November 22

Sears Canada: Nespresso Pixie Electric Steel Chrome + Aeroccino+ Bundle | Was $300 Now $201

Posted by on November 22, 2014 at 7:34 AM

Sears Canada: Nespresso Pixie Electric Steel Chrome + Aeroccino+ Bundle | Was $300 Now $201

Rise and shine, Bargainmoosers! Today’s deal at Sears is for a Nespresso Pixie Electric Steel Chrome + Aeroccino+ Bundle, and it’s one that you should definitely keep your eye on. At this time, you can buy this Nespresso Pixie Electric Steel Chrome + Aeroccino+ Bundle for only $200.94! This Nespresso normally costs $299.99, so you’ll be saving $99.05 on the regular price! Best of all, you’ll also qualify for free shipping! This is a clearance deal, so quantities are limited! Once this deal’s gone, it’s gone!

This Nespresso Pixie Electric Steel Chrome + Aeroccino+ Bundle is currently on clearance, so I highly recommend that you get this deal now before it’s too late! It’s a high quality espresso machine with great reviews, and it also comes with the convenient Aeroccino to make that milk you add into your espresso extra frothy and delicious!

We’re currently enjoying the second last weekend of November. That means that we’re knee-deep into the holiday season, so if you haven’t started to purchase the gifts that you need for that fateful day in December, then you should really consider taking advantage of some of these deals that are available! On the bright side, at least you can order this deal by ordering it online, so you can avoid all those jam-packed parking lots and crowded shopping malls to do your Christmas shopping!

If you wanted to buy this Nespresso Pixie Electric Steel Chrome + Aeroccino+ Bundle at Williams-Sonoma, it would cost you $299.99. Listed below is a snippet of a review of this Nespresso machine bundle from a satisfied Amazon customer:

This espresso maker works great, and is exactly what we wanted – quick, small, well-made and makes an excellent shot of espresso. 

Happy hunting, my fellow Bargainmoosers!

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November 20

Keurig Canada: $20 Off Rivo Brewer + Free 18 Rivo packs + Free Carousel + Free Shipping!!

Posted by on November 20, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Keurig Canada: $20 Off Rivo Brewer + Free 18 Rivo packs + Free Carousel + Free Shipping!!

Moosers, get ready for a whole lot of “free”! Keurig Canada is offering a $20 discount on their all new Rivo brewer and with its purchase, you can also now get a free box of 18 packs, a free carousel and free shipping. That’s triple the “free”! In fact, it’s even possible that you might get an additional box of packs for free as every Rivo usually comes with one.

Important: you need to add the pack of Rivo cups and the carousel to your shopping cart in order to get them as freebies. They will automatically be converted to “free” on you add a Rivo brewer to your cart.

The Rivo is Keurig’s all new brewer and is essentially an espresso-making machine that can also froth milk. With 15 bars of pressure, the Rivo can pour 2 different sizes of espresso and froth milk in 3 different ways. Just like any regular Keurig brewer, it takes less than a minute for an espresso to be poured. The water reservoir also has a 60oz capacity.

While the carousel usually retails for $27.99, while the packs are usually priced at $14.99. For the free pack of Rivo cups, you have the option among these 4 different types and there are 18 in each box:

Reading the descriptions, I am totally inclined to want to try the Delicato one as it feature chocolate undertones, but if you like your espresso nice and strong, then the intenso might be a better choice.

If this is your first espresso machine, then rest assured that a drink recipe booklet is included as well. Essentially, you can make any of the popular espresso-based beverages like a latte, a cappuccino, a mokaccino, an americano, and espresso con panna and many others. The possibilities are truly endless, especially when you add syrups and whipped cream into the mix. Keep in mind that whole milk is the best for frothing and for making a cappuccino but you can use just about any other type of milk, including soy milk. I have met people who like their lattes with half and half instead of milk and while it’s certainly delicious, I only recommend it if you have the time to gym the gym for about 10 hours afterwards.

Since shipping is free on orders over $45, you’re sure to get your Rivo, along with all of the freebies shipped for free as well.

