January 3

Download Amazon’s Kindle App & Get $8 Free Credit Plus Up To 91% Off eBooks!!

Posted by on January 3, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Download Amazons Kindle App & Get $8 Free Credit Plus Up To 91% Off eBooks!!

Hey, you! Yeah, you avid reader over there! Check out this offer from Amazon Canada before it is too late. For a limited time, you can download Amazon’s free Kindle Reading App and you will get a free $8 credit to use towards purchasing your favourite eBook on Amazon.ca! This is the first time that Amazon.ca has offered something like this, and it is a fabulous deal for sure.

When you download the Kindle App from Amazon.ca for the first time, you will receive an $8 credit for an eBook. Downloading the app and receiving the offer is super simple and totally wroth the 3 minutes it will take. First, follow the link above and click “download” to start downloading the free Kindle app to your device. Then, open the app and sign in with your Amazon account. Then all you have to do is snag some eBooks and start reading. Luckily enough, on a good day you can get up to 91% off eBooks on Amazon.ca too. So you can score two great deals all at once. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 11

iTunes Canada: Free Pookie & Tushka Find A Little Piano eBook

Posted by on September 11, 2015 at 8:00 PM

iTunes Canada: Free Pookie & Tushka Find A Little Piano eBook

How many times do you need to entertain your child by letting them play a game or colouring app on your iPhone or iPad? Have you ever considered trying eBooks for children? Now you can try it out without paying a cent. For a limited time iTunes Canada is offering the Pookie and Tushka Find A Little Piano Educational eBook download for totally free on any iOS device.

Pookie and Tushka won “Best New Children’s Book of the Year” as well as “Top Ten Book at iTunes Canada, and you’re about to find out why. This educational eBook is available as a free download on your Apple iPhone or iPad for a limited time, so snag it while you can. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 28

Kobo Books Coupon Code: 50% Discount (& Possible $5 Credit for New Customers)

Posted by on August 28, 2015 at 7:00 AM

Kobo Books Coupon Code: 50% Discount (& Possible $5 Credit for New Customers)

I am an avid fan of Kobo Books, the digital book provider, and I love watching out for their coupon codes and deals as they are often high discount amounts. This weekend, they’ve released a coupon code for a 50% discount across a wide range of titles, and there are actually over a MILLION books to choose from in this sale!!!

Click here to shop the sale books @ Kobo & use the coupon code now

  • Coupon code: SALE50
  • Discount: 50% off select titles
  • Expires: 31st August 2015

Kobo say you can use the promo code an unlimited number of times, it’s not once per account, as some of their coupon codes are wont to be. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 30

Kobo.com eBooks: Get up to 75% Coupon Codes!

Posted by on July 30, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Kobo.com eBooks: Get up to 75% Coupon Codes!

A while ago here, I wrote about a beach reads contest from Kobo Books within which you could win various coupon codes for a discount on their site, as well as prizes. They’ve just released a similar contest, in which you have daily chances at getting coupon codes of between 10% and 75% in value. If you are a regular Kobo shopper as I am, then it’s worth entering the contest to see what coupon codes you can acquire.

If you previously registered for the beach reads contest, then you can use the same login on the above. If not, you just need to register to play – you cannot use your normal Kobo account as this is a slightly different promo. It only takes a second to sign up. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 15

Amazon.ca: Kindle eReader Was $79 | Now $49 for Prime Members *HOT* (EXPIRED)

Posted by on July 15, 2015 at 11:03 AM

Amazon.ca: Kindle eReader Was $79 | Now $49 for Prime Members *HOT* (EXPIRED)

You must have figured out by now that it is Amazon Prime Day – quickly becoming one of the best sales days of the year. While we are pouring our energy into composite deal posts, I also wanted to mention the gorgeous deal on this Kindle, 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi. Originally $79, the eReader is now on sale for $49 with free shipping.

Read the rest of this entry »

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June 14

Kobo Books: Romance Titles Starting @ 69¢ After 30% Off Coupon

Posted by on June 14, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Kobo Books: Romance Titles Starting @ 69¢ After 30% Off Coupon

Hello lovely ladies! Kobo is offering an extra 30% off select romance titles with the coupon code below.

