April 13

Chapters Indigo Canada: Free SleepCover ($40 Value) With Kobo Aura Purchase

Posted by on April 13, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Free SleepCover ($40 Value) With Kobo Aura Purchase

Summer is for catching up on your reading and since everyone’s favourite season is right around the corner, here’s a great promotion for all those of you who don’t have an eReader yet! Right now at Chapters Indigo, you can get a free SleepCover, valued at $39.99, with purchase of a Kobo Aura eReader.

The black Kobo Aura SleepCover is already sold out online but you can still get one in the following choices of colour:

Here’s a review for the SleepCover:

I love the Kobo Aura Sleepcover – it makes holding my e-reader easy and comfortable as well as providing protection to the device. The sleep feature is a wonderful option that I use often. I recommend this to everyone.

As for the Kobo Aura, which you need to get in order to get the SleepCover freebie, it’s a 6″ high resolution eReader 4GB that can hold up to 30,000 eBooks. Even if you happen to fill up the internal storage with that many books, you always have the option of expanding the memory.

The battery life is also set to last more than 2 months. I have had my Sony eReader for a couple of years now and it’s very similar to this Kobo Aura in that it’s a Pearl E ink skin with no colour. There are plenty of eReaders on the market right now that feature colour and whilst I have contemplated upgrading to one, I ultimately decided that I was happy with my non-colour one because all I do is read books on it. If you’re looking to watch videos or read comic books, then a colour one might be useful. Otherwise, this Kobo Aura should definitely do the trick.

Priced at $129.99, the Kobo Aura is also currently cheaper at Chapters Indigo than anywhere else. I found this same eReader for $139.99 at Best Buy. So at Chapters Indigo, not only is it cheaper, but it also comes with the $40 freebie — win-win! Out of 12 reviews, the Kobo Aura also has 3.8/5 stars at Chapters Indigo.

As shipping is free on orders over $25, your purchase and freebie are sure to qualify for free shipping as well.

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April 12

Striped Stoneware Pitcher Was $35 | Now $14.50 (FS @ $25) @ Chapters Indigo

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Striped Stoneware Pitcher Was $35 | Now $14.50 (FS @ $25) @ Chapters Indigo

The striped pitcher is on sale with 58% off right now @ Chapters Indigo Canada. This cheery pitcher was $35, but is now on sale for only $14.50.

I love the colourful look of this stoneware pitcher. The bright colours remind me of sunshine, flowers and lemonade on the patio. This compact pitcher would be perfect for your first backyard BBQ of the season, or would be a beautiful addition when you plan to invite me over for homemade brunch. Stoneware is versatile, durable and looks so much prettier than a cheapie plastic pitcher on your table. I also appreciate that you can put this pitcher in the dishwasher.

This pitcher is on the smaller side. It is 7.8 inches tall and holds 32 ounces. A pitcher of this size is perfect for juice or stronger cocktails. Chapters Indigo also suggests that you could put flowers in this pitcher. This would look simply darling full of daisies or with a mixed bouquet on your kitchen counter. I think this would be a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day, though I would add flowers to complete the gift.

Price Comparison

A comparable stoneware pitcher might be the Maxwell & Williams Sprinkle Collection Pitcher And Tray Set @ Bed Bath and Beyond for $33.99. If you prefer name brand, another version of this pitcher might be this blue stoneware Le Creuset Stoneware Pitcher that is on sale for $53.83 @ It is difficult to find items that compare online. I do not see many pitchers on the internet that are made of stoneware but have often seen them on a shelf in higher end home stores.


Shipping is free is you spend a minimum of $25 @ Chapters Indigo. You can also ship this item to a store near you for pickup for free shipping. If you choose to order only this item, shipping is only $5 when I add the item to my cart and checkout.

If you are thinking about a few items to top off your cart, there are several other pitchers on sale also. Perhaps you can pick one out for yourself and one for your mom. The Pink Leaf pitcher was $29, but is now only $14.50. This pitcher is also made of stoneware and holds 54 ounces. If you wanted an alternative that holds more lemonade, this would be a good buy.

