that way with the use of the controller.

On PC Mag, this tablet garnered a fab rating of 4/5 stars with this as the bottom line:

If you need a tablet with always-on connectivity, the Nvidia Shield Tablet should be at the top of your list whether you use it for gaming or not.

As you can see, you don’t necessarily need to be a gamer to get it. If you don’t anticipate playing any games, then you could always try to sell the remote and the games coupon. You might want to keep the cover as it’s flexible enough to be molded to stand in a variety of positions — definitely very handy, especially for watching TV shows or movies!

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March 12

Bell Canada: Sony Wireless Headphones Were $250 | Now $150 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 12, 2015 at 4:47 PM

Bell Canada: Sony Wireless Headphones Were $250 | Now $150 & Free Shipping

Bell Mobility Canada has substantially discounted the Sony MDR-10R Series Bluetooth Headphones in black with red accents. Originally $249.95, the headset is now on sale for $149.97. Bell offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

I always price compare headphones thoroughly to make sure you are getting the best deal. I find that headphones and wireless speakers often drop in price, so I want to make sure I am writing about the lowest price – not just a lower price. This wireless Sony headset retails for:

  • $249.99 @ Sony Store Canada
  • $249.99 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $179.99 + $9.16 shipping @ Amazon Canada

When price comparing this headset, you have to be very careful about getting the version right. The same code (MDR-10R) applies to both a wireless set and a wired set. This is the wireless set – perfect for people looking to get with the system and cut the chain that tethers them to their iPhone, Android, computer, and more. You could also use this beauty with a Bluetooth enabled television. That way, your 2 AM binges on Game of Thrones will not disturb the rest of the household. Only your groans over who killed off might stir the dead… or sleeping parties.

In my house, headsets are essential. They are the way my partner indulges in hockey without driving me crazy. They are also the way I indulge in metal bands like Disturbed, Apocalyptica, Tool, and more without driving the household crazy.

When you go to checkout, Bell has a little compatibility test to ensure this headset will work for your device. I tried my phone out and received this message:

This accessory is not compatible with your iPhone 5s. If you continue with your purchase, please be aware that this accessory will not work with your mobile device.

I do not actually have the 5s, I have the iPhone 5. I also do not quite believe this report as my iPhone works just fine with my Sony Bluetooth speaker. Even if you get this response, you can still order the headset.

Reviewers, for the most part, are quite pleased with the headset. One reviewer on Sony said:

Just bought the MDR-10RBT headphones. So far all went well. It was easy to pair them with my iPad, Blackberry, and Mac. The sound is very good, with just the right amount of bass and great volume. They fit well and are not uncomfortable.

I would read more comments as some of the reviewers tell you how to use APT-X codec for the best possible sound.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 12

The Source: SONY SRSX3 Was $150 | Now $99.99 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 12, 2015 at 12:49 PM

The Source: SONY SRSX3 Was $150 | Now $99.99 & Free Shipping

The Source Canada has an amazing deal on the new Sony SRS-X3 Wireless Speaker. Originally $149.99, the speaker is now on sale for $99.99 and free shipping.

I price compared this speaker with many other companies. Other retailers currently have the Sony SRSX3 speaker priced at:

  • $109.99 @ Dell Canada (Deal of the Day)
  • $129.99 @ Sony Store Canada
  • $149.99 @ Future Shop Canada
  • $149.99 @ Best Buy Canada

The only place where this speaker is on sale for the same price is at NCIX.com – where it is currently $99.99 and there is a free shipping coupon code too. So, if The Source suddenly is out of stock, head over to NCIX.com to pick up the same deal.

Sony is a well-known brand that excels at electronics. The Sony SRS line of speakers – X3, X5, and X7 – is affordable luxury. The speakers sound amazing and yet are at a reasonable price point. I own the Sony SRSX5 speaker, which sounds incredible and is equal (in quality) to the legendary Bose. The SRS-X3 is a smaller version of the SRS-X5 and comes at a more reasonable price point. CNET is a great place for reviews. They said:

With comparably good sound for its size and the addition of speakerphone features, the Sony SRS-X3 mini Bluetooth speaker measures up well against the pricier Bose SoundLink Mini.

