July 10

Best Buy Canada: 2 Chromecast for $63 (Save $15) & FREE Offers

Posted by on July 10, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Best Buy Canada: 2 Chromecast for $63 (Save $15) & FREE Offers

Purchase two (2) Google Chromecast devices and save $15. Each device retails for $39 and when you purchase two, your total price comes down from $78 to $63. That works out to $31.50 per unit. You will also receive free shipping on your order.

To redeem this offer, add a Google Chromecast to your cart. Then, in your cart, change the number of devices from one (1) to two (2) and then select the quantity update button. The discount will then be applied to both devices.

With your purchase of the Chromecast, you will get access to these three current offers:

  • 30-day trial of Crunchyroll Premium FREE
  • 90-day trial of Google Music Play (unlimited music) FREE
  • 90-day trial of Deezer Premium+ (unlimited music) FREE

Google often gives free credit to new and existing Chromecast owners. I always recommend checking back on the promotions even once you have owned the device for a bit. In total, we have received $26 in Google credit so far – in just six months.

I always tell my friends to buy a Chromecast and ditch their cable. You can stream video content from your Chrome browser directly to the Chromecast so watching news, sports, and television shows is easy.

I do not run an android phone or the Chrome browser on my computer, but streaming from YouTube is equally simple. When I am too lazy to put in one of my own movies or shows, I just pop on a mix of Pink Panther shorts. Lately, I have been watching episodes of The Magic School Bus ever since I saw the complete series on sale at Amazon. While the quality isn’t quite as good, I also saved myself $30 for something I will just watch occasionally anyway.

My experience with Chromecast has been excellent. I enjoy using it to watch music videos especially. However, a friend of mine seems to have ended up with a bit of a lemon as his device starts being unresponsive while he is watching. The Chromecast comes with a warranty, thus you should be able to bring up your concerns with Google should this occur.

Back in the holiday season we saw the Chromecast drop as low as $29 each, but it has been half a year since then! With this combo price of $31.50 per unit, you are paying just a fraction more than Christmas prices.

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May 29

Amazon Canada: Buy A Google Chromecast & Get $20 Free On Google Play **BUMP**

Posted by on May 29, 2015 at 12:15 PM

Amazon Canada: Buy A Google Chromecast & Get $20 Free On Google Play **BUMP**

**This deal from Amazon is on again!**

You can get $20 towards Google Play items like movies, music, games and more when you buy and set up a Chromecast from Amazon before August 30th.

I had never heard of Chromecast before, but it sounds very cool. For only $39 you’ll get super small media streaming device that is meant to plug into your TV (via the HDMI port). You’ll then be able to watching video and music on your TV that is streamed from your smartphone, tablet or computer. It supports more than just Google Play, including Nexflix, You Tube and content from your Chrome browser. It also works with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Chromebooks. There is also an app so you can do this from anywhere you are.

There are 966 reviews on Amazon for the Chromecast, with a 4.1 star rating out of 5, which I think tells a lot!

If you weren’t sure about buying one before, or waiting for a price drop, this is the time. You’ll get $20 in free movies and more on Google Play when you buy a Chromecast from Amazon, which is sort of like paying less than $20 for your unit. Once you’ve bought your Chromecast, you’ll have to redeem your offer before June 30th and redeem your Google Play credit by July 30th.

This item looks so easy, even I could use it! I am technologically-inept, but this is just a plug and go type of thing. I’ve actually sent the deal to my husband already, as it really is a fantastic deal.

Your Chromecast will ship for free, as it is over the $25 minimum required by Amazon for free shipping.

(Expiry: 30th August 2015)

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May 8

How to Save Money on TV by Using Chromecast

Posted by on May 8, 2015 at 8:00 PM

How to Save Money on TV by Using Chromecast

I am a big advocate of skipping cable television to save on your monthly expenses.  I don’t have cable television but I do have Netflix.  It works for me because I rarely watch shows – definitely not on a daily basis, maybe a few times a week.  So for $7.99 a month I get to watch my favourite shows (I finished the How I Met Your Mother Series, am watching the Mindy Project now, just started watching “24”) and movies without having to pay astronomical costs for cable television.  For me, paying $50-70 or even $100 a month is not worth it for something that I don’t use regularly.