Another great option is the Concentric Pitcher that was $35, but is now $14.50. This pitcher is also made of stoneware and is available in black. I like the textured ribbed design. Some bright coloured flowers would look beautiful in this pitcher. This one is even bigger holding 63.2 ounces, and I like the tall and slim design.

I would grab one or several of these pitchers now. The good items in the Chapters Indigo sale section never seem to last long with their great shipping rates. Now I just need to figure out the perfect place for my new cheery pitcher.

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April 6

Chapters Canada: Free Sunny Patch Umbrella with $25 Purchase ($10 Value)

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Chapters Canada: Free Sunny Patch Umbrella with $25 Purchase ($10 Value)

Purchase $25 or more worth of Sunny Patch merchandise at Chapters Indigo Canada to receive a free Sunny Patch umbrella valued at $9.95.

Your order will also qualify for free shipping as the minimum required, $25, is also the minimum for free shipping.

Melissa & Doug make Sunny Patch toys. They are the cutest animal and flower themed toys that are perfect for your child’s backyard or front yard play. Let your child help you ‘mow the lawn’ with this Tootle Turtle Mower for $39.95. Receive a free umbrella with your purchase.

If course, the best deal is going to be when you just reach $25, so the $10 umbrella is worth a higher percentage of your order. This Happy Giddy Bowling Set is just perfect for that! The set includes six bowling pins and a bowling ball for little hands. I rather like the bowling pins in this set – they look like cute little aliens. The set costs $26.95 so the umbrella is free when you purchase just this set.

To receive your free umbrella, choose from one of the following designs and add it to your cart. There are two designs to choose from:

I think the Happy Giddy umbrella is the cutest thing ever. I also really like green. Add one of these umbrellas to your cart with a valid order to receive the umbrella free. Your cart should look something like this:

Chapters Canada: Free Sunny Patch Umbrella with $25 Purchase ($10 Value)

There are plenty other cute toys to purchase. I just chose toys that were already above the $25 minimum, but you can combine toys to reach that minimum. Add the Sunny Patch Firefly Pail (Indigo Exclusive) to your cart for just $11.95. Then, choose from a myriad of other toys like this Froggy Kickball for $13.95. Together, these two toys come to $25.90. That is enough for your free umbrella. The froggy kickball looks really cool and would certainly be fun to play with. However, it might be a bit hard to see in green grass! Then you can have a game of ‘find the kickball’.

I think this is a great deal because the minimum is only $25 for a $10 freebie. That is good value for your money overall.

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March 30

Chapters Indigo Canada: Up To $60 Off Mophie Space Pack For iPhone 5 16GB or 32GB – Now $100 or $120

Posted by on March 30, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Chapters Indigo Canada: Up To $60 Off Mophie Space Pack For iPhone 5 16GB or 32GB   Now $100 or $120

Got an iPhone 5? Then check out this super cool gadget on sale at Chapters Indigo: right now, you can save up to $60 on the Mophie space pack for the iPhone 5. You have the choice between the 16GB version or the 32GB one. Trust me when I say that if you have an iPhone 5, then you absolutely need this item. Shipping will also be free as Chapters Indigo ships orders over $25 for free.

For Christmas, I bought my hubby the Anker 13000 omh portable battery that Avigayil had blogged about back in December. It tends to go up and down in price but right now, it’s back to being $34.99. Shipping is also quick as well.

To get back to the point though, after giving it to my hubby, I found myself constantly borrowing it because my iPhone 5 needs to be recharged at least twice a day. I felt so bad about constantly borrowing his gift that a couple of weeks ago, I ordered one for myself as well and while I love it wholeheartedly, the only drawback is having to carry around a battery that is slightly bigger than my phone. Don’t get me wrong, the convenience of having this battery far outweigh any sizing issues, but had I known about the Mophie, I may have gone with it instead.

