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March 27

Best Buy Canada: Marley Jammin Revolution On-Ear Headphones Were $20 | Now $10 (FS @ $25)

Posted by on March 27, 2015 at 11:45 AM

Best Buy Canada: Marley Jammin Revolution On Ear Headphones Were $20 | Now $10 (FS @ $25)

Looking for a nice pair of headphones with a very slim price? Check out the final clearance on the Marley Jammin Revolution on-ear headphones that were $19.97 and now $9.97.

Of course you can go and buy all the top lines of headphones and spend lots of money, but if you want a pair that will get you from A to B in the audio world, I think these Marley headphones are great. They look stylish with a Marley-esque design on the interior. They are also made from eco-friendly materials like recycled plastic with a recyclable aluminum housing.

Meant to be played with the bass up loud, you’ll have One Love while you’re Jammin’ with these headphones on.

There are six reviews with a total rating of 3.5 stars out of five. While that isn’t super high, I don’t know what you’d expect from $10 headphones? Performance and value are rated highly while ergonomics and comfort are on the lower end. The most negative review says these broke after a few months, but the most positive reviews really like these headphones:

These headphones are pretty good. This is my first over-ear purchase in a long time and the quality is great. Being a Marley product, the first tracks I played after getting them were some Bob Marley classics!

I couldn’t find these for sale in Canada, but I did find them in the States and the regular and sale prices were all much higher than Best Buy’s $19.97 regular price. For example, Walmart in the U.S. sells them for over $31. Even has them for over $30. So, while this might seem like only a 50% off deal, it could actually be worth quite a bit more.

Free shipping happens at Best Buy when you spend $25, so you might want to see what else you can add to your cart so you don’t pay shipping fees. For me, the shipping fees were $5.99. You could also stock up and get a pair or two for friends (so you all match ;)).

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March 26

Best Buy Canada: Sealy Baby Posturpedic Crib Mattress Was $170 | Now $100 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 26, 2015 at 10:32 AM

Best Buy Canada: Sealy Baby Posturpedic Crib Mattress Was $170 | Now $100 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Having a new baby or know someone who is? This deal from Best Buy is perfect for any new parent who needs this important staple for the nursery. Get the Sealy Baby posturpedic crib mattress from Best Buy, with a regular price of $169.99, now only $99.99 and free shipping.

I actually know a few people having a new baby. One friend is having her first, another her fifth. Either way, both need a new crib mattress for the new crib. I think this is a great deal and I’m going to stress the importance of getting a high quality mattress for baby. The first reason is that you want your baby to be comfortable. I bought a mattress once at Walmart super cheap and it showed. There was a spring sticking into my poor little man’s back, so we got him a new one. The second reason is that you want baby to sleep in his/her crib, so you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Sealy is a popular brand name in mattresses, so you know you are going to get quality.

This mattress has even won awards, which says a lot! It has a coil system that adapts to the movements of your baby with firm support. You want firm support, especially in the early months, as baby can’t really lift his/her head and you don’t want their face squished into the mattress. But, saying that, this mattress is also plush for comfort.

It is Greenguard certified, which means that it has low chemical emissions. New babies are like sponges from their environment, so this is a nice feature, but I’d also suggest setting up the mattress a few months in advance so it off-gases before baby sleeps there.

There are good reviews and one that seems like the reviewer got a defective mattress.

The previous week my daughter was waking up every day around 11 pm, crying. When we changed the mattress she woke up for a little bit the first night, but she stopped doing that. I don’t know if the mattress made any difference, I just know she needed something firm with more support.

I shopped around and found this is the best deal around. Snugglebugz sells this mattress for $190. Toys R Us sells it for $170.

Best Buy offers free shipping on $25, so this item will also come straight to your door without extra fees.

