March 28

Shoppers Drug Mart: Spend $75 & Get 2 Free Cineplex Tickets (March 29th & 30th)

Posted by on March 28, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Shoppers Drug Mart: Spend $75 & Get 2 Free Cineplex Tickets (March 29th & 30th)

Starting tomorrow, Shoppers Drug Mart Canada has a great deal happening.  When you spend $75 or more on almost anything, you will get two free Cineplex movie tickets with your order.

All of the regular conditions apply to this deal.  With the exception of a few things such as tobacco , prescriptions and few others, you will get your two free Cineplex Admit Ones when you spend $75 or more on March 29th or March 30th.

These Cineplex tickets are Admit Ones. They cover the price of general admission for regular movies. To watch movies in 3D, IMAX, UltraAVX, VIP or D-Box, you’ll need to pay a premium. These free tickets are valued at $25 but I know in Alberta, admission is over $13 now they would be worth even more here.

If you have to pick up a few groceries, why not grab them at Shoppers Drug Mart and get a couple of free tickets as well!  It does not list the expiry dates for these free tickets so my assumption is they either do not expiry, or they would expire in one year.  Unlike some other deals where you get a free Shoppers gift card, these will not have blackout dates to be used.

You will have lots of time to use them but there are some great movies this weekend at Cineplex. A couple of new movies I want to see are Noah, Divergent and Muppets Most Wanted. What new movie are you looking forward to seeing?

(Expiry: 30th March 2014)

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March 6

Cineplex Canada: Toonie Matinees For March Break *East Coast Only*

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Cineplex Canada: Toonie Matinees For March Break *East Coast Only*

If you live on the East Coast, you are in luck this March Break. Go see a matinee at a Cineplex theatre for their toonie matinees. Last year, they had these all over Canada, but it looks as this year it will only be held in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island.

So, for only $2 with no additional taxes, you’ll be able to choose from five different movies this March Break. These movies are ones that have already been out of the theatres for a bit, but they are still really good ones. The movies and showtimes vary depending on province, so you’ll have to figure that out for yourself.

The movies that will be playing include:

  • The Croods – love it, watched it yesterday again
  • Despicable Me 2 – loved it too, the kids watched this today again
  • Escape from Planet Earth
  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 – food falling from the sky, who doesn’t love that?
  • Madagascar: Europe’s Most Wanted

Each March Break is different as well, so this deal has already begun in New Brunswick. It looks like the March Break is later the farther east you go, maybe because of weather.

Also, for only $5.50 you can also get a kid’s combo to eat during the  movie.

(Expiry: 25th April 2014)

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February 25

Cineplex Store: 1,000 Bonus Scene Points With Purchase

Posted by on February 25, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Cineplex Store: 1,000 Bonus Scene Points With Purchase

Earn a bonus 1,000 Scene points when you download select movies at the Cineplex store before the end of the month.

1,000 Scene points is redeemable for an entire movie admission but the value varies depending on what province you are in. However, it is a pretty great bonus for buying a movie from the Cineplex Store online. The offer is only available on select titles in Download-To-Own, DVD, and/or Blu-Ray selections. It will say right on the movie in a little red box “scene bonus”.

You can get the digital copy of Thor: The Dark World for just $17.49 in standard definition and it comes with the regular 90 Scene points and then the bonus 1000 Scene points. You can also buy the physical versions as well. I did not have time to see the movie when it was in theatres but I want to.

Have you ever bought from the Cineplex store? I haven’t yet but given this offer I am thinking it might be a great way to pick up the movies I am missing from my collection. Our nearest theatre is owned by Cineplex and I do so love free movies.

(Expiry: 28th February 2014)

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February 20

Pizza Pizza Canada: Date Night Specials With Dinner & A Movie

Posted by on February 20, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Pizza Pizza Canada: Date Night Specials With Dinner & A Movie

Pizza Pizza has a couple of deals on right now that will get you a buy one, get one free movie pass. This means you get dinner and a movie for a low price.

I was never a fan of Pizza Pizza. It reminded me of the small square of pizza I’d eat for lunch every day in high school. That was until my husband forced me try it (it is one of his favourites) again and I was very impressed. They have a huge selection of gourmet toppings, many different crusts and the sauce is not too bad.

Tonight I’m going out for dinner with a friend and this weekend I’m going away for a work trip. Yay Moosers! My husband and kids are going to need to eat and my older sons are complaining that they are the only kids in the entire world who haven’t see the new LEGO movie. I put two and two together and have told my hubby to get some pizza for dinner tonight, then one on Sunday, and voila, he’s got two 2-for-1 admissions to take the kids to the movie. Yes, I know I’m brilliant.

