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September 27

Toys R Us: Fisher-Price Go Wild Jumperoo Was $170 | Now $75 & $10 Shipping Credit

Posted by on September 27, 2015 at 1:20 PM

Toys R Us: Fisher Price Go Wild Jumperoo Was $170 | Now $75 & $10 Shipping Credit

It is often hard to find really great deals on the larger baby items. However, I found this Fisher-Price Go Wild Jumperoo on sale from $169.99 down to $84.97. Use coupon code NewArrival16 for an extra $10 off $50 to bring your order down to $74.97. Now, such a big item as this does not qualify for free shipping but you will receive a $10 credit on the shipping if you get it sent to your home. However, it says that “Free in store pickup available” so I would check to see if you can pick it up at your local store and save on shipping.

I could not find the “Go Wild” Jumperoo at any other store in Canada, so I price compared this model with the “Rainforest Friends” model. The Rainforest Friends model is currently on sale at Amazon Canada and Sears Canada for $114.74. Walmart Canada currently has it for $134.97. Read the rest of this entry »

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August 15

Toys R Us Canada: 50% Off Bright Starts Snuggle Duckling Rocker – Now Just $42.47

Posted by on August 15, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Toys R Us Canada: 50% Off Bright Starts Snuggle Duckling Rocker   Now Just $42.47

There’s nothing like a peaceful baby… that isn’t crying and is totally soothed by the gentle motions of a rocker. So if you have a baby or are about to have one, don’t delay in getting one! At Toys R Us, you can grab the Bright Starts Snuggle Duckling Rocker for 50% off — it’s now on sale for just $42.47.

There is nothing more convincing than reviews and this one from one reviewer sums up the usefulness of the Bright Starts rocker in the best way. Read the rest of this entry »

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January 17

$70 Off Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat @ Toys R Us Canada – Now $100

Posted by on January 17, 2015 at 5:00 PM

$70 Off Evenflo Triumph LX Convertible Car Seat @ Toys R Us Canada   Now $100

Have you been shopping around for a car seat? The Evenflo Triumph LX convertible car seat in on sale for just $99.97 at Toys R Us. It was originally priced at $169.99, which puts it at a $70 discount (over 40% off).

According to the description, it’s recommended to be used as rear-facing for up to 40lbs and forward facing for toddlers between 22 and 65lbs. This isn’t a recommendation I would follow too closely, except for using this car seat only until a maximum weight of 65lbs because my little one is 8 months, weighs 20lbs and yet is nowhere ready to be forward-facing as Transport Canada recommends keeping children rear facing as long as possible.

Here’s a review I found for it:

I ordered this two weeks ago from toys r us. I did so much research and went and looked at many car seats but honestly wasn’t impressed with any of the more expensive seats. I found them very awkward looking and not enough padding and cushion. When I saw the triumph on sale at toys r us I ordered one immediately. I love it, my husband loves it and most importantly my daughter loves it.

In short, it features:

  • Infinite harness slide adjustment (makes it easy to get child in/out)
  • 5-point hardness system
  • TensionRight knob at the side
  • ReclineRight: seat is adjustable to either an up or reclined position
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Pads and pillow are both removable and washable

As for a price comparison, the Evenflo Triumph LX is nearly $145 everywhere else. Sears is selling it for $144.49, while at Costco, it’s $149.99. Both websites also boast positive reviews for it, just like Toys R Us’ site. Here’s a review that someone posted on Costco’s site:

Bought this car seat for my grandson and we have been very happy with it. The seat is comfortable and plush great for long travel trips. It’s sturdy and easy to install. It fits in my small car with room for the front passenger to sit comfortably .

Since a $10 shipping discount is applied at checkout, you will only pay $8.62 to have it shipped straight to your home. It’s unavailable for in-store pickup.

I also found the Baby Trend EX Flex lock infant car seat on sale for $99.97, up from $149.99. It’s not a convertible car seat like the Evenflo but could be a great car seat to start out with as it’s good up to 22lbs.

