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February 5

Free Mew Mythical Pokemon Download Code @ EB Games Canada

Posted by on February 5, 2016 at 3:13 PM

Free Mew Mythical Pokemon Download Code @ EB Games Canada

Hey Moosers – I guarantee if you have kids between the age of 7 and 15, they play Pokemon. Even I occasionally pull out my Nintendo DS to play the addicting game. If you do have someone in your household that plays the game, then here is a fabulous new offer for you. I have never seen an offer like this before! Head into your local EB Games store and you can claim a free download card to get Mew (extremely rare, mythical Pokemon).

I went in and claimed this offer last night, so I know it is legit. Stock is limited though, so you may want to call ahead of time and see if they have any left. You can get one code/card per person. This offer is available until February 24th and you can download it onto Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Pokemon Omega Ruby. No purchase is necessary. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 26

EB Games Boxing Day 2015 – Now Live!

Posted by on December 26, 2015 at 1:26 PM

EB Games Boxing Day 2015   Now Live!

**Bump: The EB Games Boxing Day Sale is now live**

EB Games has released their Boxing Day flyer full of great deals on video games, consoles, memberships, and more. These deals will start December 26th with most deals being available online. Select deals are instore only – and those are visibly marked in the flyer.

The top deal of the entire flyer has to be their promo on the Xbox One. EB Games is offering $50 of Xbox One 1TB Bundles. Originally $449.99, they are going to be on sale for $399.99 – that is $50 off. In addition, you will receive five free games worth $180! In total, that is $180 extra stuff and $50 savings – a pretty hot deal and the best I have seen on the 1TB models.

There are plenty of other deals. A huge array of games will be 50% off including: Read the rest of this entry »

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April 6

EB Games Trade In Deals – Up to $70 in Credit

Posted by on April 6, 2015 at 6:10 PM

EB Games Trade In Deals   Up to $70 in Credit

EB Games has three special trade-in deals for PS4, XB1, XB360, PS3, PSV, WiiU, and 3DS games. All these deals will make your games worth more money towards other games or in credit.

There are three offers on right now. First of all, the trade more get more offer is one of EB Games’ best deals. With this offer, the more games you trade in the more bonus credit you will receive. Here are the three tiers:

  • Trade in 3 games, Get 10$ extra in-store credit
  • Trade in 5 games, Get 20$ extra in-store credit
  • Trade in 7 or more games, Get 30$ extra in-store credit

Each of these games has to have a trade in value of $3 or more. Just throwing this out there, but if you trade in seven games worth $3 each, usually you would get $21 credit. With this promo, you will receive $51 instead. This is really the best

Now, if you are trading in games with individual trade credit of $10 or more, then you may wish to use the following promotion. Trade in 3 games worth $10 or more to receive $70 credit towards the following game titles:

  • Bloodborne
  • Mortal Kombat X PS4/XB1
  • Project Cars

Above, I have linked to the specific games eligible for this promotion. It is a pretty extensive and varies by title and console.

Now, there is a third offer and this cannot be combined with any other offer. Receive an extra 30% in-store trade credit when you trade in your games towards the pre-order or purchase of the following titles:

  • Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS
  • MLB 15: The Show
  • Project Cars
  • Mortal Kombat X PS4/XB1
  • Bloodborne

As you can imagine, this is an in store only deal. With spring here, now is a great time to clear out your old games and make room for new titles. In fact, I have a few games sitting around that I never play. Unless it is a new title, it is pretty hard to resell games for any decent amount of money so this trade in offer is pretty good. I can reinvest that money into one game I want and really offset or eliminate my cost.

(Expiry: 3rd May 2015)

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February 22

EB Games: Monster Game MVP Carbon Headphones Only $80 & Free Shipping

Posted by on February 22, 2015 at 6:54 PM

EB Games: Monster Game MVP Carbon Headphones Only $80 & Free Shipping

EB Games is selling the Monster Game MVP Carbon On-Ear Headphones by EA Sports for just $79.99 each. While no original price is listed, this price is well below any other retailer! You will also receive free shipping as the headset costs over $25.