I agree with this review, I spent a good deal of time deciding which Sony SRS speaker I wanted. The quality on all three models was amazing, and I managed to afford the SRS-X5. The SRS-X3 was a strong contender at a really great price. One reviewer of the SRS-X5 said:

I bought this to replace another brand. Sony was so much clearer and richer sounding with excellent bass. I use it for my home Desktop Computer and for listening to ITunes. can’t go wrong with this.

Most people are amazed at the sound quality of this speaker. It is also very sleek and comes with a decent seven-hour battery. While I generally plug my speaker in when I listen, it is nice to have the battery for travelling or for using the speaker in another part of the house.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more at The Source Canada.

(Expiry: 25th March 2015)

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March 11

Lorex Pro Security System | 4 Varifocal Cameras + DVR Was $864 | Now $613 With Exclusive Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Lorex Technology

Posted by on March 11, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Lorex Pro Security System | 4 Varifocal Cameras + DVR Was $864 | Now $613 With Exclusive Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Lorex Technology

Whether you are looking to provide a little extra security for your home or your small business, this Lorex security set with 4 camera and a DVR will have you covered. This set was $864 and is on sale for $720.99. With the exclusive coupon code BARGAINMOOSE15, this can be yours for only $612.84. Free shipping is included for any item over $3.99 @ Lorex Technology.

Lorex has a Canadian and American site so make sure to click the Canadian flag at the top. The site seems to default to the American site. Browsing through these security systems on the Lorex page, there are many different options to choose from with slightly different features. The security system we are looking at today has some extra upgrades in it that you do not see at this price point at the other retailers. This is a professional grade security system designed to give you flexibility to monitor fully the area you choose.

A quick breakdown of what this set includes:

  • 12 channel DVR
  • 2 Varifocal Bullet cameras
  • 2 Varifocal Dome cameras
  • 165 ft of night vision capability
  • Remote connectivity via Android or iOS app
  • 1 TB storage

Taking a look at this set, the first thing that pops out to me is the varifocal bullet and dome cameras. This means these cameras have the ability to adjust the lens on your camera and maximize your viewing area. On a standard security set, you would have a fixed lens that does not allow you to tilt and adjust like these dome and bullet cameras allow. The 12 channels included allow you to get a better view as you switch viewing angles and perspectives, especially with the wider viewing area the dome cameras provide. These cameras are also designed specifically to endure harsh climates and cold temperatures, something we have to consider here in Canada. They are fully equipped with night vision to have a clear view always.

I also like the ability to be able to connect via the internet and check in on your security cameras and the DVR. A free app available for iPad Air, iPhone, or Android connects you to your system remotely and ensures you have a close eye. This would be super handy to check from work or even vacation, and is free to use without any extra subscription fees.

I price checked these around the web and was not able to find this exact set. I found a Lorex 4 camera set with four fixed lens bullet cameras, 1 TB of storage, and a DVR with only four viewing channels for $684 @ Tiger Direct. This set is missing many of the whistles and bells, and with only 4 channels to view you will not be able to see as much of the area. Costco has a slightly bigger Lorex security package that includes 8 channels, 2 TB of storage and 4 fixed lens bullet cameras for $899.99. Best Buy and Future Shop also have the same security package as Costco, but at a price tag of $1,399.99 at either retailer.

The available reviews are all very favourable. Here is one happy buyer.

Lorex Pro Security System | 4 Varifocal Cameras + DVR Was $864 | Now $613 With Exclusive Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ Lorex Technology

Your best bet is to pick up this deal at Lorex now. This is a bigger purchase so you may want to think about it a little, but do not wait too long. The sale price will only be around for a limited amount of time. The ability to be able to stack the coupon code sweetens this deal. Lorex offers 60-day returns to allow you to fully test the product and ensure you are happy with the system.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 10

New Frog (CN): Free Shipping & Up to 80% Off Gadgets

Posted by on March 10, 2015 at 4:53 PM

New Frog (CN): Free Shipping & Up to 80% Off Gadgets

NewFrog.com is a gadget website out of China that offers free international shipping. Right now, they are hosting a pre-April Fools sale with up to 80% off fun gadgets, toys, accessories, and more.

