March 23

Amazon Canada: Black & Decker SmartSelect Steam Mop Was $120 | Now $64 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 23, 2015 at 12:29 PM

Amazon Canada: Black & Decker SmartSelect Steam Mop Was $120 | Now $64 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Spring cleaning season has started! Do you have all the necessary tools? Amazon’s got a sweet deal on right now, with the Black and Decker SmartSelect steam mop with handle command on for only $74.25, with a regular price of $119.99. On top of that discount, once you get to checkout, you’ll get another $10 off, as part of their sale on Black & Decker products, giving you a total price of $64.25. They’ve got an additional $10 off select Black & Decker products over $50 and this steam mop luckily happens to be one! You’ll also get free shipping on this item.

I have to say, I love steam mops. My husband is a traditionalist who gets down on hands and knees and scrubs the floors. I never know why when the steam mop does just as good (maybe better… shhh… don’t tell him I said that!) of a job. Steam mops are so easy to use and they remove all of the dirt and germs with just water, so you don’t even need soap or any harmful chemicals.

I like not having to use any chemicals on my floors as I have lots of kids and lots of pets who are routinely all over my floors. Hence, why I need a steam mop!

While I haven’t used this particular model, the specs look pretty good. The tank is large enough to hold enough water to let you mop for 22 minutes straight. I think you could get a lot of flooring done in that time period. I think this is a great feature to have as I’ve had to refill the water tank on my steam mop mid-mop and it is a pain. There is also a burst of steam button that will give you more heat to get off those dried up and stuck on stains. I’m sure you know the ones.

This mop is also very intuitive and gives you the right amount of steam based on the flooring you select. You can even mop your hardwood with this mop!

I couldn’t find this mop available elsewhere in Canada to give you a price comparison, but I did find it at the U.S. Home Depot selling for $107. sells it for $120. The U.S. NewEgg sells it for $90, which is still more than’s price.

Put the mop into your cart and get to the last steps of checkout to see the $10 additional discount.

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February 15

Canadian Tire: $150 Off iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum – Now $300 (In-Stores Only)

Posted by on February 15, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Canadian Tire: $150 Off iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum   Now $300 (In Stores Only)

Cleaning sucks. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just skip this annoying chore altogether and have more time for yourself? The Roomba may be the solution and luckily the 630 model is currently on sale for $299.99 at Canadian Tire but only in-stores. It was originally priced at $449.99, thus putting it at a 30% discount.

Since I have two cats, I recently bought the Vileda ViRobi because it’s a more affordable version of a robot vacuum but needless to say, it didn’t exactly perform the way I wanted it to and I have since given it to my parents.

With two cats and a baby, I need a better solution and the iRobot Roomba 630 vacuum looks like it could definitely get the job done and leave me with more time to run after the baby. Canadian Tire: $150 Off iRobot Roomba 630 Vacuum   Now $300 (In Stores Only)

Originally, I was a little wary of whether it would get the job done, especially since it is on the pricier side but the reviews are very reassuring. All of the reviews on Canadian Tire’s are for the more part 5/5 stars, with only one giving this vacuum a 4/5 star review. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about it:

Thought about buying this for years actually, but through it was a gimmick. When they went on sale at Christmas, I broke down and bought one. End results? Why didn’t I buy one sooner!

And here’s another review:

I was leery about a robotic vacuum, but the IRobot is incredible. It not only does all the work for you but it does a great job. I have lots of pets, so lots of fur everywhere. IRobot picks it all up…you do have to clean the roller regularly but you don’t have to do the vacuuming!

Here are some of the most noteworthy features:

  • Works on hardwood floowers, carpet, tile & laminate flooring
  • May be scheduled
  • Comes with virtual walls to block certain sections
  • 3-stage cleaning system
  • Dirt detect

On Amazon, the iRobot Roomba 630 vacuum is currently on sale for $379.99 (reg. $512.14).

As I already mentioned, this deal is in-stores only but make sure to check if your local store has it in stock first by entering your postal code on the Roomba 630 product page.

(Image Credit: Chris Bartle)

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January 21

Super Easy Hacks to Reduce Your Cleaning Supplies Budget

Posted by on January 21, 2015 at 8:00 PM

Super Easy Hacks to Reduce Your Cleaning Supplies Budget

It is January and many of us are looking to trim our budgets. While you want your house to be clean and tidy there are some places in your budget you can cut without tons of extra effort.