Photo credit: J.K. Califf

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March 25

Trade Up To iPhone 6 From Just $80 With Telus @ Best Buy Friends & Family Sale (March 26th In-Stores Only) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 25, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Trade Up To iPhone 6 From Just $80 With Telus @ Best Buy Friends & Family Sale (March 26th In Stores Only) (EXPIRED)

I love iPhones a little too much to agree with the funny image above of the iPhone 6 bending down to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but the fake ad is a genius one nonetheless! Speaking of iPhones, tomorrow on March 25th, Best Buy will be having a Friends & Family Sale with the possibility to trade up to an iPhone 6 for as low as $79.99. This offer is only with a Telus plan, but there are other offers clients of Bell, Rogers and Virgin Mobile.

The iPone 6 trade-in offer is the one that most caught my attention because not only I’m with Telus myself but I also have the iPhone 5s. When the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus first came out, I contemplated switching but ultimately opted not to shell out the big bucks to upgrade to the newest toy.

This trade-in offer has captured my attention though because I figure that once the new iPhone comes out in September (nothing is confirmed of course but there is quite the pattern of new iPhones being released every September), then I could potentially have an easier time selling the latest model online as opposed to the one before that. Plus, my hubby has the iPhone 6 and I must say, there is a noticeable difference in the picture quality between the 5s and the 6!

With Best Buy’s Friends & Family Sale, anyone with Telus could get the:

  • iPhone 6 16GB for just $129.99 (reg. $264.99) or $79.99 after trade-in
  • iPhone 6 Plus 16GB for $239.99 (reg. $374.99) or $189.99 after trade-in

The 64GB and 128GB iPhones are also available but prices aren’t listen online, which means that you would have to visit your local store to find out what these are.

The only fine print is that this discount is on “select 2-year new activation or renewal”. Now the only thing is that there is no specification as to the kind of phone that you can trade in. It’s unclear whether you need to have an iPhone to get an iPhone or if you can bring in a Samsung from another service provider. With regards to a renewal, it’s also unclear if your contract needs to be close to the end of its term or not either.

In either case, if you have been wanting the newest iPhone, then this deal is definitely worth checking out in-stores. I don’t suggest you wait until the end of the day either as iPhone deals tend to sell out like hot cakes.

If you would prefer to get a Samsung phone, then you could potentially also get one for free, along with up to a $150 gift card. For the Samsung Galaxy S5, you would have to go with Bell or Rogers or for the S4, you have the choice between Koodo, Virgin Mobile or Fido.

Other offers include but are now limited to:

  • 20% off Beats headphones & speaker with activation of Apple products
  • 20% off Case-Mate iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus cases
  • 10% off wearable tech products

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March 23

Best Buy Canada: King Koil Gel & Memory Foam Pillow Was $90 | Now $40 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 23, 2015 at 9:18 AM

Best Buy Canada: King Koil Gel & Memory Foam Pillow Was $90 | Now $40 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

If you are in the market for your next great sleep, start at your pillow. This Smart Gel pillow is on sale from $89.99, now to $39.99, and you’ll also get free shipping thrown in as well.

I recently bought a pillow just like this and paid quite a bit of money for it. I truly believe your pillow is the gateway to a good sleep. I take my pillow with me anywhere I go that I need to sleep in a different bed when I can. In fact, a few weeks ago I was away at a conference and forgot my pillow. I feel like I got zero sleep that night.

What’s awesome about this pillow besides that it is $50 off, is that has memory foam to conform to your head and neck, but its not like those ones that you sink right into and get suffocated by the pillow cradling around your face. What’s also great is that it has smart gel, which keeps you cool. If you are menopausal, post-partum or too hot when you sleep, this pillow is a godsend. I remember one of the worst problems I went through after having a baby is that I couldn’t stop sweating. This pillow would have really helped with that.

There are four reviews on Best Buy’s website and they all give this pillow a five-star rating:

This is a very comfortable pillow. Hugs your head but gives support. I sleep on my side and my neck does not kink at all. I highly recommend it.

Shopping around, I found this pillow selling at Walmart for $49. While that is not the regular price posted on Best Buy’s site, Best Buy still beats this price by $10 and Walmart is also out of stock. Future Shop has it on sale, but for $53.99.

I wouldn’t wait to ask around if anyone has this pillow, as I know it is going to sell out quickly. It is also a today only deal.

