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July 30

(97% off) 50x Muffin/Cupcake Cases only $2.18 & Free Shipping @ eBay.ca!

Posted by on July 30, 2015 at 12:00 PM

(97% off) 50x Muffin/Cupcake Cases only $2.18 & Free Shipping @ eBay.ca!

From time to time, I hit up this eBay deals page to see if there’s anything worth buying. Everything featured on there is up to 60% off plus comes with the added bonus of totally free shipping <<< that’s the part I like to see! I was browsing the page this morning and these colourful cupcake cases caught my eye – I’m an avid baker and always on the lookout for supplies. You can pick up some sets of these 50 cupcake cases for only $2.18CA with free shipping!

eBay states this is up to 97% discount on the original price – while I feel that this amount has been inflated, I still think that just over two dollars including shipping is a superb deal for these fun and funky baking accessories. Read the rest of this entry »

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March 23

eBay Canada: 10% Off Petro Canada & Chapters Gift Cards

Posted by on March 23, 2015 at 5:17 PM

eBay Canada: 10% Off Petro Canada & Chapters Gift Cards

A seller on eBay has teamed up with eBay to offer you a 10% discount on Petro Canada gift cards and Chapters Gift Cards. Petro Canada gift cards are on sale from $100 down to $90, for a $100 gift card. Chapters Canada gift cards are on sale from $50 down to $45, for a $50 gift card. You save 10% on each of these gift cards. These gift cards ship to you for free.

Over 300 Petro Canada gift cards have sold, and over 100 Chapters gift cards. The seller is giftcardstore – and they have 254 reviews. Currently, the seller has a 97% review rating. Many of the more negative reviews come from people who bought one of the Petro Canada discount cards (not gift cards) by people who did not understand that the card gave you a discount on fuel at the pump.

However, these are both gift cards. The gift cards are mailed out- not activated – so you will need to activate the card online. Do not activate the card before you receive it. When the card arrives, you need to visit https://ebay.giftcardactivate.com to activate your card.

I have never bought from this store before so I really can give you no personal feedback or assurances. Thankfully, when you pay with Paypal, you receive buyer protection. If you ever receive a product that does not match what you were sold – contact the seller and try to resolve it that way. If that is not going well, then you should file a Paypal dispute as soon as possible.

Given the number of purchases, this looks like a legitimate offer so I decided to blog it. Any deal I can score on fuel is appreciated as my monthly bill runs about $60. If you consider that over a year, I pay around $720 for fuel. That does not include any road trips I might take. I also want the Chapters Indigo gift card as i buy books and accessories from Chapters quite often. I could combine the Chapters gift card with one of their coupon codes to stack discounts.

There is a limit of five gift cards per person – while quantities last. Please read the fine print before purchasing. Shipping takes approximately five to seven business days. If you have bought from this seller before, please leave a comment telling us how that went.

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October 27

eBay Canada: List Free Auction & Fixed Priced incl. Fashion

Posted by on October 27, 2014 at 5:00 PM

eBay Canada: List Free Auction & Fixed Priced incl. Fashion

eBay Canada currently has a list for free event on. You can list up to 10,000 things free through auction or fixed priced listing. The fixed priced listings are now open to fashion, collectables, and other categories that are usually excluded. This promotion also gives you 10-day listings for free.

I am pretty stoked about this offer! It is really three promos in one so let me sort this out for you:

  1. You regularly get 50 free listings (auction or fixed price). With this promotion, you can list up to 10,000 items (consider this unlimited).
  2. Usually, up to 7-day listings are free. With this promotion, you can also list your items free for 10-days.
  3. Free fixed price listings usually exclude popular categories like fashion, collectables, and more. With this promotion, all those categories are included.

I sell 99% off my items in fashion, so I usually have to pay if I want a fixed-priced listing instead of an auction. That costs me 30 cents, which adds up if you are listing a whole bunch of items. 10-day durations also cost extra (40 cents, for auctions), so you can save a bunch by upgrading your auction to a longer duration with this promotion.