Laundry Soap

Take a close look at the inside of the laundry soap cup. You may be surprised to realize that there are several line markers but most of us just fill the cup up and dump. If you reduce the amount of laundry soap by only 20%, it will allow your clothes to come out of the wash just as clean. If you have a load of laundry that is particularly big or dirty, then you may consider a whole scoop. The laundry detergent company is usually counting the number of loads of laundry per bottle of detergent based on the smallest measurement on the cup.

The average bottle of laundry soap ranges from $10-$20 per bottle if you buy it in a 36-48 load range. I know I can use roughly one bottle a month for a family of 3. That works out to roughly $120-$240 per year spent on soap. A range of $96-$192 (20% less) spent on laundry soap sure looks better to my yearly budget.

I know some friends who have made their own laundry soap cheaply but I am not impressed. While making your own soap does reduce costs drastically in your budget, I found that bright clothing loses its colour. I even had a friend who used homemade detergent and hung dry all her daughter’s clothes. I still found the bright colours and whites had a tinge to them that does not keep them looking new. Try reducing your soap for a week and give your clothes the sniff test first.

Laundry Stain Pre-Treat

Even with a small child in the house, I have been able to cut down to only a bottle or two a year of stain pre-treat solution. The average bottle of stain treatment costs about $3-$6 per bottle. I know many friends who go through a bottle a month on average, costing $36-$72 per year.

My secret is using the laundry detergent I am already washing with. Grab an old toothbrush and poor the liquid soap into the cup. Pre-treat the stains by rubbing the soap into the stain on both sides of the material. Repeat until all stains have been gently scrubbed, then throw everything in the wash. I have found that about 80% of stains on my clothes come clean with this quick step using soap I was already washing with anyways. This has reduced me to buying only 1-2 bottles of pre-treat a year to kick the rest of those stains in the butt on the second time through the wash.

Dryer Sheets

I remember my mother cutting the dryer sheets in half when I was a kid and thinking she was crazy. I am sure you can hear my know-it-all teen voice now. “Mom, really, we can afford a whole dryer sheet.” In reality for an average size load of laundry, half a sheet works just fine. Your loads will come out fresh, clean and static free. You can also consider the wool reusable dryer balls that we spoke about in a previous post.

Dish Soap

Many of us when making a tub of dish water just plop a big dollop of soap in the bin or on the sponge. The reality is it takes far less soap then we realize to make suds that are perfect for cleaning. A little goes a surprisingly long way, you can always add more soap if you need it.

I also personally find that dish soap is a product where a better brand does matter. I usually average about $2-$2.50 per bottle of dish soap. Despite hand washing all of my dishes, an average bottle will last me a roughly a month. With being mindful this costs me only roughly $25 per year.


Did you know you can make your sponge last twice as long? Follow some of these tips and you will also be spreading less bacteria around the kitchen. According to this health article on  there are several things you can do to extend the life of your sponge. One option is to drop it in the dishwasher regularly on the top rack to disinfect it. You can also try soaking the sponge for at least 20 minutes in vinegar to disinfect it. I find that with this method is effective but time consuming on my part, plus then my home smells like vinegar.

Another option is to microwave your sponge for two minutes in a bowl of warm water and lemon juice according to the Huffington Post. Microwaving the kitchen sponge is a method I use regularly to keep my sponges in better shape and full of less bacteria. I find I get about twice as long a life out of each sponge by microwaving. Please be careful using this method and follow these guidelines.

  • Add fresh or concentrated lemon juice to the water before heating the sponge.
  • Make sure you cover the sponge completely in water inside the bowl. A dry sponge could catch fire or melt.
  • Let the sponge cool. Remember the water inside that sponge is now super-hot if you squeeze it!
  • Not every sponge is safe to microwave so use at your own risk. Never put a sponge with metal on it in the microwave.

Of course, you can also use reusable cloths in your kitchen. Washing these washcloths regularly will also keep your bacteria count down but cost more up front. Wash cloths can easily be thrown in with other loads of heavier duty laundry.

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September 29

The Shopping Channel Canada: 90% Off MagicBlue Flexduster Mop + Extra 40% Off + Free Shipping – HOT!

Posted by on September 29, 2014 at 1:00 PM

The Shopping Channel Canada: 90% Off MagicBlue Flexduster Mop + Extra 40% Off + Free Shipping   HOT!

