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November 12 Up to 50% Off Sale & Extra 50% Off ALL Sale Bench Clothing & Free Shipping

Posted by on November 12, 2015 at 12:00 PM Up to 50% Off Sale & Extra 50% Off ALL Sale Bench Clothing & Free Shipping is offering up to 50% off Bench tops, pants, hoodies, jackets, and more right now at As a special promotion, is also offering an extra 50% off all Bench sale clothing (30% off non-sale clothing). With free shipping on all orders, now is an excellent time to stock up on some basic layering essentials for fall.

I was looking for some warm layering pieces and found a few great little zip-up jackets that would do just fine. This Bench Euphoric Zip Thru – Rose Violet Marl was $99 and is now on sale for $69.99. In your cart, this top comes down to $34.99. That is a grand total of 65% off the original price. I chose this zip-up top primarily because it is warm, cosy, perfect for winter, and still available in all sizes: XS through XL. Read the rest of this entry »

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October 1 Up to 50% Off Bench Tops & Extra 30% Off – Under $14 & Free Shipping

Posted by on October 1, 2015 at 2:35 PM Up to 50% Off Bench Tops & Extra 30% Off   Under $14 & Free Shipping is offering an extra 30% off already discounted Bench gear on their website. With discounts up to 50% off right now, you can score some nice tanks and t-shirts starting at $10.49 each with free shipping.

This Bench Hiyer B Vest – Greymarl for women was $29 and is now on sale for $14.99. Simply add the shirt to your cart to receive an extra 30% off, bringing the top down to $10.49 with free shipping. This women’s top is currently available in both medium and large. Next, there are quite a few tops currently on sale for $19.99 before the additional discount. This means that when you add them to your cart, they will come down to just $13.99 each. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 3 75% Off Bench Spaceit Dress – Now $19.99 & Free Shipping

Posted by on August 3, 2015 at 1:14 PM 75% Off Bench Spaceit Dress   Now $19.99 & Free Shipping is offering an extra 50% off all sale Bench Clothing right now. I found this Bench Spaceit dress on sale from $79 down to $39.99 right now. Once you add the dress to your cart, an extra $20 is taken off, thus bringing the Spaceit dress down to just $19.99 – 75% off the original price. The dress will also receive free shipping and it is currently available in all sizes (extra-small through extra-large).

Free Shipping is the key to why Bench deals are better on than on Bench Canada’s own website. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 7 Bench Beanie Was $25 | Now $3.99 & Free Shipping

Posted by on July 7, 2015 at 1:00 PM Bench Beanie Was $25 | Now $3.99 & Free Shipping

The extra 50% off sale Bench items deal is back at While rummaging the sale, I came across this lovely little winter toque: the Bench Kudoo Turn Up Booble Beanie – Chilli Pepper in colour. Originally $25, the beanie is on sale for $7.99. After the extra 50% off in your cart, this beanie comes down to $3.99. Receive free shipping on any size order at

There is really not much to say about this Bench Beanie. It features a primarily red (and variations therein) multi-coloured pattern with large square checks. In contrast to the various reds, there are also black checks. The front part of the beanie folds over for additional warmth on your forehead. The Bench logo is knit around the head. For additional kitsch, there is a giant red pom-pom on the top of the head.

Now, this beanie is the same price at Bench Canada ($4 – so a one cent difference), but the big difference is’s free shipping policy. At Bench, you would have to pay nearly $10 just to get this toque shipped. The deal is just far superior at

Do note, when adding this beanie to your cart, you need to click the ‘1 sz’ square or you will sit there wondering why the product is not adding to your cart – like I did. has changed their cart layout for checkout so the discount does not show on the product line. Rather, the discount shows up in the order summary.

With the extra 50% off Bench items at checkout, now is a fantastic time to stock up on one of your favourite brands. This Purna Zip Thru – Griffin Marl is on sale from $99 down to $49.99. In your cart, this sweet jacket comes down to just $24.99. Sizes large and extra-large are still available. You can also buy the jacket in Jet Black Marl for the same price. Size medium is still in stock.

For my money, this Convexed Zip Thru Hoody is gold. Originally $129, the hoodie is on sale for $69.99. In my cart, the hoodie comes down to $34.99. All sizes are currently in stock but I do not think that will last for long! I find Bench hoodies fit small. If you want to layer, then I recommend sizing up. I always go for an XL in Bench women’s hoodies.

If you spend $100 or more, use our exclusive coupon codes for an addition $40+ off.

