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April 10

Cents of Style (U.S.) Promo Code: Unique Graphic Tees Were $35 | Now $15 + Shipping

Posted by on April 10, 2015 at 10:43 AM

Cents of Style (U.S.) Promo Code: Unique Graphic Tees Were $35 | Now $15 + Shipping

I’ve blogged before about Cents of Style, a U.S.-based store with unique style items. They ship to Canada for only $5, no matter the cost of your order. You are responsible for duties at the door, but you with this sale, you can keep your order under $20 and not have to worry at all about duties. Every Friday, they have a Fashion Friday deal and this week it is on these very cute graphic tees for both ladies and kids. Regularly $34.99 for the ladies, now only $14.95 and $29.95 for the kids, now only $11.95 with promo code, I may have to pick up a few for myself and my kids.

Click here to shop @ Mycentsofstyle.com now

  • Coupon Code: FAVTEE
  • Discount: Shirts as low as $11.95
  • Expiry: 12th April 2015

What I love about shopping at unique and small stores like these in the U.S. is that no one is going to have the same top as me. Sure, I could get graphic tees for the same price at Bluenotes or Ardene, but so can the entire high school down the street. There’s not much worse than wearing the same graphic tee to a town event as the 16-year-old standing next to me.

These graphic tees are very cute, with cute sayings that totally suit me and my kids. For me, I’m loving this shut the front door baseball tee. I have a friend who is always saying this and she would also love this top.

For my oldest son, I know he’ll love this Meh top, as that seems to be his pre-adolescent attitude. I like that this comes in sizes small enough for newborns all the way up to youth large. I sometimes like to dress my three boys in the same shirt and I often will have troubles finding a top that is available for toddlers as well as big kids.

I was considering this middle child top for my middle child, but the largest size they have left is 18 months. I think this would make a fantastic top to announce a pregnancy. I actually put my son in a top that said big brother and nonchalantly posted it on Facebook. The quick caught on.

My youngest would totally suit this word to your mother tee.

What’s your favourite top in this collection, Bargainmoosers?

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November 3

Cents of Style: Name Hooks Only $4 (expired)

Posted by on November 3, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Cents of Style: Name Hooks Only $4 (expired)

I found a really cute deal that I know you Moosers will be interested in. Cents of Style is selling these distressed name hooks for only $3.95, with a regular price of $9.95.

This is known as a style steal on their site, although it is not a fashion steal, but instead one for your home. I absolutely love these and bought five for my family. This weekend I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to organize my front entry way. You’d think that after nine years of having kids, I’d have this system perfected, but it is always pure chaos in the morning and after school. My kids have their own (very plain) hooks for their backpacks, coats and snow pants, but for some reason, their stuff is never on their hook and I’m constantly getting asked where this or that is. These name hooks solve that problem.

Not only do they solve the organization problem, they look great too. The currents hooks I have up are gold plated and pretty boring. These are colourful and the vintage, distressed look matches perfectly to my decor.

There are four colours to choose from, which are aqua, lime green, yellow and orange. The hooks are 4.5″. You don’t just have to print names on the nameplate – you could use numbers or what item should go on there, such as leash or towels. These would be perfect in a bathroom or closet as well. I can imagine a cute Pinterest-type project being done with these to hang jewellery. Hooks really have so many uses, especially when they look as nice as these.

Cents of Style ships from the U.S., so all prices are in USD, although you can change to GBP if you dare. If you keep your order under $20 then you won’t have to pay duty, and with these, that is totally possible. Shipping is a flat rate of $5, so if you decide you want to get enough hooks that your total is over $20, you might want to see if duty is more than the cost of getting a second order shipped.

(expiry: unknown)

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September 24

My Cents of Style: Nautical Backpack Only $9

Posted by on September 24, 2014 at 10:00 AM

My Cents of Style: Nautical Backpack Only $9

My Cents of Style has introduced a new deal section called Style Steals. They will feature one hot product on Monday and Wednesday with a significant discount. Today’s deal is on a nautical backpack, which was $45.95, now $8.95. Shipping will cost you $5, and it does ship from the U.S., but you won’t encounter any duties or fees with your total being under $20. Note all prices are USD.

I’m loving this backpack! This is a fairly large backpack that can take you to the beach, on errands as a purse, you could use it as a diaper bag, an overnight bag or even to tote around your groceries. I love the style of it with the nautical stripes and the rope straps that are also adjustable.

You are able to choose from a variety of colours. These are: black, navy blue, red, turquoise, green, pink and purple. I think I want to get two! I love the black and white for a simple style, but the turquoise is very beach-y. There is also a front pocket, where you can put your phone, wallet or other items you’d like to access easily.

It says this bag can’t carry heavy loads, but it looks very durable to me. I will be taking a trip south soon (fingers crossed) and this bag would do perfect to carry my sunscreen, book for the beach and my towel. The black and white is also unisex enough for my husband to carry his own items in.

