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February 18

Dell Canada: TRENDnet 8-Port GREENnet Switch Was $50 | Now $30 & Free Shipping (Expired)

Posted by on February 18, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Dell Canada: TRENDnet 8 Port GREENnet Switch Was $50 | Now $30 & Free Shipping (Expired)

Pick up the TRENDnet 8-Port Gigabit GREENnet Switch on sale from $49.99 down to $29.99. This switch comes with free shipping. Dell also offers 5% back via the Dell Advantage, so make sure you sign up for that program before your next purchase.

Electronics deals always need to be price compared as prices fluctuate so often. I compared this exact same model (TEG-S80G) GREENnet Switch from TRENDnet at other popular stores. Here is what they retail for elsewhere:

  • $49.99 @ Amazon Canada
  • $43.99 + $6.99 shipping @
  • $46.99 + shipping @

Now, there appears to be two different models. One has a metal case and the other a plastic case. The price certainly differs between the two cases, with the metal case more expensive. According to the details on Dell, this GREENnet Switch comes in “sturdy metal housing” rather than plastic. Many people prefer the metal housing as it is quite sturdy and does not heat up as much as the plastic case does.

Now, TRENDnet’s 8-port switch uses GREENnet technology to reduce power consumption by up to 70%. That is the big draw of this switch rather than others – over time you will save money on your power bills by switching to more energy efficient electronics. As a switch is on 24/7, that power consumption can add up.

Of course, this switch has more ports than you will ever need. With eight ports, you can plug in everything you own and then a few extras. The switch has a five-year limited warranty.

The reviews on this unit are extremely positive. Seven people have bothered to review it on Dell and the switch averages 4.6/5 stars with 36 reviews on Amazon Canada. Here is one of the reviews from Dell:

I bought this switch to upgrade my LAN to gigabit speeds. I’m very happy with it. It’s got a metal casing, not cheap plastic. I’ve been using it for over a month and have not had to power cycle it. There is no set up either – you just plug in the power and the network cables and you’re all set.

If I needed a new switch, I would be buying this unit. It has everything I need, has a solid case, and reduces energy consumption. I also really like the colour scheme of green and black. I think this is a sweet deal and the free shipping makes it even better.

(Expiry: 19th February 2015)

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February 16

Dell Canada: McAfee Total Protection 2015 (3 PC) Only $30 & Free Shipping (Expired)

Posted by on February 16, 2015 at 1:43 PM

Dell Canada: McAfee Total Protection 2015 (3 PC) Only $30 & Free Shipping (Expired)

Dell Canada has a very good deal on McAfee Total Protection 2015 for three PCs. Originally $79.99, the 3 PC version is on sale for $29.99 with free shipping. This deal is for today only.

This is the box pack, not simply a download. While this security software package is on sale at many other places, Dell Canada’s price is superior. You can see what other retailers are selling the three-PC version for:

  • $39.99 @ Future Shop Canada
  • $39.99 @ Best Buy Canada (OOS)
  • $59.99 @ Amazon Canada
  • $79.99 @ Staples Canada

With three computers, the McAfee Total Protection software works out to just under $10 per secured PC. This is the better deal than buying the one PC version if you have multiple computers. I have seen the one PC version for as low as $19.99, but the cost per computer works out to half that with this deal on the three PC version.

McAfee Total Protection 2015 is a solid anti-virus choice for your PC. I used it for years and it always kept my computer quite clean. The only thing I do not recommend is their browser add-on. It slowed my internet browsing down to a crawl if I had more than eight tabs open at the same time. However, the rest of the anti-virus software is quite decent in my opinion.

I checked the reviews for this software on CNET and PCmag. PCmag said:

McAfee Total Protection 2015 adds file encryption and advanced Web reputation markup and control to the features found in McAfee Internet Security 2015. Malicious URL blocking and accurate spam filtering are among its best features.

Most reviewers seem to like the software, if the ratings on Future Shop and the like are any indication. The software includes:

  • anti-virus
  • Parental controls
  • web safety tools
  • Anti-spam features for tour inbox
  • McAfee Mobile Security
  • Firewall

… as well as other features. The good thing about buying this software now, as opposed to when it first came out, is that the bugs have been worked out of the system. You will need to do an update or two when you first install the software to bring it up to speed. There originally was a slight problem with the Firewall when released, but that is now fixed.

