August 18

CIBC Bank: $300 Cash Bonus with NEW CIBC Unlimited Chequing Account

Posted by on August 18, 2015 at 5:00 PM

CIBC Bank: $300 Cash Bonus with NEW CIBC Unlimited Chequing Account

Until the end of August, you can sign up for a new CIBC Unlimited Chequing Account and earn $300 in cash bonuses. The CIBC Unlimited Chequing Account costs $13.95 per month and comes with many desirable features including unlimited transactions and two free INTERAC e-Transfers per month.

You must sign-up for your new account by the end of August and then complete two additional steps to earn your reward. You will receive a $100 bonus for the first stem and then a $200 bonus for the second step adding up to $300. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 12

CIBC Bank: Recieve up to $400 with Credit Card & New Account

Posted by on September 12, 2014 at 11:00 PM

CIBC Bank: Recieve up to $400 with Credit Card & New Account

Earn up to $400 in cash when you apply for the Tim Hortons Double Double Credit Card and open a new Chequing Account with CIBC.

As you can imagine, this deal has a few steps that you need to take before you can earn that bonus $400. However, I am pretty excited about this offer from CIBC as $400 is a huge bonus – completely annihilating any bonuses I have seen from the competition!

1. First you need to apply for (and be accepted for) the Tim Hortons Double Double Visa Card. With this card, you will earn 1% of the total you spend back in Tim Hortons dollars. The card has no annual fee and a 19.99% interest rate.

2. Next, you need to open a CIBC chequing account. Choose from one of three eligible accounts:

I have shown their monthly fees beside the links to them for more information. The EverydayPlus is the cheapest account with a limit of 25 transactions per month. For the average person, this should be enough.

After you have your shiny new chequing account, you must take two other steps.

3. Pay a bill or send an INTERAC e-Transfer using their mobile app or online banking services. Complete this step and you will receive $100 cash in your new account.

4. Complete an eligible direct deposit or two eligible pre-authorized payments. Complete this step and you will receive an additional $300 cash deposited into your new account.

Follow these four steps and you will receive $400 from CIBC. Pretty awesome deal, eh? I suggest reading all the fine print to make sure you are completing the steps correctly and in a timely manner. There is no point going through a few of the steps to earn nothing by missing the deadline or missing out on a step.

While such an offer makes it horribly tempting for me to switch banks (again), I am too lazy to uproot my funds from my current bank. However, if you are in search of a new bank than this is an excellent opportunity to not only get a new bank and credit card, but to also earn a large chunk of cash for changing over. You can do an awful lot with $400.

So Moosers, what would you do with a free $400 from CIBC?

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July 2

Tim Hortons Double Double Visa Credit Card Now Available With CIBC!

Posted by on July 2, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Tim Hortons Double Double Visa Credit Card Now Available With CIBC!

Following a partnership with Tim Hortons, CIBC now has the Tim Hortons Double Double Visa card available!

Considering how addicted most of us Canucks are to Tim’s, this new partnership is bound to make many happy! The Tim Hortons Double Double features a 1% cash back, which means that you will get 1% of the total you spend back in the form of Tim Hortons dollars. This basically amount to $1 back for every $100 spent.

But the real excitement comes in the form of new technology used in the card as it has two buttons on it: one for the Visa card and one for the Tim’s card, each of which need to be pushed depending on the purchase you’re about to make. If you’re at a Tim Hortons store and wish to redeem the money you have earned, then you simply push the “Tim’s” button and if you’re at any other store, then you push the “VISA” button. In either case, a light will come on to show which part of the card you’re using. The Tim’s card may also be reloaded in any regular fashion, whether online or in person at a Tim Hortons store.

Other perks of the Tim Hortons Double Double card include:

  • $20 welcome bonus once $200 worth of purchases are made on the Visa card
  • 50 free Timbits with every 50 Visa purchases
  • 1 free baked good when 5 purchases are made on the Tim card and 5 purchases on the Visa card per month

With zero annual fees, it has an interest rate of 19.99% on purchases and 21.99% for cash.

For any frequent visitor of Tim Hortons, this should definitely be a very enticing offer, especially given the convenience of having a Tim’s and a credit card in one.

How often do you visit a Tim’s and is this a credit card you would like to have?

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