Websites like these are great for buying little items that you do not wish to spend a fortune upon. Do note that all prices are in USD.

Sports bracelets are all the rage right now. From the Fitbit to the Sony watches and more, everyone wants to monitor their steps and their sleep via a watch. If the brand name Sports bracelets are out of your price range, then purchase the New H8 Smart Bluetooth Bracelet Sport Sleep on sale from $54.23 down to $15.44. For compatibility, your phone must have Android 4.3/ IOS 7.0 and above. Choose from blue, orange, black, or green. Here is all the functionality of units five-times the price of the H8.

I can barely resist purchasing two sets of these SKULL HEAD LED Car/Motorcycle Wheel Valve Stem Caps. Originally $3, they are now $1.60. I think these are wicked cool. They will flash while you are driving and turn off when you stop. You can also revolve to switch the LED lamps on and off. These lighted stem caps are suitable for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. They make your wheels, and thus your vehicle, more visible at night. For all four tires on a car, you would need two of these sets (each set is a pair).

I just adore this Clouds Rainy Pot Wall-hung Flower Pot! The adorable factor is out of this world as it looks like the cloud litterally rains down on your plant when you pour water into it:

Just pour some water into the opening on the top of the cloud form, and ‘raindrops’ will fall through small holes in its base and onto the plant below. The gentle effect of raindrops is less stressful for the plant than having a torrent of water poured on it from a cup, for example. Indoor plants tend to have weak and shallow roots. 

This is a brilliant idea and looks cute at the same time. Originally $16.44, the pot is on sale for $7.40. Choose from blue or green.

Remember, New Frog ships from out of country. All orders of $20 or less are duty free for Canadians. However, if your order is over $20 then you may be subject to duty upon your package reaching Canada. I have never ordered from this company before so I am unsure whether it is common or not for packages from them to come with duty charges.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 10

Dell Canada: D-Link 24-Port Ethernet Switch Was $70 | Now $30 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 10, 2015 at 2:29 PM

Dell Canada: D Link 24 Port Ethernet Switch Was $70 | Now $30 & Free Shipping

In today’s 12 Days of Deals at Dell Canada, the D-Link DES 1024A 24-Port Fast Ethernet Switch is on sale from $69.99 down to $29.99 with free shipping. Sign up for the Dell Advantage to receive 5% back on a Dell gift card as well.

While I am familiar with a lot of tech, this is a new one for me. I have just never seen that many ports on an Ethernet switch before! Talk about all the networking opportunities. This is perfect for a small to medium size business or a gaming room.

I price compared with many other retailers and found Dell’s price the best. Here is what other retailers are selling the D-Link DES-1024A Ethernet switch for:

  • $48.99 @ NCIX.com
  • $49.98 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $49.98 @ Future Shop Canada
  • $49.98 @ Amazon Canada
  • $49.99 @ Staples Canada
  • $49.99 @ Walmart Canada

The above price comparisons do not include shipping charges for companies like NCIX.com or Staples. However, the going rate for this Ethernet switch is $50 right now.

Now, why would you want one of these devices if you have wireless? Wireless is convenient but you will always achieve faster file transfers and download speeds when you are hardwired into a device. When I am downloading a game on Steam, I always hard wire my computer in to the internet because I do not want to wait for hours or risk a momentary glitch interrupting my download.

I found a review for this device on NCIX. The reviewer said:

This switch works great. I’ve been using this on in my house to dispatch internet around the entire house (2 floors) and it works perfectly. Never rebooted since I got it and it was a pretty easy setup (out of the box, plug it and connect to my router and job done).

The reviewer most liked the fast and easy setup. However, he was disappointing that the Ethernet switch did not feature a gigabyte port.

Given the price point of this unit compared with the competitors, I think this is a great deal for anyone in need of one of these units. As Dell Canada offers free shipping on all orders, there are no extra fees beyond taxes.

