July 15

Chapters Indigo Canada: 40% Off LeapFrog Software & Accessories

Posted by on July 15, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Chapters Indigo Canada: 40% Off LeapFrog Software & Accessories

If you have a young one and want something educational for them to spend their time with, consider LeapFrog. They offer all education-based toys and electronics that kids want to use. Right now, Chapters Indigo has 40% off LeapFrog software and accessories.

My youngest son has a LeapPad. It was a hand-me-down from his oldest brother who now has a tablet. My youngest is too young for his own tablet, as he likes to fling things across the room from time to time, and he probably isn’t quite ready for the technology it provides. The LeapPad is such a handy tool that is easy for kids as young as 2 to use. I find it the perfect time waster for times when he is stuck in his car seat (long drives) or a chair (waiting rooms, restaurants). I’m not a huge fan of using electronics to keep your kids occupied at times when they need to learn patience, but for certain times it is ok. For example, if we are at a restaurant that has little tolerance for kids, I don’t mind using the LeapPad, or if we are driving to the cottage, that’s a good time too. If we are at McDonalds or driving to the grocery store, the LeapPad does not need to come out.

Either way, the games are educational, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting their brain with technology either. My son often plays a game that teaches him to create straight lines, which is so perfect for increasing his fine motor skills, which he’ll need to write his name once he starts kindergarten. He finds it fun, so he doesn’t balk at practicing.

The games are all on sale right now, from $29.95, down to $17.97 and Pixar Pals is one of my kids favourites. If you don’t have a LeapPad, the LeapReader is a fantastic tool for helping kids read and write. It is almost $25 off, now only $35.97 from $59.95.

Shipping is free on orders over $25.

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July 11

Chapters Indigo Canada: Jamie Oliver Grill Only $60 (Was $120)

Posted by on July 11, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Jamie Oliver Grill Only $60 (Was $120)

Chapters Indigo has a literally “hot” deal on right now: the Jamie Oliver grill on sale for $60, with a regular price of $120. This is all part of Chapters Indigo’s master plan to get you up to 75% off a huge number of items during their summer sale. There’s lots more to see here, folks.

This grill is perfect for those with a small balcony or deck or who want something portable to take with them to the beach, camping and more. It is a charcoal grill and the perfect size of 16″ tall and 16″ diameter. It has a durable frame made from stainless steel, so it can take a little bit of banging around during travel. I tried to price compare Jamie’s grill, but I didn’t see it for sale from too many other places in Canada. Amazon had it for over $80 from a secondary seller.

Your BBQ wouldn’t be complete without lemonade (hard or not). I’d love to get this modern lemonade dispenser. Too often when I have people over, I’d have to go back and make drinks constantly. This solves that problem with a big batch of drinks, and the bugs can’t get in. I think I’d even use this on a regular basis, putting a healthy drink inside, as the cool-to-use factor would hit my kids and they’d want to drink whatever is in it (even if it is lemon and water), just because it is easy to get. It was $39.50, now $27.

There are a number of sections on sale, like up to 80% off city portrait books, up to 75% off baby, home, style, and so much more. You can also get up to $70 off iPads with retina display.

Chapters Indigo always offers free shipping on orders over $25, which is a nice, low threshold, especially when you are getting items at such a discount.

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July 9

Weekly Contest Roundup: Win a Cruise, $10,000 RESP, Autographed Shoes & More

Posted by on July 9, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Weekly Contest Roundup: Win a Cruise, $10,000 RESP, Autographed Shoes & More

This week we have another round of contests for you to partake in, no questions asked. There is a nice mix this week, everything from a new top to $50,000 for your baby! Check it out.