Here I am yammering on about saving cents by listing stuff on eBay and you are wondering WHY this is a deal. I sell stuff on eBay. Stuff I no longer wear, no longer need, and a lot of stuff I bought on final sale that never did fit properly. I save money by not paying eBay fees when I list my products.

Last time I blogged about an eBay deal, I gave you my August and September figures. While I did not do a lot of new listing in October, I did save a bit of money and I made a ton of money:

  • Spent on insertion fees: $0.97
  • Saved on insertion fees: $2.90
  • Money made: $352.98

Did I mention I had a very successful month on eBay? It was lovely. Usually I list a bit more than I did last month, as my previous months I have saved around double that month but I had some higher value items so less listings. However, with this promotion I have just gone on a listing spree. I have already listed seven items and will be listing at least another three before the promo is over.

Make a little money, save a little money, and check out this little offer at eBay Canada. Click through the above link to activate the promotion.

(Expiry: 29th October 2014)

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October 14

eBay Canada: Affinitas Parfait Charlotte Bra – Only $30 incl. Shipping

Posted by on October 14, 2014 at 7:00 PM

eBay Canada: Affinitas Parfait Charlotte Bra   Only $30 incl. Shipping

I am an international bargain hunter as you may know, and one of my favourite places to find a deal is eBay. I recently found a fantastic deal on the Affinitas Parfait Charlotte Bra that retails for $59 in most Canadian stores. You can buy it from a seller on eBay for only $21.99 US + $4.99 US shipping = $26.98 US. Right now that is about C $24.66 + C $5.60 = $30.26 CA.

Let us go over why this is such an awesome deal first, before I wax poetic over the bra. Butterfly Collection Canada sells this bra (different colour) for $59. Forever Yours Canada sells the bra for $69.99 (+ shipping). HerRoom, the big international bra place in the sky (as I like to call them), sells the bra for $44.79 (+ shipping and tax/duty).

As this deal from 2HotBrazil (homem) on eBay includes shopping and out does the competition by a mile, I have to say it is a fantastic deal. It is so good a deal; that I bought one in my size a few weeks ago and it just came in. It arrived duty-free to my home so I am more than pleased with my purchase. I would buy another if they still had my size in stock. I am saving about $30 or 50% by purchasing this bra on eBay.

This bra now ranks in my top two bras because the cup fit is just fantastic. The gore tacts beautifully and all my tissue is where it is supposed to be – supported and encapsulated. The push up effect of this bra is just so yummy! I also love the retro pattern to it. I do find the band is very firm if you wear the same band size as your under bust measures. Either take the time to break the bra in properly, buy a bra extender, or you might want to consider going up a band size. However, if you wear say a 32″ band and you measure 30″ or 31″ then you should be good.

Plenty of sizes are still left in stock. Band sizes range from 28 to 40 (size 36 bands are out of stock currently). This bra is made for larger cup sizes, so it starts at a D and goes up to a JJ. It is a fantastic buy at this price and it appears to be well made. I expect this bra to hold up to the rigors of bust bouncing for a long time.

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September 24

eBay Canada: List Free 10 Day Auction & Fixed Price

Posted by on September 24, 2014 at 6:00 PM

eBay Canada: List Free 10 Day Auction & Fixed Price

List auction style and fixed priced free on eBay Canada. This promotion is now on for five days so take those pictures and prepare to sell some items!

While you can usually have up to 50 auction-style listings free, per month, those only include up to seven-day auctions. For the next five days, you can also list your auctions for a 10-day duration, which has an additional value of $0.40 per listing.

Fixed-priced listings are rarely free from eBay unless they are putting on one of these promotional events. They cost $0.30 each and have the added benefit of staying up either for 30 days or are ‘good till cancelled’ without needing to pay additional fees. I also prefer fixed-priced listings that give a buyer the option to make an offer. I can make a higher profit as a seller than using an auction, and a buyer has the option to offer me lower than the price I list the item at. This way, there is a greater chance for my item to sell.