If you have multiple computers in your home, then this is the best deal you can currently find on McAfee Total Protection 2015 for three PCs.

Receive 5% back with Dell Advantage.

(Expiry: 16th February 2015)

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February 10

Dell Canada: Panasonic Eneloop Charger & 12 Batteries Only $30 *BUMP!* (EXPIRED)

Posted by on February 10, 2015 at 10:17 AM

Dell Canada: Panasonic Eneloop Charger & 12 Batteries Only $30 *BUMP!* (EXPIRED)

Dell Canada is having a huge 72-hour sale on right now and one of the best deals I found was on the Panasonic Eneloop charger kit with eight AA batteries and four AAA batteries. It is now selling for $29.99, with a regular price of $46.99, saving you a whopping $20 on this item.

Rechargeable batteries are notoriously expensive, mainly because they last so much longer than regular batteries. They are definitely a good investment, it is just the investing part that hurts at first. So, when deals like this come along with a charger and all these batteries, you really do need to jump at the opportunity.

I’ve read a bit about Eneloop and how the batteries last for a long time. People absolutely love Eneloop batteries! If you want to know why they are so good, read this article from the Wire Cutter, which explains why they are the best. As for price comparisons, I looked around and found a pack of four AAs at Amazon for $19.78 on sale (this price has increased from the time when I wrote this original post last year too!). You are only paying $5 more for eight extra batteries and a charger.

I’m sure we all have many devices for which we need rechargeable batteries, like television converters, kid’s LeapPads, digital cameras and so much more.

As another perk, you’ll get free shipping with any order from Dell.

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December 27

Dell Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo Was $50 Now $20 @ Boxing Sales

Posted by on December 27, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Dell Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo Was $50 Now $20 @ Boxing Sales

A quality wireless keyboard and mouse combo is hard to find for a good price. Even if you already have a keyboard and mouse, I would purchase these to make sure you have a good back up plan for when your current keyboard or mouse break. Right now at Dell Canada’s online Boxing Sales, you can purchase the Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for only $19.99. This combo was previously priced at $49.

This mouse and keyboard combo from is designed to be sleek, stylish and functional. This Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo will only cost you $19.99 from right now, which is a much better price than even lower quality brand names would cost you. This wireless combo is the perfect way to welcome you to the freedom of wireless computing. This product is compatible with systems such as Alienware, Inspiron, Vostro, and XPS.

The Keyboard has low profile keys, which I prefer. I find I make less spelling errors with low profile keys. If you are a coffee drinker, then you are probably aware of how many times I spill coffee on my keyboard. This Dell Wireless Keyboard is also spill resistant. That is a big plus in my books. Batteries are even included in this combo. I would pick up some rechargeable batteries though, they seem to have a way of running out of juice at the worst possible times.

As for the mouse, there are many cool features as well. This Dell Wireless mouse has 3 buttons. It also has an optical LED tracking sensor so you won’t even need a mouse pad. That feature alone makes it convenient for travel and anywhere use. The nano receiver folds up for easy storage. I actually have a mouse right now that has a retractable USB cord. I feel that having a wireless mouse would be so much easier for many reasons.

Dell Canada also includes free standard shipping in their prices. Shipping will take 1 or 2 business days, which is actually pretty fast. accepts PayPal so I added this combo to my cart. I had a hard time finding a quality wireless mouse for under $15 so getting this combo for only $19.99 is right up my alley. Returns are also easy with If you don’t like the product for any reason, you can simply return it.

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December 21

Dell 28″ Ultra HD Monitor Just $299 (Save $200) @ Microsoft Canada (HOT!)

Posted by on December 21, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor Just $299 (Save $200) @ Microsoft Canada (HOT!)

**BUMP** This deal is back on for an early Boxing Day sale so rather than re-blog it, I am just going to bump up this post.

Microsoft has a sweet deal on this large Dell 28″ Ultra HD monitor. Originally $499, the monitor is now on sale for just $299 so you save $200 and receive free shipping on your purchase.

Details my lovelies! This huge monitor features a 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD resolution for crystal clear images of incredible quality. It will look like those flowers on your wallpaper are actually growing. This is considered a 4K monitor as it has four-times the resolution of a regular full HD. The non-glare LED panel makes this a fantastic unit for watching movies.

The P2815Q Dell monitor has all the ports you need to connect external devices. Enjoy an ample four USB 3.0 ports, three DisplayPorts, and an HDMI port.

