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May 23

Amazon Canada: 75% Off The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy – Now $10

Posted by on May 23, 2015 at 6:17 PM

Amazon Canada: 75% Off The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Blu Ray + DVD + Digital Copy   Now $10

Did you miss seeing the first part of The Hunger Games Mockingkay movie? Then make sure to grab it at Amazon because it’s currently 75% off and includes a copy of the movie in all of the following formats: Blu-Ray, DVD and even a digital version. Originally priced at $39.99, it’s now down to just $9.99.

Admittedly, the first part of the Mockingjay movies only got up to 6.8/10 in terms of rating on IMDB with numerous reviews stating how disappointed they were in the movie. Personally, I rather loved it and I can be pretty harsh in my reviews as well! It’s a 2-hour movie that will definitely keep you on your toes the entire time but it does definitely help to have watched the previous movies in order to understand what’s going on. It’s not necessary per se, but it does help to situate you and understand some of the jabs.

In a way I can understand the why some reviewers found this movie disappointing but in another way, it makes total sense. Having watched the previous movies and read all of the books, it makes sense that the part one of the Mockingjay series would be setting up the part that is to follow. We would need to wait and see for the second part to hit theatres but I would expect it to be very grandiose with loads of banging action scenes, given that the first part is slower and quieter.

Shipping is only free on orders over $25, so you would need to another filler item. I had a look around in the TV shows and movies currently on sale for 70% off or more and found plenty of great picks like:

If you haven’t see it yet, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is also currently on sale for just $9.99, which is 75% off its original price of $39.99. Reviews for this one are far more favourable as well with a total rating of 4.5/5 stars and 166 reviews in total.

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May 22

Take 45% Off Instant Pot 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker For $130 + Free Shipping @

Posted by on May 22, 2015 at 1:08 PM

Take 45% Off Instant Pot 7 in 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker For $130 + Free Shipping @

Everyone seems to have these Instant Pots lately, have you tried one yet? Today Amazon Canada has the Instant Pot 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker on sale for 45% off the regular price. This Instant Pot Pressure Cooker was $234.95 but is now just $129.99. Shipping is included too.

These savings on the Instant Pot 7 in 1 Programmable Pressure Cooker are part of today’s Kitchen Day Sale at This is a great deal on this pressure cooker, and instead of paying $234.95 you will pay just $129.99. This Instant Pot Programmable Pressure Cooker has the latest 3rd generation technology. The cooking pot and exterior are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and design.

So what exactly does 7-in-1 mean? You could probably guess a few of the features, but I honestly didn’t think this handy little machine could do all of this. I pictured this Instant Pot appliance to be able to pressure cook, slow cook and steam. I can’t believe the reviews on this product, they are 90% 5 star reviews, and I am sure the amount of features are the reason. This multi-functional pressure cooker can do the following 7 options:

  • pressure cooker
  • slow cooker
  • rice cooker
  • saute/browning
  • yogurt maker
  • steamer
  • warmer

This small appliance can replace your slow cooker with so many more features. It also has a large and easy to use control panel with 14 built-in programs as well as dual pressure and a setting to keep things warm when the timer is done. You can even delay the cooking time, so set your dinner up before you go to work and come home to a cooked meal. If you have used a stove-top pressure cooker and have blown the safety pressure plug, you won’t have to worry about that with this Instant Pot. There are actually cooking blogs that use this handy small appliance to make delicious meals like baby back ribs *drool*. The pot is also designed to be non-stick, which is awesome. I hate scrubbing dried food off of surfaces.

So, potato salad, chicken, beans… what’s for dinner when you get your new Instant Pot 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker? I use my slow cooker to make pulled pork, and I honestly cannot wait to try my step dad’s famous recipe in a pressure cooker. Since offers free shipping on all orders over $25, you won’t have to worry about any additional fees in that department.

