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January 14

Costco Canada: $200 Off Indoor Cycle Trainer Now $399

Posted by on January 14, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Costco Canada: $200 Off Indoor Cycle Trainer Now $399

Costco Canada is offering 33% off a beautiful XTERRA MB890 Indoor Cycle Trainer with Monitor. Originally $599.99 it is now on sale for $399.99 including shipping.

I am pretty sure at least one out of every two Moosers wants to lose a little weight before this time next year. One of the best ways to do that (and actually most inexpensive) is to pick up a piece of equipment for the home that you and your entire family can use. It is a one time investment that you will get years of use out of. While I am not the biggest fan of a stationary bike I actually own one and use it. The reason I ended up with a stationary bike over an elliptical is due to space. I live in a one bedroom apartment and don’t have the space for big equipment. A cycle trainer is space efficient and  still allows me the convenience of exercising my lower body at midnight.

This particular cycle trainer has a 22 kg (48.5 lb.) flywheel which provides a very smooth ride with adjustable handlebars and a sturdy frame for the ultimate workout. It supports up to 285 lbs. Great for both those wanting to get fit and those already fit and wanting to train for a bike race.

It is a really good thing this bike comes with free shipping because of the weight of that flywheel! That must be awfully expensive to ship! For more companies that offer free shipping on any order across Canada check out our free shipping page.

(Expiry: 26th January 2014)

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January 12

Costco Canada: Stability Barre Complete Workout Program Only $499

Posted by on January 12, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Costco Canada: Stability Barre Complete Workout Program Only $499

At my gym, they have a class called Physique. It uses these barres and is touted as the “Kelly Ripa workout”. If you’ve ever seen Kelly Ripa, she has a pretty great body – toned and strong. Get the Stability Barre Complete Workout Program and the props for only $499, was $599.

The class I’m talking about was fantastic and I didn’t feel like I was truly working out, although I really felt it afterwards! This workout helps to lengthen and strengthen, which is the type of body type I am personally striving for. Using ballet-type exercises, you can work your entire body, especially the lower half.

The professional grade, sturdy and adjustable stability barre also has a weighted circular base with a no-skid grip that works on any flooring surface. You don’t have to mount it and can easily remove it from the supports to put away for storage. Invite all of your friends over too, because there is lots of room on both sides of the bar.

Your package also includes:

  • Black Foam Roller deluxe
  • Regular strength ankle strap
  • Mini Stability Ball
  • 2 lb. Toning Ball
  • Core Stability Barre training, level one DVD (English only)
  • Stability Barre training, level two DVD (English only)
  • Warranty and safety manual

Costco always offers free shipping, like these stores we’ve highlighted on our free shipping page.

(Expiry: 19th January 2014)

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January 8

Costco Canda: $100 off Mileage Fitness Turn-N-Lock 11.3-27.2 kg Adjustable Dumbbells and Stand (Now $300) – EXPIRED

Posted by on January 8, 2014 at 8:45 PM

Costco Canda: $100 off Mileage Fitness Turn N Lock 11.3 27.2 kg Adjustable Dumbbells and Stand (Now $300)   EXPIRED

Get buffed for less with Mileage Fitness and Costco Canada.

I used to be into fitness at one point. I was doing P90X and was dropping pounds all over the place. People were just tripping over my pounds I had dropped so many. Part of the whole P90X thing and a lot of other exercise routines requires weight training. Now, I was doing this when I was a bachelor and, at that point, I could have gotten all the fitness equipment I wanted. I had money and nothing (or no one) to spend it on. Of course I was just out of college which means I was young and dumb. So instead of picking up a great set of adjustable dumbbells, I wasted my money.

