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February 2

Bedhead Pajamas (US): Winter Clearance & Extra 15% Off Coupon

Posted by on February 2, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Bedhead Pajamas (US): Winter Clearance & Extra 15% Off Coupon

Bedhead Pajamas (US) has two deals right now that, when combined, are about the best deal you will ever find on Bedhead Pajamas. Currently their winter clearance sale has traditional pajama sets on sale for as low as $69. There is also a 15% off unique coupon code you can score (and I will show you how) that combines with the clearance pjs.

Do note that all pajamas are in US currency. There will be NO duties as these pajamas are made in the USA and fall under the rules of NAFTA. Shipping is a flat rate of $25 – thought I would give you a heads up because it is rather steep.

Now, let us get on with stacking deals. First, you need to find yourself that little 15% off coupon code that will be unique to you. On the left hand side of the page, you will see a little grey bar that says, “Get 15% Off.” Click on that bar and the following window will pop up. It asks you to like them on Facebook. However, you can unlock the coupon without liking them (see the arrow):

Bedhead Pajamas (US): Winter Clearance & Extra 15% Off Coupon

This coupon alone will stack with the clearance section. Now that you have that unique coupon code (do not give it to anyone else), you go find yourself a nice set of pyjamas from Bedhead. I picked out the warm and toasty Winter Eiffel Classic Flannel PJ that was originally $132 and is now on sale for $69. The print is très adorable – with the Eiffel tower wrapped in lights and pretty multi-colour snowflakes on a white background. Once I added this Flannel PJ to my cart and used the coupon code, my pyjama set came down to $58.65.

Bedhead Pajamas (US): Winter Clearance & Extra 15% Off Coupon

In total, I saved $73.35, which really makes that shipping cost of $25 more tolerable. Oh! I also highly recommend the gift-box. It is absolutely free and is the most smashing box and makes a stunning gift.

The Lt. Blue Marrakesh Stretch Classic PJ is also an excellent purchase. Originally $140, the set is now marked down to $69 as well. That means after coupon code, you will pay just $58.65.

A few additional notes: the shipping rate is flat, so it is a good deal to team up with friends and place a bulk order. That way you can share the cost of shipping between you. In addition, once you have got the unique coupon code once, it disappears and you cannot get it again on the same browser (cookies!).

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November 4

Bedhead PJs (US): Select PJs Just $64 & Extra 10% Off

Posted by on November 4, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Bedhead PJs (US): Select PJs Just $64 & Extra 10% Off

I found a couple glitches on the Bedhead PJs website that combine for great deals on quality ‘Made in the USA’ pajamas. Follow the link below to get a selection of PJs on sale for just $64 US. Then use the coupon code under the link to get an extra 10% off those prices.

Click here to shop pajamas for only $64 @ Bedhead Pjs (US) now

  • Coupon Code: Inner10
  • Discount: 10% off
  • Expiry: Unknown

Now, the sale above was supposed to end November 1st, but it is still working – thus the glitch. In addition, the coupon code I have listed above is supposed to work only on regular priced items yet, as you can see below, it works just fine on sale priced items like these.

Bedhead PJs (US): Select PJs Just $64 & Extra 10% Off

With the extra 10% off, everything in the above section comes down to $57.60 USD. You can even add on a gift-box at no extra charge to make this an extra special gift for you or someone else.

I have seriously been dying to purchase a pair of Bedhead pajamas. I do not own a pair of classical pajamas and have not owned a pair for years. Come winter, I always regret not having a set to curl up in while watching movies or while working on my computer. They are comfortable and bedhead makes some of the most beautiful sets. I have had my eye on this Coral Sergeant Pepper Voile Ribbon PJ that was $145 originally. I love the retro print and the colour combination of muted reds, burnt orange, and rusty pinks is just lovely. So, I just ordered a set as a graduation present to me.