This will make a great work monitor, movie-watching monitor, or a great monitor for your business. However, the monitor has too low a refresh rate to be great for gamers. This monitor’s refresh rate is 30hz, whereas gamers will want a monitor with 60hz for long periods of gaming. Eyestrain can become a real problem with lower refresh rates.

This is the P2815Q model from Dell so I price compared it there and anywhere else I could find it. At Dell, they have the original price of this monitor $100 higher than the original listed price at the Microsoft Store. The monitor is listed at Dell to retail for $599.99 and is now on sale for $399.99. I find that Dell is guilty of this a lot, boosting the original retail value so it makes their sales look more impressive. Personally, I am not impressed.

While this monitor is not available on Amazon Canada anymore, I did find some very useful reviews like this one:

Pixels! Pixels! Pixels! This has much more real-estate than my U3014 (2560×1600) which was almost double the price. As a programmer and someone who works with large documents, this is a unique capability for a bargain price.
Can be landscape or portrait. This monitor can display documents with 4K pixels top-to-bottom. Many of the large format monitors do not support this mode of operation.

I think it is cool that you can use the monitor in portrait position; I have never had a monitor that could do that. Hey Moosers, what would you use this monitor for?

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December 19

Save up to $200 on PCs and 50% off Other Electronics @ Dell Canada’s Boxing Day Sale (Starts 26 Dec)

Posted by on December 19, 2014 at 7:50 PM

Save up to $200 on PCs and 50% off Other Electronics @ Dell Canadas Boxing Day Sale (Starts 26 Dec)

The Dell Canada Boxing Day flyer is available for  you to view now. Stay home this Boxing Day and enjoy big savings. There will be lots of limited quantity doorbusters available during this Boxing Day Sale. The sale will start as early as 6 a.m. EST on Friday the 26th of December. This Dell Boxing Day sale will end on the 29th of December.

I think most people relate Boxing Day to excellent offers on electronics, TVs and computers. It is the best time of the year to get discounts on any of these items you may need. During the Boxing Day sales you can save up to $200 off select computers and up to 50% off other electronics and accessories.

There seem to be quite a few decent offers in the Boxing Day flyer. If you are in need (or want) a tablet, the new Dell Venue 8 Pro 3000 Series Tablet will allow fun and productivity to meet. This tablet was $219.99 but during the Boxing Day sales you will pay as low as $149.99. The Dell Venue 8 Pro 8″ 32GB Tablet is $299.95 @

The Dell 24 Monitor seems to be popular. You can purchase this particular Dell 24 Monitor E2414H for just $119.99 during the Boxing Day sale, which is 50% off the regular price. This monitor has full HD and a max of 60Hz which is basically 60 fps. If you are gaming, most games are set to suit 60Hz anyway. This Dell 24 Monitor is $199.98 @

If you get frustrated with the trackpad on your laptop like I do, then you would probably like to have a mouse instead. I have had a much more pleasant experience with my laptop since I acquired a mouse. The Dell Wireless Optical Mouse WM123 will be on sale during the Boxing Day Sale for just $9.99. That is a pretty drastic price drop from the regular price of $19.99. This mouse is known for excellent performance and battery life. No drivers are required, just plug in the USB anchor and go.

I’ve been saving my nickels and dimes all year to get a TV during these Boxing Day sales. Right now my TV takes up so much space in my living room, and I am pretty sure that one of the speakers has blown, but I will be strong until Boxing Day! has this Haier LLC 50 Inch Full HD LED Backlight TV on sale for $499.99 during their Boxing Day Sale, which is much better than the previous price of $599. If you want to spend $100 more, you can get the Haier 55″ Full HD LED Backlight TV on sale for $599. The Haier 50 Inch Full HD LED TV is $600 @ also offers financial assistance on items that exceed $249. If you pay the item off in full within 6 months of the purchase, you will also benefit from no interest. Join Dell Advantage (free) and you will get 5% back in Dell rewards.

Shipping will be included with any purchase you make from I even like that they have multiple payment methods. I don’t personally like to use my VISA when making online purchases, so it is great that they accept payment via PayPal as well.

For more great Boxing Day deals you can check out our forums.

