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February 6

Free Apps All Busy Moms Need!

Posted by on February 6, 2016 at 7:24 PM

Free Apps All Busy Moms Need!

Being a mom has so many tasks and responsibilities – it is easy to lose track of some things. Which is why I set out on a mission to research the top free apps that all busy moms need! Whether you are timing your baby’s feedings or managing your budget, these apps are going to make your life as a busy mom so much easier. Realistically, we have our phones pretty much everywhere we go – so why not make practical use of them? I have used some of these apps myself, and others I am just learning about. So get out your smartphone and get ready to download! Also, feel free to comment below and mention any that you think I should add to this list. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 24

Save 92%! Duck Tales Remastered App Now $0.99 AND Google Play Summer App Sale

Posted by on July 24, 2015 at 1:30 PM

Save 92%! Duck Tales Remastered App Now $0.99 AND Google Play Summer App Sale

Google Play is having a large summer app sale that can save you up to 92% off of many fun and popular apps including Duck Tales Remastered. This fun game retails for $11.99 at iTunes Canada and has been reduced to only $0.99 at the Google Play Store. Now is the time to pop over and pick up a few great apps.

So the absolute most fantastic thing about this sale is that you have apps that have dropped down to the cost of a loonie or less. There is a collection of sale apps together and so many of them look fantastic.. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 25

Amazon Canada: Free App of the Day Bundle ($60+ Value)

Posted by on June 25, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Amazon Canada: Free App of the Day Bundle ($60+ Value)

We all love freebies at Bargainmoose! While I prefer tangible goods, free apps are always welcome as well! They can save me money on security software, productivity software, games, and more. Currently, Amazon Canada is offering a Free App of the Day bundle with 21 apps included. This bundle has a retail value of over $60 worth!

These apps are for android phones only: us iPhone users are out of luck. I do have to say that the perks for android users substantially outweigh the perks for iPhone users. With awesome music deals from the Google Play store and sweet app deals from Amazon Canada, this is a good time to be an android phone owner.

First, the AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security is a must if you have not yet procured security software for your smartphone. Valued at $14.50 alone, this software provides protection via antivirus. Get better performance via task killer as well as batter, data, and storage management. There is also an anti-theft mechanism for tracking your phone and privacy software including App locker and app backup.

Next highest, Mirroring360 – AirPlay Receiver has a value of $8.65. This app improves compatibility between iOS devices and Android devices. Use it to mirror an iOS screen to Android phones, tablets, and FireTV via AirPlay. You can also share media on an iOS system to your Android. This is a pretty cool app if you have a mix between Apple and PC in your house.

Games are the life blood of the App world and the greatest competition to consoles today. Exiles by Crescent Moon games is valued at $8.10, but is now completely free. You will become a member of the Elite Enforcers and go on various missions. These missions will help you save the world! The graphics are pretty cool with alien hives, underground temples, colonies, and caves. You can play a male or female character (pretty cool) and choose from an array of weapons to use and upgrade.

There are many other games and apps included in this bundle, here are a few more I wanted to point out:

There are just so many fun apps in this bundle. Browse through the list and download all the ones you want before this promo ends.

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May 28

Canadian Freebie: The Jungle Book Story Reading (iPad/iPhone)

Posted by on May 28, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Canadian Freebie: The Jungle Book Story Reading (iPad/iPhone)

The Disney movie The Jungle Book was an extremely popular movie back in the day, but its appeal has also extended down the ages. It’s still quite a timeless movie and still loved by kids of all ages, including me! Just now over on the Apple app store, there’s an app which you can download – it’s a lovely retelling of the movie, in illustrated ebook form. And what’s even nicer, is that it’s free!

The “The Jungle Book – Story reading for Kids” will be free on both iPad and iPhone, only for those of us on iOS. Sorry Androiders, this one’s not for you! The app store says that this app is free for a limited time, but I have no information when that is due to expire or what price the app will increase to, after that point. If you want it, download it right now.