I price compared this headset with several other retails. While price differs between the colours, the closest price was nearly double the current cost at EB Games. Here are what other major retailers are selling this headset for:

  • $224.99 (black) @ Shop.ca
  • $225.95 (white) @ Shop.ca
  • $144.97 @Future Shop Canada (final clearance)
  • $249.99 @ Microsoft Store Canada
  • $144.97 (white) @ Amazon Canada
  • $163.35 (black) @ Amazon Canada

Future Shop and Amazon Canada tie for the next best price at nearly double EB Game’s price. This headset is a collaboration between legendary Monster and EA. The Monster Game headset is engineered for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC. I assume it would also be compatible with the new Xbox One and the PS4. You can expect Monster quality from this headset.

In each box, you will find the headset, gamebox, reversible boom mic, X-box chat cable, Xbox stereo adapter, stereo audio splitter, and a headphone pouch.

Now, average ratings change depending on what website you are visiting. On EB Games, the black headset averages 3.54/5 stars with 28 voters. There are no reviews on EB Games, but I did pull one off Amazon.ca:

I’m a gamer (more single player than multilayer) and I’ve been looking to purchase headphones that I can use to immerse myself more in the game. These headphones don’t disappoint. The surround is incredible and it comes with cords to attach to any console giving a whole new layer to playing intense survival games such as The Last of Us. I also love how the headphones also sound EXCELLENT with movies and music.

He also goes on to say that the headset is very comfortable, has excellent sound quality, and is a great value with the extra cords included (and the multiple-uses for the headset). From listening to music to gaming – this headset will be a versatile addition to your home. I like that the boom mike is detachable for when you are not gaming. My Turtle Beach gaming headset did not have that option so I had to tilt up the mic each time I wore the headset.

Overall, I think this is an excellent buy.

(Expiry: unknown)

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December 24

EB Games 2014 Boxing Day Flyer (Starts 26th December)

Posted by on December 24, 2014 at 11:45 AM

EB Games 2014 Boxing Day Flyer (Starts 26th December)

Yippiee! EB Games has released their Boxing Day Flyer for all your gaming needs. Sales begin December 26th. Some retail locations will not be open on the 26th and those stores should honour all the Boxing Day Deals on December 27th.

EB games is trying to up the ante with add ons to their large PS4 Bundle for $449.99. Two days ago I posted that Target had a great bundle deal on the PS4 including two games and a $70 gift card for only $370. EB Games has upped things again with a bundle thats just a little bigger and are also allowing you to trade in 5 games to receive $100 off your Playstation 4 purchase. If you trade in 5 video games you get a package that’s just a little bit larger for a final price of $349.99. This package includes:

  • Playstation 4 500 GB console
  • Dualshock 4 wireless controller
  • Thumb Grips
  • NHL 15 Game
  • LittleBIGPlanet 3 Game
  • Choice of Game- Destiny, NBA 2K 15 or Farcry 4

EB Games also has a lot of smaller deals to pick up some of your favourite games. Check out the next generation games by EA available for PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360. With  $20 off you pay $49.99. These games are retailing with the competitors for around $60 and have an original retail value of $70.

Also for PC only- the Sims 4 is available for only $49.99.  Walmart, Best Buy and Future Shop all have this one at the $70 price point.

You can also save 60-70% on lots of other great video games. These games shown below are retailing for between $25- $60 at all the top competitors. A small selection of the titles up for grabs include:

Also up for grabs in limited quantities is the Infinity Toy Box Challenge Starter Pack. You can pick this up for $24.99 and save $35. This pack is available for DS3, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii or WiiU and is retailing for about $35 at Walmart, Futureshop and Amazon. This interactive set includes

  • The game disc
  • 1 Infinity Base
  • 3 Infinity play mats
  • 3 Infinity figurines- Sully, Capt. Jack Sparrow and Mr. Incredible
  • 1 Disney Infinity Power Disc

The point of the game is to play in various worlds and mix characters from various films while you play. Overall, people like the game itself and say it is a really fun game. There are also lots of other characters you can purchase that can be added for more fun. One point that that reviewers made repeatedly is that this is a one-player game unless you shell out extra cash. To unlock other characters you have to buy other figurines and purchase special upgrades. If you are ok playing solo, this would be a fun game by itself. With multiple kids itching to play in the house (or a few big kids who want to play too!), you may want to grab a few extra figures so you can play in multi-player mode or plan to have your credit card to purchase some upgrades in the game.

