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March 16

The Children’s Place Canada: 25% Off Sitewide Coupon Code & Free Shipping TODAY ONLY! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 16, 2015 at 1:30 PM

The Children’s Place Canada: 25% Off Sitewide Coupon Code & Free Shipping TODAY ONLY! (EXPIRED)

Easy, breezy spring will be here soon. Today is a great day to stock up on some sweet deals for kids with a 25% off coupon code site wide @ The Children’s Place Canada. Free shipping with no minimum is also available for today only!

Click here to use The Children’s Place coupon code now

  • Coupon Code: 25OFF3
  • Discount: 25% off every order and free shipping
  • Expiry: 17th March 2015

My daughter has suddenly decided she loves wearing skirts and dresses. With spring approaching, I plan on stocking her wardrobe with a few more skirts than I have in the past. It is fun to watch as she twirls around the living room, usually to whatever music I am streaming free on Songza.

Today I spotted a cute girl’s Glitter Mesh Skirt that was $24.95, is on sale for $9.49 and with the coupon code is now only $7.12. This pretty skirt is the perfect opportunity for you to stock up on skirts for your favourite little girl. The material is a mesh and has glitter scattered into the fabric for extra sparkle. I like the few mesh skirts we have owned, as they dry quickly if they happen to get wet. There is a lining under the skirt so it is not see-through, and the band is elastic. This skirt is available in all sizes from extra small (size four) to extra-large (size fourteen).

If your little girl likes twirling, I like the Floral Pleated Dress. This breezy dress was $44.95, is on sale for $20 and is now only $15 with the coupon code. This sweet little dress has ruffles at the sleeves and comes in a floral print in pink and blue that would look darling at any Easter Egg Hunt or spring outing. The length is designed to be above the knee, and the skirt is full of cute little pleats. This dress is also available in every size from extra small (size four) to extra-large (size fourteen).

I kept coming back to this sweet little Floral Striped Dress that is an adorable and cheery pink dress with a bow at the waist. This dress was $44.95, is on sale for $26.97 but is now only $20.23. This dress is too big for my daughter, but would be cute for Easter or other spring parties for a bigger kid. You can still grab this dress in sizes eight, ten, twelve or fourteen. The dress is made of cotton poplin underneath and has polyester satin and organza striped layer over top to give it an airy feel.

Free shipping day is one of the best days to shop at the Children’s Place. The normal shipping fees are $8 if you were to shop tomorrow. Even better, with no minimum you could pick up only one or two items with this deal.

(Expiry: 16th March 2015)

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March 9

Boys Gingham Bowtie Was $9.95 | Now $3.77 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ The Children’s Place Canada (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 9, 2015 at 10:28 AM

Boys Gingham Bowtie Was $9.95 | Now $3.77 With Coupon Code & Free Shipping @ The Children’s Place Canada (EXPIRED)

This little bowtie will make your little guy look so handsome. Check out the boys gingham bowtie that was $9.95, on sale for $5.39, but is now only $3.77 with coupon code. Today only, there is also free shipping with no minimum.

Click here to buy the Boys Gingham Bowtie @ The Children’s Place Canada Now

  • Coupon Code: FRIEND2
  • Discount: 30% off every order
  • Expiry: 9th March 2015

Spring is coming and so are all of your spring and Easter parties and events. Take advantage of this sweet deal and give your little boy a clean and fresh look for spring. This sweet little gingham bowtie is the perfect accessory to add a little spring color to your favourite boy’s outfit.

This bowtie comes pre-tied, thank goodness. I once had to tie my own bowtie when I worked at a ritzy country club and forgot mine at home. I managed to tie it after quite a bit of effort. I never forgot that pre-tied bowtie at home again after that! I can only imagine that both tying a bowtie and convincing a young boy to stand still would be next to impossible. This sweet pre-tied bowtie comes in the colour ripe banana in a gingham pattern. The bowtie is made of 100% cotton. This could pair with a white, grey or another light pastel coloured oxford shirt. The sizing is available in both a 4-7 and 8-14 size.