Stokes: Win a 7-night cruise for two from Stokes simply by entering. (exp: 3rd August 2014)

Treehouse TV: Win a stroller and more from Treehouse by answering some easy questions on their Facebook page (exp: 17th August 2014)

Resorts of Ontario: Win a $1000 resort getaway in Ontario by entering. (exp: 20th July 2014)

Sandals: Win a week in the Skypool Suite at Sandals LaSource Grenada, just by entering in your information. There are 5 winners a month for 5 months. (expiry: unknown)

Consonant: Win one of three skin care packages by entering Consonant’s Canadian Icons contest. It involves selfies, so its fun! (expiry: unknown)

Yummy Mummy & more: Win Canada’s luckiest baby contest, with over $50,000 in prizes like a $10,000 RESP, a car and a Disney trip. (expiry: 15th October 2014)

Cleo: Win a chance at a new blouse by simply liking Cleo on Facebook. (9th July 2014)

Cheeky Monkey: Win a Skip Hop diaper bag by entering your info and sharing on your social media. (expiry: 11th July 2014)

Chapters Indigo: Download the Indigo App for your chance to win a $100 gift card, with a new winner each day. (20th July 2014)

West49: Win an exclusive signed pair of DC Nyjah Vulc shoes and a $200 West49 gift card. (31st July 2014)

What do you want to win???

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July 9

Chapters Indigo Canada: Summer Cookbooks 50% Off 2 days Only

Posted by on July 9, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Summer Cookbooks 50% Off 2 days Only

Chapters Indigo Canada is offering a pretty sweet online exclusive for just today and tomorrow only.  Get summer cookbooks for at least 50% off the regular prices.

As I started looking through the cookbooks included in this deal, I noticed something funny.  None of them are actually on sale for 50% off.  In fact, all of the are priced at 52% off or higher, which make this sale even better. Every single book was between 52% off and 55% off the regular prices. It is funny how companies sometime don’t advertise correctly but this time, it is in our favour!

With this deal, Chapters Indigo Canada has included the best 50 summer cookbooks.  This is a  great time to grab some gifts for birthdays coming up for friends and family members that love to cook.

If you are shopping for someone that loves to grill and BBQ in the summer, you may want to check out this cookbook.  The Big-Flavor Grill was priced at $29.95 and is now on sale for just $14.22.  This price is 53% off the regular price. It offers no-marinade, no-hassle recipes for delicious steaks, chicken, ribs, chops, vegetables, shrimp, and much more.

I have been looking for a healthier way to cook and eat for my family so this True Food: Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple, Pure cookbook caught my eye.  The regular price for it is $21 but it is on sale right now for just $9.98.  That ends up being 52% off the regular price. It is a #1 bestseller that presents seasonal, sustainable, and delicious recipes from Dr. Andrew Weil’s popular True Food Kitchen restaurants.  It actually just came out this year in April so it a a great new cookbook to take a look at for healthy eating.

Lastly, The Madhouse Cookbook: Delicious Recipes For The Busy Family Kitchen is a great cookbook for families on the go.  It’s price is $26.95 and it is on sale for 53% off the regular price right now making it just $12.80. I am a very busy mom as I am sure most of the mom Moosers out there are and this is a great way to prepare healthy meals on the go for the busy family.

You will get free shipping for all of your purchases that are just $25 or more.

(Expiry: 10th July 2014)

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July 7

Chapters Canada: 87% Off Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall Hardcover Book – Now $4.75

Posted by on July 7, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Chapters Canada: 87% Off Arnold Schwarzeneggers Total Recall Hardcover Book   Now $4.75

Do it. Do it now! Get Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, which is down by 87% at Chapters Indigo and is now on sale for just $4.75 (reg. $36.99). It’s $5 for non-Plum members but membership is absolutely free and awards rewards for every purchase.

Disclaimer: every time you read Arnold’s last name in this post, it will have been copy/ pasted. Can you write his name without cheating or looking at the keyboard?

Total Recall is Schwarzenegger’s first autobiography and I write “first” because it seems that nowadays it seems that celebrities releases autobiographies left and right, almost on a yearly basis. It covers his childhood up to his real life as a governator and with the last chapter being on Arnold’s 10 rules, which briefly cover reps and a couple of life lessons like forgetting plan B and staying hungry.