Here is a super hot deal that you definitely won’t want to miss! At The Shopping Channel right now, you can get the MagicBlue flexduster micro-fibre mop on sale for just $2.33. It was originally priced at $19.99, but there are two factors that make this deal even hotter: 1. shipping is absolutely free and 2. you can save an extra 40% off by using The Shopping Channel promo code: FINALSALE. This means that you can get this mop for just $1.40 and have it shipped at no extra cost!

My home can never stay clean. It seems that as soon as one hour after vacuuming and mopping, the floors are already dirty! It probably has something to do with the fact that I have two cats, a baby and a hubby but it can still be aggravating at times. Luckily, my hubby is the one who does all the vacuuming and mopping but for some reason, our Vileda Promist mop breaks every couple of months, forcing us to get a new one.

The Vileda one is great but certainly not one that you can use to reach hard to reach spots on the ceiling like a giant cobweb in the corner of the room and so, I have actually already ordered the MagicBlue flexduster mop to use it as a duster. According to the description, it uses static energy to pick up fine particles like hair, dust and although it doesn’t specify it, I’m certain that it would be great for animal hair as well.

Even though I am of average height, I can’t see or reach to the top of the TV stand, so instead of having to grab a chair, I would definitely use this mop to just quickly pass it along the surface and gather all the dust. Not only that, but our hallway is frequently full of giant furballs as one of my cats sheds like crazy and I’m curious to see if this mop would help to curb the overflow of fur everywhere.

The Shopping Channel coupon code mentioned above can also be used on all last chance price items as well. There are close to 200 items to choose with anything from clothing to jewellery, home items, outside decorations and much more. Since I have a backyard now, I’m thinking of getting the metal & resin lantern with flameless LED timer candle, which comes further down to just $8.60 from a sale price of $14.33 (reg. $29.99). It doesn’t require a real candle, which eliminates the stress of cleaning up the wax after or worrying about kids knocking it over. The metal part of the candle is black, but it could probably easily be painted any colour to make it truly unique. The only hitch is that shipping is $6.99.

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September 2

Ethical Deal Canada: $15 For 1KG of Laundry Soap Berries

Posted by on September 2, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Ethical Deal Canada: $15 For 1KG of Laundry Soap Berries

If you are looking for a more ethical and environmentally-friendly way of doing laundry, you might want to try soap berries. Ethical Deal has a great deal on right now where you’ll get two 500g bags of soap berries for only $15. This many berries does up to 400 loads, which is a $32 value. Personally, I think the value is much higher when you calculate what regular laundry soap costs per load.

Made in Canada, eco-friendly, all natural, biodegradable and hypoallergenic, these soap berries or nuts, as they are sometimes called seem like the perfect laundry solution. Detergents worry me. I’ve read so many horrible things about how detergents are what are causing all of the chemical sensitivities we are experiencing and how difficult it is to get rid of them in your home. They are literally in everything, even things that say they are soap, are actually filled with detergent. While it is such a daunting task trying to rid all of your products of nasty chemicals and clean your home safely, starting with your laundry if a very good place to get going.

You can use them in front and top loading washing machines and you can even wash in cold water (if you soak them in hot water first). If you like to have a scent in your laundry (I don’t), you can add a few drops of essential oils. What’s more is that these don’t just have to be used as just laundry soap, you can wash your hands with them, wash your fruit and vegetables and even your hair. I think these would be awesome for camping or the cottage or even while travelling as you just pop one in your bag for a multi-purpose wash!

There are a couple of reviews listed like this one:

We got some about 9 months ago and they are great. We do several loads a week and they last and last and get things just as clean as other soaps did. I highly recommend them.

There is a shipping charge added to this purchase and it will depend where you live. They are delivered by Canada Post, so I don’t assume shipping will be outrageous. Use the coupon PAMPEREDBABY to get another $5 off, which might just reduce or eliminate your shipping costs.

(expiry: 18th September 2014)

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September 1

Costco Canada: $45 Off Bissell Symphony All-In-One Vacuum & Steam Mop – Now $175 (Was $220)

Posted by on September 1, 2014 at 10:30 PM

Costco Canada: $45 Off Bissell Symphony All In One Vacuum & Steam Mop   Now $175 (Was $220)

Ever wish you could clean your floors in one go? With the Bissell Symphony All in One Vacuum and Steam Mop you can! Even better is that it’s currently on sale for just , instead of its usual price of $219.99.$174.99

Don’t you just hate stepping on dirt when walking barefoot around the house? I typically wear socks but even walking from the bathroom to the bedroom after a shower can be a major drag as it has happened more times than not that my feet would be all dirty just from a couple of steps. Having two cats definitely doesn’t help in that department but the fact that I now have a baby makes it even harder to fit in time to clean the floors. More than anything, I find it annoying to have to go around vacuuming, then fill up water for the mop and go around the house yet another time mopping. I have come to the realization, however, that I need an even more efficient method of cleaning my place, even more efficient than using a Vileda mop and I’m certainly considering trying out the Bissell Symphony as it can either vacuum, steam or do both at the same time!