Click here to shop romance ebook titles @ Kobo now

  • Coupon Code: 30ROMANCE
  • Discount: 30% off
  • Expiry: 17th June 2015

This is an unlimited use coupon code: you can use it as many times as you like. With this offer and other interesting promotions going on right now, this is a great time to pick up a new book. Are you new to Kobo books? All new sign-ups receive a $5 credit to their account. If you have not taken advantage of the Visa Checkout promo, then you can do so in conjunction with this offer. Save 30% off your romance book and receive $10 in credit when you pay with Visa Checkout. In total, you can earn up to $15 credit and save 30% off a few new romance titles.

Are you looking for a few romance titles on a budget? There are some lovely reads for mere dollars. Three titles come in under $1 including this couplet of books: Renaissance Rogues: You and No Other, Of One Heart for $0.99. This set includes two full length historical romances for your pleasure. After coupon code, pay just 69¢ for these two books!

One of the lowest priced books even has many positive reviews. Put Me Back Together costs just 99¢, but comes down to 69¢ after code. The book has a 4.4/5 rating with over 65 reviews. One reviewer said:

This novel will sweep you up with it intensity – it’s full of heart-pounding moments, in the love story of Katie and Lucas as well the terror from Katie’s past that continues to pursue her. Rooney sensitively portrays a young woman’s transition from being psychologically damaged to becoming open to the world and her own possibilities, especially in being loved. Read this!

Other reviewers said that this book was their absolute favourite book that they had purchased on Kobo. That is high praise!

Barbara Freethy’s Summer Secrets is one of the top Bestsellers from this sale. The book also ranks pretty high in all: #4 in the entire Romance category. It was a New York Times bestseller and popular read. The ebook retails for just $2.99, but comes down to $2.09 after coupon. Forgo your morning Starbucks and pick up a fun new read.

These and more great titles are available at Kobo. Use the coupon code on any number of titles: there is no limit.

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June 7

$10 Kobo Credit with Visa Checkout

Posted by on June 7, 2015 at 7:55 PM

$10 Kobo Credit with Visa Checkout

Kobo Books has teamed up with Visa Checkout to offer you $10 Kobo Credit.

The offer is fairly simple: place an (1) order for an eBook or magazine. Use Visa Checkout as your payment method. The $10 will appear in your account as an account credit. it will be automatically applied within 48-hours of your purchase. There is a limit of one credit per Kobo user and, as per usual, Kobo reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time.

If you are still not familiar with Visa Checkout, then let me refresh your memory on how to use it.

  • Choose Visa Checkout as your checkout option
  • Sign up via the ‘create account’ button if you have not already
  • Complete your purchase

There appears to be no exclusions from this offer. I assume, based on the fine print, that any order is eligible including orders that use coupons or purchase sale books and magazines. We have had some great deals from Kobo lately, and you can combine all of them with this offer as well!

As Anna mentioned, there is a free $5 credit for new members to Kobo Books. On top of it, you can find plenty of:

I also recently blogged a great magazine deal where an entire year’s subscription will only cost you $5. There are some popular magazine titles in there, thus I recommend checking it out. In fact, one of these yearly magazine subscriptions could be your qualifying order for the $10 credit.

Books and magazines are really a personal taste. I have never managed to get behind digital books the same way I have received digital music, but that is because books are a tactile experience as well. However, I relish the thought of no bookshelves: just a little device, less than half the width of a small softcover, sitting on my bedside table. The minimalist in me loves this idea while nostalgia keeps me from parting from all my books.

Magazines are different. I far prefer the digital copies as it saves so much money and wasted paper. They also are more ‘consumable’ than books. Few people I know read magazines more than once or twice.

This is a fantastic offer from Kobo and I hope many of our lovely Moosers can take advantage of it.

(Expiry: 20th June 2015)

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June 4

Kobo Books Canada: FREE $5 Credit for New Customers, Books From $0.99, B2G1 Free Books & More!