This is an incredibly good deal for a $5 book that was released in October 2012 and which is comprised of 656 pages in a hardcover format. Amazon has it on sale for as high as $29.59.

I actually bought this book for my hubby, who is incredibly into fitness and idolizes Schwarzenegger, and I must warn you that his book is incredibly hefty. It’s definitely not the kind you could easily lug around on the subway , but it is, however, a good read, as evidenced by the numerous positive online reviews like this one:

I thoroughly enjoyed this! I like Arnold, the man, the actor, his humour, his opinions and a lot of his politics. I’m not into sports and thought the bodybuilding would be the least interesting for me but I found the whole thing fascinating. This is a huge book and instead of just sitting down and plowing through I decided to take it a chapter at a time and am so glad I did.

The only hitch is that on its own, this book won’t qualify for free shipping. On the brighter side, Chapters Indigo’s free shipping minimum threshold isn’t as high as most stores and is only at $25. This means that you will need to add around $20 worth of merchandise to your basket to have your order shipped for free and I definitely recommend adding another book or two instead of paying the $5.99 shipping charge. Make sure to have a look at Chapters Indigo’s Deals of the Week for plenty of other ways to save, like 50% off select celebrity lifestyle books such as Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book on sale for $15.99 (reg. $31.99).

(Expiry: Unknown)

(Image Credit: Nikita Gavrilovs)

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July 4

Chapters Indigo Canada: 76% Off Select Scarves

Posted by on July 4, 2014 at 11:30 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: 76% Off Select Scarves

Chapters Canada is selling a selection of scarves for 76% off their original price. All the scarves in this post are 76% off and are in stock (not sold out) as of this post!

Most of these scarves were originally $49.50 and they are now on sale for just $12 apiece. This includes the following patterns:

Some scarves are different prices. My favourite scarf was originally priced a bit higher than the ones above, which should not surprise me as I have expensive taste. This Animal Paisley Scarf – Petal Pink was $55 and is now on sale for $13. I would prefer that pattern in a less pink colour, but one cannot be fussy when you are dealing with such a beautiful discount. The Sequin Scarf – Purple  and the Sequin Scarf – Black were both originally $55 as well, and are now on sale for $13. I really hate sequins but these scarves are not too bad.

On the lower price end, there are some scarves on sale for 76% off that started out less than $30 so you can pick them up for only a few dollars. The Super Soft Scarf – Shade Glade is one of these scarves, originally $29.50 and is now on sale for $7. While not quite scarves, a couple ‘snoods’ also fall into this discount category. Both the Big Cable Snood – Powdered Blush  and the Ruched Snood – Beige  were also $29.50 and are now $7. The big cable snood is actually tying with my favourite scarf because I am a sucker for chunky cable knits both in sweaters and in scarves. I love the weight of the fabric and the beauty of the stitch. I find the word snood funny though, I am totally having Dr. Seuss flashbacks right now to a certain Thneed…

While not a scarf, I did want to mention that you could pick up this stylish winter hat for 76% off. The Faux-Fur Hat – Taupe was $29.50 and is now only $7. Keep both your neck and your head warm at the exact same time: what a novel idea!

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more. To break the free shipping minimum you will have to pick up a few scarves but they make great gifts and the discount is totally worth it.

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July 3

Chapters Indigo Canada: Playmobil Bank With Safe $30 (Was $50)

Posted by on July 3, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Playmobil Bank With Safe $30 (Was $50)

There is only one thing I love more than Playmobil, and that is Playmobil on sale. Our family has a huge collection of Playmobil sets, and we love adding to it for birthdays, Christmas and the such. When I find a good deal on sale, I buy it, rather than pay full price for it before a birthday or getting 20% off it, which is pretty much the maximum I’ve seen it on sale as a whole. The bank with safe is a fantastic price, with $20 off, now only $30, with a regular price of $49.95.

We actually have this set, which is one reason I wanted to blog it for you. It is one set that really gets played with a lot. For some reason, boys like to simulate bank robberies and do the typical bad guy vs. good guy role playing and this sets gives them the background to do so. You could of course pair it with other sets like the police station, where you can put the robbers after they’ve been caught.