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May 21

Save 61%! Dungeons and Dragons Boardgame: The Wrath of Ashardalon Was $64.47 | Now $33 & Free Shipping @ (EXPIRED)

Posted by on May 21, 2015 at 2:00 PM

Save 61%! Dungeons and Dragons Boardgame: The Wrath of Ashardalon Was $64.47 | Now $33 & Free Shipping @ (EXPIRED)

D&D players, we are calling your name! Check out the Dungeons and Dragons: The Wrath of Ashardalon game. This game was $64.47 but is now discounted to $32.99. This item qualifies for completely free super save shipping.

Whether you are a fan of Dungeons and Dragons or just in the mood to learn, you should check out this amazing deal on the Dungeons and Dragons board game, The Wrath of Ashardalon. If you love science fiction and fantasy, this game might be a good starter. This game is a lighter version of D&D, but the pieces can be mixed with other Dungeons and Dragons games.  I would say most games last between 45 minutes to an hour and a half, making it a great option for those who are looking for only a taste of the epic game. You can play this game alone or with up to five friends.

This would make a great gift for a budding sci-fi fan. I have played this game a few times and it is a lot of fun. I do not consider myself a heavy Dungeons and Dragons player. I have a few friends who are heavier players and they suggested we all try this game at one of our game nights. Even better, the stakes were even so I was not completely killed off by the more experienced players once I caught on to the game. You can pick up this game with no previous knowledge of how to play Dungeons and Dragons, I did!

This game is not sold at many of the major retailers online. Games like this one tend to be sold at specialty stores or dedicated game stores. A few other bigger retailers carry this game. Over at Chapters Indigo, this board game is currently on sale for $47.02. You could pick this game up at Beau Baby for $64.99.

Most of the reviews for this are long. Dungeon and Dragons players tend to be serious about their games. So many of the reviews I found either just say the game was fun or are fairly in depth giving you full details of how to play. Buyers are praising this game for having many pieces that are easily integrated into other games, and for overall being a lot of fun. If you are hooked on the game, know you can easily expand this into a lot more play.

Grab your copy now while the price is still excellent. If you walk into any serious game store, you will pay much more for this fantastic game. You will be all set to hold you next game night BBQ with this fun game.

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May 18

Amazon Canada: 56% Off Vivere Brazillian Style Double Hammock – Now Just $29.58

Posted by on May 18, 2015 at 9:30 PM

Amazon Canada: 56% Off Vivere Brazillian Style Double Hammock   Now Just $29.58

Want to sway around in a hammock this summer as you sip an iced tea and read a good book? Amazon has an amazing deal on a Vivere Brazillian double hammock: you can get one for just $29.58 right now. It was originally priced at $67.17, which puts it at 56% off! Shipping is free as well.

Once you click over to Amazon’s page, you will see that there are a couple of Vivere products to choose from but the one I’m writing about here is at the very top and is available in two colours: either denim (blue) or regal red. Both of these are double Brazillian hammocks that come with a zippered carrying bag.

Reviews are super positive for this hammock as well. For the denim (blue) one, 9 reviewers gave it a general consensus of 4.9/5 stars, praising it for its long durability and best of all, comfort level. One of the reviewers wrote that he’s actually 6’1″ 330lbs guy who finds it “super comfortable” — his exact words, by the way –, so don’t worry about it seeming too small as it definitely isn’t! Hammocks can be scary contraptions but once you get over your initial fear of either crashing down because of your weight or flipping over, you will see that you have really been missing out on a fabulously relaxing experience all the years that you have gone without one.

In fact, even Amazon’s description of this hammock mentions that is has a 450lbs capacity. That’s actually pretty impressive for a hammock bed that is 95×63″ with a total length of 156″. It also has a 1-year limited warranty, so you can rest assured that if something were to happen to it, that you could contact Vivere for a fix!

I’m definitely also surprised that shipping is free. If you want to hang your hammock between two trees, then make sure to keep an eye on the Vivere tree straps. They’re currently out of stock but only “temporarily” and you never know when they come back in stock. They’re worth getting though if they do because before they went out of stock, they were on sale for $11.34 (reg. $33.99), which is 67% off — an extremely small price to pay for a high comfort level!