(Expiry: 22nd January 2015)

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November 9

Babies R Us Canada: 50% Off Select Safety 1st Diapers Bags ($13 – $25)

Posted by on November 9, 2014 at 5:00 PM

Babies R Us Canada: 50% Off Select Safety 1st Diapers Bags ($13   $25) Have you ever been caught in a situation like the one pictured above? Whether you have or haven’t, if you have a baby, you need to be prepared for any situation and an organized diaper bag can certainly be a life save. Right now at Toys R Us, you can get 50% off two models of Safety 1st diaper bags: one is in the fashion of a regular bag and the other is a back pack.

In the first couple of months of my baby’s life, I have to admit that I got away with using a regular large purse to store all of the diapering supplies I needed and this, even though I had a diaper bag tucked away in my closet that I received as a baby shower gift. Needless to say, as time went by, I found myself using the diaper bag more and more and I have since ditched my purse altogether. When it comes to travelling with a baby, a diaper bag is definitely a life saver. All of the pockets and compartments are very useful as you just never know what you’re going to need to tuck away or what you may find later. Just recently, I found an old diaper in my bag (luckily it wasn’t a #2 kind of diaper) from when I changed my baby at the doctor’s office. Throwing diapers into their trash is strictly forbidden, which is why it got stored away. All this to say that if you have a baby, are expecting one, or are maybe even shopping for a baby shower gift, then this sale at Toys R us is worth it as you can get the following two Safety 1st diaper bags for half off:

Both come with a changing bag and loads of storage space but personally, I much prefer the handbag variation, especially since it looks classy and not like a diaper bag at all. I have seen some pretty ugly diaper bags, so trust me when I say that this one isn’t! Babies R Us Canada: 50% Off Select Safety 1st Diapers Bags ($13   $25) Since shipping is only free on orders over $25, be sure to check out the other Babies R Us deals going on right now. (Image Credit: Zen Sutherland) (Expiry: 13th November 2014)

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October 24

Toys R Us Canada Midnight Madness Sale Starting @ 6pm Tonight!

Posted by on October 24, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Toys R Us Canada Midnight Madness Sale Starting @ 6pm Tonight!

Starting at 6pm EDT tonight, Toys R Us will be having a Midnight Madness Sale but don’t miss it because it’s only 6 hours and will end at midnight. Plus, when you spend over $100, you will also get 75 bonus Air Miles reward miles.

Keep in mind that not all deals will be live at exactly 6pm. Some will only start at 7pm, 8pm or 10pm. Below I have selected some of the hottest deals that are worth paying attention to but you can check out all of these either once the event goes live or in Toys R Us’ sneak preview flyer.

6pm – 12am

7pm – 12am

8pm – 12am

10pm – 12am

If you don’t already have an eReader, then the 30% discount on Kobo readers and accessories is certainly worth taking advantage of. The Kobo Touch eReader, for instance, comes down to just $56 instead of $79.99. That is an incredible price to pay for an eReader and a Kobo one at that. In fact, the Kobo Touch is all out of stock on Chapters Indigo’s site and the cheapest eReader available there right now is the Kobo Arc 7 at $129.99. Sure, it’s an inch bigger than the touch but I promise, you won’t even notice the difference. I have had the same Sony eReader 6″ for a couple of years now and I certainly don’t mind that it’s “only” 6 inches in size. With the Kobo Touch, you can add over 2.5 million books (I dare you to reach that threshold) and it also has a 1-month battery life.

For the most part, shipping is free on orders over $25. However, some larger items may come at an extra shipping cost, which you will see at check-out.

(Image Credit: Daniel Kelemen)

(Expiry: 24th October 2014)

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October 17

Toys R Us Canada Lowest Prices Of The Season On Now: Up To 50% Off Toys, Clothes, Nursery Items Etc.

Posted by on October 17, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Toys R Us Canada Lowest Prices Of The Season On Now: Up To 50% Off Toys, Clothes, Nursery Items Etc.