There are lots more games and game accessories on sale at EB Games Boxing Day Sale, so click over to check them out and score some deals.

(Image Credit: GemMoth)

(Expiry December 31st, 2014)

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December 20

EB Games: South Park Stick of Truth $9.99 TODAY (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 20, 2014 at 12:17 PM

EB Games: South Park Stick of Truth $9.99 TODAY (EXPIRED)

Today only, EB Games is selling South Park: The Stick of Truth for only $9.99 (down from $29.99) for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

A quick price comparison shows how much other companies are selling this South Park game for:

  • $29.99 (Xbox 360) @ Amazon.ca
  • $31.99 (PS3) @ Amazon.ca
  • $24.96 (Xbox) @ Walmart.ca
  • $19.99 (PS3) @ Walmart.ca (OOS)
  • $29.99 (both) @ Best Buy Canada
  • $29.99 (both) @ Future Shop Canada

Future Shop is also offering used copies for $24.99. Thus, this sale of brand new South Park: The Stick of Truth games for just $9.99 each is a wicked deal. The closest price to that: Walmart’s PS3 version is double the price and already sold out.

South Park is not really my thing so I cannot tell you much about other than what I have researched. it is an epic quest style game where you recruit your friends to help out and can arm yourself to the hilt with awesome weapons. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, familiar names to any South Park fans, voice the game.

The game tends to rate fairly well, with the PS3 version a 3.73/5 on EB games and the Xbox 360 version a 3.86/5. One reviewer on Amazon says:

If you are a true South Park fan, this game is EPIC. Almost every character and major episode reference is in here. The gameplay is a highly simplistic fighting model, but to be honest I was much more interested in simply exploring the town of South Park and it’s very interactive environment, coming across all of the different characters and seeing where both the main storyline and side mission stories went.

There is a lot more to his review and many others, and it is mostly singing the praises of the game. The only real critics I see are those who think the game is a bit expensive, or from those who are not South Park fans. I honestly do not see why you would buy a game built around South park if you did not actually like or watch South Park. That is somewhat weird.

Now, you are probably wondering about shipping. Well, you can get this lovely game shipped to your local store free. I live about a five-minute drive from an EB Games so this is my first choice. Standard shipping costs $4.99 or is free on orders of $25.

(Expiry: 20th December 2014)

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October 8

EB Games: 60 – 70% Off Civilization Titles

Posted by on October 8, 2014 at 1:00 PM

EB Games: 60   70% Off Civilization Titles

EB Games Digital is offering 70% off almost all Civilization titles right now. The only title not 70% off is Civilization V Complete Edition for 60% off.

I am the perfect person to be writing this deal because my computer has over 1000 hours clocked in to Civ 5 so far. Granted, those are not all me as my husband is an active player as well. However, I know my way around Civilization V like the back of my hand. I also played Civilization IV, but not the titles before it.

Here are some of the discounts you can expect:

I currently play Civilization V with both the Brave New World and the Gods and Kings expansions will all character DLCs. I have not bothered to buy the bonus maps packs unless they came with the character packs as I play multi-player most of the time.

Civilization rocks because you really can bring a lot to the game. Choose the type of map that suits the leaders you like to play. You pick the leaders you like to play based on your own playing style. You can either make up for your playing ‘deficits’ through leaders or go for your strong points. For example: my husband often has the lowest army and the lowest population in early game. He can either play someone with their special troops early in the game to encourage army grown (like Greece), or he can play someone who specializes in grown (like Gandhi) to help even out his game play. My husband is always heavy into tech so playing Nebuchadnezzar plays to his strengths.