If you think it sounds like I buy and sell on eBay, then you would be right in your assessment. I refuse to pay insertion fees, and rather take advantage of these promotions to list my items. Here is a quick rundown on how much I have saved over the last couple of months by taking advantage of eBay’s promotions:

  • September: Saved $5.46
  • August: Saved $6.92

I only started heavily selling with eBay again about mid-July (and eBay invoices mid-month to mid-month), so I am quite pleased with my progress so far. I have saved over $12 and have actually made money too. As I like to call it: I have recovered money from what I already own. Here is how I have done on selling so far:

  • September: Made $150 approximately
  • August: Made $109.55

I say approximately on September’s total as Paypal holds your money for up to 21 days until you are an established eBay seller. I have no idea how long that takes, as I have made over 30 sales in the years I have been on eBay. However, as I am listing in USD, my total made is approximate until I receive the held funds and convert it over to Canadian.

Do you buy and sell on eBay Canada? If so, feel free to comment telling us the best thing you ever sold!

(Expiry: 28th September 2014)

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September 16

Bargainmoose Contest: Win a $250 eBay Gift Card (EXPIRED)

Posted by on September 16, 2014 at 7:00 AM

Bargainmoose Contest: Win a $250 eBay Gift Card (EXPIRED)

*** Contest now closed, winner was Moose Jolene! ***

Do you like spending money on eBay? How about $250? All you have to do is enter our contest for your chance to win a $250 gift card to spend on anything you want over at eBay.

I love shopping at eBay as they really have everything and they have some really kick-butt deals. For example, they just started their Deal Frenzy, which has deals on for as much as 70% off and are all featured items from trusted sellers. The trusted sellers part gets me the best as you really don’t want to buy anything from someone who can’t be trusted, especially refurbs or electronics. These deals end on September 20th and of particular note, I am very interested in this KitchenAid heavy duty pro 500 stand mixer. For $249.99 U.S. (about $276.80 CDN), this is truly a steal. There are some shipping and import charges you should be aware of when you buy though. There are deals that ship from Canada as well.

If that amount of shipping throws you off, you could check out the free shipping deals that are also up to 60% off. I personally try to only shop with free shipping, so this is a much better option for me. This mini portable HD LED projector is something I’d love to have for my family room. It ships free and comes to $71.97, which is a nice price!

Brand Vault is pretty cool if you like shopping directly by brand rather than random searching on the site. For example, you can shop directly from NewEgg on eBay for almost anything in electronics.

How to win this prize?

Comment below on the following question(s):

What was your best ever eBay find? If you’ve never shopped at eBay, what is your dream find?

Get bonus contest entries!


  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 22nd September 2014
  • Rules subject to change at admin’s discretion
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September 10

eBay Canada: WORX TRIVAC 3-in-1 Blower Now $69.99 & Free Shipping

Posted by on September 10, 2014 at 10:30 PM

eBay Canada: WORX TRIVAC 3 in 1 Blower Now $69.99 & Free Shipping

I found this cool deal on a handy tool to have around the yard. Pick up the WORX TRIVAC 3-in-1 Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum for just $69.99 with free shipping at eBay Canada.

This product ships from within Canada so there are no duties to worry about. With free shipping, all you pay for is the tool and applicable taxes. I price compared this tool as best I could to make sure you are getting a good deal. The Worx Trivac at The Tool Store Canada costs $129.99. I also found it at Amazon.com for $89.99, and you would have to pay for shipping to Canada and duties on top of that (if it shipped to Canada, which it does not). I think the deal on eBay is pretty fair.

This is a lightweight and compact blower, mulcher, and vacuum. It will not take up much space in the garage and its multi-purpose design will ensure that it is regularly used around the place. Use the blower to clean off the driveway and blow leaves into a pile in your yard. The mulcher will turn those leaves into more manageable sizes for turning into compost or disposing of. The vacuum will help you clean out the garage and you can even use it in your car.


  • blow away debris at 210 mph
  • vacuuming at up to 14 gallons per minute
  • powerful 12 amp motor
  • 7-speed blower control
  • Angled nose makes it easier to reach
  • runs quiet

It comes with a bag for collecting what you have sucked up and a two-piece tube attachment (not sure what that is for). Switching from one job to another occurs at just the flick of a switch. The tool is covered by a two-year warranty as well and the eBay seller is the manufacturer themselves so you should have no problems with claiming warranty.

