August 13

EA Access Now Available For Xbox One! Pay Just $4.99/ Month For Free Games, Discounts Etc.

Posted by on August 13, 2014 at 8:00 PM

EA Access Now Available For Xbox One! Pay Just $4.99/ Month For Free Games, Discounts Etc.

Got an Xbox One or planning to get one? Then subscribe to Ea Access for just $4.99 to save on the purchases of games, play games for free and much more!

First of all, this is only valid for Xbox One. Second of all, if you have or are planning to get an Xbox One, then $4.99 is hardly a bank-breaking fee especially since you will end up saving so much more money in long term. An average game usually runs upwards of $70 but with EA Access, you gain access to select games per month with the vault, but there are other benefits as well.

In fact, here are the three main advantages to getting to subscribing to EA Access:

The Vault

Once subscribed, you will gain access to the vault, which will allow you to play games for free and unlike PS Plus’ rather mediocre line-up of games, which are mostly indie ones, EA Access is setting the bar much higher by promising only the best games like Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, Battlefield 4 and Peggle 2 and many others to be added later on as well.

Play For Less

EA Access members can also save 10% on all digital purchases of games. Sadly, this doesn’t apply to physical copies of games but with the way in which everything is transferring to cloud technology, I doubt many of you will mind, especially if you save money. Plus, most games tend to be cheaper digitally, so you might even be looking at save even more than just 10% in comparison to the retail price of physical copies.

Play First

With this benefit, you are given the advantage of downloading and playing games five days before they are released! This is definitely a major perk, especially for full-time gamers, but I’m sure any gamer would appreciate the extra time to learn the ropes of a new game and take a shot at setting high scores. Plus, it would give a major competitive edge over friends who would be playing the game on a PlayStation 4! EA Access Now Available For Xbox One! Pay Just $4.99/ Month For Free Games, Discounts Etc. The only drawback is that you are only provided a limited amount of time in order to try the game, but it’s still a neat feature to have nonetheless, especially if you have been eagerly awaiting the release of a specific game (i.e. NHL 15).

Moosers, do you own an Xbox One? Will you be subscribing to EA Access? Let us know in the comments section!

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February 5

EA Origin: The Sims 10th Anniversary Sale – FREE Town Stuff Pack + Up to 75% off The Sims 3 Games

Posted by on February 5, 2014 at 6:00 PM

EA Origin: The Sims 10th Anniversary Sale   FREE Town Stuff Pack + Up to 75% off The Sims 3 Games

EA made my wife happy with free expansion and 50% off The Sims 3 games and expansions on Origin!

Seriously. My wife was having kind of a crappy day until I noticed this. I grabbed her laptop and got the free Town Life Stuff pack. It hasn’t showed up yet since it apparently takes them 72 hours to transfer the bits from their servers to my wife’s computer but it’s free so I can’t complain right? So to brighten her day a bit more, she is going to pick up another expansion for 50% off. Not sure which one yet but she has a lot to pick from.  They aren’t all 50% off but almost all of them are. You can pretty much pick any expansion/stuff pack.

And if you haven’t picked up The Sims 3 yet, get out of my house. Or pickup The Sims 3 for 75% off! It’s only $4.99. Normally it’s $19.99 so you’re saving $15. Of course the main game is cheap so you’ll pick up an expansion too.

It’s kind of crazy that The Sims has been around for 10 years. It just seems like so long ago. 10 years. Makes me feel old. I remember picking up The Sims when it first came out. I had loved SimCity for years so a lower level version of that was very intriguing. I enjoyed it but I didn’t love it. For whatever reason it seems to appeal heavily to the women in my life. My wife and her sister both love and play it . My Mom even played it for a bit. I always liked building the houses and getting the stuff but not so much the simulated life stuff.

This is a PC or Mac Digital Download so you don’t pay shipping. The free game can take up to 72 hours to show up so keep refreshing!

(Expires: 11th February 2014)

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June 14

EA Origin: Only $5 for Battlefield 3 (PC)

Posted by on June 14, 2013 at 7:30 PM

EA Origin: Only $5 for Battlefield 3 (PC)

You, the consumer, voted and told EA that you wanted Battlefield 3 for only $5 so you got it!

Battlefield 4 is coming out in a few months and you had better be ready. The pros are gonna be out in force for this one and you don’t wanna get pwnd like a n00b right out of the gate, right? The best way to do this is pick up Battlefield 3. BOOM! HEADSHOT!

I’ve noticed a lot of game companies doing this as of late. A few months before a big new game comes out they release the previous game for super cheap. It’s a great tactic because it gives you a little time to get in to it so when the new one comes out, you immediately need to go pick it up. Now in this case EA let people vote on which game they wanted to see on sale so it may not have been a pre-emptive sale but you never know, right?

