July 23

Well.ca: Save 40% On Duracell Batteries

Posted by on July 23, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Well.ca: Save 40% On Duracell Batteries

Get 40% off Duracell batteries at Well.ca this week. With batteries this affordable, you might as well stock up for Christmas.

We have so many battery-operated toys in our house. I don’t know how it happens, because I really try not to buy these types of toys, but they sneak their way in like pesky fruit flies. I have a bevy of rechargeable batteries, but those are so costly to invest in, I only use them for the toys they use the most and that run through batteries very quickly, like their LeapPads. It also irks me that there isn’t a uniform system to batteries, they take all different kinds and in weird quantities, like three AAA or seven D. So, don’t fret, because you can get these top-quality batteries at a good price this week at Well.ca.

They sell every size of battery from the regular AA to hearing aid batteries to lithium medical batteries. I just realized right now that people who don’t have kids need batteries too, for way more important things than a remote controlled car!

Some sample prices:

Shipping is free when you spend $25.

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May 13

P&G Brandsaver Canada Coupons: Save Up to $119

Posted by on May 13, 2013 at 11:00 AM

P&G Brandsaver Canada Coupons: Save Up to $119

P&G Canada has their new Brandsaver coupons out right now, which can save you up to $119 on your grocery bill.

Available coupons:

  • $1 off Cascade ActionPacs
  • $1 off Cascade Rinse Aid
  • $3 off when you purchase one Downy Liquid and one Downy Unstopables
  • $4 off NimH Duracell charger
  • $1 off any one Febreeze product
  • $2.50 off when you buy any two Febreze, Swiffer, Mr. Clean or Gain laundry products
  • $5 off any Gillette razor when you buy a Gillette cartridge pack
  • $2 off any Gillette male 3-bladed disposable razors
  • Buy any Gillette Shave Prep and get one free
  • $1 off any Head & Shoulders product
  • Get 1 free Iams wet dog food can when you purchase Iams dry dog food in 3.3lbs or larger size
  • $1 off any Iams Shakeables soft & chewy treats
  • $1 off any two Iams wet dog food cans
  • Buy one Iams dry cat food in 1.5lbs or larger size and get one Iams wet cat food can free
  • $2 off any Iams dry cat food in 1.5lbs or larger size
  • $1.50 off an three cans of Iams wet cat food
  • $1 off any Natural Instincts hair colour product
  • $3 off any two Natural Instincts hair colour products
  • $1 off any Nice ‘n Easy hair colour product
  • $3 off any two Nice n’ Easy hair colour products
  • $0.50 off any one Puffs product
  • $1 off any Tide liquid or powder product
  • $1 off any Tide Pods (14-40 count)
  • $1 off any Tide Pods and Downy Unstopables
  • Buy any Venus cartridge pack and get a free Satin Care shave gel
  • $2 off any Venus razor or Venus disposables
  • $0.50 off any Vidal Sassoon hair care or styling product
  • $1 off any Vidal Sassoon hair colour product

Simply click the coupons you want, enter your mailing address and all coupons will be mailed to your address, free of charge.

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December 6

Staples Canada: Duracell Batteries 50% Off

Posted by on December 6, 2012 at 2:00 PM

Staples Canada: Duracell Batteries 50% Off

Staples Canada has select AA and AAA Duracell Batteries on sale for 50% off. Items are available online and in-store. Sale is valid until December 11th 2012 or while quantities last.

You can’t have enough batteries around this time of year, and generally it’s a last minute buy when we discover we need them. This sale is a great idea: get the batteries in advance, only pay half the price and have them when you need them.

Here is their Duracell AA Alkaline batteries, 20 pack that is on sale for $12.59. Now it doesn’t state here what the regular price is, but in the same category, there is a 24 pack for $31.83. That makes the 20 pack a tremendous deal. You can get 2 of these for less than the price of one 24 pack.

The Duracell AAA Alkaline Batteries, 12 pack is on sale for $10.21. There is also a 16 pack listed at a price of $26.65, so again, you can get 2 packs of 12 for less than the price of one of these packs of 16. I would rather have the 24 batteries and pay less.

If you are interested, they also have a a couple of quick chargers with batteries on sale as well for both AA and AAA as well as rechargeable batteries at 50% off. Just be careful when you are shopping, the biggest package doesn’t always mean the cheapest.

Shipping: Free on orders of $50 ore more

(Expiry: 11th December 2012)

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September 19

Amazon Canada: 65% Off Duracell AA Coppertop AA Alkaline Batteries, 12 Count – Now $4.92

Posted by on September 19, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Amazon Canada: 65% Off Duracell AA Coppertop AA Alkaline Batteries, 12 Count   Now $4.92

If you use a lot of batteries, or perhaps your stock has just got a bit low: get this excellent deal from Amazon. Save 65% on a pack of Duracell AA-CTx12 Coppertop AA Alkaline Batteries, 12 Count. Originally $13.99 you will only pay $4.92!

Duracell Guarantees their batteries will stay fresh for 7 years, so buy without worry. I think it is always a good idea to have some batteries around incase the power goes out, and you need to power a few flashlights or perhaps a radio as well.

I price compared with Well.ca who has these batteries priced at $18.99! A 10-pack at Future Shop will run you $13.95. Amazon Canada certainly has a stellar deal.

Free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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