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June 28

Bench Canada: Higgins II Gilet Vest Was $99 | Now $35 + Shipping

Posted by on June 28, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Bench Canada: Higgins II Gilet Vest Was $99 | Now $35 + Shipping

Bench Canada is offering an extra 50% off their clearance section. If you are looking to pick up some new Bench gear, then this is the sale for you. I found this Higgins II Gilet sleeveless vest on sale from $99 down to $69.99. After the extra 50% off, you will pay just $35 for this top.

Vests are the perfect layering pieces for spring, fall, winter, and cool summer evenings. A sleeveless vest can be layered on top of long-sleeve shirts or short-sleeve shirts for different looks and different levels of warmth. You always want to keep your core body warm, thus vests are a pretty good edition to your wardrobe. This Higgins vest is lightweight and leaves your arms free for superior mobility to a jacket.

Higgins II Gilet vest comes in grey with a white bench logo on the chest. Not only is this a vest – but it is also a hidden hoodie too! The zipper around the neck hides a packable cotton-lined hood. The vest itself is water repellent. The quilted vest features elasticized arm holes and hem for a balloon effect. All sizes are in stock: from XS through XL.

Shipping costs $9.95 unless you reach the free shipping minimum of $99. I recommend some other hot deals in the Bench clearance sale to fill up your cart.

The convertor zip thru hoodie is on sale from $99 down to a final price of $35. This slim-fitting hoddie can be worn two ways: the silky side out or the terry cloth side out. It can also be zipped into an outer shell for added warmth. Sizes small and large are still in stock.

This Rising B Sweat (Jet Black Marl) is also a very good deal. Originally $119, the jacket is on sale for just $40. Only size extra-small is left – unfortunate as I would buy this sexy little black jacket if it was still available in my size.

In the men’s section, one of the best deals is on this Alternative II G Jacket (Smoked Pearl) on sale from $129 down to $40 after additional discount. Sizes are quite limited so pounce on this deal as fast as you can.

Many items in the sale section are starting at less than $10. This Bench Kudoo Turn Up Booble Beanie is the perfect addition to your cart if you only need a few dollars more. Originally $25, this beanie will only cost you $4!

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June 4 Bench Apparel Up To 63% Off PLUS Additional 40% Off Reduced Merchandise + Free Shipping

Posted by on June 4, 2015 at 5:30 PM Bench Apparel Up To 63% Off PLUS Additional 40% Off Reduced Merchandise + Free Shipping

There is something about Bench clothing that I am addicted to, and it is definitely not the price tags. Bench Canada has a higher price bracket on their clothing, which is why I love to watch for great deals and promotions. Right now you can shop at and get a great discount on Bench clothing. You will receive an additional 40% off already reduced merchandise, which is fabulous considering some items are already on sale for up to 63% off the regular price. offers free shipping & free returns as well.

I tried to pick just one item to blog about here, for more of a focus. The problem is that there are too many good deals on Bench clothing during this promotion. I couldn’t pick just one! So, ladies and gentlemen, start browsing. I am sure these offers won’t last long.

The Bench Rising B Sweat jacket in Jet Black Marl was originally price at $119. It is on sale for $69.99, but with the additional 40% off you will be left paying just $41.99. This jacket is available in medium, large and extra-large at this time. I find Bench fits a little odd. Where I would normally be a small, I usually order a medium from Bench Canada.

The Bench Convexed Zip Thru Hoody is also a hot buy right now. All sizes are available in this trendy dark-purple jacket. It was originally on sale from $129 down to $69.99. Again after applying your 40% discount in your cart on, you will be left paying just $41.99. I love the design of the zipper combined with this rich colour. I added this one to my shopping cart. You can’t beat that price, for sure.

For the guys, this Bench Merevale Overhead Hoody is on sale for a great price too. The price started at $109 and went down to $54.99. While that price already sounds good, you will be amazed that the price drops down to just $32.99. ships fast enough that this might even make a fabulous Father’s Day gift, among the other men’s items available in the Bench store on also offers free shipping with no minimum purchase. Actually, they even offer free returns. If you are not happy with the product or the sizing, you can send it back at no cost for you. That makes up for not being able to try on the merchandise before making your purchase.

(Expiry: 8th June 2015 @ 12 AM EST)

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May 14

Bench Canada: Up To 70% Off Sale Items PLUS Extra 40% Off Friends & Family Event PLUS Extra 5% Coupon Code!