If this set is just not up your alley, there are other sets also on sale. One of my favourites is the beach holiday. We have this set as well, and I find my younger boys play with this one a lot. I think this one is also unisex (not that they all aren’t), because the beach has universal appeal. We’ve paired this up with quite a few other sets like the ice cream shoppe and the jet ski. This one was $12.99, now $9.

Another favourite in our house, that isn’t a huge discount (13%) is the police car with flashing lights. All of the Playmobil vehicles get tons of use from all three of my boys, but there is just something about the wee-oh wee-oh of the sirens of a police car (self-made included) that boys can’t get enough of. Get this toy for $26, from $29.95.

Shipping is of course free on a $25 or more purchase at Chapters Indigo.

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July 2

Chapters Indigo Canada: Bonus Plum Rewards on Kids’ Books (Up to $15 Value)

Posted by on July 2, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Bonus Plum Rewards on Kids Books (Up to $15 Value)

Chapters Indigo Canada is a big supporter of reading. This summer they are offering bonus plum rewards when you purchase select children’s books.

You will receive a bonus 2,500 Plum Rewards for every three kid’s books you purchase. 2,500 Plum rewards are equal to $5 worth. You can receive a maximum bonus for nine books, which is up to 7,500 bonus plum rewards which equals $15 worth of bonus rewards.

Often children’s books get as low as $5 so you are getting almost 33% value back if you buy the cheaper books. I was looking at the age range 0 – 5 because I have a few friends with young children. I picked out:

I adore Dr. Seuss and love the TV series they have done with Cat in The Hat voiced by Martin Short. The other two books have such lovely art and look so very different from each other. I am sure both would be a joy for a youngster to read.

If I purchased those three books for a total of $14.22, I would receive $5 worth in plum rewards to spend on my next purchase.

Of course, with Chapters Indigo offering free shipping at $25, I would probably buy six books and aim for a bonus 5,000 points just to get the free shipping. It is certainly worth it. If you were buying for several children, you could go up to nine books for the maximum bonus. However, be sure you are picking books through the link above (and use the “shop all” tabs) as not all children’s books on Chapters Indigo’s site qualify for this deal.

There are a few other interesting little kinks to this deal. One, it appears that the eligible books might change on a monthly basis, based on what I was reading in the fine print. However, in total, nine books will still only qualify for the bonus plum rewards. In addition, any earned bonus plum points from this offer must be redeemed by October 15, 2014.

Books included in this sale are geared towards age ranges:

  • 0 – 5
  • 6 – 8
  • 9 – 12

However, you know what reading level your child is at so while their age might fall into one of these ranges, their reading level might be in another. Check out multiple sections in case there is anything of interest that they have categorized as a different age group.

(Expiry: 31st August 2014)

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June 30

Chapters Indigo Canada: Up to 60% off Pillows & Throws

Posted by on June 30, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Up to 60% off Pillows & Throws

Chapters Indigo is selling decorative pillows and throws for your living room or bedroom for up to 60% off their original retail price.

There is nothing like new linens for summer. They brighten up a room and declare that a new season has started. They are also the easiest way to give your room a makeover without spending an inordinate amount of money. A few carefully selected throw pillows and a pretty quilt can give your room an entire new feel: just add a bit of greenery or some freshly cut flowers and you are ready to relax.

I am into matching sets, I always have been. If you are going to be putting a few pillows and a blanket into a large room then you want people to know they were meant to go together. These Balsalm Lake- Set of 2 Pillows are a lovely blue colour and I enjoy the patchwork design. They are perfect for a casual living room or a cottage on the lake. The set originally cost $120 and is now on sale for $48. You might be a bit surprised by the original price of this duo of pillows, but they 12″ x 18″ each and are made of 100% recycled fabrics.

