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October 13 Coupon Code: Exclusive 25% Off Audio Books

Posted by on October 13, 2015 at 4:00 PM Coupon Code: Exclusive 25% Off Audio Books is an audio book company that allows you to purchase audiobooks individually instead of needing a subscription. Audio books are a great way to listen to your favourite authors on the go: while working, running errands, riding the bus, and more. has given us an exclusive coupon code for 25% off any of their audio books.

Click here to shop audio books @ now

  • Coupon Code: BARGAINMOOSE01
  • Discount: 25% off
  • Expiry: 31st October 2015

Audio books start at just a few dollars each and go up into the mid-$30 range from what I have seen. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 28

Try AudioBooksNow Free For 30 Days

Posted by on July 28, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Try AudioBooksNow Free For 30 Days

Want to discover new books but don’t have time to read them? No problem! You can listen to audio books for free at AudioBooks Now with a 30-day free trial.

Whether you’re constantly on the road or just want to listen to a good book while you cook or simply rest your eyes, listening to books is definitely a great way to enjoy a good story without reading it. With AudioBooks Now, you can listen to books on plenty of devices like your phone, tablet, iPad, iPod, etc.

To get the AudioBooks free trial

To get your free trial, simply create a new account and enter your credit card information. Unfortunately, there is no way to bypass entering your credit card information but you never know, you may just like your free trial enough that you might want to extend your membership in the upcoming months. This is where it gets tricky though: for some reason, AudioBooks Now has made it so that you can only enter a US state and zip code. The rest of the details don’t matter but you need to check any state (I went with AE) and for the zip code, you can enter: “12345” or any other random numbers that you please. This will allow you to continue creating your account.

From there, you will need to select the $5 membership, which will be free for 30 days.

AudioBooks Membership

Keep in mind that although your membership will be free for 30 days, you will still need to pay for certain books as you normally would anywhere else. On the bright side, the membership also gives you access to a slew of specials and free audio books. Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn, for instance, as pictured in the banner above, is currently on sale for $15 instead of $30. Oddly enough, it is read by Matt Walters, while the other books in the Twilight series are read by Ilyana Kadushin. In any case, you can listen to a sample of any book before deciding if you want to purchase it or not.

Free titles that you can get right now include but are not limited to: Pride and Prejudice, Moby Dick, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, War and Peace, The War of the Worlds, and many others.

The membership costs $5 per or $35 on a yearly basis. It also allows you to save 50% off any one audio book per month, along with up to 40% off any other audio book purchased after that.

Very Important

If, at the end of the 30 days, you don’t want to pay for the membership or simply aren’t interested in their offered books, you need to make sure to click the big red button labelled “De-Activate Club Pricing” in the account section of their site. It’s very important that you do this, otherwise you will be charged on a per month basis from the day that you originally subscribed.

Also, when I went to cancel my membership, I was offered another month for free. So you could technically get two months out of the free trial once your free month is up (assuming you go to cancel your membership in time).

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(Expiry: Unknown)

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February 14

Audible: Seven Free Audiobooks – A Valentine’s Gift!

Posted by on February 14, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Audible: Seven Free Audiobooks   A Valentines Gift!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Seven free books from Audible!

There is nothing better than Audible. I include BargainMoose. Yes, a website which, in part, sustains my family, takes a back seat to Audible. If you aren’t a member, click the link above and sign up for a free 30-day trial and get a credit towards a free book in addition to the seven free books you’re getting today. The best thing? If you don’t love Audible you can stop paying for monthly credits and go on a $10/year Audible Light account and still get all the awesome deals and freebies that Audible offers all year round! If you really, really don’t dig it, you can cancel and keep all the books you get today!

They also sell gift memberships if you’re really late on the Valentine’s Day this year.