While there are plenty of classical pajama sets for men and women in this sale, there are also a few robes (like the beautiful one above) and some less traditional garments. This Wild Thing Short Cotton Caftan is a fun take on the traditional sleep shirt. Originally $140, you are saving a pretty penny during this sale and additional coupon code.

If you have an unusual body shape or are between sizes, then buy a set with a little stretch to it. This Pink Shinto Garden Stretch Lace Set will accommodate slightly larger hips or a slightly larger waist than the size chart indicates. Originally $132, you will pay only $57.60 USD after discount and coupon.

Shipping is a flat rate of $25 per order. There is no duty for orders to Canada as all these items are made in the United States. For future Bedhead coupon codes, visit our forum.

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May 23

Memorial Day Weekend Coupons Roundup

Posted by on May 23, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Memorial Day Weekend Coupons Roundup

This weekend just happens to be Memorial Day weekend for the US, and they have some pretty great shopping deals happening.  Even though we had our holiday weekend last week in Canada, companies are letting us get in on the savings action this weekend as well.  You will see a lot of coupons this weekend for Memorial Day that will save you on your online shopping right here in Canada.

Here is a look at some of the Memorial Day coupons you will see this weekend:

  • Use MEMORIAL14 to get a 50% discount on new HostGator hosting packages (Exp May 26th)
  • At My Jewellery Box, MEMORIAL20 will save you 20% on birthstone jewellery (Exp May 26th)
  • Memorial2014 will save you 20% on everything at Bedhead PJs (Exp May 27th)
  • Save 50% with this Canvas Pop coupon Memorial50 (Exp May 26th)
  • Extra 20% off all deals with MEMWKND14 at Living Social (Exp May 26th)
  • 20% off Polarized & Photochromic Lenses with MEMORIAL20 at Zenni optical (Exp May 28th)
  • $5 Off & Free Shipping with three Makeup Purchases with LANCOMEM at Lancome (Exp Unknown)
  • Save $15 or get 15% off with the 39 Dollar Glasses coupon MEM15 (Exp May 27th)
  • Save up to 40% with the coupon MAY14 for Mixbook (Exp May 25th)

These are just a few of the Memorial Day coupons you will find this weekend on the forum.  For some of the companies such as Canvas Pop, they actually have multiples for you to choose from.  I suggest trying them out and seeing which one gives you the biggest discount for your purchases.

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October 19

BedHead Pajamas (US): PJ Sale

Posted by on October 19, 2013 at 11:00 PM

BedHead Pajamas (US): PJ Sale

BedHead Pajamas makes some of the most wonderful looking pajama sets. Right now they have a sale on their quality PJs.

They are a US company and everything is made in the USA. This is very important because there is this fun little trade agreement called NAFTA that says there is no duty on anything ‘Made in the USA’ when it comes across into Canada. That means all these PJs will come duty-free into Canada so all you need to worry about is shipping and picking out your perfect pair. There are so many incredible deals that I just have to list a whole bunch for you to see!

These women’s pajamas are all on sale from $140 down to $69!

These men’s pajamas are also on sale from $140 down to $69:

There are also a couple robes that are really discounted quite well! This Pink Spa Robe was $158 and is now $69. For me the real treasure is this Lynx Classic Flannel Robe which was $152 and is now $69. It is stunning!

I have never wanted PJs more in my life. With these prices, I think I will be buying myself a pair. I really like the Blue Riviera set and 20% off the proceeds go to Project Esperanza. I am a sucker for charity causes.

Shipping is a flat $25 to Canada. that may seem high but given how shipping rates have skyrocketed over the last few years I think it is pretty reasonable. Especially for bulkier items like the robes, it is not an unreasonable amount. I was talking to Anna about this deal and mentioned the Christmas tradition of opening one present on Christmas Eve that was always pajamas. If I got these pajamas for Christmas, then I would be pretty happy. This is the first time we have mentioned this company on Bargainmoose so please give them a warm welcome.

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