(Expiry: 29th December 2014)

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December 8

Alienware TactX Mouse $29.99 (Was $79.99) @ Dell Canada *HOT* (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 8, 2014 at 6:32 PM

Alienware TactX Mouse $29.99 (Was $79.99) @ Dell Canada *HOT* (EXPIRED)

Dell Canada has discounted the Alienware TactX Mouse from $79.99 down to $29.99 with free shipping today only.

The Alienware TactX mouse is designed to not just be your standard desktop mouse. Rather, it takes your gaming to a completely new level with:

5 customizable user profiles and 9 customizable buttons [as well as] vertical and horizontal scrolling with dual vertical scroll modes

The mouse also features Exclusive AlienFX customizable lighting, which will match your Alienware beautifully should you own one (I do!). They are also Windows 8 compatible if you have given in and upgraded your Windows operating system.

As the owner of two of these mice, I can give you a true report on the pluses and minuses of these beauties. First of all, they feel ergonomic in your hand and the buttons have a satisfying and solid click when you push them. The long cords was initially annoying, but when I started using my PC as an external monitor for my laptop while having the mice plugged into the laptop – suddenly the long cords become essential.

However, the cords are not of the greatest quality. Within the first few months the inner cord already broke through the braided outer. It has not affected performance whatsoever, but aesthetically it drives me insane.

I have owned my mice for a couple years now, and the scroll button just gave out on the one. This common problem with these Alienware mice seems to happen anywhere from a few months old (still covered by warranty) to never. I consider myself a heavy computer user – between homework, gaming, and working online – so I am very satisfied with the length of service time I received from that mouse. My second mouse, the one I am using right this second, is still working just fine.

Overall, I highly recommend purchasing the Alienware TactX mouse for only $30. This is the lowest price this mouse ever goes – so purchase one or two while you can. We have not seen this mouse at this price in over a year – since last Black Friday actually. I might purchase another one as my second mouse has that dead scroll-button now.

Image credit: Avigayil Morris

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December 8

Sony SRSX5 Speaker $139.99 (Save $60) @ Dell Canada (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 8, 2014 at 5:43 PM

Sony SRSX5 Speaker $139.99 (Save $60) @ Dell Canada (EXPIRED)

Dell Canada just started their 12 days of deals and some of them are so hot I think I just burnt myself Sony SRSX5 Speaker $139.99 (Save $60) @ Dell Canada (EXPIRED) Score this incredible Sony SRSX5B Portable Bluetooth Speaker for just $139.99, saving $60 off the original price of $199.99. As with all purchases from Dell, you will also receive free shipping.

Now, you all know how much I LOVE my sound systems and my music. I am a little audiophile but I still am on a budget. Out of all the sound systems that I have blogged about, I have actually purchased this one myself. The last time I saw it for such a good deal, it was available online so I booked my butt out the door and picked it up at a local electronics store. This time, you can score this fantastic deal online from Dell Canada – no driving or fuel involved.

This is a popular model to be on sale this holiday season, which is how I scored this exact sound system a week ago. Here is what the competitors are selling the Sony SRS-X5 system for right now:

  • $149.99 @ Future Shop Canada (9 in stock)
  • $149.99 @ Best Buy Canada (10 in stock)
  • $159.99 @ Sony Store Canada

All those are sale prices and Dell Canada is undercutting all of them right now. Now, the Sony SRSX5 is one of the best speakers you can buy in the $200 range. On most tech review websites that I frequent, they tend to argue between the Sony SRS-X5 and the Bose Soundlink (retails for $219.99 and never goes on sale) as the best for the near $200 range. This Sony speaker boasts a 20 watt 2.1 channel speaker system, a subwoofer with dual passive radiators, and can detach from the AC cable for up to eight hours of battery life.

The sound is crisp, clear, and really fills a room. I am listening to mine as we speak. Pairing is simple and I have never had any issues or much delay with pairing. The only issue I experienced was an initial skipping when I went a bit far in range. However, that problem is completely gone as I can now go anywhere I like in the house with my phone and reception to the speaker is not an issue. Switching between battery and AC power is seamless as well. You can also use the speaker as a speakerphone, which I have done while I hung up laundry. In addition, the speaker acts as an external battery allowing you to charge your phone or tablet off it.

For my money, as is obvious by my personal investment, this is the speaker to buy. This is also a one-day deal, so pounce on it my little Moosers.