If you are a member and signed in it will bring you to a page where you can see the seven books you can get:

  • How to Be Beyoncé by Madison Moore
  • Not a Match: My True Tales of Online Dating Disasters by Brian Donovan
  • Are You Lonesome Tonight? by Mishka Shubaly
  • Girl with Glasses: My Optic History by Marissa Walsh
  • England My England: Anglophilia Explained by Mark Dery
  • PhiLOLZophy: Critical Thinking in Digestible Doses by Chrissy Stockton and Sarah Heuer
  • The Nerd’s Guide to Being Confident by Mark Manson

These books definitely aren’t all for me but they aren’t supposed to be. They have suggestions for the kind of people who would like these books. For example “Share with the coolest nerd you know” or “Share with anyone who’s Downton Abbey obsessed.”

(Expires: 21st February 2014)

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February 10

Audible: Less than $5 for the First Book in Various Series

Posted by on February 10, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Audible: Less than $5 for the First Book in Various Series

Start a new series for $4.95 at Audible!

Nothing scares me more (as far as audiobooks go) than starting a new series and hating it. It stinks. I’ve done it before and (thankfully) Audible has always refunded my credit when I don’t like the book but it’s still frustrating. Part of the problem is just picking something. There are so many series out there it can be a bit overwhelming. Audible knows that and that is why they offer deals like these. They offer you a curated list of series that you can sort by genre. And all the books are first books in a series. On top of that, they are only $4.95 so it’s not like you’re dumping a lot of money on them. Of course you can get a refund but if you hit a book you like, you’ve started a new series and it only cost $5!

Like I said above, the books are all sortable by genre including fiction and YA. YA stuff is for kids in the 12 to 16 range. If there are any parents out there with kids that age, you probably know that getting to read isn’t easy. It’s way easier to get them to play video games and watch TV. Not that there is anything wrong with watching TV and playing games but reading is important, too. A great way to get them to read is by getting them Audible. They can listen to the books while they play or eat lunch or as a bedtime story.

Of course if you don’t have kids you can read some great SciFi, Fantasy, Non Fiction, Romance or Mystery & Thrillers! If you’re a member and signed in, the link above will bring you to the deal. If you aren’t a member it will bring you to a page in which you can get a free book and a 30 day free trial. Cancel after 30 days and you get to keep the book. I would highly (HIGHLY) suggest that, if you don’t want the monthly subscription, you get the Audible Lite package. That way you pay $10 a year and you get to stay a member of Audible and take part in all these great sales they have throughout the year.

(Expires: 16th February 2014)

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December 16

Audible: Free Book for New Members & Free Dickens Christmas Story

Posted by on December 16, 2013 at 12:00 PM

Audible: Free Book for New Members & Free Dickens Christmas Story

Deck the halls with Audible! Fa la la la la – la la la la!!

The link above, if you’re a member and signed in, brings you to the Audible front page. If you are not a member, it will bring you to a sign up page.

Every year Audible comes out with a free Audio Christmas story for it’s members. We’ll get to that in a bit, but first lets talk to the people who aren’t members yet. I don’t like you. That’s right, I like Audible so much that I am willing to make a blanket statement like that. There are over 125,000 audio titles available on Audible. You get every word read right in to your brain by some of the best voices around! The best part is that, just for signing up, you get a free book. If you don’t like it just cancel before the end of your free 30 day trial. The book is yours forever. If you don’t want the monthly subscription, I highly suggest getting an Audible Lite account so you can still get all the member-only deals like the Christmas freebie they have every December. Audible lite is only $10 a year!

Once you’re signed up, use the link below to get your free Christmas book.

This year we’re getting a classic Charles Dickens story, The Cricket on the Hearth. I love getting these stories and I remember exactly where I was when I read them. Last year my car was in the shop so I was waiting for a cab home and I listened the the Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. Two years before that I had worked Christmas Eve overnight, I think. Either way, I was exhausted so I went home to take a nap halfway through Christmas at my in-laws. On the way home I listened to another Dickens story, A Christmas Carol.

Maybe this year you can make your own Christmas memory with Audible this year.

(Expires: Unknown)

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December 13 12 Days ‘Til Christmas: Audio Books Up To 75% Off

Posted by on December 13, 2013 at 7:30 PM 12 Days Til Christmas: Audio Books Up To 75% Off

Downpour has begun its very own countdown until Christmas, with up to 75% off select audio books during their 12 Days ‘Til Christmas sale.