(Expiry: 27th November 2014 @ 5pm EST)

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November 20

Hudson’s Bay Canada: Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima Coffee Machine | Was $400 Now $240 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on November 20, 2014 at 9:47 AM

Hudsons Bay Canada: Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima Coffee Machine | Was $400 Now $240 (EXPIRED)

Hot! Hot! This deal is spicy hot! Hudson’s Bay is currently having a clearance sale on their Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima Coffee Machine! This coffee machine normally sells for $399.95, but you can now pick up this premium coffee maker for $239.97! You’ll also get free shipping with your purchase, just to make things even more convenient for you! Quantities are limited, so I highly recommend that you take advantage of this deal now! (Note: the colour of the picture of this machine is slightly different from the one used in this article – click on the link below to see the actual colour of this Nespresso machine).

This Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima Coffee Machine would be the perfect gift for the holidays! If you know anyone that loves their morning coffee, then you seriously need to consider picking up this premium coffee machine! I’ve always been curious about Nespresso, and even though I have 3 coffee machines at this time (a Tassimo, a Keurig, and a Krupps), I’m seriously considering this purchase!

All you need to do to use this great espresso machine is put in the appropriate Nespresso cup into the machine, hit the button, and soon afterwards you’ll be in flavour country! You also get to choose from 2 automatic milk functions: cappuccino or latte. This won’t be in stock for very long, folks! Another Nespresso machine was also on clearance at The Bay before I found this deal, and it was sold out within minutes! In other words, if you enjoy drinking coffee or espressos, then click on this deal now!

If you wanted to buy this Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima Coffee Machine from Sears, it would cost you $399.99. I’ve included a brief review of this Nespresso machine from a satisfied Best Buy customer below:

Excellent coffee maker, I would strongly recommend it.

Quantities are limited! Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

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November 19

Tim Hortons Prices Going Up

Posted by on November 19, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Tim Hortons Prices Going Up

Sad news Moosers, if your morning routine consists of a quick run to your local Tim Hortons for a caffeine fix, keep in mind that prices are going up next week by $0.10. Accordting to CTV News, Tim Hortons will raise prices as soon as next Wednesday, on November 26th 2014.

Although the rise in price will largely vary per region, prices of all coffee sizes and breakfast sandwiches will be increased by roughly $0.10 as early as next week.

According to many reports, this price hike wasn’t supposed to hit us for another couple of months. It is curious that it would happen as soon as next week considering the oncoming winter months. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that it’s happening exactly two days before Black Friday. Speaking of which, be sure to check out the Bargainmoose Black Friday dashboard for an up-to-date list of all the Black Friday deals, some of which have already started. More will be added in the upcoming days.

It is also interesting that the price hike is happening right as shoppers as ramping up their spending in preparation for the holidays. We all know how great it is to grab a coffee while either window shopping or buying presents for friends and family.

And don’t forget all of the very recent marketing strategies surrounding the Tim Hortons renovations to turn it into a more upscale place, the new dark roast and not to mention the CIBC Double Double credit card. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that the price hike is being implemented so soon after all of these new features.

Personally, I tend to get quite a few coffees at Tim Hortons, especially when I’m running errands. I agree that it’s somewhat watered down, compared to a coffee you might make at home or even get at Starbucks, but I have to admit that I have grown addicted to the taste. However, this price hike will actually be deterring me from spending as much as I normally would for the convenience of a coffee on the go and I plan on making better use of my tumbler when out and about.

Moosers, how do you feel about the Tim Hortons price hike? Will it deter you from spending on a drink or sandwich?

(Image Credit: Jodi Green)

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November 19

Staples Canada: 24-Pack Donut Shop K-Cups Only $8/ Was $16

Posted by on November 19, 2014 at 7:50 AM

Staples Canada: 24 Pack Donut Shop K Cups Only $8/ Was $16

Before they sell out, any coffee lover should jump on this deal from Staples. Get a 24 pack of Donut Shop k-cups from Staples for only $8.24, with a regular price of $16.49.

There are two flavours available for this sale under the Authentic Donut Shop brand. There is original roast coffee and original dark coffee. Unfortunately for those who love sweetness in their coffee, the chocolate chip is not on sale. Also, for those who love the dark, those are sold out!

The original roast coffee is smooth with a medium roast strength and the original dark is bolder and deeper with a dark roast strength.