If you have an iPhone 5, then you can either get the:

Both versions also come in a choice of the following colours: black, white or gold.

So what is the Mophie space pack? It’s essentially an iPhone phone case that adds either 16GB or 32GB of storage to your phone, along with an additional charge. Mind blown? Yeah, I am too.

I  have to admit that it’s the first I head of this product but it’s really quite cool! As you can see on the picture above, it’s also not too bulky. A 1700mAh charge should also double your battery life but it really depends on how heavily you use your phone and the amount of apps that you tend to run simultaneously.


Now, at Amazon, the Mophie space pack is more expensive. The 16GB gold version, for instance, is on sale for $149.99 (reg. $199.99), which is $50 more than at Chapters. However, browsing around, the only price discrepancy I found is that the black 32GB one is actually cheaper! It’s down to $115, so if that’s the one you want, then make sure to get it at Amazon instead, but it doesn’t look like the price will stick for long. For all other colours and storage capacity ones, make sure to get it at Chapters Indigo instead.

(Image Credit: Ben Miller)

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March 25

Chapters Indigo: $10 off $50 with Paypal

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Chapters Indigo: $10 off $50 with Paypal

For three days only, use Paypal to pay for your $50 or more purchase at Chapters Indigo to receive $10 off. Usually, Chapters Indigo only has $5 off $50 deals, so a $10 off $50 offer is a pretty big deal! You also want to combine this deal with the $5 off $50 coupon code NEWINMARCH I already blogged about for a total of $15 off $50!

Now – you need to do this in the RIGHT way (or it won’t work and you will be short $10). Follow these instructions:

  1. Log into your PayPal account and click to save the offer.
  2. Shop
  3. Pay with Paypal and the offer is automatically applied
  4. The savings will show on your Paypal email receipt and account details

It is imperative you remember to do step number one – do not just jump straight to shopping! I just clicked through and redeemed the offer on my Paypal account. Now, I can go shopping!

The beauty of this offer is that it combines with the above coupon code, sale items, books, and everything but gift cards. I just blogged about some great Le Creuset accessories on sale including a lovely salt crock. Receive an extra $10 off your order when it totals $50 or more.

Personally, that salt crock and a book tempt me! Monstrous by MarcyKate Connolly is on my wish list just because Scottie Young – the artist from Marvel’s Wizard of Oz series and the Marvel baby comic covers – illustrates the book. He is truly one of my favourite artists and I am interested in all his work. The book costs $15.16 for Plum members so it pairs perfectly with the salt crock – as together they cost $50.16. After checkout out with Paypal, the book and the salt crock will only cost me $40.16 plus taxes.

I always have to go back to books. The Adventures of Tintin Complete Slipcase set is on sale from $129.95 down to $81.47. When you checkout with Paypal, the set will cost just $71.47. While that may still seem like a lot of money, we are talking the complete TinTin collection – it is massive. I used to watch TinTin on TV when I was a kid. If it was not on in English, then I would watch it on the French channel.

The sale section is always a good place to shop as well. This Wecker Sweet Diamond clock (in black) was $55 and is now $22.

I also highly recommend shopping the Select Robert Munsch collections for only $15 (originally $25). These books are awesome for kids and there are four to choose. If you bought all four (4 x $15 = $60) then you could get the $10 off deal with Paypal. That brings all four books down to $50 when they have an original value of $100.

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March 23

eBay Canada: 10% Off Petro Canada & Chapters Gift Cards

Posted by on March 23, 2015 at 5:17 PM

eBay Canada: 10% Off Petro Canada & Chapters Gift Cards

A seller on eBay has teamed up with eBay to offer you a 10% discount on Petro Canada gift cards and Chapters Gift Cards. Petro Canada gift cards are on sale from $100 down to $90, for a $100 gift card. Chapters Canada gift cards are on sale from $50 down to $45, for a $50 gift card. You save 10% on each of these gift cards. These gift cards ship to you for free.