Of course there were other pieces of equipment I should have been getting but I’m writing about adjustable dumbbells so that’s the example I’m using. These would have been a huge help to my routine. I had been using a set of cement dumbbells that my mom got on clearance at Sears 15 years ago. They are fine but you have 2.5 pound, 10 pounds and 25 pounds and sometimes the 10 pound aren’t enough but using the 25 pound ones are just too much. You can go out and buy more but suddenly you have dumbbells all over the place. Maybe you need a stand. That’s more money and it takes up tons of space. That’s where these adjustable ones are the best option. They only take up as much room as a traditional set of dumbbells, but you can adjust them to go from 11.3KG to 27.2KG. That’s 25 lbs to 60 lbs. So it wouldn’t work for my girly noodle arms but if you’re really in to this stuff or are planning on being really into it soon, well, this is a great choice. Basically how they work is you have a handle. You put that handle in a stack of weights and turn little dial to choose which weight you want. The dial moves some mechanism that locks weights to the handle. When you pick them up you only get the weights that the dial is set to grab. The others stay on the stand.

These are normally $399.99 but you save $100 so you’re gonna get them for $299.99! That’s a great price all around. I did look for this same set elsewhere but not a lot of people are selling it. The ones I did find were universally more expensive. You also get free shipping on these which is a bonus when your package is over 120 pounds.

(Expires: 19th January 2014)

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December 27

Costco Canada: BellaLite Silk ‘n Hair Removal System Only $200

Posted by on December 27, 2013 at 12:30 PM

Costco Canada: BellaLite Silk n Hair Removal System Only $200

Remove your unwanted hair using light, with the BellaLite Silk ‘n Hair removal system, now at Costco for only $199.99, was $324.99. I couldn’t find this at many Canadian stores to price compare, except for ebay, which is selling it for $599 US!

The link will take you to Costco’s site. If you look under “Treasure Hunt”, you will find this item. Alternatively, search for “87558″.

Unwanted hair is probably an annoyance for the majority of us. I know I am sick of shaving and want to find something easier and more permanent. I have friends who have paid thousands for laser hair therapy only to have the hair grow back once treatments stop. With this item you can do it at your own leisure, and the price is right.

The item does specify that it works best on pale skin and light hair, so be aware of that. There are four reviews on Costco’s site, two which say it didn’t work well for them, two which say it works amazing. This review summed it up nicely:

I bought this unit back in February 2013. I had already done laser before but over the years some hair can return or new hair may begin growing in various areas. So I bought this unit to take care of this issue. A few treatments and they were gone. Easy-peasy.

Shipping is free, as it always is from Costco, and these stores.

(Expiry: 29th December 2013)

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December 21

Costco Canada: $45 Off La Côte Steak Knife Set – Now $49.99

Posted by on December 21, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Costco Canada: $45 Off La Côte Steak Knife Set   Now $49.99

Costco Canada has a pretty good deal on this La Côte Pakka Wood Steak Knife Set. The set was originally $94.99, and it is on sale for $49.99 till end of day Sunday. You save $45.

Now, just look at that knife set. Isn’t it beautiful? The handles are absolutely exquisite and it is interesting how they use a variety of different colour woods, rather than sticking to all one colour.


  • Six knives
  • Stone finished
  • Pakka wood handle
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Sub-zero treated stainless steel
  • Ergonomically perfect
  • Not dishwasher safe, hand wash only
  • One year warranty

Each knife handle is also unique due to the cutting, dying, and finishing process. No two are the same! The cost includes shipping and handling, so you essentially get free shipping on this great gift idea!

(Expiry: 22nd December 2013)

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December 12

Costco Canada: Sunbeam MicroPlush Heated Throw Only $40

Posted by on December 12, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Costco Canada: Sunbeam MicroPlush Heated Throw Only $40

Head to and get a Sunbeam Microplus heated throw for only $39.99, was $49.99 and you’ll also get free shipping.

While this deal may be great for the rest of you, it is annoying for me! I just purchased this exact throw at Target for $49 (and that was on sale). I have searched for the last month for deals on electric blankets or throws and decided on that one. If I waited one more day, I would have seen this one from Costco. Oh well, if I was so inclined I could head back to Target and return it, or I wonder if they’ll price match?