If you would prefer a hammock chair instead, then grab the Vivere Brazillian hammock chair one on sale for $38.38 (reg. $89.57). I’m actually quite tempted to get this, though keep in mind that the hooks and spring are sold separately. It would be pretty awesome to use as a peaceful reading nook in the summer — for those of you who don’t have kids that is!

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May 18 Coupon Code: 10% off Pre-Order Video Games!

Posted by on May 18, 2015 at 10:00 AM Coupon Code: 10% off Pre Order Video Games!

It’s not very often that releases a generic coupon code for a discount on select product ranges, they’re incredibly rare. But just now, I’ve spotted that there is a promo code for a 10% discount on the list price of many pre-order video games. This is incredibly rare from Amazon, so I decided to blog it!

Click here to use the coupon code online now

  • Coupon Code: MAYSAVE10
  • Discount: 10% off pre-orders
  • Expires: Unknown
  • Terms: Excludes Halo 5: Guardians and LEGO Dimensions

The coupon code is apparently valid while stocks last, so we aren’t really sure when they will end it. If there was a particular video game that you were interested in getting, then make your purchase now and think later. Amazon’s customer service is very good – so you could buy now and think later and still be able to get a refund if you change your mind.

And don’t forget that Amazon also have a pre-order price guarantee – if you order a game now and the price drops before it is released, then you will only pay the lower price. This is a great guarantee, and also an encouragement to put your orders in now.

Pre-order video games can be incredibly pricey, so this coupon code will help for a bit of a discount on those prices.

Let me show you a few examples of the price on a couple of top titles:

There are many more titles to choose from, there are pre-orders on hundreds of upcoming releases.

Remember, everything above $25 gets free super saver shipping from Amazon anyway!

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May 17

3 Kitchen Appliances that Will Save You Time and Money

Posted by on May 17, 2015 at 8:00 PM

3 Kitchen Appliances that Will Save You Time and Money

My kitchen is so small I’m not the type of person to have every kitchen appliance under the sun, although that would be nice, because the Aqua Sky Kitchen Aid mixer has always had my eye.  There are a few kitchen appliances that I am a huge fan of that I already have, and there are a few kitchen appliances that I am thinking for a future purchase of adding to my kitchen appliance collection.  Most of these aren’t very pricey and really give a good bang for your buck.

There are a few ways to evaluate whether a kitchen appliance is worth it.  I remember my family had an apple peeler (it cored the apple and peeled it in a spiral fashion, it was fun to watch actually) but it unfortunately just collected dust and was never taken out of its box except for a handful of times.  LifeHack has a great post explaining which kitchen appliances people on a budget should have.  Learnvest also has a great post entitled “Are These Kitchen Appliances Worth It?” detailing the number of times you need to use the appliance before it is “worth it” in terms of the price you paid.  Obviously the more times you need to use it to ‘break even’ the worse the purchase that kitchen appliance is to add to your kitchen arsenal.

Here are three kitchen appliances that, in my humble opinion, are worth the money and the kitchen counter space (or cupboard space) because they will save you money and time (time is priceless, isn’t it?):

Slow Cooker or Crock Pot

I am a huge huge fan of the slow cooker and honestly, that feeling you get when you finish the 6 to 10 hours of waiting for the food to cook, when you smell the intoxicating smell of the slow cooker meal, and when you open the lid is to peer in at what you threw into the pot without much effort… is priceless!  Slow cookers or Crock Pots (kind of like the tissue paper and Kleenex analogy) are very economically priced, you can get a decent one for about $50 and they last for a long time.  You can make all sorts of things with a slow cooker.  When choosing one, look for fancier options like one that automatically switches to ‘warm’ when it is finished cooking, or one that can extend the cook time to 16 hours or longer (for those who are interested in making the new health craze, bone broth, this is a great option).  The slow cooker is perfect for busy people who don’t have time to cook at the end of the day, or perfect for batch cooking and freezer cooking.  Personally I make something in my crockpot on the Sunday and have leftovers throughout the week.

Here are a few great easy and cheap slow cooker recipes to get you started.  Also, Bargainmoose often posts some great deals for slow cookers through, Walmart, or Lowes.  Check out this recent Bargainmoose deal from Walmart for $33!