Over 300 Petro Canada gift cards have sold, and over 100 Chapters gift cards. The seller is giftcardstore – and they have 254 reviews. Currently, the seller has a 97% review rating. Many of the more negative reviews come from people who bought one of the Petro Canada discount cards (not gift cards) by people who did not understand that the card gave you a discount on fuel at the pump.

However, these are both gift cards. The gift cards are mailed out- not activated – so you will need to activate the card online. Do not activate the card before you receive it. When the card arrives, you need to visit to activate your card.

I have never bought from this store before so I really can give you no personal feedback or assurances. Thankfully, when you pay with Paypal, you receive buyer protection. If you ever receive a product that does not match what you were sold – contact the seller and try to resolve it that way. If that is not going well, then you should file a Paypal dispute as soon as possible.

Given the number of purchases, this looks like a legitimate offer so I decided to blog it. Any deal I can score on fuel is appreciated as my monthly bill runs about $60. If you consider that over a year, I pay around $720 for fuel. That does not include any road trips I might take. I also want the Chapters Indigo gift card as i buy books and accessories from Chapters quite often. I could combine the Chapters gift card with one of their coupon codes to stack discounts.

There is a limit of five gift cards per person – while quantities last. Please read the fine print before purchasing. Shipping takes approximately five to seven business days. If you have bought from this seller before, please leave a comment telling us how that went.

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March 23

Chapters Indigo: Le Creuset Salt Crock Was $50 | Now $35 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 23, 2015 at 1:05 PM

Chapters Indigo: Le Creuset Salt Crock Was $50 | Now $35 & Free Shipping

Chapters Indigo has discounted the Le Creuset Salt Crock from $50 down to $35. The salt crock is in ‘truffle’ sort of a greyish brown colour. As the crock costs over $25, it will also receive free shipping to your door.

Most my pots and pans are Le Creuset brand – pieces I have collected from sales. I have managed to buy almost everything in the Caribbean colourway, but I am willing to branch out if the price is right. I have wanted a salt crock for ages. Salt is equivalent to flavour. I add salt – good quality salt – to almost every dish I cook. Cooking with salt helps release flavours and make food taste better.

While I keep a salt grinder on top of the stove, I would like a little better access without having to use both hands. Sometimes I just want to lift up the lid and throw a smidgen of salt inside the pot. While salt crocks are a bit old fashioned – they are part of a traditional kitchen that I wish to keep.

When price compared to other companies in Canada, I was surprised. Chapters Canada has the best price by far. Here is what other retailers sell this salt crock for:

  • $65 + shipping @ Hudson’s Bay Canada (white, red, blue)
  • $50 @ Amazon Canada (red, white, blue)
  • $50.22 + shipping @ Chefs Catalog (five colours)

I also wanted to point out that none of these companies have the truffle colour in stock. Usually, you can find the crock in the classic three colours: red, white, or blue. It sounds very American flag. Chapters Canada was the only retailer I could find with the truffle colourway.

There are several other 30% off Le Creuset deals on right now. This Jam Jar – Cherry is just darling and I could see putting it to good use. Originally $40, the jar is now $28.

For displaying goodies at a party or just on your dining room table, pick up the 3-Tier Stand in one of three available colours: cherry, flame, or soliel. Originally $100, this stand is now $70. For bakers, pick up the Pie Dish that was $60 and is now $42. Sadly, all the cute little pie birds are already sold out.

Le Creuset is a high-end cookware brand so I am always pleased when they have good deals. With Chapters Indigo’s free shipping on $25, the deals are even better.

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March 19

Chapters Indigo Coupon: $5 Off $50 Code

Posted by on March 19, 2015 at 9:43 PM

Chapters Indigo Coupon: $5 Off $50 Code

Chapters Indigo Canada has a new coupon code for $5 off regular priced orders of $50 or more. While this is not a huge coupon code, it is rare that Chapters Canada offers these types of coupons anymore.