If you need something to pair with this bowtie, check out some of the other options in the boys clearance section. Try the Dressy Oxford Vest in grey that was $29.35 but is now only $7.56. This light grey vest comes in every size from extra small (a size four) to extra-large (a size fourteen).  You can also grab the matching Oxford Pants that were $34.95 but are now only $11.33. These pants are currently available in every size from size four to size fourteen. They have an elastic waist, but one the front have a zip and snap button closure.

I would also consider the Oxford Shirt, currently available in both blue and pink in the boys clearance section. This shirt was $24.95 but is now only $8.39. The pink shirt is available in every size from extra small through large. The blue shirt is available in sizes small, medium and large. If you have the right personality, the pink could work with that bowtie for spring. The blue does not work with the bowtie as well, but is a lovely colour. If your boy has blue eyes, I bet the blue shirt would bring out the colour in his eyes nicely for pictures.

The Children’s Place has some great discounts on clothes for kids. I always find that when they offer free shipping with no minimum, it is the best time to score a deal.  Free shipping is usually only available for a day at a time. Now is the time to snag your deals.

(Expiry: 9th March 2015)

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March 2

Today Only- Girl’s School Pants Were $24.95 | Now $2.99 + 15% off Code @ The Children’s Place Canada (Free Shipping EXPIRED)

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Today Only  Girl’s School Pants Were $24.95 | Now $2.99 + 15% off Code @ The Children’s Place Canada (Free Shipping EXPIRED)

Kids seem to wear holes through everything. Now is a great time to stock up on a few extra pairs of black school uniform pants for little girls. These pants were $24.95 but are now only $3.49 and can go as low as $2.99 if you spend a minimum of $50Use a coupon code to take off an extra 15% off this order, or up to 25% off if your order is more than $50. Free shipping with no minimum is available today only as well.

Click here to buy Girl’s School Uniform Pants @ The Children’s Place Now

  • Coupon Code: BUYMORE3
  • Discount: 15% off any order, 20% off $40 + or 25% off $50+
  • Expiry: 21st March 2015

It is difficult to keep kids clothes looking sharp and fresh. Now is a great chance to stock up on a few extra pairs of basic black pants to throw into the mix. These slim fit black pants are mostly cotton, but have a little spandex for stretch and comfort. They have functioning pockets with a snap and zip closure. You can grab these pants in the following sizes:

  • 4
  • 6x/7
  • 8
  • 10
  • 12
  • 14

The Children’s Place also has a great coupon code that will save you some extra dough.  You can receive 15% off any order with no minimum. If you spend a minimum of  $40, you will receive 20% off your order. If you spend $50 you will receive 25% off your total order. I started looking for a few other items in clearance, and found some other great spring deals to add to my cart.

Check out this cute Dotted Rain Jacket that was $54.95 but is now $21.25 if you purchase the jacket only, or can be as low as $18.75 if your order totals more than $50. This sweet navy jacket with polka dots has a soft pink lining and full zipper. It comes in the high-low style to keep your little girl’s bum dry, especially when wearing leggings.

My little girl wants to live in dresses these days. She has been insisting for three days she is the parrot princess while decked in various dresses and with a crown of course. Check out the colourful Floral Pleated Dress that was $44.95 but is now only $17 if you purchase it alone. Purchase it with an order of $50 or more and the price drops further to $15. This sweet dress has some spring and summer style with all those flowers. My little girl would be twirling for hours in this dress.

Check out my cart. I started out with roughly $60 worth of sale merchandise.

Today Only  Girl’s School Pants Were $24.95 | Now $2.99 + 15% off Code @ The Children’s Place Canada (Free Shipping EXPIRED)

Using the coupon code, my final price is $44.61!

Today Only  Girl’s School Pants Were $24.95 | Now $2.99 + 15% off Code @ The Children’s Place Canada (Free Shipping EXPIRED)

That means for the full retail price of the dress by itself, you now have also a rain coat, hoodie and pants! The Children’s Place is also offering free shipping today only on all orders which makes this deal fantastic. Stock up now on some of the other great deals and grab your kid some great style. Free shipping only lasts today!