Every day until Christmas, Downpour will be slashing different audio books in price. Here are a couple of examples of the kind of audiobooks you can expect to see:

Although nothing compares to the feeling of turning the pages of a real book, audio books can actually be a great way to just relax your eyes, all the while enjoying a good story. They’re also particularly useful for anyone who is on the road a lot (i.e. truck drivers) or perhaps even in any field requiring repetitive tasks. In either case, do make sure to exercise caution, and to pay attention to whatever else you’re doing!

Do you enjoy listening to audio books or do you know someone who does? Share with us your thoughts on them in the comments section!

(Expiry: 25th December 2013)

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November 29

Black Friday Audiobook & eBook Deals Roundup

Posted by on November 29, 2013 at 3:00 PM

Black Friday Audiobook & eBook Deals Roundup

There are tons of great Black Friday deals out there for people who still read with their eye holes like suckers, and for those of us who have professionals read books to us. So, without much further ado, let’s get to the deals!

There are over 400 books available on for only $4.95. There is stuff in every genre, from Sci-Fi and Fantasy to nonfiction and Romance (filth, just filth) and everything in between. Not sure what to get? Check the Editors’ Choice.

If you aren’t a member then

Once you’re a member, sign in and


Downpour has over 1000 books at 75% off. No membership here, kids: just buy and download. If you can’t figure something out with 1000 books, you just shouldn’t be reading. (what a sweet domain name!) are a membership-only service, so you can’t buy a-la-carte like Audible or Downpour. That being said, they don’t have any book sales, but they do have a deal on gift memberships which is a great idea. You can get 30% off of three months, or 40% off of one year.

This is like Netflix’s old DVD service and a library totally made out. Basically, you can get paperback books, audiobook CDs and MP3s, or a combo. You can get monthly plans or rent them a-la-carte. I feel like the 50% off memberships deal they have on the front page isn’t a Black Friday deal, and it’s only for the first month, so there you go. The one that is a holiday deal for sure is the 25% off gift memberships. Get paperback, audiobooks, one month, three months, two books at a time, one, five, whatever you want. Mix and match with this coupon, kids.

Click here to buy a gift membership @ now

  • Coupon Code: GIFT25
  • Discount: 25% off Gift Memberships
  • Expiry: Unknown


Kobo has picked out a bunch of books that you can get for 50% off, if you use this coupon. Have at it!

Click here to shop the Black Friday deal @ now

  • Discount: 50% off select books
  • Expiry: 1st December 2013

Sony Reader Store

Get 40% off your next ebook. Nothing difficult here!

Click here to get 40% of your next eBook @ now

  • Coupon Code: 40NOV13
  • Discount: 40% off your next eBook
  • Expiry: 30th November 2013

That’s your Black Friday eBook and Audiobook deals! If they mentioned when the deal expires, it’s noted in the write-up.

(Image Credit: Milestoned)

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November 14

Audible: Buy Two Audiobooks and Get Three & Another Free Book for New Members

Posted by on November 14, 2013 at 8:30 PM

Audible: Buy Two Audiobooks and Get Three & Another Free Book for New Members

Awesomesplosion is what this sale is! Buy two books and get three. It’s like magic! magic!

A quick explanation about the link in this article. If you aren’t a member, the link brings you to a sign up page where you get a free audiobook. This is yours to keep forever even if you cancel your account before the next credit. You won’t cancel though. It’s awesome. If you are a member and logged in, you’ll go to the audible main page.

The link below, if you are a member and logged in, brings you to the 3 for 2 sale. If you aren’t a member it will bring you to a log in page. You’ll want to go back up to that first link and get your free book before you use this link.

You get to pick from over 200 books and get two for three. There are a few different categories including Editor’s Picks, Customer Favorites, Risque Romance and True Life. The best one, I think, is the “Start the Series” category. These are all awesome series’ that you can pick up. For example, I’m going to use this sale to get all of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. I hated the movies and I’ve written a fantasy novel without having read these books. I feel like a bad, bad geek but I don’t care. I do like a sale though so I’m gonna pick them up while I can get all three of them for the price of three. Of course if you aren’t a big nerd you can pick up something from all those other categories.