Posted by on June 4, 2015 at 8:30 AM

Kobo Books Canada: FREE $5 Credit for New Customers, Books From $0.99, B2G1 Free Books & More!

Kobo Books, the online eReading store, has been mentioned many times here on Bargainmoose. However, I am sure there are some of you Moosers out there who have not yet shopped from them. If that applies to you, then now is a good time to sign up – because new customers can get a free $5 credit on their account!

You must sign up on the above landing page. Your free $5 credit should appear in your Kobo account within 30 minutes, at which time you will be ready to buy your first eBook from them!

You can read using the Kobo app on a plethora of devices; you don’t necessarily need a Kobo eReader device to make use of it. For example, I read Kobo books using my iPad – it’s very handy.

There are a ton of eBooks on Kobo which are only a couple of dollars each – meaning you can actually score some free eBooks using your free $5 credit. Check out the great reads from $0.99 section for those.

Kobo has a special offer happening just now which you should be able to combine with the free $5 credit. The offer is buy 2 get 1 free on select eBooks here.

Some other examples in the buy 2 get 1 free offer:

Lots to choose from in there! But just as a rough example, if you are a new customer taking advantage of the free $5 credit and buying the first three books in the above list, you’d be getting all three for $20.18 in total. Example cart:

Kobo Books Canada: FREE $5 Credit for New Customers, Books From $0.99, B2G1 Free Books & More!

(The above cart doesn’t yet have the $5 free credit deducted, but you will see this as you checkout).

One book that I have read in this B2G1F selection is Chai Tea Sunday by Heather A. Clark. This book received quite a bit of coverage in the national media, when it was released a couple of years ago. It’s quite a short book, but then again, I am a fast reader and I’d devour a book if it interests me. Have your box of Kleenex at the ready if you read Chai Tea Sunday – it got my eye ducts a-flowing!

(Expires: 31st October 2015)

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May 28

Canadian Freebie: The Jungle Book Story Reading (iPad/iPhone)

Posted by on May 28, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Canadian Freebie: The Jungle Book Story Reading (iPad/iPhone)

The Disney movie The Jungle Book was an extremely popular movie back in the day, but its appeal has also extended down the ages. It’s still quite a timeless movie and still loved by kids of all ages, including me! Just now over on the Apple app store, there’s an app which you can download – it’s a lovely retelling of the movie, in illustrated ebook form. And what’s even nicer, is that it’s free!

The “The Jungle Book – Story reading for Kids” will be free on both iPad and iPhone, only for those of us on iOS. Sorry Androiders, this one’s not for you! The app store says that this app is free for a limited time, but I have no information when that is due to expire or what price the app will increase to, after that point. If you want it, download it right now.

This customer review sums up the positive points about this free book app:

Great classic book for kids. No ads, no in-app purchases.

That’s ideal. I really don’t love my five year old seeing extra buttons to buy other features or additional books, and wondering why we cannot just click it and get it. She doesn’t quite understand the foibles of micro-transactions quite yet!

I’ve just downloaded it and will be reading it with my daughter later today.

I just checked IMDB for the release date of The Jungle Book movie, and it was first released in 1967 and I was shocked, as was my fellow Mooser, Kristy! I didn’t realise it was soooo long ago – that’s nearly 50 years ago. I’m quite amazed how popular that this movie still is.

I’ve got The Jungle Book soundtrack on CD and it’s regularly played in my car, for the kids when we are travelling somewhere. We’re all fluent in, “I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo,” and, “The Bare Necessities.” Sometimes I even sing it when the kids aren’t in the car with me…

Is The Jungle Book an old favourite of yours too? Will you download this app for your wee ones to read?

(Expires: unknown)

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May 13

eBooks.com Coupon Code: Exclusive 12% Off Your e-Books

Posted by on May 13, 2015 at 12:47 PM

eBooks.com Coupon Code: Exclusive 12% Off Your e Books

We’ve got a brand new exclusive for you from eBooks.com. While 12% off doesn’t sound like much, when I checked around at other stores that let you download eBooks, none of them had coupons out and their regular price for the newest books was exactly the same as the regular price at eBooks.com. So, once you add the exclusive coupon code, you’ll pay 12% less than you would at the competitors.