This is a one-day deal and will end tomorrow morning!

(Expiry: 11th March 2015 @ 6AM)

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March 9

Apple Canada: Refurbished Apple TV $79 or New Apple TV $89 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 9, 2015 at 9:20 PM

Apple Canada: Refurbished Apple TV $79 or New Apple TV $89 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

There has been a price drop on the Apple TV. This device used to retail for $109 but has recently dropped to $89 new. For those of you looking to save a bit more cash, you can purchase a refurbished Apple TV for just $79 with free shipping.

Price drops are not very common at Apple, so this is rather sweet. Whether you are after a new model or a used model, the price is now more affordable.

We all know this unit. This is the Apple TV that lets you stream content from your iPad, iPhone, or computer. Not only that, you can use it to rent movies, buy movies, watch your favourite TV programs, stream Netflix, and more on the TV.

If you are buying the refurbished unit – have no fear. There is a rigorous refurbishment process to ensure the Apple TV you receive is in tiptop shape. All refurbished products qualify for Apple’s one-year warranty and their 14-day return policy. If this is not enough assurance for you, then you can also purchase peace of mind in the form of the extended AppleCare Protection Plan.

This is the lowest price that any Apple TV has ever been on the blog. As for the new TV, I once blogged about a deal where it was on sale (with coupon) for this price. However, that was quite a limited time deal.

I would love to get some Mooser’s opinions on the Apple TV. I have not bought one (yet), and am curious whether you guys think it is a good device. I do not watch many movies or television series, but I do have a few I cannot watch online that I like. In addition, I am interested in converting my favourite movies over to digital form so I do not fill up a shelf with stacks of Blu-Ray cases. While i still like my books in the physical form, I would rather have all my music and movies in digital form. What do you guys think?

As per usual, all orders ship for free at Apple Canada. Quantities of the refurbished Apple TV are limited.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 8

The Source: Apple iPod Nano 7th Gen 16GB Was $150 | Now $130 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 8, 2015 at 4:21 PM

The Source: Apple iPod Nano 7th Gen 16GB Was $150 | Now $130 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

The Source Canada has a sweet one-day only deal on Apple iPod Nano 7th Generation 16GB. Originally $149.99, the iPod 7th gen is now on sale for $129.99 with free shipping.

I price compared the iPod Nano 16GB (7th gen) with other websites. While Future Shop comes close, The Source still has the best deal. Here is what other retailers are selling the iPod Nano for:

  • $139.99 @ Future Shop Canada
  • $149 @ Chapters Indigo Canada
  • $149 @ Staples Canada
  • $149 @ Apple Canada
  • $149.99 @ Best Buy Canada

As you can see, most every other retailer is selling the iPod Nano for its original retail price. Future Shop does have the Nano for $10 off, but The Source’s $20 off deal is better!

I do not think the iPod Nano needs any introduction. It is the most recognizable MP3 player around the world. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive and the iPod comes backed by Apple’s well-known one-year warranty and excellent service policy. I have owned many Apple electronics before and the company has been amazing at fixing each one of them. Here is just a sample from one of the reviews:

I love everything about this iPod, the battery lasts for a long time, the sound is great, and it is so light you hardly know your carrying it. The screen gives you everything you need to know, whether you are listening to music or a book.

This sale includes all colour reiterations of the iPod. Choose from blue, silver, purple, space grey, yellow, green, and pink. I like the purple and the green first. However, the yellow would match my car better so I might end up buying that instead. It is really a great little device and super lightweight. I have a problem with storing all my music on my phone – it just will not all fit. Between apps, pictures, and more – 14GB of music does not fit on a 16GB player with all that other stuff. I totally wanted to purchase the iPod Classic, but it is no longer made. I either have to fork over the extra money for the Touch, or use a dedicated Nano for all my music and have my apps, pictures, and life on my phone.

This offer expires TODAY – so buy soon!

(Expiry: 8th March 2015)

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March 7

Sennheiser DJ Headphones Were $100 Now $40 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada!