Some alternatives to cable include getting an Apple TV (again, another $100 that I didn’t want to spend), Netflix, a DVD player with wifi capability, a Smart TV… the list goes on.  There are many alternatives to cable television.

When I first got Netflix, I had to buy a DVD player with wifi built in and Bluetooth capability, which cost around $50 to $70.  Despite me having Internet access through my Sony DVD Bluray wifi enabled player, I find it difficult to toggle/ use the remote control to look for things on the Internet so really I only use it for Netflix and watching DVDs.  I am not technologically savvy enough to know how to use an HDMI cable to connect my laptop to my television. I know it’s probably really easy and probably just involves plugging things in, but I’m too lazy to bring my laptop out from my office to the living room area and also don’t want my laptop to drop on the floor while transporting it because I’m so clumsy.  Besides, my television sits above my electric fireplace so I don’t want wires hanging about everywhere.  Sometimes I am watching You Tube videos or videos on my iPad or iPhone and occasionally it picks up on my television (the Bluetooth capability kicking in from my DVD player) but it doesn’t happen all the time.

Finally, I heard about Chromecast.  Chromecast is a game changer- especially for those who do not have a DVD player with Bluetooth capability and built-in wifi or one of those fancy televisions with Internet built in… they’re called Smart TVs right (I can’t keep up with technology lol)?

What is Chromecast

Chromecast is a doohickey that you plug into the HDMI port of your television.  Chromecast allows you to stream whatever is on your computer or iPhone or Android device onto your television.  It’s a little larger than the size of your thumb and is created by the geniuses at Google.  It works with Google Chrome the best.  It is for sale for about $35 USD or $39 CAD.  You can buy it online at Amazon for $39 and free shipping or at the local electronic retailers, like Best Buy (since Future Shop unfortunately is recently closed) and it is located beside the cashiers.  You can also get it on Best Buy’s website and it ships for free for $39 as well.

The beauty of Chromecast is that anyone near your television with the Chromecast plugged in can use their devices to stream whatever is on their screen onto your television.  That means that if your friend who was visiting wanted to show you a funny video from his or her Android cell phone on your television, they can.

How Chromecast will Save You Money

The beauty about Chromecast is that it allows you to “cast” whatever is on your Macbook computer, or your iPhone, or iPad, or Android device, or Microsoft computer onto the television screen.

So that means, instead of watching all your shows on the small screen of your computer or laptop, your eyes can take a little rest and you can watch it on the television, without having to buy HDMI cables or measuring how many feet you want your HDMI cable to be.

I’m a big fan.  Here’s a review from Save Outside the Box about her experience with Google Chromecast.

How to Use Chromecast

It’s really quite easy to set up (you know, if I can do it you can) but if you want to see a step by step instructions on how to set up Chromecast, check out this CNET article on how to set up a Chromecast.

Bargainmoosers, do you have a Chromecast?  What would you rate it?

Photo credit: Yannig Van de Wouwer

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March 21

Amazon Canada: $10 Back with Chromecast Purchase

Posted by on March 21, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Amazon Canada: $10 Back with Chromecast Purchase

Amazon Canada is offering a $10 account credit when you purchase the Google Chromecast. To receive this offer you must purchase the Chromecast via Amazon. When you receive the device, your account will be credited with $10.

Currently, the Chromecast is priced at $39. During the holidays, we saw the Chromecast sell as low as $29: but the price since went up and has stayed at $39 for quite some time. With this promotion, it is just like buying the Chromecast for $29 again – just you get the $10 credit once you receive your device. There is a limit of one offer per person.