Toys R Us’ Lowest Prices of the Season sale is on right now and for just one week, you can save up to 50% off plenty of items for both kids and babies.

There are plenty more savings to be had but below are just some of the ones that most stood out to me.

Toys R Us Lowest Prices Deals

Babies R Us Lowest Prices Deals

My baby is nearing 6-months and has been sleeping in a pack ‘n play since birth but although her crib is all assembled in her room, we still don’t have a crib mattress. I almost bought one last week but boy, am I happy I waited, because all mattresses are 20% off a Babies R Us right now as well. One of the bestselling mattresses is the Safety 1st peaceful lullabies bamboo mattress and it’s one that I have actually been eyeing myself. It’s currently on sale for just $127.87 (reg. $159.99) and boasts a general consensus of 4.5/5 stars with over 30 reviews like this one:

Was very skeptical about purchasing such a important product online without being able to feel the mattress, but all is well and the mattress feels great (I relaxed on it watching TV for an hour)and fits perfectly snug in our crib. Nice price and great buy!!

What I like about this mattress the most is that the outer cover is made of bamboo and the filling consists of natural cotton, wool fibers and polyester. Even though the surface is water-resistant, I would still get a mattress cover and luckily, those are currently 30% off as well.

For the most part, shipping is free on orders over $25. Larger items like mattresses are shipping at a cost that is different per item.

(Image Credit: Mike Mozart)

(Expiry: 23rd October 2014)

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September 21

Babies R Us Canada: $100 Off Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller – Now $230

Posted by on September 21, 2014 at 8:00 AM

Babies R Us Canada: $100 Off Contours Options LT Tandem Stroller   Now $230

Boy am I jealous of this stroller, not only because of the price but because of all the perks! The Contours Options LT tandem stroller is currently on sale for just $229.97 at Toys R Us, which is a $100 discount from its original price of $329.99 (30% off).

Although I currently only have one baby, I’m definitely super jealous of this stroller deal because it certainly looks like a really great stroller. Available in either black or crimson red, it folds away easily and can accommodate children up to 80 lbs (up to 40 lbs per seat).

The Contours Options LT tandem stroller doesn’t have the word “options” in its name for nothing as it actually has the following 6 seating options: with both children facing you, facing each other, facing forward, used with almost any cart seat or with just the front seat. Certainly very impressive, especially when you consider the fact that at its discounted price, this nifty stroller is actually the cheapest tandem stroller available at Toys R Us right now. The Baby Trend sit n stand eclipse double stroller is $269.99 but despite being a popular choice, doesn’t boast nearly as many seating options as the Contours Options one. In fact, it really only feature two options: the standard one of both children facing forward or the possibility to add a car seat.

Comparing prices with other major retailers also showed me that $230 is definitely the cheapest price you can expect to pay for it right now. has it in a valencia colour for $309.99, while Sears has the red one for $280.49.

Looking at Toys R Us’ pictures of this stroller, I didn’t expect it to have as much storage space as it does, especially with how easily it folds away but if you look at the picture above, it actually has a considerable amount of space, even with a car seat and infant seat attached. That’s definitely a major bonus for grocery shopping as you can’t exactly wield a shopping cart at the same time as the stroller, especially if you decide to take a stroll to the grocery store.

Another major plus that you’re sure to not regret are the two cup holders. My stroller has cup holders as well and given that I’m a coffee addict, I’m extremely relieved each time that I can simply pop my Tim Hortons cup or home-brewed coffee filled tumbler directly into one of the holders. And since there are two of them just like on this stroller, hubby also gets to use one for his own drink!

Shipping is at a flat rate of $30 for this stroller but a $10 discount will automatically be deduced at checkout, which means that you will only be faced with a $20 shipping charge.