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March 16

Best Buy & Future Shop: Fisher-Price Grow-with-Me High Chair Was $100 | Now $60 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 16, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Best Buy & Future Shop: Fisher Price Grow with Me High Chair Was $100 | Now $60 & Free Shipping

Best Buy and Future Shop have discounted the Fisher-Price Grow-with-Me High Chair from $99.99 down to $59.99. As the high chair costs over $25, the Grow-with-Me chair will ship for free to your home.

There are several different colours of this high chair, but Best Buy and Future Shop only have the brown colourway discounted. I price compared with three other stores. Walmart Canada sells this high chair for $99.97. Sears Canada has two different Fisher-Price Grow-with-Me High Chair colours priced at $99.99 each. The only place I found as good a deal as the twins (BB & FS), is at Amazon Canada where the chair is also on sale for $59.99. It is the #1 bestseller in baby high chairs right now. However, only 10 are left in stock at Amazon.

Because of the bestselling rating on Amazon, and how little stock Amazon has left, I figured this was certainly a deal worth blogging about. I know that Future Shop and Best Buy will tell you whether stock falls below 20; thus, both the retail giants have ample stock right now.

Neither Future Shop nor Best Buy had reviews for the product, so I consulted Amazon. One reviewer was quite precise in what she wanted from a high chair:

Great high chair. I bought this one because it isn’t upholstered like a sofa. Seriously, what is with almost every other high chair. These things get slathered in food so I wanted one with minimal, easy to remove and wash padding. This chair is perfect for that and it is simple to use.

Other reviewers tend to like the high chair but find it narrower than others they have used. This makes the chair compact, but it can be hard to retrieve your flailing food sprinkler. Some reviewers thought it was perfect for babies, while others said it works better for toddlers.

There is an added bonus of shopping baby supplies at Future Shop and Best Buy right now. Get $25 off your next baby purchase of $50+ when you spend $100+ on baby and kids products right now. As the Baby Sale is going on, with up to 40% off baby supplies, this is an excellent time to be shopping for a new addition to the family.

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March 15

Best Buy Canada: 40″ Dynex 1080p HDTV Was $400 | Now $250 & Free Shipping

Posted by on March 15, 2015 at 7:16 PM

Best Buy Canada: 40 Dynex 1080p HDTV Was $400 | Now $250 & Free Shipping

Go and buy yourself a television at Best Buy – right now. Best Buy Canada has discounted the Dynex 40″ 1080p 60Hz LED TV (DX-40D510NA15) from $399.99 down to $249.99. While larger TVs have a $49.99 handling charge, this 40″ Dynex comes with free shipping!

Okay my lovelies! It is time for price comparing this television. Often, I find price comparing TVs difficult because certain retailers only carry certain brands – and whatnot. I could only find this HDTV (In Canada) at Best Buy’s sister store. Future Shop currently has the sale television on sale from $499.99 down to $299.99. Best Buy’s price is $50 better.

This is a full (1080p) HD TV for beautiful colours and rich landscapes. The Dynex 40″ HDTV provides 1920 x 1080 HD for all your pictures, videos, and more. Combine this television with your favourite HD movies for a mind-blowing experience at an affordable price.

This TV has the following ports:

  • 2 high speed HDM (shared HDMI/DVI)
  • USB port
  • shared component video
  • composite video with audio
  • antenna/cable
  • 3.5mm PC/DVI audio input

Most reviewers on Best Buy purchased this TV while it was on sale. I read the first six or seven reviews; all of them thought the Dynex television was good value for the price. One reviewer said:

Got this TV on sale, great price for the size. Not the sharpest graphics but I dont need cinema quality. Built in speakers are also really loud, haven’t felt the need to get a sound bar yet. Good value in my opinion.

Other reviewers have suggested using custom settings (not base image settings) for a better picture. One reviewer detailed out some settings for you to try to improve the picture quality.

Turned down backlight, turned off overscan, aspect ratio normal, noise reduction low, adaptive contrast off, dcr off or low. Using these settings and the picture looks great.

Try following those setting suggests for the best picture quality. Many reviewers praise the volume of this television and say the size is good. Two HDMI ports are sufficient for most people as well. The television is an excellent price especcialy with free shipping.