(Expiry: 9th December 2014 @ 6AM)

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November 25

Dell Canada: Dell 22″ Monitor $99.99 & Other Early Black Friday Deals

Posted by on November 25, 2014 at 6:07 PM

Dell Canada: Dell 22 Monitor $99.99 & Other Early Black Friday Deals

Dell Canada has released their Early Black Friday sale with deals on electronics, computers, televisions, and more. I found a sweet Dell E2214H 22″ Inch LED monitor on sale from $179.99 down to $99.99 with free shipping.

Okay, let us give a little context to this deal. We have not seen this good a deal on a Dell 22″ monitor since January when the previous version (E2213H) was on sale for the same price. Before that, you would have to go back to last Cyber Monday. As you can see, this kind of price on a 22″ Dell monitor is pretty rare – restricted to once or twice a year – so it is worth picking up.

This is an update on the earlier edition seen in January. The Dell E2214H monitor features a wide-screen with full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60Hz (max). The monitor has LED backlighting, a fast 5 ms response time typically, and about an 84% colour gamut.

There are a bunch of other deals you can score during this early Black Friday sale as well. Check out some of these other deals:

There are plenty more deals where these came from. I rather like the Chromebook 11 deal because I refuse to spend over $300 on a basic laptop these days (unless it is a gaming laptop). I would love another Alienware computer but even on sale, it is a bit out of my price range.

My husband has a Dell tablet, so all the dell accessories are certainly interesting. When I do buy a desktop computer, I will certainly purchase my monitor during Black Friday deals because these monitor deals are sweet whether you buy the 22″ or the 24″ size.

Make sure to sign up for the Dell Advantage to receive 5% back in Dell gift cards. That could really add up if you are buying a laptop or a television.

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November 15

Seagate 5TB External Drive Was $230 | Now $140 & Free Shipping @ Dell Canada!

Posted by on November 15, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Seagate 5TB External Drive Was $230 | Now $140 & Free Shipping @ Dell Canada!

If you need more space to back up your files or your computer memory is getting filled up, Dell has sale on a 5TB expansion drive. The Seagate Expansion Desktop 5TB drive is on sale for $164.99 and if you enter the Dell coupon code KCMT5$TC6QK8MT you can get an additional $25 off. This makes for a total savings of $90 from the original price of $229.99, it’s now down to only $139.99 with free shipping.

There are a few reasons to get an expansion or back-up drive for your computer. The most important one in my mind, is having secondary storage for the things that matter. I kept putting off getting an expansion or even a back-up drive until my computer packed up and then it was nearly too late. Fortunately someone got it all back for me, but it is always a good idea to back up your computer! In case you haven’t used one before, the expansion drive is a really easy one to use. You just plug it in and drag and drop your files to store them.

Expansion drives are also useful because if you have lot of photos, videos and music, you don’t clog up all of your computer’s internal drive. For me, it adds up quickly because I love taking photos.  Then my computer slows down and it really impacts the quality of the performance of the machine. With the expansion drive I don’t have to worry about keeping too much content on the computer itself.

When looking at a price comparison of other Canadian retailers the Seagate Expansion drive with 4TB is on sale at Best Buy, The Source and Future Shop are all selling for around $149.99 and up, so $10 more and with one terabyte less than the savings with this Dell offer. The other 5TB machines from some of these shops aren’t on sale and still retail in the range of upwards of $200.

Some people I know have two drives especially if it contains precious photo memories. Often they choose to store them in different physical locations in case one fails, is lost or stolen. If you have been shopping around for a 5TB expansion drive at this price it would be a good choice to pick up a first or second drive.

(Expiry: 21st November 2014)

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November 14

Future Shop Canada: Dell Venue 7″ 16GB Android 4.2 Tablet With Intel Atom Processor | Was $150 Now $100

Posted by on November 14, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Future Shop Canada: Dell Venue 7 16GB Android 4.2 Tablet With Intel Atom Processor | Was $150 Now $100

Good morning, my fellow Bargainmoosers! Today’s Future Shop deal is an enticing one – it’s for a Dell Venue 7″ 16GB Android 4.2 Tablet With Intel Atom Processor. This normally retails for $149.95, but you can now buy this tablet for $99.95! Now that’s one fantastic price for a Dell Tablet, especially when it’s got 16GB of storage space! In comparison, my iPad Mini tablet device with 16GB of storage currently costs $268.99 at Best Buy! When you buy this Dell Venue 7″ 16GB Android 4.2 Tablet With Intel Atom Processor from Future Shop, you’ll also qualify for free shipping!