It looks like you’ll get your movie vouchers with a number of deals they  have on including:

  • any size pizza, three toppings, three cans of pop for only $14.99
  • two can dine for $13.99
  • two medium pizzas, four toppings, four cans of pop for only $17.99

This means you’ll pay less than $18 to get a full dinner and one of your movies paid for.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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December 20

Cineplex Canada: 50% Off Digital Download Movies, Blu-Ray Or DVD

Posted by on December 20, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Cineplex Canada: 50% Off Digital Download Movies, Blu Ray Or DVD

Snuggle up with a movie for 50% off this Christmas courtesy of Cineplex.

I don’t really watch a lot of movies. The few I do watch are generally older ones like Wayne’s World or So I Married an Axe Murderer. Apparently I have a thing for Mike Myers. Any-who, the one time I am certain to watch a few movies is on cozy winter days inside with my family. There is nothing that I love more than snuggling up all nice and warm with my wife, kid and some junk food in front of a movie. It helps if it’s a blizzard outside, of course and a 50% off movie doesn’t hurt.

These aren’t cheap-o movies, either. Just the top line of the sale has some big name movies:

  • Mon of Steel
  • We’re the Millers
  • Pacific Rim
  • Hangover Part III
  • Great Gatsby
  • Cloud Atlas

I could see them doing 50% off older movies, but these are all fairly new movies, though there are also older ones like Hotel Transylvania, Lord of the Rings and Grown Ups.

You can get scene points for buying or renting these movies, which can add up to get you free movie tickets. Shipping on the physical versions of these is free. Well, it’s free for me.

(Expires: Unknown)

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December 6

Cineplex Canada: $2.50 Family Christmas Movies

Posted by on December 6, 2013 at 9:30 AM

Cineplex Canada: $2.50 Family Christmas Movies

Take your family to some great movies for just $2.50 a person this holiday season at Cineplex Canada.

I love cheap movies and you really can’t get better entertainment than $2.50 movies in theatre. The following family friendly movies are playing in select theatres around the country:

  • The Polar Express 2D – December 7
  • Arthur Christmas 2D – December 14
  • Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas – December 21

The first movie is this Saturday morning at 11 am.

The movies don’t stop when December ends. Continuing all the way till the end of March, you can see family favourites like Despicable Me, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, The Land Before Time and many more. A list of participating theatres is on the website.

(Expiry: March 29th 2014).

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December 4

Gift Card Deals You Don’t Want To Miss

Posted by on December 4, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Gift Card Deals You Dont Want To Miss

There are so many gift card deals out there right now, I thought I’d do a summary of some of the ones I’ve found so you can keep track! If you giving a gift card as a gift idea, you might as well get something for yourself too. You could even get yourself a gift card to save for when the amazing sales come along during Boxing Week and save yourself even more.

Get a free $5 e-gift card when you spend $50 on e-gift cards at Cineplex (exp 3rd January 2014)

Buy a $20 gift card and get $5 off your order at Bizou (exp 31st December 2013)

Buy or reload a Kernels card and you’ll get an extra 10% on the card (exp unknown)

Purchase $50 in gift cards for White Spot and get a $10 gift card to use in the New Year (exp 2nd January)

Spend $50 at L.L. Bean and get a free $10 gift card (exp 24th December 2013)

Purchase the Holiday Big Box at Pizza Hut and get a $10 Pizza Hut voucher free – make sure this one is in your order, ours was not (exp unknown)

Purchase $500 in Esso gift cards for only $475 at

Get a free sub when you buy a $25 gift card at Subway

Buy any SodaStream and get a $25 gift card for

Save 30% on Skype gift cards

Get a free $5 gift card when you spend $20 on gift cards at Yogurtys

Get a $20 money card with every $100 spent at West49

Purchase any device at Tria Beauty and get a free $25 gift card for Rent Frock Repeat with promo code

Get a free $10 gift card at Beyond The Rack on your first purchase with promo code

Make a purchase at Blue Nile and get gift cards based on your amount spent with promo code

Get a $10 gift card when you spend $40 on gift cards at The Children’s Place

Purchase a Bon Appetit gift card totally $25 or more and get a free Kelsey’s calendar with two $10 money cards inside

Purchase $50 in Milestones gift cards and get $10 in gift cards free

Get a free Whopper combo when you buy $25 in gift cards for Burger King

Costco always has great deals on gift cards including $74.99 for $100 worth of WaySpa gift cards, cheap Cineplex movie packages, restaurant gift cards and more.

Bargainmoosers, where would you like to see a gift card deal for?