Safe to use on practically any kind of floor, the vacuum part has an easy to empty dust pan and the mop’s cloths are machine washable. Plus, it also has a 25′ cord length and an adjustable handle, which is definitely a feature that my hubby is sure to love as he is tall.

Although Costco’s site didn’t have any reviews, I did find close to 40 reviews on Amazon with a general consensus of 4.5 stars out of 5. In fact, here’s what one reviewer had to say about it:

I now have mostly hard floors (wood/tile) and needed a better way to keep them clean. I like to walk around bare foot, and can not stand the feeling of a dirty floor under my feet. The Bissell Symphony works great. It is easy to use, plus the time savings of being able to mop and vacuum at the same time. It heats up quickly and adding water is easy.

As for a price comparison, the Bissell Symphony is $219.99 at Amazon and London Drugs only has it in-stores for $199.99.

As always, Costco also offers free shipping, so you won’t have to worry about any added fees.

(Expiry: 14th September 2014)

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August 4

Walmart Canada: 3-in-1 H2O Mop Only $48 (Was $119)

Posted by on August 4, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Walmart Canada: 3 in 1 H2O Mop Only $48 (Was $119)

I found a fantastic deal on at Walmart on the 3 in 1 H2O mop ultra. It was $119, now only $48. It will also ship for free to your home.

I actually have this mop and although some reviewers were not fond of it, I found it worked great. I also did not get it for this price and I think I paid around $100 for this mop! Less than $50 for a steam mop is a very good price and this might make a nice gift for a student going away to college or university or getting their own place for the first time. I know when I was in my 20s, washing my floors was the last thing on my list after studying and partying, so why not make it easy for them to wipe up all the booze that will inevitably be spilled on the floors?

Not just a steam mop, the H2O mop can also be converted into a carpet steamer. So, if you get spills or dirt on those carpets, they can easily be steamed away with your steam mop. You could also use it to clean and deodorize fabric. That stinky chair your aunt gave you for your first place? Use this baby on it to get out some of that musty smell and you’ve got yourself a nice little seat for your studio apartment.

One of the cons that the reviewers reported included that there wasn’t a hook at the bottom to wrap the cord around to put it away. This would be annoying, unless you are like me and really only drape the cord around anyway. You can still wrap it around the top hook, it just wouldn’t have a tight fit like you’d seen on other appliances like this. Another is that it can clog and my mom told me that using distilled water can prevent your steam mop from getting clogged. My mom is very smart about these things, so I’d totally listen if I were you.

Another is that the cloth gets dirty very quickly when mopping. Well, that will all depend on how dirty your floor is. I wouldn’t think it is a bad thing that the cloth gets dirty, as that tells me the mop is doing its job. If you need to change pads while mopping your floors, you might want to think about mopping a little more often.

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July 3 Hoover SteamVac Power Max with Clean Surge (Now $149.99, Was $299.00)

Posted by on July 3, 2014 at 10:30 AM Hoover SteamVac Power Max with Clean Surge (Now $149.99, Was $299.00)

If you are looking to invest in a deep carpet cleaner, you may want to check out this Hoover SteamVac Power Max with Clean Surge from for only $149.99 (regularly $299.00).

Whether you are the original owner of your home or you have inherited the previous owner’s carpet choice, I think we can all agree that there comes a time when the vacuum is just not cutting it anymore.

We have lived in our home for almost 12 years. We are the original owners. So we can only really blame ourselves for the state of our carpet (and our three boys, it’s really all their fault!). But most times, like pretty much everybody else, I don’t really notice how tired our carpet is looking, or I choose to ignore it, one or the other.  Either way, when I do decide to take my blinders off I can no longer bring myself to turn away. So a few years ago, against my husbands will, I hired a company to come in and clean our floors. My husband begrudgingly moved the majority of the furniture and when it was all said and done moved it all back. It took him a couple of days to truly appreciate it but in the end he admitted that it gave the carpets a much needed facelift.