Regardless of the reason, you’re getting a $19.99 game for $5! You’re saving $15. There is, of course, no shipping as this is a digital download PC game,

What upcoming sequel game are you excited for? Do you have the previous game in the series? If you don’t, would you grab it for $5 or just wait for the new one? Let me know in the comments below!

(Expires: 19th June 2013)

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April 19

GreenManGaming: Select EA Games on Sale: Crysis, Deadspace, Command & Conquer Ultimate & More!

Posted by on April 19, 2013 at 7:30 PM

GreenManGaming: Select EA Games on Sale: Crysis, Deadspace, Command & Conquer Ultimate & More!

Burnout, Command & Conquer, Dead Space, Dragon Age! What a gaming lineup! And it’s all on sale at GreenManGaming!

I just love when a sale lines up with something I’m already buying. A guy at work had mentioned to me that the Command & Conquer Ultimate edition was only $30 on Steam. I had been planning on getting it for a while but with this sale, I’m picking it up as soon as I’m done wrting this article!

But if you aren’t in to Command & Conquer and don’t want to get ALL seventeen Command and Conquer games for SUPER CHEAP, then there are other titles  available at Green Man Gaming to download. There are even individual Command and Conquer games but for the price, you might as well get them all in a retooled package that will work on your modern operating system.

Here are some prices and examples:

There are some great deals here. If I hadn’t just bought a bunch of games, I’d probably pick up some more. I need to reign myself in! Well, maybe I’ll pick up one of the $5 games. Anywho, these are PC downloads so no shipping costs. Since they are all EA games you’ll need to get the free EA Origin program to play them.

(Expires: 21st April 2013)

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August 22

GamersGate: 4 Great Games from EA Under $10 (Save 50%)

Posted by on August 22, 2012 at 11:00 AM

GamersGate: 4 Great Games from EA Under $10 (Save 50%)

GamersGate is bringing you the latest from two of the greatest video game series in history, Sim City and Command & Conquer. To make it even better, all four games are under $10. That’s a 50% discount!

The four games available are:

These series were a huge part of my life growing up and I’m super excited to be able to bring you this deal! I can’t say enough about these series. For those who are not aware, I will fill you in on what you have been missing and the sheer joy you can get by picking up these games.

SimCity is beyond innovative. Basically you are the mayor of a city but you are also the accountant, planner, police chief, fire chief and every other role you need to run a city. You start with a blank terrain or a starter city and build it out from there. It sounds a little boring on the surface but it is beyond fun. You have to deal with all the issues that a city has. Natural disasters, crime, upset population, pollution and tons of other things. You need to figure out the right balance of growth vs. income. And, and, and… *sigh* I’m getting all hot and bothered here. Just go play it, trust me on this one.

Oh my, next is Command and Conquer. Command and Conquer is an RTS that sometimes has a bit of SciFi and sometimes has a lot of SciFi, depending on which installment of the series you are playing. The gameplay is exciting, innovative and horrendously addicting. I actually own the 10 year anniversary pack that has every game (except sole survivor) that was made in the 10 years since the first. Command and Conquer is another must-play game.

Another thing is that both of these series are getting new iterations in 2013 so getting these is a good way to prepare for the forthcoming installments.

(Expires: 26th August 2012)

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December 12

Origin Store Coupon Code: $10 off $30 & 40% Off Storewide!

Posted by on December 12, 2011 at 9:30 AM

Origin Store Coupon Code: $10 off $30 & 40% Off Storewide!

On the Origin gaming store, that’s the EA online store, there’s a 40% sale on TODAY only! Plus, there’s a valid coupon code for a $10 discount on a $30 spend – combining these offers can make for some super deals!

Click here to use the Origin coupon code online

  • Coupon Code: DECTEN
  • Discount: $10 off $30+
  • Expires: Unknown

Some of the prices of popular games in the 40% sale:

Canadian shipping is only $3.50, which is really reasonable.

If you’re looking for some Christmas gifts for game lovers, this is a great day to get them!

Portal 2 is a brilliant game, one of the best I’ve played in the last year. It’s funny to think that it was only a little add-on game in the Half Life Orange Box, but it was so popular that Valve increased it to a full game in and of itself. My fiancé and I were playing it co-op when we got it a few months ago. It led to a few arguments across our home office… YOU stand there! YOU shoot! DON’T MOVE!!

I’m planning on getting Arkham City too. I played the Batman Arkham Asylum game on my PC, and I had a lot of fun with it. If I get Arkham City, I will be buying a joypad for use on the PC though, as I found the PC controls a little annoying when I was playing it. It’s designed for joypad fun. Origin Store Coupon Code: $10 off $30 & 40% Off Storewide!

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