Photo Credit: Patty Albertson

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November 22

Cineplex Canada: Black Friday Daily Deal – Buy Movie Or TV Show & Get Free Cineplex Ticket

Posted by on November 22, 2013 at 9:00 AM

Cineplex Canada: Black Friday Daily Deal   Buy Movie Or TV Show & Get Free Cineplex Ticket

Buy a movie, get a movie ticket at Cineplex!

Everyone has Black Friday deals nowadays. It’s kind of nuts. I mean, I know a retailer is a retailer, but a movie theater with a Black Friday sale is weird, am I right? They’re also having a contest, so you will have to scroll down a bit to get the deal.

On a related note, if you are looking for Black Friday deals and are looking anywhere other than BargainMoose’s Black Friday Dashboard, well, I think you already know something is wrong. I’d suggest getting help.

Onward! This is (as far as I can tell) the first day of their Black Friday sales and it’s a good one. Buy a movie or TV show valued over $14.95 and get a free movie ticket. Christmas is coming, so you could either buy the movies or TV shows as gifts, and keep the movie ticket for yourself. Or, buy a movie or TV show for yourself and gift the movie tickets, or keep both, or give both away! Wow, this is a versatile one, isn’t it?

It’s a perfect deal for a selfless person or a curmudgeon. Which are you? Give it all away or keep it all for yourself, or do something in between?

(Expires: Unknown, maybe one day only)

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November 19

Cineplex Canada: Buy A Home Movie For $14.99 & Get A Free Movie Ticket

Posted by on November 19, 2013 at 2:30 PM

Cineplex Canada: Buy A Home Movie For $14.99 & Get A Free Movie Ticket

Buy any DVD, download or Blu-Ray for more than $14.99 and you’ll get a free movie admission to Cineplex. This is a great deal since getting into the movies is $11.99, so you’ll basically be paying $3 for your movie.

There are some really great movies out there right now that you’ll want to watch. I watch a lot of movies and I think they make a perfect gift idea, especially if you’ve seen the movie and know your recipient will enjoy it. Then just for giving them the gift, you can take yourself to see something else. You’ll also earn Scene points and get free shipping!

I just saw 2 Guns and found it hilarious and it helps that the most adorable man alive – Mark Wahlberg – is in it along with the not too shabby Denzel Washington. Anyone will love this movie and I even have a few catchphrases from the movie floating in my head for good. It is already on sale, whether you download to own, get the DVD or the Blu-Ray.

To find out other stores that will ship for free, you should check out our awesome free shipping page, because no one likes to pay for mail.

(Expiry: 31st December 2013)

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November 16

Cineplex Canada: Buy $40 Gift Card & Get $40 Gift Pack Free

Posted by on November 16, 2013 at 10:30 AM

Cineplex Canada: Buy $40 Gift Card & Get $40 Gift Pack Free

Buy a $40 gift card from Cineplex and get a $40 gift pack free. Plus, get a bonus $5 gift card when you get a $50 e-gift card.

The gift of going to the movies is an incredible idea, for adults, teens or kids. My kids love going to the movies and so do I. I just don’t like the price tag! Free movie passes are the perfect rainy day gift.

Buy a $40 gift card to give to someone, and you’ll get:

  • One – two for one admission
  • One – two for one admission to the classic film series
  • One free small popcorn – upgrade for $0.50
  • One half price nachos or poutine
  • One free 120g bag of M&Ms with the purchase of a large drink
  • One free UltraAVX or 3D upgrade
  • One $1 digital movie rental at
  • 100 Scene points

You have to buy the physical gift card and not an e-gift card for this deal. If you only want an e-gift card, this is where you can spend $50 and get the extra $5.

Your gift pack expires March 31st, 2014 and can’t be used until January 1, 2014.

(Expiry: 3rd January 2014)

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November 15

Cineplex Canada: Free Movies & $2 Concessions

Posted by on November 15, 2013 at 3:30 PM

Cineplex Canada: Free Movies & $2 Concessions

Tomorrow morning, treat yourself to a free movie and $2 snacks at the concession stands with Cineplex.

It is Community Day at Cineplex, and they are offering free movies at what looks like all of their locations, all morning. Doors will open at 8:30am and the movies start at 9am. It doesn’t say which movies will be playing, or if they are for adults or kids or what, but I found this info on their Facebook page:


I assume this will be very popular and the theatres will be packed, but most theatres have a number of movies playing at once, and considering it is so early, you might get lucky and get a movie you like, cheap popcorn, candy and drinks. For only $2 each you’ll get a regular popcorn, regular fountain drink and select candy! It might be worth it just to get the snacks.