(Expiry: Abigail Batchelder)

(Expiry: 25th September 2014)

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September 5

Babies R Us Canada Freebie: Free Basket Stand ($40 Value) With Purchase Of Moses Basket

Posted by on September 5, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Babies R Us Canada Freebie: Free Basket Stand ($40 Value) With Purchase Of Moses Basket

Looking for a bassinet? Then I suggest you get the Moses basket at Toys R Us for $79.99 because during the next two weeks, you will also get a free basket stand with a value of $39.99 for free with its purchase.

Wow, if only this deal would have been going on when I bought my Moses bassinet! Not knowing anything about babies at all when I was still pregnant and quickly nearing full term, I had figured that my baby would sleep in her pack ‘n play in the beginning and then transition over to her crib a couple of months later. But no one told me that not only my baby would want to be held every single second of every day in the beginning, but also for some reason, the thought didn’t occur to me as to where I should put her during the day when we’re in the living room and so, it must have been on the second day of being home that I told hubby to go to Toys R Us to buy a bassinet. At that point, I was so exhausted that I hardly cared which one he bought, nor how much it cost, but in hindsight, I definitely wish I could have taken advantage of Babies R Us’ current freebie!

When it comes to bassinets, there is definitely no shortage of choices out there. The Billy 2-in-1 bassinet, for instance, is a popular choice and it’s also currently on sale for $74.99 but, the bassinet part can’t be carried around the house like the Moses can. The fact that I could carry my baby in the Moses one was a huge advantage. I even got to shower a couple of times with my baby in the basket a couple of times and as a lot of you should know, showering definitely becomes quite the luxury during the first couple of months!

The canopy was also very useful because in the evening, when we were trying to unwind by watching TV but didn’t want our little one to be alone in the bedroom just yet, we would just lift it up and shield her from the brightness of the television. The only drawback was that ours wouldn’t stay up on its own but we fixed that problem by using a hair clip to secure it to the handle. Compared to the other bassinets available out there, the Moses one is also quite large and one that you could use up to 18lbs. We stopped putting our little one in it at about a month and a half but that was only because of my mommy paranoia over her potentially rolling over! Babies R Us Canada Freebie: Free Basket Stand ($40 Value) With Purchase Of Moses Basket

As a $10 shipping discount will automatically be applied at checkout, you will also get this basket shipped for free!

(Image Credit: Leon Brocard)

(Expiry: 18th September 2014)

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August 11

Babies R Us Canada: 40% Off Oball Obounce Activity Center – Now $72

Posted by on August 11, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Babies R Us Canada: 40% Off Oball Obounce Activity Center   Now $72

Looking for an exersaucer? The Oball Obounce activity center is currently 40% off at Toys R Us. Until the end of the week, you can get it for $71.97 instead of its regular price of $119.99.

My baby is almost four months old and I have been looking into getting an exercauser to keep her entertained during the day. Looking into activity centers, I have found that the Oball Obounce one is much loved by both babies and parents. In fact, here’s a review I found on it:

I had been searching for a bouncer for my 5 month old granddaughter but they were to high up her feet did not touch the floor. I was thrilled to find this one that has the adjustable tray underneath that allows her to push herself and turn to play with the different toys. Impressed with the quantity & quality of toys with sounds that attract the baby’s attention.

With more than 15 activities, lights, sounds and melodies, it features more than enough to keep baby entertained. Since my baby is destined to be tall, I particularly like that it also has 3 position height adjustment. It’s even possible that some babies could be placed into it before the 4-month recommended age as the seat has a high back for superior comfort that could potentially help to support a baby’s head, especially if they haven’t mastered the art of holding their head.

Keep in mind that this activity center requires 6 AA batteries, but these aren’t included. It can also support a baby’s weight of up to 25lbs (11 kgs). Another feature that particularly caught my attention is that it can be laid flat for storage. Personally, I already have a lot of baby stock as it is, especially some that my baby has already outgrown, and anything that can be folded away for easy storage is definitely a major plus!

Shipping fees amount to $25 for this activity center but a $10 discount will be applied at checkout, which means that you will still need to pay $15. However, even with the shipping fee, this is still a better deal than it’s original price, especially since it’s unavailable for purchase anywhere else.