This customer review sums up the positive points about this free book app:

Great classic book for kids. No ads, no in-app purchases.

That’s ideal. I really don’t love my five year old seeing extra buttons to buy other features or additional books, and wondering why we cannot just click it and get it. She doesn’t quite understand the foibles of micro-transactions quite yet!

I’ve just downloaded it and will be reading it with my daughter later today.

I just checked IMDB for the release date of The Jungle Book movie, and it was first released in 1967 and I was shocked, as was my fellow Mooser, Kristy! I didn’t realise it was soooo long ago – that’s nearly 50 years ago. I’m quite amazed how popular that this movie still is.

I’ve got The Jungle Book soundtrack on CD and it’s regularly played in my car, for the kids when we are travelling somewhere. We’re all fluent in, “I wanna be like you-hoo-hoo,” and, “The Bare Necessities.” Sometimes I even sing it when the kids aren’t in the car with me…

Is The Jungle Book an old favourite of yours too? Will you download this app for your wee ones to read?

(Expires: unknown)

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April 16

Amazon Canada: 26 Free Apps Bundle For Android (Valued At $110)

Posted by on April 16, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Amazon Canada: 26 Free Apps Bundle For Android (Valued At $110)

Wahoo, free apps! Freshen up your Android device and download a slew of great free apps. Today only, you can grab this bundle of 26 free Android apps. So go crazy and download until you run out of space. They are all completely free!

Here is a sampling of some of the included apps:

  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Plants vs. Zombies (Wi-Fi Download Only)
  • Runtastic PRO GPS Running, Walking & Fitness Tracker
  • Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords
  • CityMaps2Go Pro
  • Table Top Racing
  • Virtua Tennis Challenge
  • Osmos HD

This list just keeps going. Here are some of my favourites that I am excited to download.

Plants vs. Zombies is almost a classic at this point and has been highly reviewed. This is a very addicting game. Move up through the levels so you can get something better to attack those Zombies with than the peashooter. There is also a Wi-Fi download version of this game, perfect for playing. According to Amazon Plants vs. Zombies has been named game of the year in over 30 different publications.

Runtastic Pro  will help you track your fitness. This app has been free before, but you may have missed it. Now that the weather has broken, you may be considering a new fitness routine. In addition, this app will cheer you on and track your progress as you run. Sometimes I need that boost. This app is also ad free.

I am looking forward to trying the Pudding Monsters game. This is a puzzle game designed by the same creators of Cut the Rope. This looks to have fun graphics and I could see it being a lot of fun to squish these little monsters together. Players seem to like that the puzzles become more and more challenging. This looks like an addictive and fun game to play when you have just a few minutes.

I sometimes run out of space for all the freebies I want, so here is a tip. Download everything you may want for now, and then delete any you do not want right away from your device. According to Amazon Canada, the apps stay in the cloud library until you manually delete them. No need to use all your space at once, save a game or two for later in the cloud. I always carry too many photos on my device and most of my space is often is full. This technique helps me take advantage of freebies when I have not yet taken the time to delete my blurry photos.

(Expiry: 16th April 2015)

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March 20

34 FREE Apps In Celebration Of Appstore’s Birthday @ Amazon Canada (Android Only) (EXPIRED)

Posted by on March 20, 2015 at 4:05 PM

34 FREE Apps In Celebration Of Appstores Birthday @ Amazon Canada (Android Only) (EXPIRED)

In celebration of the Appstore’s birthday, Amazon is currently offering 34 apps at no extra cost. These are all normally paid apps but until Saturday, you can get them all for free!