(Expiry: 2nd March 2015)

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February 2

Mittens and Gloves Were $13 | Now $3 & Free Shipping @ The Children’s Place Canada (FREE SHIPPING EXPIRED)

Posted by on February 2, 2015 at 10:47 AM

Mittens and Gloves Were $13 | Now $3 & Free Shipping @ The Children’s Place Canada (FREE SHIPPING EXPIRED)

The Children’s Place has some great mittens for babies, preschoolers and older girls on clearance right now for between $3 to $5. Free shipping with no minimum is included with every order.

Mom where are my mittens? You may have heard that sentence a few times this winter already. If your mitten stash is getting low now is a great time to pick up a few extras and help make the morning scramble a little easier. The Children’s Place has some great options that will help you coast through the rest of winter and even into spring. It is also a great time to stock up next year’s mitten supply. If your kids are anything like mine, they need more than a few pairs to get through the winter.

These Microfleece Heart Mittens are super cute and versatile. These mittens were $12.95 but are now only $3.60. They currently come in sizes twelve to twenty four months or two to four years. The hearts are pink, purple and turquoise, which should match at least half of the options for girl’s coats out there. This is a pair I would snag to wear into springtime and would continue to have my daughter wear with a hoodie on those days in spring that are still chilly. Those little hands get cold holding onto those chains on the swings.

Check out the Striped Microfleece Gloves that were $12.95 but are now only $4. These gloves are available in size small/medium. They fit a wide range of kids as they say they will fit girls age four to seven. These bright coloured gloves should also easily pair with a spring coat. They have a stretchy ribbed cuff to keep out your kids wrists warm also. Half the time my daughter’s gloves are drooping off her wrists anyways, so that cuff will ensure a better fit.

For baby boys who fall in the six to twelve month or twelve to twenty four month range, you can check out these Red Monster Microfleece Mittens. These fun mittens were $14.95 but are now only $4.20. I like that the eyeballs on these red monster gloves eyes are stitched not just printed onto the mittens. Sometimes the screen print wears off quickly with rough and tumble kids. Plus, I would enjoy telling my little boy it is time to put on his monster hands. If you like matched sets, this one has a matching monster hat on clearance that was $12.95 but is now only $4.40.

There are some other great deals on clothes at the Children’s Place right now in the clearance section plus sitewide there are other savings up to 50%. Make sure you poke around a little bit in your kid’s size. It is the perfect time to grab a few smaller priced items on the cheap when free shipping with no minimum is available. Stock up now as the sizing availability may not last.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 4

Winter Clearance Under $10 & Fleece, Tees & Accessories $5 & 20% Coupon & Free Shipping @ The Children’s Place Canada! (Hot Combo!) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 4, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Winter Clearance Under $10 & Fleece, Tees & Accessories $5 & 20% Coupon & Free Shipping @ The Children’s Place Canada! (Hot Combo!) (EXPIRED)

The Children’s Place is having a monster sale discounting all of their winter items. Many items are available for under $9.99 including active pants, sweaters and more.  Additionally you can save an extra 20% with this coupon code and there is free shipping  with no minimum!

Shop the Monster Sale @ The Children’s Place Now

  • Coupon Code: TWENTY3
  • Discount: Extra 20% off
  • Expiry: 6th January 2015

The Children’s Place cuts big into their listed price to offer this type of discount. Right now is a great sale with several different options including select sweaters, active pants and corduroys for $10, polos and thermals for $8 plus fleece and tees for $5. Add free shipping and a 20% off everything promo code and you have a great discount.

The first item that jumps off the page is for boys, the 3-In-1 Jacket in XS (size 4) which was $89.95 and is now $24. This jacket comes in three different styles and is one of the staple coats at The Children’s Place. It comes with an outer waterproof shell and inner zip-in fleece jacket. This allows you three different combinations as both coats can be worn separately or can be zipped together for extra warmth in winter. My daughter’s winter coat this season is one of these jackets, that a friend kindly gifted to us as they outgrew it. The jacket has kept her warm, snug and dry. I expect with the fleece coat zipped out we will be able to wear this jacket long into spring.