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August 4

Babies R Us Canada: 34% Off Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper – Now $40

Posted by on August 4, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Babies R Us Canada: 34% Off Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper   Now $40

Babies R Us currently has the Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper on sale for just $39.97, down from $59.99 (34% off)!

I’ll be honest, ever since my baby was about a month, I started co-sleeping with her and by co-sleeping, I don’t just mean having her sleep in the same room but actually in the bed with me. All of the SIDS articles advocate against it but for us it worked so well, that I actually stopped falling asleep midday! But the worry that something could happen was still there and in hindsight, it might have been better to use a sleeper like the Summer Infant By Your Side as it can be placed directly on the bed.

I love that with this sleeper, your baby can be both safe and by your side. The only hitch is that it’s only good for babies from newborn to 3 months, but at the same time, that’s what makes getting it on sale that much better. For all those of you who are pregnant right now and thinking to yourself that you will be using either a pack ‘n play or a crib from the start, it sure is good thinking but realistically, it doesn’t always work out as planned! Babies R Us Canada: 34% Off Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper   Now $40

When baby is crying non-stop for milk and you’re beyond exhausted, the last thing you want to be doing is trying to train them to sleep in their own bed and anyways, it doesn’t change all that much in the beginning months as babies don’t associate sleep with any specific spots just yet!

Toys R Us’ description also specifies “or until baby can roll over” for how long to use it but keep in mind that all babies are different. Some roll as early as 2 months and some are late bloomers and go right into crawling. There are only 2 reviews on it but both are positive:

This has been a life saver for us all. I love that I can have him right beside me and see him very easily. It’s great with the mesh that he can see me too. It is very easy to set up and I love how portable it is. We can bring it to any part of the house so he can nap and it easily folds to bring it around easily.

The cheapest I have found it anywhere else online is at BabyRama, where it’s currently on sale for $54.99. Walmart originally had it for $59.99 but it’s now out of stock and actually has it for as high as $72.97!

As Toys R Us ships most orders over $25 for free, you will also get this sleeper at no extra shipping cost. It happens sometimes that an item over $25 doesn’t qualify for free shipping (my guess is that the weight is a factor), but I tested this sleeper and free shipping was automatically applied at checkout.

(Expiry: 7th August 2014)

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July 20

Babies R Us Canada Freebie: Free 3-Pc Car Seat Accessory With Purchase Of Any Britax Car Seat ($50 Value)

Posted by on July 20, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Babies R Us Canada Freebie: Free 3 Pc Car Seat Accessory With Purchase Of Any Britax Car Seat ($50 Value)

Shopping for a car seat? Toys R Us has a great freebie going on right now: with purchase of any Britax car, you will also get a free 3-piece car accessory value pack.

Valued at $49.99, the Britax 3-piece car accessory value pack comes with:

  • a vehicle seat protector
  • an EZ-Cling window shade with 30+ UPF
  • a full-size kick mat

Just the other day, I was driving with my little one in the backseat and I had to make sure that the sun wouldn’t be beaming down on her in full force from our positioning in the parking lot. Whether I was being overprotective or not makes no difference but a window shade could have definitely simplified the whole process of driving around with her in the back. In fact, I have often found myself trying to shield her from the sun as hubby drove and I was in the backseat with her.

Although this accessory pack may not seem worth it to those of you shopping around for an infant car seat, I actually wish I could have taken advantage of such a promotion when I was shopping around for a car seat, just to have all of these items for when the time came to officially switch car seats to a forward facing one.

I particularly like that the window shade has a 30+ UPF to protect little ones from the damaging rays of the sun. In general, this accessory pack has some pretty great reviews, like this one:

All you would need to protect your car and toddler from each other. The mat is very rugged and can withstand a beating. The kick mat looks sleek and blends in with the car’s seats without wanting attention. The UV protector on the window is clingy and doesn’t fall like some other brands.

The only other place I found this value pack at is at Amazon’s Marketplace and even there, it’s actually $79.99.