Posted by on May 14, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Bench Canada: Up To 70% Off Sale Items PLUS Extra 40% Off Friends & Family Event PLUS Extra 5% Coupon Code!

Do you have your eyes on some jackets or sweaters at, but you don’t want to pay full price? Right now Bench Canada has their Family & Friends Event. Until the 18th of May, you can take 40% off store wide. This discount includes new arrivals and merchandise that already has a reduced price, some of which are reduced by up to 70% off anyway – and the 40% applies on top of that.

In addition, there’s also a coupon code for an extra 5% discount on any items! You just have to sign up to the email newsletters on to get that.

I went straight for the sale section to see what kind of hot deals were there! The 40% off store wide Family & Friends event discount at is automatically applied, there is no coupon code required. Just shop and enjoy the savings. Actually, the reduced prices are shown before you even click on the item. There are plenty of options available for men, women and kids.

The BBQ Jackets have to be the most popular item for women by These jackets were $129 and put on sale for $79.99, but during this event you will pay just $47.99 or $45.59 with the coupon codeThere is quite a variety of colours available, so hopefully your size is still available in the colour you desire. I imagine these sale items will be sold out rather quickly, so snag what you want fast. Here are the colours available in the BBQ II Jacket for just $45.59 at Bench Canada:

There are lots of other items to choose from as well. The Bench Yohstar II Overhead hoodie holds a special place in my closet. This sweater has to be my personal favourite. While the regular cost is $79, that price was discounted to $59.99 and right now you will pay just $35.99 or $34.19 when you add the coupon codeAll sizes are still available, so definitely add this comfortable number to your shopping cart. The Bench logo even has a sparkle touch to it, for a little sugar and spice. I own this sweater in black, but there are so many colours to choose from. At the bottom of the page you will see “Additional Colours Available” and you can select your preference from lilac to red. Basically the entire rainbow is there. even offers free shipping on all orders over $99. With discounts like this, add a few of the items to your shopping cart and you will reach that minimum threshold so you don’t have to worry about any extra fees. Otherwise shipping would cost you $9.95. Either way, shipping takes between 4 – 7 business days.

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May 2

Tigerlily BBQ II Jacket Was $130 | Now $65 + FS On $99 @ Bench Canada

Posted by on May 2, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Tigerlily BBQ II Jacket Was $130 | Now $65 + FS On $99 @ Bench Canada

When someone tells me they have bought a new Bench jacket, the original BBQ Jacket is what I picture. The BBQ Jacket from Bench Canada has to be their top seller. While they can be quite costly at around $130 at regular price, you can also find them on sale once in a while. Right now the Tigerlily (orange) BBQ II Jacket is on sale from $130 down to $64.99 at

Ever wondered why this popular apparel item is named after a BBQ? Bench Canada prints the fabric to feature a grill mark appearance. Kind of silly right? This jacket has become so popular, on rainy days or during slightly cooler weather you are bound to spot some people wearing these. While they may have spent the whopping $130 regular price, you can buy your BBQ II Jacket on sale for just $64.99 and nobody will be able to tell the difference.

There are other colours available if orange isn’t what you were looking for, but unfortunately the prices are a tiny bit higher. The cerise option is gorgeous and just a few dollars more if you were looking to snag two of these jackets for your collection. Here are the other sale options available for the BBQ II Jacket at

The BBQ II Jacket from Bench Canada has lots of awesome features. Rain? No problem. I know from experience that this jacket is water-proof. I got stuck in the pouring rain waiting for a bus while wearing mine. If you’re worried about the rain or wind ruining your hair style, just pull out the fold-able hood from the collar. Be warned though, it never goes back quite the same. The zippered pockets are great if you are prone to losing your phone or change like I am, and who can miss the large Bench logo embroidered across the back of the neck? Lots of people wear these jackets with the collar popped to show off this logo.

You’ll even get free shipping on your order if you spend $99 or more. I am considering throwing two of these jackets in my cart. One for my mom as a gift and one for myself. Then my total will be over $99 and I won’t have to worry about paying the regular shipping & handling fee which is $9.95.

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March 31

Contest Round Up: Stanley Cup 2015 Tickets, Trip To Colombia, Photo Shoot & More!

Posted by on March 31, 2015 at 10:15 PM

Contest Round Up: Stanley Cup 2015 Tickets, Trip To Colombia, Photo Shoot & More!

Can you believe it’s nearly April? Spring is already upon us, summer is that much closer but if this crazy cold weather has been getting you down, then cheer yourself back up by entering these contests for a chance at some pretty awesome prizes.