While I don’t drink coffee, I appreciate that people who love their coffee like to stock up because they know that running out of coffee is not an option. My aunt loves her coffee and she has one full cupboard stocked with just coffee discs. She has every flavour imaginable. If you go over to her house and she asks you if you want coffee, be prepared to take some time to pick a flavour!

If you like the original flavour, you might want to get as many boxes as you can for this price. Because Staples offers free shipping on orders that $45 or more, you might want to get yourself a minimum of six boxes. If you got six boxes, you’d save the shipping and a total of almost $50 off your coffee.

Looking around the net for price comparisons, I didn’t find these K-cups for less than the regular price, so this is a fantastic deal. I also couldn’t find many reviews, but you might as well try it and see if you like it!

(expiry: unknown)

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November 17

Best Buy Canada: DeLonghi kMix 5-Cups Coffee Maker (DCM02WH) | Was $120 Now $40

Posted by on November 17, 2014 at 12:53 PM

Best Buy Canada: DeLonghi kMix 5 Cups Coffee Maker (DCM02WH) | Was $120 Now $40

This is a final clearance sale, and quantities are extremely limited, so check out this deal before it’s too late! At Best Buy, you can now purchase a DeLonghi kMix 5-Cups Coffee Maker (DCM02WH) for only $39.97! This product normally costs $119.97, so you’re saving $80 with this deal! You’ll also qualify for free shipping, so if you love your morning coffees, then you need to check out this deal right now!

You just can’t go wrong with this deal. It’s a final clearance sale, so once this product is sold out, it’ll be tough to find it at a Best Buy location! The DeLonghi kMix 5-Cups Coffee Maker (DCM02WH) has a sleek, compact design, and can make up to 5 cups of coffee at a time! You can learn more about this coffee machine by clicking on the link above.

If you have a good friend, family member, or significant other that loves coffee, you should really consider picking up this DeLonghi kMix 5-Cups Coffee Maker (DCM02WH). It’s a fantastic deal ($80 off the regular price), and you’ll be a real hero if you surprise them with this gift! If you want a new coffee machine that’s sleek, svelte, and reliable, then you should think about getting this item for yourself. However, don’t think for too long – there aren’t many of these left!

If you wanted to buy this DeLonghi kMix 5-Cups Coffee Maker (DCM02WH)  from Amazon’s American website, it would cost you $140.36. I’ve included a brief review of this coffee maker from a satisfied Amazon customer below:

Used now for 6 months. Looks great, makes good coffee and easy to clean.

Grab this coffee maker before it’s sold out! Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

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November 17

Just $5 For $10 Starbucks Gift Card @ Groupon Canada (HOT!!) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on November 17, 2014 at 10:35 AM

Just $5 For $10 Starbucks Gift Card @ Groupon Canada (HOT!!) (EXPIRED)

Calling all Starbucks and coffee lovers: Groupon is currently offering a $10 Starbucks egift card for just $5! But hurry because there’s no telling when this promotion might end.

Officially, this amazing promotion is set to end in four days, BUT there are only limited quantities available and given Starbucks’ popularity, these are sure to sell out like hot cakes. Also, it would seem that today, on Monday November 17th, it might be invite-only and may only work for those who received the e-mail in their inbox. If it doesn’t work for you today, then make sure to try again tomorrow, on Tuesday, when the deal officially goes live. Keep in mind that you will be receiving an electronic gift card that can then be redeemed at your local Starbucks store.

This deal is very interesting as it has come right on the heels of Starbucks’ other promotion, which was for a BOGO deal on holiday drinks. It ended yesterday but Groupon’s offer is nearly the same with the exception being that it’s better. Rather than having to get two drinks right away for the price of one, you can get what you what, whenever you want. Well, as long as you don’t exceed the $10 value! Just $5 For $10 Starbucks Gift Card @ Groupon Canada (HOT!!) (EXPIRED)

Whether you’re a Starbucks veteran or a rare visitor, I suggest using this gift card on one of their holiday drinks like a caramel brule latte, a chestnut praline latte, an eggnog latte, a gingerbread latte or a peppermint mocha. All of these are made with a shot or two of espresso (depending on the size you get) and are sure to get you in the holiday spirit within just a couple of seconds of sipping it!

The pumpkin spice latte should still be available at most stores as well and that is another extremely popular choice around this time. You could also use your gift card to get a gift for someone on your Christmas list as Starbucks sells plenty of drinkware and coffee beans in-stores.