Be sure to pick up the matching Balsalm Lake Quilt that was $160 and is now on sale for $72. It is 67″ x 50″ and makes the perfect throw for curling up under while watching TV or reading a book. It is also made of 100%-recycled fabrics and reminds me of the quilts my grandmother use to make. I really like quilts, they remind me of when the products you bought where quality made and would last a lifetime. That is why I actually like to invest money into quality items. I still own a quilt from my grandmother and one from my great grandmother.

There are many other pillows and throws to pick from as well. Pick your colour combination and then choose your accessories. You can also buy some single colour throws to mix with your multi-colour pillows and quilts. This Soft Pebble Throw Cloud Blue  was $39.50 and is now only $22. The design comes in many different colours. All discounts appear to be 44% off or higher so no matter what you choose, you will be getting a good deal.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more at Chapters Indigo.

(Expiry: 7th July 2014)

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June 27

Chapters Indigo Canada: Now I Know My ABC’s Set Now $6 (Was $24.50)

Posted by on June 27, 2014 at 8:30 AM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Now I Know My ABCs Set Now $6 (Was $24.50)

Chapters Indigo has a great deal right now on something that would be perfect for a baby gift.  Get the Now I Know My ABC’s kids dishes set for just $6 when the regular price was $24.50.

This three piece set is all porcelain, and is dishwasher and microwave safe.  It come wrapped in a pretty decorative box which makes it perfect for a baby or shower gift for someone that is expecting.  The regular cost was $24.50, so by getting it for just $6, you are getting 76% off this deal.

It gets a 4.5 star rating out of 5 and has good reviews from happy customers.

Here is one of those reviews:

I purchased a set for my youngest son for Christmas & I was so impressed that I purchased another 3 sets (for my other children) The quality is excellent & the packaging/presentation is above & beyond for the price. These would make a great new baby gift. I would purchase additional sets to give as gifts except the letters I need are out of stock. I just love these!

It features the letter A with a picture of an armadillo on the cups and plate.  If you like this set but would like a different look or a different letter, they actually have two more to choose from. The letter M set is also on sale for $6, and so is the letter K set. The letter B set is on sale for slightly more at $8.50 but it is still a great deal. You can choose to get the letter of a certain child’s name, or you can get a bunch of them to make a fun Now I Know My ABC’s Set.

When you spend $25 or more on your purchases, you will get free shipping on your order.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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June 25

Chapters Indigo Canada: Jewel Pendant Necklace Just $9.50 (was $39)

Posted by on June 25, 2014 at 6:00 AM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Jewel Pendant Necklace Just $9.50 (was $39)

Being a women, I love my jewellery and am always looking for the next piece of beautiful jewellery to add to my jewellery box.  The first thought that comes to mind when your think of jewellery would not be Chapters Indigo Canada, but they actually sell some really nice pieces at great prices.  For a limited time only, you can get this pretty jewellery pendant necklace for just $9.50.

The original price of this necklace was $39 and it is on sale right now for 76% off the regular price, which is pretty awesome. It doesn’t actually have an expiry date listed so they could end this deal (or run out) at any time.

There are a few things I like about this necklace.  The price is an obvious bonus but the details are really pretty.  I like the fact that you can adjust the neckline of it to make it longer or shorter with the 2 inch extender.  I also like that it is very basic with just a pop of pink to give it some character.

It comes from the Cara Accessories line of new designs and features a cabachon and crystal pendant, which hangs from a modern brass and iron chain. It is the perfect mix of modern and old. A necklace like this could be worn with practically anything.

If you are looking for something more colourful, you might also want to check out this Teardrop jewel necklace that is on for 75% off the regular price right now.  It was $48 and it is now on sale for just $12.  It is also a pretty incredible deal and has the same 2″ inch extender as well so you can change the length of it to suit your style.

If you are spending $25 of more, you will end up getting free shipping on your order.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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June 24

Chapters Indigo Canada Coupon Code: 10% Off Books

Posted by on June 24, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada Coupon Code: 10% Off Books

Chapters Indigo Canada has a two-day only promotion where you will receive 10% off the list price of books, which is an extra 5% off books for Plum Members.