Contest Round Up: Stanley Cup 2015 Tickets, Trip To Colombia, Photo Shoot & More!


Win trip for 2 to Vancouver

Contest Round Up: Stanley Cup 2015 Tickets, Trip To Colombia, Photo Shoot & More!

L’Oreal Paris

Tickets to Stanley Cup 2015
+$500 spending money

Contest Round Up: Stanley Cup 2015 Tickets, Trip To Colombia, Photo Shoot & More!

Schick Quattro

Spring Break shave pack
+ $100 gift card

Contest Round Up: Stanley Cup 2015 Tickets, Trip To Colombia, Photo Shoot & More!

Book Outlet

Win shelf full of books

Contest Round Up: Stanley Cup 2015 Tickets, Trip To Colombia, Photo Shoot & More!


$1,000 shopping spree
+ baseball signed by
Guerrero & Cabrera

Contest Round Up: Stanley Cup 2015 Tickets, Trip To Colombia, Photo Shoot & More!

Rogers TV

Trip to Memorial Cup

Contest Round Up: Stanley Cup 2015 Tickets, Trip To Colombia, Photo Shoot & More!

Elle Canada

Trip to Colombia
($6000 value)

Contest Round Up: Stanley Cup 2015 Tickets, Trip To Colombia, Photo Shoot & More!


Win a photo shoot
+ weekly gift cards

Contest Round Up: Stanley Cup 2015 Tickets, Trip To Colombia, Photo Shoot & More!

Garden Cocktail

Win $20,000
or other prizes

Good luck Moosers!

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March 31 $15 Bench Shirts with Free Shipping

Posted by on March 31, 2015 at 7:40 PM $15 Bench Shirts with Free Shipping has a few Bench brand shirts on sale for just $14.99 each. All items at qualify for free shipping so this is a good time to pick up a shirt or two from the popular brand Bench.

In the men’s section, we have two different Bench shirts to choose from. This Snooze Slim T-shirt in greymarl is on sale from $35 down to $14.99. The graphic has four old-fashioned alarm clocks on the front. Each alarm clock has one word on it that combine to say “You Snooze You Lose”. Sizes medium and large are still available.

Next, we have the men’s Bench Call In Sick Slim T-shirt in bright white. The graphic features a staircase to the metro on it with some fun play on words in the bubbles. Can you guess what FWRK stands for? Originally $35, the Bench Call in Sick shirt is on sale for $14.99. Sizes small and large are still in stock.

In the women’s section, you have but one choice: the Bench Shootclean C Ss Top in tiger lily was $35, and it is now $14.99. This is a nice, simple, orange top with the Bench logo emblazoned across the front. I like the V-neck and the longer length of this shirt. All sizes are still in stock – from extra-small to extra-large. Some sizes only have a few shirts left. This is a fantastic basic shirt for women that is made of good quality materials. At only $15, you cannot go wrong.

Those are the three shirts I found for only $14.99 with free shipping at For those with a bit larger budget, I wanted to mention a few $20 Bench shirts as well. In the women’s section, there are four Bench shirts on sale for $19.99.

Obviously, the racer back vest is the best deal out of these four shirts. The men have less selection. They can pick up this Bench Jolter Regular Tshirt – Sulphur that is on sale from $39 down to $19.99.

Personally, I think the $15 shirts are my first choice though I might pick up that racer back top as well. With free shipping, it does not matter if you buy one or more shirts – there are no additional costs.

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February 6 75% Off Bench Penaltyloop Dress – Now $29.99 & Free Shipping

Posted by on February 6, 2015 at 11:40 AM 75% Off Bench Penaltyloop Dress   Now $29.99 & Free Shipping is offering 75% off the Bench Penaltyloop Dress. Originally $119.99, this dress is now on sale for just $29.99 with free shipping!

The dress is made of stretch poplin and features a zip up front from the bottom to the neck. Truly, this dress can be dressed up or dressed down. Add some jewellery, seamed stockings, and heels to dress the Penaltyloop dress up. Pair the dress with a pair of wedges or flats and keep it partially unzipped to dress the Penaltyloop down.

There are two front zippered pockets for storage. The seaming adds structure while the stretch poplin allows the dress to mould to your curves. The Bench logo is not quite as bold on this dress as it is on other Bench items. You will find the Bench logo on the metal zipper tabs and on a logo tab at the back of the dress.