I bought this item as a gift idea for my husband who is always cold. He is cold in bed with a large blanket on him that is making me sweat. He is cold on the couch with again, a large blanket on him and me in just my pyjamas, feeling warm. The worst is when he is cold in the van and blasts the heat where I can’t breathe and he is still chilled. I can’t help him with that one but thought this blanket or throw would keep him that much warmer and not have any effect on me.

There are three warming settings and the blanket is a soft micro plush fabric. There are normally four colours available, but right now I only see Ivory and Sand. The reviews are all great for this throw too, so you know from others who have bought it.

(Expiry: 15th December 2013)

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December 7 Wizard of Oz Collector’s Edition Only $55 (Was $75)

Posted by on December 7, 2013 at 6:00 PM Wizard of Oz Collectors Edition Only $55 (Was $75)

Costco has the Wizard of Oz 75th anniversary collector’s edition on for $20 off, now only $54.99.

The link above takes you to Costco’s page, just search for Wizard of Oz and you’ll be there. Or click together your ruby slippers to get home.

I have very fond memories of watching The Wizard of Oz at my Nana’s house as a child. I think I’ve watched this movie at least a hundred times. Of course, as soon as my kids were old enough, I watched it with them too and they loved it as well. This movie is utterly timeless. Seventy Five years later, this collector’s edition is out and I think it would make a great gift idea for the movie lover.

It comes with five Blu-rays and DVDs, and although it doesn’t list the other items, it includes:

  • 51-page hardcover photo book
  • Ruby slippers sparkle globe
  • collectible award pin set
  • journal
  • frame-able map of oz

The discs have not only the movie, but so much more including Magic Cloak of Oz silent shorts, a full-length documentary, a Dreamer of Oz TV special, and so much more!

I price compared this set to Best Buy at $89.99 and Amazon for $77.99.

Costco always ships for free. Do you like free shipping? Check out Bargainmoose on Monday December 9th for No Minimum Monday, an incredible event where over 180 retailers will offer free shipping with no minimum spend.

(Expiry: 8th December 2013)

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December 5

Costco Canada: Rival Professional Slicer Just $59.99

Posted by on December 5, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Costco Canada: Rival Professional Slicer Just $59.99Today’s Costco’s 12 Days of Deals brings us a reduction of $20 on the Rival Professional Slicer, which can be had for just $59.99 instead of its usual price of $79.99.

Click here to get the the Rival Professional Slicer @

This slicer is actually pretty versatile because it can slice bread, meat, cheese, fruits and vegetables. With the time to prepare for holiday feasts right around the corner, this professional kitchen tool could definitely come in handy for creating beautiful platters of food.

Though one reviewer wasn’t impressed with this slicer, stating that they “ended up with as much bacon pieces as bacon slices” and that “cleaning it was even more fun [because] of how many nooks and crannies there are for food to get caught in”, other comments were actually a lot more positive. In fact, one reviewer even wrote:

This product is fantastic for someone who wants to cook their own meat or buy larger quantities of meat and slice it for Sandwiches etc… It is very easy to clean up. I would highly recommend to anyone who want a great slicer.

This is the best deal I have found on the web for this slicer, with Amazon‘s $79.99 coming in at a close second. It also ships for free. Come back to Bargainmoose on December 9th for our No Minimum Monday event, where many retailers will offer free shipping, no minimums as well.

(Expiry: 7th December 2013)

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December 4

Gift Card Deals You Don’t Want To Miss

Posted by on December 4, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Gift Card Deals You Dont Want To Miss

There are so many gift card deals out there right now, I thought I’d do a summary of some of the ones I’ve found so you can keep track! If you giving a gift card as a gift idea, you might as well get something for yourself too. You could even get yourself a gift card to save for when the amazing sales come along during Boxing Week and save yourself even more.