Fast forward four years and I’ve been dropping hints that perhaps it’s time. However, in the meantime we did invest in a  small steam spot remover that has definitely been beneficial and has served us well. So I’m thinking that investing in a larger steam vac that we could use ourselves would be much more cost effective, plus we could truly incorporate this into our yearly cleaning schedule. Plus, at this price we would be even just after one clean!

This unit has received good reviews for the most part:

I didn’t realize how dirty my carpets were until I used this.
It comes in parts but is easy to put together and use and it doesn’t leave you with a soaked carpet afterwards.

with the only truly disconcerting piece to note, which seems to be prevalent across several different forums is in regards to ensuring the pieces are connected properly to avoid leaking. However I’m sure this is covered in the instructions:

The connections must be connected EXACTLY as directed or leaks will happen. If leaks are happening, reconnect them again. Mine leaked after the second time I used it but it was all user error. It works wonderfully and cleans upholstery and floors with minimal effort!

This item does qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping!

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June 16

FREE Resolve Oxi-Action In Wash Stain Remover with Mail-In Rebate

Posted by on June 16, 2014 at 5:30 PM

FREE Resolve Oxi Action In Wash Stain Remover with Mail In Rebate

Nothing beats trying a new product for free!  Right now you can do just that with this mail-in rebate for a great laundry cleaning product.  For a limited time only, get a free Resolve Oxi-Action In Wash Stain Remover, or save up to $6.99 on any Resolve Oxi-Action In Wash Stain Remover product with this mail-in rebate.

With this mail in rebate form, you will receive up to $6.99 back.  This amount will cover the cost of the product, as well as the taxes and the cost for the postage. As long as you make sure to buy the product for $6.99 or less, you will have no out of pocket expenses in the end.

As I mentioned above, you can choose to try out the new Resolve Oxi-Action In Wash Stain Remover, or you can get any Resolve Oxi-Action In Wash Stain Remover product no matter what the price is.  I suggest you wait for it to go on sale or price check around so that you get the full refund.

With all mail in rebates, you will need to read the fine print and follow the directions exactly to get your full money back.  Unless you do this, it will be void once you send it in.  For this one,  you will need to attach the original dated cash register receipt with the purchase price circled.  You will also have to make sure to hand write the UPC of the product on your receipt.

Your purchase must be made by July 21st  but you will have up until August 21st, 2014 for your mail in rebate to be received. Additionally, there is a limit to one refund per household so you won’t be able to buy a ton of them and get them all for free.

(Expiry: 21st July 2014)

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June 16 Up To 50% Off Essentials

Posted by on June 16, 2014 at 10:30 AM Up To 50% Off Essentials

Need toilet paper and don’t want to get out of your pyjamas today? Simply shop online at and you’ll even save while not having to get dressed. They have up to 50% off all essentials like bathroom paper, laundry soap and more.

I actually really enjoy grocery shopping (mostly), but I can never pass up a good deal. This sale has a number of items you can stock up on while they are on sale, and I know their shipping is fast enough that you’ll get it this week.

Charmin toilet paper products are mostly 50% off, like these ultra soft triple rolls (pack of 16), which was $19.98 and now only $10. I personally am not a fan of Charmin as I find it almost too soft, but two reviewers love the softness.

If you use Tide, Bounce or Gain, all of these laundry products are also on sale at 50% off.

There are a number of cleaning products on sale and while I mostly use natural products, there is one I’ve found that I need. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is so important in a home with three boys. While getting my house ready for sale I used a number of these to clean my trim. It did a fantastic job so I didn’t have to scrub. It got rid of crayon, dried up milk, cat fur and oil (you know when they rub on corners and you get black stains!). These are now on sale for $3, from $4.29.

Kitchen items and batteries are also on sale and one that I’m going to pick up is the Bounty select-a-size paper towels (six rolls) for only $7.25, was $14.49. We use way too many paper towels in this house, but these are great because you sometimes don’t need a large paper towel, so this lets you choose a half size instead. I also find them very absorbent and does the job I need it to do.

Shipping is free on a $25 or more purchase and if you’ve never bought from, you can take advantage of our exclusive coupon code offering $10 off of $40.

(Expiry: 22nd June 2014)

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April 14

Finish Canada Freebie: Free 16-20 Ct Box Of Finish Power & Free Dishwashing Tablets

Posted by on April 14, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Finish Canada Freebie: Free 16 20 Ct Box Of Finish Power & Free Dishwashing Tablets

Try Finish Power & Free dishwasher tablets absolutely free when you use the mail-in rebate form below.