Once your get your card, make sure to use it within 180 days or else it will expire. I’m sure that won’t be too hard of a task for you coffee-lovin’ Moosers, especially with the winter flurries we are about to face. It’s also only valid within Canadian Starbucks stores and there is a limit of one gift card per person.

(Expiry: 20th November 2014)

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November 16

Mcdonald’s Canada: $3 For Small Hot McCafe Specialty Coffee & Baked Pie (Or 2 Cookies)

Posted by on November 16, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Mcdonalds Canada: $3 For Small Hot McCafe Specialty Coffee & Baked Pie (Or 2 Cookies)

Not looking forward to Monday? No worries, Bargainmoose has you covered as we have uncovered a sweet little deal going on at Mcdonald’s right now. For a limited time, you can get any small hot McCafe specialty coffee with either a baked pie or two cookies for just $2.99.

The only restrictions to this promotion is that the coffee must be of the small, hot and specialized variety and the baked good(s) must either be in the form of a pie or two cookies. Other than that, you actually have multiple options at your disposable but since Christmas is a little over a month away, let’s start with the festive options:

  • Creme Brulee latte
  • Peppermint mocha
  • Butter tart pie
  • Ginger cookies

Although Tim Hortons is my first choice for getting caffeinated on the go, if there is nothing else around, I do love to grab myself a peppermint latte from McDonald’s. It combines my two favourite things in the world: coffee mixed with chocolate and is particularly great on a cold fall day.

As for the baked goods, I have only ever tried the apple pie and in fact, it’s the only food I’ll eat at McDonald’s but that butter tart pie sounds absolutely scrumptious and heartwarming as well. Do keep in mind that the butter tart pie also has raisins inside, so if you don’t like those, then this tart may not be the perfect baked good for you!

You can also choose other McCafe specialty drinks like a: mocha, americano, latte, cappuccino, espresso and deluxe hot chocolate. Technically, a premium roast brewed coffee and a premium tea also fall under this category but you will have to double check with your local McDonald’s to see if this promotion applies to these as well.

Price-wise, you can expect to be saving between $0.24 and $0.29 during this promotion. A small espresso-based hot drink is usually $2.39, while 1 small cookie is $0.42 and a pie is $0.89. This means that without this promotion, you would have paid $3.23 for a small specialty drink and two cookies and $3.28 for a small specialty drink and a pie. This may not seem like much but for those of you who pass through the McDonald’s drive-thru every morning and sometimes even more than once per day every day, then this promotion is definitely worth taking advantage of!

(Image Credit: Brandon Shigeta)

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November 13

Starbucks Canada: BOGO Holiday Drinks (EXPIRED)

Posted by on November 13, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Starbucks Canada: BOGO Holiday Drinks (EXPIRED)

Until the end of the week-end, you can take advantage of a super awesome and tasty promotion at Starbucks. Visit a Starbucks store any time between 2pm and 5pm to take advantage of a “buy one, get one free” deal on all holiday drinks.

This is a promotion that Starbucks likes to bring back every year and with just cause as it’s an awesome one! It may only be during three hours per day but it’s still worth taking advantage of, especially if you were planning on going out this week-end. I’m actually really excited about this promotion because hubby and I had planned on getting a head start on shopping this week-end. It will probably end up being more of a window shopping kind of outing to then come home and find better deals online and use coupon codes, but it will still be nice to get out of the house and grab two holiday drinks for the price of one.

Here’s a list of the holiday drinks that you can get:

  • Chestnut Praline Latte
  • Peppermint Mocha
  • Caramel Brulee Latte
  • Eggnog Latte
  • Gingerbread latte

I’m not a fan of eggnog on its own but I sure enjoy the eggnog lattee, so if you have yet to try it, then now is definitely a good time to do so, especially to get into the Christmas spirit! Peppermint mocha is also another classic but if you want to try something newer, then give the chestnut praline latte or the caramel brulee latte a whirl. Countdown To Red Cups has very concise and interesting reviews of each drink if you’re on the fence as to what to get.

The best part about Starbucks is that you can also customize your order as much as you want — well, s long as there is enough room to write on the cup. So in the case of the peppermint mocha, for instance, you could get a sugar free, skim milk, with extra whipped cream if your heard so desires. Just keep in mind that anything extra also comes at an extra cost. No surprise there!