Over 100 of these have already sold on eBay and I have no idea how many are left so try to buy yours sooner rather than later.

I think this is a pretty cool device and I would love to get one for my parents. They have a double lot to keep clean, and I know that the Worx Trivac would be very useful for tidying up the yard and my Dad’s garage. He might even vacuum out his truck for once – that would be a novelty!

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August 26

eBay Canada: List For Free & Upgrade To 10 Day Listings

Posted by on August 26, 2014 at 3:00 PM

eBay Canada: List For Free & Upgrade To 10 Day Listings

Now for a deal of a different kind. eBay Canada is offering free listings for five days, plus you can upgrade to the ten-day listing (usually costs extra) for free as well. This is the perfect time to do a little spring-cleaning and list your items on eBay free of charge. No money spent, no money lost.

You may be thinking that this is not that great of a promotion, but it is – trust me on this. I am a casual eBay seller, which means I list about four things a month. Generally, they are the same four things until one of them sells and then I add in something new. I mainly list my items when these eBay promotions come around because I am not willing to pay to sell items, especially when I have to pay eBay and Paypal when an item sells. Last month, I saved nearly $7 in insertion fees and upgrades (ten-day listings, etc.) by taking advantage of these promotions.

eBay Canada: List For Free & Upgrade To 10 Day Listings

While this promotion may seem small, it can quickly add up.

eBay Canada has also made changes to the way they do their regular ‘free’ listings outside of this promotion. Many categories are now excluded, and re-listing is no longer free. However, you can select a box while making your listing that will automatically re-list your item up to three times (or maybe two), for free. If you do not check this box then your item will not re-list for free and you will have to pay for it. This came as a shock to be when I started ebay-ing again.

eBay can be a slow arduous process because the website has millions of items on it, so exposure can limit your item’s selling potential. Here are some tips to selling on eBay:

  1.  Use social media. Tell your friends and your family what you are selling and ask them to help spread the word.
  2. When tweeting, hashtag or ‘@’ the company that makes the item you are selling. When people are looking up that brand, they will find your associated message.
  3. Choose a good title for your listing with lots of details and key words like material, colour, designer name, the word designer, etc.
  4. Include as many details as possible and always disclose all information regarding condition.
  5. Take good pictures and include a lot of them!

(Expiry: 30th August 2014)

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July 20

Motorola H17 Bluetooth Headset Only $23.62 & Free Shipping @ eBay.ca

Posted by on July 20, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Motorola H17 Bluetooth Headset Only $23.62 & Free Shipping @ eBay.ca

If you’re looking for a good deal on a low-cost bluetooth headset for some handsfree chatting, have a glance at this Motorola H17 Bluetooth Headset which is currently on offer from eBay.ca. You can pick up this device for only $23.62 with free shipping!

The Bluetooth headset is originally priced in US dollars, coming in at $21.99 which equates to about $23.62 Canadian.


Even though the Motorola H17 is being shipping from the US, the item listing does state this:

International items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges.

There’s a very small chance you might get hit with an extra fee at your door as I mentioned in this recent article about Canadian shipping, as the headset is just over the $20 customs limit. However, we’ll all keep the fingers crossed that you don’t pay anything extra! If you make an order for this Motorola, please tell us how it went in the comments below.


This Motorola H17 Bluetooth Headset comes with “Non-Retail Packaging,” meaning that it is not in its original packaging or it may be unsealed. I think for this reason, the sellers cannot class it as brand new… but the item is new and unused, it’s just the packaging that’s not as it was when it left the factory.

Price Comparison

Right now, a marketplace seller on Amazon.ca is offering this same headset for $83, it’s out of stock but it was $119 @ TigerDirect, and it’s also priced at $88 @ CDW. Therefore, I think this is a great deal on eBay.

Video Review

If you’d like to see a bit more about this item before you buy, have a watch of this video review:

Other Free Shipping Deals @ eBay

While we don’t usually post deals from individual eBay sellers, I actually spotted this Motorola H17 Bluetooth Headset highlighted in eBay’s “free shipping deals” section. There, eBay features a range of hot items from reputable sellers. There are a lot more hot electronics deals in there too. But just watch out in case any of them are shipping from the US, remember your potential customs and duties, etc.