Now, Bench Canada has this dress on sale for the same price; however, their shipping cost of $9.95 for orders under $99 makes’s deal the best offer. Sizes extra-small, small, and medium are still in stock as of this time. One reviewer on Bench’s website said:

This dress is so pretty and quality is very good as well. I ordered it online and I have been amazed by the excellent customer service!

If this dress is not your style, is offering up to 75% off Bench Clothing and accessories right now. The dress is one of the steepest discounts I found, but there are other good deals as well. This Bench Hall Kurt Scarf in greymarl was $35, and is now on sale for $9.99.

The Funnelneck Fleece is one of my favourite sale items, originally $79.99, and now only $29.99. I have owned one of these fleece jackets before. They are very warm and great for cool spring and fall days.

For an inexpensive tee, pick up the Bench Spinna Tshirt that was $49, and is now only $9.99. This men’s t-shirt is both good quality, a good brand, and very affordable.

Lastly, this Bench Echo Despatch Bag is a steal right now! Originally $49, the bag is on sale for $14.99. There are only a few bags left in stock so hurry over to to purchase yours as soon as possible.

While Bench Canada is matching some of these prices,’s free shipping on any order with no minimum makes their deal better.

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January 27

Bench: BH Shia PU Jacket Was $159 | Now $39.99 & Shipping

Posted by on January 27, 2015 at 7:30 PM

Bench: BH Shia PU Jacket Was $159 | Now $39.99 & Shipping

Bench Canada has just dropped a bunch of new products in their sale section with an extra 50% off all sale and clearance items. The men’s BH Shia PU Jacket immediately caught my eye as it was $159 and is now discounted to $79.99. In your cart, an extra 50% comes off the jacket bringing it down to just $39.99.

I must have got rather lucky finding this jacket as most sizes are still in stock. Choose from sizes small through XXL right now. The Shia Jacket is made of leatherette in a motorcycle style – no riding experience necessary. The jacket comes with an extended neck flap, which I honestly could not see in the pictures. The quilted interior will help keep you warm on cooler days while you are zipping around looking cool. Zippers around the cuffs allow for expansion. There are also two front slit pockets and a zippered device pocket on the inside at chest level.  Slip your iPhone in there to keep it from sneaking out of your outer pockets.

Overall, you are saving 75% on this jacket after the initial sale price and the extra discount in cart. This jacket deal is one of the best discounts that I found in the sale section. However, if this jacket is not your stile then you may want to check out some of your other options.

The Fullin Zip-through hooded jacket is your ultimate rain jacket on the go. When not in use, it folds up into the hood with a handle. Never be caught in a downpour again without proper protection. Originally $149, the jacket is on sale for $89.99. After adding the jacket to your cart, it comes down to $44.99.

The QuadrupleJup Hoody is the sweetest hybrid sweater you will ever find. The jacket combines wool, a windproof mid-layer, and fleece to create your new best friend for nearly any season. Originally $249.99, the jacket is on sale for $169.99. After adding it to your cart, the jacket comes down to $84.99.

There are many other wonderful deals for men and women in the Bench clearance section now. Have a look and let us know what you end up purchasing.

Shipping is a flat $9.95 if you were to buy just the faux leather jacket. Orders over $99 will ship for free from Bench Canada.

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January 11

Bench Lugeing Zip Thru Orig. $119 | Now $40 @

Posted by on January 11, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Bench Lugeing Zip Thru Orig. $119 | Now $40 @

The beauty of buying Bench tops from is two-fold right now. First, is offering an additional 50% off all Bench wear on their website right now. Second,, unlike Bench themselves, offers free shipping with no minimum purchase. That means you can buy as little as one item and get your top shipped to you at no extra charge. Right now has discounted the Bench Lugeing Zip Thru top from $119 down to $79.99. Once you add this top to your cart, it comes down to $39.99.

I price compared this top with Bench Canada. is selling the black colour way with accent whereas Bench Canada only has the greymarl left in stock. Bench is selling this top for $99 (down from $119), so after the extra 50% off at Bench, it would still cost $49.50. has the better price by nearly $10. This zip thru jacket is available in all sizes from extra-small through extra-large.

Right now also has a few Bench zip tops on sale from $89 to $69.99. When you add one of these tops to your cart, it comes down to just $34.99. These are the three tops on sale for this discount:

Some sizes are already out of stock but for the most part, there are multiple sizes available in each top. Now, you may be wondering why you do not just buy these jackets from Bench. After all, they have the same deal on these cozy zip tops (I checked). Well my dear Moosers, the big difference is that shipping policy aforementioned. Bench Canada requires a minimum purchase of $99 for free shipping or else you will pay $9.95. At, you can purchase any of these tops without worrying about shipping charges.