Get a free $5 e-gift card when you spend $50 on e-gift cards at Cineplex (exp 3rd January 2014)

Buy a $20 gift card and get $5 off your order at Bizou (exp 31st December 2013)

Buy or reload a Kernels card and you’ll get an extra 10% on the card (exp unknown)

Purchase $50 in gift cards for White Spot and get a $10 gift card to use in the New Year (exp 2nd January)

Spend $50 at L.L. Bean and get a free $10 gift card (exp 24th December 2013)

Purchase the Holiday Big Box at Pizza Hut and get a $10 Pizza Hut voucher free – make sure this one is in your order, ours was not (exp unknown)

Purchase $500 in Esso gift cards for only $475 at

Get a free sub when you buy a $25 gift card at Subway

Buy any SodaStream and get a $25 gift card for

Save 30% on Skype gift cards

Get a free $5 gift card when you spend $20 on gift cards at Yogurtys

Get a $20 money card with every $100 spent at West49

Purchase any device at Tria Beauty and get a free $25 gift card for Rent Frock Repeat with promo code

Get a free $10 gift card at Beyond The Rack on your first purchase with promo code

Make a purchase at Blue Nile and get gift cards based on your amount spent with promo code

Get a $10 gift card when you spend $40 on gift cards at The Children’s Place

Purchase a Bon Appetit gift card totally $25 or more and get a free Kelsey’s calendar with two $10 money cards inside

Purchase $50 in Milestones gift cards and get $10 in gift cards free

Get a free Whopper combo when you buy $25 in gift cards for Burger King

Costco always has great deals on gift cards including $74.99 for $100 worth of WaySpa gift cards, cheap Cineplex movie packages, restaurant gift cards and more.

Bargainmoosers, where would you like to see a gift card deal for?

Photo Credit: Patty Albertson

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December 2

Costco Cyber Monday Savings: Up To 25% Off Select Products

Posted by on December 2, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Costco Cyber Monday Savings: Up To 25% Off Select Products

Loaded with opportunities to save big, Costco’s Cyber Monday Savings are currently on at, extending beyond just Cyber Monday and well into the middle of December 2013.

Now before we dive into Costco’s Cyber Monday deals, I suggest you also take a look at the deals that Eva had found during Costco’s Black Friday Sale over the week-end as most of them are actually still available!

Right off the bat, a deal that particularly stood out to me is the one on the GIO Italia 500W Electric Scooter, now reduced by $300 to $699.99. Quickly performing a price comparison, I found that this scooter typically retails for about $1,000, making this almost 30% off its original price! Here are some other great Cyber Monday promotions happening right now at

Another amazing deal I found is on the iComfort IC1124 Therapeutic Massage Chair. Originally priced as high as $5,299.99, it is now $1,300.00 off and can be had for just $3,999.99 and though this is still pretty high up there in price, I just had to mention this great offer because it’s close to 25% off! This massage chair is so high tech that it actually remembers each user’s body contours and shape to then provide a customized massage.

Though all of these deals run until December 15th 2013, they are nevertheless subject to a while supplies last restriction.

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November 28

Costco Canada Black Friday Deals

Posted by on November 28, 2013 at 12:30 PM

Costco Canada Black Friday Deals

Costco Canada are starting their Black Friday deals a little early and they have them up today. I see a number of good savings you won’t want to miss.

Costco has a great online offer, so besides the free shipping they always have for their products, you’ll get 3x the Aeroplan miles for every dollar spent.

Additionally, here are the best online deals:

Many of these deals run until the 15th, some only until the 1st or 2nd.

(Expiry: 1st December 2013)

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November 13

Costco Canada: $30 off King Canada 13A Electric Snow Blower + Free Shipping ($160)

Posted by on November 13, 2013 at 9:37 PM

Costco Canada: $30 off King Canada 13A Electric Snow Blower + Free Shipping ($160)

Winter is coming but shoveling doesn’t have to with this King Canada Snow Blower from Costco!

I got a snow blower two years ago and I love it. Last year it broke and they took forever to fix it but once it was fixed, I was in love again. There is nothing quite like clearing out all the snow simply by walking up and down your driveway a few times. It’s a blasty-blast.

The King Canada 13A Electric Snow Blower was $189.99 but you save $30 so only pay $159.99. I couldn’t find this exact snow blower anywhere but I did see a similar 13.5A electric model for $220 at Home Depot.

