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July 7

Breck’s Bulbs: FREE Las Vegas Daffodil Bulbs (Pay Shipping) – $24 Value

Posted by on July 7, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Brecks Bulbs: FREE Las Vegas Daffodil Bulbs (Pay Shipping)   $24 Value

Breck’s Bulbs is offering FREE Las Vegas Daffodil Bulbs in packs of five. These bulbs are valued at $23.99. You can either purchase them alone – and pay $7.95 shipping – or combine them with your next order.

These bulbs will ship in fall as the months of July and August are too hot to ship plants. However, you can place your order now. While I like the idea of just paying shipping and getting the bulbs for free, I highly recommend combining this freebie with your next order at Breck’s Canada.

Breck’s Canada gives out $35 off $75 coupons to new newsletter subscribers. This means, you can save a bundle on your order and you can also get a set of Daffodil bulbs free. I think this is the better combination of deals. The $35 off $75 coupon you receive will be valid on sale items as well.

Speaking of sales, you can save on plenty of items including, but not limited to, bulbs. In the Christmas in July sale, you can pick up Christmas themed accessories and trinkets up to 80% off their original price. This Corkcicle Wine Chiller was $24.99 and is now $4.99. That could be useful all year around – especially in the heat of summer.

There are also some extraordinary flower deals as well. Jan Bos Hyacinth is on sale from $17.99 down to $10.99 for five bulbs.

This stunning Mariposa Skies Reblooming Iris is on sale from $23.99 down to $15.99. This may be one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. The deep blue to a sky white looks just gorgeous. I have always admired the iris.

For a fun flower, pick up the Ice Cream Tulip. Originally $24.99 for three, these bulbs are now on sale for $16.99 (3). The flower gets its name because it looks like an ice cream cone.

You can check out these and more amazing flowers deals in the Best Sellers section at Breck’s. Stack your cart full of discounted bulbs, add on the free Las Vegas Daffodil Bulbs, and then use that $35 off $75 promo code from the newsletter to stack your garden savings. Your flower bed will never know what it did to deserve such beautiful new flowers.

(Expiry: 10th July 2015)

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June 19

Breck’s Bulbs Canada Coupon Code: $35 Off $75

Posted by on June 19, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Brecks Bulbs Canada Coupon Code: $35 Off $75

Breck’s Bulbs is back with an amazing deal: get $35 off any order of $75 or more on flowers and gardening supplies for a beautiful garden.

Click here to shop @ Breck’s Canada now

  • Coupon Code: 1202103
  • Discount: $35 off $75
  • Expiry: 30th June 2014

There are really two ways to get this offer. The official way is to sign up to their newsletter via their website and then click through the newsletter (they send it immediately) and your offer code is immediately applied. I highly suggest signing up for their newsletter if you are an avid gardener because they have such great items for your garden and such fantastic deals too. Alternatively, you can just use the coupon code above and enter it into the “key number” slot in your cart. Make sure to hit apply. If by chance that is not working for you when you go to checkout, then use newsletter method (it is easy peasy).

This coupon is a pretty big deal on its own, but when you combine it with the flower deal of the week… it becomes astronomically good. These Beau Regard Allium were $26.99 each, and are now only $5.99 apiece. I loaded up my cart with 13 of these beautiful flowers (which will ship in the fall if you are looking to buy). Thirteen flowers added up to $77.87 and then the discount was applied so my total cart came down to just $42.87. You are getting 13 plants for the original price of approximately two. It is one incredible deal.

All the bulbs you receive are shipped in from Holland. The spring shipping season just finished and summer is far too hot to ship delicate bulbs and have them arrive healthy. Thus, the next shipping season does not start till September so your order now is essentially a pre-order for bulbs that will be shipped then. I think it is cool, buying bulbs that are shipped in all the way from Holland. To check out the shipping zones and dates, click here. You can also buy gardening supplies and decorations at any time.

So many bulbs are currently on sale on their website and they do have a huge selection of flowers to choose from. If you have a green thumb, this is certainly a website you want to add to your favourites. I want to thank Mooser Penny S for letting us know this deal was available!

Shipping depends on where you are shipping to and how much you are shipping. For my cart full of 13 Beau Regard Allium, shipping was about $13.95 to Vancouver Island – so shipping is reasonable.

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