I personally haven’t purchased this yet but have been doing some research.  The costs are anywhere from $75 to $200 and it definitely takes up a large portion of your cupboard space (I personally would not want something like that sitting on my counter).  Here is an example from Canadian Tire and one from  If you are someone who camps often, this is definitely an investment worth making.  Dehydrating your food instead of buying the $9 per two servings of dehydrated food at your local camping/ outdoor equipment store will save you money.  Also, beef jerky is expensive so why not make your own?  In addition, my dog likes sweet potato chews (he has lots of allergies) and these chews cost $20 for a about 18 slices.  A dehydrator would shave a lot of money off that regular expense.

A French Press or a Nespresso

For all you coffee drinkers, a home brewed coffee costs much less than $1 a cup compared to a $3.95 + tax latte.  Over the course of a year, that daily latte right before work adds up to $1000.  Personally I would rather go on an all inclusive trip to Mexico or Cuba for that annual cost, but to each their own!  Here’s a post from TheKitchn on how to make a latte without an espresso machine.  A Nespresso machine is pricey, but there is a $100 rebate to offset some of the cost currently.  A Bodum French Press costs anywhere from $25 to $50.

Bargainmoosers, do you have a kitchen appliance that you are a fan of?   Do you recommend buying a dehydrator?

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May 17

Amazon Canada: $109 Off Tassimo Coffee Maker T47 – Now Just $59 & Free Shipping! (EXPIRED)

Posted by on May 17, 2015 at 10:05 AM

Amazon Canada: $109 Off Tassimo Coffee Maker T47    Now Just $59 & Free Shipping! (EXPIRED)

Coffee lovers, there is a fantastic deal on a coffee maker at Amazon but you better jump on it quick if you want it! The Tassimo coffee maker T47 is on sale for just $59, which is a $108.99 from its original price of $167.99 — that’s 65% off! Shipping is free as well.

Amazon’s deal are such that they can end at any moment, so if you want this nifty coffee maker, then make sure to not wait to get it, especially since it’s much more expensive everywhere else:

Surprisingly, it actually has a total over 40 customer reviews and a total of 4.5/5 stars. That’s really quite amazing and coupled with the price drop, it definitely pushes this little coffee maker over the moon. I’m just kidding of course but if I didn’t already have a Keurig, I would probably get this machine because of the many perks and the positive reviews.

Reviewers praised the Tassimo for its sleek appearance that looks great on any counter top and also for its great-tasting coffee. Ultimately, you don’t need much more than that, do you? Amazon Canada: $109 Off Tassimo Coffee Maker T47    Now Just $59 & Free Shipping! (EXPIRED)

Tassimo T47 is fully automatic, which means that you merely need to press one button to make your coffee. However, you do have the option to customize your drink by making it pour less or more of coffee.

It utilizes T-Discs and what’s cool about those is that the Tassimo will know exactly what you’re wanting to drink and will make it just right by scanning the bar-code. The Tassimo is also marketed as being lightweight, so depending on how your kitchen is designed, you could technically keep it stashed away in a cupboard and then bust it out as soon as you need it. Personally, I would definitely keep it on display and move the other small appliances out of the way if I had a lack of counter-space but that’s just me!

The Tassimo T47 coffee maker also features:

  • 2.5kg overall weight
  • 1.39L water reservoir
  • noise reduction
  • 1-touch operation

Plus with summer around the corner, it can also brew iced coffee!

(Image Credit: Canadian Tire YouTube)

(Expiry: 18th May @ 3am)

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May 16 The Walking Dead Seasons 1-3 Blu-Ray Box Set + FREE T-Shirt – Now $46 & Free Shipping (Lowest Price Ever!)

Posted by on May 16, 2015 at 1:30 PM The Walking Dead Seasons 1 3 Blu Ray Box Set + FREE T Shirt   Now $46 & Free Shipping (Lowest Price Ever!)