This is actually a pretty awesome freebie because if you were to download all of these apps, then you would be looking at up to $115 savings! Now, you can certainly go on a downloading frenzy, especially since there is nothing stopping you from just deleting all of these ones that you don’t actually want after, but perhaps it would be best to just download the ones you see yourself using! 34 FREE Apps In Celebration Of Appstores Birthday @ Amazon Canada (Android Only) (EXPIRED)

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, which is the very first one in the image above, is actually one of the Appstore’s most critically acclaimed app right now as it’s super fun and very addicting. As the nightly security guard, your job is to guard the premises and make sure that nothing goes haywire… but of course, things do go haywire and it’s your job to deal with them! The great part about this app is that it’s kid friendly. It’s usually priced at $3.39.

Cut The Rope looks like a worthy download as well and one that I would certainly go for if I had an Android phone. Originally selling for $1.02, it’s a puzzle game that features 16 boxes with a whopping 400 levels. Forget Candy Crush and it’s never ending levels, try this one instead as you might actually have a chance at beating it!

Servers Ultimate Pro is for the extremely tech savvy. It’s usually priced at $13.39 and is a server setup app that can run over 60 different servers from your device, it has over 70 available protocols and 16 network tools — wow! Usually, each server would cost either $0.99 or $1.99 but with this freebie, you get over 60 servers at no extra charge.

Element of Photography Pro looks like a great app for photography junkies. Usually listed for $2.50, this is actually an educational app that covers all aspects of photography from the basics to the more advanced topics. Even better is that it’s available in 14 languages from English to French, German, Russian, Japanese, etc. If you have been looking into learning more about photography, then this is definitely a must-download!

Moosers, which app(s) will you be getting for free?

(Expiry: 21st March 2015)

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March 8

Free iOS App: Show Your Disney Side!

Posted by on March 8, 2015 at 1:25 PM

Free iOS App: Show Your Disney Side!

Yo! Parents out there with iPhones and other Apple devices might be interested in this little freebie from Disney. They’ve recently launched their iOS app, “Show your Disney Side.” In this free app, you take a selfie and it automagically changes you into some popular Disney characters.

I downloaded the app and tested it on my iPhone whilst in the process of writing this blog post. It’s really cute and my little daughter loved it! I was using the app on an iPhone 4 so it worked a little slowly. I am sure it would work faster on newer devices.


You can choose from a limited number of characters, some of which are:

  • Elsa, Anna & Kristoff from Frozen
  • Pirate, Barbossa & Pirate Lady from Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Queen Amidala, Darth Maul & X-Wing Pilot from Star Wars
  • Maleficient, Jafar & Captain Hook, various Disney baddies

How It Works

First up, the app prompts you to choose a character. Then, you either take a selfie or choose an existing image from your camera roll. That’s as easy as it gets! Once it makes you into the Disney character, you have a few options such as background and outfit choices.

What I Did

I made myself into a few different creations. Above, I am picturing myself as Maleficent, Anna and Darth Maul. The Anna makeover was really cute! However, Darth Maul was pretty creepy…

I think this could give you and the little ones a few minutes of fun, in Disnifying yourselves. Free iOS App: Show Your Disney Side!

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February 12

Amazon App Giveaway: 37 Free Apps – Trivia Crack, OfficeSuit Professional 8, Runtastic Pro & More (Android Only)

Posted by on February 12, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Amazon App Giveaway: 37 Free Apps   Trivia Crack, OfficeSuit Professional 8, Runtastic Pro & More (Android Only)

Yay, free apps! Right now at Amazon, you can get up to 37 free apps. These apps are only available for Android users.

Here are just some of the top apps that you can get for free:

  • Trivia Crack (ad free)
  • 80 Days
  • OfficeSuite Professional 8
  • Doodle Jump
  • Glow Hockey 2 Pro
  • Sworkit Pro
  • Relax Melodies Premium Ambience Meditation
  • Bag It (ad free)
  • Listure
  • mSecure
  • Travel Interpreter
  • Shazam Encore
  • Runtastic Pro

Ever heard a song playing that you really liked but had no way of knowing what it was? Then Shazam should be yours to download first. It’s usually free to download anyways but Amazon is offering the paid version for free, which is Shazam Encore. Usually $4.99, it includes special features like unlimited usage, unlimited tagging, etc. I have used this app numerous times in the past and I can certainly attest to its accuracy. The great part about it is that it still works great even in a crowded area.