As usual, the second drink must be of equal or lesser value. This means that you can’t pay for a tall and ask for a venti. Starbucks Canada: BOGO Holiday Drinks (EXPIRED)

(Image Credit: adamjackson1984)

(Expiry: 16th November 2014)

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October 29

Best Buy Canada: De’Longhi kMix 5-Cup Coffee Maker Final Clearance | Was $120 Now $40

Posted by on October 29, 2014 at 7:33 AM

Best Buy Canada: DeLonghi kMix 5 Cup Coffee Maker Final Clearance | Was $120 Now $40

Good morning, my fellow Bargainmoosers! I’m sure many of you can use a cup of coffee right about now, which is why I decided to mention today’s deal at Best Buy – they’re currently having a final clearance sale on their De’Longhi kMix 5-Cup Coffee Maker for $39.97! It normally costs $119.99, so you’re saving $80 off the regular price! Plus, you’ll also qualify for free shipping when you order this handy kitchen appliance.

This De’Longhi kMix 5-Cup Coffee Maker  looks like a nice, sleek machine. If you like making more than one cup of coffee at a time, then this is the perfect coffee maker for you. Unlike the Tassimo and Keurig machines that can typically only prepare one cup of coffee at a time, this De’Longhi kMix 5-Cup Coffee Maker can prepare plenty of coffee for you and your significant other that you can use throughout the day.

With a stainless steel finish, this is one kitchen appliance that will look great in your home! If you’d like to learn more about this coffee machine, just click on the link above.

I love my morning coffees, so this is an intriguing deal for myself. Decisions, decisions… I already have 3 different coffee machines (Keurig, Tassimo, and Dolce Gusto), so we’ll see how the figurative cookie crumbles when I’m done writing this article!

If you wanted to purchase this De’Longhi kMix 5-Cup Coffee Maker from Best Buy in America, it would cost you $149.99 US, and it’s also $149.99 US on Amazon’s American website. I’ve included a brief review of this machine from a satisfied Best Buy customer below:

Lived up to expectations. Coffee is piping hot and stays that way on the warming plate. Teas brew quickly as well and stay ready hot. Top access is easy for both filter installation and water. Would recommend to friend when on sale.

Limited quantities are available, so get this while you can! Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 18th November 2014)

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October 22

Starbucks Canada Fall Sale: 25% Off Coffee, Mugs, Tumblers Etc.

Posted by on October 22, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Starbucks Canada Fall Sale: 25% Off Coffee, Mugs, Tumblers Etc.

Hey Starbucks lovers, I have a sweet deal for you! Starbucks’ Fall Sale is now on and you can save 25% off a variety of merchandise from coffee, syrups, tumblers and more.

Did you know that Starbucks’ infamous pumpkin spice latte, or PSL for short, has been around for more than a decade? If this is your drink of choice during the fall season or even if you are curious to try a version of it, then definitely check out the VIA pumpkin spice latte. It’s on sale for $5.49 (reg. $7.95) for 5 pouches that are dissolvable in 8 fl oz of hot water. Admittedly, it doesn’t boast the best reviews but I think it’s important to remember that although the VIA line of products are meant to replace the in-store pumpkin spice latte, it’s certain not to taste the exact same as it’s an instant version.

Starbucks’ Thanksgiving blend is also on sale and can be yours for $13.99 (reg. $18.95) for a 1lb bag. It’s a dark roast coffee that boasts a full body and herbal notes. It’s actually a mix between the popular Sumatra and Guatemala Antigua blends. In fact, here’s what quirky reviewer had to say about it:

A new favourite Starbucks coffee! Does not taste like pumpkins… or turkey for that matter. Very good! Will be sure to purchase again.

There is plenty more merchandise to pick and save on, but here’s a short list of the products that caught my attention:

Love caramel? Then you might be happy to know that Starbucks’ caramel syrup is also currently on sale for $6.99 instead of its original retail price of $9.95. It comes in a 350ml bottle and in case you have never tried it (though I doubt that many of you haven’t Starbucks Canada Fall Sale: 25% Off Coffee, Mugs, Tumblers Etc. ), it features smooth and buttery caramel tasting notes. I have ordered numerous caramel lattes and the syrup definitely does add a very pleasant butteryness to any drink! But do keep in mind that to make a caramel macchiato, you actually need vanilla syrup and not caramel!

