June 19

Dudamobile Coupon Code: Exclusive $25 Off Annual Subscription

Posted by on June 19, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Dudamobile Coupon Code: Exclusive $25 Off Annual Subscription

Dadamobile provides templates, domains, and web hosting for your new website. They specialize in making your website compatible with all devices: PC, tablet, and phones. They have given Bargainmoose an exclusive coupon code for $25 off an annual subscription.

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  • Coupon Code: bargainmoose25
  • Discount: $25 off annual DudaOne subscription
  • Expiry: 31st December 2014

Unfortunately, you cannot use this on the mobile-only option. This is for the DudaOne subscription only which will be on the right hand side of the website page when it pops up. It is the multi-screen option where you build a website from scratch with Dudamobile and it will be compatible across all devices. I have to say the templates they offer look awesome and really adjust across the different screen sizes: from laptop to tablet to smartphone. As someone who has struggled with getting my blog to look good on my smartphone, I really appreciate a versatile template.

You have two options for subscriptions here. The Business subscription gives you one site for desktop, tablet, and mobile as well as web hosting, Email/phone support, Custom domain (mysite.com), and site backup. The downside is you get limited Duda branded ads on your website. This plan goes for $7.50 a month on an annual plan, which works out to $90 a year. Once you apply our exclusive coupon, you get this plan for $65 a year, which works out to only $5.42 a month (annually). The Business+ subscription gives you all of the above plus CSS editor and the ability to edit by device. It also is ad free, which is a huge plus and tends to impress visitors and potential clients a lot more than ads. This annual subscription usually costs $14.25 a month, which comes to $171 a year. With our coupon, you can pick up the annual business+ subscription for $146 a year, which works out to $12.17 a month.

If you are unsure if DudaOne is for you, there is the option of trying out their services with a free account. You will get a Duda domain (mysite.dudaone.com) which comes with Duda branded ads, but at the same time, you can check out all their templates and see how well their multi-device functionality works for you. Once you have a taste for their product, you can then think about getting the business subscription before this coupon expires.

For this and any future Dudamobile coupon codes be sure to visit the forum.

Dudamobile Coupon Code: Exclusive $25 Off Annual Subscription

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February 26

DudaMobile Exclusive Coupon Code: $21 Off Annual Subscriptions of the New DudaOne Website Builder!

Posted by on February 26, 2014 at 8:30 PM

DudaMobile Exclusive Coupon Code: $21 Off Annual Subscriptions of the New DudaOne Website Builder!

Use your amateur skills to build a website like a pro. Or use your pro skill to do it. I’m not here to judge. DudaOne from DudaMobile!

Click here to sign up for DudaOne @ DudaMobile.com

  • Coupon Code:¬†DUDAMOOSE
  • Discount: Save $21 on Annual Subscriptions
  • Expiry:¬†31st March 2014

DudoMobile started out by mobilizing regular sites. Now they are getting into regular website creation with DudaOne. DudaOne is a tool to help you create a website without having to know any HTML, CSS or any other code. You can even import your existing website content or Facebook page into one of their great templates. If you do have the CSS mastery, you can even customize how your website looks.

If you just want a barebones website and don’t need anything special, you can get a website for free. It’s nothing fancy but it’s functional and it would be a great way to get your feet wet in the website creating world. It’d also be a good way to get a kid in to website building.

For most people you’re going to want to get one of their plans. I’d recommend the Business+ package but that’s just because I’m a techy guy to start with so I like to have the best of the best when it comes to my tech. This package is $14.25/month when you pay annually. That’s $171/year or $150/year after you use our coupon code. It gets you a custom domain, CSS editor, the ability to edit your site based on device, full site backup and they’ll remove their Duda branding. The Business plan is $7.50/month on an annual plan. That’s $90/year or $69/year with our code.

Look at all our Duda Mobile Coupon Codes!

DudaMobile Exclusive Coupon Code: $21 Off Annual Subscriptions of the New DudaOne Website Builder!

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February 1

DudaMobile Coupon: Exclusive $12 Off a 1-Year Plan

Posted by on February 1, 2014 at 10:00 PM

DudaMobile Coupon: Exclusive $12 Off a 1 Year Plan

Do you have a website of your own but have yet to go mobile? Then you might definitely be missing out on some business, which is exactly why this Bargainmoose exclusive for $12 off a premium annual subscription at Duda Mobile may be one that you should actually consider taking advantage of.

Click here to create a mobile version of your site @ DudaMobile.com now

  • Coupon Code: bargainduda
  • Discount: $12 off premium annual subscription
  • Expiry: 28th February 2014

Whether you already have a website or have been considering investing into one, fact of the matter is that they are absolutely crucial to any business and even more so in mobile form. Sure, the argument can be made that some people don’t even have a smartphone but studies actually show that smartphone use has significantly risen in Canada lately, with 56% of adults using one in 2013 — a whopping 33% jump from 2012.

An iPhone user (and lover) myself, I have found myself browsing a given restaurant’s or store’s website on my phone countless times and it was only made increasingly easier with a mobile version. When trying to pick between ten nearby restaurants, very often, the factor that would sway me the most is whether the menu was easy to access and if I didn’t have to zoom and swipe around too much to see it. Most often than not, I would pick the restaurant with the mobile version of its site because of the browsing ease. Same goes for a small store that I had never been to: if their site is easy to browse and most importantly, to find the contact information, then just that alone would increase my faith in them and make my connection with them a more positive one.

To get back to the Bargainmoose DudaMobile coupon, although $12 off a yearly subscription may not seem like much at first, it actually comes up to being about 14% off the original price. Since a monthly subscription is $7.20, this means that with the exclusive, you will only be paying $6.20 per month, which is definitely hardly anything when you take into consideration the potential for additional revenue!

Do you have a site? Have you or will you be going mobile?

DudaMobile Coupon: Exclusive $12 Off a 1 Year Plan

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