August 12

Tangerine Canada: Up to $120 Bonus With New Chequing Account

Posted by on August 12, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Tangerine Canada: Up to $120 Bonus With New Chequing Account

Tangerine Canada (formerly ING Direct) is offering up to $120 for free when you sign up for a new Chequing Account and switch over your pay to deposit directly into it.

You will receive your $120 bonus over a longer period of time so this is not a get rich quick scheme. Once you sign up for the chequing account and transfer over your pay, Tangerine will deposit $10 into your account every Friday for twelve consecutive Fridays. However, to qualify your must:

  • Open a new chequing account before the 31st of August
  • Have your first payroll direct deposit received in your new account by the 31st of October
  • Continue to receive payroll direct deposits each calendar month for three consecutive months

If you follow all the steps properly, then you will be paid the $10 bonus deposits every Friday beginning on the first Friday of the following month. Tangerine is good about giving out their bonuses to those who meet their requirements. I recently transferred banks from TD Trust to Tangerine because my student offers with TD expire at the end of August. TD really does not have any good no-fee bank accounts, and I do not like to hold large sums of money in a chequing account just to receive no fees. I switched over to Tangerine during the last promotion I blogged about, and I receive the bonus $50 for a new Savings Account and a bonus $50 for a new Chequing Account. Overall, Tangerine gave me $100 just for making the switch.

I love Tangerine so far. They make it easy to change over your banking information. You can get a PDF version (or print off) a void cheque, which has all the bank information at the bottom that you need to transfer over your pay or direct deposits. I was just transferring over some of my direct deposits this morning. I also really like that my chequing account gives me interest. I deposited some money in there and then forgot to transfer it to my savings account. However, I still earned some interest on the balance. I can also bank at like 15 branches in my city, including free withdrawals at a 7-Eleven one block away. So far Tangerine has been convenient and in my best financial interest.

I would recommend Tangerine if you hate bank fees and like free money.

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May 13

Tangerine Canada: Get Up to $150 Bonus for New Account

Posted by on May 13, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Tangerine Canada: Get Up to $150 Bonus for New Account

Open a new bank account with Tangerine, and receive up to a $150 cash bonus.

Tangerine (previously known as ING Direct) is offering a nice little incentive to switch banks. New customers will get up to $150 when they come over to Tangerine. Receive:

  • $50 Cash Bonus when you your first Tangerine Savings Account with at least $250 by the 30th of June 2014.
  • $50 Cash Bonus when you open your first Tangerine Chequing Account with at least $250 by the 30th of June 2014.
  • $50 Cash Bonus when you switch your pay to go directly to your Tangerine Chequing Account by the 31st of July 2014.

Together, those three cash bonuses add up to a free $150.

You can also look forward to a pretty high (compared to other banks) interest rate of 2.50% on all new deposits made by July 31, 2014 to a new or existing Tangerine Savings Account, RSP Savings Account, or Tax-Free Savings Account.

While Tangerine has no physical branches, that is what helps keep their costs low and the interest rate you get paid high. They also offer no minimums, fees, or service charges unlike many other banks. This is certainly an option I am considering since my student account is going to be no longer valid after June. Maybe I should apply now.

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April 14

Royal Bank Canada: Free iPad Mini With New Account

Posted by on April 14, 2014 at 11:30 AM

Royal Bank Canada: Free iPad Mini With New Account

Want a new iPad Mini free? Simply open up a new bank account at Royal Bank and they’ll give you. Of course, there are some restrictions and important details to know.

To get the free iPad, you need to open up one of two accounts. The first account is the Signature No-Limit banking account, which I actually used to have, and it was a great account. The monthly fee is $14.95, but if you have multiple products with RBC, you’ll get it for $10.95. It includes 15 free e-transfers, three free ATM fees, unlimited debits and much more.

The second account is the VIP banking account, which is $30 a month or $22.50 with a rebate on multiple banking services. You can send e-transfers, use ATMs and have unlimited debits, all included in your price. You’ll also be eligible for three other free bank accounts.

Once you’ve set up your account, you also must either set up two pre-authorized payments or have one regular payroll deposit go in. Once that happens, they’ll ship you your iPad Mini. You have until August 30th to get this done.

There are a number of FAQs, which you should read through first and one of the questions (which I had myself), was if I was a RBC bank account holder, but am no longer, do I qualify and yes you do, as long as you didn’t have an account before today (April 14th).

You can apply right online, or go into a branch.

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August 18

TD Canada Trust: Free $50 With Student Bundle Sign-Up

Posted by on August 18, 2013 at 3:00 PM

TD Canada Trust: Free $50 With Student Bundle Sign Up

TD Canada Trust has a special offer for students. When you sign up for the TD Canada Trust Student Bundle, they will give you $50. Sweet, eh?

Here is the rundown of what you have to do to get your free $50:

  1. Open a student chequing account
  2. Apply for a TD Credit Card

Once you have done those two steps, you need to only do one of the following:

  • Sign up for your first Direct Deposit OR
  • Complete two bill payments via EasyWeb or ATM OR
  • Complete two purchases online with your enhanced TD Access Card

All of this must be done before the 4th of October. Those are totally easy; I vote for number two of the three. Completing two bill payments via EasyWeb, frankly, is easy.