This device plugs into the HDMI and USB ports on your television. With it, your phone becomes your remote for endless entertainment. If you do not have the Chromecast yet, then you are sorely missing out.

I bought my partner one for his birthday and he loves it. He likes to watch music videos on the Chromecast while I like to watch anime shows like Black Butler, Chobits, and more. We mainly use the Chromecast with YouTube to stream videos wirelessly to our Sony HD TV. Both my iPhone and his Samsung Galaxy III can be connected to the Chromecast at the same time. I can add music videos to the queue at the same time he does. It is really a great little device – and incredibly inexpensive.

I talked so much about how I love the Chromecast that I convinced a friend of mine to buy it. Now, instead of watching videos off his computer, he can watch them off his television from the comfort of the couch. Needless to say, he is converted and loves the device as much as I do! My friend is also considering cancelling his cable as he is watching the Chromecast more than he watches regular TV now. Overall, it would be a lot cheaper for him to do so.

With the Google Chrome browser, you can stream content to the Chromecast as well. There are also other apps that communicate with the device including:

  • BBC iPlayer
  • BBC Sport
  • ABC iView
  • Netflix
  • GooglePlay
  • RedBull
  • Songza
  • Plex

While the list of compatible apps is still small, there is promise of expansion in the future.

If you missed picking up the Chromecast during the holiday sales, then now is your opportunity to get a good deal on it. Receive free shipping on the Chromecast as it costs over $25.

(Expiry: 25th March 2015)

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February 8

Valentine’s Day Free $6 Google Credit with Chromecast

Posted by on February 8, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Valentines Day Free $6 Google Credit with Chromecast

If you own the Google Chromecast, then you can receive $6 free Google Credit for Valentine’s Day. Either head over to The Chromecast offers page online or else access this offer on your mobile device.

The steps are simple. Check for available offers and redeem the offer for $6 worth of Google Credit. $6 is enough to order a movie rental from the Google store for this Valentine’s Day. Snuggle up with your loved one with a few candles, popcorn, chocolate, wine, and a good movie.

I do not have my Chromecast connected to my computer yet, so I redeemed the offer straight from my phone. Here are the steps for mobile phone and tablet users:

  1. Enter Chromecast app
  2. click on your device name
  3. Select 3 ‘dots’ on top right hand corner and click “Check for offers”
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions
  5. select the promotion and confirm

Valentines Day Free $6 Google Credit with Chromecast

You can see the free Google Play credit offer right on the left. This following picture is a screen shot from my phone that I took before I redeemed the offer. This is what the offer will look like on your screen.

While this credit is under the guise of a movie rental, it can be used for music, app purchases, and more. It just goes into the generic pile of Google Play credit you already have. I bought the Google Chrome for $29 around Boxing Day when they still had the free $20 Google credit deal. Add on this $6 of Google Play credit and I will nearly have received as much credit as I paid for the device.

The credit expires in two years from the start of this promotion (5th February 2017), so try not to horde it.

I have never used Google Play credit before, so I am curious if it can be used against in-app purchases. Do any of our Moosers have any experience with this? My partner is addicted to Injustice: Gods Amoung Us. I was thinking of purchasing some in-app credit for him with the Google Play credit I am getting from the Chromecast.

Personally, I love the Google Chromecast and often recommend it to my friends. Just last night I used it to watch about an hour worth of educational (Vsauce) YouTube videos.

(Expiry: 21st February 2015)

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December 24

$10 Off Google Chromecast – Now $29 & $20 Free Google Credit & 90 Days Free Music @ (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 24, 2014 at 3:37 PM

$10 Off Google Chromecast   Now $29 & $20 Free Google Credit & 90 Days Free Music @ (EXPIRED)

Amazon Canada has the Google Chromecast on sale for just $29 with free shipping. When you buy and set up your Chromecast by January 31, 2015, you should find $20 Google Play credit available for redemption.