Having a slim and tall little girl, I have found a love in the legging and jegging trend. They seem to fit well in both the waist and height. Check out all the great leggings and jeggings which were $19.95 and are now $6.39. Most of the selection available is only in sizes 6-9 months or 9-12 months but there are a lot of good solid colours and also some fun prints that would work nicely for spring. If you have a bigger kid, the Glitter Leggings in Iced Mint has a little wider size range of 9 months to 3T still available, they were $14.95 and are now $3.99.

Do not forget to scan the accessories. Right now there is an adorable Stripe Monster Knit Hat for Boys in size large/extra-large which was $14.95 and is now $3.99. An extra hat around for winter always seems to come in handy. Hats are an item I always try to buy a little bigger so we get a longer life out of them if they are not lost somewhere along the way.

The Children’s Place offerings vary widely based on size and gender. I would quickly use the search functions to narrow down the selection for your kid. Also if you know someone having a baby soon, the newborn section seems to have a nice selection of items that would make adorable gifts.

Free shipping can only be tacked onto this deal through January 5th. From past experience, if you wait until later in the sale the stock tends to run out.

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(Expiry: 5th January 2015)

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December 24

Last Minute Gift Card Deals You Won’t Want to Miss!

Posted by on December 24, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Last Minute Gift Card Deals You Wont Want to Miss!

Christmas is tomorrow and you may be scrambling to get your last minute gifts. If gift cards are on your list, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve compiled a list of gift card deals, where you can get a little more than you bargained for, with gifts with your gift card purchase. You can keep these gifts for yourself, or give them to your intended and they’ll never know what you really spent.

If you’ve got a Milestones near you, head on in and buy a $25 gift card and you’ll be rewarded with a $10 rewards card until December 24th.

Buy a $40 gift card for Cineplex and you’ll get a $40 holiday gift bundle that includes popcorn and ticket upgrades, plus other gifts. You’ve got until January 3rd to buy this package.

Order a Sweet Holiday Meal at Pizza Hut and you’ll be rewarded with a $10 gift voucher.

Go hungry to any Subway location, purchase a $25 gift card and get yourself a free 6″ sub. You’ll have to eat it when you buy the gift card, but I’m sure they aren’t twisting your rubber arm.

Until the end of the day, buy $40 worth of gift cards for The Children’s Place and you’ll be rewarded with a $10 off coupon. You can very easily send an eGift card, which is perfect this close to the holiday!

Buy whatever you’d like in e-gift cards for American Apparel and get 15% off with coupon code EGIFT15. Christmas morning when they wake up and check their email, they’ll get a pleasant surprise.

Make an order over $499 at Seton and you’ll be rewarded with a free $100 gift card using coupon code ECO870.

If you are pregnant or know someone who needs all the latest in maternity fashion, spend $100 and you’ll get $50 in Thyme fashion cash or a promo code for $50 off at Thyme Maternity.

For every $50 gift card you buy for a friend (or yourself) at Montana’s, you’ll get a $10 bonus gift card until the end of the year.

Head into any Pizza Pizza and load $25 or more on a Club 11-11 gift card and you’ll get a free sandwich for yourself. You could get the sub at Subway for lunch and the sandwich here for dinner and still have gifts to give your friends.

If you are a fan of lingerie, Avi told you that you’d get 20% off gift cards at Nudy Patooty. She also told you that you’d get 20% off gift cards at Nuvango with promo code too.

Spend $125 at Sportsman’s Guide and you’ll get $15 off your purchase and a free $15 gift card with the promo code SG3010 until Christmas Day.

Send her (or him!) to the spa for only $39 with coupon code 50INSTANT39 for WaySpa. Get $11 off each $50 gift card you buy.

Give the gift of original artwork. Purchase $1000 worth of artwork from Eyes on Walls and get a free $250 gift card until December 25th.