Of course I also had to peruse what other deals are available on site and found these colourful print sunglasses that are on clearance for only $5.95. I could get the bag and the sunglasses and still be under the amount for duty and only pay that one shipping fee. I just don’t know what style to choose as they are all very cute! There are quite a few low-priced clearance items if you were also interested.

(expiry: 24th September 2014)

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August 12

Cents of Style Promo Code: Leather Accent Cardigan Only $9

Posted by on August 12, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Cents of Style Promo Code: Leather Accent Cardigan Only $9

Cents of Style has a very specific coupon code going on, but its going to give you a hot deal! Get the leather accent cardigan, regularly $29.95, for only $8.95 plus $5 shipping for a total of $13.95. All prices are in U.S. funds.

Click here to shop @ Mycentsofstyle.com now

  • Coupon Code: DEAL2014
  • Discount: $21 off
  • Expiry: 17th August 2014

I’m totally loving this cardigan. It is the perfect topper to pretty much any outfit – dressy or dressed down. Cardigans are such a must-have in a ladies wardrobe for those days where you want to feel comfy, warm, but still look nice. I love that this one has leather accenting. It just takes it from a plain ol’ black cardigan to a full-blown accessory.

The length is also perfect as it is longer in the front and shorter in the back, which I sometimes use to tie it up in the front if I want that look. It comes in three colours, which are black, charcoal gray and oatmeal. I have some personal knowledge that this cardigan runs a little bit big, so you may want to take it down a size from your regular size unless you like more room. Although the sizing is quite broad in terms of small, medium and large and I know the medium work still work well for me.

Cents of Style does ship from the U.S., but if you just get this cardigan, you won’t encounter any duties as your total will be under $20. If you were interested in getting more from Cents of Style, as their flat rate of $5 shipping doesn’t change if you buy one or you buy 12 items, you should take a look at what’s on clearance.

I found these really cute Ayda girl’s cut out flats, which I think any little girl would love as a new back to school shoe. They are now only $14.95. There are plenty more deals to be had at Cents of Style. Check them out!

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May 28

Cents of Style (U.S.): $20 Boots!

Posted by on May 28, 2014 at 11:00 AM

Cents of Style (U.S.): $20 Boots!

Want stylish boots for less than $20? It is possible right now with Cents of Style’s boot sale, on right now.

There are a variety of styles available during this sale, all for $19.95, except on pair on sale for only $14.95. The regular price is not listed, but once you look at these boots, you’ll see that they are quality boots worth more than 20 bucks. If you read the descriptions, these boots are all on-trend for Fall 2013, but if keeping up with the latest fashions is not your priority and having a nice looking, comfortable and affordable boot is, then you are right on track.

These  short leather-look distressed boots look like a classic style of boot to me. They can go anywhere and with a lot of different outfit choices.

I love the uniqueness of these trio beige short boots. They are western-inspired with an aztec print. Go out of your comfort realm and get these boots. Especially for only $19.95, you won’t have to have them as your everyday boot, you can wear them when you feel like it.

I was recently invited to a western-themed party where it was all about cowboy boots and cupcakes. I didn’t have a pair to wear, although I was interested in devouring these cupcakes. It would be worth  my while to have a pair of these Reno cowboy boots in my closet for just an occasion. I really love the styling of them too.

Cents of Style is a U.S. company, so they ship from there, which means duties are possible on your order. Your prices are also all in US funds. Shipping is a flat rate of $5, no matter what you order.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 10

Cents of Style (U.S.) Promo Code: 50% Off All Scarves & Free Shipping

Posted by on May 10, 2014 at 11:30 AM

Cents of Style (U.S.) Promo Code: 50% Off All Scarves & Free Shipping

I came across this new to Bargainmoose store in the U.S. called Cents of Style and I was very intrigued. I then found a coupon code for 50% off all scarves, and I got very excited to announce it to all the Bargainmoosers.

Click here to shop @ Centsofstyle.com now

  • Coupon Code: MAYDEAL
  • Discount: 50% off scarves
  • Expiry: Unknown

Cents of Style is a cool store because it was started with us frugal people in mind with the motto that you don’t have to spend a lot to look good. The founders had a great love of accessories, not unlike most women, and used that in starting this fabulous store. They have a clearance section with a few items and a deals section, plus their Fashion Friday sales, which the scarves are a part of this week.

The scarves on sale are totally gorgeous and I think the only trouble you’ll have during this sale is just choosing one or a few!

My favourite scarves are the infinity ones, as I find them easier to put on (yes, I’m inept) and this Sailboat one is so fashion forward. The blue is definitely my favourite. These were $19.95, but with promo code, you can get them for only $9.98.

At checkout, you’ll notice that the $5 in shipping costs will be added to your total, so don’t be alarmed when your total looks funny. Also remember that prices are in U.S.D. and you may be charged duty.

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