Click here to shop books @ Chapters Canada now

  • Coupon Code: JUNEDD
  • Discount: 10% off books
  • Expiry: 25th June 2014

Use this coupon on any books you want: hardcover, softcover, sets, and more.

Books are so personal that I really can only share what I will be buying with this coupon.

I love Canadian artist Camilla D’Errico and her Tanpopo Volume 2 is now available for pre-order and scheduled to be released on the 8th of July, 2014. The story is about a girl who could not feel any emotions; she was like a machine, so she makes a deal with the devil – Kuro – to experience the world. It really mixes a lot of classic literature with stunning artwork and a beautiful story. Originally $29.50, it is on sale at Chapters for $18.50 for Plum members. After coupon code, it comes down to $17.58.

The 13 Clocks by James Thurber is a book I recently found out about through Neil Gaiman’s twitter. He is hosting the Wall Street Journal book of the month club and he has chosen this book as the one you just must read. Gaiman talks about how Thurber beautifully plays with language and I cannot wait to read it. The book is $12.24 for plum members, and comes down to $11.63 after coupon.

On the subject of Neil Gaiman, of whom I am a big fan, I will also be pre-ordering his book Hansel And Gretel (a Toon Graphic) very soon. The illustrations by Lorenzo Mattotti look stunning and fit Gaiman’s dark take on the world. While this is a retelling of a classic fairy tale, I cannot wait to hear Gaiman’s twist on the plot. The book will be released in the fall and you can pre-order it for just $13.03 after coupon.

I am also considering adding Asterix Omnibus 7 and Gunnerkrigg Court Volume 4: Materia to my collections as I already have the volumes leading up to those. Any of our readers fans?

This is certainly the time to buy books at Chapters Indigo as they do not often have the coupon code specifically for books. I know I am excited. Time to get caught up on a few collections and pick up a few more books for my summer reading list.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

For this and other Chapters coupon codes, check out the forum.

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June 21

Chapters Indigo Canada: Spend $20 & Get Select Books For $5

Posted by on June 21, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Spend $20 & Get Select Books For $5

This weekend only, if you spend $20 at Chapters Indigo, you’ll be able to pick up a book from a select list for only $5. Because at this point you’re spending $25, you’ll also get free shipping.

There are a few books on this list that I’d like to pick up for $5. None of them are on the hot best sellers list, but they also aren’t an obscure list of books you’ve never heard of.

I love getting new cook books, even if celebrities write them, because I love trying out new recipes. Eva’s Kitchen: Cooking With Love For Family and Friends by Eva Longoria is one I want to get simply because it belongs in Eva’s kitchen. Either way, this book is a steal with a regular price of $34, but is on sale for $9.49 and you’ll get it for $5.

You can combine this deal with any of their current deals of the week, so you get a deal along with a deal. One that would work perfect for us is getting The Lego Movie on DVD, because you know, everything is awesome. It is $19.99, so I’m hoping that it is allowable in getting the $5 book. Every kid I know absolutely loves this movie and I found it hilarious myself.

If baby needs anything, Skip Hop is 20% off and this Alphabet Zoo complete sheet is so freaking cute, I wish I could have another baby just so I could use this in his crib. I say this because I already have three boys, I’m sure my fourth would be a male too. Regularly $30, you’d get it for $24 and be able to pick up a $5 book along the way.

Don’t forget that on weekends, Chapters Indigo also has a 15% off coupon code on select items, which would also be an easy way for you to save money.

(Expiry: 22nd June 2014)

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June 20

Chapters Canada: 50% Off Kids’ Costumes

Posted by on June 20, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Chapters Canada: 50% Off Kids Costumes

Halloween may seem like a lifetime away, but now is a perfectly good time to stock up on costumes. Chapters Canada is offering 50% off kids’ costumes.

