December 29

Borderlinx Coupon Code (US): 25% Off Shipping From International Stores To Canada

Posted by on December 29, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Borderlinx Coupon Code (US): 25% Off Shipping From International Stores To Canada

Get your international purchases shipped to Canada for 25% less with this coupon from Bargainmoose and Borderlinx.

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  • Coupon Code: MAPLE25
  • Discount: 25% off
  • Expiry: 31st December 2013

Every once in a while I find a deal on an American website that is so good that I will gladly ship it to a shipping depot on the American side of the border and drive the 60 – 90 minutes to get it. If I’m lucky the border guards will just let me through, but usually I need to pay. It stinks, but sometimes the deal is just too good or (as is most often the case with me) the item just doesn’t ship to Canada.

That system works for me, but what about the people in The Pas, MB? What are they going to do, drive eight and a half hours to Bottineau? It’s not like they’re in the big city and can take a 90 minute drive to Noyes! Come on, be serious for a minute.

People in The Pas need to sign up for Borderlinx and have their orders shipped somewhere local to the retailer, and then shipped to them. Shipping prices vary wildly depending on where you are, where you are shopping and what you are getting. I’m going to say that a babushka from Russia will cost more to ship than a silken ascot from Hayes, KS. Of course, a fridge from Japan is probably going to cost you significantly more than the Russian Babushka and the silken ascot from Kansas.

Regardless of the cost, this coupon code will save you 25% off one shipment to Canada. Get out there and make those international Boxing Week deals worth it! Signing up is free, and there is no monthly fee. Just pay-per-ship.

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August 6

A Bit About Borderlinx: US Shipping Service To Canada

Posted by on August 6, 2009 at 8:00 AM

A Bit About Borderlinx: US Shipping Service To CanadaAs the end of the summer vacation is creeping slowly towards us, some of the moms and dads might be starting to think of the back-to-school purchases for their little terrors.

Visa Canada have contacted me to let me know that they recently did a survey about back to school shopping.

It came up with some interesting facts and figures, which caught my eye because of the nature of my blog (shopping & deals)!  Check it out:

  • Canadians parents and students plan on spending an average of $600 online before Labour Day, with approximately 15% going towards school supplies

  • Of the online shoppers who plan to make an online purchase between now and Labour Day; popular purchases include books (49%), travel (36%) and computers (31%)

  • Canadian online shoppers made an average of 7.1 purchases on Canadian websites, 4.8 purchases on U.S. websites, and 0.5 purchases on international websites

I guess with the recession and all the doom and gloom in the financial world, people are looking for a bargain, and even those tech-shy folk are starting to turn to online shopping too.

Well, the main point of this post was to tell you about a service called Borderlinx, a new service which is working with Visa. I’ll paste in this info which tells you a bit about it:

Borderlinx helps Canadian online shoppers take advantage of sales on U.S. shopping sites that don’t ship to Canada or are otherwise unavailable here. Borderlinx allows online shoppers to make purchases from U.S. shopping sites by providing U.S. addresses and shipping services. You can even consolidate purchases from more than one merchant and save on shipping costs. Until the end of the year, Visa cardholders will receive free registration and save 15% on Borderlinx shipping.

A Bit About Borderlinx: US Shipping Service To Canada

This could be a handy service for those of you who purchase from the US .If it’s free registration anyway, you might as well check out the service!

Sometimes, you need an item that is really difficult to get here in Canada. For example, my semi-uncle wanted a special lens for a camera, and he had to order it from a US based store. The shipping to Calgary was astronomical, but he had to pay for it, as he couldn’t get this item elsewhere. I guess with the likes of Borderlinx, you could work out how much it would be through them, instead of paying the international shipping charges with the original store.A Bit About Borderlinx: US Shipping Service To Canada

Now, I haven’t used Borderlinx myself, so I cannot really offer an opinion on how good their services are. Have any of you used Borderlinx or any other similar shipping service? What was it like?

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