Walk into any Kelseys (you are going to be doing a lot of walking into restaurants), purchase any $50 gift card and get a free $10 cash card.

For every $50 in gift cards you buy for Maurice’s, you’ll get a free $10 coupon just for you until December 24th.

Spend $300 at Canada Post and use coupon code COFFEE30 to get a free $30 Tim Horton’s gift card.

Any order over $75 at Lancome will get you a free $10 gift card.

Spend $50 in Olive Garden gift cards and you’ll get a bonus of $10 to use in January on the purchase of two entrees.

With all of these choices, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need even at the very last minute!

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December 23

Children’s Place Canada Boxing Sale Now Live: 50% Off Everything + EXTRA 30% Off Promo Code + Free Shipping!!

Posted by on December 23, 2014 at 10:15 PM

Childrens Place Canada Boxing Sale Now Live: 50% Off Everything + EXTRA 30% Off Promo Code + Free Shipping!!

Boxing Day is right around the corner and to celebrate, the Children’s Place have decided to launch their Boxing Day sale a couple of days earlier. Everything at their site is currently reduced by 50% off and you can also use the coupon code below to save an additional 30% off at checkout! Plus, shipping is also absolutely free!

Click here to shop the Boxing Day Sale @ now

  • Coupon Code: 30SAVE3
  • Discount: extra 30% off
  • Expiry: 27th December 2014

Although the Boxing Day sale excludes new arrivals and shoes, the code may be used on any order.

The Children’s Place is one of the main stores that I shop at for my little one and with due reason! Sales like these make it jaw-droppingly awesome to save because rather than telling yourself: “eeek, should I really pay this price for an outfit that my little one will outgrow within a week”, you end up instead with 10 outfits for the price of one!

Okay, slight exaggeration but sales like these do make it super fun to shop, especially if you enjoy seeing huge amounts of money saved. I must warn you, however, that their merchandise is getting sold out quickly, so it’s best to not wait and shop ASAP! To give you an idea, these super adorable dog cotton pjs are on sale for $7.99 ($19.95) and comes even further down to just $5.59 with the aforementioned coupon code. Just $5 for pjs? Yes please!

Christmas is already upon us but my suggestion would be to think about shopping ahead. Think about which sizes your kids will most likely need next Christmas and take advantage of this Boxing Day sale to score some awesome deals. This way, you won’t have to pay full-price for anything next year!

If you prefer to shop in-stores, then you could also print and bring this Children’s Place printable coupon to get your 30% discount. This could be particularly helpful if you’re a last minute shopper and have yet to get a Christmas gift or outfit for your little one.

There have been a couple of times that I set out to take advantage of a particular sale at the Children’s Place, only to be deterrent by their usual shipping fee. So the fact that their Boxing Day sale and the additional Children’s Place coupon code is in combination with the free shipping offer pushes the deal over the edge!

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November 30

Kids’ Fleeces Only $3.99 & Free Shipping @ The Children’s Place! HOT!!

Posted by on November 30, 2014 at 3:30 PM

Kids’ Fleeces Only $3.99 & Free Shipping @ The Children’s Place! HOT!!

The Children’s Place has just sent out an email to say that they have started their Cyber Monday sale early, it’s on right NOW. And one of the range items that really caught my eye was a deal on their “glacier fleeces” – they’re now down to only $4.99. Plus, what’s even sweet is that there is a coupon code for a 20% discount PLUS you will also get free shipping site-wide!

You must use the coupon code BIGHEROSWEEP20 to get the items at these prices, it gives you an extra 20% discount site-wide! This means that all the kids’ fleeces are ONLY $3.99 with free shipping!

Now, when I first got to their site and searched for “glacier fleece,” I couldn’t actually find anything named that. But, there are a lot of fleeces available such as their microfleece pullovers and tops, and some really funky and interesting colour ranges too. If you click the above link, you’ll see many of them – sort by price low to high and then scroll down to see all those in the $4.99 range. Regular prices on these pieces of clothing seem to be in the range of $14.95 to $18.95, so it’s a really sweet saving.