I have actually had the opportunity to try these Finish tablets from a free sample I received a couple of weeks ago and I have to say it worked great. Although to be honest, I’m not sure if it’s just my dishwasher that is awesome or if the tablets really did work that well. Whenever I get a free sample like that, I make sure to test it out by not rinsing my dishes too much and leaving caked on food as is without soaking them first and at the end of the cycle, the dishes were perfectly clean.

I checked the price of a Finish Power and Free box at Walmart and turns out that both 16-ct and 20-ct boxes are $7.27, which is essentially how much you can expect to save by redeeming this mail-in rebate.

In case you have never used a mail-in rebate form before, the way it works is that though you have to purchase the item initially, you are then sent a cheque for the exact amount that you paid once you complete and mail the form. My guess is that most people forget to mail it, which is how Finish ends up getting more customers, so don’t be part of that statistic! Send your form as soon as you can.

Just keep in mind that although you must make your purchase before March 26th 2014, you have until June 26th 2014 to send the form.

(Expiry: 26th May 2014)

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April 9

How To Spring Clean Inexpensively

Posted by on April 9, 2014 at 8:00 PM

How To Spring Clean Inexpensively

Now that we’re back from our trip (sniff sniff), I am thinking we need to do a good clean of our house.  I might sound like a slob when I say this, but we have never actually done a full spring clean of our house, and we have been here nearly 5 years.  Don’t get me wrong, we clean regularly, but we haven’t spent a lot of time doing any deep cleaning.  The type of cleaning that makes you feel like the world is a better place.  A cathartic type of cleaning.  I’m ready for this, and I want to do it.  But I don’t know where to start, and I don’t want to spend a ton of money on it.  What to do?

Spring cleaning checklist

Uh, maybe this is why I haven’t spring cleaned before.  Looking at this list from Imperfect Homemaking, I am overwhelmed.  Who does this much cleaning on a regular basis?  Although I doubt I will tackle even half of the list, I think I can get through part of it.  I like her tips on how to clean mini blinds.  Some of mine have never really been cleaned. If you’re looking for more great tips on all types of cleaning, check out this article from Canadian Living.

Also be sure to consider which cleaning products you use, as there are lots of natural options available.  Check out Eva’s article on how to be a frugal organic cleaner.  I have recently discovered the wonders of cleaning with baking soda, as my loving husband recently purchased a 6 pack from Costco by accident (I had requested he purchase baking powder instead).  If you prefer to purchase cleaning products, be sure to check out Greenworks cleaners.  They often go on sale, and if you combine a sale with coupons, you can often buy Greenworks cleaners for $1 per bottle.  A few years ago Greenworks had an amazing coupon available, buy 3, save $4.  When they went on sale one week at Shoppers Drug Mart for $1.99 per bottle, I picked up about 30 bottles at around $0.75 per bottle.  They have lasted over the past few years.

Spring home maintenance

Honestly, this is another area my family has not been proficient in.  I know the basics of what to do each spring like changing the filter on our furnace, getting our air conditioner inspected, etc.  But there are other home maintenance tasks which I’m just not sure are required – things like gutter cleaning and vent cleaning.  Are they worth the expense?  Bob Vila says it’s important to clean your gutters twice per year.  He suggests that if you want to do it yourself you’ll need a tall ladder, gloves, a face mask, and I would personally need a safety person under the ladder and lots of prayers.  As important as regular home maintenance is the treatment of issues before they escalate to larger problems.  This HGTV article outlines some important tips for preventative spring maintenance.  There are tips I hadn’t even thought of, like examining any wood trim to check for damage and to repair these before the spring rains come.  Doing a thorough once around your house to check for issues is a great (free!) idea, and is something I will definitely be doing this spring.

Spring clean your garden

I have coworkers and friends who spend money every single month on their garden and outdoor needs.  One friend hires gardeners each spring to ready her backyard gardens.  She hires a team of 3 people there for an entire day to ready her gardens.  She estimates that this costs her around $300.  She brings them back from time to time through the summer to weed her garden.  Being the frugal Bargainmooser that I am, I cringe at the prospect of paying money for gardening.  I know the more effort I put into gardening at the beginning of the season means the easier my gardening and weeding will be through the summer.  This summer I plan to make some changes to my gardens, as they are full English gardens which I do not love, but they came with our house.   This excellent article on outlines some great spring gardening tips.  I will definitely employ the tips on dividing and transplanting, as my garden is overgrown with hostas.  Anyone want some free hostas?  Mulch is something we wrestle with each year, and we have never bitten the bullet to buy it.  We have a large number of square feet of gardens, and to cover it all in an appropriate amount of mulch would cost us about $500.  I am second guessing our decision this year, as each weekend last summer was full of weeding and getting my hands dirty.  So not fun for me.