Click here to shop @ Chapters Indigo now

  • Coupon Code: NEWINMARCH
  • Discount: $5 off $50
  • Expiry: 31st March 2015

I extensively tested this Chapters coupon code with both the sale section and the five days of deals items – it did not work for any discounted items. This coupon only works with full priced items. However, the coupon DOES work on discounted books. That is thrilling as the vast majority of things I want at Chapters are books.

I am a big fan of comics, and I love the old comic strips you used to find in newspapers. I spied the The Complete Calvin and Hobbes softcover collection at Chapters Indigo. While I like hardcovers, books this bulky need to be in softcover. Besides, the layout of these books is closer to the original comic strip form. My partner owns this mythical collection and quite likes it. The set retails for $100, but is currently only $62.70 at Chapters Indigo. After the $5 off coupon code, this huge collection of comics comes down to $57.95.

I have a love / hate relationship with Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series. Some of the stories I can barely read for their potent graphic and emotional content. Others are amazing and mind blowing in many ways. My favourite stories generally involve Death. There is a separate Death volume, which collects all the Death story lines. Called Absolute Death, this mammoth book retails for a pricey $115.89. After coupon code, the book comes down to $110.89. I actually saw Neil Gaiman in person last night – he was part of the Amanda Palmer and Friends (from TED Talk) show in Vancouver.

Continuing along the comic theme, many people have been long time devoted fans of The Far Side. If this is your type of humour, then consider the newly released The Complete Far Side in softcover. This three-volume set is deliciously ‘Moo’! Currently, the set retails for $75.90. After coupon code, pay just $70.90. My partner owns The Far Side (complete) in hardcover but finds the books too awkward to enjoy. He really wants to trade his copy in for the softcover version.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more at Chapters Indigo Canada. Enjoy this rare coupon and relish stacking it on top of a bunch of new books.

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March 18

Today Only! Cookoo Bluetooth Watch Was $129.99 | Now $65 & Free Shipping @ Chapters Indigo Canada (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 18, 2015 at 8:29 AM

Today Only! Cookoo Bluetooth Watch Was $129.99 | Now $65 & Free Shipping @ Chapters Indigo Canada (EXPIRED)

The Cookoo Bluetooth watch is not your average timepiece, it is a smartwatch to help you filter your phone alerts and messages. This watch was $129.99 but is now only $65. Free shipping is included with this order over as it is over $25 from Chapters.

I had a job several years ago where it was extremely impolite to pull out your phone in certain places in the building. My supervisor would lament that everyone was using their phone to check the time and would sneak looks at their social media. In the past few years I have become even more connected to my phone. I try to disconnect when I am with my family and friends, but when I am expecting an important message it can be tough to avoid the siren call of Facebook.

Have you tried playing the cell phone game with friends? You stack your cell phones in the centre of the table, and the first person to check their phone during dinner picks up the entire tab. You could sneakily win the game and stay connected with only the important updates with this cool Bluetooth enabled watch. Your friends would probably notice you checking your watch, but it would help to filter your alerts when spending time with people you care about. This would also help if you have a tendency to miss alerts on your phone in loud places.

You can customize the alerts, and have the watch alert you when you have an e-mail, phone call, text message, Facebook alert, Twitter mentions or any combination you choose. I like that I could use it to limit my Facebook use when I am spending time with my daughter, but still would get important notifications and texts. This watch will ring, buzz or show only an icon to alert you.

This watch also functions as a remote control for pictures, music volume controls and can help you find your phone. I cannot even tell you how many hundreds of times I have been on the hunt for my phone in the house.

You can pick your colour between black, white, blue, pink and silver. This watch is compatible with several iPhone4 & 5, iPad, iTouch and Android 4.2/4.3 devices.

You could pick up this same smart Bluetooth watch at for $149.99. has this Bluetooth watch for $159.99. also has this watch for $159.99. Pick this up today with a much bigger discount instead.

Reviews are hard to find on this watch. You will have to use your own best judgement if this device is right for you.