Here are a few examples for you to choose from:

There seems to be a really great choice in sizing available, with most sizes still in stock. I am sure this won’t last long as people buy up all the hot bargains!

In addition to the fleece tops mentioned above, they also have a lot of fleece pants for the exact same price, some even in matching sets. E.g. You could buy this microfleece pullover and these matching microfleece pants for a total of only $7.98.

My kids grow like weeks and I am constantly buying them new clothing. With sales like this from The Children’s Place, it’s fantastic to take advantage and stock up on the next few sizes. You’ll have lovely, new clothing for your growing children to wear as they stretch, and you’ll be taking advantage of super bargains as you do so. IDEA – if you have lots of kids in your family (nephews, nieces, etc), it’s a great idea to stock up on this type of thing for pressies too.

(Expiry: unknown)

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November 28

The Children’s Place Canada: 50% Off Everything, Extra 20% Off & Totally Free Shipping! (HOT)

Posted by on November 28, 2014 at 4:58 AM

The Children’s Place Canada: 50% Off Everything, Extra 20% Off & Totally Free Shipping! (HOT)

This really is a super combination of deals from The Children’s Place Canada – I’d definitely call it a HOT combo! First of all, they have 50% off everything store-wide for Black Friday, secondly there’s a coupon code for an extra 20% discount on top of the already marked-down prices, plus there’s free shipping with no minimum spend whatsoever!

Click here to shop online @ The Children’s Place Canada now

  • Coupon Code: BIGHEROSWEEP20
  • Discount: 20% off everything
  • Expires: unknown

So, whether you are shopping for newborns, baby girls, baby boys or older children, today would be a great time to grab some dealios from The Children’s Place. I’m just going to paste a list of some of the hot items that catch my eye now:


Baby girls:

Baby boys:



I have a feeling that sizing may be limited and stocks could sell out quite fast… so shop sooner rather than later please!

Thanks to adamkristaadamkrista on our Children’s Place coupon page for sharing the extra 20% code!

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November 1

The Children’s Place Canada: 50% Off Outerwear + Extra 15% Off

Posted by on November 1, 2014 at 5:00 PM

The Childrens Place Canada: 50% Off Outerwear + Extra 15% Off

Halloween is over, which means that the time has officially come to take out outerwear but if you’re little one need new outerwear, then now is the time to shop. Until the end of the week-end, the Children’s Place has discounted all outerwear by 50% off. Plus, you can also use The Children’s Place coupon code: OFFER3 to save an additional 15% off your order!

Up until now, I have been dressing my baby in a fleece hooded jacket, long-sleeved onesie and pants but today I have realized that I can no longer get away with it. The wind has gotten much colder outside and needs something much warmer. So, imagine my delight when I opened my inbox to see a an amazing discount on outerwear from the Children’s Place and the code for an extra 15% off is definitely the cherry on top of the awesomness cake!

Looking around the baby outerwear selection, the leopard bunting is just too cute to resist. It’s on sale for $19.98 (reg. $39.95), which means it will come down to an even lower $16.99 at checkout and although I would normally skip on all things polyester, this one is 100% polyester microfleece, which means that the chances are good that your little one will stay dry if rain happens to get on her.

For colder and snowier weather, the heart snowsuit is sure to do the trick. It’s a little pricier than the bunting one at $23.36 from a sale price of $27.48 (reg. $54.95) but that’s only because it’s thicker and comes with mittens. For sizes 12 months and up, the booties may also be detached, which is particularly handy if you want to use other boots than the ones provided.

No worries, if your child is older than a baby’s age as there is also outerwear for kids up to 14 years of age, like this 3-in-1 jacket for boys. On sale for $44.97 (reg. $89.95), it comes down to just $38.23 and features a water-resistant outer shell and a fleece lining on the inside that can be detached and used as a jacket of its own.

Since shipping is at a flat rate of $8 per order, now may be a good time to stock up on some clothes for the winter and even spring months. Other than that, nearly everything at The Children’s Place is also currently 40% off. The only exclusions are on newly additions, shoes and accessories.