Depending on your province, there may be an environmental fee tacked on to your television. For BC, that fee is $23.25.

Want to know more about this television? Check out the following video.

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March 14

Best Buy Canada Online Only Sale Starts @ 8pm Tonight: Up To 75% Off Luggage, Jewellery, Electronics, & More! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 14, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Best Buy Canada Online Only Sale Starts @ 8pm Tonight: Up To 75% Off Luggage, Jewellery, Electronics, & More! (EXPIRED)

Don’t have plans this evening? Then make sure to check out Best Buy’s Online Only Sale. It starts at 8pm ET on the dot and is set to only last a grand total of 14 hours.

Here’s a summary of the deals that you can expect to see once the clock strikes 8pm tonight:

  • Up to $300 off laptops
  • Various deals on external hard drives
  • Discounts on big screen TVs
  • Up to 30% off already reduced home audio
  • Discounts on fitness watches
  • Up to $100 off select home surveillance
  • Up to $160 off DSLR & compact system cameras
  • 10% off select lenses & flashes
  • 15% off major appliances
  • 15% off select vacuums
  • Up to 30% off select headphones
  • 10% off select pre-order games
  • Up to 75% off select luggage
  • Up to 64% off select backpacks & business cases
  • Up to 64% off select Casio Sport watches
  • Up to 65% off select jewellery

I’m always attracted to the external hard drives first and I spotted the WD My Book 6TB 3.5″ external hard drive on sale for $249.99 (reg. $299.99). It’s unclear whether this hard drive will perhaps be further reduced once the sale goes live or if maybe, it will be part of the sale, but in any case, it’s a great deal. I found this same hard drive for $299.99 at Newegg, where it was actually originally priced at $349.99 — so as you can see, it’s definitely a great price reduction if you need an extra large capacity external hard drive.

Shipping is free on orders over $25 but you could potentially to pick up your order in-stores instead as well. I  have done this before and it’s a super easy process. Instead of clicking on “add to cart” on the item that you want, all you need to do is click the yellow “reserve in store”. After entering some basic information, you will be given 24 hours to pick up your order in-stores, assuming that the item you want is in-stock. This is an online-only sale though, so I wouldn’t advise showing up at your local Best Buy store without having it reserved first.

(Image Credit: MikeyPhillips)

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March 14

Best Buy & Future Shop Canada: Bosch Tassimo T65 Was $170 | Now $70 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 14, 2015 at 3:19 PM

Best Buy & Future Shop Canada: Bosch Tassimo T65 Was $170 | Now $70 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Wake up and smell the coffee, Moosers! Future Shop & Best Buy Canada have a great deal on the Bosch Tassimo T65 Single Serve Brewer right now. If you are still deciding between Keurig or Tassimo, this might help sway your decision. This Tassimo T65 Single Serve Twilight Titanium Coffee Maker would have normally cost you $169.99, but right now you will pay just $69.99. You’ll even get free shipping.

The Tassimo T65 Twilight Titanium Single Serve Coffee Maker is an excellent solution if you are in need of a compact brewing unit for your counter top. For the low price of $69.99, you really won’t complain. At one touch of a button you will get a perfect cup of coffee (or other beverage) every time. This particular brewer is also stylish, which makes it a great addition to your home or office. I couldn’t be more thankful for my Tassimo brewer. All I have to do is insert my desired flavour T-Disc and press the button. Just be sure to press the “plus” button to add more if you have a larger cup.

To make sure you are getting the best price around, I did a little price comparison. has this Tassimo T65 brewer for $79 but it is already sold out. also has this brewer for $179.99. This price seems to be a little inflated though seeing as has this exact Tassimo brewer for only $99.98 right now. Either way, the price you see at Future Shop and Best Buy is the best price around.

M y only real complain in regards to the Tassimo brewers, is the lack of flavours. Compared to the Keurig, Tassimo really needs to add more flavours to their selection. I can get my favourites like Tim Hortons Coffee or French Vanilla, but there is not a wide variety of hot chocolates or other hot beverages like Keurig has. With Target’s closing sales, you might be able to get some great discounts on T-Discs.