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July 10

eBay Canada: Refurb. Jawbone Jambox Speaker $64 + Free Shipping

Posted by on July 10, 2014 at 10:00 PM

eBay Canada: Refurb. Jawbone Jambox Speaker $64 + Free Shipping

eBay Canada has a great deal for Canadians right now. Pick up an Authentic Original Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Portable Speaker for $59.99 US = $63.88 CAN with free shipping.

The Jawbone ships from Ontario so there are no customs or duties to worry about. This is a manufacture refurbished Jawbone, so while it doesn’t come looking brand new out of that impossible-to-open packaging, what you are getting is a fully functional and amazing speaker at a very good deal.

The Jawbone speakers:

come in bulk (non-retail) packaging with all accessories included: Jawbone JAMBOX, microUSB charging cable, 3.5mm stereo cable, carrying case, AC adapter and user guide. Cosmetically they look brand new. This is not the Jambox Mini.

Now, why is this such a good deal? Well, let us look at the regular price of the full size Jawbone. I found them at Amazon.ca for $146 (cheapest) and prices only went up from there on other websites. Pick up a refurbished version and you are saving yourself a good chunk of money on one of the most powerful portable speakers on the market in this price range.

This speaker ranks a 4.2 /5 on Amazon with many people gushing over how great this speaker is. The battery life between recharges is good, the volume is excellent, and the sound quality also appears to be a hit. As one commenter said:

Great sound and amazing volume from such a small size. Hooked up the jawbone via bluetooth from my Android phone. I could adjust the sound settings from my phone. I was surprised by the bass when it caused the speaker vibrate on the counter. I took a phone call while using the Jambox and great hands free operation.

Over 240 of these units have sold already on eBay and supplies are limited. You can choose from grey, red, or black. All colours still appear to be in stock so get on this offer soon to get the greatest choice. I am usually an all-black sort of person, but the red is really attractive.

With free shipping and over $80 off the going price of this unit, I think it is a great deal. With refurbished products, the problems have already been fixed so you are getting a speaker that has essentially been gone over twice. I have had great success with refurbished products and am certainly considering buying one for myself.

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March 9

eBay Canada: Up to 50% Off Tech at Newegg Canada

Posted by on March 9, 2014 at 10:30 PM

eBay Canada: Up to 50% Off Tech at Newegg Canada

Newegg’s eBay store is offering up to 50% off tech currently. This is a sale that you might want to browse if you are in the market for a new laptop, headset, or other electronic device.

If you need a new computer you might want to consider this ASUS S400CA-SI30305S 14″ Ultrabook Black on sale from $599.99 down to $389.99 with free shipping. It is a manufacturer refurbished unit that comes with a 500GB 5400RPM hard drive + 24GB SSD Cache for plenty of space.

Newegg Canada is also selling this Patriot LX Series 64GB Class 10 Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC) Flash Card for only $29.99 (originally $49.99) with $4.99 shipping. I found the same card from a secondary seller on Amazon for around $60 including shipping. The Class 10 will give you the speed you need for your DSLR cameras and 64GB gives you plenty of space for large file sizes.

Check out these and other deals during Newegg Canada’s sale on eBay Canada. Shipping depends on the product and ranges from free to a few dollars from what I saw.

(Expiry: 16th March 2014)

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February 10

eBay Canada: Gold and Pearl Stud Earrings $14 ($75 Value)

Posted by on February 10, 2014 at 10:30 PM

eBay Canada: Gold and Pearl Stud Earrings $14 ($75 Value)

eBay Canada sports many fine bargains and jewelry deals. Right now you can pick up a pair of 10K Yellow Gold Freshwater Cultured 6-6.5mm White Pearl Stud Earrings for only $12.99 USD (approx $14.30 CAN) which have a value around $75. Seriously, try and go into your local jeweler and get that size of pearls on 10 karat gold studs and you will find the price substantially higher!