(Image Credit: Nick Olejniczak)

(Expiry: 2nd November 2014)

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August 27

Back To School Clothing Deals Roundup

Posted by on August 27, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Back To School Clothing Deals Roundup

There are so many different items kids need for back to school such as books, electronics, stationary and more. One of the things that is a must-have are some new school clothes. Kids grow out of their clothes so quickly that it seems like a waste of money to pay full price for anything. Well, you won’t have to with these deals. Many clothing stores are having some great sales on for toddlers, kids, teens and even adults that will save your budget and make you look great.

We have rounded up some of those clothing deals in one spot to make back to school (or work) shopping simple and affordable for you.

Toddlers and Kids

The Children’s Place- Use the coupon code PLACE2 for a limited time only to get 40% off your orders and free shipping. You can use this on their sale section as well with items up to 80% off the regular prices already.  You have the chance to save huge with the coupon and sale combined.

Old Navy Canada- Use coupon code ONSHOP to save yourself 20% on your entire order. This coupon code does not have an expiry date listed.  You can use this coupon with some of the sales they have such as kids jeans starting at $10 or tops starting at just $4.

Gap Canada- Save 20% on your online purchases with this coupon GAPDEAL2 until the end of the day today.  You can also save up to 40% in the uniform shop for a limited time only as well.

Teens and Adults

Rickis Canada- Shop online and save 25% on all tops for a limited time only.  They also have sale items up to 70% off the regular prices.  To save on the cost of shipping, use the coupon SHIP3 to pay just $3 on shipping orders over $40.

Bootlegger Canada-  The coupon code BOOTMORE will save you $20 off $60 or more, $40 off $120 or more, $60 off $180 or more or $80 off $24 or more for a limited time only.  There is also a printable version of this coupon for in-store shopping as well.

Guess Canada- There are a few coupons that you can use to save yourself some money over at Guess Canada. I suggest you use the coupon TENPNTMOO to save yourself 10% on all regular priced items until September 30th.

Some of the places such as Old Navy and Gap Canada will actually have deals and savings for the entire family, which will make it even easier to shop for back to school.  All of the coupons, both printable and codes, will be posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.

(Image credit to Bargainmoose)

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August 5

The Children’s Place Canada: 40% Off Sitewide

Posted by on August 5, 2014 at 1:30 PM

The Childrens Place Canada: 40% Off Sitewide

With back to school approaching, you’ll want to get on the shopping you need to do for your kids. The Children’s Place is motivating you to start now and not in four weeks, by offering 40% off their entire site and as an added bonus, you’ll also get free shipping, no matter what you buy (UPDATE – they pulled the free shipping offer). Shipping is normally a flat rate of $8, so this is a nice savings on top of the 40%. You can also checkout with PayPal, which I find a huge bonus so I don’t have to put any money on my credit card for these purchases. You’ll also earn Air Miles on every purchase, which is a double sweet bonus.

To be honest, I didn’t used to love shopping for my boys at The Children’s Place. I found all of the boys clothing was sports-related and I didn’t find that particularly stylish. While there is still a lot of sporty clothing, they also have some other styles that my boys could wear, including dressy clothing, which is perfect for special events like Thanksgiving. This striped shirt is a great example of a top that I could save for special events through the season, and I won’t pay a huge amount for it, with it now being only $14.97 with a regular price of $24.95.

While I’m not as impressed by the boy’s section, the girl’s section has some really cute graphic tees that I’d love to get for my imaginary little girl The Childrens Place Canada: 40% Off Sitewide The This Girl is Wonderful top is so sweet and would make a very nice birthday gift for a sweet little one. Regularly $9.95, it is now only $5.97, which is a fantastic price! Paying less than $6 for a top means I can buy quite a few to have a good selection and spend less than $50 on everything back to school. Or, if I only wanted the one top, I could do that too and not have to worry about paying more for the shipping than the actual top, as it is free.

Even better, the clearance section has some cool tops on starting at $2.80, which is a real steal as well!