I develop somewhat of an insular nation by nature. I always aim for high production through high growth rates. Thus, Gandhi is one of my favourite characters to play as his bonus can sustain a larger population, which means more tiles for production. When I do go warmonger, I really enjoy Ethiopia because you can pair their ‘smaller than other civilization’ bonus up with +30% city defenses from religion for a formidable opponent in war.

This game is a great waste of time. It is on sale because the next installment of Civilization, called Civilization: beyond Earth, is scheduled for release on the 24th of October.

(Expiry: 10th October 2014)

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April 27

EB Games: Trade 3, 5 or 7 Games to get $10, $20 or $30 in Extra Credit

Posted by on April 27, 2014 at 8:00 AM

EB Games: Trade 3, 5 or 7 Games to get $10, $20 or $30 in Extra Credit

Trade mo’ games, get mo’ money. Bonus credit when you trade in more games.

I never trade games. That’s just because I don’t buy a lot of games so the games I do get are ones I really, really want and are at the top of my list. They are part of my collection and I want to keep them. That being said there are a lot of people out there who don’t have the same emotional attachment to their games as I do. There are a lot of people who buy way, way more games than I do, too. When you buy six different FPS’ in the course of a year, it’s easier to part with some of them.

If you do have a bunch of games to trade, check this deal out. When you put three games up for store credit they will give you an extra $10. Five games gets you $20 in-store credit and you get an extra $30 credit if you trade in seven games. This is all on top of whatever you are getting for the games themselves.

There are a couple of rules though. You can only trade in games for PS4, Xbox One, XB360, PS3, PSV, WiiU, and 3DS and the games have to have a minimum trade value of $5. That means no old sports games, guys!

(Expires: 4th May 2014)

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January 26

EB Games Canada: Trade Towards Accessories, Get Extra 20% Credit

Posted by on January 26, 2014 at 9:30 PM

EB Games Canada: Trade Towards Accessories, Get Extra 20% Credit

With the release of the new gaming platforms you might be either selling or trading in your games as you convert over platforms. Currently, if when you trade your games in you trade them towards accessories you will get an extra 20% for your games or 30% credit if you are an EDGE Platinum member.

This, as you can imagine, is an in store deal only. It is fairly worth while though because you get extra credit for what you already have and can pick up a couple extra controllers, a wicked gaming headset, or whatever you need to go with your new (or old) system. Games must include boxes and instructions when you trade them in. No duplicate titles allowed. The trade must be in full working condition to receive full value which is pretty much common sense.

My favourite part of this deal is that there is no minimum trade in value required. A lot of the deals say “minimum $15 trade in value” or something of the sort which excludes older games. If I traded in a game worth $10 I could get $12 credit and if I traded in a game worth $20 I would get $24 credit towards accessories. Decent deal.

(Expiry: 2nd February 2014)

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January 3

EB Games Canada: PS Vita WiFi For Only $170 (Save $30)

Posted by on January 3, 2014 at 9:00 PM

EB Games Canada: PS Vita WiFi For Only $170 (Save $30)

Get the newest handheld to go with your brand new PS4, or your PS3, or anything else for only $170 at EB Games!

In another life I covered the PS Vita launch. It was awesome. The touch screen and the back-touchpad make for some great ancillary game mechanics (like the SixAxis controller) without being too intrusive like some others (I’m looking at you, Kinect and Wiimote). The connectivity, for those who are interested in that sort of stuff, is awesome. To top it all off, it has an absolutely gorgeous OLED screen.

If you have a PS3 or, better yet, a PS4, this is a great companion device. Remote play is awesome and I love the idea of taking some classic games, for instance, like FFVIII with you on your handheld. It’s kind of crappy playing a two or three year old game on your 70″ LED TV, but on a handheld, it doesn’t feel so bad.

This is a great price, too. You don’t often see consoles come on sale because they are super low margin items or, in some cases, are loss leaders. Getting the PS Vita for $169.99 is great considering it was $199.99. You’re saving $30! This could be a stock purge sale to get the original version gone before the PS Vita Slim comes here, which I’m assuming will happen some time soon. Normally I’m all up on a slim version of a console, but I guess the PS Vita Slim doesn’t have the amazing OLED screen, so I might pass.