This Dell Venue 7″ 16GB Android 4.2 Tablet With Intel Atom Processor has all the power that you need for a tablet device. You can quickly and conveniently check your emails, browse the internet, watch some YouTube videos, or play some games. You can download a huge assortment of free Android apps, so this is the ultimate entertainment device!

This tablet even has front and rear cameras (with a video resolution of 720p HD at 30fps), and you can use its 3MP camera to take photos. You can also expand the storage space of your tablet by picking up a micro SD card and inserting it into your device (you can add a maximum of 32GB of storage). Good luck trying to do that with an Apple iPad! You can learn all about the features of this Dell Venue 7″ 16GB Android 4.2 Tablet With Intel Atom Processor by clicking on the deal link above.

If you were to buy this Dell Venue 7″ 16GB Android 4.2 Tablet With Intel Atom Processor from Best Buy, it would cost you $149.95. I’ve included a snippet of a review of this tablet from a satisfied Future Shop customer below:

(This) has been amazing, and I own an iPad to compare it to. Battery life lasts a very long time on a full charge. Can update it to the newest android OS. Works great with Chrome Cast.

Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 4th December 2014)

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October 29

Dell Canada: Dell Duo Tablet Case $20 & Free Shipping (Save $13)

Posted by on October 29, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Dell Canada: Dell Duo Tablet Case $20 & Free Shipping (Save $13)

Dell Canada is selling the Dell Duo Tablet Case in black for just $19.99, which saves you $13 off the original price of $32.99. If you have a Dell Venue 8 tablet, then you need one of these cases.

A word from the recently educated: check the model number on your Dell tablet and make sure it matches the model number mentioned in the ad. This case is for the Dell Venue 8 Model 3840: no other Venue 8 tablet. Ignore the placement of the buttons in the picture that look like they are in the right place for your Venue if it is not the correct model number. My husband bought this (in blue) for his Dell tablet and it came with the area for buttons on the opposite side to the picture (fancy that) so it did not fit his tablet whatsoever. He owns the previous model. Thus, we had to send it back.

However, while it was here I interacted with the cover and I must say it is very nice. It is miles better than the crappy one they had for his model of Venue. This one is a tough yet flexible rubber that is thick enough to protect your tablet yet thin enough not to add extra bulk.

The two layers are both cool and functional: there is a shock absorbing inner lining and a hard-rubberized outer shell for dual protection. The rubber is textured for easy handling and you can keep a better grip on your tablet with this case.

I think this is a great deal because these cases are still so relevant. All the other case colours are full price and this case is for a tablet that Dell still produces. This case is for the New Dell Venue 8 (16GB) – model 3840 – that retails for $299.99 and is now on sale for $279.99. My husband has the previous model of the same tablet and just loves his tablet. The expandable memory is a real bonus as I gave him one of my camera’s SD cards and presto he has a 32GB memory for $0 additional dollars. I could give him my 32GB memory card for $32GB + 16GB = 48GB but I am holding onto that card.

Dell offers free shipping on all orders. Be sure to sign up for the Dell Advantage card and receive 5% off your purchases back on a gift card.

(Expiry: 31st October 2014)

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October 26

Dell Canada: McAfee Internet Security 2015 (1 Year) | Was $70 Now $7

Posted by on October 26, 2014 at 10:14 AM

Dell Canada: McAfee Internet Security 2015 (1 Year) | Was $70 Now $7

This deal is spicy, folks! For a limited time, you can download McAfee Internet Security 2015 (1 Year) from Dell’s website for only $6.99! The regular price of this handy computer application is $69.99, so you’re saving $63! That is some huge savings! Plus, since it’s a download, you don’t have to worry about paying for any shipping – you’ll be able to get the program on your computer soon after your purchase!

You just can’t put a price on the safety of your personal information. With McAfee Internet Security 2015, you can help protect your computer against a myriad of potential virtual threats and viruses, while keeping your information safe and secure. The McAfee name is reputable and reliable, and they have been providing their customers with anti-virus solutions for many years. In fact, the very first anti-virus software program that I ever had was McAfee’s, and that was back in the late 90’s!

It can unfortunately be risky to browse the internet and download files when you don’t have an anti-virus or internet security program. I’ve been through several unfortunate instances where I lost all of the files in my computer due to viruses, and I always made sure to back up my important documents and files on an external hard drive in case something like that ever happened again. McAfee Internet Security 2015 is a highly praised program that can help you keep your computer safe, and you just can’t go wrong for $6.99.

