November 30

Cyber Weekend Software Deals

Posted by on November 30, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Cyber Weekend Software Deals

Over the last week or so, we’ve been seeing a LOAD of software deals coming through for this weekend, which we have been collating for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday dashboards. We literally cannot blog every single deal, so I thought it would be a good idea to pull a list of some of the offers that stood out in here. There are deals on anti-virus programs, software for your computers, even gaming deals.

I’ll not go into too much detail about each one, just click through and check out the offer if you are interested. Here’s a breakdown of the deals that have caught my eye:

Cyber Weekend Software Deals:

Cyber Weekend Online Services Deals:

  • Save up to 65% @ PureVPN – e.g. a one year plan for $49.95 (expiry unknown)
  • Get 35% off image credits @ iStockPhoto with coupon code SUPER35 (ends 2nd Dec 2013)
  • Hourly and daily deals @ (expiry unknown)
  • New customers get the first month of WildClub for $1 at with coupon code 1DOLLAR (ends 2nd Dec 2013)
  • Get four months free, free single website or wildcard SSL certificate, and one free month of Cloud Backup at with promo code BLACKFRIDAYVIP13A (ends 5th Dec 2013)

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August 23

CyberLink Software Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive 10% Off Everything

Posted by on August 23, 2013 at 11:00 AM

CyberLink Software Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive 10% Off Everything

Get 10% off everything from CyberLink with this exclusive Bargainmoose coupon code!

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: MOOSE10
  • Discount: Save 10%
  • Expiry: 25th August 2013

CyberLink software fills that spot between people whose main media tools came with Windows, and the people who really need heavy duty editing software. Products like PowerDirector, PhotoDirector and MediaSuite let you do more than the you could with the stuff that comes with your computer, but are way, way cheaper than the offerings from Adobe. Right now they are having a Back-to-School sale and the coupon works in conjunction with it. Here are a few prices with the sale and the coupon applied.

Some of these numbers might be a bit off because they round their discounts oddly. It’d only be off by a few pennies, though. Those programs seem to be their most popular, but they have others including a bunch of mobile apps and even some Adobe plug-ins if you’re using that level of product already.

No shipping fees as these are all digital downloads.

Check out more CyberLink Coupons in the BargainMoose Coupon Code section.

CyberLink Software Canada Coupon Code: Exclusive 10% Off Everything

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October 13

CyberLink: Up to 30% off CyberLink Software and Upgrades

Posted by on October 13, 2012 at 2:00 PM

CyberLink: Up to 30% off CyberLink Software and Upgrades

CyberLink is dropping their already low prices on some of their most popular media software with some great fall season Cyberlink coupon codes.

Sorry I had to format those a bit oddly. I didn’t want to give you a wall of text and links with the price and savings on every version, delivery time and their upgrades. You can explore all the different options on your own, with the links provided.

CyberLink software is a weird set of programs for me. It’s stuff that I would never buy but I see the usefulness of. I think I would never buy it because I’m a Linux geek from back in the day. I’m used to running my system from a command line so putting a menu on a DVD (or burning a DVD for that matter) isn’t something that I do. That being said there are tons of people out there who want to take videos of their kids and turn them into professional looking DVDs or people who want to have fun with their webcam or use it for business.

The other segment of their software line is like a lower end alternative to some expensive software. These are programs like PhotoDirector. PhotoDirector is a photo editor. It isn’t as powerful as PhotoShop but is a huge step up from MS Paint. They have a whole line of great, cheaper alternatives to some expensive programs. Of course they only have one of them represented in this sale but if you’re looking at CyberLink as a cheaper alternative, getting a discount on PhotoDirector is a good introduction to their software.

(Expires: 15th December 2012)

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August 18

Up to 45% off Cyberlink Software + Free Bonus Software (Save up to $68)

Posted by on August 18, 2012 at 9:00 AM

Up to 45% off Cyberlink Software + Free Bonus Software (Save up to $68)

On top of the deep discounts that CyberLink is offering for its back to school deals, they are bundling a bunch of free software. If you need some media software but don’t want to shell out some major cash, these are the folks to go to.

Here are the deals. Some of them come with free bonus software but I’m only going to include the main software here. I’ll include the bonuses later.

Like I said earlier, some of these come with free software. PowerDVD 12 Ultra comes with PowerDVD Remote, PowerDVD Mobile and Power2Go which is $74.93 in FREE software. The other one that comes with some freebies is PowerDirector 10 Ultra which comes with Travel Pack and LabelPrint. That ends up being $72.90 in FREE software.

I like CyberLink’s business strategy. They know people either don’t want to or can’t shell out hundreds of dollars for expensive Multimedia software such as Photoshop or Premiere. Now admittedly the software isn’t going to be as good as the higher end packages but we don’t all need that.

They are offering these sales under a back-to-school deal which, at first, I thought was odd. Seriously? Back-to-school? Like you need video editing software to go to college! But then it hit me. Well, two things hit me. First, how many people in high school and college think like me? I think a lot. Having a nicely edited photo or video component to a report or presentation can’t hurt you. The other thing I realized is that the level of talent has gone way up. When I was in school, video editing took skills. It still does, of course, but it seems like many more people are doing it.

In any event, these deals are awesome. Pick em up, impress the teacher.

(Expires: 18 August 2012

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