(Expires: 22nd November 2013, 2:59AM ET)

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October 24

Audible: BOGO! Two Books for One Credit!

Posted by on October 24, 2013 at 5:30 PM

Audible: BOGO! Two Books for One Credit!

Punch a goat ghost in the face and get two great audio books for one credit at Audible!

Are you an Audible member? No? Why not. Seriously. It’s free. Click that link up there to get a free 30-day trial and a free credit.

Normally that credit would net you one book but if you sign up right now you can shop their Monster BOGO sale and pick two books out of over 200 available for only one credit.

If you, for some insane reason, don’t want to stay a member at Audible, just end your membership within 30 days. You wont be charged and your two free books are yours forever. If you’re like me, you will immediately fall in love and need to bump your monthly subscription up from one book a month to two books a month. If you aren’t sure about it I suggest swapping your monthly subscription for a “light” membership. The light membership gives you no credits but lets you take part in sales and buy books a-la-carte. I did that for years because I started relistening to books I had already listened to and just didn’t need more credits.

If you’re already a member then just click the link above and go to town. I know I’m going to use this to get Inside Scientology: The Story of America’s Most Secretive Religion by Janet Reitman and one other book. Not sure what the second one will be yet but I have 200 free books to choose from so I’m sure I’ll find something awesome!

(Expires: 31st October 2013, 11:59PM ET)

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August 27

Audible: Daily Deals – New Book On Sale Every Day

Posted by on August 27, 2013 at 10:30 PM

Audible: Daily Deals   New Book On Sale Every Day

Your spouse loves Audible more than they love you. Your parents love it more than you, too. You know why? Because they have a new, awesome book on sale every day during their Daily Deals sale!

The link above gets you a free book and a trial membership. Cancel the membership any time and keep your free book. I would suggest, if you don’t get the Platinum (the one I have) or Gold plan, that you get a yearly lite account. That way, you pay $10/year and get access to all the sales and freebies. I did this for about two years because I was re-listening to a lot of the books I already had.

There are a lot of places out there to get audio books, but Audible is hands down the best audio book place in the universe. Really, me and the universe had a talk, it was a whole thing, but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the universe agrees that Audible is the best! Why? I’m glad you asked. You see, Audible has more audio books, radio shows, audio newspapers and speeches than anyone else. They have the best readers and they record previously unrecorded classics. For instance, they are recording classic Sci-Fi through their Audible Frontiers initiative.

Another great reason to shop with them is their Daily Deals sale. Every day they are putting up a new book at a great price. Yesterday was Life of Pi for $3.95. The book is normally $18.11, so you would have saved $14.15. That’s not including the 30% off the retail price you get for being a member. Today’s book is The Black Echo: Harry Bosch Series, Book 1 for $4.95. The member price is $19.09, so you’re saving $14.14. Again, that doesn’t take into account the savings you always get for being a member.

I don’t know what the books will be in the future or how long this deal is on for, but the book of the day expires at 11:59PM ET every day. I think, in the past, they have brought back all the Daily Deals at the end for a day, but I’m not certain, so if there is a book you really want, pick it up on the day you see it. Make sure you’re checking back on Audible every day for the next deal.

Before I leave you to go to the Daily Deals sale, I want to tell you about a couple of new features on Audible. Well, not super new, but I’ve never spoken about them so here it goes. The first is that Audible is now WhisperSync compatible. That means that if you get the Kindle version of the book too (buying both gets you a discount) you can pick up where you left off on either. So, if you read 20 pages in the Kindle version, the Audible version will auto-magically pick up where you left off. Alternatively if you listen to five minutes of Audio, the Kindle version will be waiting where the audio left off. You can even listen and follow along with highlighted words on the Kindle, which is great for people learning to read.

The other thing is super simple returns. It used to be that it was kind of annoying to return a book at Audible because you didn’t really return it, they just gave your money back. The company still lost the money on the book. Now they actually pull the book from your library, thus regaining a license they can resell. It’s more like a physical book. I think this is what is happening. I’m not 100% sure, but the end result is that you can easily return books now.