Shipping is around $6 for most people.

(Expires: Unknown)

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September 5

EBGames: Pre-Owned Gears of War (Xbox) only $4.99 + Shipping

Posted by on September 5, 2013 at 8:00 AM

EBGames: Pre Owned Gears of War (Xbox) only $4.99 + Shipping

EB Games Canada is selling pre-owned copies of Gears of War (Xbox 360) for only $4.99. This is down from their previous used price of $7.99 and is a stark contrast to the price of the game new, still around $20 at most places.

Sure the game has been kicking around for a while but not all gamers get the newest or the best as soon as it comes out. I know a lot of us are on a budget and wait for killer deals to pick up games we have been wanting to try for a while. Has Gears of War been on your list? Well now you can spend a mere $5 to pick up the wildly popular title.

Yes the game is pre-owned, but EB Games is pretty good at making sure that used games are in great shape before they resell them.

The downside of the deal? You have to pay for shipping unless you can figure out how to pick up at your local store, an option I couldn’t find at checkout. Shipping is $4.99 (I know, painful) so your total cost is $9.98. Let us keep this in perspective. Amazon Canada is charging $25.26 for the game new, and Future Shop has it for $9.99 used + shipping.

This deal actually works best if you are already buying something at EB Games. Just add it on and get yourself a game on the cheap.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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August 21

EBGames Canada: Get 30% More Value When You Trade Slim PS3/xBox/WiiU Towards PS4/xBox One

Posted by on August 21, 2013 at 12:00 PM

EBGames Canada: Get 30% More Value When You Trade Slim PS3/xBox/WiiU Towards PS4/xBox One

Optimize your trade when you trade out your old console for a new pre-order at EB Games Canada.

Is your old console (or new in the case of the WiiU) collecting dust? I know if my PS3 wasn’t my (and perhaps more importantly, my son’s) Netflix machine I’d definitely be doing this. I almost wish I had bought an xBox 360 or WiiU just to be able to trade it in. I don’t buy a lot of games and, at this point, I’ve bought pretty much everything I’m going to, so if I traded it in, it wouldn’t be a big deal. I guess I do still need to pick up Assassin’s Creed 3, so I’d miss playing that. What I’m saying is that, at this point in the console’s life cycle, if you aren’t playing it a lot, it won’t hurt too much to give it up. The PS4 is coming out on November 15th and the xBox One has to be somewhere around there, so you aren’t going to have to wait long to get the next-gen gear.

I also suspect there are a lot of people out there who have a PS3, an xBox 360 and maybe even a WiiU. You could trade them all in for tons of credit, or just pick one or two. You can live with one console, right? Right. The value of your console depends on what you have with it. A bigger hard drive gets you more credit and each console has a different value. I also suspect, and I’m not 100% sure, that the value is different based on where you are. Whatever your old Slim PS3, Slim xBox 360 or WiiU is worth, you get an extra 30% on top of its value when you trade it in towards a PS4 or xBox One.

This deal is available in store only.

(Expires: 23rd August 2013)

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July 30

EB Games Canada: Trade In Old Games, Save Up To $300 On PS4 Or xBoxOne Pre-Order

Posted by on July 30, 2013 at 6:30 PM

EB Games Canada: Trade In Old Games, Save Up To $300 On PS4 Or xBoxOne Pre Order

Save up to $300 on your next gen pre-order at EB Games!

I recently pre-ordered my PS4. It’s the first console I’ve ever pre-ordered and I’m super stoked for it! One of the best things about pre-ordering, other than the fact that you are pre-ordering, is that you can pay in chunks and do not have to worry overly much about budgeting or saving. I don’t just have $400 to drop on a new console whenever I want. Actually, no, that’s a lie. I do have $400 to drop on a PS4, but I also have a wife who would rather use that money for important things (like gaming isn’t important! Pft!) like clothes for my son or new curtains or something. Anywho, I like that you can break the purchase up into chunks. I put $50 on it to hold it and now I have (probably) three and a half months to come up with the other $350. $100 a month for August, September and October – I’m done.