Spring cleaning and maintenance is an essential part of home ownership.  I am planning on staying at this house until we retire, so we need to take very good care of it so that it lasts.  I am not a handy-woman, and my husband isn’t handy either, so we need to ensure that we set aside a budget each year for any repairs and preventative measures we need to take for our home maintenance.  Bargainmoosers, what are your top frugal spring cleaning tips?

Photo credit: Chiot’s Run

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March 23

Costco Canada: $20 Off Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop – Now $110 (Was $130)

Posted by on March 23, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Costco Canada: $20 Off Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop   Now $110 (Was $130)

Just in time for spring cleaning, ditch your icky old-fashioned mop and invest instead in the Hoover TwinTank steam mop, which is currently on sale for $109.99 (reg. $129.99) at Costco Canada.

To be honest, I never mop. I don’t even vacuum… luckily, hubby takes care of the floors but we keep encountering the same problem: our mops just don’t last very long. At first, we had one of those old-fashioned mop heads but that just didn’t seem to be doing a very good job at all and the floors would take ages to dry, so we switched to one of those mops with a cloth at the end and a product spritzer, but that broke faster than our floors took to dry.

The only mop we have had any success with is the Vileda but… yep, you guessed it, that one broke a couple of months later and we (or should I say, my hubby) liked it so much that we bought the exact same one all over again. Ever since then though, we have been contemplating investing into a more expensive mop and the Hoover TwinTank falls right within our budget and what we want in a mop, which I’m sure is on par with everyone’s expectations! We want a mop that will leave our floors clean and that won’t take forever to dry — with two cats running around, that last one is definitely a must.

This is exactly why we will more than likely be getting the Hoover TwinTank, especially since the best part about it that it cleans by steaming surfaces, which means that it also kills most harmful bacteria that may have laid camp, most notably in the kitchen (i.e., salmonella, MRSA or even staph).

This same mop is actually as high as $139.99 at Home Depot but the best part about Costco’s deal, other than the price of course, is that it also comes with the following extras: 2 bottles of Hoover 2x SteamPlus cleaning solutions, 5 microfiber pads, a cooling tray and a carpet glider.

As usual, shipping is also absolutely free at Costco!

What kind of mop do you use? Would you consider a steam mop?

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March 20

P&G Brandsaver Coupons Now Live

Posted by on March 20, 2014 at 3:00 PM

P&G Brandsaver Coupons Now Live

It is the first day of Spring today and P&G Brandsaver is celebrating with a new batch of coupons. Save up to $70 with these new coupons that will be sent you you free of charge in the mail.

This time around, you can save up to $5 per coupons and they have a great variety. You will find coupons for baby items, laundry, cleaning, beauty items, pet food and more.

Here is a look at some of the great coupons this time around:

  • Save $1 on any Olay Sensitive Body Wash product
  • Save $1 when you buy any 2 Dawn products
  • Save $0.50 when you buy any 1 Bounce product
  • Save $1 when you buy any Duracell battery pack
  • Save $1 when you buy any Pampers diapers
  • Save $2 when you buy any Iams dog or cat dry food
  • Save $1 when you buy any Iams SO GOOD! dry dog food
  • Save $0.50 when you buy any 1 Downy product
  • Save $1.50 when you buy any Pepto Bismol product
  • Save $2 when you buy any ZzzQuil product
  • Save $2 when you buy any Pampers diapers or training pants & wipes
  • Save $0.50 when you buy any 1 Tide Simply Clean & Fresh
  • Save $5 when you buy 1 Swiffer Bissell STEAMBOOST mop

As for the expiry dates, they are all different.  You will be able to order 32 coupons at a time but there are more than that being offered.  What I do is order my 32 coupons and then order a second batch right after.  They will allow you to order each coupons once per account so this is the way to do it.