Have you been meaning to find out what exactly all the hype is surrounding The Walking Dead show? Here’s your chance: right now at Amazon, you can get a seasons 1-3 Blu-Ray box set of this incredible show on sale for just $45.99. That’s a 71% price drop from its regular price of $159.99! It will also be shipped absolutely free.

Amazon’s $114 price drop on this box set is actually the lowest we have ever seen and as much as I’m sure many of you are tempted to download this series, it would be much better to just buy it on sale right now, especially since it’s in Blu-Ray!

For those of you who speak French or prefer to watch shows in French, then you will be happy to know that this box set is bilingual.

Reviews are stellar of course, like this one from a 5/5 happy reviewer:

OMG! Love this show, got it 2 days after I purchased on Amazon. Plus the T-Shirt was a bonus! It was cheaper on Amazon to buy the three seasons together vs separately. I am very happy with my purchase! The Walking Dead Seasons 1 3 Blu Ray Box Set + FREE T Shirt   Now $46 & Free Shipping (Lowest Price Ever!)

The extra t-shirt is definitely a nice freebie but keep in mind that you can’t choose the size. According to reviews, it comes in a standard XL size, so if that’s yours or your hubby’s size, then awesome! Otherwise, you could try one of Kristy’s 8 Hacks To Refashion Your Clothes For Spring. The lace insert could be the best suited for The Walking Dead shirt and as for the size, you could try making it smaller with one of the many tutorials available online like this one from BurdaStyle.

In case you have somehow never heard of The Walking Dead or you have but you just don’t know anything about it, this shows is basically all about zombies. The story follows Rick Grimes, a Sheriff’s deputy who awakens from a month-long coma after a run-in with criminals. Upon waking, he discovers that the world is now overrun with zombies and he must do everything to survive as he searches for his missing wife and son. There is of course much more to it, but you will just have to watch it to find out all of the twists and turns.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 16

Ultra-thin Battery Charger Pack Power Bank Case ( iPhone 6) only $21.99 & Free Shipping @ Amazon!

Posted by on May 16, 2015 at 11:00 AM

Ultra thin Battery Charger Pack Power Bank Case ( iPhone 6) only $21.99 & Free Shipping @ Amazon!

This is a deal for those of you with an iPhone 6. The item is called the “Ultra-thin Anti-Bending 1800mAh Battery Charger Pack Power Bank Case,” and it is 4.7” in a choice of silver or gold. Currently priced at $35.99 on the Amazon marketplace site, you can use this coupon code to grab it for only $21.99 and that comes with free shipping too.

Click here to get your case @ now

  • Coupon Code: CTUQ8XBU
  • Discount: $14 off
  • Expires: Unknown

Now, the above deal isn’t from themselves, but one of the sellers on their marketplace (Plusinno). While we don’t usually write about this type of seller here on Bargainmoose, I thought this deal was good enough to warrant a post. When you click the above link, you may have to click on, “1 new from $35.99” to see the item. Just add it to your shopping cart, apply the coupon code and voila. This is going to be shipping internationally to Canada, so it may be a little slow.

What is this item? The Ultra-thin Anti-Bending 1800mAh Battery Charger Pack Power Bank Case for the iPhone 6 is actually a case which also is able to extend the life of your battery by an extra 50%. It’s only 0.17 of an inch thick, so it’s really not obtrusive when it’s on your iPhone! It’s like a secondary battery for your phone, and it charges up your main battery when it has run out of juice. It charges up through your regular iPhone lightning cable, you don’t need any extra devices for it. This sounds like a really handy item!

For me personally, I am almost always around a computer or charger, so I don’t really have the need of anything like this for my iPhone. But I know some people for whom this device would be incredibly useful. Don’t you have that one friend who is always asking to charge up their phone? Well, if so, they’d love this. Ultra thin Battery Charger Pack Power Bank Case ( iPhone 6) only $21.99 & Free Shipping @ Amazon!

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May 14

Amazon Canada: 37 Free Apps for Android ($110 Value)

Posted by on May 14, 2015 at 12:00 PM

Amazon Canada: 37 Free Apps for Android ($110 Value)

To kick the Victoria Day long weekend off, Amazon Canada is offering 37 free apps for your Android phone. These apps have a combined value of $110, so this is a great freebie for Android phone users.