I have found Bench tops to be very durable and guaranteed to last for years. I have climbed icebergs in mine, suffered through 16-hour flights, and gone caving all nestled in the durable shell of my Bench hoodie. I highly recommend these tops if you want something that will last and handle your active lifestyle as well as you do. I do find they fit a bit snug, so if you have a curvy figure then you may wish to size up.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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January 1

Bench: Alexi Winter Bomber Jacket Was $289 | Now $99.99

Posted by on January 1, 2015 at 2:15 PM

Bench: Alexi Winter Bomber Jacket Was $289 | Now $99.99

The Alexi waterproof bomber jacket from Bench originally cost $289, but is now on sale for $199.99. While that is not a bad sale price, it is still well out of many people’s budgets (including mine). Right now, Bench Canada is offering an extra 50% off all sale items, which brings this jacket down to just $99.99.  As the jacket costs $99 or more, it also qualifies for free shipping. Overall, you save $189 on a new winter coat.

The Alexi jacket comes in cerise – a mixture of lighter and darker pinks. The Alexi is a serious winter jacket that you can take skiing, snowboarding, or skating without freezing your core. The waterproof bomber jacket features heavy insulation and critical taping to keep you warm and dry. The front closes both via zipper (with chin guard) and via snap buttons to lock in the warmth. The hood is also insulated and features adjustable bungee cords for a perfect fit. There are mesh vents under the arms that can be unzipped if you are afraid of overheating and need to keep dry.

The jacket also has two front zippered pockets with button flaps, with a hidden key ring inside one. I like that the adjustable Velcro storm cuffs with elastic cuffs have thumbholes. There is also a cool adjustable fixed snow skirt to keep you toasty warm. All of these features and more make this an exceptional winter jacket for women. You could either spend $100 on a lesser jacket at the beginning of winter in the fall, or buy this jacket now and save $189. The discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Bench: Alexi Winter Bomber Jacket Was $289 | Now $99.99

Sizes XS through XL are all currently in stock right now. I highly recommend consulting the size chart on this item, as I find Bench clothing fits a bit small. In a jacket like this you will want room for clothing underneath so be sure to purchase the right size. While I could fit the XL in terms of bust and waist, my hips are sized out.

The rest of the website is also on sale for 50% off; excluding new arrivals that are only 25% off. This is a very good time to be shopping for new clothing and outerwear at Bench Canada.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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December 14

Bench Alternative U Jacket Only $38.69 (Was $129) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 14, 2014 at 12:25 PM

Bench Alternative U Jacket Only $38.69 (Was $129) (EXPIRED)

Bench Canada is currently offering an extra 50% off their sale merchandise, which naturally makes for some great deals. This men’s Alternative U Jacket is an especially good deal as the original discount is substantial so the added 50% off in your cart really sweetens the deal. Originally $129, the Alternative U Jacket will cost you just $38.69.

This is one of the two best deals you can get on a men’s jacket at Bench Canada right now. I chose this deal to feature as they currently have sizes small, medium, large, and XXL still in stock. Most their other steeply discounted jackets have a size left in stock, not four sizes.

While this jacket looks just like a collared jacket, it actually has a concealed hood on the rear. This is a fantastic feature for those times you are caught out in the elements without proper preparation. Just pop out the hood and presto: your head is no longer getting soaked.

You can expect the usual Bench flair with the Bench logo embroidered on the rear of the collar, and places on the zip pulls as well. The jacket zips up and has two pockets for comfortable hands and as a place to stash goodies.

Now, if you buy just this jacket you are going to have to pay for shipping. Shipping costs $9.95 for orders under $99. While you are saving a boatload of money either way, I suggest loading up on other goodies if you want to make that free shipping minimum.

If you are a size XL, I recommend purchasing the Alternative II Green Jacket. This is one hot buy but only available in one size. Originally $129, the jacket is currently on sale for $51.99. Add it to your cart and that jacket comes down to just $25.99.

For the men, I think these are the two best deals on bench jackets you can buy right now. I like Bench because their jackets and hoodies seem to last forever. I own two that I have owned for seven or so years now and they are holding great.

I assume these will sell out quickly, so do not wait around to find out. I also do not know when the extra 50% off sale items promotion will end.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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