Here is a customer review on this Tassimo T65 Twilight Titanium Single Serve Coffee Maker:

The Tassimo system is way better than the Keurig one that I used for 2 years. I find all the Keurig coffees taste like plastic which the Tassimo thankfully doesn’t do!

The brewer itself is great. The build quality is great, I love the look of the brewer too. The reservoir is great and very convenient to have, the setup for the brewer is very easy. So far I’ve made lots of different types of brewed coffees, espressos, tea and chai latte. I haven’t tried hot chocolate yet.

Whether you snag this deal at or, you will enjoy free shipping either way. Both retailers offer free standard shipping on orders over $25 after discounts.

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March 13

Best Buy Canada: 60% Off King Koil Foam Mattresses

Posted by on March 13, 2015 at 1:00 PM

Best Buy Canada: 60% Off King Koil Foam Mattresses

Best Buy Canada is offering 60% off single and double memory foam mattresses (6″). The single mattress was $299.99 and is now only $119.99. The double mattress was $399.99 and is now $159.99. Both mattresses qualify for free shipping.

We have had a deal or two on foam mattresses before. At the beginning of February, I had found a deal on LUCID foam mattresses on Therefore, I decided to compare the King Koil back against the current LUCID prices.

Currently, the LUCID 6″ single mattress costs $159.99 at Amazon Canada, so Best Buy Canada’s price on the King Koil is better by $40. The LUCID double mattress costs $189.99 at right now, so you are saving $30 for the same thickness of mattress.

I also price compared with Walmart Canada. While these are out of stock, Walmart Canada had the single mattress priced at $199 and the double mattress priced at $249.

I think the single mattress is the best deal, as I have never seen one for $120 before. These are great mattresses for kids. I have read many blog posts about parents buying single foam mattresses to complete bunk beds for their kids. They are the perfect size and thickness.

The Kink Koil mattresses provide a form level of support. People prefer foam as it conforms to your body. Thus, it reduced pressure points and helps keep the spinal column in a natural position. If you have ever woken up with a sore back, you know that your back is out of alignment as you sleep.

The mattress is both hypoallergenic and dust mite-resistant. It includes a removable and washable aloe very quilted cover. This cover will help you keep the mattress itself clean. Sometimes the sheets slip off my bed during particularly active nights, so a mattress cover helps keep a continual barrier between my skin and the mattress.

The first layer is made of 2″ high-density Theratouch memory foam. The second layer is made of 4″ high performance support foam. Together, you receive 6″ of support.

The mattress is rather heavy. You could pick it up in store, but free shipping is a very nice benefit when it comes to something this size and weight. This is a weekend deal only, so purchase your foam mattresses over the next few days.

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March 9

Best Buy Canada: 50% Off Baby’s First Mobile and Bumper Sets

Posted by on March 9, 2015 at 10:06 PM

Best Buy Canada: 50% Off Babys First Mobile and Bumper Sets

Best Buy Canada is offering 50% off Baby’s First bumper sets and mobiles. Orders of $25 or more will ship to your home for free.


First off, let us look at some precious mobiles for your baby. The Baby’s First Musical Mobile – Safari was $39.99 and is now on sale for $19.99. This adorable mobile will fit on most cribs and cradles. The safari mobile plays a Brahms’ lullaby while your little one watches the cute little safari animals. A lion, elephant, giraffe, and a monkey swing from the mobile.

Secondly, the Baby’s First Musical Mobile – Owl Swing is on sale from $49.99 down to $24.99. I love the colour scheme of blue and yellow on this mobile and think it is my favourite of the two. The mobile plays a Brahm lullaby and your wee one will enjoy the owl and birds above.

Bumper Sets

Bumper sets come in matching colours and patterns to the above two mobiles! The Baby’s First Crib Bumper Set – Safari is an excellent match for the mobile above and will really tie your baby’s room together. Originally $39.99, the safari bumper set is on sale for $19.99.