Click here to get your ebooks @ Ebooks.com now

  • Discount: 12% off
  • Expiry: 31st December 2015

This coupon is good until the end of the year, so feel free to use it again and again. As I always suggest, be sure to price compare with the competition to make sure this is the best deal you can get every time. Check for coupons on those competitor’s coupon pages on Bargainmoose as well. Right now, as it stands, I see ebooks.com as being the best price for the books I’m after.

As you’ll also see on ebooks.com’s coupon page, there is a coupon for 20% off select categories. You’ll obviously want to use that one if you are getting drama, photography, science, graphic novels or tech books. Otherwise, our exclusive coupon is the best discount.

I was looking at the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which is a bestseller and will help anyone change their life with ways of organizing your house so you spend so much less time cleaning. I need this book! It sells for $10.99 and when I checked Amazon’s Kindle section and Kobo Books, both also sold it for $10.99. Kobo also doesn’t have any current coupon codes to use (and when they do, they are generally on select books only). Adding it to my cart with the coupon code brought the price down to $9.61. This isn’t a huge discount, but why wouldn’t you shop where you know you are getting the best price? Also, it will add up over the year as you buy more and more books.

If you are looking for fiction, Orphan Train is supposed to be fantastic. This one sells everywhere for $11.99, but use your coupon code and pay only $10.48.

Bargainmoosers, what eBook are you looking forward to purchasing?

Photo credit: Jofo2005

eBooks.com Coupon Code: Exclusive 12% Off Your e Books

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April 24

Google Play: Eisner Nominees Up to 66% Off Sale

Posted by on April 24, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Google Play: Eisner Nominees Up to 66% Off Sale

For all my fellow comic geeks out there, The Google Play Store is having another sweet sale. This up to 66% off comic book sale features select Eisner Award Nominees including The Walking Dead, Saga, and The Wicked + The Divine.

I am not one for ‘popular’ comics. In fact, if I know something is popular, I generally steer clear of it (I have still never read Harry Potter…). However, I borrowed the Saga volumes #1 and #2 from the library as I heard they were good. Good is an understatement, they are fantastic! On my recent book exchange in Victoria, I had the opportunity to add the physical copies of Saga vol. #1 and #2 to my collection. However, I am missing #3 and #4. In this sale, Saga, Vol. 3 and Saga, Vol. 4 are each on sale from $15.79 down to $8.41. If you are new to the series, make sure to pick up the earlier volumes as well. They are imperative to understanding the story line.

Now, I have a thing for volumes because it keeps them all neat and tidy, but the single issues are less expensive. Here is a bit of quick math:

  • Volumes (6 issues) = $8.41
  • Single Issues x 6 ($1.04 x 6) = $6.24

To put it another way, a single issue costs you $1.04. If you divide the price of the volumes up into the number of issues they contain, each issue would cost $1.40. Given that, I highly recommend loading up your computer or tablet with single issues. They will cost you less in the end.

The bulk of this sale is single issues and collected volumes of The Walking Dead. I have not read The Walking Dead, but my fellow writer Anna has. She said:

I read The Walking Dead graphic novels a few years ago. I think the order of things was something like this – watched Season 1 of the TV show, then read all the graphic novels I could get my hands on. This meant I was a few seasons ahead of the TV show! The novels were excellent… very dark, as I am sure you can imagine. I felt they were more gory and hard-hitting than the show though, sometimes the TV show tames things down a bit. If you enjoy the TV show at all – get the books! They’re even better, IMO.

As I mentioned, there are both collected volumes (6 comics) and single issues. Honestly, the single issues are a better price than the collected volumes. For example, The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye and all the other volumes are on sale for $8.41. However, each single issue of The Walking Dead will cost you only $1.04 – like this first issue The Walking Dead #1.