(expiry: unknown)

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July 7

Printable Coupons for Swiss Chalet, Partsource, Shoppers Drug Mart & More

Posted by on July 7, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Printable Coupons for Swiss Chalet, Partsource, Shoppers Drug Mart & More

It has been a couple of weeks now since we have done a weekly printable coupon roundup, but the one we have done this week has been worth the wait.  We have a ton of new coupons to share with you right now that will save you on all sorts of items.  Save on clothing for kids, dining out, items for your vehicles and much more this week.

Here is a look at just a few of the great printable coupons you will find this week:

Shoppers Drug Mart: Use this printable coupon for Shoppers Drug Mart to get an additional 18,500 bonus Shoppers Optimum points when you spend $75 or more on almost anything.  It will be valid for July 9th only until close.

Partsource: You can use this PartSource printable coupon to save up to 40% off select products (plastic oil pan, funnels, Mother’s Leather wash foaming cleaners & cream conditioners, SmartStraps Bungees, assorted tarps, Simoniz Dip N’ Wash brushes) until August 7th 2014.

The Healthy Shopper: These coupons will save you up to $1.00 on various healthy products offered. In total, there are three pages full of coupons for them with various expiry dates.

The Children’s Place: Bring this coupon in to your local store and you will be able to save 15% on your entire in store purchase until July 8th 2014.

Home Outfitters: Use this coupon to save 20% on 1 item or 25% off if you pay with a Hudson’s Bay credit card until July 10th 2014 only.

Swiss Chalet: You will be able to use this coupon to get $5 off when you buy 2 pastas or rice bowls & 2 drinks all the way until August 24th 2014

Kitchen Stuff Plus: This printable coupon will get you all of the Red Hot Deals at Kitchen Stuff Plus for just $10 each instead of the regular prices.  It is valid until July 13th 2014.

Cheeky Monkey: Print off this coupon and you can get $10 off all orders of $50 or more until the end of the month of July.

These are just a few of the printable coupons you will find posted up on the Bargainmoose coupon forum.  We get new ones every day so make sure to check back often.

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May 25

The Children’s Place Canada Coupon: Everything 40% Off & Additional 15% Coupon

Posted by on May 25, 2014 at 11:30 AM

The Childrens Place Canada Coupon: Everything 40% Off & Additional 15% Coupon

Not only does The Children’s Place have a great site wide deal happening right now, they also have a coupon code to go with it.  Get 40% off everything automatically and save an additional 15% on everything site wide with this promo code at the checkout.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: COUPON3
  • Discount: 15% Off
  • Expiry: Unknown

I was excited to see that everything is 40% off right now, because my boys are growing so fast and I am constantly buying them new clothes.  I got even more excited when I saw that we have a The Chidren’s Place coupon posted on the Bargainmoose coupon forum that will save even more money on that deal.  There is no minimum to use this coupon and you can use it on everything.

I got my boys each a pair of these boys pull on plaid shorts that are normally $19.95 and are now on for just $11.97. Once you add the coupon code at the checkout, the price drops even further to just $10.17.  That s a crazy deal! I paired it with this Expert Playmaker tank that was $10.95 and is now just $6.57. The price dropped again with this coupon to just $5.58. The entire outfit was less than just $16.

You will notice that the prices on the site are all regular prices and not the 40% off.  As soon as you add an item to your cart, it will be discounted 40% off automatically.

There is a flat rate shipping fee of $8 for all orders.

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April 9

Weekly Printable Coupons Roundup: Save on Clothing, Fast Food, Home & Garden & More

Posted by on April 9, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Weekly Printable Coupons Roundup: Save on Clothing, Fast Food, Home & Garden & More

We have a great new group of weekly printable coupons that will save you money on your in store purchases.  This week, you will find coupons that will save you on clothing, food, beauty and more.  Just print them off from the forum and pop them into your wallet to save when you head into the store.

Here are a few of the coupons you will see:

These are just a few of the printable coupons you will find on the Bargainmoose coupon forum. Make sure to check back often so you ca get the most bang from your buck while shopping.

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