Bargainmoosers, how would you use Bluetooth watch to filter your notifications from e-mail and social media?

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March 17

Chapters Indigo Canada: 63% off Select Totes

Posted by on March 17, 2015 at 7:51 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: 63% off Select Totes

Chapters Canada is offering 63% off select tote bags. These totes are perfect for shopping expeditions, trips the beach, weekend getaways, and more.

There are plenty of different tote designs in this sale.

First we have the Studio Asters Tote – a floral bag with orange accents. Originally $39.50, the bag is on sale for $14.50. The bag is made out of 100% cotton and his long enough handles that you can hook it on your shoulder. One reviewer said:

I bought this Tote just a few days ago, got it at a great price too! Love it! Very nice on the outside and so much room to carry stuff on the inside. Good quality. Makes me feel like Spring is finally here! Very sturdy, it will last. Handy zipper pocket on the inside.

Next on the list, the Gallery Antlers Tote bag features orange/white stripes and an antlers with flowers motif in the middle. Blue straps offset the bag’s pattern and match the blue flowers upon the bag itself. The interior pocket gives you room for small essentials.

Next, the Studio Tote — Black & Gold is a real beauty. This classic tote is large enough to carry nearly the kitchen sink! The classic horizontal stripes of black, white, and gold feel modern and sophisticated. Like the two totes above it, this bag is also on sale from $39.50 down to $14.50.

For those on a tighter budget, the Love Is All You Need Tote is 62% off right now. Originally $25, the tote is now $9. While this is a nice enough tote, I would spring for one of the totes above, as they just look sturdier.

These are the totes on sale for a great price right now. I would like to include an honourable mentions section of other handbags that are over 50% off. At 59% off, this Large Double Snap Pouch — Black & White will keep your phone, keys, lipstick, and more altogether. Transfer it from one tote to another. Originally $29.50, this pouch is now $12.

Here are a few other bags to look at:

There are plenty of other great bag deals. Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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March 16

30% Off Beats by Dre Headphones – From $112 @ Chapters Indigo 5 Days 5 Deals

Posted by on March 16, 2015 at 3:00 PM

30% Off Beats by Dre Headphones   From $112 @ Chapters Indigo 5 Days 5 Deals

Every day this week, Chapters Indigo will be offering a different tech deal until Friday. Today, you can save 30% off select Beats by Dr. Dre headphones but only while supplies last.

Although the Beats wireless on-ear headphones are already sold out, you can still save on the following two models of Beats by Dre headphones:

You certainly can’t go wrong with Beats by Dre headphones and if you’re undecided between the two styles, whether on or in-ear. Personally, I prefer the in-ear style as I like a more low-key music listening experiences but on-ear is also preferred by many.

On Amazon, the in-ear ones are actually $159.99 right now by a seller. At Best Buy, they’re on sale for $197.99, although the original price isn’t mentioned as these are already sold out.

There are no reviews for the in-ear ones at Chapters Indigo, but here’s a review I found on Amazon:

No matter how hardcore your workout is, these will stay in your ears. I couldn’t believe it when I first got them they has such GOOD sound.

The fact that these will stay on during a workout is definitely a major perk. The odd times I have worked out, I was massively annoyed by my earphones not staying in my ears, so not having to worry about constantly putting them back in is a great advantage.

They are also sweat resistant, all the while offering impeccable sound.

The on-eat headphones wouldn’t particularly be well suited for working out but they could instead be used for just regular music listening or movie watching. These could also be great for students to use while studying.

As I already mentioned, this Beats by Dre deal is part of a “5 days, 5 deals” promotion but Chapters Indigo hasn’t advertised the rest of the deals yet, so you would need to check my daily to find these out.

Shipping is bound to be free on these as well as Chapter Indigo automatically ships orders over $25 for free.