As you might expect, there is also a sale bumper set to match the gorgeous owls. The Baby’s First Crib Bumper Set – Owl Swing was $59.99 and is now on sale for $29.99. The pastel yellow and blue colour is carried throughout the bumpers.

You will probably want to buy a set. The safari set is the least expensive – coming to $39.98 for the set. However, you want a set that you will like looking at for a couple years, so the owl set might match your tastes for. That set, when put together, costs just a bit more at $54.98.

This is part of a larger sale on Baby’s First items. There are many items on sale but these were the best deals. If you are looking for other matching pieces, be sure to check out the rest of the sale. Purchase sheets, bedding, crib sets, and more.

I tried price comparing these items with other retailers. I found a pink version of the Safari at Sears Canada for $39.99. I found bumper sets by Baby’s First for $34.97 at Walmart Canada. Overall, I am quite pleased with this deal and hope our Moosers love it.

Thanks to FeliciaC for posting this deal on our forum.

(Expiry: 19th March 2015)

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March 7

Best Buy & Future Shop Canada: 45% Off Sony 32GB Micro SDHC Class 10 Memory Card – Now Just $18 (HOT!)

Posted by on March 7, 2015 at 9:10 AM

Best Buy & Future Shop Canada: 45% Off Sony 32GB Micro SDHC Class 10 Memory Card   Now Just $18 (HOT!)

Need a memory card or two? Then grab yourself a couple of Sony 32GB micro SDHC class 10 memory cards at either Best Buy or Future Shop as they are going for $17.99 (reg. $$32.99) apiece — that’s $15 off. Quantities are limited, so don’t miss this awesome deal!

This Sony 32GB memory card features transfer speeds of up to 40MBs and comes with a microSD adapter for use in full-size SD card slots. It’s also waterproof but I don’t suggest you make it a habit of submerging it in water. Best Buy & Future Shop Canada: 45% Off Sony 32GB Micro SDHC Class 10 Memory Card   Now Just $18 (HOT!)

As a class 10, this memory card is best suited for full HD images, HD video recording and continuous shooting. In short, it’s great to use in cameras, phones, tablets, dash cameras and just about anywhere else!

Arguably, the Adata 32GB Premier memory card is cheaper at NCIX as it’s on sale for $14.99 (reg. $29.98) but it isn’t as fast as the Sony one. While the Adata has a maximum read speed of 30 MBps, the Sony’s one is 40MBps. Plus, Sony is just a better known brand than Adata.

There are no reviews for it on Best Buy’s site, but at Future Shop, there are actually 3 reviews with 5/5 stars each! Here’s what one reviewer had to say about the Sony 32GB memory card:

Transfers my movies in less than a minute. I bought it for my Dell venue 8 pro tablet and it works great. It’s just amazing how much stuff you can store on a tiny piece of plastic. I got it on sale but it’s worth every penny.

Speaking of storing large amounts of data on a small piece of plastic, the 64GB of this Sony memory car, which was on sale for $42.99 (reg. $74.99)is actually already sold out at both stores, so you can just imagine how fast the 32GB might sell out! Keep in mind that some devices have a 32GB internal storage cap, so make sure to read the manual first.

Shipping is only free on orders over $25, so you will either need to get a filler item or you can also reserve at your local store while supplies last.

(Expiry: 12th March 2015)

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March 3

Best Buy: Apple iPad Mini 2 w/ Cellular – 64GB Was $600 | Now $480

Posted by on March 3, 2015 at 4:53 PM

Best Buy: Apple iPad Mini 2 w/ Cellular   64GB Was $600 | Now $480

Best Buy (and Future Shop) has discounted the Apple iPad mini 2 – 64GB – Wi-Fi/3G/4G from $599.99 down to $479.99 with free shipping. This is the ‘with cellular’ version and includes 64GB of space.

If you do not need the latest model of iPad Mini (the mini 3), then this is an excellent offer. I price compared with other companies to ensure this was a good deal. At Apple Canada, the iPad mini 2 (32 GB) with cellular retails for $519. Note that Apple Canada no longer sells the larger memory version, which Best Buy has. Thus, at Apple you would pay more for a smaller unit. Chapters Canada and Staples Canada also have the 32GB model for $519. The only place i found the 64GB iPad 2 with cellular is at Walmart. At Walmart, this unit costs $658.