You get free shipping on these lovely little pearl earrings. They do ship in from Brooklyn, New York but since they cost under $20 you do not have to worry a bit about duty or customs.

The shape is semi-round and the size is really great for almost any size of female. They are not too big (and thus too heavy) and they are not so small they just disappear on the ear. Pearls are also the perfect earring because they look elegant and yet do not cost a fortune. They are classy and yet not outrageously pricy.

They also make a fantastic gift for a good friend, a lover, or someone you would like to be a future either one of those. They can make an equally good gift for your mother or your grandmother because pearls, like diamonds, are timeless.

Quantities are limited.

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January 17

eBay Canada: 7.5mm Pearl Bracelet $10 (Save $30)

Posted by on January 17, 2014 at 7:30 PM

eBay Canada: 7.5mm Pearl Bracelet $10 (Save $30)

A seller on eBay Canada has a great deal on 7.5mm white freshwater pearl bracelets. Valued at around $40, they are being sold for $9.98 US (which roughly translates over to $10.90). Even though the price is in USD don’t fear; these bracelets ship from Vancouver.

There are three things that really attracted me to this deal:

  1. You get a freshwater pearl bracelet for around $10
  2. You get absolutely free shipping
  3. The product ships from within Canada, so there are no duty or customs charges

The bracelet is approximately 6.5 – 7″ in length with a gold plated clasp. The pearls are freshwater with an off round shape and are 7 – 7.5 mm in size. They are white with 100% nacre, moderate luster, and some natural flaws on the surface. They rank about an AA- in quality.

These make lovely gifts and look far more expensive than you are getting them for. If you are on a real budget after the holidays, this makes a fantastic gift idea for Valentine’s Day coming up.

(Expiry: unknown)

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October 31

eBay Canada: Discount Watches + Free Shipping @ Watch Vendor

Posted by on October 31, 2013 at 5:00 PM

eBay Canada: Discount Watches + Free Shipping @ Watch Vendor

Watch Vendor on eBay Canada is a Canadian seller of authentic designer watches at discount prices. All watches ship from within Canada and have free shipping.

I love watches! I have an ESQ by Movado watch which is my getting dressed up and going out to dinner watch. I also own an Aquaswiss watch with diamond studding that I got at a massive sale. It is actually my daily watch. I love the heft of it! I never have bought a watch at retail price because you can often find awesome deals online.

Watch Vendor has this Bulova Bangle Set White Dial Women’s Watch 96X111 which I am absolutely drooling over. It retailed for $250 and is listed currently at $185 US. You can also make an offer to the seller and see if they will accept a lower price! If I didn’t already own two watches I would be making an offer this second. I just adore it.

This men’s Toy Watch Mesh Stainless Steel Unisex Watch MH02SL reminds me of a sports car… both are pluses for me. It originally retailed for $225 and is on sale for $128 US. Again, you can make an offer to the seller and see if they will accept a lower price. It is a fabulous looking watch and would make a great gift.

The free shipping offer with all these watches really makes this deal sparkle in my eyes. For other free shipping with no minimum deals check out this page.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 27

eBay Canada: Up To 50% Off Bedding @ Beehive Canada

Posted by on October 27, 2013 at 9:00 PM

eBay Canada: Up To 50% Off Bedding @ Beehive Canada

eBay Canada and the seller Beehive Canada have teamed up to offer Canadians up to 50% off blankets for the coming cold months, with free shipping.

One of the best things for winter is a heated blanket. You can get a Sunbeam MicroPlush Heated Throw, Slate for $49.99 (was $89.99) with free shipping. Are you a sports fan? Then check out the Sunbeam Calgary Flames NHL Heated Throw for only $39.99 (was $79.99). They have many different teams available, but they are selling out quickly.

If you are looking for something to heat your entire bed, then it will be a bit more expensive. We have a queen size bed and have been considering a heated blanket for ages. This Sunbeam Premium RoyalMink Queen-Size Heated Blanket was $199.99 and is now $129.99. With it, I might just leave the heat off and keep the blanket on.

For other deals with free shipping, check out our free shipping no minimum page.

(Expiry: 6th November 2013 or when items sell out)

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