Even better is that although shipping is usually only free on orders over $75, this time around the minimum threshold has been lowered to $50.

(Image Credit: Chrissy Hunt)

(Expiry: 31st October 2014)

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October 15

Mac’s Canada: Free $10 Sears Gift Card With Purchase Of Coffee, Tea Or Cappuccino

Posted by on October 15, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Macs Canada: Free $10 Sears Gift Card With Purchase Of Coffee, Tea Or Cappuccino

Get your coffee or tea fix and receive a free $10 Sears gift card all at the same time at Mac’s convenience stores.

If there was a Mac’s store in Quebec, I would totally be all over this deal. I’m a huge coffee addict and shopaholic, so what better way to combine both passions?

The great part about it is that you will get the free $10 Sears gift card on almost any hot beverage purchase — be it, coffee, tea or even a cappuccino. I’m not the biggest fan of getting a cappuccino anywhere other than a Starbucks or full-time coffee shop, so personally, I would totally go for a mild coffee. There is a possibility that you might get this freebie with any purchase, but that’s for you to try and there is no guarantee that it will work. In any case, with the recent drop in temperature, I’m sure that many of you have been craving something of the hotter variety!

This isn’t the first time that Mac’s gives away a $10 Sears gift card but the last time they did, it was with purchase if any dairy product. Personally, I much prefer the hot beverage option as I’m sure that many of you Moosers do as well.

It’s possible that not all Mac’s stores will be offering this deal but they definitely should considering it’s being advertised on their homepage. There is also no word on when this deal might expire, so I suggest that you take advantage of it as soon as possible in order to not miss it.

The Sears gift card is also only valid on orders over $25. Certain exclusions apply to the use of the gift card but a full list of these is printed on the back of each gift card. Some of the exclusions include but are not limited to: Carters OshKosh clothing, fragrances, make-up, skincare products, etc. Items ending in $0.97 are also off-limits but don’t worry about these as they’re few and far in between at Sears.

What about you Moosers? Will you be getting a coffee, tea or cappuccino?

(Image Credit: Robert Scott)

(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 7

WalMart Canada: Sunbeam 12 Cup Coffee Maker On Clearance | Was $35 Now $15

Posted by on October 7, 2014 at 8:59 AM

WalMart Canada: Sunbeam 12 Cup Coffee Maker On Clearance | Was $35 Now $15

Good morning, everyone! When you rolled out of bed this morning, did you enjoy a nice, hot cup of coffee before you fully woke up? If you’re a coffee connoisseur, but you don’t have a way to make it at home, then this deal at WalMart just might intrigue you! In fact, WalMart currently has this Sunbeam 12 Cup Coffee Maker on clearance – it normally retails for $34.96, but you can get it now for only $15! You’ll also get free shipping with your order, which is always a nice bonus!

This Sunbeam 12 Cup Coffee Maker is a sleek machine that also has a 2-hour auto-shut-off feature. It’s easy to clean, and can help those who love their early morning coffees start their day the right way!

At this time, I currently have 3 coffee machines. 2 years ago, I didn’t have any. I think this might mean that I have a problem!

In reality, I would occasionally have coffee in the past. When I’d see those early morning traffic jams caused by the Tim Hortons drive-thru, I wanted to stay as far away as possible! However, once I got a discounted Nestle Dolce Gusto machine, I started to really embrace having a coffee more often. I may not have one every day, but I’ll at least have 4 coffees a week.

It’s not just about staying alert, either. I have particularly grown fond of dark roast coffees (I do enjoy my dark beers as well, so that may have something to do with it). Then again, my father did have an authentic Espresso machine when I was  a child (it eventually broke down after roughly 14 years of being used on a daily basis), so those Espresso was what I thought all coffee tasted like.

If you were to purchase this Sunbeam 12 Cup Coffee Maker from Sunbeam’s website, it would cost you $34.99. Sears is also selling a similar Sunbeam 12 Cup Coffee Maker for $39.99. I’ve included a brief review of this coffee maker from a satisfied WalMart customer below:

This is an excellent product, I have 2 of them and use both regularly. I purchased this new one as a gift because it has all the features needed, at a very good price.