Posted by on March 7, 2015 at 12:30 PM

Sennheiser DJ Headphones Were $100 Now $40 & Free Shipping @ NCIX Canada!

*** Bump – these headphones had previously expired, but now they’re back at this great price!!! ***

Check out this hot price on this hot brand of headphones from NCIX Canada! They are offering these Sennheiser HD 205-II Studio Grade DJ Headphones in black and grey, at a reduced price this weekend. They were originally $99.99 but just now, these popular headphones are only $39.99 with free Canadian shipping!

The cheapest I’ve seen this particular set of headphones in the past was last year, when they were $45 with free shipping on Amazon. Obviously the NCIX price shown above is now $5 cheaper than that, and a really great price point.

Let’s take a look and see how much these Sennheiser headphones are retailing for at other online stores in Canada just now (in ascending order):

The NCIX deal is a good one! I cannot believe that you can get a great quality set of over-ear Sennheiser headphones for less than $40.

Let’s google for reviews! Tech giant CNET reviews this particular model here and they have both good points and bad points to consider. With positive comments such as, “Noise leakage is minimal,” and negatives such as, “Midrange response is weak,” it’s worth having a full read of that CNET review and others like it, before you decide to buy these particular headphones.

The ratings by customers here on Amazon.com also would give you a good view of the average consumer’s response to these Sennheiser headphones. They achieved a score of four out of five, with a few people absolutely LOVING the performance.

The one reviewer who gave the headphones a 1 star rating said:

It is too tight and after using it for 2 months it no longer works in the left ear and sounds like right ear is on the way out.

Well, honestly that sounds like the person had got a faulty set, which can happen any time you purchase new electronics. I wouldn’t really see this as a reason to leave a bad rating – I’d be on the phone to the manufacturer to try and get it sorted out!

(Expiry: Possibly 8th March 2015 – Please note that the image I chose above may not represent the actual product – NCIX stated this on their site, so there may be slight differences in styling)

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March 6

NCIX.com: XBox 360 Wireless Windows Controller Only $39 & Free Shipping Exclusive Code

Posted by on March 6, 2015 at 5:30 PM

NCIX.com: XBox 360 Wireless Windows Controller Only $39 & Free Shipping Exclusive Code

NCIX.com has the best deal on a Microsoft XBox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows (USB). Originally $69.99, the Xbox 360 PC controller is on sale for $38.99. Use the Bargainmoose exclusive NCIX coupon MOOSE to receive free shipping on $25 or more. That means the Xbox 360 controller will ship for free to your home.

My quick price comparison sheet showed that the Xbox 360 Wireless controller for Windows retails for:

  • $54.99 @ Dell Canada
  • $59.95 @ Microsoft Canada
  • $49.99 + $6.99 shipping @ Newegg.ca
  • $51.99 + shipping @ Tiger Direct Canada
  • $47.99 @ Amazon Canada
  • $69.99 @ Best Buy Canada
  • $69.99 @ Future Shop Canada

As you can easily see from the price comparison, NCIX.com knocks the socks off the competition! Dell Canada is the next closest, and even then, NCIX.com’s price is $16 cheaper. You will not find a better deal on this controller.

This controller works just like a regular Xbox controller for your console and it comes with a USB adapter so it can function with your PC as well. This is really helpful when you play some games on the PC that can only be played with a controller. I tried downloading and playing Injustice: Gods Among Us on Steam, but you need a controller with that game. You cannot just use a mouse.

The reviews are super positive for this controller. One reviewer on Amazon said:

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller is probably the best available gamepad for the PC. It’s the most supported by games, it’s got one of the best layouts, and you can go ahead and use it on an Xbox 360 should the need ever arise.

I do not have an Xbox 360, but I might just buy this controller to use with my PC. I am used to a PS3 controller, but this should not be too different. I would just love the experience of some console games on my computer. I really like Empire Dynasty Warriors – but I do not want to buy another PS3 just to play it when my current console hits the dust. I do not game enough on a console for that.

I am really stoked about this deal because these controllers are in high demand and you save a bundle on shipping costs as well.

(Expiry: 11th March 2015)

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