(Expires: Daily at 11:59PM ET)

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July 28

Audible: Christmas in July – Free Trial & 8 Free Books

Posted by on July 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Audible: Christmas in July   Free Trial & 8 Free Books

It’s never too early for a Christmas gift from Audible! Sign up for a free trial, get a free book and get another free book on top of that!

I feel like I’ve been reunited with my love. I gave up my monthly Audible account almost two years ago in lieu of a yearly Audible Lite plan for $10/year. I only did this because I had so many books that I could just go back and start re-listening to them. You heard me. I had enough books in Audible to last me almost two years!

Recently, my wife had been sick in bed for days, so I offered to buy her a couple of books by one of her favourite authors V.C. Andrews, just so she could listen to them while she rested. Well, I got them and she didn’t like them. I emailed Audible and they refunded the two credits, no questions asked. Now I’m back in the Audible monthly membership fold and I’m loving it!

The customer support guy even said he hoped my wife was feeling better. Over email there is no reason to make small talk because you don’t need to fill in the silent spaces. And I’ve done this twice before. Once when I accidentally bought an abridged version of a book, and once when the content of a book was just terrible. Refunded my credit, no questions asked.

Even if they mailed you mean fortune cookie fortunes every time you contacted them for support, they’d still be the best because of the books. The best books read by the best readers. Audio newspapers, radio shows and lectures. They have more audio entertainment than you could ever want.

So, now that you know how awesome Audible is, go up and use the above link to sign up for a free 30-day trial of the gold plan. That is one credit (most books are one credit, a few longer ones are two) every month, and your first credit is free. You can cancel any time and the book is yours to keep.

If you don’t want the monthly commitment, I suggest doing like I did and getting the $10/year lite plan. That way, if you ever want to pick up a book, you can buy it a-la-carte or you can switch back to a monthly plan for a while. What is almost better is that, as a lite (or any other) member, you get to take part in Audible’s promotions like the one below.

That’s right, it’s already Christmas at Audible HQ, so they are letting all their members get seven – that’s right, seven – free books.

  • One Man’s Initiation
  • If This Isn’t Nice, What Is: Advice for the Young
  • Holiday Sparks: A Story from Naughty and Nice
  • Homicidal
  • METAtropolis
  • The Story of Dr. Dolittle
  • Beethoven’s Shadow

I actually originally thought I was one of the seven, so I chose METAtropolis because its concept intrigued me. Here is the description:

 A true audio original, METAtropolis was commissioned by Audible and performed by an all-star cast. And it’s been such a hit with listeners that it has spawned a sequel, with a third installment in the works.

Even if the concept of an Audible commissioned book doesn’t get your juices flowing, the other six books are all over the place as far as genre, so there is something for everyone.

(Expiry for Free Trial: Never)

(Expiry for Christmas in July: 1st August 2013)

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June 6 Over 250 Top Audio Books For Only $7.95 Each + 3 Months Half Off

Posted by on June 6, 2013 at 6:00 PM Over 250 Top Audio Books For Only $7.95 Each + 3 Months Half Off

Tired of looking for the best book? Tired of paying for the best books? Then Audible has the deal you want!

First things first, you need to be a member of Audible to get this deal. If you use the link above, you get your first three months for only $7.49/month! That’s half off. You will be getting one credit per month which generally equals one book per month. If you don’t want to keep your membership you can cancel at any time but I highly suggest (if you don’t want to pay monthly) that you get the $9.95/year Light Account so you get access to all the sales, freebies and everyday discounts that Audible has to offer!

But with Audible you are getting two deals. If you click the link above, you can get one of 256 of the highest rated audio books available. You can save as much as $34 on some of these books. Some of them, of course, are only $2 off, but it depends on what you pick. They have everything from romance to sci-fi, fantasy to non-fiction. They even have books produced by Audible in their custom built New York studios!

Are you an Audible or audio book fan? If you aren’t, let me know why in the comments below and I will PERSONALLY convince you that you are wrong! Because we all know the best thing to do to the people who pay your salary is to tell them they’re wrong.