(Image Credit: Martin Bekkelund)

(Expiry: 20th March 2015 or while supplies last)

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March 16

Chapters Indigo: 75% Off Minted Art Prints

Posted by on March 16, 2015 at 2:45 PM

Chapters Indigo: 75% Off Minted Art Prints

Art is one of those things we buy to make our house look welcoming, to express our personality, and to hide imperfections on our walls. Currently, Chapters Indigo Canada has two art prints, in two different sizes, on sale for 75% off their original prices. Choose from Scootin’ by CRAFT Design or Elegampersand by Snow and Ivy. 11 x 11″ prints were $44 and are now only $11. Elegampersand also comes in a 16″ x 16″ that was $66 but is now $16.50.

While these prints are from Minted, the actual art is crowd sourced! You can see that these two prints feature different artists’ work with very different styles.

As art goes, these are fairly inexpensive pieces because of the 75% off discount. You could purchase one of these and an inexpensive frame to go with it, then your art would be ready for hanging. I like the Scootin’ pieces best because it plays with yellow and blue: colours that complement each other well. It would not match much of my decor, unfortunately, and my walls are green so that does not help.

However, Scootin’ is a lovely print for a boy’s room. The theme of a scooter is ageless, so the art print would most certainly remain relevant throughout the different age brackets. Even adults would enjoy this print. Therefore, it could be something he has for years.

I could see Elegampersand being just perfect for a sewing room or a baby’s room. The floral patterns are calming and elegant. I like the idea of putting this print in a baby’s room. Ampersand is stands for “and”, so it makes me think of adding a new addition to the family.

Art is very personal. I tend not to give art as a gift unless I know the person loves that artist. However, I do not mind buying art for myself or very close family members.

All orders of $25 or more qualify for free shipping. You may want to check out the rest of the sale section for other great deals. They recently added a bunch of new stuff to the sale section. So, check out the other deals before you checkout your cart contents.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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March 10

Chapters Indigo: 50% Off All Rainbow Loom

Posted by on March 10, 2015 at 4:06 PM

Chapters Indigo: 50% Off All Rainbow Loom

Chapters Indigo is offering 50% off all Rainbow Loom kits and accessories.

The primary Rainbow Loom kit was $18.95 and is now $9.48. The set comes with everything you need to start out. Included in the kit are two looms (one regular and one travel-sized), a metal hook, c-clips, instructions, and over 600 pieces of latex free rubber bands. These accessories will make around 24 bracelets.  One happy parent said:

I bought a rainbow loom for my daughter, and she loves it so much! She spends hours playing on it everyday, and it keeps her really busy. The things that you can make with elastics are unbelievable. She’s actually made an iPod case! I don’t regret buying it for her.

This is a fantastic kit to encourage creativity and working with your hands. Now, if you have an child who avidly uses her loom, then you will need some accessory kits to keep up with demand. Pick up the Rainbow Loom Multi-Colour Refill Pack on sale from $3.95, down to $1.98. This multi-pack comes with 600 bands. For a specific colour theme, I would choose the Rainbow Loom Refill Pack – Mermaid that was $4.95 and is now $2.48. Unfortunately, the mermaid themed pack (and a few others) only comes with 300 bands. The colours are fantastic! There are plenty of other colours and themes to choose from. You can even buy 600 bands of the same colour if you like. The Rainbow Loom Glow-in-the-Dark Refill Pack is probably my favourite. Who does not like glowing jewellery? Originally $4.95, this pack of 600 bands now costs $2.48.

There are also a couple Rainbow Loom Upgrade Kits you can purchase. The kit includes a mini Rainbow Loom and the new 2-in-1 plastic and metal replacement hook with base removal tool. The new hook design has a metal tip that will last longer. Originally $4.95, the loom upgrade is just $2.48.

You can also buy the travel loom separate. I read a few comments where the travel loom works better for younger kids who cannot quite get the hang of the bigger loom.