I think this offer is great for students moving out on their own and taking control of their own banking. It is also great for students who want to (or need to) switch banks. The added incentive of $50 is pretty nice. I have been with TD for a couple years now and am fairly happy with them.

(Expiry: 4th October 2013)

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June 9

TD Canada Trust: Open New Account & Get Free Tablet

Posted by on June 9, 2013 at 10:00 AM

TD Canada Trust: Open New Account & Get Free Tablet

Open a new TD Canada Trust account and get a 7″ Samsung Galaxy tablet free!

You must open a Select Service or Infinity account to get your free tablet.

The Select Service account is $29.95 a month, but that fee is waived if you keep a balance of $5,000. It gives you unlimited transactions with almost everything you need for day-to-day banking covered. You also get the fee waived on select TD credit cards. This account is valued at $790 worth of features free.

The Infinity account is $14.95 a month or the fee is waived at a balance of $3,500. You also get unlimited transactions and a $20 discount on the first year’s annual fee on select TD credit cards. The estimated value of this account’s free features is equal to $524.

You must be over 19 years old, open an account by July 19th and then use the account by August 30th (direct deposit, pre-authorized debit, online bill payment). Your tablet will be sent to your address up to 12 weeks after all conditions are met. If you already have an account, you aren’t eligible, but you can try to win one of the tablets they are giving away.

(Expiry: 19th July 2013)

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April 11

National Bank Canada: Open an Account For Your Child & Get a Free Web-Enabled EkoMini Coin Saver

Posted by on April 11, 2013 at 9:00 AM

National Bank Canada: Open an Account For Your Child & Get a Free Web Enabled EkoMini Coin Saver

Open a bank account for your child at a National Bank and get a web-enabled, interactive coin saver absolutely free (worth $39.99) plus free shipping.

I think if there is one thing I want to teach my children (besides the basics – education, healthy eating, exercise, being a good person), it is how to manage money. With household debt for the average person being extremely high and kids coming out of university owing tens of thousands of dollars, I really want my children to incur as little debt as possible in life. There are lots of ways to teach your child to save, but I think actually doing it is the most effective way. My kids get allowance, and my thinking is that it should not be tied to chores, because these are basic duties that need to be performed in a household. No reason to set them up for the disappointment I had when I realized no one was going to pay me to clean the toilets. So, they get $1 per year of age and most of it has to get saved. They have a short-term savings (for things they want) and a long-term (for post-secondary school, a car or a house). Once they get to a certain amount, we want to open a bank account for them to save their long-term savings, since it will be a number of years before they will be able to use it.

Right now would be an awesome time to open an account, because not just will they have their own bank account, they’ll get the free coin saver, which they can use for their short-term savings.

What’s so cool about this coin saver is that it isn’t just a regular coin saver. You can hook it up to the web with the included USB cord and it will teach kids about money, count their money and let them play games based on their money! Check out Ekominiville, the place to be for kids who want to learn how to save money! I could really see this as being a great teaching tool. My son uses something similar to this for reading and it really motivates him to do it.

To open an account, you’ll need to go into the branch with two pieces of I.D. for your child. You could use their birth certificate and health card or passport if you have one. After you open the account, you’ll be given a coupon to order your coin saver online. I think I’m going to check this out tonight!

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August 29

INGDirect Canada: Free $25 With New Account (Min deposit of $100)

Posted by on August 29, 2012 at 1:00 PM

INGDirect Canada: Free $25 With New Account (Min deposit of $100)

ING Direct is offering a free $25 when you open an account and deposit $100 in it. Just use their orange key when signing up.

It is simple:

  • Enroll online at
  • Enter this Orange Key: Orange25
  • Write your initial deposit cheque (payable to yourself) for at least $100
  • We’ll add in another $25

There is a whole bunch of fine print but this is the really ‘you need to know’ stuff:

Offer valid for new Clients joining ING DIRECT. Client must activate their Account and provide their opening deposit of $100 within 30 days of enrollment. Offer does not apply to Children’s Savings Account (CSA). In the case of a mortgage application received during the offer period, the mortgage must be funded by November 30, 2012 to qualify. Limit of one Bonus per Client and one Bonus per Account. Cannot be combined with any other offer. For non‐registered Accounts, the Bonus will be deposited in your new ING DIRECT Account within 30 days of funding.

I have heard really great things about ING Direct, and might check them out when I am done being a student.

Expires: 31st, August 2012

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July 8

ING Direct: Double Bonus for Referring a Friend

Posted by on July 8, 2012 at 2:00 PM

ING Direct: Double Bonus for Referring a Friend

ING Direct has a great little bonus for referring a friend to ING. When a friend uses your Orange Key to open an account with $100 or more in it, instead of the usual $25 each, you’ll both get $50.

If you are already with ING Direct and are happy with them, you might want to think about inviting a friend. If you are someone looking for a new bank – ask your friends for an Orange Key and you can each earn $50.

The fine print:

Bonus deposits will be made into your Investment Savings Account, unless you have a THRiVE Chequing Account, then you’ll receive your bonus there. If you don’t already have either Account, we’ll open an Investment Savings Account for you to make the deposit automatically. $50 will be paid out to you and your friend provided that your friend is a new Client to ING DIRECT and has opened an Account with at least $100 or more by August 31, 2012.

I have never used ING Direct, but I have heard good things about them. Any of our Moosers currently use them? If so we would love to hear from you.

Expiry: 31st, August 2012

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