Future Shop is the sister store of Best Buy, so their prices currently match. If the Apple iPad Mini 2 goes out of stock at Best Buy, just hop over to Future Shop to see if there are any left there. Currently, Best Buy has several special offers that you can combine with the Apple iPad Mini 2 with cellular. Some of these are in store only promotions and some of these are available online.


  • Save $20 on Microsoft Office with your purchase of the iPad Mini 2
  • Save $20 on a Logitech Keyfolio with your purchase of the iPad Mini 2 – Retails $89.99 | Your price $69.99

In Store

  • Pay $0 upfront (save $480) on this iPad with TELUS Easy Tablet.
  • Receive a bonus $50 gift card when you activate this iPad in-store with TELUS Easy Tablet

For in store deals, you can reserve online today for same day pick up at your local store.

The Microsoft deal is nice to combine with this sale. Microsoft Office 365 starts at $69.99 for the personal version. With this deal, you would receive Microsoft Office for just $49.99. Other versions are a bit more expensive.

I am a fan of Apple products overall, and I think this is one good deal on a new Apple tablet. While I cannot say much about the TELUS Easy Tablet offer, I would personally look into it if I were buying this tablet. A bonus $50 gift card is nothing to sniff at. I am also curious how they can give you the phone up front free; I am assuming the $480 cost goes on a two-year tab.

(Expiry: 5th March 2015)

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February 25

Best Buy: $20 Off 2 Packs of Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes (480 each) – $40 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Posted by on February 25, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Best Buy: $20 Off 2 Packs of Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes (480 each)   $40 & Free Shipping  (EXPIRED)

Best Buy Canada is offering $20 off when you purchase two packs of Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes (480 count). The Alvera Bamboo Baby Wipes retail for $29.99 each, so when you purchase two packs they price comes down two for $39.99 or approximately $19.99 each.

I price compared this deal with other retailers. Best Buy’s sister store has the same offer on right now, so if Best Buy sells out then you can purchase them at Future Shop Canada instead.

As for other retailers, one box of 480 wipes costs $29.98 at Amazon Canada and $24.99 at Babies R Us Canada (free shipping at $25). does not sell the 480 packs, but their 240 packs are $14.99. If you times that by two, it is essentially $29.98 for 480 wipes.

These baby wipes are made with unbleached organic bamboo. Bamboo is soft to the touch, so they will not agitate your baby’s skin. You may be surprised that these wipes are not white, but beige is the natural colour of bamboo fibres. Now, bamboo is an excellent material for wipes as it contains a natural anti-bacterial agent known as Bamboo Kun. It is also 100% biodegradable so your wipes are good for the environment as well.

Not only are these Aleva Naturals Bamboo Baby Wipes made of organic bamboo, they have also been treated with natural and organic oils. Your baby’s skin will enjoy organic aloe vera, certified organic chamomile oil, tea tree oil, natural lavender oil, and natural green tea extracts. Talk about a pampered bottom!

I was looking at reviews for these wipes, and they often get a 5/5 star review on the websites I was looking at. Parents, like the following reviewer, will only use these wipes:

Love these wipes, they smell amazing … can’t go back to the other ones anymore (they all smell fake now). They do a great job and don’t leave a rash on my baby’s delicate skin. Only drawback is there kind of expensive.

As these wipes are a bit expensive, it is nice to have a deal like this on when you can save on a couple large packs.

Now, if you are busy shopping for baby there is another deal you will want to use. Right now, you can get a BABYBJORN Safe Step for $5 (was $29.99) when you spend $100 or more on VIVA baby products.

Get free shipping on $25 or more.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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February 23

Contest Round Up: $1000 Best Buy Gift Card, 7-Day Caribbean Cruise & More!

Posted by on February 23, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Contest Round Up: $1000 Best Buy Gift Card, 7 Day Caribbean Cruise & More!