If you want to check out available Chromecast offers and you already have a Chromecast, then click here. Now, it seems almost every company this year has discounted or will be discounting the Chromecast to $29 (or $30). Walmart has already dropped the price to $29, Future Shop and Best Buy have it listed in their Boxing Day Flyers, and Staples has also dropped the price but you need to pay for shipping there.

So, why pick Amazon? Well, Amazon is the only company that actually advertises the free $20 Google Play Credit. There is a far greater chance of getting something if the company you are buying from actually advertises the reward. You can also come back on Amazon for false advertising if you do not get your Google Play Credit.

In addition, Amazon has an added bonus the others also do not mention. You will receive 90 Days free unlimited music from Google Play with your Chromecast purchase. This has a value of $9.99 a month. That means you are receive $30 worth of music free with your purchase at Amazon.

The instructions are simple:

  1. Buy product for an outrageously good price
  2. Install and register your Chromecast
  3. Visit this link and follow the prompts to receive your free credit and music offer

Honestly, I had no clue what this device was when I started blogging about it. According to Amazon:

It’s a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Set it up with a simple mobile app, then send your favorite online shows, movies, music and more to your TV

This sounds wicked cool. I could watch my favourite Piano Guys videos on my TV without having to hard-wire (via HDMI) my laptop into the TV itself. This is like the little electronic device I never knew I needed but will probably use all the time once I own it. I have linked to the Canadian compatible model – so make sure you buy that one.

Of course, you will receive free shipping on this device as it costs over $25.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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April 1

Google: Chromecast – Stream Websites, Netflix and More from your Android or iOS to your TV for only $39!

Posted by on April 1, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Google: Chromecast   Stream Websites, Netflix and More from your Android or iOS to your TV for only $39!

Chromecast has come to save you from terrible interfaces and expensive equipment. Stream with ease for only $39!

Chromecast! I’ve been wanting a Chromecast for a long time but they were only available in the U.S. I was going to get one when I went to the states in December but I didn’t end up going. Then I was going to get one when I went to the states last month but they went and released it in Canada. So now I can buy them by the bucket load and have them delivered right to me!

Right, so what is a Chromecast, why do you want one and why is it on a deals site? A Chromecast is a little stick you plug in to the HDMI port on your HDTV or computer monitor. From there you can stream stuff from your Android phone to your TV. Simple as that. Plug the stick in, open up a Chromecast enabled app on your Android phone, hit the Chromecast button in the app and it pops up on your TV. It had been just the Google Chrome browser, YouTube and Netflix that you could be Chromecasted but Google recently opened up the API so tons of apps are becoming Chromecast enabled. There are even a bunch of music streaming services opening it up so you can play music fro your favourite service through your TV sound system.

That all sounds good but why do you, the consumer, want this? Partially for ease of use and partially for the price. We’ll get to price later so let’s talk ease of use. I don’t know how you watch Netflix now but if it’s on your TV, there is a chance that the experience sucks. if you are using a smart TV with a Netflix or YouTube app, for example, I can almost promise that it stinks. Smart TV apps are almost universally clunky, slow and outdated. A lot of Android apps are the opposite of that. They are intuitive and kept up to date. Chromecast let’s you use the touchscreen interface of your Android phone or tablet to control what’s on your TV.

And there is price. Chromecast is only $39. That’s right. $39. Compare that to almost any streaming box like a Roku, Boxee, Apple TV or WD Live TV and it’s going to be cheaper by at least $60. That’s why it’s on this site. Even when it’s not on sale, it’s over 50% cheaper than anyone else. And while another box might have Netflix and YouTube and maybe a few other apps, the Chromecast supports any app that enables it. Making your app Chromecast enabled is supposed to be super easy to just about every video or audio app out there is enabling it. If your favourite app isn’t Chromecast enabled, drop the developer an email and make sure they get on it!

If you want to stream stuff from the internet of your personal media library to your TV Chromecast is, without doubt, the way to go.

Shipping is free

(Expires: Never)

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