But wouldn’t it be better if you could pay less for your PS4 or, God forbid, your xBox One? Of course it would, especially if you’re getting Microsoft’s console for $100 more than Sony’s next gen unit! Well, EB games can help. If you trade in eligible (Read: in-demand) games, they will give you discounts on your PS4 or xBox One pre-order. These are the discounts.

  • Trade five games and get $100 credit
  • Trade ten games and get $200 credit
  • Trade fifteen games and get $300 credit

The games have to be worth $8 or more in trade value, but that means that $40 worth of games gets you $100 credit towards your console, $80 gets you $200 and $120 gets you $300. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t buy many games, so the ones I do buy are keepers. This deal, however, might make me rethink my no-trade policy on my games. Honestly, I’m not going to replay most of these games and if for whatever reason I do, I can just buy them again. So, tomorrow I might very well be wandering into my local EB with a list of games that I own, just to see if I can bring my total owing from $349 to something a bit easier to handle!

(Expires: 4th August 2013)

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July 14

EB Games Canada: Trade Used Games Towards Steam Credits & Get Extra 30%

Posted by on July 14, 2013 at 6:30 PM

EB Games Canada: Trade Used Games Towards Steam Credits & Get Extra 30%

Feeling a little guilty about leaving your gaming PC sitting alone in the corner while you play away on your console? Well, trade in some of your console games towards Steam credits, and get an extra 30% at EB Games Canada!

This deal is perfectly timed because it lines up with Steam’s big summer sale brought to you by the inimitable . I didn’t get around to the sale yesterday and missed picking up x-Com and Borderlands 2 for $10 each! Don’t be like me, go and check out this sale right now! Actually, go check it out after you trade in your old console games at EB. Right now, you can get an extra 30% of credit if you put it towards a Steam Wallet Card.

They are only accepting games from modern consoles for this deal, so think PS3, XBox360, PSVita, WiiU or 3DS. I, of course, can’t really take place in this deal, because I only buy games I really, really dig, stuff I want to keep in my collection. I have friends who buy every military FPS that comes out. For them, trade-ins aren’t a big deal. I don’t feel like any of my games are trade-inable because they are all some of my favourite games. I even have PS2 and PS1 games that, if you offered to buy from me, I wouldn’t sell.

And for all you console gamers out there who have resisted PC gaming for years, like I had, this is a good chance to dust off the mouse and give it a try. It probably won’t replace your console, but it’s a very nice addition!

Console or PC? FIGHT! (In the comments below…)

(Expiry: 19th July 2013)

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July 2

EB Games Canada: Bioshock 2 for PC Just $0.99

Posted by on July 2, 2013 at 9:00 AM

EB Games Canada: Bioshock 2 for PC Just $0.99

There is a great deal happening right now over at EB Games Canada.  You will be able to get the game Bioshock 2 for any PC for just $0.99.

A lot of the time when a PC game is priced this low you end up getting just the digital download instead of the actual game.  This deal for $0.99 is for the actual physical game.  It is for both multi-player and single player and is a cool fighting game set in the future.

Here is a couple of customer reviews:

This game, was absolutely astounding. Re-immersing yourself into the depths of Rapture once again, proved to be an exceptionally outstanding sequel to the original Bioshock. Taking the flaws from the original Bioshock, 2K Games learned from their mistakes with the old hacking system and transformed it to where the game doesn’t pause until you hit ESC. Non-stop Big Daddy own-age the whole game. Excellent work!- Justin S
Fantastic game, I loved the first one but this one is really good too. But one thing, there is something about it that’s missing or not making it perfect.. I think it’s the atmosphere, it wasn’t as strong as the first one. It took me 8 hours to complete it in a day, but still you should get this game.- Dale K

The average rating of the game is 8.8/10 stars so that tells me it is a really good buy.

As for the cost of shipping, it will depend on how much you buy.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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