Don’t despair Moosers: February is almost over and this means that winter is quickly coming to an end as well! Hang in there just a while longer and enter the contests below for a chance to win some great prizes.

Contest Round Up: $1000 Best Buy Gift Card, 7 Day Caribbean Cruise & More!Kobo

Daily chance to win Kobo Aura H2O eReader

Contest Round Up: $1000 Best Buy Gift Card, 7 Day Caribbean Cruise & More!Loulou

Win 1/4 prizes (Fossil watch, 2XU leggings,
Corona jewellery or L’Occitane skincare set)

Contest Round Up: $1000 Best Buy Gift Card, 7 Day Caribbean Cruise & More!Dyson

Win the Cinetic DC77 vacuum ($699 value)

Contest Round Up: $1000 Best Buy Gift Card, 7 Day Caribbean Cruise & More!Lands’ End

Trip for 2 to British Virgin

Islands (+ $3,000 cash)

Contest Round Up: $1000 Best Buy Gift Card, 7 Day Caribbean Cruise & More!Coup Boutique

Win a pair of Senso shoes

Contest Round Up: $1000 Best Buy Gift Card, 7 Day Caribbean Cruise & More!Linen Chest

7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise

Contest Round Up: $1000 Best Buy Gift Card, 7 Day Caribbean Cruise & More!Food Network

Baking prize pack ($250 value)

Contest Round Up: $1000 Best Buy Gift Card, 7 Day Caribbean Cruise & More!Breakfast Club

Up to $500 Walmart gift card

Contest Round Up: $1000 Best Buy Gift Card, 7 Day Caribbean Cruise & More!Ellen Degeneres

$1000 Best Buy gift card

Good luck Moosers!

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February 23

Today Only @ Best Buy Canada: 50% Off Montecito Bonded High-Back Chair + NO TAX & Free Shipping – Now $150 (expired)

Posted by on February 23, 2015 at 11:45 AM

Today Only @ Best Buy Canada: 50% Off Montecito Bonded High Back Chair + NO TAX & Free Shipping   Now $150 (expired)

Need a new office chair? Today only, Best Buy has discounted the Montecito bonded high-back manager & executive chair by 50% off. It was originally priced as high as $299.99 but is now just $149.98. Plus, you won’t be any tax on it as part of Best Buy’s current “no tax on all furniture” event and it will also be shipped for free — can’t get any better than that!

Made of bonded leather, the Montecito chair has soft to the touch exterior, a pneumatic seat adjustment along with fixed and padded armrests. It’s high back chair, which is ideal for the spine. It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

I love the look of this chair. It looks like a professional and elegant chair that could easily make any home office look more upscale. A couple of these could even be bought for numerous people at a small office but just don’t forget that this deal will end at midnight tonight as part of Best Buy’s Daily Deal Countdown, during which different markdowns are offered on a daily basis until February 26th.

Don’t panic when you see tax fees get added to your shopping cart once you go to checkout because the tax total will then be subtracted from the price of the chair, putting the total at $149.98. It’s just Best Buy’s way of applying the no tax promotion.

Today Only @ Best Buy Canada: 50% Off Montecito Bonded High Back Chair + NO TAX & Free Shipping   Now $150 (expired)

Reviews are mixed. At Best Buy’s site, the Montecito has 7 reviews and a total of 2.7/5 stars. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about it:

After a relatively easy assembly, the chair is very comfortable. Only had brief difficulties attaching the arms. Chair lifts and drops, however does not recline. Aside from that, overall great computer chair.

However, I also found the Montecito chair at Staples for $223.34 and 21 reviews with a total of 4/5 stars with comments like this one:

This is the best chair I’ve ever bought. My son assembled it in no time; it’s comfortable, high enough, and doesn’t squeak. Since we always fight for it, I’m buying another one!

As you can see, it really seems to be a matter of preference.

Usually, Best Buy ships all orders over $25 for free but I wasn’t sure that it would apply to this chair as well. I’m happy to report that it does indeed qualify for free shipping, which is particularly awesome for those of you who don’t have a car or perhaps have one that is too small to fit a large box.

(Expiry: 23rd February 2015)

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