Candy Crush is great but if you’re looking for something new to play, then give Trivia Crack a try. My hubby and I have been playing this game back and forth for a couple of weeks now and it’s loads of fun. We both have the free version and while the game is entertaining, being bombarded by ads all the time isn’t so fun. At Amazon right now, you can get the ad-free version of this game, which would normally cost $3.49 on the Google Play Store. The goal is to answer trivia questions correctly and beat your opponent, which can be either friends or random opponents from across the globe.

If you’re planning on travelling any time soon, then you should definitely download Travel Interpreter as well. Regularly priced at $9.99, it has more than 2,200 illustrated words and phrases in up to 32 languages like French, Spanish, German, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, etc. Here’s what someone had to say about it:

The app is really useful. I downloaded the German one inside the app because I speak German already so I wanted to see how accurate it was. It’s pretty great and the phrases are simple and easy, great for anyone who truly doesn’t know the language. There are a lot of topics to choose from. I really like that you can hear how the word or phrase is supposed to be pronounced.

(Expiry:  Unknown)

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January 6

Get the Android App Inferno 2 for Free Today @ (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 6, 2015 at 5:01 AM

Get the Android App Inferno 2 for Free Today @ (EXPIRED)

Inferno 2 is a great app for Android devices if you enjoy action-RPG games. While Inferno 2 would have normally cost you $3.35, today you can download it through the Amazon Canada App store for free. To get started, download the App Store to your Android device and then follow the link below to get Inferno 2 for free.

This fun, fast paced shooter game has over 80 levels of atmospheric awesomeness. The touch controls are able to be customized, although I hear they are a little too responsive for most people’s liking. I am sure you will be able to get used to the controls – if not, you can also use a Bluetooth controller.

Inferno 2 brings all-new special level types and goals to your fingertips. There are tons of new secrets to discover since the original Inferno, and since this game is free today, you really have no excuse to not give it a chance. There are three different difficulty levels, you can change it up at any time throughout the game. I am personally a wimp when it comes to shooter games, so I would have to go with the easy setting. There are also all-new weapons and upgrades in the Inferno 2 game. customers have left great reviews for this game. Since this game is now free instead of $3, why not give it a shot? Here is one of the Amazon Canada reviews on Inferno 2 for Android devices:

Awesome game, and fun to play. The controls are a little harder to get use to than on the controller. I have Stardust on PlayStation 3 and this game is similar to that. I love them both. Inferno 2 is more of a map style game though, compared to Stardust.

Unfortunately if you are using an Apple device, you will still have to pay $2.99 for this game in the Apple iTunes store. There is mild cartoon or fantasy violence in this game, so keep that in mind when choosing to download it. For that reason, Inferno 2 is rated for ages 9 and up.

After watching the video of this game on, I feel like going to an arcade. If I had an Android device, I could get the arcade feeling right at my fingertips. The sound effects do remind me of the game Astroids though, how about you?

(Expiry: 6th January 2015)

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December 24

Free Apps and Games for the Holidays @ ($225 Value)

Posted by on December 24, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Free Apps and Games for the Holidays @ ($225 Value)

Amazon Canada is giving the gift of free apps and games during the Holidays, so fire up your smartphone or tablet and check them out. There are lots of apps available, choose from games, tools, and others. The Amazon Appstore and apps are available for android.

Usually offers one premium app for free every day, but for the Holidays they are spoiling us just a little bit with over 35 apps for free. These are normally paid apps and will only be free for a very limited time, so hop to it and download the Amazon appstore to get started. Now, there are over $225 worth in top paid apps and games for free, too many to list. I’ll point out the highlights.