As for shipping rates, I individually added the Britax B-Safe infant car seat at $199.99 and the Britax Pinnacle CT Harness 2-Booster for $399.99 and the fee stayed the same at $40 ($50 minus a $10 discount automatically applied). The car seat accessory value pack was also automatically added at checkout.

(Expiry: 27th July 2014)

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July 13

Babies R Us Canada: 47% Off Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun – Life In The Amazon – (Now $80 | Was $150)

Posted by on July 13, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Babies R Us Canada: 47% Off Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun   Life In The Amazon   (Now $80 | Was $150)

Back at the end of May, I wrote about Babies R Us’ $40 reduction of the Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun: Life in the Amazon. Even a $40 reduction was a great deal but surprisingly, Babies R Us is now offering an even better deal on it and I doubt that it will ever go down lower than this. Until the end of the week, it’s on sale for $89.97 (reg. $149.99) and you can bring the price even further down by adding the Toys R Us promotion code: EVENFLO10 at checkout to get it for just $79.99 for a total of a 47% discount off its original price.

In my original post, I didn’t even consider getting the Exersauser at its original sale price of $109.99 because I had just purchased the Baby Einstein: Caterpillar Friends play gym, but with Toys R Us’ current deal, I have actually already added it to my basket.

This Exercauser is basically a three-in-one activity set because it comes with a play mat, the exersauser and a table, with all three featuring their own activities. The great part about all of these is that they are meant to encourage your baby to exercise his or her mind and body by figuring out how things work, through sound and most importantly through touch. Age- wise, it’s recommended to use each stage in the following ways:

  • Play mat: newborn to four months
  • Exersaucer: four months to walking
  • Table: walking to 24 months

Of course, these are only guidelines and it really depends on your baby. If your little one can already hold his or her head at three months, then the exersauser could potentially be used earlier. Despite the fact that my little one already has a different play mat and is almost three months old, I can definitely see her enjoying all the stages of this exersaucer as I figure she could benefit from a little variety in music and visuals.

I also really like that this exersaucer can easily be folded away and that it comes with nine toys designed to achieve a vast variety of developmental milestones.

Shipping is also a lot a cheaper than it was when this exersaucer first went on sale. On its own, this product ships for $25 but since it qualifies for free shipping of up to $20 off, then you will only pay $5 to have it delivered straight to your door.

(Expiry: 17th July 2014)

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July 5

Babies R Us Canada: $60 Off BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original – Now $70 (+ Free Shipping!)

Posted by on July 5, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Babies R Us Canada: $60 Off BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original   Now $70 (+ Free Shipping!)

Looking for a baby carrier? The BabyBjorn Original baby carrier is now $50 off at Babies R Us at $79.99 (reg. $129.99), but you can use the Toys R Us coupon code: Bjorn10 to save an extra $10 and get it for just $69.97.

Although I don’t have this specific carrier, I do have a similar one, along with the Baby K’Tan sling. Personally, I prefer the sling, but my hubby uses the carrier on a daily basis and I must tell you that not only does he like using it, but my little one loves being inside of it as well. She will go from crying like there is no tomorrow to all of a sudden looking around at the world in amazement as soon as she is placed inside.

It might seem like a lot to pay for a carrier but it’s one of the highest rated ones and it has plenty of positive reviews like this one:

We purchased a different carrier earlier and it was so complicated to set up and strap to myself. I absolutely love this. Its so easy to strap and put the baby in too. It gave great neck support when my LO couldn’t hold his neck up. In addition to using it outdoors, I also use this at home when my little one wants to be carried but I need free hands.

The only con about this carrier is that it doesn’t have the best leg support, and it’s not recommended to keep the baby in it for an extended period of time. Either way, I doubt any parent would be able to keep their baby in there for all that long with the frequent feedings, diaper changes etc.

Two other Baby Bjorn baby carriers are also available at a discount, which are eligible for the coupon code above, but they’re pricier than the original one:

Price comparing this carrier, I found it priced at $129.99 at all of the other major stores. Even better is that no shipping fees will be applied as Toys R Us ships certain items over $25 for free.