Now, this is not the snowblower for everyone. I have about 120 feet of driveway. 60 feet or so is a steep hill with a giant granite boulder in the middle that makes it very rough going. I bust a lot of suspension parts in my truck. We get 20 – 30 centimeters of snow twice a week for two and a half months. This particular snow blower would die if I tried it on my driveway. But if you live somewhere with a small driveway or not a lot of snow, this is the way to go. If you’ve been dug out by the Army Corps. of Engineers for less than 15 centimeters of snow, this is probably a good choice.

Shipping is free!

(Expires: 24th November 2013)

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November 2

Costco Canada: Neato Robotic Vacuum Only $280 (Was $400)

Posted by on November 2, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Costco Canada: Neato Robotic Vacuum Only $280 (Was $400)

Get the Neato XV-12 robotic vacuum with pet and allergy kit for only $279.99, was $399.99.

I have to admit that the dog hair in my home has taken over. It has formed its own colony and is plotting mutiny. I really can’t fight it much longer and I really don’t understand how one dog has this much hair on the floor and is not bald. Vacuuming my entire house would take probably over an hour, and I would need to do it every day to keep up. Santa, please bring me a robotic vacuum for Christmas, pretty please?

This isn’t just any robotic vacuum either, it has the special upgrade kit with a high performance filter that retains more than three times the amount of fine dust particles than standard filters. It also has a special bristle and blade brush that helps to pick up pet hair and dander.

This smart vacuum also knows to avoid furniture. It scans and maps its plot against the hair and then attacks, always knowing where it is going and never hitting the same spot twice. It is the most powerful robotic vacuum available today.

Guess what? Shipping, as always, is included. Want to know what other stores ship for free? Check out our free shipping page.

(Expiry: 10th November 2013)

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October 17 $300 Off Pro-Form 590 T Treadmill – Now $599

Posted by on October 17, 2013 at 1:00 PM $300 Off Pro Form 590 T Treadmill   Now $599 is offering $300 off a Pro-Form 590 T Treadmill. The treadmill is on sale from $899.99 down to $599.99. This price includes shipping and handling.


  • Foldable Treadmill
  • 2.25 CHP Motor
  • 16 Workout Apps
  • 0% to 10% Quick Incline
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Weight capacity: 136 kg (300 lb.)

You can read about all the other features on the website. My favourite feature is the heart rate monitor. I like to be able to measure my own heart rate at home while exercising to make sure the intensity is high enough to increase it. I also like the sixteen workout options. I get bored on equipment pretty quickly, so variety is the spice of a workout for me.

I price compared with Amazon Canada. They had the same treadmill for $649, so the Costco deal is much better.

(Expiry: 20th October 2013)

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October 15

Costco Canada: $200 off Napoleon 50″ Wall Mount Electric Fireplace – Delivered (Now $580)

Posted by on October 15, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Costco Canada: $200 off Napoleon 50 Wall Mount Electric Fireplace   Delivered (Now $580)

Stay moasty toasty the easy way this winter with an electric fireplace from Napoleon.

My mom had an electric fireplace. Actually, she had an electric wood stove, but it was the same sort of idea. Basically it is a fake fireplace with a heater attached to it. So why not just get a fireplace or a heater, right? Well, everyone will have their own reasons, but I think the main plus for the electric fireplace over a real one is the ease and cleanliness. You can stick this fireplace on any wall you want and you never need to buy, chop and haul wood. That’s not even mentioning the mess associated with a wood fireplace. On top of that if you don’t already have a fireplace, adding one to your house is really expensive. As far as getting one of these over a regular space heater – it’s all about aesthetics. It just looks pretty.

The fireplace was $729.99 but you’re saving $200. The $579.99 you’re paying even includes shipping it to your door! The other cool thing about this unit is that it is wall mounted. That means you basically hang this thing off your wall like you would a TV. It’s a pretty sweet looking unit, if I do say so myself. Also, having a remote for your fireplace is really neat!

(Expires: 27th October 2013)

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