Angry Birds Space is available for free. This game is great! It was $3.10 before, which was a little too much for me to pay just to get rid of the advertisements. There is a version that is free as well but always has pop up ads. This version of Angry Birds has 40 new levels and 6 bonus levels. You may have found your new way to kill time during your bus ride or while waiting for your girlfriend to get ready to go out. I would jump on this game in particular, as it really is fun.

Colour Splash FX was previously $1.99 and now free. Have you ever seen those cool photos that are mostly black and white except for one focus point that is still in colour? This is how you do it! This simple and easy to use tool will give you a professional colour splash to your photos. There is also an unlimited undo tool if you accidentally colour or remove colour from an area of your photo. This is especially helpful on touch screen phones and tablets, trust me.

Age of Zombies: Season 2 was $1.07 and is now free during this Amazon Canada promotion. The popular theme to games and movies lately seems to be Zombies, so why not? This Age of Zombies game is all about the action. This is your chance to get in on the zombie-slaying action. If I didn’t have an iPhone I would be all over this game, even just to try it out.

Some of the other free apps will include:

  • Tetris
  • Fleksy Keyboard
  • TuneIn Radio Pro
  • Worms 3
  • Just 6 Weeks (if you have fitness New Year’s resolutions)

There are more too, so have a look and see for yourself. These apps will only be free for three days, as a little Christmas gift from Amazon Canada.

(Expiry: 26th December 2014)

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December 23

A Charlie Brown Christmas Free App @ TODAY (EXPIRED)

Posted by on December 23, 2014 at 4:00 PM

A Charlie Brown Christmas Free App @ TODAY (EXPIRED)

The free app of the day at Amazon Canada is a Christmas Classic: A Charlie Brown Christmas. Join Charlie, Linus, and the whole gang for the retelling of this most endearing of all holiday stories. This app is valued at $5.14 and should be compatible with most android devices.

Peter Robbins, the original voice of Charlie Brown, narrates the story so it will feel nostalgic and familiar to anyone who enjoyed the old cartoons when they were on TV. The drawings are true to Charlie Brown style and the story – you all know the story – is just waiting for you and your kids to rediscover the true meaning of Christmas.

This is an interactive app. You can play Schroeder’s piano, go carolling, finger paint, and participate in the Neighbourhood Christmas Lights and Display Contest to unlock decorations for your very own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Do all this and more while having fun with the gang. Each page holds new wonders and delights for your children.

Most reviews have been very positive including these:

I liked this app from the title page – the 45rpm record plays the theme song, complete with a touch of static, just like an actual, old school record player – but, beyond that- I have this on my kindle fire – I turned pages and listened to the story with narration, I shut that off and it spoke only a single word that I selected ( to help beginning readers) all the animation worked without a glitch- including the famous toy piano. I really like this one -


I bought this app for my kindle fire and had no problems with it. It was very interactive, fun and I felt as if I was watching the TV show with the added bonus of being a part of it. It is highly enjoyable and recommended.

Do note that there are in-app purchases (like most apps these days) that are available. The game can be played without them but you may want to monitor little fingers so they do not suddenly charge your credit card with the promise of something shiny and fun.

This app is only available for free today so I assume the offer will end around midnight PST as Amazon Canada is based out of Seattle. However, it could always end early so hop on the deal ASAP little Moosers!

(Expiry: 23rd December 2014)

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November 27

Canadian Freebies: 39 Free Apps for Android @ Amazon Canada ($183 Worth)

Posted by on November 27, 2014 at 12:23 PM

Canadian Freebies: 39 Free Apps for Android @ Amazon Canada ($183 Worth)

There are 39 free apps you can download for free at Amazon Canada right now. These are usually paid apps so you are getting a bunch of programs worth $183 for free. If you are running an android device, then check out these freebies from Amazon Canada now.