I think I’m going to brave this with my kids in the morning if we are all up on time! All proceeds will go to the Canadian Olympic Foundation.

(Expiry: 16th November 2013)

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October 8

Cineplex Store Canada: $2.50 Rentals & $2.50 Off HD Downloads

Posted by on October 8, 2013 at 2:00 PM

Cineplex Store Canada: $2.50 Rentals & $2.50 Off HD Downloads

Cineplex has started a new promotion called Digital Tuesdays. Every Tuesday you’ll be able to rent movies digitally for only $2.50 or get $2.50 off HD downloads and any Blu-ray, DVD or digital download of $14.99 or more. If you are Scene member, you’ll earn points for that too.

I remember the sorrow people had when video rental stores closed down. It meant you had to pay exorbitant amounts of money to rent pay per view movies, and you didn’t even get the satisfaction of walking through the store and checking out the box. That used to be my favourite thing to do. Welcome to the digital age, where you don’t need to leave your house to do anything anymore! You can rent digital movies right online, and for almost as cheap as those 4 movies for $10 deals. In fact, you can get 4 movies for $10!

Some of the movies available for rent for only $2.50 this Tuesday:

  • Iron Man 3
  • The Dark Knight
  • Toy Story 3
  • Forrest Gump

Don’t forget there are other digital downloads, which you’ll save $2.50 on. You know you want to see Sharknado.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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August 17

Cineplex Theatres Canada: Hoodwinked For $2.50 Aug 24th

Posted by on August 17, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Cineplex Theatres Canada: Hoodwinked For $2.50 Aug 24th

Cineplex Canada is showing family favourites in theatres for only $2.50 per ticket with taxes included. All proceeds go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation of Canada. They are on Saturday mornings at 11 am. The next one is coming up really quickly, and is a personal favourite of mine: Hoodwinked will be playing on August 24th.

The movies are showing at these participating theatres across Canada. I am going to go see Hoodwinked because I just LOVE that movie, and I think the sequence with the coal carts on the rails will be totally awesome on the big screen. I think Hoodwinked (the original) is one of my favourite animated shows ever! For the husband and I, it would only cost $5. Super cheap!

There will be several more family favourites showing this year after Hoodwinked on August 24th. They are:

  • Rudy – August 31st
  • Megamind – September 7th
  • School of Rock – September 14th
  • Coraline – September 21st
  • The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants – September 28th

Each movie is only $2.50 per ticket. It really is cheap enough to take the whole family!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 19

Cineplex Canada Store: G.I. Joe Bundle Only $19.99

Posted by on July 19, 2013 at 12:30 AM

Cineplex Canada Store: G.I. Joe Bundle Only $19.99

Buy both G.I. Joe: Retaliation with an early digital download and G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra for only $19.99 for SD and $24.99 for HD at the Cineplex Store. This represents a 50% savings.

So, being a bit of a Barbie girl myself, I’m not really into all that is G.I. Joe. All those explosions and armour suits and sexy men in camo, um, wait, sexy men? Channing Tatum is in G.I. Joe? So, being a huge G.I. Joe fan, this sounds like a great movie to get. What’s even more awesome is that Rise of the Cobra isn’t even yet available on DVD or Blu-ray. It is only available as an download, so you’ll be one of the first to get it. When movies first come out, they are usually at least $20, so this is a pretty sweet deal because you get the entire collection.

Since you are downloading, you won’t have to pay for shipping or any other fees, either. I personally like downloading quite a bit more than having the movie on disc, which around my house means it will be full of scratches or lost inside the ventilation system.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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July 7

Cineplex Store Canada: B1G1 Women Of Comedies Movies

Posted by on July 7, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Cineplex Store Canada: B1G1 Women Of Comedies Movies

Buy one female comedy movie and get one free at the Cineplex Store online right now.

Female funny women are so hot right now. There are so many funny movies out there with strong and hilarious female leads. If you want to have a collection of these movies, now is the time when you can buy one and get one free.

Some of my all-time favourite female comedies include:

  • Bridesmaids – probably the best wedding movie out there, the airplane scene kills me – $18.99
  • Bridgit Jones’s Diary – every single woman out there should see this – $18.99
  • Overboard – saw this as a kid and watched it over a dozen times. I wanted to be Goldie Hawn! – $13.99
  • Date Night – so many reasons why this movie rocks. When asked if I have a reservation at a restaurant, I often want to give the name Triplehorn – $13.99
  • Identity Thief - I haven’t seen it yet, but it is next on my list of must-see movies – $22.99

Another awesome part of this deal is that shipping is free!

(Expiry: Unknown)

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