November 25

Dell Canada: Call of Duty: Ghosts Free when you Purchase Select Alienware Computer + Alienware Coupons

Posted by on November 25, 2013 at 12:30 PM

Dell Canada: Call of Duty: Ghosts Free when you Purchase Select Alienware Computer + Alienware Coupons

Pwn n00bs on your free copy of CoD: Ghosts with your sweet Dell Alienware gaming rig!

BOOM! Headshot!! That’s what you’ll be screaming like FPS Doug when you start racking up the frags on CoD: Ghosts.

For the non-gamers reading this, what I’ve just said is that you will have such a swimmingly good time defeating newer players by shooting them in the head, much as beloved ‘Pure Pwnage’ character FPS Doug often did, that you will exclaim your joy audibly. You will be so good that the number of people you have defeated will increase to a large number quite rapidly. This will be facilitated by your purchase of a new gaming computer from Dell Alienware.

Seriously though, there is nothing quite like snagging a new gaming computer. They just purr when you turn them on and the games look so good on them. I’m talking about games like the insanely popular Call of Duty: Ghosts. You can get this game for FREE when you pick up one of the Alienware computers offered in this sale. This is a great gift idea that will make any PC gamer smile!

On top of that you can save another $5o on a few of the computers (the ones that aren’t already discounted) with this exclusive coupon code which was mentioned in the charming Eva Webster’s post rounding up all the pre-Black Friday deals at Dell:

  • Coupon Code: KCFX653ZJMTN2D
  • Discount: $50 off any Alienware laptop or desktop
  • Expiry: 29th November 2013

And as usual, shipping is free!

(Expires: Unknown)

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July 26

Dell Canada: $100 Off New Alienware X51 Desktop – Now $799.99

Posted by on July 26, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Dell Canada: $100 Off New Alienware X51 Desktop   Now $799.99

Dell Canada has a nice deal on this brand new Alienware X51 desktop computer! Get $100 off the regular price of $899.99 and pay only $799.99.

This is not the base model of the X51 either – oh no. This one features:

  • 4th Gen Intel Core i5 processor
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • 1 TB hard drive

What I also love about this model over the base model (which is $100 less, has a slower processor and less RAM) is that you get the option of which operating system you want. The base model comes with Windows 8, and if you hate Windows 8 – well, it sucks to be you. However, this model for $799.99 comes with either Windows 7 or Windows 8. When you are customizing your system, you can choose which operating system you want. It doesn’t cost you anything extra for either. If you skip the customization process, then you will get the computer with its default: Windows 7.

I totally want one of these. But with an Alienware laptop (my pride and joy) I just don’t see a reason to go to the desktop… yet.

Enjoy free shipping on all Dell orders.

(Expiry: 2nd of August 2013)

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July 3

Dell Canada: Alienware Carrying Cases Sale

Posted by on July 3, 2013 at 9:00 PM

Dell Canada: Alienware Carrying Cases Sale

Dell Canada has Alienware computer carrying cases and backpacks on sale right now. Get up to 30% off during the clearance sale.

Just click on the carrying cases tab.

I own an Alienware computer, and besides the Windows operating system, I love it. Mine is an M14x and I splurged a while back to get the Alienware Orion M14x Neoprene Sleeve which is perfect for when I need to tote around my computer and not much else. Currently it is on sale from $27.99 down to $24.99. Not a big discount, but every little bit helps.

The bigger deals occur with the backpack and the messenger bags. The Alienware Orion M14x Backpack was $99.99 and is on sale for $69.99. The backpack is my favourite because I want to be able to stick the computer on my back and have both my hands free if necessary. If you think the backpack is too student-ish, then you can pick up the Alienware Orion M14x Messenger Bag for the same price: originally $99.99 and now $69.99.

You can get bags for the M11x, M14x, M17x, and the M18x. While there, you should check out the brand new Alienware laptops – too sweet!

As per usual get free shipping on all purchases from Dell Canada.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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September 18

Dell Canada: Save $425 NEW Alienware M14x Sale $1,499.99 (Was $1,924.99)

Posted by on September 18, 2012 at 2:00 PM

Dell Canada: Save $425 NEW Alienware M14x Sale $1,499.99 (Was $1,924.99)

I once told my husband the only way I would go back to PC from Apple was if I got an Alienware computer. Just this weekend we ordered an Alienware computer because Dell was offering some really fabulous deals like this one: Get a loaded New Alienware M14x for only $1,499.99 (Was $1,924.99). You save $425.

Alienware computers are meant for PC gamers. They are gaming computers, built for good graphics and fast speed. The deal above has the following specs:

  • Processor: 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM processor (6MB Cache, up to 3.3GHz w/ Turbo Boost 2.0)
  • Operating System: Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit
  • Memory: 12GB3 DDR3 SDRAM at 1600MHz
  • Hard Drive: 1TB 5,400 RPM SATA 3Gb/s
  • Optical Drive: Slot-Loading Dual Layer Blu-ray Reader (BR-ROM, DVD+-RW, CD-RW)
  • Video Card: 2 GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 650M with Optimus™

This is not the one we ended up picking up. I went with one that had a smaller HD (750), the optical drive in mine isn’t blu-ray, and the screen is HD but not HD+. The one above is HD+. I also got mine with a student offer (Free XBOX) but not everyone has this option. For a mere $100 more than I paid for mine you can get the totally tricked out beast above.

When you purchase a PC currently, you will get Windows 8 for $14.99 when it comes out.

While Alienware is not the cheapest for what you get, it is comparable especially with a deal like this. Alienware computers are also loved because they look wicked.

Expiry: 28th, September 2012

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