I am not going to bother listing all the apps, but I will pick out some of the more expensive apps and some of the apps I think are more interesting. Here is merely a sample of what you can download.

Expensive apps:

  • Docs To Go Premium Key – Was $11.09
  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition for Android – Was $26.79
  • Splashtop Whiteboard – Was $38.69

Fun games:

  • Bejeweled 2 – Was $2.99
  • Sonic Jump – Was $2.99
  • Angry Birds Seasons (Ad-Free) – Was $1.02
  • Dr. Panda & Toto’s Treehouse – Was $2.99
  • Fairway Solitaire (Full) – Was $1.08

There are many more games and other apps as well. I have Sonic Jump for my phone and it is a good game to play at the doctor’s office while waiting for an appointment. I rather suck at the game and really have not made it beyond the first few levels. I blame coordination and a small phone screen.

My husband used to be addicted to all the Angry Birds games including Seasons, which has some of the prettiest backgrounds of the different games they have released. I even enjoyed playing that one. Of course, I am a sucker for Japanese blossom petals.

While you may think that a dictionary on your Android device might not be that useful, after all – you can just google it – you would be surprised how many words do not show up at or in unofficial dictionaries. Besides, if you are ever playing Scrabble a phone dictionary might come in useful for looking up all those two letter words.

My partner has an Android tablet so I will be forwarding this deal to him. If you download some of these games, let me know what ones you decided on! I am curious as to what apps will be most popular. If my calculations are correct (I did them twice so they should be), this stack of 39 apps is worth $183 if you bought them all at retail price.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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November 14

Amazon Canada: Download The Amazon AppStore App To Get $105 Worth Of Apps For Free – Today Only (EXPIRED)

Posted by on November 14, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Amazon Canada: Download The Amazon AppStore App To Get $105 Worth Of Apps For Free   Today Only (EXPIRED)

Amazon is at it again! They’re currently promoting a fantastic deal to entice people to download their free Amazon AppStore App, which you can get for your Android device. If you get this Amazon Appstore App today, you can get 16 free apps to download – a $105 value! All you need to do to download this free app on your Android-compatible cell phone or tablet is click here, and follow the easy-to-follow instructions provided to you by Amazon. No shipping or anything is required – after all, you’re downloading these apps straight to your Android device! This deal is only valid until November the 15th, so get it today!

Click here to check out this deal @ now

Once you download the free Amazon Appstore App, you can download the free app of the day bundle! I’ve included the apps included in this “app toolbox”, along with their regular prices below:

  •  Oxford Dictionary of English with Audio ($25.43)
  • PrintHand Mobile Print Premium ($13.57)
  • Servers Ultimate Pro ($13.39)
  • HanDBase Database Manager ($10.29)
  • MathsApp Graphing Calculator ($6.99)
  • MobiMail for Outlook Web Email (FULL) ($5.99)
  • Business Card Reader ($5.60)
  • Fleksy Keyboard ($4.38)
  • Tiny Scan Pro: PDF Document Scanner ($4.28)
  • OpenDocument Reader ($4.07)
  • Camera ZOOM FX ($2.99)
  • AndroZip Pro File Manager ($2.50)
  • Office Calculator Pro ($2.29)
  • XnRetro Pro ($1.30)
  • Shuttle+ Music Player ($0.99)
  • TextGrabber + Translator Lite ($0.99)

What you’ll be paying for these apps: nothing! They’re absolutely free until November 15th. Now this is one nice deal, especially since it won’t cost you a penny! I no longer have an Android compatible device, so I won’t be able to enjoy these free apps. It’s a real shame, too – I would have loved to tinker with the MathsApp Graphing Calculator, the Camera ZOOM FX, and TextGrabber + Translator Lite apps.

I’ve included a brief review from a satisfied Camera ZOOM FX user below:

This is one of the most used of my apps… An absolutely amazing piece of software. Beats all of the rest by far! 

Take advantage of this free offer today! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day today, Bargainmoosers!