Since this item’s on clearance, it won’t be around for very long! Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!


(Expiry: Unknown)

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October 3

Costco Canada: Extra $10 Off Kirkland Signature Breakfast Blend 200 K-Cups

Posted by on October 3, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Costco Canada: Extra $10 Off Kirkland Signature Breakfast Blend 200 K Cups

Stock up on coffee and save $10 off the purchase of two 100-count boxes of Kirkland Signature Breakfast Blend light roast coffee. Until the end of the week-end, you can get 200 k-cups for just $73.99 instead of the $83.99 original price.

Originally, I was going to blog about Costco’s deal on Van Houtte Original House blend, where a 96-count box is now $6 off. You can get either the regular or the decaffeinated versions for just $43.99 instead of the regular price of $49.99. It’s great deal considering that it comes down to just $0.46 per k-cup and that on Keurig’s own website, you would be looking at paying $15.71 for a 24-count box, which is $0.66 per k-cup and you would still have to worry about reaching the $45 minimum threshold for free shipping.

Costco, on the other hand, offers free shipping on every order and while if you’re a Van Houtte fan, that deal is worth taking advantage of right now as well, I actually much prefer Kirkland coffee. I buy their signature breakfast blend on a monthly basis because not only is it cheap, but it’s also delicious. It turns out that I have been slightly overpaying but what is the most surprising is that Costco’s online price for the two boxes doesn’t match their in-store price but their current discount is still much better.

In-stores, I usually pay $38.99 for a 100-count box of Kirkland Signature Breakfast Blend but their online price for two boxes is $83.99, which is actually $6 more expensive than if you were to get the two boxes in-stores. Weird indeed but with the discount, you are looking at paying less. Right now, the price per k-cup is just $0.37, which is undoubtedly the lowest price I have ever seen for any coffee in k-cup format.

According to Costco’s description, it’s “a full-flavoured cup of sunshine” and I couldn’t agree more! This has been my go-to coffee for a couple of years now and although I like to switch it up occasionally, I always end up going back to it because not only is it delicious but I also love that I can have my coffee through k-cups without paying outrageous prices for them. As I have mentioned numerous times before, grocery stores frequently sell k-cups anywhere from $0.75 all the way up to $1 and that is just outrageous! I also love that it’s a light roast because that means there is more caffeine than in a darker roast.

(Image Credit: m01229)

(Expiry: 5th October 2014)

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September 19

Lowe’s Canada: 73% Off Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker – Now $19

Posted by on September 19, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Lowes Canada: 73% Off Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker   Now $19

K-cups are great and all but do you love coffee the old-fashioned way? Then grab yourself a Hamilton Beach 49981c single-serve coffee maker on clearance for just $19 at Lowe’s, which is a $50.99 reduction from its original price of $69.99.

Although this Hamilton Beach coffee maker is just a standard coffee making machine, what differentiates it the most from all the other $20 ones is that it looks much sleeker with its more elongated style and stainless steel make. Unlike the other ones, there is also no glass coffee pot as it brews one cup of coffee at a time and has a capacity of 1-5 cups.

I love my Keurig brewer but sometimes I do wish I had a single-serve coffee maker for when I run out of k-cups or for those times when budget doesn’t really allow overspending on coffee (as it’s so much cheaper to just buy ground coffee instead of the k-cup). This machine also promises to serve hotter coffee with a better taste and while the expected temperature of the poured coffee isn’t listed, this is most certainly an intriguing factor as personally, I have had to start using a tumbler to keep my coffee hotter than it would be in a mug. I also tend to drink my coffee really slowly, but even then, it’s not always hot enough right away.

Reviews are also extremely favourable. With 6 reviews on the Lowe’s site and nearly a perfect score of 5 stars out of 5, here’s what on reviewer had to say about this nifty coffee maker:

Made two cups of very hot coffee in about 3 minutes. Perfect for me. I’ve been wanting a single serve coffee maker but didn’t want to spend the big bucks on the one that takes expensive pods. You can use whatever coffee you want in this one. Comes with two scoops so you can have another cup ready to brew while you wait on the first. Best purchase I have made in a long time.

The fact that this coffee maker is 73% off its original price is also pretty amazing because looking around, I found this exact model for the following prices:

Shipping is free as well.

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