There are several other great graphic novels on sale too. The art in Pretty Deadly is amazing and the storyline behind The Wicked + The Divine really interests me as well.

If you are unsure if you will like a comic, then view the ‘free sample’ Google offers for each book.

(Expiry: unknown)

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April 19

Google Play Store: Up to 90% Off Heroine Comics – Now $2.99

Posted by on April 19, 2015 at 11:42 AM

Google Play Store: Up to 90% Off Heroine Comics   Now $2.99

The Google Play store has a fantastic deal on digital comics. The selection is called “Heroines Who Rule” and features leading ladies from Marvel, DC, and other labels. These digital comics are up to 90% off their usual prices, which means this is a fantastic time to indulge in a new or old favourite.

Some of you may have heard of The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. It is a legendary graphic novel series that really threw Mr. Gaiman into the spotlight. The Sandman, as you might expect, is primarily about Dream. However, Dream has several siblings, my favourite being Death. Death: The Deluxe Edition is on sale from $30.97 down to just $2.99. This is 324-pages featuring Death in all her glory. You will find beautiful, heartfelt stories and musings about the meaning of life, love, and death. This is my ‘must buy’ pick of the sale.

There are so many good choices that I hardly know where to start. The cover for Captain Marvel Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More really catches my eye, probably because I could totally cos-play her. This volume – 136 pages – is on sale from $18.35 down to $2.99. I do not know much about Captain Marvel, except she looks gorgeous, badass, and sassy… and this is a great price. Volume one collects comics #1 through #6.

Fables has always been a favourite series of mine – one I have long debated buying but never have. I am attracted to the art of Fables, no matter what volume I read, the art is out of this world beautiful. The colours are also gorgeous – it feels like an old fairy tale. Purchase Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile: Volume 1 on sale from $10.32 down to $2.99.

While Death is the best deal of the sale, there are many other volumes of comics on sale from around $15 – $18 marked down to $2.99. I found several X-Men volumes like X-Men Vol. 2: Muertas that was $18.35 and is now $2.99. While X-Men is more of a team, these comic books feature strong leading ladies. You can also find some inspired by TV comic collections like Buffy: Season Ten Volume 1 : New Rules that was $15.99 and is now $2.99

I am incredibly impressed with this sale and happy to be posting about it. I would love to hear comic recommendations from our Moosers, so please comment below!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 12

Pay What You Want for Bloom Country @ Humble Bundle

Posted by on March 12, 2015 at 7:21 AM

Pay What You Want for Bloom Country @ Humble Bundle

Lovers of comics will love this deal from Humble Bundle. Pay what you want for the entire collection of Bloom Country!

As a kid, I loved reading the comics section of the Toronto Sun. I actually used to read the entire Toronto Sun newspaper, with all its accounts of rapes and shootings, written for a grade five level audience. That suited me well, as I was in grade five at the time. But, my favourite was actually reading the comics section and I’m sure, although don’t quote me, that Bloom Country was one of the comics I read there.

If you don’t know Bloom Country, it is a story of small town America, examining politics and culture through the eyes of adult-like children and animals. I’m sure there were so many aspects I didn’t understand with Bloom Country, but it was a fun little read.

The cartoonist actually won a Pulitzer Prize for this strip in the 80s, which seems pretty amazing to me.

It looks like you can get volumes 1-4 with the pay what you want scheme and the rest have a minimum. I like the pay what you want scheme as it allows you to decide what the book is worth, but also challenges you to decide how charitable you want to be.

The value of the set that you are deciding on is worth $91. These are e-books if I haven’t made that clear and it is a specially formatted digital edition in chronological order.

I think this is a very cool set for someone who wants to be nostalgic or to give to your kids who you want to introduce Pulitzer Prize winning work.

Photo credit: Welsh Dan

(Expiry: 18th March 2015)

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February 18

Download The Catching Fire eBook for Free @ Google Play Canada

Posted by on February 18, 2015 at 2:09 PM

Download The Catching Fire eBook for Free @ Google Play Canada

Hey Hunger Games fans, check out this offer from Google Play. For a limited time, you can download the Catching Fire eBook by Suzanne Collins for completely free from the Google Play Store. Catching Fire is the second book of the Hunger Game trilogy, and is definitely worth a read. Even better, you can download the Google Play Store on any device to enjoy this freebie.