(Expiry: 15th November 2014)

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November 4

Como Canada Exclusive Coupon Code: Save 30% On A Platinum Plan | Up To $345 Value

Posted by on November 4, 2014 at 8:30 AM

Como Canada Exclusive Coupon Code: Save 30% On A Platinum Plan | Up To $345 Value

Good morning, my fellow Bargainmoosers! I’ve got an exclusive coupon for you all this morning that was provided to us by the fine folks at Como. When you use the coupon code below, you can save 30% on a platinum plan! You can choose to use their platinum services monthly (where you’d save $34.50 with this discount code), or yearly (you would save $345.01 on your order). For those who aren’t aware, Como is a company that allows users to conveniently build their own mobile app on their website. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s awesome! Also, you won’t have to worry about paying any shipping charges, since this deal is for a web-based service. Nice!

Click here to check out this deal @ now 

  • Coupon Code: COMO-MOOSE-30
  • Discount: 30% off a platinum plan
  • Expiry: Unknown

With Como, you can easily create your own app for your business. Whether you’re the owner of a restaurant, a non-profit organization, a school, a small business, or if you’re running an event that you’re trying to build interest for, then you should definitely check out Como, Even if you’re a musician that wants to alert fans about your next gigs and songs, you can use Como’s services. You can even easily integrate links to photos, videos, e-merchants, and social media pages. You can check out all of Como’s features by clicking here.

As a person who’s dabbled in the app-creating field, I know how challenging it could be when you’re working on these from scratch. Thankfully, Como makes it easy for users to customize their app to their liking. It would have made my experiences that much easier, that’s for sure!

I’ve included a brief review of Como’s services from a satisfied customer (Dr. Robert Lofsky, Wilmot Veterinary Clinic) below:

“Since I have a relatively new practice and am currently building my client base, the app is great because it’s innovative, helps people discover my clinic, and makes my practice stand out.”

Even if you’re not familiar with apps, I highly recommend that you check out today’s deal, just so you can see what Como can do for you. Happy hunting, Bargainmoosers!

Como Canada Exclusive Coupon Code: Save 30% On A Platinum Plan | Up To $345 Value

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October 17

Canadian Freebies: 14 Free Android Apps for the Family @

Posted by on October 17, 2014 at 4:00 PM

Canadian Freebies: 14 Free Android Apps for the Family @

Today and tomorrow only, score 14 free android only apps at Amazon Canada for your children and the entire family.

All these apps you regularly have to pay for, so this is a nice little offer from Amazon Canada. Most are only worth a dollar or two each, but free is king! Download all 14 apps or choose the ones that fit with your family and lifestyle most.

If I added the bundle up correctly, then you are getting $24.09 worth of free apps for you and your family.

The most appealing title in the entire group is Fiona Fights, an Adventure Time game where you battle as Fionna. You battle enemies and can use power ups that make you super big or you can call in backup like Marshall Lee. Perform invincible power attacks with Lady Rainicorn or Lord Monochromicorn. The game looks like a fun game for kids and adults alike. I know many adults who worship Adventure Time and would enjoy playing a game like this.

This reviewer just loves the game:

I love love love this game! I’m a big geek but this makes me feel MATHEMATICAL!!! I love that u can upgrade all the swords and u can play w/ cake and marchell!!!! It’s so fun!!!

There are several productivity apps in the offer as well. The healthy Habit Tracker sounds like a good habit-reinforcing app for kids and adults alike. We all know how hard it is to break a bad habit and make a new good habit. This chart tracks your habits in a daily, weekly, or monthly view format. As this reviewer says:

Goals that are written down ARE goals that you stick to. This app is great for helping me remember to do those small but very important things that I sometimes forget.

I just love deals like this! Especially when you get really cool games and other useful apps free. Enjoy dear Moosers and let me know what you pick up!

(Expiry: 18th October 2014)

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