If you went to Staples to buy this version of McAfee Internet Security 2015, it would cost you $69.99. I’ve included a snippet of a review of this program from PCMag below:

Very good ratings from independent testing labs. Top score in our malicious URL blocking test. Accurate spam filtering. Can filter spam from webmail accounts. Many useful bonus features.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, my fellow deal hunters!

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October 16

Dell Canada: LG 32-inch LED HDTV Now $230 (Save $120) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on October 16, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Dell Canada: LG 32 inch LED HDTV Now $230 (Save $120) (EXPIRED)

Dell Canada is selling the LG’s 32″ LN530B HD 720p LED TV for just $229.99, originally $349.99. You will also receive free shipping on your television from Dell.

I would not have even dreamed of a brand name 32″ flat screen HDTV for under $300 a few years ago, and yet here they are. I know you can get no-name versions for just under $200 these days, but I would spend the extra $30 or so for a brand such as LG.

Price comparing this unit was very hard as so few places in Canada carry it. I finally found it at two places. Through the Amazon marketplace, you can buy the same model TV for $359.93. Newegg Canada also sells this television. The LG 32LN530B is on sale for $279.99 with $21.99 shipping at

This is a great price and undercuts the price of the same size sale-priced Sony by $70. We recently blogged about that TV. The LG is a great deal for those who want brand name, but want to keep most of their cash in their pocketbooks.


The television is a backlit LED with 720p HD. It also features something called ‘MHL’ that allows you to charge, display, and control your Smartphone on the big screen. I assume this only works with android phones but I would be curious to learn more about it as it sounds like a great feature.

As for ports, the TV has:

  • 2 HDMI
  • 1 USB
  • 1 RF
  • 1 Component
  • 1 Composite
  • 1 Digital Audio Out

I find two HDMI ports the bare minimum a television should have these days, as you want one for your PVR and one for your console. Our television has six HDMI ports, which sounds great, but we never use more than three.

There are a couple negative reviews from people who quite obviously got lemon TVs. For the most part, the TV has excellent reviews averaging a 4.5/5 eggs on Newegg. One reviewer said:

Bought this for my father for father’s day. He had an older TV that was not a flat screen and was not high-def. After setting it up for him, it looks darn good, especially compared to his previous TV.

Other people use them for their spare room and many people use this as their primary television. The price is excellent for this size of television with HD capabilities. This television is part of an up to 50% off sale that Dell currently has.

(Expiry: 17th October 2014)

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October 6

Dell Canada: Eneloop Batteries $10 Off & Free Shipping

Posted by on October 6, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Dell Canada: Eneloop Batteries $10 Off & Free Shipping

Dell has a fantastic deal right now on Eneloop rechargeable batteries. I’ve blogged about these a few times before, about how everyone loves these long-lasting batteries and right now they are $10 off.

The batteries available during this sale are the XX 2500mAh high capacity batteries, so they aren’t the regular Eneloops. These ones are a little more expensive and longer lasting with a higher power capacity for extreme applications. You’d want to use them for powering digital cameras, game controllers and other devices that literally suck out your battery life.

If you weren’t aware, Eneloop batteries come pre-charged and hold up to 75% of their charge for one year of non-use and can be charged up to 500. You also don’t need to fully use the battery before recharging as it doesn’t hold a memory for battery life.

There are two packages of batteries available during this sale, both with $10 off. The first, if you need a charger, comes with it and the four AA batteries. Normally $39.99, this set is now only $29.99. I couldn’t find this exact set for price comparison in Canada, but you are basically paying $15 for the charger, as the batteries alone are now on sale for $14.99 from $24.99. Technically, this means you are paying only $5 more for the charger from the regular price of the batteries.

If you don’t need a charger and just want more batteries, then the other deal is for you. I did find a few price comparisons for you – NCIX has them for $24.99 and B&H photo video has the eight pack for $46.99, which is more than double what you are paying for the 4-pack.

Amazon also has the 4-pack on sale for $14.99, but you are going to have to pay for shipping, as your order doesn’t reach the $25 minimum. Dell offers completely free shipping, with no minimum, which makes them the winner in this case.

(expiry: unknown)

Photo credit: Larry Goodwin

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