(Expiry: 8th June 2013)

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May 22 FREE Audio Short Story – Cold Colors by Neil Gaiman + 50% Off First 3 Months Membership

Posted by on May 22, 2013 at 5:30 PM FREE Audio Short Story   Cold Colors by Neil Gaiman + 50% Off First 3 Months Membership

Are you a Neil Gaiman fan? Well of course you are. Get a FREE Neil Gaiman Short Story and 50% Off First Three Months of Membership at Audible!

To get the FREE short story you just need to get an Audible account. If you use the link above, you the first three months of membership for only $7.49.month. That’s 50% off! You can cancel at any or keep your subscription. I highly suggest that if you aren’t going to keep it, to just get on the Audible Lite account which is $10/year and lets you take advantage of all the freebies and sales throughout the year.

Neil Gaiman is a living legend. He’s written tons of books and short stories and has been dong some awesome work with Audible. Audible has something called Neil Gaiman Presents which is a series of books handpicked by Neil and turned into audio books which he produces. But that’s not why we’re here. He is giving away a FREE short story called Cold Colors. I’ve only listened to five minutes of it but it is quite engrossing so far. I just want to know more about the world! Why? Well, Mr. Gaiman has a new book called The Ocean at the End of the Lane coming out on June 18th. This FREE short story has a preview to his new book so it’s a way to promote it. Regardless, you get a FREE short story out of it and you don’t have to listen to the preview if you don’t want to.

(Expires: Unknown)

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May 13

Audible: First Books in Series + 50% Off First Three Months of Membership

Posted by on May 13, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Audible: First Books in Series + 50% Off First Three Months of Membership

What could be better than starting a new book series? Starting it for under $5 at!

First things first. If you aren’t already an member, you should be. You can get a 50% discount on your first three months! You get 50% off a gold membership which gets you one credit a month. One credit is generally good for one book but a small handful of the longer books are two credits. You can cancel your account after the third month (or before) if you don’t want to pay full price for the membership. Whatever books you get in your 50% off period is yours to keep! If you don’t want the full priced monthly subscription I HIGHLY suggest you get put on the Audible light plan, which is $10 per year. That way you still get access to all of the awesome member-only sales!

You’ll be getting a gold membership which is normally $14.95 but your 50% discount gets you three months at $7.49/month!

There are over 200 books available in this sale from all genres including Fantasy, Mystery and Thriller and Fiction, among others. All the books in this sale are first in a series and are only $4.95. At this price it’s cheap enough that you can buy a couple and even if you don’t really dig them, you’re not out tons of money.

What is your favourite series? Let me know in the comments below!

(Expires: 20th May 2013)

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April 29

Downpour: Exclusive Coupon Code For 10% Off ANY Audiobook

Posted by on April 29, 2013 at 11:30 AM

Downpour: Exclusive Coupon Code For 10% Off ANY Audiobook

It’s raining audiobooks! Hallelujah! It’s raining audiobooks! Amen! Get 10% off the rain at Downpour.

 Click here to shop for audiobooks @

  • Coupon Code: MOOSE10
  • Discount: Save 10% off audiobook
  • Expiry: 30th April 2013

You’re a sucker. That’s right. You. The person sitting there reading a book with their eyes. Yeah. You’re a sucker. Don’t worry though. Bargainmoose is here to give you 10% off the very thing that will make you not a sucker. Audiobooks! That’s the ticket out of suckerdom.

Ok, let me explain why I’m calling you, the reader, the person who essentially pays my salary here at Bargainmoose, a sucker. It’s because of that paperback sitting next to you. It’s the old way of doing things. You are a slave to the book. If you want to read a paper book, you need to stop what you are doing and focus entirely on the book. You are wasting cycles. Audiobooks are the way to do it. You can listen to audiobooks while you drive, while you work out, while you cook, while you do chores. Most people, I suspect, don’t like cleaning. I love cleaning because it gives me a chance to read. I can be elbow deep in a toilet but as long as I’m listening to my book, I’m happy.

Go ahead, stick your arm in the toilet and listen to some great books from Downpour. Want more deals? Check out our Downpour Coupon Codes!

Downpour: Exclusive Coupon Code For 10% Off ANY Audiobook

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