I think 50% off Rainbow Loom is a great price. You can really stock up on bands, upgrade your loom, or invest in a new starter kit for less. Receive free shipping on all orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: 31st March 2015)

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March 9

Chapters Indigo Canada: Legend of Zelda Box Set Was $206 | Now $47 & Free Shipping *HOT* (EXPIRED)

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Chapters Indigo Canada: Legend of Zelda Box Set Was $206 | Now $47 & Free Shipping *HOT* (EXPIRED)

The coolest geek deal ever is at Chapters Indigo for today only! Pick up The Legend of Zelda Box Set: Prima Official Game Guide for 76% off the original price. This Zelda ultimate box set was $205.99 and is now $47.50 with plum rewards. Receive free shipping on this Zelda set as it qualifies for free shipping on $25 or more.

I have not played Zelda, but I know people who are devoted fans. One girl I know is making a Zelda Monopoly board with her partner. They are creating it by hand as a tribute to their favourite game.

This box set is every Zelda player’s dream. This limited edition box set includes six hardcover collector’s editions for:

  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
  • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Many of these books are out of print so this box set is your only chance for buying them. For example, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D guide has never been in hardcover before this set. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword guide has also been expanded by 100 pages of bonus material that you will not find elsewhere.

Not only are you receiving awesome limited edition books that are hard to find elsewhere, all the books in this collection are gilded. That means the edges look like gold! The box that stores these volumes is good quality and has an embedded magnetic clasp.

For serious collectors, an individually numbered certificate of authenticity will be included. They certificates are signed by Mr. Eiji Aonuma, the Producer/Director for The Legend of Zelda series.

Reviewers are stoked by this set! Here is what one reviewer said:

Beautiful gold detail, all books are hard cover and very durable. The attention to detail is amazing: for example, the border design around each books cover reflects the game each books is about (Wind Waker has wind motif, Ocarina of Time has ocarina and harp designs).

I price compared this Zelda box set with Amazon where it is currently on sale for $97.84. Barnes & Noble has the same box set for $113.91 US. One reviewer mentioned that the box set was on sale for $80 on Cyber Monday. This is the cheapest that this Zelda box set has ever been.

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March 8

Chapters Indigo: Bobble Knit Throw Was $99.50 | Now $49.50 & Free Shipping

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Chapters Indigo: Bobble Knit Throw Was $99.50 | Now $49.50 & Free Shipping

Receive 50% off the Bobble Knit Throw at Chapters Indigo Canada. Originally $99.50, the throw is on sale for $49.50 and comes with free shipping.

Whenever I post a deal, my first thoughts are to explain why I like the deal. While titled the “Bobble Knit Throw” – this is actually a large blanket that would feel just as home on your bed as it would on the couch. The blanket measures 60″ by 50″ in size – the equivalent of 5 by 4.2 feet in size.

Throw it on top of a twin bead or a double bed as an extra layer to keep out the cold. Or, toss this blanket on your couch for cozy nights watching television. I think that throws are most necessary if you own a leather couch. There is nothing like the cold touch of leather against your skin during the winter. In addition, pets can have difficulty with leather (slippery). Use this throw as a barrier to keep your pets from digging their nails into your precious furniture.

The throw is composed of thick cotton yarns (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) in a beautiful chunky stitch. The braided tassel fringe adds a sort of whimsy to the piece. I usually hate tassels but this throw looks gorgeous with them to accent the knit pattern.

When ordering your Bobble Knit Throw, you get to choose from two colours: snow white or pale khaki. When I think of khaki, I often think of green, but this is a muted brown. Both colours will work with an array of different furniture and different styles.

Given that the fabric is so soft, this would also make a lovely blanket for your child. Layer it on top of their bed for extra warmth or let them snuggle down with hot chocolate while watching cartoons.

Many other throws, pillows, and accent textiles are on sale for 30% off. I did find one pillow on sale for 50% off that I wish to point out. The Alphabet Pillow was $49.50, and is now on sale for $24.50. It looks like these pillows will match beautifully with the snow white knit throw. I hope some of the other decorative pillows will be discounted to 50% soon.

Receive free shipping on all orders of $25 or more at Chapters Indigo Canada.

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