I will not give you details on every app (as that is a fairly long list) but here are a few popular apps and a few of my favourites as well.

First, AVG AntiVirus PRO Android Security is one of the best applications you can score during this offer. Regularly priced at $14.99, this app is now free for downloading. While AVG does offer a free basic phone security app, this software is far more advanced and will protect your smart phone far better than the standard free version. This app offers:

  • Protection – AntiVirus
  • Performance – Battery, Data and Storage management + Task Killer
  • Anti-Theft – device location
  • Privacy – App Locker, App Backup, Call & Message Blocker

I am sending this free app to all my friends who own android phones: most of them have Samsung Galaxy phones actually.

Next, we transition over to fun! The Game Of Thrones – A Telltale Games Series app is discounted from $5.89 to free! If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones series, then this is a must-have app. The graphics are superb and the characters really do resemble themselves quite well. There are in-app purchases, as with most games, but these are not mandatory for game play.

Smart Office 2 is my next pick from the selection of free games. I know so many people frustrated that they cannot get Microsoft Office on their android device. Well, Smart Office 2 allows you to edit and save word documents. On top of that, you can annotate (not edit) PDF files as well as save, export, and convert PDF files. Essentially, every Android phone user needs this app. The app has a value of $10.29 but is now free.

There are plenty of other games and utilities yo get your hands on while they are free. Here are a few other honourable mentions:

Check out all 37 games through the main link above. I have already sent this deal to a couple friends of my own and am pleased to share it with you as well. These apps are free for download from the Appstore.

(Expiry: 16th May 2015)

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May 13

Amazon Canada: Franklin Bean Bag & Ring Toss Was $40 | Now $20 (FS @ $25)

Posted by on May 13, 2015 at 2:30 PM

Amazon Canada: Franklin Bean Bag & Ring Toss Was $40 | Now $20 (FS @ $25)

What I love about working for Bargainmoose is that I’m not just finding hot deals for our readers, but also for myself. Since I see deals every single day, all day long, I really have to pace myself and not just buy everything I see that I want. But, every now and then comes a deal that is perfect for myself or my family and I have to get it. This Franklin bean bag/ring toss game is one of those deals. Regularly $39.99, it is now on sale for $19.99 at Amazon.

Since we are campers, we need games and other outdoor activities to keep ourselves busy while we chill at our campsite. I also need some backyard activities that keep the kids busy since we aren’t interested in getting them a climber this year and I’ve had it with sandboxes. This bean bag/ring toss game is perfect for all of those needs.

I’ve already sent the link to my husband, who I’m sure is getting out his credit card and purchasing this game. He has been looking for something like this for a while. Last year he made his own bean bag toss game, but the problem is that it is made from heavy wood and does not fold up, which is a problem when your space is limited on the way to your campsite. While I don’t know if this one actually folds up, it is quite a bit less bulky than the one he made.

I see that Franklin is well-known for making sports equipment like this, so I’m going to trust that it is good quality. It sells in quite a few stores in Canada, but every other store sells it for the regular price of $39.99, including:

Best Buy is the only spot I saw a review and the reviewer gave it four stars:

I also received this product in great shape, the price was great, but just wish it was more sturdy, but the family loves it when we go to the cottage.

I think this item is great for any sort of summer fun time, like the cottage or a backyard party.

Shipping is free once you’ve spent $25, so get a few add on items and don’t pay that extra fee.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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May 13 Black & Decker Dual Temperature Heat Gun Only $20 (FS @ $25)

Posted by on May 13, 2015 at 10:32 AM Black & Decker Dual Temperature Heat Gun Only $20 (FS @ $25) has discounted the Black & Decker Dual Temperature Heat Gun from $62.27 down to $19.99. While I think this ‘original’ price is a bit of a stretch, this is the cheapest price I could find this heat gun for online.

Finding this Black & Decker heat gun in Canada was difficult. The only other place in Canada that had the gun was Walmart, and they are selling it for $29.94. I checked out Lowes Canada, but their closest option was the HomeRight Dual Temperature Heat Gun for $24.99. It is not the same brand and it is not a brand I recognize either.