We will have all of the P&G Brandsaver coupons posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

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January 17

How To Be A Frugal & Organic Cleaner

Posted by on January 17, 2014 at 8:00 PM

How To Be A Frugal & Organic Cleaner

Do you spend too much money on cleaning supplies? You really don’t have to, as there are many frugal ways to clean your home, and the best part is not only do they save you money, but they also are better for the environment and your health. Really, most chemical-dependant cleaning supplies are usually cheap and there is almost always a coupon for them, but the effects on your health are not cheap. I have phased out almost all commercial cleaning products in my home and where I couldn’t, I buy organic and eco-friendly products, usually from when they have a sale. Below I will give you some tips on how to clean your house without spending more than a few dollars.


First, prevention is key to keeping a clean house. The old adage of “clean as you go” really applies here and saves you time and even money. If you let a mess sit and build, it only gets harder to clean. Think baked on spaghetti sauce on your stove top. Other ways to prevent messes include taking off your shoes outside, wiping your dog’s feet before they come in, giving your dishes a slight rinse before putting them in the dishwasher, wiping down your shower or bath and your taps after using them and not having children. Okay, so the last one might be a tough one, but your kids can perform all of these actions as well.


Vinegar and I go way back. It is so cheap! I guess that’s why we make great friends. Besides that, you can buy a large bottle of vinegar for only a few dollars and it will last quite a while. There are a million ways you can use vinegar to clean your home. I like using it as a disinfectant on my kitchen counters and keep a spray bottle mixed with about 20% vinegar and 80% water under the sink. I also like to use it in my laundry to freshen up towels that may have sat for too long. Mix it with dish soap and you can use it to clean your shower and tub, or your floors. Vinegar is so perfect… Vinegar Tips has those millions of ways to clean with it.

Baking soda

Baking soda goes on sale for about $1 a box and like vinegar, it has many uses. You can use it as a safe scouring agent for your toilets, stove tops and sinks. I love to use it with my best friend vinegar to clean the drains. Simply pour the baking soda all over the sink and down the drain. Follow slowly with vinegar and watch it fizzle as it cleans and unclogs the drain. End with boiling water. You can also use it to absorb odours in your fridge. For the multitude of ways to clean with baking soda, check out The New Homemaker. Another great use I found it for was to get rid of “boy pee smell” from my bathroom. Boy pee smell is when you have young boys (and probably some men) who aren’t great at aiming quite yet and the smell seeps into your tile or bathroom flooring. It is a very nasty thing and baking soda and vinegar work well to cut this smell so your kids are allowed to urinate inside the house again.

Essential oils

While essential oils might cost more than a few pennies, you only need a teeny tiny amount, so they will last a long time. If you feel that using vinegar and baking soda just doesn’t yield that “just clean” smell, essential oils will make your home smell fresh and not chemically clean. They are great for disinfecting and getting rid of mold and mildew, too. They also make great fabric refreshers, so your dog doesn’t die from the Febreeze sprayed all over its bed. For one hundred ways to clean with essential oils, check out Mind Body Soul Essentials.

Pumice stones

What disheartened me at first when I started with natural cleaners was that if the toilets were too dirty, they didn’t get a great clean from those products. Enter in the pumice stone. Very cheap to buy, this baby scrubs like nothing on that toilet guck and gets rid of everything except the white porcelain. Want to know how? Check out Apartment Therapy.

Castile soap

This soap can be both expensive or inexpensive to buy, depending on what you need. I buy Dr. Bronner’s and while the liquid large bottle goes for $20, the bars of soap are only $5 and can last for quite a while. We use it to wash all of the floors and I love the lavender scent.

Citrus fruit

Lemons and other citrus fruits smell great, but they also do double duty as a cleaning agent that can remove stains and mildew. Another cool trick is to put a lemon in the microwave, turn it on for 30 seconds and your microwave will be easy to wipe down. I also like the idea of putting fruit that may be past its prime into a pot of water on the stove top and turn it on low. The scent will act as a natural air freshener. Lifehacker tells you how you can put lemons, limes and more to good use.

Old clothing and fabric

When my kids have clothes that are stained or torn beyond repair, if they are the right type of fabric, I will often cut them up and use them as rags and sometimes dishcloths. There is no point in throwing out perfectly useable clothing and spending money on buying new cloths to use to clean. Similarly, if you have some wool kicking around, you can make these wool dryer balls that will save you money (and the toxins) you would have spent on dryer sheets.

Bargainmoosers, do you have any ideas for natural cleaning ideas that won’t squeeze your wallet? Let me know in the comments below!

(banner image credit: go_greener_oz)

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