These costumes are super cute, especially those for infants. This Dalmation Costume -12-18 months is just about the most adorable thing you could put your kid in. The costume includes the chenille and flannel jumpsuit, plus the headpiece with ears and a fun little bone rattle to keep your young one entertained. Originally $29.95, the costume is now on sale for $15. Children are so cute when they wear little animal costumes!

This Superman Onesie – 6- 12 months is also just the sweetest thing ever. The set includes the onesie, pants, headband and booties. I’m sort of curious why they say the costume includes pants when it is a onesie which is all one piece: I really have no idea. Originally $34.95, this super costume for a super baby is now just $17.50. 

They also have costumes for your older kids. I think this Hello Kitty Tutu Dress Costume – Medium is really cute and would actually double as a fun summer dress. The medium size costume fits children’s size 8 – 10 and is for children ages 5 – 7 (approximately). This costume originally cost $39.95 and it is now on sale for $20. You can also pick up this costume in a size small which is for ages 3 – 4 or sizes 4 – 6.

If you are looking for something more along the traditional “scary” Halloween line, then pick up the Howling Ghost Costume – Medium for your child. This costume embraces the darker side of Halloween. Your child will have fun pretending they are a monster for a night, and every time they want to play dress-up. The ghost costume is amazingly affordable, and would be a great buy just to stick in a box of dress up clothes for your kids. Originally $17.95, the costume is now $8.93.

Whether buying costumes for your kids to play dress-up, getting a head start on Halloween, or planning a costume birthday party, these costumes are an inexpensive investment in a lot of fun and happiness. Some of my favourite childhood memories are getting dressed up (and dressing my dog up) in whatever I had available and playing out my imaginary stories. If you are wondering how to occupy your children this summer, try picking up a few costumes and making props out of cardboard boxes and couch pillows.

Chapters Canada offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: unknown)

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June 18

Chapters Indigo Canada: Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag 20% off (Now $57.60 | Was $72)

Posted by on June 18, 2014 at 1:30 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag 20% off (Now $57.60 | Was $72)

Chapters Indigo is offering 20% off Skip Hop Diaper Bags and Accessories. If I were in the market for a new diaper bag to buy, I would have to go with the Duo Signature Bag in Onyx Tile, regular price $72 it is now $57.60.

A  functional diaper bag is key to staying organized when you are juggling a new addition to your family.  Most of the time you may feel like you are packing half the house just to go grab coffee or “pop in” to the grocery store, at least I did. I particularly like the Skip Hop line of diaper bags and accessories for many reasons. The subtle yet stylish designs make the fact that it will double as your purse for at least a year a little easier to swallow. In addition, the low-key patterns make the bag not only gender neutral for the bambino but also for the parents, giving your significant other more confidence to lug the bag around without feeling self conscious.

But above all else, I especially like all the thought that has gone into the design of the Skip Hop line of diaper bags. The magnetic closure allows easy access to your contents while still keeping them secure, the zippered pockets for personal items allows you to tuck your keys or other valuables away so you aren’t digging for them and the exterior pockets make it easy to reach toys, formula, binkys or other mind-saving, baby-pleasing tools. As well, the protective coating on the material makes it quick and simple to clean up spills and messes keeping your baby-purse looking fabulous! One other feature that I really appreciated when my youngest boys were little was the Shuttle Clips, these converted the bag from a shoulder to a stroller bag.

This same bag comes in several different patterns and colours and of course there are other variations with the same principals. If you are looking for something completely different, this Skip Hop Versa Expandable Diaper Bag definitely doesn’t look like your typical diaper bag, regular price $85, on sale for $68. It has also received rave reviews, like this one:

I love this bag! I’m on baby #2 so I feel like I learned a lot from the first one. What I really love about this bag is that empty, it is a VERY light weight bag. I compared to other bags, some that were over a hundred dollars more than this one, and this was very light weight. I didn’t want to lug around 20+ pounds of baby gear on one shoulder then a baby in the other arm.

I shopped around for this bag and Chapters Indigo definitely has the cheapest price. As always Chapters Indigo offers free shipping on orders over $25.

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