I turned to the USA for a little price checking. At Home Depot I found the same heat gun for $29.97 USD. also has the same heat gun for $34.99 USD. Given that our exchange rate adds on around 20% onto each of those prices, I figured that the deal at Amazon Canada was well worth blogging about.

The Black & Decker HG1300 Dual Temperature Heat Gun has 2 temperature settings: 750 degrees and 1000 degrees. I may be a carpenter’s daughter, but it does not mean I am familiar with all tools. Thus, I had to look up what a heat gun can do, as my father never used them. Evidently, the heat gun can be used for stripping paint and varnish, loosening rusted nuts and bolts, thaw frozen pipes, and quick dry most anything. I would think it could also melt anything you need as well.

I like that it has two different temperatures. I am sure that different jobs call for more or less heat. If you live in a snowy climate, this can have all kinds of uses as well related to ice and snow. Being a prairie girl, I immediately thought that this gun would be great for thawing out your car’s keyhole when one of those brutal driving rains and then freezing create an ice buildup in your lock.

The heat gun has a built-in stand that you prop the gun up on so it can cool down faster. The heat gun is fairly lightweight and compact. It also looks to have a very comfortable grip for prolonged use. True to Black & Decker colours, the body is orange with black accents.

Receive free shipping with orders of $25 or more.

(Expiry: unknown)

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May 12

Save 79% TODAY ONLY! Jawbone Up Size Small Or Large Was $140 | Now $30 & Free Shipping @ Amazon Canada (EXPIRED)

Posted by on May 12, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Save 79% TODAY ONLY! Jawbone Up Size Small Or Large Was $140 | Now $30 & Free Shipping @ Amazon Canada (EXPIRED)

The first generation Jawbone Up has been discontinued, and you can score a hot deal on one now. Previously selling for $139.99, you can now pick up a Jawbone Up for only $29.99. This item also qualifies for free super saver shipping.

Fitness bands have been hot recently. Now is a great time to try a model super cheap. The Jawbone Up has been one of the stronger contenders in the fitness band trend we have been seeing. This band can be worn all day and night to help track both fitness and rest patterns.  The wristband connects to a free mobile app that also allows you to track your calories, water and other nutritional information. We saw the price drop to $40 before, as Avigayil mentioned, but this is the steepest discount I have seen on this product. Be careful when you purchase as not all of the bands are at a price quite this low. Below I have listed the sizes and colours on sale for this low price.

  • Small Jawbone Up – Onyx
  • Large Jawbone Up- Onyx
  • Large Jawbone Up- Blue

Over on the website for Jawbone, I found a pdf that explains the sizing. You can use the guidelines to make sure you buy the correct size for your wrist.

Price Comparison

Best Buy Canada has the most competitive price, with these first generation Jawbones on sale for $39.95. Over at Chapters Indigo, the medium and large size Jawbones are available for $90. All small sizes are currently out of stock. Over at Staples Canada, the small and the large sizes are still available, and you will pay $99.97.


Reviews seem mixed for this product. I am seeing some people who really love this band and others who had complaints about the software being a bit buggy. There is a new model out, the Up24, which is probably why this model is now being discontinued. Others rave about how great this tracker is and how helpful it is. Here is one of the shorter reviews on Best Buy Canada, though there are many long reviews available.

Save 79% TODAY ONLY! Jawbone Up Size Small Or Large Was $140 | Now $30 & Free Shipping @ Amazon Canada (EXPIRED)

I would say if you are beginning a new fitness routine, this is a great device to pick up and try without much cost. Tracking on the go is one of the hardest parts of starting any new lifestyle change. This little device can help you to make the transition a little easier.  If you are intense with your fitness goals, this may not be the device for you. I would make the choice quickly, this price is only good today.

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May 11

Amazon Canada: Despicable Me [Blu-ray] Was $31 | Now $11.75 & FS @ $25

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Amazon Canada: Despicable Me [Blu ray] Was $31 | Now $11.75 & FS @ $25

Amazon Canada has discounted the original Despicable Me (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet) from $30.99 down to $11.75!