With my lifestyle it is hard to make time to sit down and read a book. Even though I can be quite busy, I still made time to read the entire Hunger Games trilogy. Actually, I found this book hard to put down. If you have yet to read these books, or perhaps would read them again, then now is the time. Right now the Google Play Store Canada is offering the second book of Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire, for free. This eBook would have normally cost you $12.99. You can download the Google Play Store on any device to take advantage of the offer.

The best part about eBooks is the convenience. Take out your cell phone or tablet wherever you may be and start reading. You don’t have to worry about carrying around heavy books, or finishing your book half way through your train ride anymore. The Kindle edition of this book is on sale for $8.24 Amazon.ca right now, so getting it for free from Google Play is great.

Here is one of the customer reviews on the Catching Fire eBook:

I forced myself to read this book slowly, over the course of three days, because I just couldn’t stand that it had to end. WOW. Given how much I loved The Hunger Games, I didn’t think it was possible for Catching Fire to live up to my expectations. This eBook exceeded them. In all my speculations on where Collins was going to take Katniss and Peeta, I didn’t even get close. I’m going to try very hard to stay away from any spoilers here.

Not only is the Catching Fire eBook available for free, but the other two books of this Hunger Game trilogy are discounted greatly. You can get The Hunger Games eBook from Google Play for just $2.35 instead of the original price which was $12.99. The third and final eBook, Mockingjay, is also on sale from $12.99 down to $6.50. You can choose to get a “free sample” of either of these books, but I warn you,  you will be left wanting more.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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February 4

Humble Brainiac Book Bundle – Pay What You Want ($60 Value)

Posted by on February 4, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Humble Brainiac Book Bundle   Pay What You Want  ($60 Value)

Pay what you want for a fantastic ebook bundle from Brainiac (publishers of fine geek reading everywhere) and Humble Bundle. Name your price for five fantastic books worth $60.65.

To calculate the value of the five books, I used the Amazon Kindle Editions of each book. These Brainiac books come in either PDG or ePub formats. You will receive:

  • Ruby Wizardry: An Introduction to Programming for Kids – Value $14.29
  • Lauren Ipsum: A Story About Computer Science and Other Improbable Things – Value $9.99
  • Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred: Seriously Geeky Stuff to Make with Your Kids- Value $12.41
  • The LEGO Adventure Book, Vol. 1 – Value $13.97
  • The Manga Guide to Electricity – Value $9.99

Those five books are yours to get for whatever price you want to pay. These Brainiac books are excellent for parents and children alike to share and learn in a fun and inviting way. Most the reviews on these books celebrate the unique way in which the information is presented, making learning fun and interesting. As one reviewer of the Manga Guide to Electricity says:

I wish I had something like this back when I was in school! This translated series from No Starch is impressive – it uses Manga characters to provide a good overview of the basics of electricity.

Now, if you pay more than the average price that people are donating (currently $12.14), you will unlock another five books to add your child’s ebook library. They are Build Your Own Website, Incredible LEGO Technic, Python for Kids, The Manga Guide to Physics, and LEGO Space. With 10 ebooks for just over $12, you are averaging $1 per eBook.

There is a third tier of ebooks as well. Pay $15 or more to receive all the above books plus three extras: The LEGO Neighborhood Book, Steampunk LEGO, and JavaScript for Kids. Overall, the entire collection of books is worth $250 and you have the opportunity to get it all for only $15.

If you love this bundle, but are unsure how to download the files or wondering if you have a compatible device, then read this simple guide. Now, if I had kinder running around my feet – I would probably buy the entire set for $15 (I assume that is USD). I like to encourage a love of learning and geeky pursuits in children.

Don’t miss out on the Star Wars Humble Bundle either!

(Expiry: 16th February 2015)

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