(Expiry: 17th July 2014)

(Image Credit: Harsh 1.0)

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June 27

Babies R Us Canada: 25% Off Jolly Jumper

Posted by on June 27, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Babies R Us Canada: 25% Off Jolly Jumper

Babies R Us has a great deal on the Jolly Jumper right now. For a limited time, you can save 25% on both the original one and the one with a stand.

Having only recently found out that sitting a baby up too early may not be the best for their spinal development, my initial thought at seeing this jumper was with regards to its impact on posture. Turns out that it’s actually designed to improve balance, coordination and strengthen muscles, all the while providing firm support for the spine.

Here’s the price breakdown for both:

  • Original Jolly Jumper: reg. $49.99 / now $37.47
  • Jolly Jumper on a stand: reg. $79.99 / now $59.97

As my little one is going on three months, I will most probably be getting the one with the stand because there is no doorway in my living room and I would prefer to have her bouncing around in whichever room we’re in. The only issue with the one with the stand is that it’s quite large, according to the reviews, and I envision that I may need to move the coffee table to the side when I place her in the Jolly Jumper. The Original one, on the other hand, attaches to a doorway with a clamp. In either case, your baby will be 100% safe and secure as he or she bounces around, especially as evidenced by the countless reviews online such as this:

LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing. My daughter could spend all day in this if we let her. I love seeing her in as she is so happy and gets so excited. She learned how to bounce really quick and when she gets going fast she puts her legs up and swings in it and laughs and laughs, and she has also learned to dance.

Price comparing both of these jumpers, I found that Babies R Us’ prices are definitely the best ones across the board. In fact, even has the one with the stand for as much as $120!

Although it’s not on speciel, this is cheaper than anywhere else; there is a musical mat available for purchase at $19.99 by the same brand. It comes with three music nodes that activate when the baby touches them.

While shipping is free for the Original Jolly Jumper, it’s $10 for the one with a stand.

(Expiry: 3rd July 2014)

(Image Credit: Richard Austin)

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June 15

Babies R Us Canada: 25% Off Ingenuity inLighten Cradling Swing (Now $142 | Was $190)

Posted by on June 15, 2014 at 9:30 PM

Babies R Us Canada: 25% Off Ingenuity inLighten Cradling Swing (Now $142 | Was $190)

Baby won’t let you put her/him down? Stick ‘em in a swing! The Ingenuity inLighten cradling swing – Emerson 25% off at Toys R Us right now. Instead of its regular price of $189.99, you can get it for just $142.97. Of course, this would also be a great baby shower present or maybe even for all of you lucky ones who are pregnant right now! Babies R Us Canada: 25% Off Ingenuity inLighten Cradling Swing (Now $142 | Was $190)

First, let me start by saying that I have this swing! I actually bought it last week before it went on sale. Now, imagine my surprise when I open this week’s flyer, only to see “my” swing on sale for as much as 25% off! I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I brought my receipt to the exchange department at Toys R Us and was actually refunded the difference between the price I paid and its current price back onto my credit card!

As for the swing itself, all you really need to know is that, yes, my baby loves it. Well perhaps love is too strong of a word right now, but she certainly doesn’t cry when I put her in it. She stares at the rotating hippo in amazement and eventually drifts off to dreamland after about 20 minutes.

It can rock back and forth or side to side and features 6 speeds, 8 melodies and 3 nature sound. Plus, although I haven’t tried it yet, it’s also possible to plug a phone or mp3 player to play your own soundtrack as well (perhaps from a collection of nursery rhymes).

Assembly-wise, it’s not too complicated and only requires one person. Do make sure to connect all the pieces correctly because once it clicks in, it’s pretty hard to separate it (I say this from experience…)

Although shipping is usually free on orders over $25, it doesn’t apply to this swing. However, you will instantly save $10 on shipping fees once you add it to your basket and will pay an estimated cost of only $20 instead of $30.

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