This is nearly the full kit and caboodle: the version includes Blu-ray, DVD, and the digital copy. I am not sure exactly what UltraViolet is so someone can pitch in their knowledge anytime.

This is the original Despicable Me – one of the best animated films to be released in the last decade. It also launched one of the most recognizable faces to come out of recent animated movies: the minion. Seriously, who does not love the minions? Whether you prefer one-eyed or two-eyed minions, minions that float or minions that wear costumes – this movie is priceless.

If you have never watched this movie, you MUST BUY IT. I love how this movie does what few movies ever do… distorts the boundaries between good and evil with orphans, unicorns, minions, and evil plots thrown into the mix.

As one reviewer on IMDB said:

It is incredibly rare to see a single dad portrayed in such a positive light. While Gru has an admittedly “bad” vocation, there are unbelievably sweet moments between him and the three children, probably aided by the juxtaposition of tiny girls to a large, “bad” guy.

My favourite scene is when Gru is trying to break into Vector’s lair to steal back the shrink ray. That is one seriously loaded fortress! The antics are somewhat childish but that is what makes them so much fun. You root for Gru even though he ends up borrowing a few orphans to unleash his nefarious plan. I now always say “light-bulb” in a Gru accent. I have Despicable Me to thank for that!

Despite the content being priceless, the movie does cost a few dollars. I price compared this exact set with other online retailers. I found the same Despicable Me combo for $19.96 @ Walmart Canada and $24.81 @ Staples Canada. The cheapest Blu-Ray Despicable Me @ Best Buy costs $22.99.

Despicable Me also did something that is very hard to do: it had a sequel nearly as good as the original. Some may argue it was slightly better too. “Lipstick Taser!” I highly recommend both movies but still consider the first my favourite.

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May 11

Save 75%! Brother Professional Label Printer Was $120, Now $30 & Free Shipping @ (EXPIRED)

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Save 75%! Brother Professional Label Printer Was $120, Now $30 & Free Shipping @ (EXPIRED)

Automate your label making with the Brother Professional Label printer. This fast labeler was $119.99 but is now only $29.99. This item also qualifies for free super saver shipping from

A friend of mine runs a business selling puzzles out of their home. I had no idea that puzzles were such big business until I met them. They sell online everything from large puzzles for adults with a billion pieces to small wooden kid puzzles. They upgraded their home and now operate their business directly from there. Regularly they are standing at the post office with many packages to ship.

I bet a labeler like this would come in very handy for any small business owner. The Brother Professional Label printer is on sale for a great price today and prints up to 68 labels per minute. With a cutter inside, your shipping labels should roll off this machine quickly and efficiently.  The maximum tape width is 2.4 inches, but you can use tape that is thinner than that if you would prefer. I would love to have one of these printers around when we do our massive Christmas card list and use a skinnier label. This label printer is fully compatible with all of the Microsoft products, so you can easily create your labels in Word, Excel or Outlook. With a USB connect, this labeler will also print from a Mac.

Price Comparison

Check out some of the prices you will pay for the same labeler around the web.

This printer is in the 570 series, but I also noticed there is a second model that is part of the 700 series. Every 700 series model is currently priced at over $100.


PC Magazine gives this label maker a great review, saying that overall it is fast and works with a variety of label sizes. At Amazon Canada, this printer has a strong four and a half star our of five stars rating with over 55 reviews. The reviews I have seen around the web also seem to be mostly positive. Here is one reviewer over at Best Buy Canada.

Great addition to my work space. It’s flexible and works like a charm. Printing is clear and adjustable like a word processor program.

Brother printers are also well known in the market. If I was going to pick up a label maker, I would be happy knowing it is a Brother product.

This machine is quite simply going to help you print of labels that are quicker and crystal clear. If you print multiple labels for business or home projects, this is a sweet buy to pick up today. Grab yours now while there is still some time on this weekly deal. Sometimes the Amazon Canada deals sell out long before the expiry.

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